Annie and Erry Part 11

It happened again… In this ‘world’ were 2 type of people live known as the ‘humans’ and the ‘micros’. The small ones are tiny enough to stand on a human hand but also are so small that some other humans decided to ‘use’ them in many different ways… Becoming a piece of jewelry, being used as a ‘pleasure toy’, beeing a slave for human entertainment and … Sometimes as food… The so called ‘tinies’ by humans are now hiding wherever they can… Trying to survive, hidden from all the humans. Sometimes it worked well but sometime not… The worst in this story was the birth of a tiny group that grew big enough to reach different countries… It was the ‘Micro Hunters’. For those young ones, hunting small people is just a ‘game’ and they’ll do everything to get them… Even setting up traps made for small people…

Saphyr was one of them. She was friendly with small people before… Had one of them as her best friend and even accepted to become her ‘sister’… Until the day where Saphyr’s mind was deeply wounded and broken by some people that wanted to show her what is was to ‘be human’ and when she got back to her house she wasn’t the same caring sister for her small friend… And soon enough ‘disposed’ of the small girl in her very own stomach… That small girl was Erry… A small white haired girl that was hated among small people because of that… Telling that it was a mark of the witches and a symbol of an imminent disaster…

Erry lived with this as hard at it was. But someday all of this changed, the day when she met the human girl named Annetta. The girl took care of Erry so much and gave her something ‘special’ too that was love. Both Erry and Annetta had lived many things together… Experienced many things too and they also discovered a special ‘power’ among them. Erry had the power to came back to life, the firsts times not remembering everything that happened but soon they got ‘aware’ of this power withing the small girl’s body. Some time later, Annetta was gifted this power too by Erry’s spirit that came back to her at night… But it wasn’t everything too… Singe the girls could now change their sizes at will.

Now ‘equal’ in size, Annetta and Erry’s relation grew even stronger. Annetta wanted Erry to ‘try’ a deep experience with her and… Wanted also to be eaten by her white haired angel. It was a part of their relation, many humans would have done this as a ‘game’ but for Erry it was like giving her own life and body to feed her lover’s body, to be a part of her blood, her skin, her hair and her mind. Annetta wanted Erry to feel this too… And with a small hesitation Erry finally accepted and swallowed the girl she loved… Singing for her as Erry’s body took care of the small Annetta… To finally see her again the next day. Appearing just like Erry did many times before…

Erry, now at human size wanted to ‘discover’ more of the ‘human world’ where Annetta lives… And the girls went around in the city. Erry was looking shy with all the people around and she was fearing all the humans. But some of them were nice to her and weren’t fearing her hair color. When going back at Annetta’s house, Erry heard a tiny scream… Going into a side street, Erry found a small girl… Stuck inside a Micro Hunter’s trap… Erry managed to save the small girl that weren’t thankful to her as she went into a small wall’s crack… When Annetta went inside the street too she saw Erry shiver… The young girl was crying and her body started to change… Erry was shrinking and back to her old size…

Saphyr went inside of the street. She was hearing something and saw Annetta holding a tiny girl in her hand but not the small girl herself… After some talking Saphyr ‘discovered’ that the small girl was in fact her ‘old’ sister but not remembering what happened between them. Using this, Saphyr asked the two girls to come in her house and gave them some tea. After some time Annetta was trusting her and showed her their ‘ability’ to change her size, joining the small Erry… But soon Erry started to shiver and cry… Slowly remembering what happened between her and Saphyr…

It didn’t took long for Saphyr to take advantage of the small girls that couldn’t grow back… Picking up Annetta she ate her in front of Erry’s eyes… Reminding her when she lost her sister Aya the same way… Erry yelled at Saphyr that wasn’t anymore the girl Erry learned to love… And asked her to join Annetta… Saphyr giggled as she did this again… Swallowing the small girl another time… And not wanting this to happen again… The two lovers were now together again… But not for long as Saphyr’s hungry body was about to claim their tiny lives… Annetta closed her eyes soon and her spirit leaved her body… Erry screamed her lover’s name… Holding her lifeless body in her arms before hugging it tight… And let herself fall into Saphyr’s digestive juices… Letting the cruel Micro Hunter feed on the two girls that wanted this day to be a happy one…

It wasn’t over yet… Erry’s spirit came back again… And ‘created’ a girl’s body in her hands… Annetta’s body… And in a bright white flash, there was only the small Annetta sleeping on her gigantic bed… Holding in her arms her precious lover… Erry.


Annetta could feel a pull in the cosmos, and thankfully so. Unbeknownst to her, her ‘power’ was still growing, not fully ‘realized’ yet. Had it been that she wasn’t in the stomach with Erry when she died, they’d not have been pulled together, Annetta temporary becoming one with Erry, just like they’d talked about metaphorically, little would Annetta ever know just how fortunate she was that night… because from metaphor, it actually became truth, Annetta was literally at ‘one’ with Erry, melted into one being after they’d became chyme in Saphyr’s stomach. Else wise, Annetta really would have been ‘gone for good’, Erry was right, the gift that Erry had given her, not ‘fully realized’ yet. The dark blue haired micro hunter, such a sweet girl to have fallen so far, one whom used to love Erry more than just a friend, even as a sister, her having given in to the peer pressure of micro hunters. Such a sad loss, for it seemed both Erry and Saphyr could have been so great for each other. Yet, she’d had her time and gave it up for something else, Erry had become one with Annetta, Saphyr losing out on something that could have even been more magical, getting certainly the short in of the stick, as both Annetta and Erry couldn’t have been more happy. That final pull back in from the cosmos with Erry’s ‘help’, Annetta’s very soul being pulled back from the essence of ectoplasmic dust. The brunette’s form becoming carbon based and not just spiritual entirely, these two perfect little beings now materializing within their room in their new found life, the pair moving as they slowly began to float down, resting gently in the spirit form, until they were fully reforming. The beautiful blue flame brightly shining brilliantly as their glorious forms presented themselves within the room’s interior. Their magical ‘invisible wings’ shining brightly for now, all to the cusp, just before the shapes dissipated, once both girl’s had landed upon the frame of the rather comfortable mattress, their small frames coming to lay fully to rest, as Annetta’s left arm lay over the top of her lover, as they’d fallen asleep, just as they had the few nights before, fate remembering even their pose, their perfection… their true love, not one thing was forgotten. The brunette screaming with a few tears, having the nightmare of what was happening to her just before she was ‘erased’, yet somehow that dream shifting into a warm bright white light, coming back into a blueish one, until she was feeling entirely surrounded by warmth and love. Opening her soul’s eyes, as she materialized, looked at Erry, it being the early morning now, Annetta understood, everything. She remembered ceasing to exist… she even remembered Erry ‘pulling’ her back from the black darkness of emptiness. As Reese looked, she could see Erry in front of her, thanking the gods this wasn’t some kind of a dream, that she actually existed again, that she was pulled from the ‘jaws of hell’, fully connected to Erry. A few silent tears streaming down as they fell from her eyes as she stroked Erry gratefully on her hair line. Not wanting to wake her up, but more than thrilled to tell Erry of her out of body experience, wanting to share everything with her, she’d not rustle the white haired angel until she was fully rested, arising in her own due time and pleasure.

Erry was still sleeping… she was remembering what happened… when Annetta ‘died’ in her own arms… she let out some tears… and squeezed even more her body against her lover as she was sleeping… Erry was feeling so sad that her ‘mind’ went to search her lover for her… Erry didn’t remembered this part in her dream… but knew she was somehow with Annetta again… her sweet scent, her soft skin where the white haired girl was resting on… she whispered her lover’s name in her sleep… not knowing that she was already awaken…

Annetta just looked on, trying to ‘read’ her lover’s emotions and expressions through her face, her dream seeming somewhat troubled, as her face contorted and winced, seeing tears fall in her sleep, Annetta gulped, guessing it was most likely of their last moments, bringing a few tears to Annetta’s eyes even as she watched her lover sleep, these few in sadness. Yet it appeared that Erry’s dreams had shifted, becoming far less troubled, Annetta hearing her own name whispered in her lover’s slumber, bringing a smile to her face, telling the small brunette all she needed to know, that indeed Erry’s thoughts and emotional upheavals had been for her own self, Annetta weeping now for a different reason, happy now that she knew Erry could ‘sense’ her, even if she wasn’t awoken yet. Annetta just allowing her lover to sleep for as long as she needed, the brunette guessing it had taken even more out of Erry this time, being that she had to ‘reform’ the both of them, it would be extra taxing. Allowing her lover all of the time that she needed, Erry was pulled into Annetta’s embrace, the brunette fully laying on her back now, up on a pillow portion of the blankets, able to tilt her head up some, as her back was now partially diagonal in an upward tilt, allowing her to pull Erry in just under her chin and slightly above her right breast, Annetta’s right arm pulling the white haired angel’s body fully into her side, giving her a kiss so soft, that it would not interrupt her dreaming. The now content Reese just looking on, and slightly down as she stroked through her lover’s hair, cooing ever so quietly.

