Annie and Erry Part 10

The last time was different… The two girls never expected to learn such a ‘power’ within them… But it happened… Erry’s very soul came to ‘visit’ Annetta and gave her a ‘present’ symbolized by an invisible drawing on the girl’s back… That very ‘wing’ symbol that allows Erry to come back to life… But it wasn’t the only ‘power’ Annetta was gifted. The two girls could now change their own sizes and they wanted to do something different… Erry was now the ‘human sized’ as Annetta choose to be at Erry’s original size. Both of them shared so much… And a deep passion was in their hearts… It was Annetta’s wish… Erry wasn’t sure about this but the now small Annetta wanted to ‘feel’ what the girls lived many times already and asked Erry to eat her. In this ‘world’ it’s one of the ‘laws’ but the girls weren’t following it… They did that because they wanted this to happen… To be a part of the other girl’s mind and body. Erry finally accepted… Made Annetta’s wish a reality and after so much care… Swallowed her up whole… Annetta was now in ‘heaven’ within her lover’s body… And the tiny exhausted girl soon ‘fall asleep’ and let her lover ‘feed’ on her… As Erry was now sleeping on Annetta’s bed…

Annetta didn’t have any regret, slipping away inside of the woman she loved more than life its self. It was an amazing feeling, being able to give her body like she had to Erry, who was her perfect angel. Having given herself to the girl in more ways than one, allowing Erry to feel what it was like to be a woman, making her perfect through each other, her flower petals now finally fully coming to bloom. A deep sigh was the most important thing Reese remembered before passing from the world, her little form now absorbed entirely, giving energy to the angel’s body, as well as a bit curve to her growing form. Admist the night, once Erry was sound sleep, the change would finally occur. A blue blame, brilliant in color, yet soft, began to vibrantly glow atop Erry’s and Annetta’s ceiling, with a little browned haired, fair skinned human, forming in the midst thereof. Her body was tiny, her little petite body finally coming to a full form. Yet the process was taxing, leaving the reformed girl exhausted, her body slowly drifting in a downward float, until it landed in between Erry’s now larger bosom, the small brunette fully secure. The symbol of the feather invisible while it did shine, finally faded away from Annetta’s back. Like the gift the angel had given her, it was soft, as the transition was mild. Both girl’s now having the ability to reform seemingly quite readily, not having to wait months, or even that one horrible year. Morning would finally come, Annetta still sleeping, her body still recovering from the change, laying atop her lover’s skin, her little chest heaving lightly in and out as her body breathed for her whilst sleeping. Her little sweet voice calling out, “Erry… my… My Love…” Her words were quiet, hardly audible, but she had a smile on her face, her dream must have been magnificent, warm and filled with the peace she had for her new true lover, perhaps Erry might have even heard her.

Erry was still sleeping, her head still on her lover’s pillow… she missed her so much… not fully realizing that she just did what ‘human’ do with tiny ones… but in the end she fulfilled her lover’s dream and it was different since both of them wanted this to happen. Erry was sleeping, her cheeks still wet from her previous tears… she so wanted to be with her lover again… but… one year…? months…? how much time before seeing that so kind girl again? If of course she could get back… Her dreams were blurry now… she was feeling something soft on her skin… then heard her…name ? Not wanting to wake up in this room where Annie wasn’t anymore she took a deep breath… feeling something again. She slowly opened her eyes… then had a gasp… she was here… on her chest… like Erry appeared before… tears again but from joy… she put her left hand on her eyes and wiped her tears away… With the other one she covered the tiny body… it had a tiny shiver… but the girl would now feel Erry’s body warmth from above and below… Erry not talking , just feeling a deep pleasure of having her lover back to her…

Annetta sighed deeply, still asleep, and would sleep for a few more hours. But now, as she was wrapped in warmth, not sure as to why, her body and spirit couldn’t help but force her to smile outwardly, a beautiful grin appearing on her face, somehow Annetta knew she was being loved. Finally those hours passing, Annetta blinked her eyes open slowly, unsure as to where she was, it would take a full minute to register at least. Yawning widely her cute little mouth open, Annetta stretched out, but found some warmth was over her skin. Looking up she realized she was on naked flesh, and not just anyone’s. Her face finally wondering to Erry’s beautiful expression, she looked as her lover smiled, as the warmth she had felt was her angel’s skin from her bosom and her hands. Her soft little voice from her small body finally speaking, as she wiped the sleep from her eyes, her voice quiet yet soft and peaceful. “Erry… ERRY… It’s you… You’re so beautiful, I’m… I’m back! It… Your magic… It worked… we… We are connected just I thought we would be… The night you came to me, when you were in your ‘spirit’ form, I had this peace I couldn’t understand, but now I know what it all means. Because I felt that very same peaceful feeling just before being absorbed inside of your body… it was magnificent… Now I know why you love being devoured so much… It’s a truly remarkable and unexplainable experience, to join with your lover’s body, to become one… I know now what it’s like from both ends of the spectrum, being both small and normal. Do you feel it Erry? Do you feel our bond… What’s it like to have my tiny form upon your skin? Is it everything you dreamed? I… I know it surely is for me… I love it… I love you… for every reason now within my mind… we perfect together… Aren’t we?” Annetta had some tears come to her eyes as she was overcome with joyous emotions looking up into Erry’s eyes, tears finally falling onto Erry’s chest, from the small girl’s eyes. The small brunette then reached her head down and kissed her lover’s flesh, sighing out deeply, as she went into a small snuggle, it was apparent Annetta wanted to be held or hugged, or maybe even kissed, but that was Erry’s choice, and Annetta wouldn’t force their love, just express her own, exactly how much Erry had meant to her.

Erry nodded slowly “Huuu…I … really wasn’t sure to see you again… but it worked… it really worked ! Maybe it’s really Fate… that want us to be together… ” Erry saw the tiny girl ‘hugging’ her with her so small body… but Erry couldn’t resist to smile… “You… Remind me Annie… When I met with you… again… and I feel your love… even if you’re like this… ” Erry carefully picked up the tiny girl and made her sit in her hand, her back against her fingers she approached her head and kissed the tiny girl… “I’m… so happy to see you again my Love…” Said Erry while blushing a bright red on her cheeks.

Annetta sniffled a bit, her cute little heart racing, nodding with a warm smile as she heard Erry speak, she could tell she’d been crying earlier. “Were those tears for me then? Worried that you’d never see me again… Well, I’m here, It’s real… It really did work! And maybe your right, the way we judge Fate, perhaps fate loves us more than we can understand it, because here we are, against all odds, happy and in love… and both of us safe, my small form within your hands..” Annetta smiled as she was lifted towards Erry’s face, seeing the blush upon her cheeks, Annetta kissing back as she was gently kissed lovingly by Erry. “Yes of course, how can I forget us… Small big, large little… it’s matters not, we are one my love..” Annetta beamed, now cradled carefully within Erry’s soft and loving hands. “Words can’t describe how happy I am to see you as well… I woke up this morning to the sight of an Angel. It’s hard to explain how beautiful you are to me.. how magnificent your form is… how much you love me…” Annetta gulped, her pulse to quickened. “What day is it my love… how long was I out?” The small brunette asked, hoping it hadn’t been too long, not wanting her lover to have had to wait, not wanting Erry to have suffered without compassion and companionship.

Erry had a shiver… “Ah…it it…was this morning… we’re getting closer now… and I didn’t expected to see you so soon too… And well… I’m not…used to all of these ‘human’ things… I never used any of your furniture and ‘tools’ in your house… my life was just surviving until now… with everything we could find and build… but… I’m glad to have you Annie… I would really like to ‘discover’ this ‘world’… with you. ” Erry bowed her head and blushed… “Please… can you teach me how to be ‘human’ ? Since I too was gifted this ‘size’… I would like to live with you…”

Annetta beamed lovingly, nodding her head in understanding, gulping hard as a few more tears left her eyes as well. “Wow, so we really are getting closer… amazing… I am so happy… I can still remember that year that had gone by, when I wasn’t with you… I thought you died for real… god my heart bled for you. I am so grateful you don’t have to know what that’s like… Yet still, in other ways, I am sure you miss Aya, she was your sister after all. While I can’t replace her, I hope that I can at least fill some voids in your heart left behind by your loss of her… My precious Erry…” Annetta gulped, sighing as she wiped her eyes, listening further as Erry began to speak again, telling her things about her past, expressing her current desire to learn more about Annetta’s ‘life’. Nodding her head yet again, Annetta happily replied without pause. “Absolutely love, my world is yours and I hope in likeness that your world is mine. I want to share everything with you. Please… if you allow me..” Annetta waited to be set down on the bed so she could begin her transformation, looking up into Erry’s eyes, smiling warmly, there was much to be done.

Erry raised the tiny head of Annetta with a finger “Annie… You’re not only my lover but… you’re my sister too now. I miss Aya… but you cured those wounds with your love… and… it’s okay if you don’t feel the same for me too… I just wanted to tell you this… ” Erry gave a soft kiss on the small body and put down the back tiny girl on the bed… Erry now looking at her, waiting this ‘change’ to occur again.

