A World Away

She woke up during the middle of the night. Her memory was blurry because she had no clue about how she got in this place but for some unknown reason her body was hurting her badly. She managed to take some steps to be under the moonlight and was looking at her body. She could’t see any wound on her arms nor her legs but the pain was like if her own members were torn apart… so she just came back under a tree and sat against the wooden surface, also resting her head on it. “Erry…” said the girl, this name being the only thing she was remembering from now, her mind still lost about how she managed to ‘wake up’ in this place and why her body was hurting so much. “I should… hide…” said the girl while standing up and now looking at a small hole in the tree covered by some leaves. She took some steps closer and moved on the side one of the leaves that was twice taller than herself… Among the memories this girl had, she was remembering that she was less than 3cm tall and that in this world filled with humans she had to hide in order to survive. Now inside the small hole, the girl pulled the leaf and checked if she would be hidden enough before yawning. Brushing her eyes with her hands, she yawned again, feeling her body hurting less than before and getting numb from exhaustion… She yawned a last time before putting her arms behind her head and close her eyes. “I’ll try to remember tomorrow…” said the small girl before falling asleep almost immediately in a deep sleep…

Isabella was sitting on her sister’s shoulder while holding onto some giant hair. Isabella’s school was on her sister’s way so it would be safer for her to get back home. “Hey Sofia, how was your day?” Said Isabella to her sister’s ear that was nearby. “Boring as usual… but well it’s over for today. Besides, wanna stop by the park ? We have some time before the sun goes down and I would like to sit a bit… PE almost killed me today…”. Isabella smiled before answering to her sister “Ho yes ! I would love to !”. Sofia looked a bit ahead, they would be near the small park soon enough.

In this world were living two kinds of people but they were in fact both humans. Nobody knows when it started but almost half of the people living on Earth had a different size from the others. They are a bit less tall than 3cm and could easily stand atop another ‘natural’ human’s hand. Isabella was born like this and was close to her sister since she was younger. Atop of her now 10 years, the tiny girl was about to spend some time with probably some other people of her size since there was some special areas for them where the smaller people would be safe.

“There we are.” Said Sofia while putting her hand near her shoulder until her small sister climbed on it. Sofia then sat on a bench before putting her hand carefully on the ground. The smaller one jumped off the giant hand before looking at her sister from below. Sofia raised a bit her cap before looking at the small girl “Be careful Isa. Also we’ll leave in 30 minutes so please come back before I have to find you okay ?”. The smaller girl nodded before running near another part of the park that had some special marks on the ground, showing that it was a place reserved for the smaller people.

“I guess she’s crazy…” said a girl to another while they were both walking near Isabella’s direction. The young one stopped before looking at the two older girls but near as tall as her. One of the girls looked at Isabella before resuming “Hello, be careful if you’re going around there… there is a weird girl telling that we’re in danger or something… but she seems disturbed in her mind… you should stay away from her.”. The two girls then walked away, leaving Isabella there. The young one was now curious… she took some steps before hiding behind a small branch that was on the ground. Now peeking between two leaves, she was looking at a tree that was nearby… where was another tiny girl trying to hide in a small hole between the tree roots.

“Who’s there…?” Suddenly said the girl, Isabella had a surprised squeak since she thought that she was hidden but the other girl noticed her. “I know there’s someone’s there… show yourself.” Said the other girl while looking at Isabella’s direction. The young one was now feeling shy but exited her small hiding place before facing the other girl. Isabella’s eyes were now focused onto this girl’s body… it was full of dirt, she was wearing a torn blue dress and she had bright white hair… Something Isabella never saw before. Grabbing her small dress, Isabella tried to look into the other girl’s blue eyes before saying with a shivering voice “He… hello…”.

The other girl was looking a bit nervous, she was also having in her hand what looked like a small blade and she was now looking deeply at the young Isabella. “What do you want…? You’re there because you want to laugh at me too…? Well go on… Tell me that I’m crazy but this place is dangerous, you shouldn’t be there!”. Isabella had a shiver, the girl looked some years older than her but looked a bit weird, still she wanted to answer her “What do you mean…? We’re not in danger. This park is safe for us and there’s no animals authorized there.”

The other girl seemed now a bit irritated “I’m talking about humans…! I saw some of them nearby… how can you just walk without hiding from them… do you wish to die so badly ?!”. Isabella looked confused and took two steps back “But… but… We’re humans too… why should I be afraid…?”. The white haired girl started to yell “What are you talking about…?! We’re both tinies and the humans can kill us ! They’re just some giant monsters that loves to do that…! And why would you call yourself like that ?!”.

Isabella started to have tears in her brown eyes… taking another step back “Be… because we’re humans… I don’t understand what you’re saying…”. The white haired girl noticed that the younger girl was crying “Damn… I’m sorry… I didn’t wanted to yell on you but… you can’t stay there… This place is dangerous.”. Again Isabella seemed confused but shook her head, she was about to answer again when suddenly some branches moved on the side behind her, shoving Sofia on her knees who was looking down at the two girls “Hey Isa… I’ve been calling you for 5 minutes… where did you go…?”

The white haired girl suddenly let out a scream while running towards Isabella before wrapping her arms around her, placing her small blade in the direction of Sofia “Leave her Human…! She’s too young to be killed by you !!”. Sofia raised an eyebrow while looking at this girl “Heeeh…? What are you talking about…? And what are you doing with a weapon with my sister… Leave her alone.”. The white haired girl took a step back with a shiver while releasing Isabella who was looking at her with confused eyes “That’s my sister Sofia… you don’t have to fear her… she…” but Isabella couldn’t end her sentence… her eyes ‘glued’ to this tiny girl who was now shivering from fear…

“No… what… what does that means… no… I… I can’t…” said the white haired girl before taking some steps back, now looking at Sofia picking up Isabella with her fingers. “Le… leave her Human…!!! I know that you plan to eat her !!”. Sofia had a giggle before looking back at this small one on the ground “What are you talking about… Isabella is my sister. Why would I do that to her…? You’re crazy tiny one… Don’t approach my sister ever again or… you’ll have to deal with me, understood ?”. The small one on the ground suddenly gasped before putting her hands on her head… she started to breath in a weird way before she started to moan from pain while Sofia turned away, Isabella now sitting on her shoulder, still looking at this girl.

Isabella let out a squeak when she saw the other girl suddenly scream before falling onto the ground, not moving anymore. She pulled one of the nearby hair before screaming too “Si… Sis…! Look…!”. Sofia turned to look back and saw the small one onto the ground. Isabella was shivering before running to the side, pressing her small self against her sister’s neck “Is… is she… dead…?”. Sofia put a knee onto the ground before looking at the other girl, her face buried into the dirt “Hey… you…”. But she didn’t get an answer from the girl. With a single finger, she moved the small one’s body that didn’t reacted… Isabella letting out a small cry of fear…

Sofia put a finger onto the small one’s body before picking her up. Isabella was now crying but Sofia talked, her voice echoing into her neck where Isabella was still pressed against “Don’t worry Isa… she’s just unconscious… but I think that she’s crazy… did you heard what she said…?”. Isabella sighed before answering “But… she seemed lost… I don’t know why but… you’re not going to leave her there Sis…?”. Sofia sighed too before closing her hand onto the small one’s body before placing her carefully in her shirt’s pocket “I’m talking her home… I can’t leave her like this but once she will wake up… I’ll take her back here.”. Isabella nodded while Sofia started to walk back towards their house… the small one still unconscious inside of her pocket.