Erry had a sudden gasp… her eyes opened… and she raised her body… breathing and coughing loudly… she looked down… saw her lover and ‘landed’ on her… wrapping her body with her arms “Annie…ANNIE!!! I though you were… ” Erry gulped “I… I didn’t remembered… what happened once with her and… I didn’t knew we could go back from this… Annie… ” Erry was holding tight the girl’s body… never to be parted from her… “I… I was so scared… not to see you again…”

Annetta looked into her lover’s eyes, thanking the gods Erry was indeed in her life again, wanting, and now finally able to tell her all, of exactly what happened last night… leading up to the very moments just before Erry had awoken from her slumber. “I remember it like it was yesterday, because it was I guess…” Annetta sighed deeply, another tear rolling down her cheek, this one in fear and sadness, but which wouldn’t last long once she had explained all of the negative, then going to these positive moments. “Right after I was digested… YOU…” Annetta’s eyes go wide at the thought… “You were right Erry. It if weren’t for you, if you’d not have been swallowed down as well… I…” Annetta gulped as she paused.. “I would have ceased to exist. I was falling, I was dead… my soul… it… it was ceasing to exist… but as you died…” Annetta began to shake and shudder, tears streaming out as she gasped to speak… “As you died, your… Your soul came for me, it grabbed me out of the grasp of nothingness, out of the black fog that would have devoured my very mind, body and soul… I was to cease to exist… but… Your spirit wouldn’t allow it! In your last moments, just before you were ‘erased’, you ‘pulled me into you’… making us one, just like we always spoke about, except, this wasn’t just a metaphor… Through your magic, I was allowed to live again. Oh my god Erry… I was so scared… So alone… I was so scared I would never see you again.” Annetta gulped hard, tears still streaming down her face. “But… Then you pulled me into you, away from sadness, all I felt after that was warmth and piece, surrounded by a bright white light, which then turned into a blue one, the blue brilliant light of your ‘magic’. I had an out of body experience, as we reformed and came to our room… You made me whole. I was pulled back out of you, the separate part of our connecting, my individual soul, was given back its own corporeal form, I was made into a separate entity… I was remade and reformed by your love and your magic.. YOU…” Annetta balled out holding Erry tightly… “YOU SAVED ME…” Annetta said so quietly her last few words, barely audible… weeping gratefully for a time, until her emotions were fully out. Sniffling as a look of appreciation and true love come over her mind.. she then began again. “When I ‘came to’, I was still sleeping, or my body was, my spirit watched the whole event. We drifted, floating back to this mattress, fully reformed, I saw a smile on my face, I was literally in the arms of an angel… Yours… I LOVE YOU… SOOO MUCH… Erry…” Annetta glomped onto the white haired lover of hers divine, holding her into her, crying for a while, so happy to be with her and have her again, kissing her on the cheeks, pulling Erry’s lips into hers briefly for a passionate kiss once she’d finally finished crying, going back to gently stroking Erry’s soft short vibrant platinum white hair.


“An…nie… I don’t…understand all of this… but… I’m so happy to be with you again… as you said that before too… I would die… for real if I had to lost you someday forever… I want to stay with you ” Erry was hugging the girl… kissing her back… “You and me are one entity… I can’t live without you and it goes the same for you… I’m really sorry we got lured by this ‘old sister’ of mine… I didn’t remembered what happened to me once with her… but she wasn’t like that at first… some stupid girls broke her mind… and… I don’t hate her for that… but I would not like to meet her again… I want to be just… with you Annie. ” Erry put her hand on Annetta’s cheek “I love you Annie.” Erry knew it was a so used expression… but for her it was real… this burning love in her young chest… making her heart beat so hard as it was like filled ‘with love’

Certainly Erry wouldn’t have to worry here, as the beautiful dark haired brunette couldn’t enough of her lover. Hearing the words ‘I love you’, Miss Reese couldn’t ask her lover to speak them enough, wanting to hear those words every day. As each time Erry had spoken them, the fully enamared and truly compassionate and in love Annetta, would grow that much closer to her, by actions, words… and deeds. Smiling as Erry spoke, she knew it was a lot for her to take in, but she knew Erry believed every word, even if it would take some time to process. As Erry spoke it, as she had the look in her eye, the way she trembled, yet the tone in her voice speaking louder than anything else at the moment, Annetta forgave Saphyr just as Erry had… still, she’d never forget what she’d done, unable to trust Saphyr ever again. Yet, it was perfect, if Saphyr was ever seen again, Annetta’s intact mind, never having lost an ounce of the information, always being the more ‘collected’ of the two, Annetta would never allow Erry to be fooled by the girl gone wrong, ever again. “I want to stay with you too, and yes… I have agree, we are on entity, as our souls have testified of this. I will never let Saphyr hurt you again, even if I forgive her… I will never forget what she has done to us. My photographic memory and my audio graphical memory, will never forget any second of the pain she caused you. I will her coming from afar, and she will NEVER get a chance to hurt you, EVER again… You have my word my love…” Annetta said, gently pulling Erry in for another hug, kissing her warmly on the cheek. Feeling Erry’s hand on her cheek, Annetta smiled as she sighed out, taking over of her hands onto the woman’s arm and nuzzling her hand into her face, kissing her on the other cheek, just before she spoke again… her last few, but very meaningful words, as Erry didn’t mean something, unless she truly felt it… leaving the brunette to cry a few tears of grateful joy… “I know… I know you do… By actions… by words… but more importantly, your deeds, our true love… You saved me… No one can love another more, than if they lay down their own lives because of them and for them… I Love you… SOOOO… SOOO Much.. My dear sweet Erry..” Annie sighed out, laying there for a time with Erry on her…

With a finger Erry wiped out the tears from Annetta’s eyes… she knew that Annetta was happy… but didn’t wanted to see her beautiful face wearing these… she was looking a bit around “hmmm…? We…’re still like this…? It’s not that… I hate my size but… wouldn’t that be better if we were back to your size Annie…? and… it’s a bit weird… but I would like to grow… with you… feeling our bodies getting back to that ‘human size’ together… if you want of course… I know it will be alright… ” Erry was sitting… waiting Annetta’s answer… and ready to hug her if she wanted to do that…with her.

Annetta sighed, sniffling a few more times as she looked back into Erry’s eyes as she was wiping her tears. The drying salt upon her cheeks a mixture from both happy and sad tears, finally replaced with a rather radiantly warm and beaming smile of joy. Taking in every word in to heart that Erry had said, Annetta could also tell Erry didn’t want her to cry, as she knew her lover never wanted her to shed those tears. Yet, she couldn’t help it when she was around someone she loved so much, someone so beautiful and pure. Erry always brought out the best in Annetta, making her a better person, and now more than ever, able to finally provide that love to the very deserving white haired girl, she’d always wanted to do with another lover, her now finally getting a wish that she’d saught after, granted. The question wasn’t hard for the loving brunette… As every new thing, every new adventure, Annetta wanted to do with it Erry… and only her! Annetta’s heart was then forced to skip a beat as Erry spoke, leaving her tummy to fill up with wondrous little butterflies. Reese began to smile as she nodded her head satiated… “Absolutely my love… At any chance we get, I want to share something new with you, everyday. Of all of the things we’ve learned.. Your magic, our size change… I would LOVE to do this with you… to be connected with you on that plane of existence, just before our miraculously change together, I too… know it will be alright..” Annetta finally got up on her knees, waiting for Erry to do the same, as she’d then grab Erry by the hands, staring deeply into her eyes. Holding her hands out, Annetta opened her digits, ready to interlock her fingers with her lover, and close her eyes, once Erry was true and fully ready. At that point, she’d then speak “Then whenever you are ready my love… we shall begin..” Annetta said softly, soothingly, and quietly… awaiting her partner to reach her back in the same likeness and gesture, before they continued together through this new exploration, this new journey in their beautiful life together.

Erry bowed her head… then grabbed her lover’s fingers with hers… with a soft sigh… Erry closed her eyes… feeling her lover in front of her… her body started to grow… still ‘seeing’ Annetta in her heart in front of her doing the same… this ‘transformation’ wasn’t hurting her so much like the first times… because Annetta was here… the ‘glow’ around her disappeared… she was now to her ‘human size’, still a bit smaller than her lover… but Annetta was her ‘older’ sister after all… she wasn’t opening her eyes yet… wanting to know if her lover was back too…

Just as Erry had predicted it, once the white haired angel was ready, Annetta grasped her lover’s fingers into her own embrace, she closed her eyes exactly with her lover, doing everything together all at once. The brilliant blue glow able to be seen, at least with the brightness, past their closed eyes, leaving the two with no doubt that indeed their love was changing them. In fact, this appeared to be the safest and most reliable way, Erry actually ‘teaching’ Annetta yet another thing. With their combined magic that Erry had blessed with both of their life’s with, their bodies simultaneously responded to their true love, almost immediately! Within seconds, Erry and Annetta were back to their original size the day before, Annetta still keeping her eyes closed as somehow, she was connected to Erry on a spiritual level, not wanting to break it off all at once, wanting to keep that peace and frame of mind. Annetta could ‘see’ where her lover’s body was, so she reached forward and kissed Erry lovingly and softly against her lips, more as a way to seal that she indeed was ok… and the time that they were connected, Annetta had read the woman’s very thoughts, yet another facet of magic, most likely coming from Erry, Annetta knew to be real, otherwise, it could have in no way, been possible. A single happy tear, coming out of Annetta’s eye duct, and dropping onto her loving cheek, her sensitive and grateful heart able to be with Erry on a whole new level.. Annetta finally slowly opened her eyes, she knew she’d seen an angel. “You can open your eyes now love. I’m not sure if you heard my thoughts… but when our hands were connected, just before the end of the brilliant blue light, I could see into your mind, at least these last few thoughts you were thinking… My god honey… your spirit is so strong… so beautiful… it’s overwhelming… I love it SOOO MUCH…” Once Erry’s eyes were opened, Annetta pulled her in warmly, sniffling lightly as tears dripped onto Erry’s back, before Annetta snuffled, breaking the hug, wiping the tears from her eyes as she coughed cutely, smiling. “I’m sorry honey… I’m just so sensitive… my heart feels so much love for you… I don’t mean to cry… You just make me so happy…” Annetta coughed a bit more, finally coming down from her true love euphoria a bit more, getting off the bed, after breaking her hand’s grip with Erry, kissing her lover’s hands gently, before getting to the closet… “So cutie… what do you want to wear today? There are still plenty of clothing items in here that you can fit just fine… And I have plenty of sandals, shoes… high heels… what ever you want… What’s mine is yours… You have my heart… I belong to you… and I hope you to me… Forever..”