Annetta looked into Erry’s eyes, blinking several long times as she was carefully sat on their mattress, backing up some so she could be given room for her change. That thought of being connected to Erry, finally fully making sense to her, she blushed, now connecting the dots. “I… We…” Annetta gulped, smiling warmly as she looked up into Erry’s warm eyes. “It would be an honor to have you as my sister and lover as well, and I couldn’t be more happy that it was I who healed those wounds, though extensive and deep they might be, and unforgettable. At least the pain is far less for you to take now… as you will never have to do it alone… ever again..” Annetta beamed… “Thank you so much for telling me how you feel… No words can describe how happy I am right now. I’ll never think again about all that I lost too in my own life… As long as we have each other… you’re all that I need Angel…” Annetta cried a few more tears of joy before shifting. Closing her eyes, Annetta got on her rear and folded her legs, placing her arms in her lap. A focus of concentration then began, one of true love, she was thinking of the first moment when she saw Erry smile, how much joy that had brought to her heart. All at once, the blue flame brightly shined within the room, giving no doubt to the power of their love and the magic Erry had possessed, which was now in part, shared by Annetta as well. The shift was gradual this time, taking a total of a minute for her body to shift entirely. It appeared with more time came more practiced restraint, along with the ability to reform more readily. This next transition, not seeping as much energy, leaving the now 1.67 meter brunette starved for breakfast. As the blue flame slowly dissipated, the brunette then slowly opened her eyes, her back was halfway turned to her lover, allowing Erry to see the ‘wing’ in all of its glory, before the ‘tattoo of light’ disappeared entirely along with the brilliant blue flame altogether. Her eyes were black momentarily, but then they glowed white briefly, before returning back to Annetta’s normal and original colorings. Facing her body back entirely, she then back by Erry’s side as she’d slowly gotten up, the 1.50 meter white haired beauty before her, was loved! Pulling Erry into her, she whispered into her ear. “You know what my happy thought was this time? The idea of true love that I felt this time was…? It was of the first time we met, when I saw your beautiful smile.. somehow then, I just knew it… you’d be a part of my life forever..” Annetta finished, then taking Erry’s face and kissing her passionately on the lips for a moment before standing up, holding her arm out with admiration and longing, her voice clear but soft. “Erry love… let me show you what it’s like to be a true human…” Annetta was a highly qualified person to be teaching Erry, not horrible like Iris or the others had been, Annetta wanted to show to Erry what true humanity was in all of its beauty.

When Erry saw the shining wing on Annetta’s back she was confused… About what was this… was that the source of this strange power they had now…? But the girl had her size too now… when she was feeling the girl’s skin against her she smiled…welcoming her kiss with her arms around her love… both of their bodies pressed against the other one… Erry was so happy that the girl accepted this weird ‘request’ “Annie… I’ll remember this first day forever too… the day were we started our story together… ” Then Erry nodded when she heard Annetta talking to her ” I’m ready to learn and I’m counting on you… I know that you’ll be the perfect teacher for all of what I need to know.”

Annetta took Erry carefully by the hand and began to give her a ‘tour’ of their home, it was going to by Erry’s home for the rest of their lives as well. Finally stopping to the room just outside of Annetta’s bed, it was a the restroom. “Us humans have a place were we use the restroom at, to pee and crap. The toilet bowl is where the waste from our bodies go. Once we finish, we wipe with a tissue away from her vaginal walls and our anus, since we are both females. Please never use paper towels for the toilet or you may clog it. Always try and use toilet paper, it’s paper that is meant for the toilet you see, I can show you where to get more toilet paper rolls if you need..” Annetta smiled showing the girl where the rolls were under the sink, before demonstrating the usefulness of a working plumbing system. Carefully sitting down, she did her business and then wiped, using the natural amount of paper she normally did to get clean. Flushing the toilet, finally getting back up, she smiled at Erry. “The next most important thing is to always keep our hands clean when we get them dirty, for us, we use a sink and soap, I have soap with hand lotion in our home here. I get the suds going to clean and detoxify my skin, then I rinse with water from the tap.” Annetta demonstrated, turning on the water and then getting the soap, washing her hands down and rinsing, before turning the water off. “We always use hand towels to get our hands dry once we are finished washing them. I do a batch of laundry once a day to help keep the dirty clothing down.” Annetta then got a few bath towels. “Every morning I like to have a shower, as it helps my body stay clean, we call it hygiene as humans. We take towels and place them on ground nearby where the water spout is. Then we step into the water basin and get clean.” Annetta took her lover by the hand, her dear sister, and helped her into the bathtub, the shower head just over them. “I have a gel pad on the tile surface here on the ground of the tub, it helps you not slip on the wetness when showering. If you look at the water source, there is always a hot and cold temperature. Far left is scalding hot, we never want that, as that will burn our skin. Far right is icey cold. I usually like the water a bit warm, so I put it about a centimeter from the middle, which makes it very warm, it helps relax my muscles. If you want the shower to turn on you have to pull the stop plug so then the shower head will work instead of the bathtub facet. I always like to soak, then lather up with soap, and finally, rinse off. Would you allow me to give you a shower and clean you my love, my dear sister?” Annie asked, pausing in her demonstration so the pair could be clean for the day.

Erry was feeling a bit dizzy “Hum… I…I understand… sorry I… I’m not used to all of this yet… I used to bath with Aya… when we found some tiny puddles but the water wasn’t as clear as from your… sink ? But…I’ll do my best to learn this… ” Erry looked at the toilet bowel… she never saw one of these so close… and was now knowing what it’s used for… “Hu….huh… I would like to do that with you…” Now considering Annetta as her sister and they were so close … she would enjoy this.

Annetta smiled, she knew it was have been almost overbearing for her sister to experience such wonder and everything that was new, but Erry wouldn’t do it alone, and Annetta would ever be patient with her. “Very well then, let’s start.” Annetta warmly said, starting out with a slightly less warm temperature than she herself was used to, not wanting to overcome her lover. Once the water was set, the stop was pulled, switching the water source, the gentle yet firm beads of water flowing out to hit both girls on the back. Annetta gently kissed Erry on the back of her neck before grabbing a body washer and getting a large dap of lavender body wash, sudsing it up, before putting it against her sisters skin. “If the water gets to hot, remember, twist it slightly to the right… and let me know if the water isn’t to your liking, it should be warm and nice right now my sweet angel…” Annetta beamed, going about allowing her sister to feel what it was like to have the warm beads on her skin, before she began to wash her sister gently.


Starting out at her ears, Annetta began to get the dirt out, then rubbing the soap lightly onto her neck and then her breasts and her stomach. Annetta then gets some more soap, lathers it up and then begins to wash her sister’s vaginal orifice, being careful as to not let the soap get stuck in her folds, using her hands she washed her sister’s anus, not wanting to pollute the body washer, as she would also do the same for herself. Lathering up her hands she was gentle with her sister’s privates, before rinsing her hands, allowing her sister to hold onto her body if she needed to be steadied. With the soap properly lathered up once more, Annetta washed her sisters legs, first one and then the other, washing her cute tiny toes and the nails on the toebed, her sister now entirely lathered. Annetta then lathered herself up with the same process, before Holding her sisters head back, and covered her brow and forehead with her hands, making sure no soap or water got into her lover’s eyes or mouth or nose. “Girl’s like to use conditioner in their hair, it helps make their hair soft, and the brand I have helps with tangles and split ends. Split ends can happen on our hair when we curl our hair too much, or use beauty products, at least we have ways to repair the damage we cause… if that makes sense. After the conditioner, we let it sit for about three or four minutes, then we wash it out, my conditioner has shampoo in it, which also helps make the scalp clean on our heads..” Annetta then gets the 2 in 1 and rubs it gently into her sisters scalp, giving her a loving massage, rubbing her neck, exfoliating her skin. Kissing her gently on the cheek, Annetta waited the process duration, and then rinsing her sisters hair out, careful to keep her eyes and nose away from the water and soap. Doing the same for herself, Annetta finally turned the water off, after both girl’s get to soak a while. “Next we take a towel and dry our bodies off. Being that we have long hair, I always use a towel to put my hair up in while it dries, then I dry my skin and wrap myself up in a towel.. And commit to hygiene of my mouth. I have an extra toothbrush here you can use to brush your own teeth. I will show you how to use it first though. After we brush, we floss, and then we scope to clean our mouths out.” Annetta got a towel for Erry and wrapped her hair up in a towel knot, and then dried her sister’s body of carefully and lovingly, kissing her on the cheek. Doing the same for herself, Annetta then took her sister to the sink and showed her all of the supplies, getting them ready for her. Annie then took the toothbrush and helped to teach her sister how to brush. “Remember, always hold the toothbrush in a 45 degree angle, so you can get your gums clean as well as keep your teeth and enamel healthy..” Annetta helping her sisters to spit in the sink, shows her lover how to rinse her mouth with water. Taking the floss, Annetta puts it around her fingers. “Get about .30 meters of floss and wrap the edges around your two index fingers, go in between your teeth, and clean them, it will help prevent cavities.” Annetta then demonstrated. “Last but not least, the scope, it helps your mouth rinse and also fight off cavities that lead to tooth disease. You need to swish it around your mouth, get it in your teeth, it stings a little but after a while you get used to it..” Annetta got her sister out the scope and waited, once her sister was ready to spit. Doing the same for herself, and being done in a good three or four minutes. “And that’s the morning routine love… now we need to get dressed, so I can make some breakfast… If you have never had eggs and bacon and sausage and pancakes, WOW… you’re missing out angel… I will make us some right away!” Annetta giggled cutely, kissing her lover again, going back to their room, getting their clothing for the day, finding some shoes and clothing that fit her only slightly smaller sister, Erry could fit just about anything Annetta could wear. Once the clothing was on, Annetta smiled, “Sit up at the table beautiful, I will make us breakfast..” Then Annetta got out the eggs, milk, cheese, butter, and ingredients. Making fresh pancake batter, Annetta then made the scrambled eggs, and then went to making the sausage and bacon strips last. Hot and ready, milk and juice was taken to the table, everything had a cover on it so it would stay warm. Annetta then cleaned up the dishes and turned off the stove heat. “Soon someday, I will show you how to cook, but I think we’ve learned enough for one morning… Please… Enjoy the food angel… There is so much I want to show you around town… If you will let me..” Annetta beamed, taking Erry by the hands and squeezing them lightly. “I am going to eat my food with a fork and a spoon and a knife, here are straws for our drinks, you will like them, you suck the fluid up through the straw to take the juice or milk to your mouth… Now what would you like to drink?” Annetta then demonstrated the proper usage of the metal utensils to her beautiful sister and lover.

