A Tiny Wish

“Is this a good idea…?” Said Julie to herself while walking in a small street. Her brown hair was floating behind her head with each step and she was actually near the place she wanted to visit today.

“I heard she was one of those tiny people before but that she now has the power of a god… maybe she could fulfill your wishes but honestly I really doubt about this story…” said a friend of Julie to her some time ago. Indeed this world was ‘divided’ into two; there was the humans living there and another kind of people that were just an inch tall.

Of course, there was abuse towards them, some humans really liked to play with their tiny ‘toys’ while some other people had other desires towards them like ‘using’ them as their food. There had been farms… large farms where tiny people were bred just like animals but it started to change when some humans started to protect them. But even if this situation started with the best intentions, there was also humans that didn’t want to change their habits.

With a last step, Julie was in front of a small house. It looked like an average house without much details on it but within her chest, Julie could feel her heart beat faster. “I must be crazy…” said Julie to herself, she took a step towards the house before taking it back, now looking down at her shoes.

She took a long breath, maybe it was true, maybe this girl she was about to meet had those ‘powers’ within her, maybe it wasn’t just a stupid rumor… While slowly raising her head, Julie resumed walking until she was in front of the door. Julie moved her arm until her hand was near the door, it was a big decision for her to take but it was her ‘dream’ and if ‘this girl’ had a way to fulfill it, Julie had to ask her. Gathering all of the courage she had within her, she approached her hand to the door and knocked twice on it.

If she wanted, Julie had the time to run away from this place… but she didn’t want this. She wanted to be there because someone had maybe an answer for a ‘need’ she had deep within her. She could hear some steps coming closer to the door on the other side and soon the door started to open until Julie was facing another girl, a bit shorter than herself but with deep blue eyes and bright white hair.

“Hello.” Said the girl with a smile, Julie on her side had a shiver… she didn’t know what to do nor to say. Julie was breathing heavily and she thought her heart was about to explode but soon could hear the girl talking to her again “Follow me please.”

Julie was now following this unknown girl inside of the small house. She had so many questions in her mind but soon… very soon she hoped to have the answers she needed. There was a sweet perfume in this house, the owner seemed to be cooking something but soon the girls were in another room. There was a desk with some chairs nearby and soon the other girl sat against her desk, showing a chair to Julie with her hand “Take a seat please.”

Julie nodded before doing what she was told to. Even there she could smell the delicate perfume that was coming from another room but soon could see this other girl focus her eyes on her. The girl was still wearing the same smile while Julie was feeling really uneasy; this girl in front of her was probably younger than herself still, she had a strong ‘presence’ around her and soon this girl started to talk “My name is Erry. Can I ask your name Miss please ?”

Julie had a shiver. This girl just asked a simple question but Julie’s mind was a real mess, taking a small breath, she opened her lips and answered: “My… my name is Ju… lie.”

“Julie then.” Said Erry while standing up from her desk, still looking at the girl who was sitting in front of her “So you came here because you have questions in your mind and you still wonder if I have the answers right? Actually, not much people visit me nor even know my existence… and I’m not the kind of people who try to show off too. Still, I can feel that you want to ask me something, you have a ‘wish’ buried within all the questions that you have. Tell me more please.”

Julie was still feeling uneasy but she wanted to get rid of this stress she was wearing since this morning so she started to talk slowly “Indeed there’s a weird wish I have in mind but I doubt it’s possible to actually fulfill it. To be honest, when I heard about you I didn’t think it was possible and… I don’t know what to think anymore. A friend of mine told me that you were a Tiny before and… I won’t lie it’s really hard for me to believe still…” Julie said while her hands went onto her dress… grabbing it tight “There are humans that love to eat tiny people… they really like to do this. But for me, I always wondered what it feels like… not to be the giant one towards a tiny one but… to be the one that is being eaten.”

