A Tiny’s dreams Part 1

The same world but at a different time and place. The same world the humans were sharing with some other people just looking like them even if they were smaller than 3cm. The ‘tinies’ as they were called hadn’t an easy life at all… They were ‘used’ by the humans as their toys and in the worse case, as their food… Some people tried to protect them but it failed in the end. How can you protect so much small lives that you can end just under your hand…? Erry was one of those, she was different from the other small people because of her white hair, a symbol of ‘disaster’ for the other ones around her. Erry’s life was already hard from the start as a tiny but with this situation it was even worse… Adding the fact that sometimes she was losing memory, she never understood why but today was one of those days…

Erry woke up some days ago… She was in a strange place… wandering around for some days she saw many humans around her… and was hearing different unknown sounds. By the night she saw some giant… cages? but she never saw a place like this before… in them were some animals she never saw but… she wouldn’t go inside one of them. Erry had just her small needle and her torn dress… she was now hungry… but what could she find in a place like this…

The next morning Erry was hiding in a small bush… staying out of sight from the humans since she knew what they WOULD do with a tiny like her… her eyes soon opened wide… near a nearby trash was something on the ground… a tiny piece of a sandwich that a human might have tossed here… Erry’s eyes were focused on this unexpected food… and grabbed her needle… she would have to move carefully… and started to walk outside of the bush… looking around there wasn’t any human, she could dash and grab a small piece of food… so she did it. Running on the ground while looking around she was so near… but she didn’t saw the stray cat that jumped in front of her… “Ahhh…!” Erry had a strong shiver… the cat was looking at the small piece of bread with some ham inside… then turned its head to face the small shivering girl… Erry took her needle and placed it in front of her to protect herself…  “Come here…” Even if she was scared from this gigantic beast…

The cat eyed the tiny girl with narrowed eyes…it had seen the sandwich piece at first but seeing the girl before it now, it switched its sights on her with obvious intent in its eyes…it saw the needle but approached as it licked its chops… Meanwhile, the zoo had one human within its bounds…a young girl who was in her school uniform that had intentionally snuck in to see the animals early and being the daughter of an exceptionally rich family, she could easily avoid getting caught if someone tried…her shoes clopped noisily on the stone ground with an eagerness to see all the animals…

Back where the cat was staring down Erry, it made a single swipe at her without extending its claws, thereby simply batting at her…its target was her of course but there was also the chance it could also knock the needle straight from her tiny hands if it were fast enough. Erry fall on the side as she dodged the cat’s ‘attack’… she was a knee on the ground but wouldn’t probably dodge the next one… Erry started to shiver… not noticing anything around but the cat… taking her needle and placing it in front of her again… she was looking at the cat ready to jump on her… and would probably kill her on the spot with her size… Erry gulped… squeezing the small metal weapon with her shivering hands…

The cat still drew towards Erry even though its initial strike had failed… meanwhile the girl who had snuck in was making the rounds, looking quite quite peeved at the cages with animals still sleeping away the day…growing bored she rounds the corner then spied in the distance the cat and something rather tiny holding something shiny…she started to walk toward them but she did this slowly so as not to alert them to her presence… The cat took another swipe at Erry as it had made sure it would be close enough to not miss as it was quite literally playing with its food but wasn’t aware of how powerful its strikes were to the tiny girl… And it didn’t missed this time… Erry’s needle flied away from the strike… she was now on the ground, her legs wearing some scratches from the fall “No… NOOOO!!” Erry was now protecting her face with her small arms… Erry started to cry… seeing her life roll in front of her eyes…

The cat came up to her now, placing its paw over Erry to make sure its intended meal didn’t get away…it leaned down and sniffed her, the air currents feeling like a light vacuum to her…it’s hot breath steamed in her face as it looked quite ready to eat her all up… “No! Bad kitty!” a set of young arms came around the cat who let out a surprised yowl…it was the girl with her feet making thunderous steps  close to Erry…her long dark violet hair waved in the light breeze that passed…the cat struggled to get free, wanting to be let down so it could get to Erry but the girl had no intention of letting that happen “No! Leave her alone! she grabbed it by the scruff of its neck, lightly grunting at how heavy it was before tossing it a fair distance away with what little strength she mustered…the cat screeched as it was thrown now landing safely on its paws with a rapid shake of its head…it looked back to Erry then at the girl and decided it wasn’t worth the effort and scampered away hissing…the girl let out a little sigh, dusting off her hand and putting them on her hips…she then knelt down to the ground and eyed Erry with her wide, curious lavender shaded eyes… “Are you okay, little one?” she had asked in a gentle, worried tone of voice as her hand came up over Erry and picked her up gently, moving her around so that she would be sitting up in her hand…she brought it up to her face, level with her eyes so she could see Erry better.

Erry was shivering… her eyes were open wide as she saw and hear the human girl talking… she let out a small squeak as she got lifted up from the ground and sat on her hand… Erry knew the girl was looking at her… but bowed her head down… sobbing “You… you’re going to kill me right…? Did you saved me for this…?” Erry’s body was shivering… grabbing her legs with her arms she was still letting out some tears pour out of her eyes

The human girl saw how frightened was and tilted her head curiously “Kill you? Why would I do something like that? That kitty was about to eat you and I didn’t wanna see something cute like you getting eaten.” she smiled but of course that wouldn’t be seen so instead, her eyes would be what with them radiating a sort of kindness…her voice was also heard which was both a bit soothing and filled with genuine honesty…  “Plus I’m not that cruel just to save you like that and kill you; I promise!” she said this by  pulling her hand away and showing the innocence in her face that told she was telling the truth…she didn’t have the eyes of one who would just simply kill a tiny like this…

Erry lifted her head… she was crying… her cheeks were red “Really…? you’re not of those human girls who enjoy to… eat us..? can you promise me this…?” Erry’s expression was really sad… but even in a situation like this it would be hard to believe someone…

The girl elicited a little giggle “Eat you? Why would I do that to something as cute as you? Oh…sorry…I mean ‘someone’ since you’re people too no matter how small you are…” she gave a little nod to ensure she had worded that right since the girl she had in her hands didn’t need anymore of a jump to her heart right now “To assure you I don’t eat tiny people…” she extended her free hand’s pinky and brought it close to Erry in a slow, careful manner so as not to make her feel threatened, making sure she saw the pinkie before bringing it forward “…I’ll pinky promise you!” her index finger in the hand holding her stroked her little back a bit in soft, tender motions

Erry had a shiver… then bowed her head down “tha… thank you… it’s… the first time I meet…” Erry was shivering and started to cry again “I meet someone like you… everybody hates me… but… but thank you for saying this…” Erry raised her head and had a shy smile “My name is Erry… could you tell me your name please?”

The girl had a delighted smile on face to see the little one in her hand had calmed down a bit “Erry, huh? Cute name! My name is Tippany! But my friends call me Tip for short. ” she had an embarrassed smile on her face with a light flush of pink in her cheeks. “They also make a very silly joke with my name, and pull me in front of folks when they say ‘Let me give you a tip’…” She couldn’t help giggling at the joke herself, hoping that laughter would also put the tiny one’s mind at ease as more fingers came to gently stroke Erry’s body.

Erry had a shy giggle… removing her tears from her eyes slowly she was looking at the girl then standing up, she bowed in front of the girl “Nice to meet you Tippany.” her tiny stomach growled suddenly “aw… I’m sorry but… I’m a bit hungry haha… if possible can I ask you if you could grab a tiny piece of the sandwich right here..?” Erry was used to eat some rotten food the humans didn’t wanted… but she hoped that asking the girl this wasn’t too much…

Tippany giggled from the tiny growl she heard from Erry’s tummy and smiled…but hearing what she wanted and looking at it, Tippany’s mouth curled into a grimace that she showed to Erry.  “That thing on the ground? That’s not gonna happen.” she took her free hand and fished inside her skirt’s pocket for something..then something rustled within it…then Tippany pulled out a small object with her hand that was at least twice the size of Erry herself…she unwrapped it and placed it before Erry…it was a small chocolate piece of soft candy “I was gonna have it later on but I think you need it more than me, Erry.” she said with a happy smile, tilting her head with a gentle look in her eyes.

Erry had a shiver… took a step forwards… “is…is that…” Erry was shivering then looked up deep in the girl’s eyes “Really…? I mean… is that for me…?” Erry’s eyes where suddenly filled with something… as she was now looking happier from before.

Tippany nodded with yet another smile “Yup! Eat up, Erry! Think of it as…my first gesture to ya as a friend!” she gave a little giggle and watched to see if Erry would accept her gift, a stray breeze rushing through the area which gave cause for Tippany to bring up her other hand to shield Erry from its current

Erry took another step in front of her… Looking amazed then took a small part of the chocolate in her hand and started to eat… she turned her head on the side as she saw the giant hand covering her and smiled to the girl “thank you… it’s soooo good to eat something like this… life isn’t easy for us you know… even more for me but… how could I thank you Tip?” Said Erry with a warm smile.

Tippany put her free hand’s index finger to her chin and thought on it for a moment before gasping a bit “How about just being my friend? I got a nice house we can stay at if it’s shelter ya need!” she smiled once more, showing nothing but the utmost kindness to Erry… she watched the tiny girl eat, amazed at how small she still was in her hand.

Erry was now done and sat on the soft texture of the girl’s hand “haaa… I can’t take another bite… thank you.” As in fact she didn’t eat much of the giant chocolate. “Hmmm… I… would like to since I don’t really have a place to live in but… is that okay for you…? I don’t want to bother you or anything…

The girl’s free hand came out and took up the chocolate piece and in the same motion, flicked it into her open mouth…she savored it for a time but never chewed…she then swallowed it with a tiny gulp as a bulge was seen traveling down her throat “Mmm…yummy. Oh…and it’s more than okay! It’s not a bother at all! Plus I don’t have any friends like you! ” she stopped a bit and looked down “…though not many of my friends come to visit me anymore anyhow…you’re the first friend I’ve made in months…” she said with a few tears forming in her eyes.

“Ah I’m sorry to hear that…” Erry stood up and looked the girl in the eyes “Don’t worry Tip… I would love to have you as a friend.. you did so much for me today I would really accept you as a real friend” Erry smiled even more “Please don’t cry Tip…” As she was trying to warm the girl’s heart…

Tippany would smile to hear her nickname called and by one such as Erry…she wiped her little tears away and smiled “Really Erry? That makes me so happy! ” she leaned down and puckered her lips, placing a nice little kiss upon Erry, being as careful as possible not to hurt her with it.

Erry had a shiver when she felt the girl’s lips on her head “huuhh…” Erry then smiled “hmmm… if you want to bring me to your house… could you hide me if possible? I mean… you’re a really good girl but… not everybody is like you Tip… and I don’t want anybody to hurt you in order to catch me…”

Tippany smiled wide “Oh I can hide you…and in plain sight! I got lotsa figurines and stuff right around your size and if folks ask, I’ll just say you’re one of them! They know me around here after all!” she gave Erry a little wink and brought her hand over to her shoulder where a small pocket right around Erry’s size could be seen “I keep them here when I go out but not today cuz I wanted to see the animals  and got a bit to excited.” she giggled with embarrassment, starting to walk around. Erry moved carefully and approached the pocket “Hmmm… but I was wondering don’t you have school too…? I could hide in your pocket during the day if you want…” Erry sat in the pocket.. as she could now feel the girl walking “I’ll be silent I promise.”

Tippany looked at the girl now riding in her pocket and gave a little chuckle “I only go to school if I feel like it! I can get schooled at home too if I want…cuz my family is really really rich!” she said with  glee as they approached the seal habitat close by…they were the only ones in the zoo who were wide awake right now…their playful barks and sounds of splashing in the water could be heard as they looked on into the scene below “Don’t worry, Erry. I’ll make sure you’re well-fed, have a nice bed, and that we’ll have as much fun as possible!” her finger came out and patted Erry on the head gently as Tippany giggled happily

Erry was now smiling warmly… “Th… thank you Tip… It’s just like a dream… but well… maybe you don’t want to know how was my life before…” Erry rested her head against the pocket ‘wall’… enjoying the ‘ride’

Tippany returned the smile and petted the little girl in her pocket with a playful rub “Hey, I’m your friend, Erry; you can tell me anything cuz I’m here to listen.” she said with another of her smiles, looking down at Erry with curious eyes…she rested her elbows on the railing, making sure Erry wasn’t going to fall out or get crushed

“Well it’s not really happy you know” Said Erry while turning her head a bit to see the girl’s face  “As you have noticed I have white hair… among small people they say it’s a sign of a curse or disasters… So in the end I used to live always alone… without anybody to talk with… but those are just some stupid rumors… how can my hair be announcing a disaster…” Erry took a deep breath “But.. you didn’t judged me and helped me… So I’m really happy to be there with you…”

The young girl simply gave Erry another little rub and smiled wide “Bah..silly ol’ superstitions…they should accepted you like I did. I think silver hairs makes you look rather pretty!” chimed Tippany who then got up and started walking to see if there were anymore animals that were awake now…she heard how happy Erry was and gave her a smile she would see “And I’m happy to be here with you too, Erry! We’re gonna have such a great time at home! I got lots to show ya!” Tippany was quite enthused now, smiling wide with bright red cheeks.