Erry was feeling weird… it was the first time she took a ‘shower’… feeling the warm water pour on her body she had shivers… and her lover that took time to explain her everything… Erry ‘opened’ her legs when Annetta wanted to clean her here… feeling some tickles as the girl was doing her job… she was blushing bright red… then removed her hairband when the girl wanted to wash her white hair… even dirty the tone of her hair was still so bright… Erry was looking at the girl cleaning herself… her nose reacting to this sweet scent… Erry just used to wash herself with water… not much caring of her body as she just wanted it to be ‘clean’… when Annetta wrapped her in a towel she was smiling to her, looking the girl ‘cleaning her mouth’… it was something she never did… and maybe that’s what she loved about beeing here… it looked so beautiful from the inside… taking the tiny brush she ‘tried’ to brush her teeth but was really not used to this ‘tool’ and even more she drank some toothpaste and coughed it… finally Annetta brought her some old clothes of her… Erry put on some pants… then a tiny blue dress… looking at the bras she never worn some before… so she just ignored this and put on an old pullover… the same color as the tiny short dress… but her hands weren’t reaching the end of the sleeves, she pulled them a bit… she finally put back her hairband on the same side… looking herself in the mirror she stopped a couple of minutes before this ‘girl’ in the mirror… remembering the first time her sister gave her a new dress… she never had new clothes before this time… and she was feeling the same thing now… a single tear rolled out… finally sitting at the table she rested her head on her hands… looking at the girl using some things she never saw before… when Annetta came back she put some tiny boxes on the table… containing food ? and a glass in front of her. She tried to drink with the straw but coughed at first before finally getting the ‘skill’ out of it… about the ustensils it was hard… her hands were shaking… she wanted to take a tiny bacon slice with her hand… but that wasn’t the thing to do … so she just stayed here looking at the plate … “hmmm… it’s…hard… sorry I’m really not used to all of this yet…”

Annetta just smiled, not giggling not wanting to make a joke out of this, Erry was new to it, Annetta knew it would take some time, so she just allowed her to be herself. “It’s ok honey, take one thing at a time, I am here for you… I love you…” Annetta beamed, taking the utensil, so her sister could see the motion of her hand, Annetta took the eggs to her lover’s mouth, and allowed the girl to take them as she was ready. Smiling at her lover, Annetta had hoped the food had tasted good to savor, taking then the bacon and the sausage, taking small pieces as she broke them in thirds, finally placing the bacon and the sausage, and forking them for Erry, taking them to her sister’s mouth, waiting for her to enjoy as she was ready. Pouring some more orange juice, Annetta patiently fed her sister before feeding herself again. Allowing her sister to see the motions of her own fork and the knife, allowing her lover to get more accustomed each passing motion and stroke Annetta had taken the food to her own lips, she knew Erry would get the hang out this eventually. “Why were crying in our room, by the mirror my love?” Annetta smiled, not realizing that her sister had felt happy for having her own clothing again, not connecting that part of Aya’s and Erry’s past, but would be happy to learn if Erry wanted to share that with her. Once the food was done and eaten, Annetta cleaned up the dishes, allowing her sister to follow if she wanted to watch. “This is the kitchen sink, it’s where I cleaned the dishes I use so I can always have sanitary items to help me eat my food. I wish them in the disinfectant soap with really warm water and then allow them to air dry.” Annetta smiled as she said, demonstrating how to clean the dishes with the scrubber and the soap, finally finishing some five minutes later. Wiping her sisters face off, Annetta then grabbed her lover’s hands, “So cutie, what do you want to do today? We have cafes were we can drink tea, coffee, coca… and strong drinks. We also have shopping malls, stores, parks, recreational activities, as well as video game arcades, and movies. We can go for a hike, go walking, go for a ride on some bicycles, and maybe if we plan for it, we can always go on a trip or go camping…” Annetta asked Erry, waiting to hear what the sweet angel might like to experience first.

Erry was looking a bit melancholic “I…I was thinking of my sister in the mirror… I remembered the day she gave me a new dress… a small black dress that she had found on a tiny figure… it was maybe some toy for human girls but that was the only thing I could wear… and now that i have a new Sis… ah …is that okay if I call you like this ? ” Erry was blushing again “but… I don’t feel like going too far today… is there some places you want to show me…?” Erry was shivering a bit… “But…so many humans outside… and I…I’m just a tiny… ” Erry was looking at herself… in fact even if she was so gigantic from her previous tiny self… she was still having her own ‘tiny mind’ and was a bit fearing what was going to happen ‘outside’

Annetta sighed, thinking about Aya, shaking her head, gulping as she nodded. “What an amazing woman this Aya must have been for you… I am sorry she was carelessly taken away from you by some awful bitch…” Annetta frowned, but then beamed as she smiled, “It’s so great you had such a close relationship with your sister though, and even if you guys didn’t seem to have much, it appears Aya always did what ever she could to give you what she could and try to give you what you needed, I would have loved to have met her…” Annetta nodded warmly… “Please… call me by it as you wish, it honors me..” Annetta said joyfully. “Sure I understand, your mind set it still on that you are tiny, even if you are big, your past has made a large portion of your mind and whom you are today. There is no rush, we can explore more later on, we don’t have to go far. How about we head to the cafe and get some hot coco, and maybe a warm biscuit with strawberry jam?” Annetta said as she took Erry by the hand, slowly to head out the door, before closing it and locking the door with a key she kept under her rug, “You are not small to me angel, you never were, even if your body was small, we always had the same spirit, and yours is strong, equal to my own. This will take some getting adjusted to, but you will be fine in the long run my love..” Annetta said, trying to reassure her precious Erry. As they began to make their way through the city streets, down the long sidewalks, the brunette saw that sign, ‘Julie’s Cafe’, right in front of them, not but 100 meters away. “There it is, the cafe… do you see it Erry… it’s a lovely place, Julie is so kind and sweet to her customers. You’ll really like her I think..” Annetta smiled, finally making it to the door, she opened it for Erry, and waited until the girl was clear before allowing it to shut. “We can seat ourselves my love, if you don’t mind sis, I like table booths, they are comfortable on my rear, hehe..” Annetta blushed. Julie waved as she sent one of the waitresses over to take Erry and Annetta’s order. “Hey guys, welcome to Julie’s Cafe, I am Merissa, what can we get for your lovely ladies today?” Annetta beamed as she smiled up at the woman, looking at Erry as she held her hands lovingly, wanting to show a clear display of public affection. “I’ll take a biscuit and some strawberry jam with some coco please, extra marshmallows…” Annetta blinked at Erry, “And you for miss?” Merissa said, looking into Erry’s eyes patiently awaiting to take her order.

When she walked with Annetta, Erry was grabbing her hand tight… her body almost ‘glued’ to Annetta’s… there was so many human around… and maybe some of them were ‘micro hunters’… Those stupid humans who took the right of ‘deciding’ to dispose of the tiny people… Erry was shivering but she was…human for now and her lover was here too. when she entered the cafe Erry heard a tiny ringing sound … it was a tiny bell on the door, what a strange thing… she finally sat at the table… still looking around this new ‘world’ she never saw before… blushing and putting her chin in the large pullover she saw a girl approaching… but when she asked what she wanted Erry didn’t knew what to say… “I…I… Si….Sis…? ” Erry was looking at Annetta’s eyes, seeking some help…

“Oh, sorry dear, Merissa this is my sister Erry’s first time at the diner or any eatery for that matter, can you explain how the work for her please ?” Annetta held Erry’s hands carefully, smiling at Merissa, Merissa now smiling into Erry’s eyes. “Right… no worries. So Erry, what I am here for is to take your order… Your sister ordered a biscuit and some strawberry jam, her beverage was hot coco. When you guys are through eating, your sister will pay for the food that I made, and hopefully if I do a good enough job, she will give me a tip for my service. What you do as a patron here, is making your order, just tell me what you want, if you like, you can order what your sister…” Annetta paused, embarrassed.. “Oh… Name’s Annetta..” Merissa then spoke again, “Right mam… So Erry, you can order what your sister Annetta is having or you can select an item off of the menu..” Merissa carefully pulled out the menu and showed Erry the breakfast appetizer, pointing out everything they had, and reading anything to her she wanted to hear. “So Erry… are you ready to order now, or do you need a few minutes?” Merissa smiled, pen in her hand still, with a pad of paper, awaiting to take Erry’s order.