Erry opened her eyes too after feeling the girl… on many levels… she was feeling her tear fall on her back… but it didn’t mattered for Erry who placed her arms on her lover’s back… hugging the girl… then finally talking “Annie… I could feel your love too… it was so… strong… so warm… it was… just like… You.” she couldn’t say any other word… this girl was everything she loved… and her new ‘sister’… “Annie… thank you again… I’m sorry if … we’ve lost your clothes we had before… but I’ll try not to surprise you again… I didn’t expected my body to react like that and … shrink again… maybe I can’t stay at this size too much… but… as long as I’m with you … big or small you’ll be the same in my heart… ” Erry was looking the girl’s old clothes… it was like when her sister Aya gave her old dress… at this time Erry wasn’t really wearing ‘clothes’ and it was important for her… this time she didn’t took any random clothes… Annetta looking something on the other side… Erry took pants again… still wondering what was this… ‘bra’ thing… she took a deep black dress… with some laces on the lower part and on the shoulders… her arms fully outside of it… she took assorted black sandals and also put them on… “I’m… ready Annie… is that Hhhmmm… something a human girl should be wearing…? ”

Annetta beamed, smiling as Erry spoke, hearing her reply on how happy she was, and that indeed, she too, felt all of that Annetta had. It was magical, meant to be, as Annetta never believed in accidents, Erry was a part of her life, everything that she’d done prior in her life, lead up to her being with someone so dear and so wonderful. “I’m so happy you got to experience every portion of our love, it was grand wasn’t it?” Annetta said while sighing, breathed out, exuberant and beyond elated that she had Erry in her life, like this… it was all… so perfect to her. Annetta listened more, not at all in regards to a loss, she shook her head, shushing Erry, lovingly. “Oh honey… how could you have known… she deceived us both. No, I don’t hate her, I hate what she did to us… But we say, no one can break us apart, our souls and our love, and your magic is testimony to it… of that I have no doubt! Material things are just that, replaceable, our love, on the other hand.. is not… I would never have another for myself but you… You complete me dear sister… my true love..” Annetta reassured. As Erry began to get dressed, Annetta giggled, biting her lower lip, her precious Erry in her old black dress, which was still rather elegant, it seemed to fit Erry rather well. Leaving Annetta only to smile as Erry spoke again, agreeing whole heatedly. “My dear… You look amazing.. ravishing… beyond gorgeous… stunning, truly… You look amazing!” Annetta sighed as she smiled longingly, Erry was all grown up now, their love making her a woman, even if her sweet still heart and spirit were somewhat in childlike resemblance, the essence of her was now so grown up. Annetta got dressed in front of Erry, first putting her bra over her arms, and then around her back, leaving Erry to understand how the bra cupped her lover’s breasts. Annetta put on an elegant dress, it was white with colors of various flowers and leaves all over it as the pattern, coming all the way down to her mid shin length, Annetta putting on a rather attractive pair of sandals, almost matching Erry’s own, Annetta pulling everything together and straightening out her hair, looking radiant and more than ever so, due to Erry’s love for her.. “So… do I look alright?” Annetta looked into her lover’s eyes shyly for a moment, then taking these to the next step of getting ready for their day. Taking her lover’s hands, she ‘guided’ Erry up on a stool in the bathroom, in front of a full vanity mirror, patting the chair with her hand, anxious to ‘doll her up’ if she allowed it. “Want to wear some makeup, and if so… do you have any special or specific colors you like? I would love to adorn you… if you desire..” Annetta said with a pretty smile.

Erry was looking Annetta getting dressed… so it was like this with this ‘bra’… she’ll try next time but for now she was looking her lover “you’re… amazing too! Well… with other tiny ones we were wearing what we found… and sometimes just some torn silk but Annie… you’re perfect…! ” Erry was now guided by her lover to the other room but didn’t understood… “what… what is makeup…? and… I like the blue color” Erry still not really understanding what Annetta was thinking.

Annetta smiled affectionately, her heart pattering at the words she was hearing Erry speak to her. Making her feel warm, appreciated and loved, she felt that there was no better place to belong than here with her angel. Annetta giggled marvelously, she was so cute, the childlike personality of her beginning to come out as she felt was cared for and saught after, with Erry longing for her. “Thank you… thank you so much… it feels so wonderful being looked at like you are looking at me now. I can try to understand what that was like for you… Still how you made it so far, you’re so strong, you are the iron rock in our relationship, a perfect example of how to live through adversity, and still be able to live again, to love… to forgive… You teach me so much every day… ” Annetta said, gulping hard, in the back of her mind, Aya was there, but it was almost as if Annetta could feel Aya’s spirit in the room with them, almost like she was loving this pair’s embrace and relationship, watching after them perhaps? Annetta giggled as Erry asked, she didn’t seem to be fighting it, so Annetta took over, but was gentle of course. “Close your eyes beautiful, I will show you. Let me help you understand the ‘magic’ of glamour…” Annetta said, waiting until Erry was ready, taking her blue pen and drawing it over Erry’s eyelids. She then took her neon blue mascara, and lightly ran it over her lover’s eyelashes, making sure she was gentle, as to not poke her in her eyes. Annetta then took a bit of blush and lightly powered her lover’s cheeks in a true blue, but not overpoweringly so. Rubbing it in lightly with the brush, and lightly brushing over the inside of her eye lids. The brunette then took a light yet radiant royal bluem and adorned it onto Erry’s lips, putting in a few Sapphire earrings, to match… Annetta then smiled. “All done gorgeous… Open your eyes, look into the mirror… tell me what you see…” Annetta gulped, nervously wondering what Erry might think, her heart racing… hoping it wasn’t something that Erry might not like, as she’d put her all into it, wanting to have made Erry happy. “I think you look like a woman, so graceful, your face, those colors, the blue… I think it looks absolutely remarkable and fantastic on you!”

Erry opened her eyes wide… approached her face to the mirror… “what…it’s…” Erry was shivering and put her hand on the mirror, looking deeply at herself… “it’s beautiful Annie… I… didn’t knew about that… but… I feel… different, I like this.” and turning back to face Annetta… she wrapped her arms around her… Erry was blushing and smiling, learning a new ‘human thing’ but also feeling ‘beautiful’ for her lover…

As Annetta anxiously awaited, Erry finally opened her eyes, the brunette’s heart racing for what felt like miles per hour in her chest, for a moment that seemed to last forever, Annetta’s face briefly turning red, but the brunette still much elated at how gorgeous she personally thought Erry was, it finally happened. Erry was pleased!… Annetta finally hearing what Erry had thought, and it was a welcomed relation indeed. Annetta blushed, biting her lower lip, giggling cutely. “I’m so glad you like it love. When we have more time to practice, if you like, I can show you how to apply your own make-up, but for now… Anytime you want me to adorn your body, just ask… I would love to, those clip on earrings look great on you, if you want at some time, we can get your ears pierced and you can have ‘real’ earrings then…” Annetta paused thinking deep in thought, as a prior memory came to her head.. “I used to love to draw back before I came to this city, back before I became a bio chemical engineer… Your face, is that of an angel. Blue… Is definitely your color!” Annetta giggled, blushing as she ran her arm over her lover’s hip. “Human words can’t express how radiant you look right now.. I—-” Annetta was happily interrupted as Erry turned around to wrap her loving arms around her, seeing her beautiful smile and watching her blush, she was like a goddess, leaving the sensitive Annetta to a few more happy tears briefly, it was a good thing she hadn’t put her own make-up on yet. After time, Annetta sniffled a bit, giving one more tight squeeze, kissing Erry on the cheek, not messing her make-up, she then began to adorn her own. Annetta loved brown and red, as an artist, one of her favorite colors was blue, but brown was more for her facial colors and make-up, as she loved to also wear red smearproof lipstick, her sister of course having the smearproof type as well, as she didn’t want it Erry to have any awkward moments. Applying her own makeup, blush, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner… the brunette putting on all of the final touches, blending it in, dolling up her hair, just wanting to feel pretty, she blushed, giggling small… turning to her lover again after putting her make-up away… she asked, “So… do I look like a girl you want to spend some time getting to know even better… maybe go out on a date with today, see some fun sights? Perhaps head to the restaurant and get a catered basket of food to eat at a picnic?” Annetta hadn’t fully told Erry all of what it had meant yet, but once that final part of the day had begun, Annetta would all re unfold it to her love, unless she had already figured it out by then! Holding out her hand, Annetta smiled warmly, taking her purse in her other, and waited for Erry to grab it before heading out to go explore and have fun!

Erry put her hand on her ear “pi…pierce them…? I… don’t know what to think about that yet…” Erry was playing a bit with the tiny earrings… “Ah drawing, I used to do this too when I was small… mainly when I have some flashes from my ‘previous lives’ I think… but I can’t really remember them… juts some ‘pictures’ in my mind… ” Erry was now looking Annetta at ‘work’… looking at every detail she was adding… the colors were fitting her perfectly “you look really… Beautiful Annie, I really didn’t knew all of this since we don’t do that but… it fits you really well” Said Erry while smiling then grabbing her sister’s hand “I’ll go where you want Annie, I just want to be with you, nothing else could make me happy like that!”