Erry was in a deep sleep… she didn’t really understood why she met some people like her but that didn’t seemed to be afraid of her white hair… something she knew during almost all of her life. Then she met a girl… a strange girl that was telling her some nonsense… there was no way that the small ones like them would be safe… It wasn’t what Erry lived until now. Erry gasped… her eyes opening almost immediately and let out a scream of surprise. Right above her was a girl’s face, a giant girl’s face… “Looks like you… hey !” Said this girl’s while Erry jumped onto her feet and started to run… not knowing where she was going. A large shadow appeared near where Erry was running and a giant hand landed in front of her, giving a shiver of feat to the small one, still Erry dashed under the giant one’ wrist and kept running… until she couldn’t feel the ground below her feet…

“Ahhhh… AAAAAAHHHHH !!!” Screamed Erry while looking at the ground below her getting closer fast… managing to turn her head, she saw that she fall off a table and that once she hit the ground, it would be the end for her !! “Nooooo !!!” Screamed Erry again while a giant shadow was now covering her… until Erry couldn’t see anymore what was happening when some giant fingers closed onto her small self. Erry was still shivering from a deep fear but was soon released and placed back on what looked like a giant desk, putting her hands in front of her face she was still shivering from fear “Please… don’t… don’t kill me…!”

The human girl who was now looking at her and put her head against one of her hands, still looking a bit surprised from what Erry said “Why would I do that…? You told this already earlier but… are you… insane tiny one…?”. Erry had now her eyes fixed onto this giant girl but could see something she didn’t expected : a tiny girl just like her was in fact standing onto this giant one’s shoulder, also looking at her. Erry had a shiver in her voice, she wasn’t sure what to begin with “Where… where am I… and what is the meaning of this…”. The giant girl sighed “I brought you to our house since you passed out back in the park. My name is Sofia and this is Isabella, my sister.” While showing the smaller one that was sitting on her shoulder. “You were talking about my sister being in danger but… why ? This city is really safe for the small ones.” Said Sofia while picking up her sister then placing her on the desk, the younger girl looking at Erry with curious eyes.

Erry was looking lost in her mind “You… you mean that… Humans are not… hunting us…? But… where… where did I woke up…? I never heard of such a place…” Erry was looking back at the girls before bowing her head, understanding that she wouldn’t be in danger “My name is Erry… sorry if I yelled on you earlier…”. Sofia sighed “Well it’s alright… you seemed confused when we found you but… you told earlier that… I wanted to eat my own sister…? Who on Earth would do that… I mean there’s some weirdos sometimes outside but I never heard such things before.”. Sofia then looked at the girl’s body and clothes “Can I ask where do you come from to have such used clothes like this…? Don’t you have a family or a place where you live…?”.

Erry grabbed her ripped dress before putting her head down “I… don’t know… I just know that I lived in Capital city but… huhhh… I can’t remember anything… but… you… you told that you are both humans…? I never knew that humans were shrinking some of them like this…”

Isabella took some steps closer “I wasn’t shrunk Erry, I was born like this. And I have some friends like this too.”; Sofia adding her own answer “It’s just random after all… we’re both humans but let’s say that some of us aren’t as lucky as the others when they come to life… besides… this city you told me about… are you sure about it ? Because I never heard of such a city before.”. Erry was thinking hard, both of the girls seemed honest so she didn’t answered back, trying to stand up, she removed some dirt that was onto her body “I never really saw a human giving life to a tiny before… but… I do believe you… I just find hard that the world is like this… I mean… I… didn’t expected some humans and smaller ones living peacefully together…”

The evening went fast after this… Erry learned that this place was way different from where she was living before. Indeed the humans existed there in two different sizes and they never heard of what Erry called the ‘tinies’ from where she was… Furthermore there was some laws protecting the small people so they were safe as long the taller humans respected them too. “Is this really the world I dreamed about…?” Thought Erry while telling more from the place she was from and learning that she would be safe in this city.

It was now almost 7pm when Sofia asked “Erry, you told us that you don’t have a place to stay and that you slept outside last night… do you wish to stay there tonight ? We have plenty of place and I think that Isa wouldn’t say no to sleep with a new friend.”. Erry’s eyes suddenly filled with tears… her face becoming red while she sobbed, Isa was confused to this reaction “Are you alright Erry…?”. Erry put her hands on her eyes before raising her head, looking at the two sisters “Is… is that true ? In those many years I lived… I never knew anyone who would do such a thing to me… how… how can I thank you…”. Sofia had a warm smile “Well no one deserves to sleep in such a dirty place like where you were yesterday… and those rumors about how you were hated about your white hair are stupid… how someone like you could be hated Erry, I mean when we found you earlier I was really worried about your reaction… but I feel that you’re honest.”. Isabella giggled happily “And this white color is just beautiful ! I wish I had this hair color rather than my brown hair !”. Erry had a soft giggle while she removed the tears from her eyes and thanked both of the girls again.

Sofia was now walking in the house while holding the two smaller girls in her hand, she was soon in the kitchen and placed both of the girls on a table. Erry didn’t loved the idea to be in such a place… there was a lot of items that Erry feared like some giant knives displayed on a shelf but it was natural for Isabella, the small girl getting closer to Erry “Our parents aren’t at home these days but Sofia knows well how to cook, I’m sure that you’ll love this!”. Erry pat the younger girl’s head “You know… I used to eat some rotten food from some trashes sometimes… so anything would be better I guess.”. Isabella came closer and hugged Erry’s arm “Don’t worry, we won’t give you anything like this, you’re our guest after all ! Right Sis ?”. Sofia just turned her head to look at the two smaller girls “Yes, there’s no way you would eat such disgusting things here…”.

Soon enough, the dinner was ready and Sofia brought a plate containing some meat and veggies onto the table. Once it was put down, Isabella walked towards it and sat on the edge of it, inviting Erry to follow her. Erry was looking at the giant fork that was placed near the plate… a single tooth of this monstrous tool would be enough to pierce into her small body but she stopped to think about it when Isabella called her. Erry took some steps forward and sat on the edge of the plate near Isabella, peeking a bit behind, Erry could see many ‘mountains’ of food… some of them way taller than herself… her daydream ended when Sofia sat at the table and picked up a small bean to give it to her sister. “Is there something you want Erry ?” Asked the taller girl, waiting Erry’s answer. Erry looked again behind then looked back at Sofia “Can I have a small piece of meat please…?” Asked the girl with a shy voice. Sofia nodded before looking into her plate and pinched a small piece that she gave to Erry, the small one thanked her while looking a bit surprised… It wasn’t what Erry used to eat but when she took a bite she looked really surprised. “Am… amazing…” whispered Erry while taking another bite from the small piece, Isabella smiled to her “Didn’t I said that Sis is really good at cooking ?~”. Erry raised her head, now looking at Sofia from below “Thanks a lot Sofia. I don’t even know what I can do to thank you…”, the giant one nodded as an answer “It’s fine, I really don’t feel good when I know that someone is starving or not feeling good… I’m pretty sure that Isa is thinking the same. So please enjoy as much as you want.”. Erry could feel a tear of joy roll onto her cheek, she nodded happily before giving a warm smile to the two sisters “Yes, thanks a lot again!” Then Erry resumed to eat until her body was feeling better than before.