“And I’ll have a lot to tell you too if you want to hear my stories… besides I could also be your ‘big sister’ too haha… I’m currently 15 even if I’m so small” Said Erry with a smile… she would finally have a place to live in and was now happy beyond limits…

“Eh? You’re older than me by four years!” cried out Tippany in amazement, her mouth forming a perfect ‘o’ shape with her eyes blinking in shock…this expression changed into one of excitement as soon as the word ‘big sister’ was brought up “A big sis? Really? I’ve never had a big sis before! I would love it if you were my big sis, Erry!” she softly giggled as she walked around the zoo some more and started to feel a bit peeved that no other animal was up… but that anger was washed away by the cute little girl riding in her little pocket “Hey…do ya wanna head home now, Erry? All the animals are sleeping.” said Tippany with a little huff.

“I would love to yes… I don’t really feel safe around here… but I’m feeling safer with you Tip…” Erry had a cute giggle… she was so happy to be the ‘big sister’ of this lovely girl…

Tippany nodded at Erry and was soon on her way out of the zoo…later, they would wind up in front of an extremely huge manor that looked so massive, it’d probably take Erry years upon years to explore it all at her size “This is home, Erry! What do ya think? Pretty stylish, huh?” Tippany had a proud smile on her face, looking up at the marbles stone pillars forming the massive doorway and the similarly made supports seen along the ends of the ‘home’…small bushes and trees dotted the scene…there was even a little birdbath off to the side with a working fountain at its center…to get here, they had even walked through a gate that shone like pure gold as it was exactly what it was made out of.

Erry was amazed… standing here and looking at the house “wow… it’s so… gigantic… is that all your house…?” Erry looked even more amazed and was looking at all of the house… her eyes open wide

Tippany chuckled confidently, looking up and starting to walk toward its scarlet colored twin doors “It sure is! And this is just the outside! You’re just gonna love it inside!” Tippany gripped the door’s handle and pushed it open with a grunt…both her and Erry would be greeted with a rush of cool crisp air, hearing the echo of the door opening with a little creak…Inside was absolutely astounding for one like Erry…The floors were marbled like the pillars and there were several stairways scattered around the massive front room…exotic plants lined the sides of this area along with paintings of ravishing artwork…if one looked up, they would see the home had many ‘levels’ with which to explore along with about 3 glass chandeliers that lightly tinkled open their entry… everything was just so glamorous here…Tippany walked inside with echoes of her footfalls filling the room and announcing her presence “Hehe…whatcha think so far, Erry? This is just the entry room!”  Tippany still seemed rather proud of how it all looked and wondered just what her tiny ‘big sister’ thought of it

“it’s… amazing…” Erry brushed her eyes with her hands “I never saw a so big house in my entire life… but you know… we weren’t going much ‘outside’ too… because we were afraid of… humans. But I can feel that I can trust you Tip so I’m not afraid…” said Erry with a warm smile.

Tippany looked down to Erry with a smile and began to walk towards one set of stairs when she heard a voice call out to her “Ah…Young Mistress Cylark! You’re back home early! Did you have fun at the zoo?” Tippany froze a bit “Yikes…it’s one of the maids!”  whispered Tippany to Erry “Don’t make a move and if I take you out of my pocket and press you on the back, say something cute about  me…and then try not to blink for awhile while smiling…” she explained in a light whisper to Erry as the maid approached from behind.

Erry had a shiver… there was another human girl… and ‘froze’… she was a bit in fear… but she was trusting Tippany and would follow her instructions…

Tippany turned to face the maid with a smile “Yeah a little…everything but the seals were all sleeping so it got boring real quick.” Tippany would say with a bashful expression…the maid blinked at her curiously, her short blonde hair gleaming in the sunlight pouring in from the left…she drew closer… “Oh I am sorry to hear that, Young Mistress Cylark…by the way…” the maid’s finger came close to Erry, pointing at her but not touching her “…is this another one of your figurines? I didn’t see this one before…is she new?” she would ask…Tippany smiled with delight, shaking just a bit but not enough to make the maid suspicious…She took out Erry carefully with one hand and presented her to the maid “Mhm! She’s a new one and her name is Erry! Look she can even speak!”  as she said this, she pressed lightly on Erry’s back, giving her the signal.

“I love you!” Said Erry with a monotone but happy voice… she was doing what she was instructed by the girl and said the first thing that came in her mind… she was feeling the soft skin of the girl’s fingers holding her… and was doing her best not to feel stressed in front of the maid…

The maid cooed and smiled “Oh my! That is so adorable! And she has silver hair! That is so cute!” the maid was gushing over Erry while Tippany nervously chuckled and put Erry back into her pocket “W-well…I’m gonna be heading up to my room now…gonna put her back with the rest…” Tippany turned on her heels and made a beeline for the stairs “Ah…one more thing! Miss Aptares called and said she’s be coming over in two days…” Tippany looked behind her at the maid briefly with a light smile and then raced up the stairs until she was now on the second level of the household and away from prying eyes.  “Phew…that was close…” she said while wiping a bead of sweat from her brow.  “You were just too cute, Erry! You are so gonna get lots of love from me once we’re in my room!” she then walked down the rows of doors lining the edges of the second floor, passing by various open ones two with no one inside them…no one but a few maids were around and scattered about the home…it seemed as if Tippany was the only one really living here…

“phew… it was close… but we made it haha…” giggled Erry… “I can’t wait to see your room… it must be as lovely as you…” giggled Erry again… now humming a soft song…

Tippany was walking along the rows of doors, she heard a tune that was rather easy on her ears…when she looked to find out where it was coming from, her eyes fell upon Erry and then she would blush “Erry…that sounds so beautiful…what is it?” Her little face was looking down at Erry with those rosy cheeks.

“it’s a song I learned when I was younger… but I can’t remember where I learned it… I sometimes sing it to myself when I want to sleep…” Erry rested her head again against the pocket and resumed to sing for her new friend…

Tippany  was so entranced by her ‘big sister’s ” singing, she almost went right past her own room “Hehe…here we are!” she stepped into a rather large room with a violet motif along the walls and furniture in here…there was a huge queen-sized bed and a book shelf with various figurines of all shapes and sizes on them…some were of monsters… others were of characters from games or anime..another was a set of custom made figurines that also varied in shape with a few of them matching Erry’s size…there were a few of these shelves, each with different figurines..across from the bed was a nice-sized TV and under it a few gaming systems complete with a shelf reserved just for games… there was a single window in here right by a nightstand with the lamp in the shape of an anime female with a rather tasteful bust, holding the light in a sword-like object…Tippany giggled nervously at her collection “yeah this is my room…I’m a bit strange I know…” she said this with a low tone, knowing how all of it must seem silly to Erry.

“It’s a fine room Tip… at least you don’t have to sleep on the ground like me” said Erry with a smile “It’s a really lovely room and it fits you too.”

“Ah…Erry…you won’t have to sleep on the floor anymore! I can make you a nice bed…and…and…!” Tippany felt so happy to hear Erry say that…she felt so happy that she took Erry out of her pocket and put her soft lips upon Erry, caressing her with their softness as she kissed her ‘big sister’.

Erry got a bit surprised as her friend picked her up… she was feeling the softness of her lips again.. Erry extended her small arm and was caressing the soft skin with it… wanting the girl to feel good too. “Thank you… it wasn’t really easy everyday to sleep outside and alone… I’ll be happy to sleep in your room with you”

Tippany smiled at Erry after having kissed her and then raised an eyebrow while looking at her more closely “Erry…how would you like another dress to wear? I think that one’s a bit too ragged…and I want ya to look nice…what do ya say?” Tippany holds her up to her eyes with her nose against her own wrist.

“Hmmm…” Erry looked down at her torn dress “Well… I don’t want to bother you with this but… getting clothes for us is really hard and I’ll be happy to wear something else too…” Erry was now looking a bit shy…

Tippany smiled wide and shook her head “Ah don’t worry about! One of my figures is sure to have something in your size.” Tippany then went over to one of her shelves and placed Erry on the same level shelf as the ones around her size right on the middle part of the shelf…Tip would look at each figure and by the look of them, some of their clothes were either all plastic as part of the figurine or were metal in the same sense…only seemed that a few had clothes which were the ones Tip busily handled “Hmmm papa got me this one…papa is such a weirdo…” she shucked, showing Erry the female figurine of a rather busty girl in just a white tank top with black shorts “Oh wait…her clothes…!” Tip then undressed the figurine and handed them over to Erry, presenting her with the white tank top and black little shorts “I think they’ll fit ya quite well!” chimed Tippany who watched Erry curiously.

“hmmm.. they look like my size yes…” Said Erry as she watched the clothes… taking them she turned back on the small shelf and started to remove her clothes… soon to put the new ones… as a small girl wandering around naked wasn’t something unusual for Erry… “hmmm yeah they fit… thank you Tip!” As she turned around in a tiny dance move, to show the clothes on her. They were a little larger than expected but Erry was happy to have those to wear.

Tippany applauded at the dance Erry performed with a big smile “Oh wow…you’re just too cute, Erry! Oh…” Tippany blushed a bit and pointed at Erry…specifically her chest where the white tank top sagged just a tad…enough to reveal Erry’s breasts “I-I think the shirt is a little too big but if you like it then I won’t take it from ya…” Said Tip who looked just a tad flustered at seeing Erry like that, biting her lower lip.

“Hmmm… well but it’s better than my ripped dress after all, don’t worry about this” Said Erry with a smile “do you want to do anything with your new friend Tip? we have all the day after all”

The little girl smiled at Erry again but also gestured to her again “Before we play though, do ya want me to patch those up?” she had noticed the bruises from Erry’s little standoff with the cat from earlier but hadn’t really noticed them til now since the outfit she now wore revealed just a bit more.

Erry was looking at her arms and legs “well… it’s not bleeding but yeah it would be better to heal them… do you have any leaves? I usually use this on my bruises to heal them…”

Tippany raised a curious brow “Leaves? Is that all you really need?” she hesitated for a moment then went over to a windowsill and plucked a few leaves from one of the plants sitting there and returned to Erry swiftly…some were around her size while some were just a tad smaller and one was about the size of the tiny’s head “Will these do?” asked Tippany with a rather concerned look in her eye.

Erry looked at the leaf texture… then ripped a small bit… soon she managed to wrap around her leg a small leaf part “well… it’s how we use to heal our wounds… we don’t have any medicine and we have to do with what we have… but don’t worry they’re not serious things…” Erry then ripped another small piece of the leaf…

Tippany looked unsure and furrowed her brow to understand it but if Erry said it wasn’t serious then everything was gonna be alright for her “Well that’s good! I don’t wanna get you all banged up like that and get hurt even more…” she paused for a bit, pondering something “What to do with Erry… we got games…movies…swimming pools…books…” Tippany looked back at Erry…now that she had a friend over, and one such as Erry no less, she wasn’t sure of what they wanted to do but then the little girl had an idea and smiled “Hey Erry…wanna see something neat?”

“We can do whatever you want Tip since well I’m not much used to what humans do.” Hearing Tippany’s last question, Erry smiled “Yes…?”

Tippany seized something from off the shelf and showed it to her ‘big’sis’…it was a Tippany figurine that looked extremely life-like…like if Tippany were actually a tiny herself now just staring at Erry “Papa made this special for me! It can move and stuff and that’s not all!” she went over to her TV and under it there was a strange, peculiar device that attached to the side of Tippany’s head like a visor “I can control it with my mind! Papa says that I’m the first person to have this type of toy! With it, we can play together as the same size for awhile! What do ya think of that?” her voice was so full of enthusiasm as the Tippany figure was laying before Erry.

“I…” Erry was looking a bit confused “I never saw something like this… how… how does it works…? and… You can ‘be at my size’…? ” Erry was looking even more confused… wondering what is was all about…

Tippany was grinning wide “Yup! I can play with you in a special little miniature town papa designed too and it’s super fun! ” she then went over to the other side of her bed and pressed something on the post…next the floor in the middle of the room opened up and from it rose a platform…on this platform sat an array of various towns and even amusement parks that were exactly fit for their size…it was green and vibrant with life of all the mobile things upon it…it even had a train they could ride if they so wished…there just seemed to be so much to do from the wide tin little world that stretched before Erry “I play here as my mini-self when I get bored but never had a friend tiny enough to play with in there! Do ya wanna play there?” she asked ever so curiously…it seems like she was extremely excited to have Erry with her and to have her be a part of this world seemed to have made the girl beam with unbridled zeal.

Erry was looking confused “It’s… amazing… the buildings are just at our… size…” Erry was looking at all of the city in front of her… “and you said that we could play together…? It would be amazing!”

Yay! Alright here we go!” Tippany scooped up both Erry as well as the mini version of herself and set them inside the town in a courtyard… Tippany then walked over to the bed and laid down on it, closing her eyes…then the device activated on her head with a flash of purple and a few whirs…next to Erry, the mini Tip began to rise up to her feet and looked to Erry with a smile “Hehe…we can see eye-to-eye now!” the voice sounded exactly like Tippany’s…it wasn’t mechanical or monotonous but normal…and when she went out to grab Erry’s hand, her skin felt real…like it was actual skin…and then she was brought into a hug with the mini Tip giggling all the while “Hehe! This feels strange I bet!” she said while looking at Erry with a crooked brow.