Erry was looking at the card the girl was explaining her… and there was some writings under the pictures… Erry never learned to ‘read’ or never had the occasion to learn with her sister, she only pointed some pictures “I…I’ll take this… please.” While ‘ordering’ some pancakes and a tiny bottle of milk… she was giggling when she pointed it… remembering a past event and gave a smile to the waitress as she was writing the order “Thank you Merissa.” Erry now looking at Annetta, blushing a bit but thanking her for the help.

Both women beamed warmly at the cute Erry, happy she was having a good learning experience, Merissa happily and finally taking the white haired girl’s order, went off to the kitchen to give the order to the chefs, returning with the ladies beverages some minutes later. “The biscuit and the pancakes will be right out in a few more minutes, here is your hot coco Annetta, and here is your bottle of milk Erry… please enjoy… if you two need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask…” The beautiful Hispanic girl smiled, her dark brown hair going to her lower back, which was currently tied up in a beautiful hair pin. Once Merissa had brought them their food, the pancakes were hot and ready to order, the syrup was on the side, allowing Erry to put on just how much she wanted when she wanted to put it on. Annetta took her biscuit, thanking Merissa for her service, paying upfront and giving her a handsome tip in likeness, smiling at Merissa, the lady then gave these two their space, and would only bother them again, should they need a refill on their drinks, or if they had raised their finger. “If you ever need a waitress to help you Erry, you can call her by her name looking at her, you can raise your pointer finger gently to motion her over, or you can wait until she came back to fill your drink, or check up on you.” Annetta looked into Erry’s eyes, realizing that for the first time, Erry must never had had a school experience. Holding Erry’s hand briefly for a moment, she squeezed them lovingly. “You know love, if you want, I can always teach you how to count, write and read… there is no pressure though, but I would love to help you if you wanted..” Annetta beamed, going back to eating her biscuit, moaning slightly as she closed her eyes at the puffy goodness, the strawberry jam was absolutely fantastic. “Mmmmmm~ my biscuit is sooo warm and fresh, the dough is like melting in my mouth… the coco is so rich and filled with chocolate, please, take your straw and try some of my drink if you like love…” Annie said, bringing her hot coco near her sister, if she wanted to give it a try, the brunette really loved this place and wanted Erry to enjoy it too.

When the waitress walked away Erry stayed here… smiling, putting her hand on Annie’s ear she talked in a whisper “Hmmm… It’s strange… people don’t hate me here because of my hair… don’t they believe on witches and curses…? ” Then sitting back she was looking the tiny syrup bottle and after a few tries she managed to open it and poured some on her pancakes… Erry nodded when Annetta asked her to try her drink… putting her straw and taking a tiny sip… Erry smiled… she never tasted something like this before … In her past she was always feeding on some human ‘trash’ but when she heard Annetta asking her to teach Erry “You… you would teach me ?! I… I would be so happy Annie !” Erry said with a wide smile… she took her glass filled with fresh milk and drank some… while her sister was looking something Erry turned her head on the side… then froze for a second… this girl that passed by outside… then vanished in the people ‘flow’ … Erry saw her already… then put her hand on her forehead “huuuuh… ” Erry feeling some pain like the first time she tried to remember something from her ‘previous life’, she didn’t wanted to scare her lover and returned to her pancakes… trying to forget this girl she just saw outside…

“Why would they hate you Erry… this is the city, I am not sure where you were from before, but humanity is actually a very lovely thing. So many nice people live nearby us, Merissa for one, she’s like a friend to me, this isn’t the first time she’s served me. Even if I didn’t go to school here when I was young, this city is a lot like my old one. No one believes in witch craft or any such silly things here. Magic is not frowned upon by those that use it here either, though I don’t really know any myself… But I guess we both share a form of magic though don’t we love… because of you. You have graced us both with the ability to reform and shrink and grow at our own desire.” Annetta paused, listening to hear Erry’s happy motions, her satisfied sigh as she tried her hot coco, “It’s great stuff isn’t it… And yes love, I would be more than happy to teach you… You have my heart, my home… and you will soon have my knowledge..” Annetta beamed warmly. Then looked as she saw her sister and lover look outside, seeing the pained expression on her face, Erry did this when she was having flashbacks, something was up, Annetta began to worry for her! “Erry… what’s the matter, did you see someone from your past in the city… How… how can that be?” Annetta wasn’t going to question Erry much on it, if she didn’t wish to share, more focusing on the moment they were having at the cafe, it was a beautiful memory they were making after all. “So how are the pancakes Erry, is the syrup good… how’s your milk?”

Erry was looking a bit surprised… Annetta managed to see her “ah… It’s really good thanks! and this bottle haha… that’s strange… to think that some time ago I saw the same bottle… that was maybe 10 times taller than me… and now I can take it in my hand so easily…” Erry was speaking not too loud so the people wouldn’t notice “don’t worry Sis… it’s just…maybe some memory that try to get out again but… it’s gone…”

Annetta smiled, hearing her sister’s enjoyment of the milk, happy she liked the taste and had enjoyed her pancakes, Annetta had indeed enjoyed her own biscuit and strawberry jam. Taking her sister’s and lover’s free hand that wasn’t holding the milk bottle, and sqoze her other one lovingly. “Hehe, I’ll bet that’s a strange thing for you to experience isn’t it, very nice though I am sure, I am sure you are starting to get adjusted here. Enjoying the new ‘you’ is great, even if your spirit and soul and heart have always been the same beautiful… Erry.” Annetta complimented. Nodding her head at his sister’s brief unsettling moments, “Very well, let’s not focus on them then, lets not worry, we have a whole day to do what ever we want. Why don’t we head to the movies, would you like to see a movie with your lover Annie, Erry?” Miss Reese smiled, leaving their stuff behind for Merissa to clean, waving at Julie and the Hispanic woman on the way out, once they left the cafe and diner. Heading back to the side walk, Annetta guided Erry another half a mile, in a triangle’s throw away from their home, finally at the mall now, with the theater just to the right side of it. “Here we are Erry, the movie house. Anything that looks fun? An animated movie perhaps?… Maybe an action Movie… A Comedy… A Horror?” Annetta asked with a smile, still holding tightly only Erry’s hand, making sure not to let go, wanting her to feel safe and protected.

Erry put her hand on her head again “I… I… feel like I did that before… but… wasn’t that with you…? I was tiny and….aaaahhh…” the pain disappeared as she heard a scream… Erry managed to remove her hand… and ran in a side street… Erry opened her eyes wide… there was a trap… a micro hunter’s trap… and a tiny girl screaming inside of it… Erry was shivering… she knew those cruel girls and their stupid ‘club’… crouching near the trap she opened it… and picked the tiny girl… shivering and screaming “No no no… don’t scream… I’m here to free you… don’t be afraid please… ” Then Erry put the tiny girl on the floor… that ran away near a nearby crack in a wall… she turned her tiny head to see Erry and was yelling at her ‘stupid human witch…’ Then went inside the crack… leaving Erry sitting on the ground… now noticing that Annetta was behind her… she stood up, ran in her sister’s arms and was crying… “Why… I just helped her… I don’t want this stupid…’title’ anymore… “

Annetta didn’t even have two seconds to react before Erry bolted off, something telling her that something was up, Annetta none the wiser, at least not right off of the get, still looking at the movie’s pictures, finally turning her head as she saw Erry running away… “ERRY… Where… WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” Annetta didn’t have time to react or question, just run… Finally only catching up to her when she told her everything that had happened, not seeing the girl go into the crack, just hearing that horrible name called out towards her love. “I’m so sorry Erry, I don’t know why she said that! Was the tiny girl someone from your past? Was it one of those believing those ‘rumors’ about you that you told me earlier ?” Annetta holding Erry now in her arms, she embraced her tightly, kissing her on the crown of her head… “You are a good person Erry, just know that you were doing the right thing, don’t worry about what others say… Don’t ‘wear’ that name, don’t allow that name to define you… Your name is Erry… You are my sister and my lover… and that’s all that matters to me… I hope that’s all that matters to you as well… I am sorry for your pain…” Annetta kept on holding Erry, rocking her back and forth.. “We don’t have to see a movie any more, if you don’t feel up to it. We can just head back to our home, I can tell you are upset now… We can worry about everything later… ok?” Annetta offered, not moving, awaiting for Erry to react, to tell Annetta what she wanted the both of them to do.

Erry’s chest was burning… she was really tired… all of this pressure she had during that day… She couldn’t control it… as she let out a scream “Aaaahhh Ahhhhhh !!” she pushed Annetta a few steps away… not wanting to hurt her… something was happening… her young body surrounded by a blue aura… her eyes went empty as her body was shrinking… leaving her clothes fall on the ground… Erry was ‘landing’ on the clothes that were on the ground… hardly breathing… not understanding this… she couldn’t stay ‘human’ for too long …? looking at her sister with sad eyes… a voice was heard at the end of the street, behind Annetta ” Hmmmm? some tiny got caught in my trap ?~” As a dark blue haired girl approached Annetta and asked “wasn’t there a tiny on this trap not so long ago…? if you have it could you give it back please ?”

