New story : Annie & Erry chapter 17.5

Hello !

Time for a new story and this chapter of ‘Annie & Erry’ isn’t based on a RP this time. This chapter is based on some ideas we had while talking with Annie and well… some unexpeted things might happen… 😀 I’ll also post some pictures ont he story page as soon as I could draw them.

If you want to read it it’s right here ! And well… maybe I’ll write some other ‘point five’ stories in the near future ! 🙂

See you soon for more ! 🙂


4 thoughts on “New story : Annie & Erry chapter 17.5

  1. Kiloby

    Just finished reading the chapter and…wow! You weren’t kidding when you tweeted about killing so many micros, that was crazy. Really scary as well, I felt on edge a lot of the time that I was reading it O.O

    (This is me being REALLY pedantic, but technically isn’t this chapter 16.5? Annie shrunk and was eaten by Erry in Chapter 16, and Erry shrunk to be eaten by Annie in Chapter 17 XP Of course, I’m assuming this chapter came straight after 17, which it probably didn’t.)

    Sorry, umm, waffling 😛 I did really enjoy it though, despite how creepy it ended up being, and I’d love to see more stuff like this in the future for sure!

  2. Kreeyz Post author

    Ah yeah I really wanted to show a ‘dark’ side of my soooo gentle character so well I guess it was good enough haha 😀

    Besides do I follow you on Twitter too ? I don’t remember your username if you told it before ^_^;

  3. Kiloby

    No actually, I don’t have twitter ^_^; But since your twitter feed is on the site, I check it out from time to time. I should probably just get an account to be honest, so that I could follow you XD

  4. Kiloby

    NOW I’m following you XD Just made an account, I’m Kilobymon 😛 (Kiloby was taken, I hate it when that happens…)

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