Julie took a deep breath and let out a small laugh “But I guess it’s impossible after all, you might wonder what does this crazy girl you just met wants…” Julie tried then to calm down, her voice carrying a strange sorrow “I tried to forget this idea many times from my mind because if it was really true… I would have to die in the process! Then I heard about you and your ‘powers’ that could make this real…”

Erry had her blue eyes focused on the other girl before taking some steps closer to her, she then walked behind the chair Julie was sitting on then in a soft move, passed her hands into Julie’s brown hair. Erry kept on brushing a bit Julie’s hair before she resumed to talk “I can make it happen. But as you guessed it’s far from being enjoyable… Still, do you really want this? Because in the process you would have to give up your life and it’s not something to be taken lightly.”

Julie heard this ‘warning’ Erry gave her. She knew that such a warning could change anyone’s choice because who would give up something as important as their own life! Still, her mind was set on this idea and she resumed to talk “Tell me… do you really also have power over Life? I… don’t want to die but if you could… somehow bring me back to life after this… I’m ready to die for this dream.”

Julie could feel shivers on her body “I want it… I have this need in my life… this weird ‘fantasy’ that keeps calling me and I know that I won’t be able just to forget it if I know that there’s a way to live it fully. Even more, now that you told me that you can make it happen.”

Erry passed her hands into the girl’s hair again before she resumed to walk around Julie, now facing her. “I do indeed have power over Life… but if you decided to come to me it’s because you’re probably ready to give up everything to me… also it will be a part of the ‘process’ too, your body will become ‘mine’ even if I bring you back to life later.”

Erry then started to ‘turn’ around the girl, placing her hands on different parts of Julie’s body, Erry’s fingers tracing invisible ‘lines’ on Julie. Erry’s fingers went on Julie’s hair again, then her hands, her cheeks then on her lips before Erry looked down at the girl while facing her but still with a warm smile “Are you ready to become a part of me…? If you’re ready to do so… I’ll grant your wish.”

While listening to Erry, Julie was feeling a strange warmth within her body “becoming a part of her…?” Was thinking the brown haired girl while looking at Erry’s body. Julie knew that saying such a thing wasn’t serious still, she couldn’t lie that she wanted to do this from the bottom of her heart. She knew how important would be the next words she would choose just like if her life would now depend on them. Julie took a long breath and raised her head slowly, her brown eyes ‘diving’ into the blue ‘sea’ of Erry’s eyes “This is my wish. I’m ready to give up my body inside yours… to become your food and feel my life vanish while I’ll be feeding you… this is my choice and this is what I ask you there and now… please make me feel what it is to be eaten by you Erry… I beg you.”

Erry smiled as an answer “Alright… If you tell me that you’re ready for this…”. The white-haired girl turned around Julie one more time, her hands ‘travelling’ onto Julie’s body while avoiding her ‘private’ parts. She soon stopped in front of her and took a long breath before something unexpected happened.

4 wings of light appeared around Erry’s body while a soft glow started to ‘coat’ her. Erry was still smiling while Julie’s eyes opened wide… her whole body was now shivering because she realized that this whole story around Erry was actually true. Julie almost gasped when she heard Erry’s voice again but now each word she was saying sounded like a soft ‘music’ “I will ask you this for the last time because it’s a really important decision for you Julie and I don’t want you to be blinded by that decision. Are you really ready for this? Are you ready to give up everything that makes you human, is that what you wish Julie…?”

Julie stayed a bit in awe in front of the angelic figure, since it wasn’t anything she ever saw before. She soon closed her eyes to think about her question again; she was still a bit hesitant about it since she didn’t really know if it was actually possible before but now there wasn’t any doubt left. Furthermore, if she took this step, there wouldn’t be any turning back possible, this girl in front of her would really EAT her, digest her body into nothing and add everything remaining of herself to Erry’s body. Opening her eyes, Julie raised her head to look to Erry’s eyes while feeling her heart beating fast, it was now Her time “Yes, I’m ready. It’s my choice and I won’t regret making it.”

“So be it.” Said Erry while closing her eyes, saying a single word that couldn’t be understood by Julie. Erry’s body started to glow, the light surrounding the white-haired girl started to ‘move’ towards Julie before it started to coat her as well. Julie was scared at first but when she saw that Erry was still smiling to her, all of her fears vanished into this warm light while she closed her eyes.