Annetta turned around, furious, she could hear the cynical and careless voice behind her, perhaps this was where Erry’s pain was coming, Annetta not fully understand as to why she was shrinking, but one thing was clear, the blue haired girl didn’t seem to be up to any good. “And what if I did see her… what would you do with her? Tinies aren’t your property you know, they are people, they dreams, they have lives… they feelings.” Annetta quickly collected Erry, and put her in her breast ‘pocket’, in her bra. “Come on Erry, lets go home, there is nothing more to see here… we’ll figure this out..” But could it all be just that easy? Refusing to help the blue haired girl, wanting to help Erry, perhaps the reason Erry had shrunk was because she was being effected by the bullies negative energy. Maybe there was more to the blue haired girl than met the eye. Maybe that girl even thought that Erry was the girl that had gotten trapped in her device. It didn’t much matter to Annetta, as she began to walk away from her, not wanting a thing from her. It appeared this city wasn’t as safe as Annetta had given it credit to be.

“…Erry…?” Said the young girl… maybe 2 or 3years younger than Erry “wait miss… I’m sorry for the trouble… but did you said Erry ? Does she have bright white hair ?” The girl was looking happier but also really surprised… like hearing something she didn’t heard for years “you’re… kidding me right…? That could be….my sister… she was wearing this tiny hairband… but… that wouldn’t be her… ” Erry was shivering inside the pocket… Then calmed down… this voice… half remembering… she was sitting inside the pocket… hearing what could happen…

Annetta sighed, obviously irritated, “YES… I said Erry, she’d my sister and my lover. I found her one day near my home. We’ve been through heaven and hell together… Yes she has bright white hair…” Annetta paused, not wishing to be caught off guard, even if the blue haired girl was appearing ‘happy’. Giving her a neutral stare, Annetta waited to hear the girl’s point in all of this. “Your sister huh? Erry’s sister is dead, her name was Aya, she was eaten by a micro hunter, her name was Iris… I claimed this beautiful girl as my own. Yes Erry has a tiny hairband, and yes it’s on her head right now..” Annetta then took a few steps away, baking up… “Get away from us… I don’t trust you…” Annetta gulped, obvious that she was beyond nervous, she wanted to believe this girl, but she wasn’t about to purposefully betray her lover and sister to some girl she’d never met, who could very well be a monster, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“… Saphyr ? ” Answered Erry… her hands on her head… she started to remember… “Is that really you…? ” -the blue haired girl bowed “It’s me… my name is Saphyr and… I knew Erry some years ago… but she… died ! How could she be alive…? and I’m… sorry I didn’t knew you had a sister named Aya… we didn’t talked about that before… ” Erry was sitting… looking up to see Annetta’s face from below… she was looking confused… but wanted to see the girl… knowing what happened and … the details she couldn’t remember “Annie-sis…please…”

Annetta’s heart was racing ‘a hundred miles per hour’, listening to Erry call out the girl’s name, Saphyr, she’d said. Giving a bent brow, Annetta was still upset, and very protective, too much these two had been through to have Annetta let her guard down when Erry needed her the most. Yet, it appeared Erry had an unanswered question, as the blue haired girl spoke. Annetta watched the girl bow, as the girl continued to speak. “It is Erry, and how she’s alive is our business, not yours..” Annetta glowered, but Erry seemed to want to learn more. Annetta sighed, begrudgingly, Still standing back some, keeping her distance, pulling Erry out of her bra, she was now firmly in her hand, Annetta ready to run as fast as she could if she didn’t like the next few words Saphyr was about to say. Erry able to see the blue haired girl now, so she could ask her questions as she was carefully loved inside of Annetta’s protecting hands. “Do you know her Erry?” Annetta finally said, in the calmest voice she’d used in the entire time they were now ‘talking’ with this stranger, who claimed to be Erry’s sister as well.

Erry’s eyes opened wide and turned to see Annetta “It’s… really Saphyr ! she’s the one who saved my life like… 3 years ago !! I I didn’t expected to see her again !! And with my size I couldn’t search for you ! I’m… so happy to see you again … and I would like to introduce you Annie… she’s my love… and my ‘sister’ too !” Saphyr smiled “I’m happy for you Erry and for you too ‘Annie’. you don’t need to squeeze her like that… I won’t try anything. she’s the Erry I knew… I’m… so happy to see her again… after this time… ” Saphyr was crying a bit “And I’m happy that she found you, she looks so happy now but… I’m a bit an ‘outsider’ for her now… it would be better if I just go back… ” Erry looked a bit sad… but nodded… Saphyr was her old sister after all… she wouldn’t do anything to hurt her “I was happy to see you again Saphyr… take care of yourself … you’ve grown well and it was a pleasure to see you again… I… don’t know much how I ‘revived’ but… I” Erry stopped as Saphyr bowed “don’t worry Erry… I know that you had some issues when you tried to remember where you came from when we met… but I’ll be going now… I hope to see both of you later if you want…” Saphyr bowed again, ready to go.

Annetta realized that the wedge that was between these two, was now her. She felt like the jealous girlfriend, like that jealous lover that didn’t want anyone to have their lover but themselves. Erry was her own person, and Reese knew she couldn’t keep the world from her… who would she be if she were that selfish? It was apparent to Annetta now that these girl’s had a long history, Annetta clearly misjudging her. Sighing deeply, after these girl’s spoke, Erry had owed Saphyr her life, it would be cruel for her not to at least hold her in her arms again. Annetta knew what it felt like be separated from from one whom she loved, as Annetta had missed Erry when she was gone for just over a year… THREE YEARS… the thought went through Annetta’s mind, god Saphyr must had really missing her. “Wait, slow down Saphyr… perhaps I misjudged you… I’m sorry. But you have to understand from my perspective, what your trap looks like to me… Why would you be trapping micro’s if you weren’t a micro hunter? Iris was a threat in Erry’s life… she ate her sister alive… If you truly did save Erry, then why did the two of you separate from one another?” Annetta began to walk towards Saphyr, still holding onto Erry’s body carefully yet firmly, placing her free hand on the girl’s arm. “Perhaps there is more that we need to discuss here, there is no need to flee with hurt feelings Saphyr. Maybe we can go to your place, get out of this noisy city, and talk like normal people do, figure things out?”

Saphyr was looking the girl from below “I’m not trying to steal her from you or anything… she’s your lover now… I was just living with her and we shared things like close friends… or sisters but I won’t do anything to her… she’s too precious for me… and for you!” Saphyr was looking confused “I…I really didn’t know about her ‘Aya sister’ we never talked about that… Erry was searching something in her mind but it never came out… ” Erry nodded “yes… I couldn’t talk about Aya to you… because I couldn’t remember her… but Saphyr… I’m happy that you understand my love towards Annie. You’re the best little sister I had haha … ” Saphyr nodded “I would like you to come at my place if you want to talk a bit of course… but I’m just living with my mother and she’s currently not here… is that still okay with you ? My mother wouldn’t really like to see some ‘strangers’ at my house usually but… that doesn’t really applies here. I’m living 3 streets near this one if you want some tea or anything else…”

Annetta calmed down a bit more still, it was clear that Saphyr was no threat, and Annetta had overreacted like a protective older sister, and an unfeigned lover. She nodded her head as Saphyr spoke, yet the girl never answered the question about the trap, leaving Annetta still somewhat troubled. That thought slowly faded from her mind as both Erry and Saphyr continued to speak, to relate. It was clear that Saphyr had had a relationship of her own with Erry, and the reason they had separated, was their own business, and truly not Annetta’s. “Thank you for understanding Saphyr, I’d die if anything happened to Erry, she’s my life, my love… my everything…” Annetta gulped, finally expressing her true feelings, perhaps giving Saphyr the understanding as to why she had felt like she had in the first place about her Erry, being distant from a ‘new comer’, when in reality, it was Annetta who was the new one here. Annetta nodded smiling weakly, still getting adjusted to Saphyr, but wanting to trust her, but still protective of her lover. “I would like that Saphyr, I have no problem with making new friends. Any friend of Erry’s is a friend of mine… I guess I shouldn’t be keeping Erry from you, she is a grown girl, able to make her own choices, let’s ask her what she wants…” Annetta paused, “Erry, do you want to held by your sister Saphyr?” Annetta asked, being clear that this was what Erry would want, before she just outright handed her over. “Please lead the way Saphyr, and we will follow when ever you are ready… Thank you for the hospitality in advance..”

Saphyr put the tiny girl on her shoulder… smiling to her “wow…it’s been so long… ah and Annie…” Saphyr walked on the trap, crushing it under her shoe “I won’t need them anymore… I finally found my sister back… and never expected to see her again… thank you so much… and you’re very welcome! I’m really happy to have you two at home… we have so much to share… ” Erry was smiling… even if she was naked on the girl’s shoulder… it was like she did that before… smiling to Annetta, everything would be fine now… as Saphyr started to walk down the street in the direction of her house.

Annetta’s true concern finally wrestled down, as Saphyr went to the trap and crushed it into pieces, Annetta gulping as her lover had made her choice, clearly Erry was her own woman. Smiling as she saw the two mingle, Annetta was happy now, content to follow Saphyr to her mother’s home. “I understand now, I think… Thank you for respecting my feelings on this. It means a lot to me Saphyr..” Annetta gulped, finally keeping pace with the dark blue haired woman whom Erry seemed head over heels for, happy the two were relating and getting along so well. “You’re welcome Saphyr… I love her so much, and I can understand why you love her that much too. I would never purposefully keep family apart..” Annetta sighed, her spirits slowly getting better, finally smiling some as Erry smiled, looking back at her, she couldn’t help but to feel good, knowing her little lover was in good hands. “Well, I guess in way, if you think about it. If Erry is your sister, and she is my sister too… then we are family…” Annetta gulped, when she came to the realization. Annetta just nodded when she was welcomed towards the girl’s house, just awaiting, following close by, towards the rear left side of her, so Saphyr could lead them there, to where they were to meet up and spend some time. Looking forward to sharing much with Saphyr, their day seemed to be getting better after all.