“Ho…” Erry was blushing a bright red… slowly her arms went up as she wrapped the girl within them… “If… if you knew how much I dreamed about this… to have someone at my size hugging me…” Erry let out a small tear and gave the girl a warm hug “Thank you Tip… it’s just like a dream… Even if I don’t understand what is happening to us…”

Tippany could actually feel that hug on her actual body as her mini version received it from Erry…she even felt the tear from the tiny girl’s face “Hehe well I’m glad I could make this dream come true for ya, Erry! Now you don’t have to worry about me crushing you by accident or anything… or even worse if I ate you or something; that’d be really weird and make me sad…but I’m not gonna let that happen! My big sis is here with me!” she then went right from a hug and straight into a kiss on her lips, her arms going around Erry’s back and holding on tight.

Erry was blushing bright red now… this tiny girl a bit shorter than her was actually kissing her… “Ti…Tip…” Erry was looking the girl in the eyes… it was feeling just like a real kiss even if the girl was just into the figurine like now…

The real Tippany’s lips were flexing a bit, her little tongue licking them which in turn made the figure move just a slight bit of her tongue into Erry but not much…the kiss lasted for a good long while…they had just met today and not very long ago and already the little girl felt comfortable about kissing Erry  and on the lips no less “Erry…you’re so yummy…your lips…” softly moaned the real one which Erry would more than likely hear…the figure pushed itself against Erry…feeling her little breasts against her own…she was younger than her still…and the way she was kissing her was something more than just a feeling of being sisters…more like…something a tad deeper…the figure was blushing as well, her eyes fluttering as she looked as Erry…a trail of saliva forming between their lips after she had stopped…  “Erry…um…I’m gonna be honest with you, kay…? That was…” she paused and looked away, fidgeting in place and walking a short distance into the courtyard “…my first kiss…”

Erry placed her fingers on her lips as well… “I… wasn’t expecting this… I… never kissed anyone before too… but… I enjoyed it… but is it good for us to do this…? we’re so young…” Erry’s body had a shiver…

Erry would then feel her fingers interlocking with Tip’s as she held her hand “I don’t care if it’s good or not; I love you Erry…you’re the friend I’ve always wanted…and the big sister too…Erry…let’s go and play now…” she smiled at Erry with her usual smile and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Erry blushed… making her lips shiver too “Yes.. I’m following you since I don’t really know this place… and walking in a… real ‘human city’ is something I never tried before…” Erry was looking at the big buildings around them… That all looked so real.

Tippany grinned “Yup they went all out on this place…” she talked to her while walking around, seeing all the building laid out before them as if there in an actual city…the roles of other people were played by similar-looking figures…they were well-detailed…and their biggest giveaway was that they moved in jerking motions from time to time to suggest they were more a machine than the min Tip whose hand was gripping Erry’s…they stopped in front of a theme park’s gates where a ticket vendor was standing…he looked taller than the two and wore a bright green vest…upon seeing the two, he bowed “Welcome, Mistress Tippany…and friend to Microland…where everything here is tiny but the fun!” Tippany chuckled a bit, having heard the same tag line a bunch of times already but looking over to Erry to see how she liked it

“He…hello…?” Said Erry a bit confused… she didn’t really understood that it wasn’t real people and acted just like usually… she was looking at the park wondering what it was “What is this place Tip…?”

Luckily for Erry, the figure before her was a tad more intelligent than the rest of the figures “Hello, new friend of Tippany’s, I do hope you enjoy your time here!” Tippany looked over to Erry and smiled wide “It’s a theme park! We get to go on rides and…” Tippany paused and looked to Erry “Have you never been to a theme park before…? I suppose you haven’t being so small and all…” Tippany looked down, feeling just a tad guilty about bringing it up.

“Hmmm… no I never went to a place like this but… I would love to discover!” Said happily Erry, not wanting the girl to feel sad “I’ll follow you everywhere Tip, just teach me all of your games ” Said Erry with a warm smile.

It didn’t take long for Tippany to get right back into a chipper mood “Well you got no idea what you’re missing out on! ” She pulled Erry along into the park which had festive music playing all around…before Erry were several big metal structures that were moving around…one was in the shape of a big wheel with little seats in them that went up and around…another was on a set of rails where the cars in it would be sped along it along it then sent up into loops and turns…another was of a carousel with tiny horses and other animals…there were also stands that had small little pieces of candy in it that seemed to have never been used much as only a few pieces seemed missing…there were simulated screams of excitement from the rides…everything was tantlizing to the eye…Tippany turned to Erry and cuddled up against her side “What looks fun to Erry? What does my big sis wanna try first?”

Erry was looking at all of the happy looking things all around her and saw the big wheel… “What is this thing Tip…? Could we try it…? ” As Erry started to become playful… wanting to explore all of this ‘fun place’ and try everything she could with her sister.

Tippany looked where Erry was looking and smiled wide, looking back at Erry “Oh that? That’s a Ferris wheel! And yeah we certainly can!” she took Erry by the hand and raced over to the big wheel where there were seats for two upon the ground attached to it…she sat in it, bringing Erry down with her to sit down as well…then from behind them, a bar came up over them and clicked as soon as it was in front of them…then a bottom part came up to support their feet…then it slowly began to move and the two were rising up slowly but surely…Tippany held on to Erry’s arm and snuggled her as the town and park below were slowly shrinking…if they looked to the right, they could see the real Tippany on her bed still with a big smile on her face.

“haaa haaaaa…” Erry was shivering… but she knew that she was safe… “Hahaha… it’s really fun!!” as she looked deeply into the girl’s eyes and smiled… Erry then turned a bit on the other side and waved to the giant version of Tip… “We can see you too hehe…”

Tippany giggled and waved as well “Yup! We can see me from here! Hehe…” it went up so high…then it stopped when the two reached the peak..the chair they sat in wobbled just a bit but it was supposed to happen…at this time, they could see the entire little town and the park itself…it was truly a remarkable sight…and what’s more was that it was just the two of them up here “Erry…is it…is it bad I want…another kiss…right now…right here…?” Tippany faced Erry with her face entirely red and her eyes glistening in the light of the sunlight coming into the room…her tiny mouth was open and she was visibly panting a little…the sights and the emotions from Tippany intermingled well with one another…her arms held on tight to Erry “I…don’t want Erry to leave ever…to always be with me…”  she faced Erry and closed her eyes with her lips puckered just a bit.

Erry smiled “I’ll be there forever for you Tip… I promise…” as putting a finger under the girl’s chin, Erry approached slowly until their lips meet… and kissed Tippany… putting her other hand in the girl’s silky hair. Even if it was just a small animated figure, the feelings were the real thing.

Tippany elicited a soft moan once Erry’s lips made contact with hers… her arms went around Erry’s neck as Erry’s hand touched her violet-shaded long hair…it felt nice to Tippany…in some way it even felt right…she would let Erry do about anything to her right now…her real body squirmed a bit, licking its lips and blushing in the same way…then one of the hands behind Erry’s neck went up and felt her hair, fingers gently caressing the white texture.

Erry smooched again on the girl’s lips before putting her head a bit back… looking deeply into her eyes… Erry’s hand still brushing Tippany’s hair…

Tippany looked honestly flustered at this point…she looked back into Erry’s eyes with their vibrant lavender hue…Tippany placed her forehead on Erry’s and gave a little giggle as the wheel started to move again back down…her fingers continued to explore Erry’s hair that felt so smooth and overall a blessing to even lay hands upon it “Hehe…whoever sees you as a curse must need better glasses…” said Tip with her eyes focused solely on Erry..her little tongue licking her lips “I Love you, Erry…” she said, her other hand going down her back and rubbing it.

“I… love you too Tip…” As Erry was blushing a bright red on her cheeks… it was a love for a close sister… not for a friend anymore but something even more precious…

As the two embraced and declared their affections to one another, the ride has come to a stop and the two were let off but Tippany was hesitant about getting up from this moment…she wanted to do more special things with Erry “Erry…erm…um…” little Tip fidgeted as she arose with Erry, still holding on to her “Is…is there any other ride you want to try?”

Erry took a step forward and took the girl’s hand “Of course… wherever you want to…” As she was now wearing a warm smile… really happy to spend sometime at her size but also enjoying being with her…

Tippany was actually quite happy at this time…she took Erry by the hand and led her away from the wheel…they wound up by the rails with  linked blue cars “This is a roller-coaster! It’s fun but a lil scary…but also really exciting!” explained Tippany, pointing at the course of rails which Erry would see…it twisted, turned and even went upside down and through tunnels…Tippany smiled at Erry and held her hand tight “If you get scared, you can hold me tight but you also gotta hold on to the safety bar too cuz you’ll fall out and I don’t want that to happen!” she held her sis close and rubbed her cheek on her shoulder.

“huh sure…” Said Erry while being a bit curious about this… the girls were walking towards the next attraction… ” A roller coaster then…?” As Erry was now observing the girl to see what to do next.

Tippany smiled wide and took her sister with her, placing both herself and Erry in the front car…the belts then came around the two and locked them in…then the safety bar came around and locked into place with a metallic click…they weren’t going anywhere…then the vehicle lunged forward a bit as it then began its ascent up a long hill of rails…slowly it went…the clacking of the gears as it climbed up further and further…it was going up pretty high now…almost as high if not a bit higher than the wheel…then the sound of hissing came from under them…and were left at the peak for a moment with the entire scenery of the park below them…it was so high up…like if Erry were in Tippany’s hand and looked down…Tippany looked over to Erry and had her arms straight up in the air “Ya gotta do this Erry! It’s more fun like this!”

“Hiiiiii…” As the car was going fast… Erry had to close her eyes a bit from the speed but then started to giggle… enjoying this too… Erry was now screaming with Tip as the girls were feeling the speed of the coaster… then Erry was asked to do one thing and putting her arms in the air she was laughing even more… “it’s so fun!!!”

Tippany was screaming with excitement out loud as the coaster dropped into its trademark dive, filling the girls with the sense that they were really falling…the coaster picked up speed and whipped around corners as the wind stroked their faces…it went up into a long loop then several small ones into a corkscrew before rocketing them out again up another hill…Tippany was giggling and whooping with her arms just up in the air “Whee! Whooo! This is fun, huh Erry?” she looked to Erry as the coaster was making its ascent.

Erry was grabbing the small bar when she was feeling the strong speed on them… but was also laughing loudly from the fun they had together… Erry couldn’t have asked more to be that happy… and wanted to live all of her days like this… with her lovely sister…

Soon the ride would be over as it made on final drop and made a few more loops before returning right where they started from…the bars lifted and the belts were released… Tippany was getting out of the car but felt a little weak in the legs… despite it being just a figure of herself, she could still feel it as if it were her real body…and ended up grabbing Erry, bringing her down to the ground with her…or rather brought her right on top of the other…Tip was panting a bit heavily, the simulated heart in her chest beating against Erry’s bosom…it was only them here and the rest were just machines…it was their own personal playground right now…their special place…there the two still laid on the ground with Tippany below Erry who laid atop her “Phew…th-that was fun, huh?” she was blushing though, feeling happy that Erry was on top of her.

Erry could feel her sister pulling her down as she was falling on the ground…  “oh my… are you alright…?!” As she wanted to know if the girl was hurt… forgetting a bit that it wasn’t a real ‘being’… but Erry seemed worried for her…

“Ah…I’m fine…Erry…ah…you’re so close…” her arms went up and around Erry but her knee went up and rubbed the area between Erry’s legs though this might have been unintentional… yet the knee was rubbing still and the heart was beating fast “Erry…” was the only word the girl could say as she didn’t quite feel like getting up right now…especially with her now favorite person in the world  atop her and making her feel…very different.

Erry made a tiny squeak… she was feeling her sister’s body against her… but put a hand in her hair… “Do you need some help to get up Tip…?” As Erry was still watching the small figurine… wondering how could such a miracle of technology existed…

The figurine of Tippany regained her composure and started to stand on her own, helping Erry up as well…she shook her head and looked to Erry with a rather red face “Ehehe…that was an intense ride…almost lost myself there…” she looked to be a slight bit woozy from the ride itself “N-Nevermind about me…are you okay, Erry? Do you feel woozy at all…?” her little hands came on to her shoulders, a look of concern in her eyes for her big sis.

“I’m fine… I lived worse rides before… but well I won’t talk about this now haha…” As Erry could feel the girl’s hands on her shoulders…  “Is there anywhere else you want to go Tip…?” As Erry was smiling to her…

Tippany smiled wide and took Erry’s hand again, taking her to another ride…they spent the day riding just about every ride the theme park had to offer…but now it was time for lunch and honestly Tippany was feeling quite peckish…she sighed a bit coming off of the giant boat ride that was there that was rocking back and forth..the figurine felt her tummy but the noise of it grumbling came from the real Tippany…  “Ugh…Erry, you hungry? As much as I would love to, I can’t eat as this thing here…and would love to have some lunch with you…but that means that I gotta get it was my real giant self…” she chuckled a bit scratching the back of her head “That okay? We can do more after we eat.”