Annetta beamed, smiling warmly at her sister and lover, “Nah, piercing isn’t for everyone, girl’s just do it in part to feel pretty. It’s not required really, you can just start out by trying to get used to having clip on Erry. Though, if you end up liking it enough and want to make it permanent, we can always go to the mall some time and get it done. It’s a really quick process, just a quick PINCH and it all over. Takes about a week for it to heal completely, it’s basically just punching a small hole in your earlobe, so you can wear things in that specific hole.” Annetta said simply and gently. Now holding Erry by the hand as she nods her head, heading outside finally, “Thanks for the warm compliments sweetie, I am glad that you like my make-up, being a woman in her twenties, I wasn’t raised like you, so I actually had plenty of experience, so I am more than happy to guide and aid you with mine… You know I will do anything for you love..” Annetta would now lead Erry to the local mall, being that it was a rather small town, pretty much everything was within walking distance, or a good 10 to 15 minutes, which always goes by fast when you are with the one that you love, of course. “Here we are at the mall love, the same place we saw when we went for a walk last time, we can just stop by a few places and I can show you some things. They have a really nice pet mart I want you to see and I’ll also take you and I to get a manicure. That entails us getting our finger nails groomed, shined and then painted. I want you to feel every part of what it’s like being lady my dear sister, one step at a time…” Annetta smiled, finally opening the door to the huge mall, perhaps Erry had been inside one before, Annetta wasn’t really sure. Once inside Annetta began to hold her right hand to her lover’s left, firmly yet gently embracing her. “Second stop up on the right about a half a block and we’ll be at the pet store… see it up ahead?” Annetta giggled cutely. One could see all sorts of animals… Fish, dogs, cats, snakes, hamsters, gerbils, trained rats, ferrets, and other such trained marsupial and small trained rodents.


Erry was following Annetta, still holding her hand like the perfect younger sister… but also still fearing the humans around that were looking them… there were now before the mall… Erry remembered this ‘building’ but never went to one before she was here with her lover. “pet…mart… mani… what…? Ah sorry I’m not really used to all those new words yet…” But Erry nodded when Annetta explained her what is was all about… but stopped when she heard the pet names “Annie… I… don’t feel nice here… snakes…? cats…? I…I was used to fear them… I don’t think that even at my size … I’ll like this… ” Erry was looking down… not sure on how her lover would react but her young legs were shivering… “I’m sorry …”

Annetta nodded her head, “I understand your reservations sweetie, especially from some of the stuff you had to deal with earlier on in your life. Cats and dog and other such creatures… are just that, though… Creatures… It doesn’t make them bad, in the wild they have to hunt to survive, yet I can imagine you’d be scared, because you never had one as a pet when you were young. The animals in that Pet Mart are all trained and domesticated, they LOVE us humans, and you too Erry. They want a home, so bad. We’ll never have one because when we get small, they might see us as food, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them while we are here. If you hold my hand, and try petting a kitten, would you be willing to give it a chance? All of the pets that they have are in cages. As you are now, we as humans, are much larger than any animal in that Pet Mart. You have nothing to fear with me there sweet heart. Would you be willing to give it a chance for me? I think you’d like really like kittens and dogs. You don’t have to pet the snakes or touch them, they are in a glass case. As I myself don’t much like snakes either, but if you gave a cat a chance, I think you’d really love them. I had one growing up, her name was Ginger. She was the sweetest, most mothering, loving animal I’ve ever met. They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but she was just as good as friend as any dog I ever owned.” Annetta paused, looking at Erry in the eyes, she could sense some fear there, but she wanted to give Erry to have a good time as well, but didn’t want to force her. So Annetta patiently waited for her sister’s answer before they continued any further towards the Pet Mart, as they were now just outside of the spring loaded glass doors.

Erry was looking into Annetta’s eyes “Annie. As long as I’m with you it’s fine… I feel that you can ‘protect me’ and I don’t want you to feel sad too so I’ll go in it…” Erry was blushing a bit also looking aside “I’m glad that your pet was nice to you Annie. As tinies we can’t have some as you guessed and we were always hiding from them… but… I could give a try… for you.”

Annetta smiled “Makes perfect sense love, thank you for trusting me, you won’t regret this. I understand why you couldn’t have them though growing up, and had to hide from them as a tiny girl… which is why I promise to never buy one for us, but we can still visit from time to time. There is even an animal shelter that I would like you to see sometime, if you ever wanted. Those animals at the shelter really need a hug, they’ve been abandoned… and sometimes, they are put to death, because nobody wants them, it makes me so sad some owners can’t just get their pets fixed… it’s not right…” Annetta paused her speaking, gulping hard, Erry would be able to see the sadness on Annetta’s face as she thought long and hand about animal abuse and not having pets get snipped. Finally walking inside, Annetta made it up to the sales clerk, as a lady by the name of Hillary answered the door’s bell, looking directly at the pair. “Welcome to Pet Mart, what can I help you two ladies with?” The blonde girl smiled warmly, even smiling at Erry. Annetta finally asked, “Yes, can you grab the calico kitten please, I want my sister to see one while I hold it, she’s never been around a domesticated kitten or cat.” Annetta asked kindly. Hillary smiled warmly nodding her head, “Absolutely, just one moment please, we’ll put her in a towel, her name is Samantha, she’s pretty young. She just got separated from her mother last week, I need to get her a bottle so that she can have some food..” Hillary finally walks back with the kitten in the towel and the bottle a few minutes later, “Would you like to feed her Miss?” Hillary asked. “Absolutely, she’s so cute and fluffy and little..” Annetta beamed, as the looked down, her chin trembling. A few light tears coming to her eyes, as the little kitten reminded her so much of Ginger, it had been far to long since Annetta had had a pet, or been around them. Carefully, Annetta held the kitten as she purred, taking the bottle, she put it up the kitten’s lips until it began to suckle… it was making to cutest little mewls. Purring while it gently held onto Annetta’s hands to gain leverage, it began to suck the bottle’s nipple. Annetta looked over to Erry, Hillary could tell that this moment meant a lot for Annetta, so she didn’t speak, instead going on to help other customers. A few tears still coming out, Erry would be able to see the smile on the brunette’s face, her lover urging Erry to pet the little suckling babe.

Erry saw Annetta’s tears… it was probably a deep memory for her lover… and took a step back when she saw the cat beeing taken by that woman… and passing near her… Erry was now looking her sister feed the tiny cat… Erry was way taller than it but her legs where shivering lightly… looking her again, she didn’t wanted her to feel sad… stretched her arm… and put her hand on the tiny head… a shiver in her arm… and she put her hand again on the purring kitten… as long at it was just drinking milk it was fine, Erry was smiling to her sister.

It wasn’t much but it was a start. Erry was being brave and Annetta was grateful her sister was giving it a shot… “See now love? She’s such a sweet little thing… she’s just a baby. She can’t survive on her own, she needs humans. She was weened from her mother, but she will still need warm milk for the next month, until her teeth develop so she can eat harder food.” Annetta reached forward and kissed Erry on the cheek warmly, looking compassionately towards Erry in the eyes, trying to ease her shakiness, but the brunette knew it was going to take time. As long as Erry was willing, perhaps they could come back from time to time, to make it a little easier each pass, until one day maybe, Erry might even possibly ask Annetta if they can go to the pet store, but today was a huge leap for Erry, and Annetta knew it. About ten minutes passing, and the kitten was done drinking from the bottle. Annetta then pulled the tiny baby up to her neck and kissed it on the crown of its head, the brunette giving the kitten little rubs under her chin for a short amount of time. “Such a beautiful girl aren’t you Samantha? If no one buys you until I come back, maybe we can come visit you again… you precious little babe…” Annetta smiled, the woman was quite maternal at heart, yet all natural women are, loving babies and other such small things, it really came as second nature to them. Hillary finally collected Samantha smiling at the two, “She’s a cute one for sure, not likely that you’ll see her next time, as I hope she’ll have a good home by then.. Though, thank you feeding her..” Hillary smiled at both Erry and Annetta. The brunette nodded her head, “Certainly, my pleasure, I would love to do it again sometime if it’s possible..” Hillary nodded, “Absolutely hon, I can use all of the help I can get managing this store… Would you two like to hold any puppies?” Hillary asked. Annetta smiled at the women and then looked at Erry, “How it about it sweetie, would you like to hold a puppy? We don’t have to, but it’s an offer.. we can be done for now if you like..” Annetta asked Erry, content to go either way… as more fun was to be had regardless.

Erry was just staying here… this cat was inoffensive for her… but it would take some time before she could get used to that… and since Erry had a ‘shrinking issue’ last time she didn’t wanted that to happen again… but she was thinking a bit too much… now looking Annetta she kindly moved her head “Annie I don’t really feel ‘nice’ with this yet sorry but you can enjoy this if you want ” Said Erry with a shy smile on her face, still not wanting her lover to feel sad about this.