Saphyr nodded and closed her eyes “Yes ! We’re sisters too haha ~ ho… but I won’t be too possessive for her too… she’s your lover after all…” Saphyr took Erry carefully in her hand and she put her in front of Annetta “I just wanted to feel that again, thanks… you can carry her now and… my house is just here” Saphyr’s house was a 2 floor type with a wide living room “Mom…? ah… she must be working… well, just sit here Annie I’ll make some tea” Saphyr was younger than Erry but… she was so mature for her age… soon she went with 2 cups of tea and a tiny one from some doll’s game filled with some tea for Erry “so… how did you met ? I would love to hear your story haha ~” Said the girl.

Annetta smiled, the young girl seemed very polite, giggling a bit at the comment, it was clear that Saphyr was understanding their relation now. Annetta grinned as Erry was carefully handed back to her, “You’re welcome, you should be thanking her too though, she’s your sister as well, and I love her dearly… thank you for respecting that…” Annetta beamed, it was apparent that Saphyr’s mother was not in the home, but must have been busy on some project for her work perhaps, or maybe something else entirely. Finally sitting down in the place Saphyr had told them, once they were introduced within the home, Annetta looked about a smiled. “Lovely place your mother has here Saphyr… you seem very mature for being a young girl, you will do well in this world..” Annetta beamed. Taking the tea warmly, Annetta nodded, bowing her head out of respect, it was something Saphyr was akin too, so Reese figured that it would be good manners. Drinking her first sip, Annetta smiled, it was delicious. “Wow, this tea is fantastic, thank you..” Annetta put her tea down on the coaster, smiling as she crossed her legs, holding her hands. “Long story really. I was originally from Maine. I was heading to home, to my new current residence here, nearby the park, and I came across a small 2,5 centimeter version of Erry. She had the thing in her white hair, just as you described, as I think it has something to do with Aya, her first and blood sister, a medallion of remembrance I believe. She told me the long story about Iris and Aya and herself, Iris was a probably a micro hunter, which is where my unnervedness came from when I saw the trap..” Annetta paused, taking another sip of the tea. “Sorry off subject… anyway. I came to learn that she was alone, we went to my house after I carefully picked her up, and we shared many things. It’s been about a year and half now, that we’ve been together. She’s shown me quite a few things, we’ve even been gifted magic by her spirit, allowing us to grow and shrink at will. I think some negative energy was affecting her earlier, otherwise, I think she’d be her 1.50 meter height, as we speak. Though, perhaps she will change back when she is ready. She appears to be content like this, with you and me here, her two loving sisters after all… at any rate..” Annetta smiled, drinking more from her tea. “I guess we found out how much we loved each other, nothing would ever separate us, not life, nor death… Erry, well, she just completes me. I want her and no other… I love her with all of my heart…” Annetta happily admitted. “What about you… Care to relate how she and yourself came to learn of one another.. your past… etcetera..?” She patiently awaited, to hear Saphyr’s remarks, she was slowly starting to really come to like the girl, far more at herself ease now.

“Sure but first let me show you something !” As Saphyr ran up the stairs to her room then came down with a doll’s house, a simple one with just one floor… Erry’s eyes opened “Ho… You… you still have my house…? I was so happy when you gave me this… ” Erry opened the tiny door and walked inside, Saphyr opening the roof and showing the interior… Erry was shivering… hadn’t saw this for years… “Well … it was a day at school… but when I got back home it was raining… I saw a tiny blue… halo? bah it’s was far and I couldn’t knew what was this about but when I got closer I found Erry laying on the way… she could be crushed so easily by any human passing by… but I took her and gave her a place to live… and we shared so much things together… then I moved to this house… I had some problems at school… I was always alone… but I had my tiny friend waiting me at home every day I was so happy… but… you said she was … tall? how could that be possible ? ” Erry was jumping and landed on the tiny bed… made with an old handkerchief replacing the plastic bed… she was looking Saphyr then Annetta blushing… happy to have her 2 sisters getting along “Annie…? would you like to visit ? ” Asked the small girl.

Annetta smiled as she heard her story, it actually sounded a lot like her own. “Yeah… that’s Erry alright, she’s so sweet, so loving, always so filled with life. And yes, it’s true, she can grow now, as well as I can shrink.” Annetta giggled as Erry’s face lit up, Saphyr finally bringing down something that Erry had really loved, had really grown attached to, and a place apparently, that she had lived for a rather long while, back when she used to know Saphyr, from her past. “Hahaha, wow, look at the little beauty go, she loves the place, I can tell that house means a lot to her, and as well do you Saphyr..” Annetta beamed. “I’m sorry to hear that you were alone, but I am glad Erry was a part of your life, that means a lot I am sure, she’s been a blessing for me as well. Such an angel..” Annetta smiled admittedly explaining such things to the dark blue haired girl, chuckling as Erry was looking up at them, bouncing up and down on her bed with glee. “Sure why not sweetie.. I will ‘be right down!” Annetta chuckled lightly, standing up right next to the small doll house, she smiled into Saphyr’s eyes. “This is where I shrink sister, make sure to take care of us while we are small ok?” Annetta beamed, looking into Saphyr’s eyes with love, happy to have a new sister. Closing her eyes while standing, a happy thought came into her mind, connecting her to Erry, feeling true love as they shared each others experience at the cafe, remembering only a few hours ago, when both her and Erry had ordered Erry’s first food. A brilliant bright blue radiant light filled her entire being, and shined brighter than the sun in the room, before Annetta’s body would gradually get smaller, finally making it back down to her small size, still a bit taller than Erry. Giggling Annetta got to the door and knocked, “Anyone home…?” Annetta giggled cutely, making her way to the dollhouse stairs, until she got to Erry’s room… “HA… there you are… you can’t hide from me cutie!” Annetta began to play with Erry, jumping up and down on the bed, right next to Erry, smiling over at Saphyr, waving cutely.

“Haha… you just look so cute together…” Saphyr smiled at the two girls “but… you forgot to ask me something I guess… you know… you met Erry and she revived… but… how do you think she leaved my own life…? Don’t you remember Erry ? ” Saphyr closed the tiny plastic door… putting her hand against… she was wearing now a naughty smile… Erry let out a tiny squeak… putting her hands on her head… her eyes started to move strangely in their orbits… “Ann… nie… Help… “

Annetta smiled, back “Thanks sis… I think we do too… you are a good—–” Suddenly Annetta was interrupted as Saphyr spoke out of turn, hearing her pose the question, and it was true Annetta had never asked it, but why should she need to? “What… What do you mean Saphyr? How… How did she leave your life? What are… What are doing!?” Annetta gasped as the door was shut on them, trapping them inside of the doll house. Annetta could see a naughty smile on Saphyr’s face… “What’s the meaning of all of this… SAPHYR…” Annetta roared a bit, but was surrounded by negative energy, Erry was crying, squeaking, as she put her hands to her head… “It’s ok love… I am right here, Saphyr is not going to hurt us… She’s just closing the door to keep the draft out… Right Saphyr?” Annetta said, trying to comfort Erry, holding Erry to her as the white haired angel began to hold her own head with her hands, Annetta’s eyes going wide as her lover moved her eyes about strangely. “Can you please calm down Saphyr, and explain what you mean… you are scaring Erry…” Annetta begged, unable to find a way to shift her size, confused as to why her power wasn’t working!

Erry’s whole body was shivering “No….No… I remember… this warmth… this burning on my skin… she….she…” Saphyr smiled and finished the tiny girl sentence “ATE YOU. right. it was some time ago but… I really wanted to ‘taste you’… don’t you remember Erry? You were the first one… and … this feeling was so incredible that… I have now another chance to do that… thanks to you two to be this… ‘naive’… I had lots of fun with my tiny sister… but I was so wrong too… lured away from the human’s ‘duty’ towards them… let me show you” and with a fast move… she grabbed the tiny crying girl and pushed Annetta back with a single finger.

Annetta felt Erry shivering, this was not right… not right at all! Finally the brunette laid witness to the testimony of Erry, hearing part of what had happened before, that there was warm, but then a burning?… Something about she, but Erry was interrupted… Only to have Saphyr finish that very thought… “YOU?… Saphyr!… I TRUSTED YOU!.. DID YOU REALLY ATE MY GIRL!? YOUR OWN… SISTER! HOW COULD YOU? HOW—–” Annetta was cut off mid sentence yet again as Saphyr spoke, happily interrupting the two, learning that the feeling of devouring Erry was ‘oh so incredible’, and that she couldn’t be happier now, because her and Erry had gone into this situation blindly, having trusted her, only to give Saphyr another chance. “YOU WON’T TOUCH HER…” Annetta growled, getting towards Saphyr, as she began to confront her, but the woman’s large finger easily pushed her away while Saphyr’s free hand grabbed the helpless lover from the brunette’s grasp! “OH MY GOD PLEASE… PLEASE DON’T HURT MY LOVE… I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT… PLEASE… CHOSE ME INSTEAD… LET HER LIVE…!” Annetta began to cry, seeing the joy in Saphyr’s eyes, she felt helpless, trying to get out of the locked house, she’d have to fall two stories just to get out of the doll house, she was trapped, running down to the door, that was now even locked, she began to try and kick it down, running back to the window once she gave up, she looked as her helpless lover was trapped inside of Saphyr’s cruel hands… “PLEEEEEEEASE… DON’T.. HURT… HER…”

Saphyr had a cold stare… “And do you think I had the choice back then !? I loved her ! I was protecting tinies… but… someone opened my eyes… their lives are so… fragile… and… if you knew that feeling… a tiny living body going down inside you… then giving away their lives and bodies inside your guts… have you ever tried that Annetta …? ho… so you’ll do whatever I want…? Even beeing eaten by me …? I’m really lucky to have 2 tinies today you know… but at the same time that’s a bit too much for this tiny belly haha… ” Saphyr licking her lips she was now looking at the small Annetta… the tiny screaming Erry still between 2 giant fingers… “No …! Annie !! if you do this… I’m not sure to see you again !!”