She wasn’t moving… still she could feel something that started to change within her body, she soon couldn’t feel even the clothes that were covering her skin, just like if they were slipping away from her… Julie was feeling a strange warmth all around her, her skin was shivering and she let out some small tears pour out of her eyes from this strange happiness feeling coating her… until the light disappeared.

“Hmm…” moaned Julie while she slowly opened her eyes. The light was too intense for her so she couldn’t really see anything yet but looked a bit down. She was sitting onto a strange white texture but was wondering what it was before her eyes opened wide… she was sitting on a cup of a giant bra! Looking around fast Julie saw the chair while were giant clothes scattered all around her… the clothes she was wearing less than a minute ago! Julie had a shiver while she tried to stand up but fall again onto the giant bra… still not believing what just happened to her but understanding that she shrank down to a new ‘size’ that wasn’t more than 1 inch tall. Having another shiver, Julie couldn’t wait anymore… she HAD to see ‘Her’… turning her head and raising it slowly along, she was now facing a giant girl with white hair… while some wings of light she had in her back were already fading away. Julie let out a surprised squeak… she was now facing Erry, Julie remembering again this ‘shorter’ girl from before that was now giant like a mountain compared to her! “I’m… just like a Tiny… so it’s… true!?” Said Julie with a shivering voice while Erry’s eyes were focused on her tiny self.

Erry kept on smiling while her eyes were still focused on the small girl, she moved her pointer finger near Julie, the small girl noticing that Erry’s light blue nail was taller than half of her own body. Erry then started to turn her finger around the small one before her thumb came closer and finally ‘met’ the small girl, the white-haired girl picking up Julie between her fingers easily but without hurting her too while the tiny one let out another squeak of surprise. Julie was now witnessing the ‘ground’ and the clothes she was wearing not so long ago getting far away from where she was now but also noticed a new ‘difference’ between the two girls because Erry didn’t say a word to her yet.

Erry was now walking around her house while holding Julie, the small one could feel the scent from before getting stronger and she could soon understand why because they were now in another room that looked like a kitchen. Erry came closer to a shelf to pick up a small plate that she placed onto a nearby table. Julie was now really worried because Erry still didn’t say a thing to her and soon she could feel Erry’s gigantic hand move again before with a single move, Erry came closer to the table and placed the tiny one onto the ceramic surface.

“E… Erry…?” Asked Julie while now shivering from a small fear. Was the other girl being able to listen to her? Julie wasn’t even sure about this anymore but was now watching Erry searching some other things in nearby but the tiny girl couldn’t resist screaming anymore “Erry? Can you hear me…? Erry !”

Julie stood up and took a step before she could see Erry turning back, still wearing her smile… on her side Julie could now feel some tears form into her eyes before she could see Erry coming closer to place a small pot on the table then some other things on the plate near the tiny one… giant things that Julie knew well since their scent couldn’t be ignored anymore… pancakes way taller than herself. Julie fall on her butt while she was now watching Erry sit at the table then pick one of the pancakes, she soon took a small spoon and picked some maple syrup from the nearby pot to slowly pour it onto the pancake. Julie tried to ‘call’ Erry again but the giant girl didn’t seem to care, now approaching the small pancake to her mouth before she bites in it but her giant eyes were still focused on Julie.

Julie took a step back while now looking at the giant pancakes that were on her side. They looked really soft and warm but were so gigantic compared to the ones Julie was cooking sometimes and soon she had a shiver while sitting on the cold surface of Erry’s plate. Julie was now understanding that she would be eaten just like she asked… she would be Erry’s food and nothing more.