It was now getting a bit late, Sofia was now carrying the two girls to Isabella’s room. It was a regular room but at the middle of it was what looked like a tall doll’s house but it was actually a real place where she could live ! Sofia put her hand in front of the entrance and the two girls went down, Erry looking amazed by such a place. “Good night to you two, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Said Sofia while waving to the girls before heading back to her room. Isabella then opened the door and took a step inside before turning her head “Follow me Erry, I want to show you what’s inside.”. Erry was feeling shy… but followed Isabella inside, it was just like what looked like a regular human house but everything was made for the smaller ones in every detail. The two girls now in another room, Isabella asked Erry to cover her eyes; the white haired girl put her hands on her face, wondering what it was about until Isabella was now in front of her “You can open them now!”.

Erry slowly removed her hands from her face and opened her eyes slowly… to face Isabella holding a white dress in front of her. “It’s now yours Erry ! You won’t need to wear your ripped clothes from now !”, the white haired girl had a strong shiver… her eyes filling with tears. Isabella had a smile and put the dress onto a nearby chair before extending her arms and wrap them around Erry, the other girl now crying… “I… I… never… met anyone who would do such a thing for me… why… do you care this much. My life was just suffering every day and wondering if I would stay alive for one more day but… Everything that both of you did for me… how I can ever thank you for that…”. Isabella kept her arms around Erry while the other girl was still crying… also wrapping her arms around the younger girl…

When Erry managed to calm down, Isabella asked her to follow her in the next room. They were now in front of a large bath, Erry wondering what it was used for until Isabella turned on some switches and soon some water started to pour in the bath “Now we need to take care of your body too.” Said Isabella while starting to remove some of her clothes. Erry was looking at this girl doing this without shame, just like if Erry was a long time friend. Soon Isabella wasn’t wearing anything and ‘jumped’ into the water that was now high enough in the bath “Come Erry, it’s really good!” Said the girl. Erry nodded before removing the parts of her dress before putting a leg in the water, the white haired girl had a shiver from the water’s warmth and soon she sat in the bath, feeling more water onto her body. Isabella came closer and poured from a small bottle a strange jelly into Erry’s hands, the white haired girl looking at Isabella, wondering what it was. “It’s just some soap Erry, you can use this to wash yourself.” Said Isabella while showing to Erry how to use it. Erry smiling to the sweet perfume the soap had, she started to wash herself, until all the dirt she had onto her body was washed away. Isabella then grabbed two towels and wrapped herself in one of them before giving another to Erry, the both of them now sitting on some small chairs in front of a large mirror.

Erry suddenly let out a squeak when Isabella turned on a strange device, it was blowing some wind and Erry was really curious about what was this thing. “This is called a hair dryer Erry, it helps your hair to dry faster, see ?” Said Isabella while showing to Erry how it worked “Wait a minute and I’ll show you.”. Once she was done with het own hair, Isabella went closer to Erry and started to dry her hair, Erry could feel a warm wind coming from this device and it gave her some chills. Once they were done, Isabella gave Erry some pants before putting hers. Erry knew what they were but never weared any because she didn’t knew that some underwear actually existed for people at her size then she grabbed the dress that Isabella gave her and put it on… it fitted her body exactly. “Okay, let me show you were you’ll sleep Erry !” Said Isabella happily before walking to another hall, Erry was following her while still being amazed about everything that Isabella had and how she was used to everything. Erry was feeling lost in this city… this ‘world’… it was so different from what she used to live and it was still hard for her to really believe that her own ‘people’ was safe here. Erry’s thoughts vanished when Isabella stopped in front of a door before opening it “We’ll sleep here tonight !”

It was just like a regular human room but made for Isabella’s size, there was two small beds with some comfy looking pillows, the paint was a cute pink and there was also some toys that Erry didn’t knew. Isabella jumped onto her bed happily “It’s so nice to have you sleep with me Erry ! I think you never slept into such a place right ?”; Erry nodded as an answer and pulled the cover to sit on the bed, it was as comfy as Erry wondered. “If possible… with Sofia we would like to know more about you later Erry… I mean what you said to us was so… different from what we’re living… but I can promise that you’ll be safe with us.”. Erry gave a warm smile as an answer “Yes. I feel that you wanted to know more and I’ll be sure to share more of my life with you.”. After the girls said goodnight to each other, Erry pulled the cover while resting her head on the pillow… some memories coming back to her… but for now she would enjoy this bed for her first night where she wouldn’t have to fear anything during her sleep…

But during the night, they came again… just like some parasites waiting the right time to attack… Erry never wanted this to happen this night but she couldn’t resist to scream while waking up… it was what Erry was fearing at night… Nightmares. Erry was breathing fast and was looking around with fast moves until she realized where she was. Her eyes stopping onto the small girl who was sleeping nearby, Erry didn’t woke her up luckily… Erry finally pulled the cover again and closed her eyes… not wanting to scare the other young girl… But it happened again… this time Erry had tears in her eyes and was sobbing… some other bad memories just came back to her… Erry tried to calm down but could hear a small moan from the other girl; “I hope that I didn’t woke her up…” thought Erry before she pulled her cover again… “If only I was as strong as you were Aya…” Said Erry in a whisper while closing her eyes again…

Erry didn’t had any other nightmare this night. But when she managed to fall asleep the last time she suddenly felt something… just like when she was sleeping within her older sister’s arms many years before this day. Erry had a sigh… her dreams were now filled with sweet memories of her lost sister and she was still feeling the same warmth onto her body… until the morning came. A small sun ray passed through one of the small house’s window and started to warm Erry’s face. The small white haired girl moaned and slowly opened her eyes… now looking at the cute room and hearing the other girl’s breath, Isabella probably still sleeping. Erry then felt something within her bed, slowly looking down, Erry saw that she wasn’t alone but that Isabella was now sleeping in her bed, pressed against Erry’s body. Erry could feel a tear roll onto her cheek, did actually this young girl heard when Erry woke up and wanted to help her to sleep peacefully…? Erry couldn’t resist but to put her arms around the sleeping girl and to give her a kiss onto her head. There would be some time before the young girl would wake up but it didn’t matter to Erry who stayed like this… giving this soft embrace to this girl who gave her so much since they met.

The morning went on smoothly, Isabella was happy that Erry managed to rest without being too much worried and the young one was now getting ready for school. “It’s a place where you can learn how to read and many useful things ! Do you want to come ?” Asked Isabella while putting on her shoes, Erry thought a bit before refusing for this time, she was just getting used to this place so she didn’t wanted to visit more for now. “But don’t worry I’ll be sure to go out with you when I’ll be feeling ready.” Said Erry to the younger girl before she exited her small house, waiting Sofia to pick her up on her way.

Isabella was now at school looking really happy, she met a new friend on the previous day and she hoped that Erry would stay with them for some time, Sofia also agreed on this since the small girl didn’t had a place to stay and feeding a small one like her wouldn’t be really expensive. Isabella was now talking with some friends during her lunch break mostly about her new friend she met and that it was the first time she met a girl with white hair. Some of Isabella’s friends also thought that it was weird that Erry didn’t had a place to stay nor a family because of her size but Isabella was now thinking again about Erry’s amnesia. The smaller one was now talking about her again to her friends while another girl was listening in the corner of the classroom while having lunch; this girl hadn’t much friends at school and she didn’t really complained too… she was used to live like this for some years already. Her name was Maria and she had short black hair with green eyes, she was listening to all Isabella was telling but without showing that she was actually listening while faking to read her book. It was now the time to resume the day’s lessons; Maria took back her notebook and didn’t really listened at the other girl’s talk. Isabella was still smiling and couldn’t wait to see her friend who was waiting her at home.