“Ah sure… this chocolate from this morning was great but you should also fill your belly too.” Erry was hearing at the giant girl “Yes we could pause here and play again later, it was really fun and I never had sooo much fun in my life before, thanks Tip…” Said Erry while blushing.

Tippany’s figurine then laid down flat on the ground before it stopped blinking with eyes wide open…the real one awake from her bed with a yawn and strolled over to where the two tiny figures were…Tippany was big again  now to Erry but she was still the same and had done everything and remembered everything the little one had done…she scooped up the two in her hand and placed her figurine on the shelf while taking Erry downstairs and into the kitchen…the kitchen was just as grand as the house itself with several amenities that kitchens should have…this one had a very long island counter top…on top of this, the kitchen was quite empty with no sign of anyone ever about…one would begin to question why she was so alone all to herself in such a massive home…Tippany then placed Erry on a counter near a fridge and began to fish out some sandwich helpings as well as a few condiments “What would you like to try, Erry? Got plenty of choices!”

“Ah… I’m not much hungry right now thanks I had already plenty of chocolate before haha…” Said Erry while looking at her small belly “But if you want to eat, go on please.” Said Erry as she watched this so big room… taller than everything she saw before…

Tippany placed a few of the fixings next to Erry as she got out a container of meat and started laying the slices down on the bread…she let out a little gasp and went back into the refrigerator “”Hehe…I know just trying to be a good lil sis and being polite…” there was a tinge of distance in her voice “Erry…you notice how there’s no one else around but me and a few maids…?” sounds of her searching for something in the fridge could be heard.

Erry was sitting here “Hmmm… your parents are working maybe…? And well this is a big house… are you living all alone here…?”

“Yeah…but this is just one of our homes…this is basically all mine here…this entire estate…they hardly ever visit me and only drop by to give me things…and gifts…never any hugs…or kisses…just things…!” there was a bit of sadness in her voice mixed in with an anger…a kind of anger from being neglected which seemed to be the case from what Tippany had told Erry…something metallic clanged inside the fridge…the sound of soda cans falling lightly on top of each other…Tippany reemerged holding a can of soda she placed off to the side as she resumed making her sandwich with a sort of blank look in her eyes “I have another big sis Erry…but she hardly ever comes by either…she’s really nice but…at least she comes by every now and again…but I have another big sis now…” her little pinkie came out to poke Erry lightly.

Erry stood up “Tip… look at me please… I may be just a small one for anyone but… I would love to have you as my sister if you wanted… your life looks just so like mine… lonely and sad but… you gave me happiness… and I would like to do the same for you. I won’t leave you not betray you Tip… you can count on that.” Erry was wearing a strong expression on her face… but also happy for the girl in front of her “I promise not to leave you Tip and I’ll always be here when you’ll need… forever.”

Tippany had a slight gleam in her eye of tears…she looked absolutely grateful to Erry that she stopped making the sandwich for a moment to bring her face down to meet Erry at that level…she left her nose exposed so that Erry could touch it if she so wished “Erry…it makes me so happy to hear you say that…we’re gonna have so much fun…and be with each other for such a long time…and find everything about each others…both inside and out…”

Erry bowed in respect “Yes… it will be the happiest days of our lives…! I’ll tell you all of my stories and I’ll be here to listen you when you’ll need too… after all it’s the big sister’s role to do that right…?” Said Erry while giggling.

Tippany giggled and then suddenly brought out her tongue…to take one friendly lick of Erry, putting her tongue back and resumed making her sandwich while smiling at Erry “I’d like to know lots more about you Erry and talk to you loads more…and also…I feel like I can also trust you enough to tell you about my friend…she’s very different like you are…but I can’t really talk about her to anyone else…” she finished making the sandwich then started to put away all the fixings for it…she had set the sandwich on a plate with the soda sitting nearby… “She’s…a bit scary though…” she admitted this with a shaky voice.

Erry had a shiver as she could feel the girl licking her… “eek…” but was now looking at the giant girl resuming her cooking…  “You have another friend…? but… are you afraid of her…? You look… In fear… is there anything I could do for you…?” Erry was looking worried for her new sister…

Tippany nodded a bit “She does scare me a bit but…” she smiled at Erry “When she comes here the day after tomorrow…I want you to go with me to see her…and stay with me to keep me safe…” she picked up Erry and placed her in the pocket from earlier then petted her lightly with her finger as they were going back upstairs with plate and soda in hand…they still talked of course “So Erry…what were you doing before I met you…? ”

“hmmm… mostly ‘surviving’ if I could say this… I woke up in this… place where you found me but… I can’t really remember how I got here… my head hurts when I try to think about this… maybe I got hit on the head… but well mostly finding food and a place to live… I tried to live with small ones already but… you know the rest…”

“That does sound terrible…but at least you have a nice warm and huge place to live in now, huh? No kitties to chase and try to eat you…no more scrounging for food…just you and me…” she looks down on Erry and gives her a little cute wink of her eye.

Erry was now curious… who could be that ‘friend’ that Tip would fear…? did she had anything to do with some micro hunters…? and there was this other sister Tippany had… Erry was curious about this but for now she had to take care of her giant lil’ sister…”Yes… Thanks to you I can feel that I’ll be able to sleep peacefully tonight… for the first time in years…”

Tippany gave her lil big sister a little smile as they returned to the room there were in before…the town was still there but not for long as she placed her plate and soda down upon the bed and pressed a switch on the post that would cause the little miniature town to sink back down into the floor and cover the floor again with the hardwood, making it seem as if nothing ever happened…as the last of the ton went under, Tip had hit the bed in such a way that it shook one of the shelves nearby…from it a figurine would fall upon the floor…Tippany went to go pick it up and grimaced at it…it had red attire on and had purple hair long like her own with blue streaks running through them around the bangs…there was a yellow ribbon in its hair…and finally its eyes were wide open, shining the purest green one would ever see…it was more than likely Erry could see this unknown figurine but it would look familiar to the eyes of Tippany who just stared blankly at it

“Tip…? Is there something wrong…?” Said Erry as she saw her sister crouch but now she wasn’t moving… Erry was looking a bit worried “Tip…?” Said again Erry… hoping that her sister was alright…

Tippany held her right temple and groaned a bit as she picked up the figure and showed it to Erry “Erry…this is my…big sister…or rather her figurine look-alike of her…” She, from Erry’s viewpoint, looked as if the figure would be at least a few heads taller than Erry and greatly resembled an older Tippany…if her eyes were green and had blue streaks in her hair “Her name is…” she held her right temple again and let out a small groan of pain.

Erry was looking confused at the figure… “Your sister have a figure of herself too…? does it works like yours…? ” Erry was looking at Tippany that was looking in pain… “Tip…? Is there something wrong…? don’t don’t look fine… can I do anything to help you…?” Erry was looking worried again… taking a look at the side she was looking at the taller figure… did it had anything to do with her sister…?

Tippany let out a small groan once more then shook her head “I-It’s nothing, Erry. I’m fine. She would say with a smile to assure Erry that it was ‘fine’  but she still had a blank stare on her face “Palmira…my sis’ name is Palmira…and yes it does work like hers…” she then sets the figure back up onto the top shelf and a little further back this time “She never comes around to play with me anymore…papa made one for her too but she hardly ever used it…” she looked to Erry and gave a smile “Maybe if I ask papa real hard, he can make a life-size version of one and make it resemble you…how would you feel about that…?” she looked to Erry expectantly as she strode over to the large TV.

Erry was listening carefully “I’m sure she have some others things to do but… she must still be thinking about you, she’s your sister after all…” Erry was looking at the girl putting back the small figure on the shelf “It would be… amazing I guess… but… I’m not used to all of this technology…” Erry was wondering if she was as tall as Tippany but shook her head… “You can ask but… do you think he would do this…? I’m a tiny after all and… any human could end my small life easily…

‘Tinies’…that name stuck in Tippany’s head for awhile…she knew the term but never really paid attention to the details of what they were…she looked to the ‘tiny’ one in her pocket with a half-cocked smile “I-I’m sure he will! We’re already doing such amazing stuff with our money! I’m sure working on a project like yours will be another way for us to get money…so…he’ll agree to it.” she said this slowly as she fished a few movies from her stand “L-let’s worry about that later, yeah? How about a movie! I think you might like…this! she showed Erry the cover of the box which had a girl on the front…who was quite small and was standing upon leaves that were normally small, signifying the character on the front was small as well “Think you’ll like to watch this?” asked Tippany with a little smile and looked down at Erry to see what she had to say.

“It will be the first time I watch a movie with someone haha…” Erry didn’t wanted the girl to feel sad after this “and it will be even more enjoyable with you Tip…” as she had a small giggle and smiled to the girl “is that a movie about… someone like me…? ” as Erry was looking carefully at the cover.

Tippany smiled wide “Mhm! A small girl in a big world! I only saw it once but have always wanted to watch it again…since you reminded me of it.” she gave a soft blush and opened the box and put the disc into one of the gaming systems that was connected to the TV…the TV turned on as Tippany sat down and grabbed her plate and placed it down near her…she then popped open the soda…she took a sip of it and then had the idea of just letting little Erry ride her shoulder… she picked her up a little then placed her on her right shoulder, shaded by her long violet hair…the movie played a bit of it’s scenes on the main menu before Tippany quickly pressed ‘play’  “Let’s enjoy the movie together and ask if you want a sip of my drink!” the movie then started to play for the both of them.

Erry was now placed on the girl’s shoulder…  “I hope it ends well for her…” As she took a few steps on the side and sat against the girl’s neck… Erry rested her head against she soft skin “Don’t worry I’ll ask you if I need it…” Erry was now looking at the movie starting… listening to the soft music and the animation starting…

The movie played on…the two watched in awe at the animation…the scenery that Erry must see all the time…they shared a few gasps together…they laughed a little bit here and there…  “Hehe…they think the old lady’s crazy…” then there were somber tunes to it that really seemed to deeply affect Tippany as the movie was coming to a close… Tippany, wiped her eyes and looked to Erry “You okay there, Erry?”

“Yeah… It reminds me my own life but… they seems happy here…” Erry could feel the girl shiver…  “But it’s enjoyable… they live in a far more peaceful world than ours…” Said Erry as she was still resting her head against the girl’s neck… putting a small hand on it and rubbing her skin… Erry was enjoying this time with her new sister…

“The first time I think I watched this… was with my little sister… wait… little?” Tippany held her right temple again and she shook it lightly “No I watched this with my big sister…that’s right.” she returned to normal again, placing her hand over to Erry as she looked outside…it had gotten a lot later than they expected… maybe it was because there were a few times when she gave Erry a drink she’d fall in a little and Tippany had to fish her out as delicately as she could while pausing the movie “Erry…wanna go take a bath together?”

Erry was feeling a bit confused…  the way Tippany was talking was getting a bit strange when she was talking about her sister… “Hu… sure… but the tub will be a bit too big for me…” Erry stretched her arms “it would be nice yeah… usually I wash myself… on some small puddles and the water isn’t always clean… so yeah I would enjoy this…”

Tippany smiled wide as she arose and walked out of her room, passing by the figurines to grab something “Not a problem!” She lifted up a plastic tub that was like a little kids wading pool to Erry but more solid than one would be…as Tip closed the bathroom door behind her, she would set Erry down in the little ‘tub’ and begin to strip down to her undergarments then finally into her nude self…she then picked up the tub Erry was in and turned the water handle around the splendidly black marbled bathroom tub and turned another nozzle, letting a mix of water temperatures mix into a nice warm bath that Tippany slowly dipped into…as she did, she also took off Erry’s clothes and set them aside with her own, blushing a bit at how she looked underneath as she started to fill up her tub by lightly dipping it into her own and setting it off to the side by her head as she sunk into the water a bit when the water had reached the capacity she wished and shut it off “Mmmm so relaxing…” said Tippany who was using a washcloth to clean herself while looking happily at Erry. “Wow…you look so pretty…”

Erry was looking at the girl undressing herself… it wasn’t a problem for her to strip in front of another girl… So Erry also let the girl remove her small clothes and waited aside the small tub… soon it was filled with water and Erry ‘climbed’ inside of it… Erry then sat and let the water ‘cover’ her small self “hooooo…” as Erry was feeling the warm liquid… enjoying it… Erry rested her head at the back of the small tub, she was looking at the girl aside her also enjoying her bath “ah yeah… it’s just perfect… I never had such a warm water to relax in… thank you Tip…”

Tippany adjusted herself, looking at Erry the entire time. She turned herself so that she’d be resting her chin on her arms and facing sideways in the tub “Hey Erry…how about tomorrow we spend the entire day in our town? Or would you rather we go out for real? I can do either but I wanna hear what big sis Erry wants to do first.” she smiled a bit gently, showing Erry nothing but the most sincerest emotions she had to offer to the little one.

Erry looked a bit shy “Tip… I would love to go out with you but… even if you look grown up enough… there’s still some other human people who would just see me as a small candy… and they could do bad things to you… if possible I don’t want this to happen… could we also visit your house or maybe enjoy some games together on tomorrow? I’m sure we could find some fun things to to together.”