Erry finished her pancake and licked away some crumbs she had on her lips before she took another pancake and placed it right in front of Julie, her eyes now looking at the small girl ‘hungrily’. “It’s too late now and it was my own wish after all…” said Julie to herself while looking at the giant pancake being placed in front of her. “I came here so I could ask if she could… eat me. She’s doing what I asked her… it was my own desire. I… didn’t know she would ignore me at this point but… I’m now her ‘food’ and I can’t come back about what I have decided. After all… this is how us humans ‘do’ with those small people.” Thought Julie while taking some steps closer to the pancake “She told me that she would bring me back to life after this… I can’t really say that I enjoy this situation but… everything will be alright… my wish will be granted… I will be eaten by her.”. And with this last thought, Julie was now besides the giant pancake and sat on the side of it, her eyes now looking back at Erry.

Erry let out a small giggle before she slowly nodded at the small girl. She moved again her hand to lay the small one onto the center of the warm pancake. Erry then put her pointer finger to ‘touch’ a bit the small body, making sure it was placed in a nice way. Erry then moved her finger onto the small one’s belly right below her breasts to stroke a bit the small one’s body, pressing it against the soft ‘matress’. Erry kept on smiling and soon took her spoon again filled with syrup again. Erry licked her lips while she started to pour some of it onto Julie’s body, being careful enough not to pour any of it onto the small one’s face. Erry then closed her fingers onto the pancake before raising it in the air, getting it closer to her face. Julie was now ‘glued’ onto the pancake surface but now could feel Erry’s breath getting closer, now having a full view of Erry’s lips that were now slowly opening in front of the small circle of paste.

Erry then moved the small pancake near her mouth and closed her teeth on it, biting away a small part but leaving Julie ‘outside’ for now. Erry then started to chew, humming from the taste while she managed to ‘show’ all of this to the small one, also showing her where she would be next. Julie was scared but was also feeling something else within her. She was still glued to the pancake so she couldn’t move much, still, her eyes were focused onto Erry’s mouth, she was looking at every motion of Erry’s jaws who was just enjoying her food. Julie had a shiver because she would be there next… as Erry’s food too.

A loud sound echoed soon, Julie was now witnessing Erry swallow this mouthful, the same smile appeared between Erry’s lips while onto her neck went down a small bulge. Suddenly Erry’s giant tongue went a bit outside and licked away a small crumb that was onto her lips before getting back inside. Julie couldn’t lie to herself now, she would soon ‘feel’ this giant muscle she just saw against her small self and excitation started to build within her feelings again.

But she couldn’t think about anything else now because Erry’s hand started to move again, bringing the small pancake close to her face again while her mouth started to open wide. A warm and sugary ‘wind’ suddenly hit the small body of Julie, it was Erry’s breath while the tiny girl was now in awe in front of the ‘living cavern’ that was in front of her. If she could she could just leap in it but was still somehow fearing this situation.

It was now happening. Julie was slowly moving forwards… Erry’s breath getting warmer while the small one was getting closer to her. Julie’s heart was now racing inside her chest from a mix of excitement and fear, and soon Erry’s lips ‘hovered’ above her small self… Julie’s eyes now focused on Erry’s giant teeth; the incisors that could split her tiny body in half… the canines that could tear her body apart and… Erry’s molars that could crush easily Julie into nothing… and no one would know what happened to her. Julie suddenly gasped, it was true that she told no one that she was going there today and once she would be ‘eaten’… no one would find her again until she would be brought back to life… If Erry still planned to do this.

A sudden shiver while Julie realized that Erry’s lips closed just behind her while some saliva strings started to form all around her. Even if it was dark in this place, Julie could somehow ‘see’ what was happening all around her, maybe something granted to her by Erry’s unknown power. Julie’s eyes wandered again onto all sides to see every little detail of Erry’s mouth before they stop onto the back of it. It was a small hole, a ‘living pit’ with Erry’s uvula ‘hanging’ above what was the entrance of her throat.

Soon Julie would go there… she would be swallowed as Erry’s food and even if it was looking monstrous for anyone, it was what Julie really wanted even if Erry wasn’t giving her a single care right now. Some tears started to appear on her eyes… all of her feelings were now mixed and she couldn’t really think logically now, she was even wondering if she was just dreaming until some saliva started to pour right onto her breasts, Julie tried to look down and let out more tears while she understood that all of her now tiny body would soon disappear inside of this giant body surrounding her. “She’s going to digest me…” thought the small girl, of course, she knew how the human body ‘works’ and understood that all of her fantasies were now really happening to her. With a last shiver, Julie started to accept her new condition… and everything implied.