After some hours the bell rang, telling to the students that it was now time for them to go back home. Isabella stretched her arms while putting her notes in her small bag “Everyone, before you go I have something to tell you” Said the teacher; Isabella now raising her head to listen. “Be sure if you have a smaller brother or sister to be careful of them while being outside. We had another kidnapping report some days ago… it was a bit far from here but still, be sure to stay careful until the police arrest them.”. The teacher was now looking at its students who were looking a bit worried “Don’t worry I don’t suspect any of you since you’re all serious after all, still be sure to look over them please.” Finished the reacher while going out of the room. Isabella was now heading to a small hall that was in fact inside of one of the classroom’s wall. The whole school building was made so the humans of the 2 sizes could attend the same lessons, there was some small ‘roads’ that the smaller ones could use safely. Isabella was now near a ‘open’ hall where some humans could pick up their family’s students, she sat on a small bench now waiting for Sofia who would be there soon.

Isabella was looking at some students passing by, some of them were coming closer to pick up some of their family and soon it would be Isabella’s turn. The small girl waved to some tall girls from her own class before they went away. Even if she was sitting, Isabella was tapping the ground with her feet, not really able to calm down since she would spend some time with her new friend again. “Hmm?” Suddenly said Isabella while turning her head, she was pretty sure that someone was looking at her but shook her head, there wasn’t much students left at school and passing by the small ‘station’.

“Sorry I’m a bit late.” Said Sofia while coming closer to the small ‘station’ and placed her hand in front of it, waiting her sister to step on it. “It’s fine Sofia!” Said happily Isabella while taking some steps until she was at the center of her sister’s hand, now smiling to her from below. Sofia gave back a small smile to her sister before placing her carefully on her right shoulder. “Let’s go.” Said Sofia when she could feel her sister hold onto some of her hair, now starting to walk back in direction of their house without noticing that near the corner of the school building was a shadow looking closely at the two sisters…

It was some days later, Isabella was doing her best to help Erry to remember anything and also getting less scared of the world that was surrounding her. Erry was still pretty shy about everything but she really wanted to be accepted too, it was just like the ‘world of her dreams’ that she wanted to see where small people like her and humans could live peacefully together. The two sisters once asked Erry if she wanted to go at the restaurant with them, Erry wasn’t sure but accepted. During the walk to the place, Erry was sitting onto Sofia’s shoulder near Isabella but was always looking around, still feeling a bit tense about all the humans that were passing by. Isabella could see that Erry was feeling like this and grabbed one of her arms, telling her that she would be fine.

Once they were at the restaurant, Sofia asked for a regular table with two other small tables for the two smaller girls. She soon followed the waiter and sat at a table before putting her hand near her shoulder until the two girls went onto it. Sofia then placed her hand onto the table near some small furniture, Isabella telling Erry to come near closer. Erry’s eyes opened wide while she discovered a small table with two chairs that they could use with Isabella. The table itself was really clean and decorated just like the table Sofia was sitting at, there was also a small plate and some cute silverware disposed all around it. Erry had absolutely no idea about how to use all of that but she sat right in front of Isabella who was smiling to her.

Erry was now looking at a ‘book’ that was on the side of the table, looking at Isabella that was reading its content too. Erry could see many pictures of different kinds of food displayed but hadn’t any idea about why there was such a book there… Erry was a bit lost in her thoughts when another woman came nearby, giving Erry a strong shiver since she didn’t expected this. “Hello misses, have you made your choice ?” Said a woman who was dressed just like the regular sized waiter from before. Erry could now hear Isabella order some things but Erry hadn’t a clue about what was happening, until the woman turned to face Erry “Did you chose what so you want ?”. Erry’s lips started to shiver while feeling really uneasy… there was also some people in the restaurant and the noise was echoing in Erry’s ears. The woman was looking a bit worried “Miss… are you alright?” But Erry started to bow her head, she couldn’t answer because she was feeling really lost until she heard Sofia’s voice “I’m sorry but she’s not really feeling well, can you come back in 5 minutes if possible ?”. The smaller woman bowed “Alright, just call us when you want.” Before going back near what looked like a small wagon at the edge of Sofia’s table, the small vehicle now moving on some rails until it was on another table.

“I’m sorry…” said Erry while having another shiver “I… didn’t knew what to do and… you probably guessed that I don’t know how to read.”. Isabella put her menu back on the table “I’m sorry Erry I didn’t knew… but yes in that place you order some food and some people would cook that for you.”. Erry looked a bit curious again, Isabella standing up and going near the other girl, she was now reading her the menu, telling every small details so Erry would be able to order what she wanted. Sofia was looking at the two smaller ones before patting Erry’s head with a finger “Don’t worry about this Erry. We’ll teach you everything that you want to know, even if you’re interested about learning how to read.”. Erry could feel her cheeks turn red while she nodded “Tha… thanks.”

The waitress came back some minutes later and Erry was now ordering what she wanted, Isabella was near her side if she needed some help. “It’s the first time I heard about cooks at our size… usually we were stealing some food from the humans…” said Erry while thinking, Isabella being always surprised about Erry’s life so full of many dangers. After some time, the woman came back carrying two small plates that she placed in front of the small girls while another ‘tall’ waiter came near Sofia’s table to bring her her own plate. “Please enjoy your meal misses.” Said the woman in front of Erry and Isabella’s table before going back to the small vehicle from before, Erry was now looking at a small piece of meat that was in front of her. The white haired girl was now watching Isabella use some small ustensils just like Erry saw in some human’s places. Erry was now looking curious until Isabella stopped and looked back at Erry before nodding. Isabella stood up and went right besides Erry before placing her smaller hands onto Erry’s. “Give me your hands please.” Said the younger girl while now guiding Erry’s hands with the small furniture, showing her how to use a fork and a knife, soon Isabella placed a small piece of meat before Erry’s face “that’s how we use them… now enjoy this.” Ended Isabella while Erry started to eat.

Erry had a small shiver before letting her fork fall on her plate, Isabella looking at her a bit worried now “Are you alright Erry ?”. The white haired girl nodded before picking up her fork again “I… I didn’t expect that food to be… that good…” said Erry while taking another bite. Sofia looked a bit down to the small table “And you’ll be able to have more if you want Erry. After all Isabella loves to have her other ‘big sister’ around.”. Erry could see Isabella blush a bright red on her face… she must have told Sofia about this before. Erry gave a warm smile as an answer and thanked both of the sisters before resuming her meal until they were done.

When Sofia was going back to their house she had both of the girls sitting carefully on her right shoulder. Erry was holding onto some of Sofia’s hair, the giant human girl didn’t minded that. Erry looked on her right side and saw Isabella sitting by her side but resting a bit, her head placed onto Erry’s shoulder. Erry smiled before looking a bit around, this peaceful place that she hoped to live in was now real… and she wouldn’t leave such a nice place for anything. Sofia turned at a corner, she was getting closer to their house but managed not to wake up her sister. Even if she wasn’t as expressive as Isabella, Sofia was caring for her small sister and she was glad that Erry accepted to stay for some time with them…

Some days passed again. Isabella was giving more news about Erry to some of her friends at school, some of them wondering where the small white haired girl could come from since her life seemed so different from any other people. Some people that weren’t usually talking with Isabella like Maria were now asking her some questions and the small one was always happy to answer. “Maybe one day she will come to school too !! She told me that she’s really curious and would like to learn more about everything !” Said Isabella happily before looking at the clock, it was almost time for her to go to the small station near the school’s entrance. Once she was there, there was a group of regular sized girls from her class that passed in front of the small station, Isabella waved to them but suddenly felt a bit weird. The small girl was shivering… she was pretty sure she could feel a deep stare focused on her among the girls but Isabella shook her head, there was no way that someone among her friends would do something to her.