“It’s ok sweet heart, I’ll just have Hillary open the lid of the kennel and I will spend some time with the puppies for a few minutes and then we can go to our next event… thank you for being patient Erry…” Annetta beamed, Hillary nodded her head and gently patted Erry on the shoulder briefly, she could tell the girl was having a hard time getting adjusted, as of course the sales clerk didn’t know Erry’s past, she could still see that the poor sweet heart had had some issues in the past with animals, and thought that Annetta was doing remarkably well trying to help her to adjust. Hillary did as asked, as Annetta spent some time with the cute little furry angels, and then the brunette used the local sink at the back of the store, returning a few moments later, once she was done. “Thank you for everything Hillary, it’s been very kind of you to indulge me..” Hillary beamed warmly, “Sure, come back any time… please.. You ladies have a wonderful day…”… “You too…” Annetta said in return. “Well, shall we then my dear sister?” Annetta then held out her hand and once Erry grabbed it, as she made her way towards the salon. Finally arriving, there was a black woman at the cash register, with a beautiful smile on her face, very modern and polite, her hair well kept and her body was as well. Her name was Tanesha, “Hello lovely ladies, what can we do for you two dolls today?” The African American had a somewhat thick accent, one could tell she wasn’t exactly local from origin, but she was very kind and polite none the less. “Yes, we’d both like to get a manicure please, and lets get a beautifully matching blue for my lover here Erry’s fingers. I’ll take a deep mahogany red please… and thank you very much… I see the sign says upfront pay… so here’s my card…” The brunette said with a smile, getting out her debit card. Tanesha smiled, taking the girl’s card and charging her, the brunette quick to put everything away. “Alright then ladies, right this way… we’ll have you all taken care of in no time..” Politely, Tanesha seated the girls, almost right next to each other, across from the grooming table. Tanesha was one of the groomers, her co-worker, Lisa, her boss, was the second. A sweet small white girl, a bit older than Tanesha and Erry and Annetta, one could tell that she was well practiced and had been in the human grooming business for quite some time. Tanesha began to work on Annetta, while Lisa began to work on Erry. “Hello dear, my name is Lisa… if you’ve never had one of these before, just place your hands on these rests, and I will do everything else… I hope you enjoy… you’re very beautiful by the way..” Lisa complimented, gently taking the rests and making Erry comfortable, Tanesha doing the same for Annetta. “Ummmm~, been for too long since I’ve had this done, thank you Tanesha… you do a wonderful job..” Tanesha smiled back, “Well thank you sugar, very kind of you… I’ve had lots of practice though, Lisa’s a great teacher..” the black woman nodded. After a time, both Annetta and Erry’s hands were buzzed and then polished down beautifully, and then sealed with special nail lotion and grout, keeping them well oiled, their finger nails now protected from the elements. Both Lisa and Tanesha then applied the girl’s fingernail polish, all while a professional grade hand drier warmly dried their fingers. Five minutes later, they were all done and completed. Tanesha getting Annetta’s hands prepped, applying lotion, and then drying her hands off, Lisa doing the same for Erry. Lisa then asked, “So how it ladies… do you like your nails?” Annetta smiled looking at her hands as she moved them about, she then smiled warmly, “Thank you very much Lisa, yes, Tanesha did a fantastic job, I should like to come back here again sometime.” Looking at her lover, Annetta asked “How about you sweet heart, do you think Lisa did a good job?”

“He…hello…” Said Erry when she saw the woman… She was a bit envious… Annetta was so ‘natural’ with people… and she was so lovely toward the white haired girl… Erry wasn’t really used to talk with other people since they all hated her because of those stupid rumors about her hair… but Erry would also ‘learn’ this… following Annetta and sitting aside her she was looking around this strange place… what was this…? but looking at Annetta it would be a nice thing to do. “He… Hello Lisa.” Said the shy Erry as she placed her hands as asked… still wondering… then opened her eyes wide as the girl started to work … soon Erry was looking her hands again… a beautiful blue on them… she was looking her hands when the girl finished her job… amazed by this… ‘beauty’? She never had this done before and stayed a bit amazed before nodding… “I…I love it! Thanks Lisa !” Said Erry with a cute smile on her face… as she was also looking Annetta’s hands… those hands she used to sat on many times… feeling her soft skin on her tiny body at those times… they were as beautiful as she was imagining them… Erry gave her cutest smile to Annetta “Thank you Annie ! I’m really glad to have tried this… I didn’t knew that you could get even more beautiful like this !”

Lisa smiled warmly at Erry, “Of course dear, it’s my job to help you look even more beautiful than you already are, sort of like polishing an already wondrous diamond.” The salon woman beamed, taking Erry’s hands and gently rubbing them into her own. Annetta then got up, taking her sister’s hand, “Thank gorgeous Erry… And you are more than welcome. We’ll come again some time, I think Lisa really likes you…” Annetta smiled, nodding her head at Tanesha, finally leaving the salon, both girl’s all doctored up and made even more breath taking then they already were. “So sweetie, anything else you want to see at the mall, before we have lunch at the park? There are still plenty of things to see here, if you want. It’s totally up to you though, we can always stop by on the way out and get a small pretzel with cheese and share it, until we have lunch… if you like.” Annetta happily offered. “There is always a lot of fun things to see in the mall… And if you like, we can even go and see a movie, and have some popcorn and some snacks, and a drink. The sky is the limits love.. we have all day to spend with each other..” Annetta said, gently rubbing Erry’s shoulder, before holding her hand again.

Erry nodded her head “Ah yeah… I went to see a movie once… but I was maybe a bit ‘tiny’ for this haha… but I would like you to show me all these wonderful places that I don’t know yet! ” Said Erry this time shivering from pleasure to discover new things and places with her lover, she was holding tight Annetta’s hand… feeling her skin against her own hand “I’m following you Sis, wherever you want to go” Said Erry with a big smile on her face.

Annetta nodded warmly, “Very well love, let’s go see us a comedy then, I am sure we could use a bit of humor in our life..hehehe~” The cute brunette smiled. Heading to the Kiosk, Annetta selected a funny movie, purchasing the tickets. “Perfect, the movie starts in twenty minutes, just enough time to use the bathroom, get some snacks and then get settled.” Grabbing the tickets, Annetta gave one to Erry, both girls to then walk up to the concession stand and the ticket processor, the name taking their tickets first. A gentlemen by the name of Adam warmly smiled at the beautiful women, one could tell he was having a hard time not complimenting them on their looks, yet being in his profession, it wasn’t exactly smiled upon, however, still in the back of his mind, he admired them. Taking Annetta’s ticket, and then taking Erry’s, Adam smiled, giving them the other half of their ticket stubs… “Penguins of Madagascar, that will be theater number 15, down the left hall, third door on the right… enjoy ladies…” Adam smiled, at least Annetta could tell he was goggling over the two, even if he didn’t speak, or open his mouth, it was obvious his attraction towards them. Annetta nodded, smiling as she made her way to the ladies room with Erry. Giving Erry a chance to relieve herself while she did the same, the brunette washed her hands and awaited her lover’s return at the exit, until she’d finally came back out. Lovingly holding her hand, Annetta headed to the concession stand, the busers ready to take their orders. A girl by the name of Beth then looked, speaking.. “Hey you guys, want can we get for you?” Annetta nodded, “Yes, I’ll take a large popcorn, medium on the butter please, with a couple of soft drinks..” “Erry, what drink would you like?… They have Coke products. You can get rootbeer, coke, Dr pepper, lemon aid and HI-C fruit punch. If you want any candy, please let the lady know… she needs to know what drinks we want before I pay..” Annetta then ready to make her second part of her order once Erry had spoken…

Erry followed up Annetta in the girl’s bathroom… Her lover taught her how to use the toilets so she tried and did it the way it was to do… washing her hands she looked herself in the mirror… she was looking beautiful… Annetta was so nice to help her to feel so happy… once she was done washing her hands she looked the dryer Annetta used… and put her hands in it… she had a tiny squeak as the warm air blew on her hands… but it was feeling nice, also giving her some chills on her arms… soon her hands were dry and she exited the room… joining Annetta she was now ordering things… Erry looked at all the bottles and pointer her hand towards a lemonade one since she didn’t knew how to read yet… “I… I would like this one Annie please. And I would like some candy if you want too”.

Annetta smiled, “Perfect love.. yes I do… I love chocolate covered raisins and sour patch kids..” Nodding her head, Annetta then looked back at Beth, “Alright Beth, me and Erry would like some chocolate almonds and some sour patch kids and some raisinettes. She’ll take the HI-C lemonade and I will have your Dr. Pepper please.” Handing the woman her card, she was billed, Beth smiling she got a tray for each girl and then placed their drinks in them, Annetta taking the candy, would disperse it for her lover when she wanted it, taking her own wallet and putting it back into her purse before continuing. The popcorn was on Annetta’s tray as well, lightly salted with a medium amount of butter, mmmmm~, it smelled fantastic. Nodding her head kindly at Beth, Annetta then headed to theater 15, making sure Erry was close behind, holding the door was the foot stop, so both girl’s got in easily. Seats number L14 and L15 were selected, the very middle back row, as Annetta loved being in the back of theater, so she could see the entire screen, as well as she also didn’t like it when other patrons kicked her chair. “Follow me sweet heart, up to the very top..” Taking her lover’s tray, Annetta waited for Erry to get seated before she placed it comfortably on the cup holder guard, swinging it around for easy access for Erry, of course to do the same for herself a moment later. Placing her purse at the side of her arm, it was 3 minutes for the movie to start. The previews for other movies then began to play, Erry able to be in a full and large theater, as there were a lot of people there with them that afternoon, but no one sitting next to them, it was perfect… Digital surround sound heard everywhere, the screen was beautifully pristine and brand new. “Here we go sweetie, the previews are starting… Enjoy the popcorn, I’ll hold it so you can take it as you please.” Annetta took the raisinettes and the chocolate almonds and sour patch kids and split it down the middle, giving Erry half. Taking a sip of her Dr Pepper, Annetta asked, “So sweetie, how is the lemonade? Do you like the popcorn?” A few minutes later, the Pixar logo showed up, signifying the movie was about to roll.. “Oh… it’s starting, remember, we need to be fairly quiet to allow everyone else to enjoy. Though, it’s ok to laugh out loud, and talk about the movie in a low roar, when we watch it, as long as our voices are controlled…”

Erry was holding her tray as both girls went into the theater… then sitting on the comfy chair… Erry was still amazed of how ‘human life’ could be so… nice, she was looking Annetta’s popcorn and had a small giggle “When I got here once… I just took one of these haha… and if I remember I wouldn’t even finish it… it was maybe half of my size at this time… but it was really good !” Erry was opening her bottle the same way she saw Annetta doing that and put the tiny straw in it… then sucked a bit… the sweet lemon taste made her blush “Aaaww… so good… ” Then the movie previews started… she was a bit ‘surprised’ by some trailers the sound being louder for her now… looking Annetta she nodded “Don’t worry Annie… I may not sit on your shoulder but I’ll be quiet haha… ” and the movie finally started… after some minutes of the movie Erry was smiling… moving a bit aside she put her head on her lover’s shoulder… still looking at the screen… but also feeling her lover right on her.

