List of the stories I wrote so far featuring some of my characters (check the character page to learn more about them), all of them also include giant size difference and vore content :

Erry’s story :

The story of my main character Erry and her full background described in these. Not really happy stories but you’ll learn more about her as you read them.


Part 1 : Aya

Story of the life of the two small sisters Erry and Aya in a world where the ‘tinies’ are just toys for humans…

Part 2 : Saphyr

This story is about Saphy’s life before she became a cruel micro hunter… and when she met with the micro girl who accepted to share her life with her: Erry.

Part 3 : Erelle

This story happened thousands of years ago… before the human discovered the micro people. You’ll follow Erelle’s life as one of the ‘leaders’ of the small people…

Part 4 : Youth

The next part of the story right at the end of the third chapter where you’ll learn more about Erry and Aya’s youth and relation.

Part 5 : Overgrowth

A new ‘world’… but with a different Erry…

Part 6 : Revival

The next part of the story just after the end of the fifth chapter with some new things unexpected…

Part 7 : Past

What happened right after the first time that Erelle died ? You’ll find more about that in this chapter.

Part 8 : Memories

Back to Erry in a way different situation from what she lived before… the main difference is that some weird dreams are now appearing for Erry…

Part 9 : Search

This story happens right after the last one where we’ll follow Saphyr and Aya searching for Erry. As for the small white haired girl, she start to remember some things that happened to her…

Part 10 : Answers

Last part of Erry’s story where everything will be explained. It’s been a long time that both Erry and Erelle started their long travel but it finally comes to its end. What will happpen next…?


Erry days :

These stories will be some short ones based on Erry’s many lives… they won’t all be happy since Erry’s fate is to die and revive many times but you’ll see many situations where the small girl had to live…

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Annie and Erry :

Stories based on some rople play I had with another great RP player… they describe the wonderful relation between Erry the tiny girl and Annetta the human girl. I recommend to read them in order and there will be posted as soon as they’re complete, there will also be 1 or more illustrations for each story. Featuring many of my characters… but you’ll see this soon enough :D.  Warning : sexual content.

Picture Gallery

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 17.5

A Tiny’s dreams:

These stories are based on some RP I did with my friend Ypza. They features the encounter between the small Erry and the Cylark family… for the better and the worse…

Chapter 1

– Rise of Antaria

The full story of the giant girl Antaria and how she became like this…

Featuring :


Promo Stories:

These stories have been written for some promo works like for example the SizeCon.

– An unexpected encounter

Promo story for the SizeCon 2017.

– An unexpected encounter (FR)

French version of the story.


A story I wrote for a friend (GiantessTina) featuring both of our characters… The collision of two worlds between a giantess and a micro girl.

A World Away:

A story I wrote for my friend Labba featuring both of our characters. A brand new world where Tiny people like Erry knows doesn’t exist… how will she react to this new world and its rules ?


Ellie is a young human girl who never had a tiny before… but when she sees her friends who have some she’s a bit jealous… what would happen if someday… she found one ?


Emma is a young girl who got a tiny girl as a pet for her birthday. In this story you’ll learn more about her and her Tiny Celia’s lives as they’ll grow together…

A Tiny Wish:

Julie is a human girl with a strange desire within her, the desire to be ‘eaten’ by someone. She learned about a girl who could make it happen for her and she’s about to meet her soon…