Annetta began to ball her brains out, trapped, she didn’t want to risk never seeing Erry again, but at the same time, she didn’t just feel like ‘standing’ there while Saphyr threatened her life. The brunette knew that no matter what she said, Saphyr would have taken it wrong, so three was no point on telling her of the devourment Erry and Annetta had shared with one another, and why it was so special to them. Saphyr ate others for power, and how wonderful it felt to dominant something else, she didn’t do it for love. Though somewhere, Saphyr said she loved her, she just shook her head. “IF YOU LOVED HER ENOUGH, THEN YOU WOULDN’T DO THIS… YOUR LOVE FOR HER WOULD BE ENOUGH… SO NO… I DON’T THINK YOU EVER LOVED HER… YOU LOVED THE IDEA OF HAVING HER, LIKE PROPERTY… LIKE SHE WAS A POSSESSION… LOVE IS FREE SAPHYR… NOT FORCED…” Annetta retorted, clearly the little teen aged brat had a lot to learn about love and life, but that mattered very little in these last few moments, crying as she looked, seeing the horrible girl lick her lips, wondering how long poor Erry would have to live for this event to finally be over. It was true though, both Erry and Annetta had been lied to, deceived, tricked, and had even shrunk themselves somehow, or had been allowed to do so far their trust… how naive indeed. “ERRY… MY GOD… I WANTED THIS DAY TO BE MAGICAL… NOW LOOK WHAT I’VE DONE, I’VE LED US INTO A TRAP…” Annetta wept bitterly, holding her hands out helplessly at the window of the dollhouse, looking up as the impossible unfolded, truly, Saphyr was a self centered little bitch.

“I still love her. just in a different way… it’s been 3 years… I missed her… and I had today what I needed. ” Saphyr squeezing more the tiny girl between her fingers… Erry screamed in pain “Sooo… ‘lover’… what are you going to do now… it would be soooo easy to swallow her whole in front of you right now… ” Erry was shivering… remembering everything … this so wonderful relation they had… until… 2 other girls messed Saphyr’s mind… hurting her mentally so deeply that Saphyr’s feelings were crushed… an she became the opposite of what she used to be… never to change back to her old self again “Sa…phyr… ” Said the small girl… trying to resist this giant girl… and she was now showing the thing she never wanted to show to Annetta… Erry’s worst nightmare… the game of ‘feelings and traps’ of the Micro Hunters…

Annetta knew that no matter what she said, it mattered little, if not at all. What ever words she’d utter, would just somehow be twisted, Saphyr’s messed up mind somehow translating a perfect meaning into something evil, or of a more selfish nature. All Annetta could do was glower, pissed beyond words, clenching her teeth, she felt sick to her stomach. She hated Saphyr now more than anything else, but if it bought Erry some time, even if it were even later that day, yet Annetta hopped Saphyr would never eat her, even then, she would do it, regardless! She knew that no matter what, fate, life, destiny, eternity, forever… none of those things could keep her away from Erry long. So she made her choice, seeing Erry shiver, tears of rage and hate still in Annetta’s heart for Saphyr, but Annetta had faith. Hearing Erry cry out, begging for Saphyr to change her heart, watching as her lover tried to resist Saphyr no matter what, it didn’t seem to even phase the evil girl. With both Erry and Reese out of power and luck, some evil energies blocking their powers, the small Annetta was useless to stop this crazed ‘micro hunter’. Annetta wasn’t mad at Erry, both girls had been equally tricked. So finally, Annetta sighed deeply, speaking for the both of them. “Saphyr, it’s going to be me… please… Let Erry live… let her have a life… I would sacrifice myself if it meant saving her… Please eat me instead…” Annetta said, not insulting the girl any more, just hoping no more pain would come to Erry. Accepting a resign to her fate, she awaited her terrible end, but… was Saphyr just messing with her?

“No… NO… ANNIE!!!” Screamed Erry as Saphyr put her down back in the house… and picked up the other girl… “Good. know your place Foodie.” Said Saphyr looking at the tiny helpless Annetta she had now between 2 fingers… placing her in her hand’s palm she put her face in front, opened her mouth wide… and rolled out her tongue “Well… Since you want it… go inside.” Erry couldn’t talk anymore… just screaming Annetta’s name… knowing that Saphyr wouldn’t be easy on her lover… she wanted this horrible nightmare to stop…

Annetta’s heart was pierced to the core as Erry cried out, hearing her lover’s saddened voice, mad a tear come to her cheeks, but Annetta didn’t falter. Gulping bravely, she looked on at Saphyr’s face now, showing no fear, even though inside, she was petrified in mortal peril. Feeling her body easily lifted up, once Erry was sat back down in her ‘house’, Annetta felt her body rose through the air, even until she was directly in front of Saphyr’s cruel face, upon her warm but cruel feminine like hands. Hearing her words belted out, it was clear Saphyr thought of herself as a superior over shrunken people or tinies. Staring in defiance of that cold heart and those cruel neutral eyes, Annetta looked bravely back into them, even as the girl opened her mouth wide, rolling her tongue out for her to climb in, hearing those very words a few moments later. Annetta clenched her teeth, knowing there was a rough road ahead, but doing this for her lover, she was unselfish, hoping beyond all hopes that it bought Erry her freedom, staring on into the abyss of this woman’s large cruel mouth, seeing the uvula in the back of her throat, feeling the hot breath assault her entire core. Annetta’s heart raced in her terrified body as she bravely walked keeping a straight face, blinking several times. Getting up from the girl’s palm, carefully climbing up on the tongue she knew would send her to an early grave. Now fully open Saphyr’s tongue, Annetta turned around, smiling warmly into her lover’s eyes and face, waving with her right hand goodbye, blowing her a loving kiss, but not uttering a word… she hoped Erry would stay silent as well through the whole thing, that that would be something Saphyr would never be able to steal from them, their dignity… their true love.


Saphyr let out a pleasure moan as the girl was now inside of her mouth… she played with the tiny body around… pressed the girl against her palate with her tongue… squeezing her but allowing her to breath… Saphyr didn’t wanted to play when a loud growl echoed in her mouth… ‘bathing’ Annetta in that noise… the ‘former human’ girl Annetta was now ‘feeling’ the life of Erry… all those hunts… by probably different girls… that just wanted to have this ‘fun’ of eating tinies… Saphyr moved the tiny body to the back of her mouth… parting her lips right in front of Erry… “Annie !!!! Noooooooo !!!!!” Screamed Erry while with a smooth move… Saphyr lifted up her head all the way back… and swallowed the girl…

Annetta remained resolute, brave even, even if she was terrified, hoping the fates would be kind enough to allow her to see Erry again, she wasn’t sure now, and she was sure that that was probably how Erry had felt on similar occasions. As the girl closed her lips, trapping her into utter darkness, she felt her body easily moved around, but it wasn’t done with the love her Erry had given to her, having done it beautifully with. Still, Erry had ‘prepared’ Annetta for this, for being devoured a live, so Saphyr couldn’t break her. Remaining silent, even as she could hear Erry’s cries, feeling Saphyr shift her around in her mouth, until she briefly saw Erry’s face as the cruel girl parted her lips briefly to taunt the white haired angel, a single tear fell out of Annetta’s eye, one that Erry could see before the cruel girl closed her lips just as quickly as she had opened them, tossing her head back just so, gulping the lump that Annetta was, as it began to form inside of Saphyr’s throat. The bulge that would slowly make its way towards the dark blue hard girl’s hungering stomach, now inside of Saphyr’s neck, the pulsating muscles forcing her ever downward. Annetta could now hear the force of the girl’s powerful heart beating all around her, that constant thumping, Erry would be forced to see her lover swallowed whole and alive. All Annetta could do now was hope now, pray that Erry would be spared, but she no longer trusted Saphyr, and she had no idea why she had trusted her in the first place… Saphyr was just as rotten on the outside, as she was on the inside. The constant tug pulling her further, the peristaltic motions of the micro hunter’s esophagus dominating every facet of Annetta’s life, her entire being.