Erry wanted Julie to feel all of this… this sudden confusion but also wanted Julie to enjoy this too because it was the wish she wanted  Erry to learn. Erry kept her mouth shut for some time, hearing the tiny cries of the small girl that was within her maw, ‘bathing’ in her warm breath until she took a small breath and talked with a soft voice.

“I want you.”

Julie gasped while she couldn’t resist bursting into tears, Erry finally talked to her! Furthermore, Julie now understood that everything she just lived was a part of her wish and that Erry was really caring for her! It was now the time for Erry to ‘eat’ Julie, the white-haired girl moved her tongue carefully on the side of her mouth to place the small pancake between her molars and slowly closed her teeth onto the small girl. Erry then started to chew, making sure she wasn’t hurting the small girl but hard enough so the tiny one could feel all of the pressure of Erry’s jaws. Julie couldn’t resist moaning… her desires were filling her mind and she was ‘feeling’ them onto her skin, looking at Erry’s teeth that were going up and down, adding more pressure with each bite, it didn’t take much time before the small pancake she was lying on was ‘destroyed’ by Erry’s molars. Julie was now surrounded by paste and saliva, her small body now soaked by Erry’s body secretions but soon could feel the giant teeth close on her again. She was now trapped there, looking at the throat opening nearby with the undulating uvula above. On her side, Erry was moving her tongue, gathering all the small crumbs to the center of her tongue before she swallowed, making sure the small girl could see all of this from where she was.

“Ahhh…” moaned Julie while she heard this gulping sound… her eyes focused on the giant muscle coming down… until the teeth that were onto her body started to release the pressure, the small girl now wondering if she would be swallowed soon. Julie’s eyes were still looking at the giant tongue that was getting closer to her until the tip of it ‘poked’ the small body that falls on the side, landing inside of Erry’s cheek.

“Aaah…” moaned Julie again when the giant muscle ‘joined’ her and started to lick her body vigorously. Erry’s tongue was ‘tasting’ Julie everywhere, she was removing every little crumb that was remaining on the small girl but was also coating her with her saliva. Julie could feel Erry’s tongue ‘explore’ her body all around, Julie actually didn’t mind this and with her tiny arms, ‘guided’ the giant muscle to her breasts and even to her most intimate place too.

“After all… she’s going to eat all of my body…” thought Julie while looking at the giant tongue that was now licking her breasts… feeling Erry’s muscle against her skin, it was a strange sensation that she never felt before. Soon Erry’s tongue moved the tiny girl again and started to press her against the roof of her mouth, feeling that Julie wouldn’t resist her. Julie was feeling this strong pressure again while her eyes stopped onto the tongue below her… she was being tasted like a small piece of meat and soon when the tongue went down with her small self at the center Julie couldn’t resist placing a small kiss onto the giant muscle.

She was now lying at the center of the tongue, breathing loudly while her body was getting hot. Julie was now a bit euphoric about this whole new experience; it wasn’t something that she could live in another way and now wanted to be a part of this fully. Looking a bit behind, she saw the tip of the giant tongue raise, soon she would be swallowed by Erry and Julie couldn’t endure it more.

“Haaaaa…” moaned loudly Julie while looking down, to see her hand that was placed onto her sex. Julie bit her lip while her face was getting red… Hearing Erry’s breath, feeling her warm saliva ‘coating’ her… it was way beyond her wildest fantasies. Julie let out another moan… she was now ‘rubbing’ her sexual organ with her hand while her nipples started to get hard, poking into Erry’s tongue. “I want to make love with her mouth…” whispered Julie to herself, hearing this so stupid ideashe just said but that she actually wanted. Turning a bit to lay onto the giant muscle, Julie’s eyes were focused onto Erry’s throat entrance… already ‘watching’ in her mind herself slide fully inside… going deep inside of the giant body surrounding her and finally… becoming one with it.