Annetta smiled, watching Erry enjoy the popcorn and the snacks and her drink, she could tell the white haired angel was pleased, making her happy herself as well, Reese was glad Erry could experience what it was like to be a human, to experience a few of the much funner activities that she could enjoy, now that she belonged here, to Annetta… to this society. Annetta listened to what Erry said about the food she was eating, making her giggle a bit as she nodded her head, “Glad you are enjoying it sweet heart… you deserve to. We’ll do this a lot, you and I.. and many more things too!” The movie starting, several jokes passed, cute animated animals and of course the funny penguins of Madagascar, being that that was what the movie was titled for to begin with. Feeling Erry get comfortable, feeling her head against her shoulder, Annetta too, pulled her in, lightly kissing Erry on the crown of her head, not wanting to disturb the other patrons, but also wanting to show Erry how much she loved her. Eating some more popcorn, Annetta then gave out a few more belly laughs, the movie was going along very well. The entire process of the film having come and gone, 2 hours and 5 minutes later, the brunette forgot how many times that she had actually laughed. Not that that had mattered so much, it was just she was having a wonderful time, especially being with Erry now. “HAHAHA… that was funny, loved it… I hope you enjoyed it too sweetie…” Annetta smiled, collecting now the empty trays, leaving Erry to drink her lemonade how slow or fast she wanted, her own Dr Pepper long gone. Heading out to the restroom, it had been a long while, Annetta’s poor bladder brimming with the need to release, offering Erry of course the same pleasure, washing her hands and blow drying them off once through, the brunette awaited her lover at the exit once more. Once there, Annetta then asked, “So sweetie… ready for lunch and a picnic at the park? I have a special place in mind that I think you will really like… it’s a surprise though, you’ll see it soon enough when we get there, and I will explain all about it to you then…” Annetta awaited her Erry to be ready, happy to change the plan if Erry wanted to see anything else before hand.

Erry laughed… it was a nice movie and she was even more enjoying it knowing that her sister was here too but after some time it was over… the lights filling the room with light made Erry’s eyes hurt a bit… then when they exited the room Erry finished her bottle and learned to put the things in the trash. She was joining her sister outside again “thank you Annie, it was a really nice movie” And with a warm smile she stood right in front of Annetta “Yes! I would love to see this place! I bet it’s a nice one knowing you ” Erry grabbed Annetta’s hand with both of hers… ready to go wherever her lover wanted to be.

Annetta smiled warmly, “Very well love, we’ll hit the Corner Town Buffet and Bakery, and get a to-go cater box for the picnic, it sure was great to be here with you at the movies today, we’ll go again some time very soon I promise..” the brunette happily spoke. Feeling her love’s hands on her hand, she could tell Erry was having a very good time, and Reese was more than happy for that. Making their way out as Annetta guided her, they would finally reach the outside of the mall. A path toward the right down the side walks began to lead the pair to the Corner Town Buffet and Bakery, and some ten minutes later, Annetta had finally guided her and Erry there. “Here we are gorgeous, Corner Town Buffet and Bakery, lots of wonder items to choose from. Deli sandwiches, baked or fried chicken, soups… salad…” Annetta smiled, opening the door for Erry, making it up to the order out desk, the brunette smiled. John was the name of the waiter, ready to punch in their order on the computer screen, once they were ready to decide what they’d like. “Hey ladies, name’s John, welcome to Corner Town Buffet and Bakery… what can I get you today?” Annetta smiled, “What would you like in the to-go order Erry?” Looking at John, Annetta finally asked, “Yes sir, I will take a grilled chicken salad with croutons and raspberry balsamic vinaigrette, with a light cheddar and broccoli soup.. with crackers… thank you..”

Erry was always looking around when they were walking… all those people… she used to live in small ‘communities’ before but mainly with 20 people the most… and all of them around the girls were humans… but it wasn’t the time to think about this… “thank you Annie” As Erry entered the shop… she remembered how Annetta used to order things but there wasn’t any pictures this time, Erry grabbed Annetta’s dress “Please… I don’t know but… could you do the ‘order’ for me too…? I know that you’ll choose nice things and I promise that I’ll learn to read soon Annie.”

Annetta smiled, “Sure sweet heart, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, I’d be happy to order for us.” Annetta then looked back into John’s eyes, “Sir, let’s get Erry here a bowl of chicken noodle soup, it looks fresh, get her some crackers too please, and a light bread roll..” John smiled with a nod, “If that’s everything, the total will be 17.58, will this be debit or cash?” Annetta smiled, “Debit please… and thank you, that is all..” With that John took her card and swiped it, handing it back to her with a receipt. “The food should be ready in about fifteen minutes, thank you for your business ma’am..” the man said with a friendly smile. Annetta then sat down on a stool by the order window, there was another seat right next to where Annetta was sitting, plenty of room for Erry, should she wish to sit down next to her. Annetta stretched out with a light yawn, speaking finally… “Siggggggh… such a wonderful day with you here my lovely Erry… you make me so happy. Maybe next time when we are at home, I can start teaching you some English and word to picture association, and teach you how to read. It takes time, but you are smart and very sweet, you will catch on just fine..” Some fifteen minutes had passed by, and the meal was then put into a special cater box, with plenty of utensils and napkins, as well as a two free 20 ounce bottles of water, giving the ladies something to drink when they were all alone at the park and meadow. John quickly put it into a large sack, handing it to Annetta with a content smile. “Again ladies, thank you for choosing our diner, I know you had plenty of options today, we hope to see you here again soon sometime..” John nodded. Annetta beamed a smile, “Sure John.. I come here from time to time, it’s a really nice place… thanks for the good service and compliments to the chef. Say hello to Alesha next time you see her for me please..” Annetta said, her knowing the store manager, as they were friends, when Annetta had first moved to her new home, one of her neighbors as a matter of fact.. John nodding his head in agreement of course.

Erry was smiling back to Annie ” Yes I would love to learn how to read with you! And… I really enjoyed this day with you too! I didn’t expected human girls to take so much care of their body… but I feel really nice like this too haha” Erry took a step and turned on herself… she always loved to dance for her friends… but calmed down since they were in a restaurant, she looked at Annetta again, she knew the girl in charge here too… she was knowing so much people that Erry was literally amazed by this then waved to the waiter when the 2 girls were going out “Such a wonderful day with you… I dreamed so much about that… I don’t have enough words to say how happy I am right now…” Erry was looking Annetta’s face, still wondering what she wanted to tell about that ‘special place’ before…

Annetta just beamed, the inside story both women knew so well, would soon enough be told to Erry when the time was right. Yet for now, until they’d reached their special spot, that moment, that dream within their minds, Annetta was to keep it privy, only to have it be a special occasion, an unforgettable scene, one she knew Erry wouldn’t soon forget. As they walked Annetta began to speak, “Very well, then learn you shall, I hope I am a good teacher though, as I will certainly give you my best, my love… of that you should have no doubt.” Annetta smiled as she reflected, remembering how Erry had danced in the diner, making her blush, she was so pretty and full of life. “Quite the dance moves you have there cutie, sometime when we are at the house, maybe you can dance for me then, to your hearts content, unabashed… I would love to see your full skill and talent..” Reese appreciated. The sun was now way overhead, it was about 5:45pm in the afternoon, still plenty of day left, but the afternoon was quickly turning into evening. However, this couldn’t have happened better. Annetta wanting to set up the scene as the sun would in about an hours time, begin to shift into a sunset, making the beautiful violet colors that would line the picturesque of the surrounding land and sky. Annetta always loved sunsets, which was why she wanted to time this all perfectly, and yet she had. It would be about 20 minutes total before they reached the spot in the park, and a good 5 minutes later until they reached the field full of daisy and other such wondrous flowers. The time taking a bit longer this time, as they had to pass from both the city, and then work their way across the expanse of the large park, deeper and on into the fields. The two now nearly in front of the park, Annetta spoke again. “Here we are love, the park, yet, we are not fully to our destination yet, I can’t wait for you to see it… it’s so beautiful, however, not as beautiful as you are to me…” All the while Annetta’s right hand had been holding onto Erry’s left, the catered food in the basket being held in Annetta’s left hand, there seemed to be a bit of a skip in the brunette’s step, she was thrilled that this was about to become their reality, even from their precious memories, even from their very dreams.

Erry’s hand had a shiver… not a fear one… but from an old memory she had… trying to come out… one of the many ‘pictures’ she had seen when her mind and body were ‘mixed’ inside this girl… Erry remembered this time when she was hating her lover… how could Erry would had done that… it wasn’t making any sense now… Erry squeezed her lover’s hand… a tear rolling on her cheek that she removed with her other hand… Erry was smiling… still not knowing but… her heart was racing… wanting to share another precious part of her life with her lover. Erry was looking around the trees, the flowers on the ground and this beautiful sun in the sky… “ah wait a second please…” Erry stopped to walk a bit, both of the girls on a grassy road… Erry removed her tiny sandals and took them with her free hand… “Okay, thanks for the waiting… when I was tiny I was always looking this ‘grass’ as something so big… but now I can walk on it so easily… and it feels good haha… ” Then Erry became a bit silent… still looking this amazing place they were… and removing her hand from her lover’s grabbed her arm with her free arm too… wanting to feel her lover even more closer… Erry was humming a song she sang once for Annie… this very song Annetta was singing to her when Erry was slowly fading inside of Annetta’s body before… that song Annetta sang for her younger sister to make her sleep peacefully… that perfect song… for that perfect place the girls were going to…