“Hello Isa !” Suddenly said a familiar voice, Isabella turned her head and could feel her cheeks turn red. Erry was there, sitting onto Sofia’s shoulder and it was the first time she actually came to pick up Isabella at school. “Erry !!” Happily said Isabella while waving to the girls, she didn’t expected such a surprise today and made her forget what she was feeling before. Once Isabella was also sitting atop of her sister’s shoulder, Sofia looked at the time on her phone. Erry had a shy giggle when she saw the picture Sofia set as her background some days ago: a picture of Sofia with both Erry and her sister on her shoulder. Erry didn’t knew much about technology yet but she was learning fast and her curiosity was always growing every day. “Hmm we still have some time… wanna go to the park girls?” Said Sofia while placing back her phone in her pocket, Isabella happily nodded “Yes ! Is that okay for you too Erry ?”. Erry nodded as an answer, she now accepted to go a bit more outside and she wanted to be able to visit more places without being afraid like before. Sofia had a small smile “Okay, let’s go then.” Before she took some steps in direction of the small place.

Once they reached the park, Sofia could feel her phone vibrate in her pocket “Hm… I think it’s mom. She told me that she would call me today…”. The girl then placed her hand on her shoulder and waited the two smaller ones to climb on it before she put her hand down on the ground near a ‘tiny safe zone’ where Erry and Isabella could walk without being unnoticed. “Be safe girls !” Said Sofia while picking up her phone and checked who called her, Isabella and Erry now walking on a small path. After some minutes, Isabella noticed Erry looking at a giant tree… indeed it was where they found the small girl some weeks ago. Isabella came closer the other girl “It’s been some time already… I hope that you don’t regret your new life with us…”. Erry who was on her knees, looking at something stood up and looked back at Isabella before giving her a warm smile “No I don’t regret this choice. Both of you helped me so much… and I’m glad that I can really live in a peaceful place. I… now wonder if those weird memories of mine aren’t just a stupid invention of my amnesia…”. Erry then moved closer to Isabella, the two girls now passing by another giant tree “Okay… we should go back now, Sofia won’t have to wait for us.”. Isabella had a small giggle and nodded happily while going onto Erry’s side.

It was unexpected… suddenly the two girls were surrounded by what looked like a giant piece of cloth… they didn’t saw it coming from behind the tree they passed by and it wasn’t just a flying tissue… Erry could see from all around that a human hand was surrounding them and that they were trapped ! “E… rry…” suddenly said a tired voice nearby, Erry turned her head to witness Isabella falling on her knees on the ground, her eyelids closing fast. “No…!” Yelled Erry while feeling dizzy… there was some sort of drug sprayed on this tissue and Erry was now looking for an exit… but there wasn’t anything. Erry could feel her body getting numb while the giant hand all around the girls closed, squeezing both of the small girls in the tissue all around, pushing the drug deeper in their small lungs. Erry looked on the side fast before she tried to move her arm… that didn’t reacted. Erry coughed while her eyes started to close… a deep fear building within her… and with a last useless cry, not loud enough to warn Sofia, Erry passed out too…

“Ho.” Said Sofia while looking at her phone that shut down by itself. She mumbled something because she didn’t had any battery left and she still wanted to ask something to her mother. “Well it will just wait tonight…” said the girl while putting back the phone in her pocket. Sofia was looking a bit around the park and it was pretty empty, she just saw a girl pass by two minutes earlier but didn’t really looked at her since she was focused on her call. Sofia stretched her arms while yawning “Well… It’s almost time to go now…”. Now following a path on the ground surrounded by small marks, Sofia was getting closer to where she saw her sister go earlier. Pulling a small branch, she moved it on the side while making sure it wouldn’t remove her cap “Hey girls it’s almost time, should we go…”. Sofia’s eyes narrowed a bit since she couldn’t see them yet “Isa… Erry… you shouldn’t hide, I need to call mom once we’ll be back home…” but again no answer. Sofia was now looking around the tree where they found Erry but there was no trace of the small girls. Sofia who was usually looking a bit cold had a small shiver “Isabella… please answer me…! Erry…? Where are you both?”. Only a small wind echoed into Sofia’s ears… the girl moving her arm fast to grab her phone, she hold down the power button “Shit… why am I out of battery RIGHT NOW…?!”. Sofia moved fast to look around a last time and called for the two girls a last time before she ran away in the opposite direction… now running as fast as she could towards her house.

“Damn…!!” Thought Sofia while almost tripping on the floor, she was running fast and could feel her heart beating fast inside of her chest but she had no choice ! She heard at her school that some smaller people went missing not that far from their city but she didn’t expected that it would happen to her sister today ! Turning at a corner she started to think about the girl she saw a bit when she called her mother… in fact it was the only girl that was in the park but couldn’t remember if she saw her before or not. Sofia squeezed her fists… there was a way to find her sister and she HAD to use it as fast as she could !

She tried 2 times before the key got in the hole… Sofia was feeling stressed but was doing her best to stay calm. She rushed to her room without even removing her shoes and turned her computer on before plugging her phone and turned it on. Her fingers shivering, she managed to call an emergency number and soon an officer was on the line. “Yes… my sister went missing maybe 20 minutes ago… I saw a girl in the park but besides seeing a dark blue dress and black hair I don’t remember anything else about her. My sister ID is ISB-1402-LABB… yes I’m trying on my side…” said Sofia while entering the same code on her computer, now showing a map with many lines on it… showing where Isabella went until the contact was broken near the park. The officer on the line gave more details “We’ll check her status from now and we’ll try to find her aggressor with the nearby cameras. She must know how to suppress the gps signals but if we could have maybe just a second where your sister’s chip could be seen, we’ll be able to locate her.” Sofia had her hand squeezed on her phone… she hoped that her sister would be safe but could only watch the map for now… waiting Isabella’s signal to appear.

“Hmmm…” moaned Isabella before opening her eyes… noticing that her body was pressed against Erry’s but the other girl was awaken already. The young girl had a shiver and could feel some tears appear in her eyes. Erry who was silent put her hand onto Isabella’s head, just whispering to her “We’ll be alright Isa.”. Erry was wondering where the girls were going but she had to stay strong for the younger one… Erry now remembering when she was with older sister who was always here to protect her. Isabella was now checking her hair and put her hand on what looked like a small marble placed on her hairband, except that there was some small electronic device inside. Erry asked Isabella about it some time before and the young one told Erry that it would help anyone to find Isabella if she got lost. The girls had this hope that they could maybe be found with it but for now the pressure all around them started to fade…

“Aaaahhhh !!!” Screamed Isabella while she was now falling with Erry towards what looked like a wooden table below ! Erry moved her arms fast and wrapped them around Isabella before she turned and managed to fall on her back… preventing Isabella to hurt herself. Erry coughed from pain, feeling her back bleeding a bit but now they had to figure where they were and how to escape. Isabella had a small cry when she noticed where they were, it was a small room with many shelves around… onto them were some small bottles disposed all around and into many of them were people… small people just like her. Some of the small people were just sitting while some others were laying on the glass surface… Isabella was shivering from fear even if she was still held within Erry’s arms and soon raised her head… wondering who was their kidnapper… and suddenly let out a small scream… Since she knew who was this giant human looking at the two smaller girls… “What is the meaning of this… Maria…?!”