“I want to eat you.” Said a loud voice all around Julie… the tiny one having a strong shiver while she heard Erry’s voice. It was clear, Erry wanted to eat her small body too and Julie’s eyes filled with tears while her hand was now ‘working’ faster onto her sex… feeling more and more excited but not reaching the edge of her pleasure… Julie was now moaning louder… feeling more saliva pour on her she now wanted to be eaten… more than anything and she didn’t care anymore about everything she gave up to fulfill this dream and with a swift move, inserted a finger inside of her sex while moaning loudly.

“You’re so delicious…” Erry’s voice that echoed all around Julie again. The tiny girl was now crying while her finger was going in and out of her sex faster… she was now begging Erry to do it between two moans “Please… Eat… ahhhh Eat… me…!!”

The giant muscle soon raised… Julie was now looking at the throat opening while she half closed her eyes… she now NEEDED to be eaten… it was filling her mind and nothing more was important anymore for her. Looking at the giant tongue she was on moving a bit, she knew that she was still ‘safe’ for now but Erry had something in mind. Julie moaned again… feeling more saliva pour onto her small self before with a single move of her tongue, Erry swallowed.

“Aaaah… HAAAAA!!!” Screamed Julie loudly while she closed her eyes. She hadn’t been swallowed yet but this ‘sound’ that echoed into her tiny hears was already too much for her and with a last strong shiver… Julie started to cum… her shivering voice trying to scream even if she was now looking limp.

She was feeling a strange warmth all around her while she was lying on this soft ground. Her tired eyes were looking at her sexual juices that were slowly flowing out of her sex to ‘disapear’ inside of Erry’s throat… knowing that soon she would join them. Julie was now feeling really euphoric… she was where she belonged and no one would be able to tell her the opposite… she was Erry’s food.

Julie was soon blinded by a strange light. Erry suddenly opened her mouth to drop something inside and Julie couldn’t really see what it was but from a strong smell coming from nearby, she understood that it was a small strawberry. She wanted to ask why Erry was doing this but as an answer was moved away by the giant tongue that dropped her near the entrance of Erry’s mouth, near her teeth before the giant muscle ‘fall’ on the small girl, giving her more pressure.

A loud crunching sound echoed suddenly into Julie’s ears even if now she wasn’t able to see anything into this darkness. Erry was now destroying the small fruit with her teeth but inside of Julie’s mind, those sounds were like just if Erry decided to chew the tiny body… slowly breaking it into nothing before nothing remained of her… Julie moaned again while hearing those sounds, each ‘bite’ making chills appear onto all of her body until she started to feel something. Below Erry’s tongue where was trapped the small girl joined a strange ‘pulp’ made of the broken fruit… telling Julie ‘how’ she would look like right now if Erry decided to break her with her teeth too. Erry soon moved her tongue again, placing the small girl at its center again, the small one being covered by parts of the broken fruit but now it would happen for real.

Erry raised her tongue a bit and could feel the tiny exhausted one slide slowly on it, covered by the fruit’s juice but also her own saliva before Julie was right in front of the small ‘opening’… ready to be swallowed whole. Julie kept on sliding until she was right under Erry’s uvula, some saliva was also flowing from each side of the small girl directly into the giant throat. Julie’s eyes were now looking at this small orifice in front of her, it didn’t look ‘perfect’ but she was being called by it…

She was now breathing loudly… her legs slowly moved a bit closer to the hole, her breath was still interrupted by some small moans but soon… really soon… it would happen. Erry started to raise her head slowly, feeling the tiny girl slide again, Erry wanted to talk with her a last time so taking a small breath, Erry opened her lips to whisper, loudly enough so Julie would be able to hear it.

“Now, become mine.”