Annetta could feel the anxiety in her lover, but she understood, happily pausing until Erry’s sandals were free, Annie then took them in the bag for her, so both of her hands could be free to hold into the brunette deeper, wanting her to be happy and comfortable, and to relate this experience to the most joyous ideas imaginable. Annetta remembered that special song, the very one Erry was even humming now, that exact same one she’d hummed just before Annetta had devoured Erry for the first time. This had caused quite the ruckus to stir inside of Reese, her heart also racing, she was beyond words, excited, barely able to keep the ‘secret’ from Erry as long as she was. “That’s wonderful my love, it is a great thing to feel the grass upon your feet, why not do the same myself…” Annetta smiled, as she stopped, removing her own sandals, and placing them inside of the big bag, away from the cardboard boxes of food, as there were plenty of trash cans from different part of the park’s area and beyond, there would be plenty of time to throw away their waste, once the two were ‘finished’. “Ahhhhh, so nice, I forgot what that felt like. The dew of water upon the bladelets of grass, the soft cool feeling against the soles of my feet, it’s magical isn’t it love?” Annetta
Smiled, continuing her walk. The area was so peaceful, not a soul in the area, it was almost as if this place was just built for them this evening, even if on a regular basis, there were quite a few people who frequented the park, today was one of those lazy, relaxing ones, most people in their homes enjoying themselves, these two girl’s figuring out a way that they could enjoy each other in their own methods. Finally, it was before them, some ten more minutes passing by, Annetta began to grow rather emotional, Erry would no longer be able to deny what she saw in her dream, Annetta knew this place well, and was unable to contain herself any longer. “The fields of daisy from our dreams Erry… Aren’t they magnificent… breath taking even?” Annetta sniffled as some tears came to her eyes, not stopping until they found a very wonderful tree, with plenty of shade, facing the direction the sun would go down. “And look, in about 30 minutes, the sun will set, isn’t the sky lovely, gorgeous angel girl?” Annetta spoke softly, being rather filled with emotion, her body was somewhat trembling, calming somewhat after a good 3 or 4 minutes, the brunette finally sat down, ready to enjoy her dinner with Erry. “Well, my dear, shall we enjoy our food?” Annetta smiled, grabbing their basket, the soft earth beneath them was grand. Placing Erry’s chicken noodle soup in front of her with her crackers, and the 20 ounces of water in the bottle, before placing her grilled chicken salad with croutons and raspberry balsamic vinaigrette, with a light cheddar and broccoli soup.. with crackers, and a water bottle, for herself. The utensils at the ready, the brunette smiled up into Erry’s eyes, “Please Erry love… enjoy… I’m starved hehehe..” Annetta said, taking her soup first to enjoy it, the weather proof containers keeping it delicious and warm. Spooning it into her mouth, Annetta’s eyes rolled back as she sighed, it was wonderful, compliments to the chef indeed, everything was made from scratch.

Erry stopped for a second… this place… she saw it once… when her spirit was with her lover… her body not belonging to this world at this time…Erry was feeling something… putting her hands on her face she realized that she was crying… looking Annetta she saw some tears too… they were both feeling a deep joy… this was the place they wanted to be… together… and with the ‘same’ size… Erry couldn’t resist but to give her most beautiful smile to her lover as an answer… it was the best day or her life… then joined Annetta, sitting on the fresh grass… her back resting on the tree, like they wanted to do that… “thank you Annie… for realizing this dream for me…for us…” then taking the soup Annetta was giving her she was looking only this beautiful girl with this perfect background… then ‘awaking’ she took a sip in the soup, it was really nice… Erry was smiling… then was looking at the flowers… there was one just aside her… with a careful move she picked a tiny flower… looked it a bit… then put it in her sister’s hair… and smiled to see that…

As they were eating, Annetta was relishing the food, but more importantly, enjoying this time with her sister and lover, she couldn’t have felt more complete then at this time. Her sweet Erry’s gesture to give her a flower, and place it in her long breast length hair. The brunette couldn’t help but smile, a tear escaping her eye onto her cheek, as she knew what this had meant for both Erry, and for herself. “You’re so very welcome, I am glad I found this place, it gave me the cold chills to realize that perhaps our dreams were more like a vision, of something that WOULD happen, and not just a chance of a silly dream. That what we saw was supposed to happen, and did, and even now, is currently unfolding before us. The grass, the flowers, the trees, the sky… isn’t it all sooo lovely?” Annetta gulped as she felt another joyous tear on her cheek, yet she wasn’t shaking and was still, very much so, enjoying her dinner. “How’s the chicken noodle soup love? I am enjoying this half salad of grilled chicken and dressing… here love, why don’t you try it to see if you like it..” Annetta took a forkful of everything in the salad and placed her hand beneath the utensil so her sister wouldn’t have the chance of losing any of the flavor. Awaiting for her to eat it, Annetta then smiled once she’d be finished. “So… how was it? Delicious yes? I hope… hehehe… Take your spoon and try some of my cheddar soup if you like…” Annetta offered, bringing her soup near her lover, giving her a chance to get some with her spoon, and then eating the rest of it for herself. Finally Reese was through with eating, putting all of her trash inside of the bag, and placing the sandals on the outside of the bag, not yet telling her lover what she desired. Not wanting to change the feeling of the moment, Annetta laid down on the side of the grass, on her left arm, using it to support her head and neck, looking at Erry, much like in her dreams… “Do you remember your dream… In mine, I saw us on the ground of the fields, looking at each other in the eyes, as we were caressing one another… it was so…” Annetta sniffled again, as her chin quivered… “So beautiful… everything was just like this… the sun was about to set… I knew we were meant to be, the very same day I found this place…” Annetta beamed, gulping hard, unable to hide her joy and her feelings for the girl. “I’m so happy you are part of my life now… What would I do without you Erry? I can’t scarce to think… I’d be nothing without you…” Annetta was waiting to see if her dream would come true, waiting to see if Erry would join her on the grass, in an embrace, and a lover’s romance, to passionately kiss upon one another lips… even now looking up at the white haired angel’s face, who was still resting her back against the tree.

Erry smiled when she tried her lover’s food… everything that the humans could cook was so unbelievable… way better than Erry had to feed on during all of these years of her life… Erry saw some remaining tiny sandwiches she had to go with her soup… but it wasn’t the time for this… Erry putting the empty bowl aside she looked her lover… “Thank you Annie… my life wouldn’t be so happy now too… you really replaced all the sad feelings that I had before with your love… and…” Erry ‘walking’ on her knees… going aside her sister she sat aside… raising Annetta’s head and putting it on her lap… caressing her hair… then bowing her head down, she gave her a deep kiss… “I can only thank you like this… with my deep love for you too…” Erry then resumed caressing the long hair of her sister… looking her in the eyes from above…

It was a dream, yet a dream come true, reality now, as Erry moved, saying her words, the feelings inside of Annetta’s heart, the young brunette couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, Erry now beside her, taking her head and placing it in her lap, cold chills of pleasure and joy going through her. It was just as she had hoped for, and far more, Reese speaking some moments later as she was caressed and loved by her sister and romantic partner. “I’m so glad that you feel that way, it’s perfect here with you tonight, I couldn’t have asked for this to go any better, it’s just as I have dreamed it to be, the very feelings, everything… it’s magical..” Annetta sniffled lightly, feeling a deep kiss from her passionate and caring Erry, one that she returned with open arms as she laid on her sister’s lap, feeling the finesse of her sister’s gentle caress, sighing deeply, Annetta closing her eyes for a time. “You can only thank me like this?? Are kidding me!!! This all I ever wanted!… I am so happy right now, do you know what you do to me my perfect angel… you complete me… I am spellbound by your love… That is not some small token to be overlooked, you are diamond in the rough, a jewel in the Africa, this is far more payment than I could have ever hoped for…” Annetta’s heart was pitter pattering, wondering what could even more make this night better than it already was, it would be hard pressed to do so, any more action… as Annetta had never been happier in her entire life. Annetta pulled into Erry, “I know we are outside, but… do you mind…” Annetta blushed as she looked down, feeling up on Erry’s inner thigh… her mind abuzz with lust for her lover.

There wasn’t anyone around… the two girls probably alone in the park now… Erry was still looking her lover… both hands on her hair “It’s okay Annie… I… I want this too… ” Knowing her lover’s question even unsaid… Erry smiled… then with both of her hands she grabbed the lower part of her shirt… then removed it… presenting her body to her lover… still resting here below… Erry did the same with her dress and was just wearing her pants… blushing a bright red… putting her head down she kissed Annetta again… , with a cute move licked her lower lip… then kissing her lover deeply… mixing the blue and red of their lipsticks in a sweet move… Erry put her head near Annetta’s ear… “Please…”

Annetta took Erry’s words, her next few actions and some moments to process everything that was going on. Moving into this slowly as her lover adjusted, Erry was really getting into the swing of things, able to take much more charge, and for Annetta, it was welcomed, wonderful to see her sister and her romantic partner so grown up and able to take over when necessary. The blushing Annetta watched her lover remove her clothing, being now only in her panties, the brunette taking in her lover’s embrace, kissing her long and passionately, just before Erry broke the kiss to whisper into her ear, Annetta gulped. “You took the words right out of my mouth love…” Annetta said, while undressing too, leaving her own clothes by Erry’s, as she was yet to ask her her desires, she hoped the time would soon enough present its self, but here before her now, was Annetta’s full attention, what the brunette wanted more than anything else right now. On the hand, the now fully naked brunette, having taken off all of her clothing, leaving nothing to the imagination of her lover, ‘she knew she wasn’t going to be needing it where she was going soon enough’… Pulling Erry in, Annetta let her lover be on the bottom this time, caressing her, slowly and passionately taking her time with this. Rubbing along her lover’s curves, tracing her fingers over Erry’s breasts and stomach, finally reaching her now roaming free hand, the one that wasn’t held against Erry, her free hand now to the white angel’s sex. Rubbing softly over her labia and the clitoris of her vaginal orifice, kissing her passionately on the lips, hoping to make her lover yearn for a release, wanting to be closer to her.

