About me !

Hello and Welcome to my website !

My name is Kreeyz and I’m a french independent artist. What you’ll find here is all the stuff I created and some big project I worked / work on.

I’m mainly drawing pictures and writing stories but I also work on a big visual novel project ‘Higurashi : the Shrunk Arc‘ that will be released as soon as the game is completed.

Also I’m NOT a professionnal at all… I just post things that I liked to work on and to share to the community. I also don’t do any commisionned work since drawing is much more a ‘fun thing’ to do for me rather than beeing paid for this. That means that everything that will be posted here is and will be free forever.

Current setup :

– Pen tablet : Huion GT 220 (link)

Side Keyboard (for shortcuts) : Razer Tartarus Classic (link)

Drawing software : Paint Tool SAI (link)

Do you want to contact me for anything ? Sure ! You can email me at this address : mail or on the diffent social network things that you’ll find right on the website 🙂