Tippany smiled and giggled, her little finger coming out to pet Erry on the head “Of course we can! I’m not gonna let anyone eat you, Erry.” said Tippany whose eyes reflected a kind nature behind them…but for a brief time there was something else in them…something that looked sinister but this was only for a split second before it was overlapped by the softness of the light in them…soon, Tippany had finished her bath and exited the tub, drying herself off while getting a small dry cloth to dry off Erry as she helped her out of the tiny little tub of hers…she was tiny so Tippany had to be careful not to be too rough so she went about her as softly as possible on the surface around the sink “Hehe…Erry…we’re like real sisters…but it’s the big lil sister looking after the small big sister…” she said this with a giggle as she brought the cloth over Erry’s tummy to get her dry.

Erry let the girl dry her small body… this giant little sister was so careful… “thank you Tip…” Erry was smiling to the girl and picked up her small doll’s clothes…  “do you want to watch the last part of the movie now Tip?” As Erry finally got dressed… putting back her small blue hairband on the side  of her small ponytail…

Tippany nodded and puts on a small lavender bath robe before she reaches down and picks up Erry…she carried her back to her room then sets her back down on her shoulder and resumed the movie while keeping a close watch to make sure she doesn’t fall…they begin to watch the ending now with Tippany wearing the most empathetic look on her face.

“Such a nice movie…” Erry was blushing “Her story is really something… and well… I’m glad that I met you Tip… my story is… just happy as hers now that I have you…” Erry put her small hand on the girl’s neck and kissed it…

Tippany blushed as she felt those tiny lips on her body… she looked down to Erry and gave a soft sigh “Erry…I’m so happy I found you…let’s never be apart.” Time had certainly flown for the two close sisters as nightfall was upon them and the day was coming to an end…Tippany had Erry on her person at all times, searching for something in her room for a time until she found it…well more like borrowed it from the mini town she had rise up once more “Hehe…’borrowing’ this for you…” she gave a small wink to Erry, referencing the movie to her as she placed the small but comfy bed on her nightstand and set Erry upon it…she then got up into her own bed and slipped under the covers “Today was fun, Erry! Let’s have more fun tomorrow! Got more of my house to show ya!”

Erry saw the small bed in front of her as Tip placed her on her nightstand… her cheeks went bright red “a real bed… for me…?” Erry placed her hand on the soft mattress.. it was just a real one “I… thank you again Tip… I don’t know… how I could ever thank you for… everything…” Erry had some tears roll on her red cheeks “I… I was just… a small insect… someone who had no one to rely on… no one to trust… and… you’re… you’re…” Erry placed a hand on her face “You’re the best sister I ever had Tip… even if we’re so different… I can feel you filling my tiny heart… I… love you… my big sister…” Said Erry as she was wearing her warmest smile… taking a small cover on the side, Erry ‘jumped’ onto the small bed and looked the girl in the eyes… as Erry’s small eyes started to close… she wanted to see her sister until she was falling asleep… “It was such an amazing day… I… can’t… wait to live… more with…you…” As Erry finally closed her eyes…

Tippany would watch Erry fall asleep as the lights in her room went off and then she could fall asleep herself… That night, Erry would have a strange dream…but it was more like someone was talking to her…she was in a dark empty space all alone…in front of her was a wandering violet smoky orb of light…it spoke to her with cryptic albeit foreboding tones “…she is not her…I am not me…she is not me…I am not her…do not be fooled…Erry…” then she would be taken before Tippany towering over her in a cold metal room…her face was sinister…and she was licking her lips slowly…each sound amplified as if they were right in her ears…the dream went forward…she was in Tippany’s hand…dangling over her open, expecting mouth with nary a hint of mercy in her eyes…her voice echoed “A lovely toy…Erry…let us never be apart…become part of me…mmmm let me taste all of you…” she then let go, Erry falling to her doom into the mouth of her beloved little sister…but that was when the dream…or rather the nightmare ended…it was still nighttime and Tippany was still sleeping.

“Aaaah!!” screamed Erry as she woke up sweating… she coughed for a minute…  “What…was that…” Erry’s eyes were looking in every direction… she was shivering… but soon realized that she was in the same room… the girl was sleeping aside her… “Was…it a… dream…?” Erry coughed again… her heart beating now slower… Erry put a hand on her chest, trying to calm down… “why… why a dream like this…” whispered Erry as she put her face back on the small pillow… “How would you ever do that… it’s just a stupid dream…” As Erry closed her small eyes… not believing what happened and wanting to forget this… she fall asleep again…

Morning soon came with sunlight creeping into the room and warming both the faces of each sister with its radiance…Tippany stirred first with a soft moan…her eyes opened groggily to see Erry still asleep in her little bed…as she pulled the covers off to crawl over to the edge, there was a twinge in her right temple again…she grunted a bit in pain…a change went on in her eyes…she saw Erry yet she didn’t see her as her sister right now…she licked her lips…she reached over to her, ready to seize her in her grasp when there was that twinge again…she let out a little cry as her hand was directly over Erry…she then saw her as her beloved big sis again and shook her head a little, sweating  a bit as her hand went down and petted Erry with a smile “Wakey wakey, sleepyhead…” she would taunt gently, trying to wake her tiny sister up.

“Hmmm…” Erry’s eyes opened slowly… she was sleeping in such a warm bed… that she wasn’t used to sleep so peacefully…  “whe… where I… ah… Tip that’s you…” Erry stretched her small arms, yawning… “Ahhh… it was the best night I ever spent… it’s way far different from sleeping on the ground after all…” Said Erry with a smile… brushing her eyes with her eyes for a second then looked at her sister “Did you slept well Tip…?” As Erry asked this question not only to know how the girl was feeling but also… if she managed to hear her this night…

Tippany smiled at Erry, using her finger which gently rubs the entirety of Erry’s little body “Mhm…I slept very well! I just had a little headache just now but it went away; I’m fine!” assured Tippany as she pushed herself off of her bed, her bare feet touching the hardwood floor with a light slap…she looked over to Erry and offered her her hand “Let’s go get some breakfast, okay?” Tippany’s long hair was slightly frizzled from her sleep and she had some of her hair come down from her bangs down to her face.

Erry sighed… the girl hadn’t heard of her ‘nightmare’ then smiled “Well why not, I’m a bit hungry and I’m sure you need to eat too… it will helps you to get taller~” Said Erry with a giggle… but it was also true that this young girl would turn into a beautiful woman in some years… “Could you please carry me?” As Erry was getting ready to be picked up.

Tippany graciously picked up Erry, keeping her safe in the palm of her hand “Yup! How else would ya get down there?” she said with a little wink… down they went through the halls of marble and down into kitchen where a plate was already laid out before them with bacon, eggs, and some waffles with syrup drenching them and a slice of butter on top…next to it would be a glass of orange juice…and a small paper card which Tippany saw first…she seized it in her hand and stuffed it in her robe fervently and looked to Erry with a nervous smile “Hey…looks like mom was here and made me breakfast already…” she picked up the plate in her free hand, placing Erry on her shoulder for a time as that hand went to grab the juice…it would be taken over to a table bathed in the morning sun and there Tippany would pull out a chair to sit down in…she picked up her tiny sis and placed her down on the table close to the plate where the bacon was slightly sticking out of the plate “L-looks good, huh, Erry?” asked Tippany with a nervous chuckle as she grabbed her fork and knife.

Erry was safely sitting on the girl’s hand when they got in the kitchen… Erry was a bit surprised to see nobody in the house… in fact  Erry just saw a maid on the previous day but no one else yet… Erry was looking at Tip getting a bit nervous as she got her letter, soon she was sat on the table “well… it looks good yes… I never had a chance to see so much food near me…” Erry’s eyes where wide open… looking at everything around her…

Tippany nodded and was looking where to start when she saw Erry looking around at what must’ve been a daunting display of food much too big for her to eat…in fact, it looked like her breakfast alone could provide Erry with a few years worth of food “Erry, why don’t you pick out what you want now before I start eating… I don’t wanna stick you with a fork by accident if you keep going back for food and all.” she gave Erry a nervous little laugh, perishing the thought of ever doing that to Erry and focusing now on being patient on letting the tiny choose her own breakfast helpings from what Tippany had been given.

Erry had a shy smile and walked a bit, before reaching the egg on the side of the plate… she picked up a tiny bit with her hands… it was warm… the took a bite in it…  “awwww… it’s soo gooood… ” Said Erry while smiling to Tip from below and took another bite.

Tippany returned the smile to Erry, waiting now for Erry to finish so she could begin her meal as it was, of course, the most important meal of the day “Bet this could feed ya for a long long time, huh Erry?” asked Tippany with a little giggle.

Erry then picked up a tiny bit of Bacon… “If you knew… it’s sooo amazing to see so much food… and well… it could provide me months to live on… ” Erry then took a step back “but well.. enjoy your breakfast too Tip…”

And enjoy their breakfast they did…it filled them both up so much, they decided to take a short nap before promptly waking one another up to continue with the day… this day, Tippany showed Erry the other wings of the home here but, strangely enough, not the outside portion…a few maids were seen that day, helping tidy up the place with a couple of them averting their gaze from Tippany… Tippany kept up her facade with Erry as her toy all the while though to ensure her big sis was safe… then they would go to play in their own tiny town again and enjoy a few more rides…and even went on the Ferris wheel again for the heck of it… the entire day was filled with laughter and excitement with only happy memories all around…the day was starting to wind down now and night time was upon them…the home was eerily quiet with only a scant few maids, one of which was the exact same one from yesterday… “Miss, it is about time for bed…are you and your toy going to bed now?” Tippany nodded holding up Erry in her hand “Mhm! We had fun today, didn’t we Erry?” Earlier that day, Tippany had given Erry phrases today in which to reply should situations like these arise and thus Tippany would proceed to gently press on Erry’s back.

“It’s fun to play with you!” Said Erry with he same monotone voice as before when she saw the maid… Erry was ‘used’ to survive and this little trick was a good one to hide herself as a real tiny one…

The maid nodded with a smile “She is just too adorable! You’ll have to show it to Miss Palmira whenever she decides to drop in…” the mention of the name seemed to make Tippany anxious as well as grip her temple again for a brief period before she put Erry back into her special pocket and gave a light chuckle “Y-yeah…I’ll have to…” she said slowly and then made for the stairs, wanting to get up there as quickly as possible but was stopped by the maid’s voice again “Miss! Miss Aptares said she would be coming over tomorrow as planned… shall I tell her to wait in the usual place?” Tippany gave a slight sigh before looking over the banister from the second floor and called back “Yes, the usual place will work… goodnight now!” she went straight for her room again and closed the door behind her, exhaling with a heavy sigh “She’s coming tomorrow…” she said to herself while looking up at the ceiling.

Erry was thinking hard… it wasn’t the first time that Tip was shivering while hearing her sister’s name… was there something about her…? But soon they were back in safety into Tippany’s room… Erry had this strange name in her mind… “Tip…? was that maid talking about your friend…? and… do you feel alright…? ” Erry was looking worried, wondering if she could help her sister about anything…

Tippany smiled, shaking off her fear a bit and nodded to Erry “Mhm, I’ll be fine, Erry…thank you for worrying about me though…” she pat Erry with her finger with a soft smile and treads over to her bed…then she would pick up Erry and place her by her little bed on the nightstand… Tippany then got undressed, deciding it would be best this time just to sleep in her undergarments then slipped herself under the covers and just watched Erry for a moment “Erry…I love you…” she would say with adoration and a hint of blush on her face and she tried hiding her own face to cover up this fact with the comforter.

Erry sat in front of the girl in her bed… putting a hand in her direction  “I love you too Tip…” As Erry had her warm smile… before moving to her bed and wrap herself in the small piece of cloth… looking at the girl in  front of her…  “I wish you a good night… Sis…” Said Erry while blushing a bit… then closed her eyes… still smiling as she started to feel her body resting…

Tippany watched Erry with her eyes slowly getting heavier and heavier… Erry’s form could be seen still but something was different about it…Tippany felt something twinging in her head but this time it was her left side…it was hurting just a tad but also giving Tippany thoughts… thoughts about certain things… before her eyes closed, she would lick her lips as the thoughts rolled around in her head but at the same time was trying to shake them off…

Meanwhile, Erry would dream again…and before her was the smoky violet orb again…but this time, it felt tangible…like the dream were real for the time being “Erry…it is not safe…she isn’t me…and I’m not her…” the voice sounded distantly like Tippany’s but laced within was another voice that sounded a bit older and was still feminine “I’m not…her…” it would repeat as if fighting something, shivering in place before Erry in the same dark space.

“Eeek…!” Screamed Erry again… coughing…  “No… how can it be possible…” Erry was shivering… holding her legs with her tiny arms… she was looking at the giant girl aside her…  “she can’t be…” Erry shook her head “she wouldn’t do this…” Erry was still unsure about those strange nightmares… and stayed a bit looking at the human girl… “No… she wouldn’t do this to me… she’s not one of those… ‘monsters’…” Said Erry as she put back her head on the tiny pillow… “I should… talk to her about… this…” Said Erry as she closed her eyes… and fall asleep again… hoping this nightmare wouldn’t come back again…

Once more, Erry would be in the black space again but it would not change this time and instead, there would be just the orb and nothing else…she could move around freely if she wanted to but in a black space like this, there wasn’t much else to see… the violet orb circled around her and began to speak again while shuddering a bit “Erry…you are in danger…” it said in an intermingling of Tippany’s and another girl’s voice.

