Macro stuff and me

Hello to you who have decided to visit this special page !

On this page I’ll talk a bit about the subject of macrophilia and how it’s a part of my life. It’s a bit long and sometimes not really happy… but It’s something important for me 😉

So basically it starts like many people like me, during the childhood when the TV and some other stuff started to feed this tiny idea I had somewhere in my mind but it was just here and I didn’t knew how to ‘manage’ it yet, I was just a kid after all.

As years passed, I started to write and ‘draw’ (I had to learn it the ‘hard way’ by myself since I wasn’t ‘blessed’ with drawing skills from the start) about macro/micro people… it was some gentle stories (sometimes not…) but it started to grow within me and just like many people I met… I couldn’t talk about this to anyone… because people would probably think that I was crazy and not a part of ‘normal people’.

Then Internet. At first I was just using it as a tool for many purposes… gaming, searching stuff and searching some drawing tutorials since I always wanted to improve. One day though… my curiosity took over and I started to ‘search’… in French at first since I wasn’t understanding english as good as today but I couldn’t find much…

Then another day I searched… I started to ‘find’ some english words I didn’t knew before… and many new things I never saw before… It was and it’s still a big fascination for me… many people were ‘thinking like me’ and weren’t shy about that. And of course they were many artists… skilled artists that I really respect about that.

Years passed again. I now knew the word ‘Macrophilia’ and it was now a ‘part of my life’ but still a secret one for the ones surrounding me. I was spending more time searching for stuff on the internet and I also wanted to ‘express’ this part of me too, so I created a gallery on a website then put some of my works here… back then I wasn’t using the same name as today (and for the people wondering I won’t say who I was before) but when I was posting my pictures well… I didn’t had the ‘reaction’ I wanted. I wanted people to acknowledge this part of me and maybe help me with my art… but I had just comments like “you’re insane”, “disgusting” and such… So I leaved the ‘website’ and deleted everything, I was broken.

But still… I had this ‘need’ within me… to ‘express’ this fantasy I couldn’t talk to anyone… so I started to draw again as ‘Kreeyz’… tried to improve any way I could and I finally started to ‘enjoy’ this. I’m stil learning but when you can finally put something on paper that you dreamed so much about… it’s a very important achievement ^_^

So yeah, now I’m at the point where I completly ‘accept’ this part of me and I’m happy to work on some pictures/writings that include size stuff, I also met some amazing people and I’m glad to have them so we could talk about this. I sometimes have people still talking about me like ‘shit’… but I don’t care anymore, I know who am I and no one will decide what’s ‘good for me’.

So what about the vore stuff…?

It’s exactly the same thing in fact, it’s just an additional preference I have. In my mind I’m much more the ‘submissive’ one than the ‘dominant’ and for me this part is exactly what I ‘search for’ in this ‘fascination’ : to be at the complete mercy of the ‘big one’ but sometimes to endure what it want to do with me… so basically I’m just like my character Erry (and you’ll find a lot of ‘me’ in her) : the nice micro girl living in a world that hates her because she’s different and in the same world where the ‘giant humans’ live with them but just see their small lives as toys.

I know that all of this is just fantasy… but it’s a part of me and I didn’t refused to live with it but accepted it and I thank you for reading this, I hope that you now understand how I feel 🙂