The giant human didn’t answered, she just looked at a small device that was on the side then without a warning, picked up Isabella with her fingers. “What… what are you doing !?” Screamed Isabella while Erry on the floor couldn’t move yet… only being able to witness what was happening to the other small girl. Isabella was trying to escape Maria’s fingers but because of her size she wasn’t able to do anything against Maria. “Don’t move… it will be easier for both of us…” said Maria while looking at Isabella then at Erry who wasn’t moving, she then grabbed a small tool and approached it from Isabella’s head who started to scream from fear. The tool then closed onto Isabella’s hairband and soon the small marble fall onto the table. Maria had a naughty smile before she raised her fist and slammed it onto the small ball… breaking the small electronic device. “Well… like this we won’t be disturbed right ?” Said Maria before taking a small glass and made Isabella fall in it. The small girl went closer to the transparent wall and hit it with her fists “Why do you do this Maria ?! We’re friends right ?”. The human girl moved the glass where Isabella was in before looking at Erry, checking the small one’s body before giggling “So she’s the ‘wild’ one you were talking about…? She doesn’t have any GPS chip… She could just dissapear and no one would notice that…”. Maria turned the small device from before off before looking back at Isabella “Well… I guess I can tell you more now that no one will find both of you ever again. You probably heard of some people dissapearing… let’s say in a more appropriate way that they joined my collection…” said Maria while extending her arms, showing all the small bottles around them.

“I’ve been looking for you and your friend for some time Isa… and I really wanted new tiny ones to play with… Since most of the previous ones became boring after some time… besides…”. Maria moved her fist and placed it right above Erry’s body, making the small one feel the pressure “You should better obey to me from now… Or I’ll be sure to dispose of you… after all it’s so easy~”. Isabella fall on her knees… some tears pouring out of her eyes… she was trapped within the small glass and was now thinking about Erry’s fears… since she was now living the same situation.

Maria then resumed to look at Erry, picking up the small one’s arm with two fingers “Well… looks like I already broke her… I shouldn’t had expected more from your friend Isabella… What a useless girl…” But Maria didn’t noticed that Erry was actually moving slowly… and her other arm was now almost where it was supposed to be. Maria smirked while looking at Isabella “Heh… I guess we won’t have much fun with her if she doesn’t moves… but… what about crushing her slowly then ? Do you want to see this Isa…?”. The small one was now sobbing loudly… now looking at Maria’s thumb going right above Erry’s face… ready to crush her…

“Aaah…?!” Suddenly cried Maria in surprise… she removed her hand fast before looking at her thumb… where was Erry’s small blade inserted in her skin. Maria had a furious look towards Erry before she tried to remove the small piece of metal before she let out a loud cry… Erry who was now trying to stand up had a shy smirk on her face… now looking exhausted she still wanted to do something before Maria could remove the small blade. “You should remove it fast Human… or the pain will be increasing fast. After all it’s one of our bests poisons…”. Maria who was listening but also looking furious, tried to slam her hand onto the small girl but Erry managed to dodge easily. The human girl tried to slam again her hand but she was now looking really in pain… before she just ran outside of the room, leaving some blood tears fall onto the ground.

Isabella was screaming Erry’s name but the white haired girl was focused on something. Erry was running fast towards the small broken device Isabella was wearing and it wasn’t looking too damaged even after Maria did to it. Erry was looking at the two pieces and tried to put them back together but it wasn’t fitting yet… Erry could hear some steps of the human girl who would be back soon… Erry let out a scream and punched into one of the parts that made a contact with the other one… making a loud beeping sound before Erry could see a giant shadow above her…

“Well congratulations…” said an angry voice before a giant hand slammed onto the table… making Erry scream from pain loudly. Maria then raised her hand… looking at Erry’s body that was now wearing some bruises but that also had a leg and an arm both broken. Maria then picked up the small marble before making it fall on the floor, now crushing it below her shoe. Isabella was screaming from fear but Maria’s attention was focused onto Erry “Heh… so you were really hiding what you could really do… but… it won’t save you stupid girl.”. Maria moved a finger above Erry’s other leg and suddenly pressed it… breaking the small bone in a single move. Erry screamed from pain but she was still barely conscious… she was looking toward’s Isabella’s direction, wanting to know if the girl was safe. Maria was now looking furious, she picked up the broken girl, not really carefully and put her in front of her face. “Tssss… Look how do you look now stupid one… You shouldn’t have done this but… I don’t really need a broken toy.”. Isabella was still punching the glass surface, now fearing what could happen to Erry’s life and indeed Maria was now giggling. “You know… it’s been some time I didn’t do ‘that’ and since you’re now useless…” said Maria before smiling wide in front of the small one then opened her mouth wide. “You… can’t be… ah… serious…” coughed Erry before with a single move, Maria tossed the small one within her gaping maw. Erry was now in fear… she wanted to exit this horrible place because it was her worst nightmare… and how she lost her own sister many years ago. “Not… like… this !!” Moaned Erry while Maria was moving the small one around, tasting her helpless prey with delight. And soon, the human stopped to play… slowly raising her tongue, Erry could feel the gravity play against her and she was now sliding onto the wet surface. Erry screamed… she was trying to move her broken legs but got only pain in return… some tears now pouring out of her eyes, she wanted to move so badly… now screaming a name of someone she lost a long time ago “A… Aya…!!”. Of course that call wouldn’t be answered… Maria who was enjoying this torture was now done and just whispered “Ho well…” in answer of Erry’s desesperate screams and in a single move, swallowed down the small girl…

“Ah…. Aaaahh…!!” Was screaming Isabella while looking at the small bulge going down Maria’s neck. “What… what have you done to Erry Maria !!” Screamed again Isabella while falling on her knees, placing her shivering hands onto her head. Maria giggled and put her head closer to the small glass “Well I just disposed of her… and you should better obey if you don’t want to live the same fate or worse…~”. Isabella moved back… now fearing from what could happen to her she placed back her hands back on her head “Erry… no…”

Maria giggled “No one will miss her don’t worry~ when you told her story, you said that she hadn’t any family or relatives… so it will be fine.”. Maria then stretched her arms while looking at the crying Isabella “But don’t worry… I’ll let you be a part of my collection as long as you obey me Isa. I’ve been looking over you for already some time… And I shouldn’t get bored of you soon enough ~”. Isabella wasn’t answering… she was just too scared to do anything and was thinking about what Erry was currently living…

And it was like her worsts nightmares… Erry was half bathing into Maria’s digestive fluids that were burning her skin in many places… Erry could feel her blood pour from some wounds she was wearing while all around, Maria’s stomach was making some horrible noises… Erry closed her eyes… she knew that with her broken body she wouldn’t be able to escape this place and would die before the end of the day. Erry was now barely conscious… she had lost a lot of blood and couldn’t feel most of her body; still she was thinking about Isabella and her sister. Erry was thinking about all the great times they had and wished that Isabella would be safe… while Erry would dissapear forever.