Julie had a strong shiver while hearing this… her whole humanity shattered inside of her mind and she was now just a small part that composed Erry’s meal. She could feel the giant muscle behind her move and she knew it was now the right time. Her eyes kept focused onto the throat opening before she could feel herself slide within it until she ‘fall’ fully inside…


Julie let out a long moan when she heard the sound of Erry swallowing her all around her small self, Julie’s heart was beating so much that she thought she would die when it happened. Julie’s face was red while she started her ‘fall’, feeling Erry’s throat muscles squeezing her from all sides she was powerless against all of those assaults against her. Erry on her side let out a small giggle while she placed a finger onto the small bulge that was going down onto her neck until it disappeared behind her chest, still, she was feeling the small girl within her and was smiling to her, also enjoying this feeling.

“Aaaah…! Aaaaahhh!” Screamed Julie suddenly, she was soon passing by Erry’s heart and the giant organ was ‘hitting’ the small girl with each beat. Julie was about to pass out while feeling Erry’s throat muscles and her heart that were ‘crushing’ her slowly. But soon Julie was going down again and the giant heart was now far above her.

It was almost the end of this ‘travel’ but Julie was still in awe… she was now ‘inside’ someone… inside a girl who accepted to eat her! She was getting slowly excited again but her thoughts were interrupted by a strange feeling because she could feel a small muscle near her feet then her legs and soon she was now falling!

“Aaah…!” Cried Julie when she landed heavily on a strange ground while some liquid splashed around. It was like a moist room making unusual noises that were echoing into Julie’s ears… the small girl now looking around, her eyes stopped onto a small part of what was the strawberry from before making the tiny one understand that she was really inside of Erry’s stomach. Julie tried to stand up, feeling this strange liquid from before itch her skin before her legs shivered, not allowing to stand and she fell back onto her butt.

“Aaah…. aaahhh…” moaned Julie while her body was now shivering everywhere… her head raised a bit while tears started to flow outside of her eyes. Julie suddenly gasped and placed her arms around her body… having another shiver while she moaned again “Oh my… Nhh… AAAHHH…!!” Julie was now breathing loudly but her mind was in haze, slowly coming from this sudden state, her eyes started to look down at her body to notice that she just had another orgasm, looking at her sexual fluids that were pouring from her sex to slowly vanish into Erry’s digestive fluids.

Julie’s mind was now blurry, all of those sounds surrounding her, the groans of Erry’s stomach, the giant heart she could still hear from above and many more unknown sounds were slowly ‘crushing’ her small mind. Something suddenly splashed near the small girl, Julie turned her eyes to look at some chewed food that was now by her side, understanding that Erry resumed her meal. After some time, Julie let out a small surprised squeak, the giant place around her started to move while ‘outside’ Erry stood up and started to walk again.

The white-haired girl was now placing her plate into a sink before she went back to the room from before. Looking at Julie’s clothes, Erry took one step closer and picked them carefully. She was now folding them before she placed them onto the chair Julie was sitting on before, Erry also placed nearby Julie’s bag and shoes, still being careful with those. Soon Erry resumed to walk until she was into another room, it was already the evening so Erry wanted to rest a bit. She slowly removed her clothes until only her underwear stayed on her skin then moved to her bed. Once she was settled, Erry was now ‘listening’ to Julie, her hand moving slowly to her belly where she started to move her finger around, tracing some invisible lines onto her body.

From the inside, it was really different. Julie let out some cries since each move and steps of Erry’s body was tossing the small one around. Julie was slamming against Erry’s stomach walls, feeling this wet and squishy texture until her small self was covered by digestive fluids and chewed food. Soon the giant organs surrounding Julie stopped to move, the small one understanding that Erry probably sat or went to another place to rest. Julie just stayed there, listening to the loud noises around her until the stomach itself started to groan too.

The digestive process was starting. Julie was exhausted and her body was hurting her all around, her mind soon couldn’t endure more and she started to sob until she couldn’t keep her tears anymore. Julie let out a long cry but was stopped soon by another loud growl… Erry’s stomach not allowing Julie to ‘feel’ human anymore. The small girl stood up before tripping on the irregular ground, after a few tries she managed to sit against the living wall while feeling the acids level rise. The tingling sensation Julie was feeling against her skin before was now starting to burn, still, because of the lack of oxygen and her tired mind, Julie didn’t feel much pain for now.

