Stats ! :D


Since it’s been now a year that I created this website to host all of my stuff it could be nice to see a bit how it evolved and maybe give you some stats as well ;p


So first the visitors, for the last year I got 14151 visitors and a total of 88105 visits (but well if you remove the bot attacks and things like that… 😀 for the top ten countries, well no surprise about the USA (but come one we’re just at the 4th place !! where are all my French friends ? xD)


The top 3 pages now (without some ‘special pages I created like the disclaimer and such)

  • Game projects (you really want this game that bad…? But well soon enough haha ^_^; )
  • The Gallery (well it doesn’t really surprise me there ;D)
  • The Videos (again not really a surprise ;D)

Then come the characters’ pages and the sub galleries.


What’s next, the browsers you’re using 🙂 I’m kinda happy to see MSIE slowly fading away since well… I work on Mac first then since I work in the IT domain… you might guess why xD


And I think it’ll be enough since some stats doesn’t really seems to work yet ;p I still want to thank my regular visitors and don’t worry I’ll be posting more stuff soon ! Until then, take care ! 😉


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