“Open the door !!” Suddenly yelled a man outside. Maria squeaked and looked now a bit nervous, she looked at the small device that was on the table, noticing that it was off before another loud hit echoed onto the door “This is the police ! Your house is surrounded, open the door !!”. This time Maria looked really surprised… “Shit… did… that tiny managed to repair your gps…” Maria now looking at Isabella angrily. “I can’t get caught with you there… I have to erase you too…” said Maria while approaching her hand towards Isabella’s glass, ready to make sure the small one wouldn’t say anything. Isabella was screamig from fear… she knew what Maria could do… her hand almost around the small glass when a loud noise echoed in the room again, the entrance’s door just broke. “Isabella !!!” Suddenly yelled a voice while the door of the small room slammed open… Sofia was there while some policemen were now rushing into the house. “Sofia !!! Screamed Isabella while Sofia’s hand slapped Maria’s own, preventing her to kill her sister. “Where is Erry ?” Suddenly asked Sofia while noticing that her sister was safe, the small Isabella now resuming to cry.

“Where is she Isabella??” Asked Sofia while now holding Maria against the wall, the other girl being younger that herself, it was easy to do so. Isabella sobbed loudly before she screamed… “She… she ate her…!!”. Sofia looked surprised for a second… she was looking at Maria who was trying to escape but Sofia was stronger than her. Suddenly, Sofia grabbed the other girl by her neck and placed her other hand in front of Maria’s mouth before making 2 fingers pierce between her lips. “Spit her out !!” Yelled Sofia while now gagging Maria, some police officers now reaching the small room, wondering what happened. “I SAID SPIT HER OUT !!” Yelled Sofia again, hurting the other girl’s mouth but there was only this option to save Erry if she was still alive… Isabella on her side was pressed against the transparent wall, witnessing her sister doing this and she never really saw Sofia act like that too…

“Aghh… aaahh…” moaned Maria while feeling Sofia’s fingers press into her throat… she started to feel really bad… and let out a loud hiccup before she fall forwards… Sofia kept her fingers into the other girl’s mouth… making sure Maria wasn’t pretending doing this… and soon could feel the other girl starting to puke… Sofia finally removed her fingers and pushed the younger girl onto the ground… Maria now spitting more and more… until at the middle of the mess she released on the ground fall a small girl’s body… wearing many deep wounds and bleeding from all sides. “Erry !!!” Screamed Isabella while a policewoman was now making her exit the small glass, Sofia picking up Erry’s body carefully with a tissue. “Shit…” whispered Sofia while looking at the small broken girl… Erry not moving. Sofia put a finger onto Erry’s chest and waited some seconds before Erry coughed some acids out of her mouth. “She’s still alive…! We need an ambulance NOW !!!” Yelled Sofia while taking Isabella from the police officer’s hands, some other officer now grabbing Maria by the arm…

They were now waiting. Sofia was holding her sister onto her hands while the small one was still crying. “She… she… saved my life…” sobbed Isabella while remembering how Erry managed to fix the gps device. Sofia could feel some shivers into her arms and Isabella could probably feel them too… the taller human still looking if her sister was really alright. Suddenly, a doctor exited the room near where the two sisters were waiting. Sofia stood up while still holding her sister, ready to hear the news even if they would be bad ones… Sofia remembering the small bleeding girl she was holding now so long ago.

“She’s still alive.” Said the doctor, Isabella now staring to cry again “She will live but… her body is too damaged and we won’t be able to repair her legs and her arm. Sorry to bring such bad news but because of all the blood she lost she’s… in a deep coma.”. Sofia bowed her head while hearing this… listening to her sister’s sobs, she moved her hand holding her sister close to her heart and ‘hugged’ her small sister. They knew Erry for not much time but what they could share wasn’t nothing and the fact that Erry saved Isabella was enough for Sofia to believe Erry for anything. The doctor gave more details before going back to his office, Sofia and Isabella now being able to visit Erry’s ‘room’.

It was a small room but there was a large bed where was placed Erry, many devices making different noises around her. Sofia removed her cap while looking at the small body, broken in many places even if the surgeons managed to close most of her wounds. Isabella was pressed against her sister’s heart, not wanting to see what happened to Erry before Sofia turned back, feeling a single tear roll onto her cheek. “We’ll come back tomorrow Isa… Erry will need our help to wake up…” said Sofia while taking some steps towards the hospital’s exit.

Erry was ‘sleeping’… she had many needles into her body that were giving her many drugs so she wouldn’t suffer. From time to time, a small nurse was coming to check if Erry’s state was improving and was also cleaning the girl’s body. Her small dress had been removed during the surgeries and she was wearing a small piece of silk, covering her intimacy. The nurse sighed… it was one of those few times when such a thing happened to a smaller one and Erry was actually the most damaged one the small nurse saw. Taking a few steps towards Erry’s head, the woman passed a hand into Erry’s white hair while whispering something to her “You have such great sisters… they’ll wait your return and meanwhile we will do our best to heal you too.”. The small woman checked the different needles and added a new bag of medicine on Erry’s side before returning to the small office, taking a last look at Erry “My… sister got kidnapped by this girl too… I’m glad that we managed to rescue her… thanks to you young girl…”

It was the middle of the night, Erry was still asleep in her dark room. The only noises and lights were coming from the small devices disposed around Erry. The small one was breathing slowly thanks to a ‘mask’ she was wearing, giving her some oxygen. She wasn’t bleeding anymore even if her body was wearing many burning marks due to the digestive acids from Maria’s body. Erry’s eyelids where shivering… she wouldn’t be able to open her eyes for some time but wasn’t even conscious to open them. Her only ‘valid’ arm had a small shiver… Erry not noticing what was currently happening to her.

It was like a small blue flame dancing onto her back but not burning anything around, that small flame now burning brighter until it grew to take a small wing shape onto Erry’s back. Erry’s body then started to glow a bit… before within a minute, Erry’s was floating a bit right above her bed but still coated by the same light. Erry didn’t knew about this hidden ‘power’ she always had within her… a power way greater than everything the small girl could do by herself but that she also couldn’t control. Erry was still sleeping deeply but her body was still coated by this warm light until… the light became a bit brighter. Erry’s legs that were broken suddenly started to move by themselves… the light now sinking into Erry’s skin, Erry’s legs weren’t now looking as damaged as they were before… the same happening to Erry’s face that had a large wound onto her cheek… the scar now closing by itself until nothing remained. After a single minute, Erry’s body was now fully healed and the girl that was making some unusual noises when she was breathing was now breathing peacefully. The light that was coating Erry soon dissapeared along with the mark that was on her back and soon Erry’s body went back down until she was back on her bed, all of the needles that were into her arms were now hanging down the different devices.

“What the…!” Almost screamed the small nurse when she started her morning service and started with Erry’s room. The woman runned to towards the bed and was now looking at Erry’s body from all sides “How is that possible…!” Whispered the woman before running back to the small office, grabbing in emergency the phone “Doctor…! It’s about this girl named Erry…!”