She was feeling that her life didn’t belong to her anymore, she started to believe that she was now just another ‘part’ of Erry’s body and that soon she would join her in the flesh. Extending her arms and legs below the acids level, she was slowly disappearing. Soon she would be digested with all the food that was surrounding her but Julie was feeling at peace with herself.

Julie placed her head against the wall, closing her eyes slowly; she was listening to all of Erry’s body ‘music’ while feeling the acids rise to her shoulders. Julie was now feeling Erry’s digestive fluids ‘bite’ into her skin and knew that she wouldn’t have much time before her own end. In her mind she was looking at this cute girl she met today, thinking about how carefully she listened to her desires and now she was fulfilling them.

Julie let out a sigh, her mind was now getting blurry and knew that soon her body will give up… still she was looking at her body that was slowly fading into the darkness of this place: her feet, her legs then her waist, her breasts then her arms… all of her body would soon be absorbed by the ‘giantess’ outside. Julie moved a hand to rub the skin of Erry’s stomach before she closed her eyes, being ready to vanish… before she heard a voice coming from outside.

“Julie… Thank you.”

Julie could feel some tears flow onto her cheeks again. Erry was still caring for her even if she was about to die and Julie started to smile while her tired eyes closed for the last time… using her last remaining strength to open her lips “Thank… you Erry…” before the small girl stopped to move, her body rolling a bit on the side before it splashed into Erry’s acids, Julie’s life slowly fading away from her…

Even if she wasn’t feeling Julie’s pain from outside, Erry was somehow ‘tied’ to her in mind. Erry yawned while stretching her arms and legs but was still listening to Julie until she couldn’t ‘feel’ her anymore. Erry placed her hand onto her belly and whispered softly “Rest well Julie and… we’ll meet again.”. Erry could feel her belly rumble a bit while she moved softly from left to right, rocking the small one that was within her before she yawned again.

It didn’t take much time before the white-haired girl fall asleep but her body was still at work on its small ‘victim’. Inside of her body was still floating the small body, slowly melting away with the food Erry ate with it. The stomach walls were moving in rhythm, the acids now breaking its content. It didn’t take time for the small body to sink below the acids level and got easily sucked into Erry’s intestines.

On the outside, Erry was sleeping peacefully and soon turned on the side, her lips letting out a small moan while deep within her body, Julie’s body was ‘travelling’ further inside of her intestines, Erry’s villi now biting into Julie. The small one was slowly getting ‘unmade’, every single of her cells were soon absorbed and claimed by Erry’s body. Erry in her mind knew about Julie’s wish and somehow allowed not a single hair nor a cell that ‘composed’ Julie to become a part of the things her body wouldn’t need later…

Every single part of Julie’s skin, bones and blood soon became Erry’s. The small one disappeared… to become one with the girl who decided to grant her wish and soon Erry was ‘alone’ in her room again.

Later during the night, Erry moved a bit while letting out a tired yawn during her sleep. Her white hair started to glow, the girl was ‘calling’ back something deep within her before she let out a small breath out. A small light started to come outside from Erry’s body to form a small ball of light that was floating a bit above the girl. This tiny light started to move a bit down until it reached Erry’s skin below her breasts and soon started to fade. Once the light finished disappearing, there was now a small body lying there lifeless. This body was smaller than Erry’s thumb but had the same shape Julie’s body had before in every single detail. Erry’s arm slowly moved until her hand was a bit above the small body and came down.

It was a single touch of one of Erry’s fingers against the small body that made it happen. The small girl suddenly started to breathe, she was in a deep sleep but life had been granted to her again. Erry’s hand moved again to ‘cover’ this small one, pressing the small body against her skin but without hurting her. Erry’s belly rumbled a bit below of her hand, showing that it finally finished its work onto her previous meal.

The small body of Julie who was sleeping had a small shiver… feeling this small vibration and giving her dreams about herself and Erry… sweet dreams that she would enjoy during all of this night before… the two girls would meet again on the next day.

The End.