Erry knew it was a strange nightmare again… but it was different “Who… Tip… is that you…? I am in danger…?” Erry’s face was getting a bit stressed in her sleep. The orb moved around again, coming close to Erry’s face “It’s not what you think…it’s a trap…be careful…” the voice sounded like it was just spouting out disconjointed phrases while flitting about…it went up to Erry’s chest and shivered some “Protect…safe…warm…no dying…no pain…hide…” it’s small words were filled with fear…the feeling it gave off when it rubbed up against Erry felt gentle and kind…it felt like the blanket wrapped around Erry but this one blanketed her with a blissful sense…like nothing could hurt her…like it protected her…soon the dream would end just as cryptically as it began.

Erry opened her eyes… she was in her bed… looking at the ceiling… the girl aside was still sleeping but it was now the morning… “What…happened…” As Erry was trying to remember this dream… not letting it disappear with her night… Erry was still on her bed… looking up… not really wanting to sleep again… she wanted to talk to Tip… to ask her why she had those strange nightmares… it had probably something to do with her but Erry didn’t knew how…

Tippany began to stir as if sensing Erry’s distress… slowly her eyes would open and she yawned wide, the back of her throat clearly visible as was the rest of her mouth… she moaned softly as she stretched and moved over to where Erry was… her eyes looked upon Erry as she gave her a small, lazy smile “Morning Erry…” she said with a groggy tone “Sleep well…?”

Erry had still the same empty eyes… “Tip you…” She brushed her eyes “I didn’t slept well to tell you the truth… last night and this night… I had… nightmares. I usually have some.. as a tiny I saw myself die many times in my dreams… but it was just… dreams… but since yesterday I have strange dreams… about a big room with metallic walls… I’m trapped inside and I could see…” Erry gulped “I’ll be honest with you and won’t lie… I saw you… and you ate me in my dreams… I know that you wouldn’t ever do this… and I trust you Tip… it’s just that I wanted to tell you this… and I don’t believe those dreams… I trust my sister… but I wanted to tell you all of this…”

This had woken Tippany up completely and gotten her full attention…she listened to Erry closely, furrowing her brows and her face contorted into one of despair… she could tell this had been weighing on Erry’s mind and reached out to her… she picked her up and held her gently to her cheek which was warm to the touch “Erry…I would never do such a thing to you…you’re my sister…and I love you so much…” she had a few tears in her eyes as she pulled Erry away and looked at her with genuine compassion in them “You can trust me, big sis…” she would say, her voice trailing off as she wore a downcast expression.

“I trust you Tip… it was important for me to tell you this since… we’re sisters and I don’t want to lie to you…” Erry could feel the warm cheek on her small body… and couldn’t resist to give a small kiss on it… “don’t worry it’s over… and we could enjoy our day together now, right?”

Tippany nodded and gave her big sis a smile, wiping away her tears “Today…we’re gonna meet my friend, Erry…” said Tippany in a low tone, still feeling a little warm from feeling Erry’s tender kiss on her cheek which had also brought a flush of red to her cheeks “She’s…different…like you Erry…” she would say, still feeling a bit uneasy as she slowly gets out of bed.

Erry was looking at the girl “Do you want me to hide today…? I could tell that your friend is… really someone for you but I could see that you’re a bit stressed about this… and well I could stay hidden too… in fact if I can be ‘known’ only by you it would be better…” Erry was still looking at the girl “Do what you know that is the best for us… I trust you Tip…”

Tippany smiled again with a nod “It might be best mhm! But…there might be a time when I can show you but we’ll see…and also depends…cuz she might be too scary for you too…” She started to get dressed for the day, going to her usual attire of her uniform and putting it on…she then faced Erry with a smile, presenting her hand.

“Okay…” Erry walked to the hand… then tripped and fall on the ground… her legs were still shivering… “Ho sorry…” then standing up, Erry climbed onto the hand and sat on it…

Tippany giggled only slightly when Erry tripped…having more of a mind to worry how she was as she placed her in the pocket and smiled warmly to her “You okay there, Erry?” she asked as she exited the room to go downstairs to get some breakfast like they did the other day.

“yes I’m fine…” As Erry was rubbing her small leg, sitting in the giant pocket… it was hurting her but soon it would disappear… Tippany breathed a sigh of relief as she looked down to Erry…she lingered when she looked…she remembered just a short while ago Erry telling her the contents of her dream…or rather her nightmare…she had eaten her or so she said…Erry…her sister…in her mouth…the thought alone made her heart beat faster, thumping in her chest…her lips quivered, now noticing just how tinier she was then her…a thought crossed her mind…she wanted to see it…part of her was curious…her eyes were locked on Erry as she began to breathe a bit harder…the tip of her tongue poked out briefly before going back in…her mind was racing…she promised her…but what was the feeling nagging at her from within? She was growing more anxious by the second as they entered the kitchen for breakfast… and as she entered, a vile thought came from somewhere in her head…a thought she had to vehemently shake out…how would Erry taste? She slapped her cheeks with both hands to get some sense into her and then shook her head a bit…

“Tip… Are you alright…?” Erry was looking worried at the girl… wondering what was this strange ‘reaction’ the girl had… “I hope I… didn’t do anything bad by telling you all of this…”

Tippany looked down at Erry, petting her from outside the pocket “No no…I’m just thinking about something else; no need to worry!” she showed Erry a smile to reassure her as they sat down to breakfast again…she placed Erry outside by the plate once more as they did yesterday and as they would eat their healthy, filling breakfast…Tippany had a rather distant look on her face…like she was looking into  another space…every now and again she would look at Erry with a small smile and atilt of her head.

Erry was enjoying some egg again, having a tiny lid filled with juice by Tippany she could also drink… Erry then took another bit in the bacon but wasn’t much looking at her sister’s expression “Ahhhh… it’s so good to have food every day… Maybe I told you but… some times we had to eat some rotten food in some human trash…  as you saw in the park when you found me… but thanks again for feeding this tiny body of mine…”

Tippany smiled at her big sister and finished her meal a bit quicker, knowing what the day had in store as far as one part was concerned…she dabbed the ends of her mouth with a napkin and got up from the chair, holding her hand out to Erry “When you’re done Erry, we’re gonna go see…my friend…” she said this nervously as she looked behind her to see if anyone was coming.

Erry nodded… then walked slowly onto the hand… wondering who that ‘friend’ was… “Thanks again for the breakfast Tip” Said Erry with a shy smile.

Tippany’s hand quaked a bit as she placed Erry into the pocket meant to carry her and exited the kitchen in a hurry… a maid came up to her and handed her a key which she graciously put in her side pocket rather than the breast pocket Erry was in “She’s waiting for you, Miss…in the usual place…”  said the maid, bowing to Tippany who just nodded as she strode on by and left the house to be greeted by the morning sunlight and the calm breeze…she made a right and treaded down a path awhile before she made another right and started toward a rather steep downhill slope…it lead down and down further, walls coming up on either side of them as she walked…going down even further and further…until coming to a lone door…it was deep down in this hill with sunlight still gracing them but not as much as before…Tippany inserted the key she had gotten into the door’s lock then faced Erry “Please…I want you to hide for now, Erry…” pleaded Tip with a worrisome look, urging Erry to stay inside her pocket and not make a move “…not until I say it’s okay…and even then…don’t come out too quickly…”

Erry nodded slowly… she was wondering how far from the house they were now… the sun couldn’t be seen anymore and the ‘walls’ Erry was looking were strange… A small shiver rolled onto Erry’s back… but she wouldn’t move…

Tippany took a deep breath and turned the key, the door opening with a metallic creak…it was dark inside but luckily for Tippany, there was a switch nearby she flipped on…lights came on in the large room they were in, Erry only able to see the ceiling above them that was quite high…even for Tippany…she would hear the footsteps of Tippany’s shoes upon the ground…until Erry would hear Tippany start to speak “Hey…how’s it been going?” she wasn’t looking at Erry right now, speaking to someone apparently in the room…the voice Erry heard next would be a bit loud and felt a lot bigger than what Tippany’s voice sounded like “Mmmm it’s been fine…haven’t been growing anymore…” Erry looked up and saw Tippany having the same nervous smile on her face…her heart thumping in her chest that Erry would feel.

It was Tippany’s friend someone Erry only heard about and was wondering would could it be… but the young girl looked nervous and the constant beating onto Erry’s small body didn’t helped… but she had to stay silent… even if the place looked… really strange…

“Th-that’s a good sign at least, yeah?” responded Tippany nervously… she let out a little yelp as a big shuffling noise was heard in the direction from where the other voice came from “Say Tip…you bring what I usually want…?” This question seemed to make Tippany’s jump a bit with her teeth clenched…she looked down to Erry for a moment then back up to her friend that Erry had yet to see “Yeah…it’s gonna be here real soon so…” she yelped again when the same shuffling sound was made, Erry now able to see a rather peculiar sight…a shadow hanging over Tippany…like something big was towering before her “Tip…do you have one of your figures in your pocket there…?”

Erry was now looking confused… what was all that about… looking at Tippany’s eyes, Erry was shivering… her lips parting a bit as she was about to cry… tears forming in the corner of her eyes…Erry sat on the bottom of the small pocket… but was still looking at the girl from below…

Tippany spoke up, shaking off her fear a bit and sounding more courageous “Xana…back away, please…I want…you to see something…someone who…suffers from a condition like yours…” spoke Tippany  as the huge noise drew back to where it had come from…she looked down to Erry with a gentle smile, showing her that it was alright “Come on now…it’s okay…just…brace yourself…” she whispered to her big sis with a look of assurance in her eyes rather than fear or terror.

Erry was still looking at her sister… not saying anything… but having fear in her eyes… she didn’t knew where they were… not what that ‘friend’ of Tip was doing… Erry was lost in her mind… but couldn’t do anything too but to look…

Tippany held her breath as Erry came to look…and what she saw may put a literal shock to her system…it was a person…or rather a giant one…not giant like Tippany was to Erry…but giant when compared to Tippany herself…it was girl whose height would be at least 60ft tall, sporting a uniform like Tippany’s…she had medium length silver hair and discerning blue eyes that were like huge pools of water to Erry…suffice it to say, the girl might as well have been a mountain to the tiny…possibly making her feel even tinier “Instead…she’d kinda shrunken down a lot while you’ve grown giant, Xana…”  Xana, as she the giant one was called, looked down on the two with a tilt of her head and a bored expression…Tippany petted Erry to reassure her as she gave introductions “Erry…this is Xanarei…a human grown into a giant…and Xana, this is Erry… One of those tiny people…” Xanarei looked at them both still with a raise in her brow “Eh…? Didn’t know there was someone else like that…” she said, her voice still a bit loud in the warehouse-like building they were in…Tippany looked to Erry once more with a wink, making sure she understood the ‘lie’ she wanted to play in order to gain the trust of Xanarei.

Erry was shivering… sitting onto Tippany’s hand she bowed her head down… she was usually afraid of humans but it was even worse that she already lived… her tiny heart was racing… her breath was strange… “Ti…Tip…”

Tippany guarded Erry a bit “It’s alright Erry…she’s not gonna do anything…” assured Tippany with a little kiss to Erry’s face…meanwhile the bigger, giant girl let out a yawn and gave a great big grin “Hehe…wow…she sure is tiny…Hmmm tiny…” Xana let out a thoughtful hum “Know I heard that term somewhere before…” Tippany backed away a bit, making sure she kept her distance while letting Erry know things were okay…the sounds of another pair of footsteps were heard which made Tippany’s heart jump again “Ah speaking of…” chuckled the giant girl…Tippany froze and tried her best to cover Erry up…a maid, one of which  Erry hadn’t seen before, came into the warehouse from out behind one of the boxes “Erry…don’t look…” she said with a distant, unflinching voice as she went to cover more of Erry up to prevent her from seeing the next scenes that were about to unfold…Tip was trembling once more, trying to remain strong for Erry’s sake but as soon as that maid screamed at the sight of Xanarei, Tippany knew what was to follow…as the hand of the giant girl came down and picked the maid up easily in it.

Erry could hear some loud screams… putting her small hands on her ears she closed her eyes… her whole body now shivering… “no… no… what’s happening… The sounds were too loud not to hear… Tippany cringed, grinding her teeth and trying to avert her gaze as the giant girl had seized and maid and dangled her helpless self over her open mouth…every breath she took forced more panicked cries from the poor maid who was flailing her entire body to try and free herself…Tippany could do nothing except watch at this point as the maid was dropped into Xana’s mouth…her slurping sounds were noisy enough to be sure as she played with the maid in her mouth, using her moist, hot tongue to drench her in saliva…the maid was begging now to be let go and pleading for mercy… but the silver-haired Xana didn’t seem to listen except to utter soft moans of pleasure, blushing all the while…her tongue then slowly came up before the maid…and pushed her through her lips…she clawed desperately to get free, crying her eyes out…then with a nice smack, the maid was pushed inside…forms of her in her mouth could be seen being swished around…played with even more…Tippany, shut her eyes as she knew what was coming next…the sound she dreaded to hear…and there it was…a soft, albeit loud and distinct sound of a swallow…Tippany opened her eyes up at the wrong time, enough to see the lump going down the giant girl’s throat as she elicited a sigh of relief, licking her lips and patting her stomach “Mmmm Tip…you really do hire some tasty maids…” Tippany was still trembling but she had no idea how Erry felt on this whole matter and hoped she hadn’t seen more than she needed to, opening her hand to check on Erry with her well-being the only thing on Tippany’s mind.