Isabella didn’t slept well this night. Sofia called the school and both of the sisters could stay at their house for the day. Sofia was sitting at her desk while Isabella was sitting near her sister’s hand, both of the girls not saying a single word. From time to time, Sofia could hear a small sob from her smaller sister so she extended her finger to pat her head “Everything will be alright…”. Suddenly, Sofia’s phone rang; it wasn’t a number she knew so she picked up her phone and answered. Isabella couldn’t hear the call but was looking deeply at her sister, Sofia’s tired eyes now opening wide “I… don’t know…! But how….?! Yes… yes… I understand.”. Once she put back her phone back on her desk, Sofia was looking really surprised until she noticed that her sister was waiting some details too “I… don’t know where to begin but… they can’t even explain that Isa… Erry is… Erry is back to health…”

Sofia was in the bus while holding her smaller sister on her shoulder. The younger girl’s mind also ‘healed’ on her side when she heard that Erry was alright and now couldn’t wait to see her. Even if the previous day was horrible for Isabella, her mind was strong and she somehow managed to go through the shock easily. Isabella wasn’t noticing that she was pulling hard onto her sister’s hair but Sofia didn’t minded that. They were now some stops away from the hospital, Isabella could feel her heart beat faster… she had so many questions in her mind but also wanted to see Erry as soon as she could.

The small nurse from before was doing her work in Erry’s room, she was checking the white haired girl’s temperature and some other things before she took Erry’s report and wrote something in it. “We can’t explain it but she’s now back to health like if nothin happened to her.” Wrote the nurse before hearing someone getting closer to the room. Turning back to check who was coming, the nurse put down her notes “Excuse me miss but the visit hours hadn’t started yet.”. The other normal sized human woman didn’t reacted and just got closer to Erry’s bed, the small nurse was about to call the infirmary manager when suddenly a giant hand closed on her small self. The human had long blonde hair and soon a grin appeared between her red lips “So it’s you…”

Sofia was now walking towards the hospital, still feeling her smaller sister onto her shoulder. They didn’t saw not much people come back from the hospital since it was still early in the morning but even if she was tired, Isabella suddenly turned back before whispering something into Sofia’s ear “I feel that… I saw that woman before… well I guess I was mistaken…”. Sofia placed a finger atop her sister’s head before taking more steps “We’re almost there Isa.”. Once they reached the hospital entrance the sisters could see some police officers searching around, Sofia was now feeling a bit nervous and went directly to the reception. Sofia’s eyes suddenly opened wide when she heard from the staff member that a nurse was missing and that… Erry was nowhere to be found too. “Is that missing girl one of your relative misses?” Asked the receptionist before Sofia could hear her sister fall in tears again “Yes… that’s… our sister Erry.”. Isabella suddenly let out a squeak while Sofia placed her small sister on her hand “What’s happening Isa?”, the smaller girl now screaming “I… I remember ! This woman we saw when we came to the hospital, I saw her at school sometimes… She’s Maria’s sister !!”

“Wake up.” Said a cold voice while Erry was slowly waking up… the small girl not feeling her wounds anymore. Her eyelids were heavy and her mind blurry still, she didn’t knew where she was now and why she wasn’t dead. “I said wake up !” Yelled the voice again while Erry could now feel that she had been pushed on the side by something way taller than herself. Erry was now opening her eyes slowly and noticed that she was on a cold texture, probably a table made of metal. Now trying to sit, she turned her head and was now looking at a giant unknown human woman but Erry could see something in her eyes… the same disregard she could feel many times when Erry was younger. “Finally awaken heh…” said the human with the same cold voice while Erry was looking at her body, now being able to move her legs and arm again; the small one hesitated a bit before she finally asked “What is this place…? And why am I now healed ?”. The human looked back at Erry “I don’t know and I don’t care to answer. Let’s just say that why you’re there is because of you… My sister is now in detention and I won’t let that go so easily… How can such a good child like Maria can be put in prison…”. Erry had a shiver but managed to stand up, looking fast on the sides for a possible escape “Maria tried to kill us and she kidnapped many people. How can you still think she’s a good girl ?” Said Erry while taking a few steps back. “I’m not asking your position tiny one… My sister is in prison because of you ! And I won’t allow you to go freely without being punished…”. Erry was getting scared of this giant one and since she didn’t knew where she was she had no idea how to escape this place, without a word she started to run before hearing a giant hand slam onto the table right behind her. “It’s no use.” Said the giant human before moving her hand again… this time to slap Erry off the table, the small one letting out a surprised scream when she was sent flying from the table but was now falling to the floor! “Aaahhh…!!!” Screamed Erry while closing her eyes when she saw the ground getting closer fast… too fast. Erry let out a scream when her body hit the ground heavily while she coughed out some blood and was now trying to move.

But her body wasn’t moving. Erry could feel something not usual with the middle of her back… and understood that the shock was stronger than her body could endure. The giant woman stood up from her chair and took a few steps until she was now looking at Erry on the ground “Ew… there’s a bug there… so disgusting…”. Erry wanted to scream but only managed to cough, now looking at the woman in front of her raise her shoe until she placed her heel right atop of Erry’s lower body. The small one was coughing from the pressure… she tried to push the girl’s shoe back but could only hear a loud laugh from the giant woman. “Heh… looks like you won’t be able to escape this time…” said the woman while Erry coughed before looking at her with furious eyes “Maybe not but I’m sure that they’ll find you too and you won’t be so proud of yourself…!”. The human smiled while applying more pressure on Erry… “We’ll see… but you won’t be there to witness it. I think we talked enough… farewell.” Said the woman with the same cold voice while raising her shoe… until she made it fall fast onto the small one… crushing her in less than a second so Erry couldn’t even try anything… The woman then twisted her ankle a few times, making sure that Erry wouldn’t escape this time before raising her feet… to look at the small destroyed body with a wide grin “Heh… just a stupid bug in the end…”

The day went off fast… the policemen managed to find the small nurse trapped in a tissue in a nearby trash, the small one giving more details about her kidnapper just like Isabella did before. And within the end of the day they caught the woman. Indeed it was Maria’s sister but when she was asked where was Erry she just laughed loudly before showing the sole of her shoe… stained in red. “I’ve done my duty for my sister, I’ll accept anything now.” Said the woman for her defense. Sofia and Isabella were brought back to their house by some police officers who apologized not to be able to locate Erry before. Sofia placed Isabella in front of her small house before going back to her own room, Isabella noticing that her older sister who was so strong was crying… the small one was walking in the small halls of her house… passing by some rooms they used to play within with her friend that she wouldn’t see anymore. Removing her dress and putting on her pajama, Isabella fall in her bed and grabbed the cover before crying loudly… These two lasts days were too much for her to endure but she was safe in the end. Sobbing still loudly, Isabella started to fall asleep, her mind exhausted from everything she lived. Soon the small girl was sleeping, her face still wearing many marks from the tears she shed during this day…

But it wasn’t the end of the story yet… just like the many times it happened without the girl knowing of her own power… a small flame appeared a bit above Isabella’s bed. This blue flame was now growing… until with a bright flash, the small fire dissapeared from this room… leaving a girl’s body floating a bit above Isabella’s bed… Soon the body moved down slowly… until it landed right besides Isabella in her bed. This girl’s body soon started to breathe… showing that in an unknown way… Erry was back to life. The white haired girl was also sleeping deeply but in her sleep knew that there was a young crying child near her. Slowly extending her arms, Erry grabbed the girl and held her in a warm embrace while both of the girls would sleep for some time… The night has just started, there would be a time for the questions, the tears and the happiness but for now they would rest… until the next morning where Erry, Isabella and Sofia would meet again.

The end.