“I hate you !!!” Screamed Erry “You’re not the Saphyr I knew anymore !! How can you play with us ?! You were my beloved sister… I… trusted you !! how could your mind changed since you met that crazy Fanny !? There was always a solution…always….if you talked to me about this… and not keeping this inside you… maybe… you would still have your feelings… But look what you’ve done… you just ATE MY LOVER stupid girl !! You just ATE my reason to live… the reason for what my eyes keeps opening the morning… to see her… feel her… and live with her, you… just destroyed that… I can’t….live anymore without her…” Erry’s lips shivered as she was now crying ” It’s too much for me to endure… Now do what humans like you are ‘supposed to do’ since you believe this so much and… kill me.” Saphyr was giggling… “Erry Erry… if I told you that Fanny wanted me to eat you… how could you react to this… in fact I loved you yes… but I… ‘changed’… and I can’t feel that love for you anymore… you’re just some food for me now…” Saphyr said with a cold stare “And… if you really want to die… well… I can grant you that wish… ” Saphyr picked up the tiny body… not caring at all she tossed Erry… inside her mouth… and closed her lips… “Now… just be good girls and digest without any trouble please…? ” And with this Saphyr lifted up her head… raised her tongue again… and with a gulping echo all around Erry… Saphyr swallowed her too…” tracing the tiny bulge with her finger… she was drooling… her eyes closed… feeling the 2 girls going deeper inside of her… “Mmmmm….aaaahhhh… sooo… goood…” Erry’s body… was pushed down… deeper inside that cruel girl… again… now remembering this horrible event… not wanting to die… but also wanting to be with…her love… a last time… she was almost inside… her tiny feet already hanging from the opening of…Saphyr’s stomach…

As Annetta continued to be pulled down, she screamed out mentally, but she knew her words couldn’t beard, but it didn’t mean that she didn’t feel or experience them. Tears streaming silently from her eyes, as Erry’s words betrayed how she felt about Annetta. Yet, Annetta couldn’t have asked for a better lover, the more she kept speaking, even if it meant a shorter, much shorter life, for her white haired angel, Annetta could only hope that the fates would have mercy on Erry and Annetta’s existence. If nothing else, the words Erry spoke were beautiful, making Annetta love her all the more, feeling that special to someone else, even when dying, made all of the difference in the world. A few second later, and the brunette’s little body was pulled inside of Saphyr’s caustic gut, as she fell down with a heavy splash, hearing Saphyr begin to derail her lover, degrade her, belittle her. Words were useless, and if this ended how Annetta had predicted, she wanted to have enough energy to express her love for her, and comfort her when she too would finally arrive, so she paused, doing nothing. Even though that thought was dark, it was well founded, knowing that she couldn’t trust Saphyr, even if Erry hadn’t spoken, still these next few moments were hard to take. Erry’s mind to be crushed by her sister, Erry expressing her love to her, only to be betrayed, being told she was nothing but food. Unceremoniously even, and rather quite fast, Annetta heard everything unfold. From Erry being tossed inside, just after the cruel girl’s words ended, until Erry was sliding back, even as the girl made an audible gulping sound with her powerful throat as the esophagus of her cruel micro hunter’s body finally gripped her lover. Sickened in her stomach as she heard the large teen moaning, she could tell the girl had reached a hand up to her throat as the weight shifted around Saphyr’s waist and shoulder, mocking Erry’s entry, hearing those cruel words in reverberation all around her. Knowing now that all Saphyr planned to do with their hapless, helpless, trapped little bodies, was to digest them down whole and leave them as nothing but the ‘food’ she so ‘warmly’ described. Annetta watched in silent horror as her lover’s body finally made it to Saphyr’s stomach pucker, seeing her feet coming through, instead of Erry landing on the stomach with a splash, Annetta caught her in her arms, hugging her tightly. “You … YOU!… Why… why honey?… Your words, they only sent you to your demise… with me… Still, it’s so wonderful to be with you. I am so sorry she said such cruel things to you… I am sorry we both were tricked by her, but it wasn’t our fault, we couldn’t have known, she’s a master at her horribly ways. But let us not fret, let us rejoice in our true love, our friendship, our sisterly bond, surely those things are stronger than death… yes my love?” Annetta wept as she held Erry in her arms, trying to stand up to keep her out of the acids that was at her feet, willing to do anything for her, with her… in their last moments. Wanting her passage through life to death to be as sweet as possible. She was grateful the bitch on the outside could no longer hear her, these two now destined to die, at least they wouldn’t face the edge of no existence, without each other. Annetta began to passionately kiss Erry on the lips, ignoring the gastrointestinal noises all around her, as the stomach slow began to spray the two with damaging acids.

“It’s…because….you’re the one for me…” Said the smiling Erry… but with a sad looking face… wrapping her arms around her lover… they were again almost at the same size… but inside that cruel girl’s stomach… That was enjoying the presence of the two girls inside… Erry let out a tiny scream when she saw the acids level raising… the 2 girls would die soon… but together… and they were much more than food for this young girl… they were lovers… Erry’s hand went down Annetta’s lower privates… rubbed softly the ‘lips’… then put a finger inside… whispering in her ear… “Annie… just… a…last time… I’m not sure… but I want to make that promise between us… I’ll see you again… and….I’ll love you again you can count on that !!” Erry started to kiss the girl deeply… the tiny girl stretching her smaller body, on the tip of her toes… kissing her lover….not caring of the horrible noises around and the raising acids around their small bodies…

For their love, Annetta couldn’t have been more grateful, feeling the pulsating churning of the kneading muscles of the cruel girl’s stomach all around them, they were more drowned out now as she listened to Erry’s sweet voice speak, calming her conscious and bringing peace to her spirit. Annetta’s eyes teared up with emotion as her lover spoke about them, that she was the one for her, Annetta hearing that promise, feeling Erry’s finger in her sex, Annetta used her other arm, still keeping Erry safe from the acid, she began to rub her lover’s sex, pushing in two fingers at first, there was no one else Annetta would rather die with, than with the one she loved more than life itself. Sad that these moments had brought them where they were, still, Annetta could be grateful, speaking her peace, she repeating many of the same words back to Erry. “And I you my love… forever and always, death will not break true love… all it can do it delay it for a little while… WE will be together again. Regardless of what this fool of a evil girl that Saphyr is, she can’t take away that true love, that burning passion that resides in the very heart of us… We are one… you and I my sweet Erry, and I would travel to the ends of the earth for that love… You have my heart. I promise I will find you, we will see each other again, I am not sure when… But don’t lose heart, this is not goodbye…” Annetta moaned as she began to give into the frictions she felt at her lover’s hands, kissing back against Erry as she smooched deeply, falling onto her back still holding Erry, laying up against the side of the stomach walls while she could. Annetta continued to push her fingers in harder and deeper, not breaking that kiss, blocking out the pain in her mind with the love she had felt for the white haired angel. Finally, with Erry’s beautiful vaginal ministrations over her sex, Annetta caved, spraying her fem cum all over her lover’s hand and on the stomach wall and acids below as she humped and rocked her hips vigorously. Giving it her all, as she felt her body literally dissolve beneath her, she tried bringing Erry to her climax before her end, pushing hard, and long and deep and passionately, opening her eyes, breaking that kiss… she spoke for the very last time… Coughing hard “The acids… they… they burn… I can’t feel my legs… I love you Erry… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!..” Annetta moaned, awash between pleasure and pain, as she continued to try and bring her Erry over the edge, her hands finally falling to her sides, as her eyes rolled back into her skull, having given up the ghost… praying in her last thoughts that Erry wouldn’t have to suffer long.


“Aaaaah aaaaaahhhhh… !” Erry was feeling the juices splashing on her… she squeezed the girl with both of her arms… and came on her… “Nnnnnnn… Aaaaannnniiieeeeeee aaaaaahhhh…!! ” Erry splashing her own juices on her lover’s hand… she saw Annetta suffering… Life already starting to fade from Annetta’s eyes… she wanted to ease this suffering for both of them… giving a strong embrace on her lover with her arms… pressing her young body on Annetta’s… she was coughing… “No… Annie….don’t leave me… please… Annie !” and with a last bit of strength she got… Erry put her tiny legs onto the stomach surface… Managed to grab Annetta’s now lifeless body within her arms… and pushed hard against the stomach wall with her tiny foots… allowing the 2 girls to fall into the hungry pool… going to the bottom of it… Erry squeezed her lover’s body… a last time… giving the deepest kiss to her… as her eyes closed… her mind disappearing from her body… leaving at the bottom of that stupid girl stomach 2 pieces….of …’food’… Saphyr burped cutely… not feeling the girls moving anymore… her stomach pouring stronger acids on the two tiny girls that were melting together… “Well… It was interesting to meet you again Erry… and you Annie… you should really learn what is to be a real ‘human’ haha… hoooo but in the end… you’ll just be my afternoon snack… stupid girl…” As Saphyr patted her belly… the two small bodies were reaching the intestines… that welcomed them by breaking them… melting them together in a nourishing soup for this brat’s body… not leaving a single trace of them… as Saphyr ‘s body absorbed both of the girls… and won’t probably think of them ever again…

Back at Annetta home… now looking sad without anybody to leave in… two blue flames appeared on the ceiling…and soon Erry’s ‘spirit’ awoke…another burning flame was inside of her near the place where her heart would be… then the tiny flame parted apart… Erry took that flame withing her glowing hands and smiled… ‘creating’ a beautiful body from that tiny blue fire… The body of a girl that didn’t deserved to be broken today… a girl that Erry loved beyond life itself… Erry’s mind smiled… then in a white flash… both flames disappeared… Leaving on the bed two girls breathing softly… pressed against each other… sleeping peacefully while they were holding each other in a strong but soft embrace… waiting in their dreams to be together again when they’ll wake up…

End of part 10