But it was too much for the small girl… hearing those horrible screams that were echoing in her tiny hears and this loud gulping sound…  “kyaa…” Erry had a small cry… her eyes closing on their will… and Erry fall onto the soft skin of the girl’s hand… Before passing out… She couldn’t take more of this…

Tippany wore a terrified expression, rubbing Erry gently “Erry…? Are you okay…? It’s okay…we…we don’t have to be out here anymore…” Xana chuckled a bit, a grin going from ear to ear as she leaned down, her face on equal ground as Tippany herself “You know…you could do the right thing…it’ll feel good too and you know it…” Tippany looked up with fear in her eyes as it was the second time today she heard the phrase today…and the idea of it…becoming more potent “Eat her…save her from being stepped on or crushed…I’m eating others to survive…I need to…you know…” The rest of the conversation was muffled but at the end of it, Tippany would find herself in her room again…she had a drained look on her face as she had laid Erry in her bed and feeling especially guilty for even bringing Erry along on that…she stared into space…the thoughts echoing in her head…she let out pained yells and held her head on both sides…one side wanted her desperately as a sister…while the other wanted her elsewhere…it was beginning to make her throw a tantrum in her room…she rolled on the ground writhing in pain…she banged the sides of head on the ground… “Get out…get out of my head…! I don’t want to…! Stop it…!”  tears rolled down her cheeks as the temptations grew stronger still…Xana had made sense on one side but then again…she didn’t want to lose Erry as a sister… her other sister didn’t cared…she didn’t wanted to have anything to do with her…she had no one else but herself…she let out more agonized yells, pounding her little hands on the ground…until she would finally clamber up on the bed and threw her head into a pillow and quietly sobbed…

Erry’s small body had a shiver… opening her eyes she could feel a cover on her… “Hmmm…” As she was looking on the side… her small body was exhausted… “Tip…?”

Tippany could hardly hear Erry as she awoke…she turned her face so that Erry would see the reddened state of Tippany’s which was stained with tears and clenched tight in anguish…her mouth was ajar, quivering as she sniffled “Erry…are you alright…?” she asked, hiccuping a bit and reaching out to her with her hand which was also shaking.

Erry couldn’t move much… “Was that… your friend…? why do you have someone like her… do you realist that she’s doing… the same as the humans toward us…? ” Erry had a shiver “She’s… dangerous for you… sorry if I hurt your feelings but… do you realize that … she could just swallow you easily if she wanted…?” Erry had a strong shiver… thinking about this…

Tippany took a bit to speak, simply nodding and shivering at the entire situation “Erry…the scary thing is…I don’t even remember when she became my friend…and…and…” she crawled over to the edge of the bed and brought her head down to Erry’s level…she sniffled more and had more tears going down her face “She said…she said…” she swallowed hard and caught her breath “…that if I don’t feed her other people…she’s gonna eat me…I hate it but I…I don’t wanna die…plus I…” she looked to Erry with her sobbing face “…if I die then who’ll look after you…? Who’ll be you little sis then…? I don’t…I don’t want you to be alone but I…” her fingers clenched into fists “I…I can’t do anything else…I feel so helpless…” she then buried her head into the covers, her hair and top of her head dropping close to Erry but not enough to do anything to affect Erry herself

Erry was shivering ” You don’t have any other place where you could live…? you told me that your parents were rich… and… do they knew her existence too…?” Erry was thinking “But… I’m sorry.. I’m just… too used to see people dying in front of me… I couldn’t resist this and I blacked out…”

Tippany nodded a little, taking her head up and looking at Erry “They do but here’s the thing…they don’t seem to mind it at all…” she bit her lip “I could run but…my parents would find me and put me back here…” she explained with a slightly tense voice “Erry…tomorrow…tomorrow I’m gonna try something…I want to protect you…and get myself out of here too…and I don’t want to have to put you through that again.” she cupped her hands before Erry and smiled softly through her tears and despair.

Erry was looking deeply at the girl’s face… “Tip… if I could help you… losing you would be my worse nightmare… let me know if I could do anything for you…” Erry was thinking again “But… why your parents would put you back here… you could be… EATEN by this… this…” Erry coughed…  “I don’t want to lose you Tip… I already lost too much people like this…”

Tippany swallowed hard, the conviction growing in her voice “Erry…tomorrow…let’s just get out of the house and go someplace nice…or even…even…” she trailed off, looking at her own hands then at Erry…she swallowed a bit then felt her heart beating swiftly in her chest…there were things she wanted to do now… twisted thoughts were forming in her head… she cast them aside quickly before continuing her thought with Erry “… let’s run away… we can try it at least!” she said with a hint of desperation in her voice… she wanted to protect Erry… and herself… and running away seemed like the best option even if she were to get caught, she would at least do something for Erry before that all happened.

“I’ll help you Tip… I’m used to live outside and… please leave a note to your parents if possible.. tell them that you can’t risk your life here… I’m sure that they’ll understand…” Erry was sitting on her tiny bed “But… this is your house too… are you alright about… escaping your current ‘life’…?”

The human girl nodded and took a moment to actually take in the entire situation…she heard what Erry asked “I don’t…I don’t know…I just…I don’t want to be a part of this game of theirs anymore…this whole family…” her irises contracted and she buried her head into the bed again…she started to shake…she began to mumble things that were heavily muffled “I want to leave…but I don’t…I hate my family but I love them…I love Erry but I want to…” she let out a muffled scream then wrenched her body back, thumping heavily on the bed as her back collided with it… “I’m gonna do it…do everything tomorrow and not look back…” her seemingly quiet wrath died down and her gentle nature took over once more to face Erry “I will leave a note…pack some food…then we’re off tomorrow…okay?”

“I’ll be with you Tip… forever…” Erry smiled to the girl… a bit of sadness on her face but she wanted Tip to feel good too… “I love you Tip… and don’t worry… I’ll do my best to help you…”

Tippany brought her face over to Erry and laid her lips on her for a kiss…but they lingered for a time…too long for just a normal kiss…with great effort, she pulled herself away then looked back to Erry with a smile “Love you too Erry…always.” Tip looked at the room around them…it was still day time and yet…Tippany really didn’t feel like doing anything more today…she just continued to stare at Erry with half-shut eyes “Big sis…we’ll be okay…I know we will…we don’t need anyone else but each other…just the two of us…forever…” she said slowly, placing one of her fingers on Erry’s bed.

Erry was feeling exhausted… still coming back from this… She placed one of her arms on the finger and hugged it… kissing the girl’s skin with her small lips… “Don’t worry Tip… everything will be alright… your big sister will take care of you…” As Erry started to close her eyes…

The whole ordeal had drained Tippany as well…especially on the mental side of things…something in her head had been writhing all around lately…like there was something that shouldn’t belong in there…still…she felt close to Erry right now when she hugged her finger and gave a little smile when she did “Big sis…Erry…sister…” she would end up drifting to sleep out of sheer exhaustion after all, but watched Erry before she would fall asleep herself.

Erry kissed the finger and pressed her tiny body against it… hugging it with her arms as she fall slowly asleep… thinking of the next day… where she would help her sister for everything ‘outside’…

Erry was dreaming again again but this time it felt like it was real…there was no room or a giant Tippany trying to eat her this time…not yet at least…instead it was that orb again, sitting before her in the dark space of emptiness…it then spoke to her as it approached her “Erry…I’m scared…I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you…” the orb circled around her, waiting to see now what Erry would do or how she would respond to this orb that had appeared in all her dreams lately.

“I don’t know who you are… you come here in my dreams every night… to warn me against Tip but she’s my sister…! Why would anything happen to me?” Erry was feeling this strange dream deeply this time…

Soon this orb would do something different…it began to glow bright for a time before the light around it started taking a shape…a shape of an older girl who now stood before Erry…it had no features but rather a form…a form that seemed oddly familiar yet distant “I’ve been watching you the entire time, Erry…ever since you first encountered Tippany…we’ve actually spent lots of good times together…I’m only realizing this now…because…because the change is about to occur…I’ll remember everything…and so will she… tomorrow… she will cease to be who she was the moment her eyes open…and I will try to stop it…she will do something to you… and I don’t want you to be in that situation…!” the figure came around and hugged Erry tightly, exuding a gentle warmth “Erry…I’m going to save you…don’t lose hope…whatever happens tomorrow, don’t lose hope…and be wary of her…she won’t be the same…she won’t be the same…” the figure then stroked Erry’s hair and held her close…this presence was feminine…it felt comforting and all too familiar…

Erry was shivering in her dream… she could ‘feel’ this soft warmth… but had no idea who she just met… “I don’t know but… who… are you…?”

The figure ‘looked’ at her, its fingers stroking her cheek as it spoke again “Erry…Tippany isn’t the one you’ve been spending time with…it’s always been more or less me…and my name is-” there was a heavy pounding from all around them “Ghh-!” the entire black space shattered and Erry would be before the all-too familiar scene again but this time… this time Tippany looked especially fiendish and held tools in her hands…small ones…and various other instruments as she licked her lips “Erry…I got plans for you…we’re going to play for a bit…play a lot…and then…you’re going to a new home…a nice one…gehehe…” said the nightmare version of Tippany who pulled up her shirt to show her midriff which had a drawing on it…of Erry…in a pool of liquid…the picture changed, became animated as the little drawing of Erry was being…digested…until there was nothing left…the white figure grabbed a hold of Erry and ran but the hand of the nightmare Tippany grabbed a hold of them both…and dangled them above her open mouth “Erry…don’t run…we’re gonna be together forever…as part of me…gehehe…ahhhh…” The dream then went on as normal as Erry was dropped into the mouth and swallowed…

“Nooooooo!!!!!!!!” Screamed Erry as she woke up… her eyes where now shivering… looking around, the human girl was still sleeping… Erry’s mind was filled with fear… “No..no…noooo…” As she stepped out of her bed and started to run… before stopping at the edge of the tiny shelf… turning around she couldn’t go anywhere…  “What was that … WHAT WAS THAT !!” As she started to cry… sitting on the ground she started to sob… tears rolling onto her cheeks… this nightmare was way too real this time…” A…ya… Aya… help…me…”

Tippany turned in her sleep, still fast asleep though she could be heard mumbling in her sleep this time…with words that would most likely summon a chill to Erry’s tiny self “Mmmm new home…” her tongue inched out and she smacked her lips a bit, her feet twitching as she turned again to lay on her back.

Erry’s eyes opened wide… she was shivering… she didn’t wanted to stay here… looking at the giant bed in front of her she saw the cover of the girl… a bit was touching the ground… taking a few steps Erry wanted to go on the girl’s bed then climb down… but she had to be really careful not to wake up the girl… And started to walk towards the giant bed.

Tippany stirred a bit more as if sensing Erry’s movements…she giggled in her sleep…but not the giggle Erry was used to hearing…this one was laced with a sadistic tone…then something would happen…her eyes slowly opened…the kind eyes Erry had seen looking down on her many a time were gone… these ones were different… these were filled with the innocent nature of her eyes but had something else…something that just made them look more…sinister…she blinked once, her hand coming around to block Erry from her intended path “Erry…where’re you going? It’s not time to leave yet…” Tippany said in a rather cold, vindictive voice.

Erry was coughing from the pressure “No… leave me please… you’re hurting me…” Erry wanted to escape “those dreams… they’re not natural… and I’m scared… YOU’RE SCARING ME!” Erry was shivering “What’s happening here… ” Erry had another small shiver… as she couldn’t fight back… she started to cry again as she called a strange name from a distant past… “Aya… save me please…”

A giddy laugh rushed between Tippany’s lips “But we’re gonna have so much fun…big sis…” she giggled again, wrapping her fingers around Erry and now getting up from her bed, keeping her in the hand with no means of escape…this was very unlike Tippany or what Erry had known of the girl in the time that they have been together “Gehehe…” that laugh…like the dream…it was the same…except she was hearing it for real…from Tip herself “Aya…? Who’s that?” she chortled, getting up out of bed in her nightie and walking out of her room with Erry still in her grasp “I wanna show you something Erry… something fun…real fun…we never got to do this yet…and I’m sorry if I’m scaring you…” she said in a patronizing tone “But it’s gonna be fun…no need to be scared…”

“Where…where are we going…?” Erry coughed again “you’re hurting me… please stop…!” As Erry was hitting the fingers keeping her inside with her tiny fists… trying to release a bit of the grip…

All Erry would feel were the warm yet slightly tense flesh of her ‘lil’ sister’s hand…and all she would see was darkness…she would hear Tip’s voice though as clear as day “My special room…my special place…lots better than my tiny town…lots better…” there would be long moments of silence besides the sound of the girl’s bare feet on the marbled ground and soon the sound changed…like they were slapping on something… metallic… and then her fist opened a bit and Erry would see it…the metal room from her dreams…her nightmares…the tools form the dream were there on a table and like the nightmare, it was cold…

“no… I can’t believe it… was she true… that…voice…?” Erry was still shivering… hitting hard on the fingers… “release me… RELEASE ME !! You’re… YOU’RE NOT THE TIP I KNOW…!!!! WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS ??” Erry screamed to the girl.

Tippany looked down at Erry with a wide, toothy grin…her moist tongue slid from one side of her mouth to the other “But Erry…I AM Tip…just not the Tip you knew…because the old one made me sick…” she grimaced with a twisted scowl “Wanting to become a sister to an insect like you? Disgusting…!” she strode over to the table and brought Erry close to her face, letting her moist, hot breath wash over her like a sauna “Me though… I wanna have fun…then…gehehe…have a nice little snack before I go back to sleep…” her stomach let out a loud grumbling at this point…

“Nonono… NO… IT CAN’T BE TRUE… TIP !!” Erry was shivering… her arms trying before to get her small body out of the girl’s fingers were now sliding on them… Erry couldn’t have a grip on them and started to panic… “TIP… NO… what are you doing…”

Tippany simply grinned before taking one of the tiny tools from the table and was bringing it over Erry…the one she held was meant to hold her in place by the waist while two other attachments looked like they would latch around Tippany’s mouth, in short…this device was meant to hold Erry inside her mouth while showing her her eventual fate “Gehehe…doing what I should have done when I saved you from that kitty cat-!” she then groaned in pain as she held the temples from before during her times with her…she dropped the metal instrument to the ground and used her free hand to hold the opposite side of her face…when she spoke this time around, she had a much kinder tone “Erry…I’m so sorry…I can’t stop her…I was forced into here…I’m…” her hand switched over, the fiendish voice of Tippany back again “URGH! Shut up! You’re not in control anymore…we’re splitting apart soon…and I’m be glad to get you outta me…!”

“Tip… TIP!!” Erry was screaming her sister’s name… understanding somehow what was going on… “No… YOU’RE NOT HER!! YOU’RE JUST A MONSTER !! Leave Tip ALONE !!” Yelled Erry with angry eyes… tears pouring out of her eyes but still… Erry was looking angry at the girl… “No…you don’t understand, Erry…!” cried the more gentler voice “It was me all long…I was put into this body…my little si-agh!” Tippany locked Erry into a device on the table, restraining her from moving as Tippany gripped her head in anguish, flailing about “URAGH! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! You’re not gonna interfere this time…big sis…!” snarled the vindictive voice…it would all become a bit more clearer now as the gentle voice came right back out, clambering up to the table to see Erry “My parents…they forced me into my little sister’s body…as a soul…I came to you in the dreams…agh!” visions of the doll Tippany picked up that one time flashed in Erry’s mind…it wasn’t Tippany’s personality that had been spending time with Erry…it had been in fact her older sister’s!

“You’re… Palmira…?” Erry wasn’t really understanding… “you’re… trapped inside of… your sister…?” Erry wasn’t fighting much… as she got trapped within g a small device… trying to move she just couldn’t… “So that was those strange dreams… if only I understood…earlier…” Erry was now having a furious stare towards the girl who wasn’t her sister…  “So what are you going to do now Tip…? You’re going to torture me…?”

The grinning side stared daggers at Erry, coming up with a sick plan in her mind “Not just you, Erry! My dear sister Palmira too! I decided she gets to stay longer…and watch me torture you!” The good side wanted out now “No! I won’t have any part of this! Let me out…please!” Tippany, began thrashing around again while keeping the soul of the bigger sister trying to escape her mouth now as the orb Erry had seen in her dreams “Noooo oooooh nooooo you’re staying and you’re gonna enjoy the show…just for interfering~!” she gulped hard, sucking the orb back inside her and facing Erry, licking her lips…one side had tears in its eye as Tippany seized Erry and spat in her face, a gob of saliva sticking to her face now “Gehehe…look at the disgusting small thing…hey Palmy…want me to smuch her between my teeth?” she giggled playfully, displaying her teeth while the eye continued watering “Please no…stop it…don’t make me…I can’t…no…Errry!” The internal struggled must’ve been going on quite fiercely now, as the kinder side was crying her eye out and not wanting to see Erry like this yet the actual little sister was keeping her eye open to make her watch…

Erry coughed from the spit on her face… then started to have another look in her eyes “Soooo… you’re enjoying this? you’re TORTURING your own sister now ?!” Erry clenched her teeth as her eyes started to fill with anger “What I have in front of me is just another ‘human monster’…? Just another of those people enjoying torturing the small ones because THEY CAN ? BECAUSE IT’S FUN ?!” Erry started to yell “THEN DO YOUR WORSE !! I HATE YOU and … don’t expect any pleasure from me… I won’t let you enjoy this as you want !! Ti… no… Palmira… I enjoyed this… but looks like you’re trapped too… don’t feel bad for me… it’s… what is ‘supposed’ to happen to the small people after all… but I had fun… with you…”

The kinder side continued crying softly for Erry while the other side took control and continued to belittle Erry “Kehe…it’s fun AND educational…see I dunno much about tinies other than what Xana told me…so I’ve never had one before…these were all borrowed from our mom’s things! Ooooh! I can’t wait to get you inside of me…bet you taste yummy.” she giggled cruelly, Palmira forced to watch the entire scene unfold before her…she picked up the device from earlier and locked Erry in it whilst Palmira struggled with desperation against her but her mind was being overpowered by her evil little sister’s cruel nature…she took the instrument and opened her mouth wide, placing the instrument inside and closing her mouth, Erry now inside but held in place but a metal ring, force to look into her maw that breathed its moist, hot air upon her, groaning heard down below…her moist tongue licked her up and down, moaning softly at her taste.

Erry was coughing from the warm breath that was hitting her in the face… and soon Erry had a strong shiver as she got placed in the giant mouth… but she couldn’t escape the strange device… clenching her teeth she started to fear this place… knowing what would happen next to her… Erry’s clothes started to get ‘heavy’ since they were drenched by the girl’s saliva… Erry closed her eyes… wanting to ‘escape’ this situation at least in her own mind…

Tippany then decided it would be fun now to just lie on her back and let gravity put the fear in Erry…she giggled deviously, the sounds of it echoing inside her mouth as slurping sounds came from around all of Erry, her tongue licking her more and more as she would feel gravity’s tug, dragging her against the device and once false move, she’d be going deep into the black abyss where she knew what was waiting for her.

Erry clenched her teeth again… her worse nightmare was right in front of her… approaching slowly… looking around, she was really inside of a human girl’s mouth…! the nightmare every small one had… and Erry was living it…  “Sorry Palmira… it was fun this time with you but well… I’ll be joining my sister soon…” As Erry let out a tear roll onto her cheek… thinking of her sister Aya she lost many years ago…

Suddenly, the orb came up just as Tippany was growing tired and unlocked the tool which released Erry who feel onto Tippany awaiting tongue. The orb tried to keep Erry from going down now but the greedy little girl felt that , her cheeks puffing up as she tilted her head back more, the orb now falling together with Erry as Tippany’s warm gaseous fluids came up to greet the two objects in her mouth. Tippany hummed a merry little tune as she rolled Erry and the orb in her mouth a bit more, rubbing Erry along the ribbing on the roof of her mouth…if Erry listened closely, she could hear Palmira’s voice from the orb “It cannot be helped…I cannot do anymore…Erry…I am sorry…it’ll hurt…I know…but…you won’t be alone…I’m here…it’s my fate too…”  she murmured as they began to slide down towards her throat “To be used like this…and feel this pain…I made a real friend…a real sister but she…she…” a great sadness was felt from the orb that clung tightly to Erry…

Erry was now crying… she wouldn’t scream… she didn’t wanted the giant girl to enjoy this much more… she was feeling the girl playing with her small body… wondering how such a monstrous girl could exist… and whispered to the orb  “Don’t worry… we’ll be together… ” As Erry had a sad smile… looking at the trapped soul of the girl she learned to love… then Erry started to yell “Enjoying your candy stupid girl…?! Too bad for you.. I won’t scream !! you won’t make me give you more pleasure STUPID MONSTER… !! and be sure that… It’s not over…! you won’t rid my existence from this world forever… and I’ll love your sister Palmira forever too ! Stay alone torturing small ones stupid girl… no one will love you for this… now… do what you’re supposed to and EAT ME ! I won’t resist even if you want to feel me fighting you back… I won’t… ”

This had apparently touched a nerve somewhere within the twisted little mind of Tippany whose face on the outside went in shock for a time. Then she felt a rage building up, balling her hands as she began to chuckle which then turned into a cackling laughter as she then did what the little Erry had wished…she gave one great big swallow and sent both Erry and the trapped soul down her throat, being no more than a bulge crawling down it. “Mmmm…fight or don’t…you’re gonna end up in the same place…” she said this while licking her lips and humming a bit more, feeling her stomach groan…the orb clung tight to Erry as they made their descent, never growing too far apart from the other “Erry…I want you to focus on the times we spent together…all the good times…even if was my little sister’s evil face…the feelings were all me…don’t forget…the Ferris wheel…our bath…the movie…when I saved you from that cat…that was all me, Erry…keep…holding on to them…those memories…no matter what…it will help us…for when we go…you will…be with me…my real body…my real self…not just this form…but more…Erry…hold tight and never let go…ever…”

Erry finally heard the girl swallowing her… it was a horrible sound to her small ears… but now she couldn’t fight back… the throat muscles were pulling her deeper inside of the giant body…  Erry was hearing the girl’s heart beating near… and so many other noises unknown to her… Erry finally ‘landed’ inside of a warm pool… the girl’s stomach… Erry was feeling weak… her body shivering from fear… she whispered but only the orb near her would hear this… “I’ve… been eaten…” Erry put her hands on her eyes and let our tears… but was remembering what the girl said… she would remember every good moment she had in her short life… these days she spent with the nice girl… and even if she had to die today… she wouldn’t give up those precious memories she had made with Palmira…

Tippany outside began stroking her tummy and licking her lips, pleased with her meal “Mmmm good…now…if what I heard was right, you’re gonna make me look even prettier after you’re digested, you little candy…hurry up and digest~!” She began laying on her back and wiggling around to cause Erry’s acrid-smelling prison to spill with the pools of acid inside, tingling her very skin…the orb shivered in her grasp and began to hum something that would likely make Erry feel more at ease…the theme from that movie they watched together…urging Erry to hum along with her…meanwhile Tippany was waiting to hear the screams from her stomach “Hurry up and get turned to mush now!” she commanded, squirming about on the ground.

Erry was feeling weaker as she was bumping into each ‘wall’… her body hurting her more and more… she was looking serious… “I won’t scream. Too bad for you that you can’t really enjoy this ‘candy’…  As Erry started to cough softly… the oxygen was lacking… and she heard a soft song… Erry sat in the middle of the ‘pool’… more acids covering her and took the small orb in her arms… then kissed it… “I’ll be forever with you… please smile to me and… I’ll be happy to leave this world…” Said Erry to the trapped soul…


The trapped Palmira would pull itself around Erry, feeling itself vanish away but staying tethered to Erry as a form smiled before her…it was a warm smile she knew and loved but it wasn’t Tippany giving it…it was her sister…she would feel a nice embrace around her body as the acids started to break them both down…the orb and form answering her with a light kiss on the cheek “Always…when you awaken again…we’ll be together…Erry…I…I love you…”

“I love…you… Palmira…” As Erry smiled.. and slowly fall asleep… knowing that those words would hurt the giant girl in her feelings… that someone actually loved her sister that her own family hated… Erry’s small body ‘fall’ on to the small orb as her life vanished from it… leaving her small body to be ‘disposed of’ by the hungry stomach around her…

Tippany’s eyes felt nothing but anger as well as a sick pleasure of grinning widely as her meal was digesting, no more Erry and the soul…that meddlesome soul was gone…she arose and gave a small belch, licking her lips greedily, smiling a toothy grin but also feeling that anger…someone she hated was loved…that had set her off…for once in her life, the spoiled child was genuinely mad as she took the tools on the table and began to toss them all over the place and scream out in agony as she saw her own reflection and scowled at it, a fiendish little devil face glaring back at her “Erry…sis…melt away…melt away and never come back…never come back~! ” She began to speak in hushed voices and spinning around with her hands on her head, cackling the whole time “Die in me and never be alive again! Melt! Melt away! Melt you all away…I can do it…I did do it! ” she laughed maniacally breathing heavily and shaking as she let out one more agonized scream, a mix of anguish, sorrow, and utter insanity…then there was nothing for a time for Erry.

A dark room…  where a single body was laying here… this body didn’t looked ‘alive’… but had deep green eyes and long purple hair… this girl was looking like ‘sleeping’ but not from a natural sleep… A small purple light appeared on this sleeping girl… That had a single breath… Now moving as if life decided to come back within her…

And soon a soft light started to appear a bit above the body… this tiny light turned into a small blue flame that was ‘dancing’ in the air… soon the small flame turned into a ‘wing shape’ before slowly disappearing… a small body appearing within it… the small girl was slowly ‘flying down’ as the light was disappearing… and soon the small one was on the giant body… sleeping peacefully… her bright white hair covering her face… Erry was back to life… and within her own sleep was humming a soft music… the music Palmira sang when they were about to die… Not knowing that they would see themselves again soon and alive…

End of part 1.