Erry was feeling the girl caressing her… she was moaning softly… cute tiny shivers on her body as her lover’s fingers were exploring her young body… After some minutes Erry wanted Annetta to feel good too and made her lover lay on the soft grass, an arm behind her head so she wouldn’t hit the ground… Erry was blushing… then moved to ‘sit’ on her lover’s sex… grabbing Annetta’s hand Erry put 2 fingers of her lover against her own lower ‘lips’… then did the same with her hand… rubbing softly Annetta’s sex… then finally trusting softly a finger inside… Erry was feeling something too and with a small cry she ‘fall’ softly on her lover’s body… her head between Annetta’s breasts… Erry’s hand started to ‘play’ with Annetta’s wet insides… still feeling Annetta’s fingers in her owns…

Annetta knew Erry was ready, as she’d gotten into the position, even feeling her lover’s fingers inside of her own sex, Annetta didn’t stop there. Each thrust of her lover’s fingers were answered with her own, finally pulling her fingers out, she tasted and licked them, lovingly forcing Erry into a backward scissor, their sexes now aligned for some passionate sex. Annetta began to press her sex into Erry’s own, moaning as her eyes rolled back, her hands on her lover’s neck, pulling her into a warm and lustful kiss. Annetta began to slowly grind her sex into Erry’s hoping her lover would want to repeat the action and do the same, only to add to both of their pleasure, the brunette extremely wet now, as one hand caressed Erry’s butt and her other cradled her head, feeling her lover atop her body… “Mmmmmm~… So good Erry… I love this… I love us like this… it’s perfect isn’t it…” Annetta sighed, her voice like a whisper, as it rolled quietly off of her lips, her love drunk and euphoric ones at that. Annetta continued to grind and increase her levels of sexual upheaval, enjoying every second she was with her… “Hold me… grind me… make love to me angel…” Annetta begged…

“Aaaahhh An…nie… I…” But Annetta kissed Erry before she could tell anything… Erry closed her eyes and answered this kiss too… she was feeling her lover so close… when Annetta caressed her body… Erry wrapped her left arm around Annetta’s body… pressing it against hers… her other arm around her lover’s neck, brushing this beautiful brown hair… then nodding to her lover’s idea… Erry started to move… rubbing her body against her lover… getting warmer… as her sex was getting wet… Erry breathing loudly…interrupted by cute moans and pleasure shivers on her body…

The brunette could tell her white haired angel was getting into their love making, as she responded back, little Reese knowing just what she had interrupted, but these moments weren’t forever, even if both girls had wanted them to be. Still, for their preciousness, each girl was to enjoy their embrace for every second they could. Erry noticeably increasing the pace as she took hold of Annetta’s back, and began to shift her sex into Annetta’s, increasing their pleasure two fold, just like Annetta knew would happen. Reese forced to scream out in ecstasy as she accepted all of her lover’s attentions, kissing her passionately, as both lover’s caressed one another, Annetta’s body warming up just as much as her lover. The brunette’s body possibly the first to amp up on the next course of sexual intercourse, as her body took it to the next level, as some involuntary hip thrusts happened, her mind craving her body’s natural process of love making, as she grinded her sex even harder, arching her back, letting loose, and giving into sexual abandon… “Ohhhh Erry… I want you so bad right now… I need this… I…” Annetta cried, her voice still soft though and befuddled and pleasure filled, she was starting to be near the end of her sexual climax, vaginal juices dripping with her musk, everywhere. “Erry I… my love… I can’t… I don’t know how… how long I can hold on… it’s SOOO GOOD…~” Annetta gulped as her mouth was now opened, slightly on her back still with Erry over the toppish, on their sides, the brunette’s toes curling, tingling filled all over her body, she knew it was almost time.

Erry couldn’t resist any longer… wrapping her legs around her lover… Erry pressed her body against her lover’s so soft skin “hnn… aaaaahhhhhh aAAAAAAhhhh !!!” And with a beautiful cry Erry’s mind went blank… reaching orgasm Erry came against her lover… pouring her warm juices on her… as she was still holding tight her lover… her mind remembering when the 2 girls were inside Saphyr’s stomach… but this time Erry wouldn’t let her lover fall apart her… in a final cry she could only name her lover’s name “An- nie.” As her young body was full of pleasure spasms… Slowly starting to get down from the ‘heavens’…

Annetta seemed to be met back in the exact same expression of love and completion. Feeling her own lover’s body rock and buck and arch and thrust, she knew it was time for the angel to cum as well. As Erry held her tightly, while slightly over her right side, Annetta held on as their sexes ground wondrously against their flesh, hearing Erry moan out and scream in pure pleasure, Annetta couldn’t help but do the exact same. All at once, Annetta was forced over the edge as she held on, her mind going blank, her body on fire, just as she too screamed out Erry’s name… “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH… I’M CUMMING… ERRRRRRRRYYYYYY… I LOVE YOU…~” and with that, the brunette spasmed, her body going stiff and tightening up, her toes curling as she forced her body against the downside portion of her lover’s embrace, being pressed into from the top of the angel’s body, all while Erry came her juices all over her, soaking her stomach, their cream flowing between their thighs, being forced to coat back against Annie’s naked body, as she was the one most forced upon by gravity, but wonderfully so. Overcome in lust as her body was wracked in a wave of a tsunami like proportion, the brunette gave into it all, giving into Erry and their love, their lust… it was everything to her! Forgetting how many times she’d cum from start to finish in her mini episodes, the beautiful young Reese, finally slowly came back down from her sexual high, the afterglow of their sex, leaving her heart’s beat to pulsate in her neck, her head pounding as the blood was rushing all over her body, sighing out… she breathed deeply for the first time in several long bliss filled minutes, finally speaking to her lover again. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh~ Perfect. Thank you so much my Erry… I couldn’t help but tell you were trying to say something earlier, but um… hehe~ Our sex kind of interrupted that… please… speak your mind gorgeous…” Annetta said, briefly humming that same tune, that same beautiful song that was in her head from Erry singing it only but moments prior, that being, until Erry finally spoke in answer.

Erry’s head was resting on Annetta’s belly… looking her face between her breasts… “it’s… nothing Annie… nothing at all… I just wanted to feel this with you again… and thanks… you fulfilled this wish of mine again… so…” But Erry didn’t finished her sentence… a soft growl came from the belly she was resting on “ah… I think I have still some tiny sandwiches if you want… but… they’re a bit tiny for you I guess…ah!… what… about trying… them with my ‘old size’…? you’ll have plenty to eat if you want of course…” Erry picked up a tiny sandwich and unwrapped it… then put it aside her lover if she wanted it.

Annetta giggled out loud as Erry spoke, laying there with her lover for a time before she shifted, Erry having spoken about how wonderful this all was, and the gift that Annetta had given her, at seeing her wish fulfilled again… “Of course, it was great!… I wouldn’t miss it for the world… Being with you… this place… truly something else, something marvelous…” Annie paused as she knew Erry wasn’t done speaking yet. Hearing her lover speak about an idea she had, but not before hearing a loud growl elicit from Erry’s stomach, bringing it ever closer for Annetta to ask her question. Now, having heard Erry’s words, that she wanted to see if Annetta had wanted to try the tiny sandwiches at her ‘old size’, She nodded warmly, smiling. “Yeah, that’s a perfect idea, I think it would be fun to reverse that roll between us. I can still remember the first day we met, when I made you the bite sized food to enjoy, except, these sandwiches of course, are much nice than the meager cheese and crackers I gave you… but it’s still the same idea right… the thought that counts… I loved you back then… BUT NOW… I adore you!” Annetta smiled, sighing deeply. “Well gorgeous, if there is nothing else before it, it’s time then, thank you for the wonderful sex and the great fun we’ve had today..” … Annetta smiled not yet asking her question, soon though, she would, as the time would then be appropriate once she was small. Getting on her feet, Annetta closed her eyes, focusing on a thought about Erry, finally speaking about it out loud. “I am thinking about the time we had that fight, where you corrected me for being how I was… my guilt, my sadness… but then… the forgiveness you gave me… the forgiveness I gave you… that night we bonded, and became closer than anything in the world… that thought, is so warm and beautiful still, even now…” Annetta knew this was the first time she’d verbally spoken about a true love memory she had for Erry, just as her body began to glow a brilliant bright blue, illuminating the area around them as the sun continued to set. Opening her eyes again, a few seconds later, Annetta was Erry’s old size. Smiling up at the giantess, her white haired angel lover, Annetta made her way up to the sandwich and took her first bite… “Mmmmmmm~ delicious… a finer sandwich I have never eaten, we need to go to that diner again sometime soon. But you know… I heard your tummy growling, surely, this food would be enough for me… but, are you hungry for something else as well?” Annetta giggled cutely, not yet asking her question… seeing if Erry could get her hinting…

Erry put her arms on the ground and rested her head on them “haha… you look so lovely like this… I’m happy that you’ll have enough to eat even if that sandwich is much bigger than you haha… ” Erry was looking the tiny girl at work… her ‘old life’ right in front of her eyes… before she met Annetta… then Annetta’s question made Erry shiver “I…I… well yeah there’s another one remaining but… ” Erry couldn’t ask this… she wanted so much… she tried this ‘feeling’ of her lover going inside her once… but was it the right place? the right time…? Erry was just looking the girl… if only she could just lay her on the bread… put the other bun on her and… but Erry shook her head… still looking at her tiny lover down here… she just couldn’t ask this to her…

Annetta blushed profusely, as Erry repositioned, looking down at her with a warm compassion and a lust and a deep love for her ‘little Annie’. Reese looked back up, admiring the woman’s goddess like form before her, her heart beating heavily in her chest, she knew she’d have to be the one to ask, but it was written all over Erry’s face. She could see that longing in Erry’s eyes, and even feel it in her own bones and body and spirit. Annetta could still remember the growl her lover’s stomach had given, and then looked at how Erry saw the sandwiches, an idea finally popping into her own mind, one that might take Erry back a bit, possibly from being shocked maybe, that both girl’s were thinking, much the same thing. “So anyway… I heard your tummy growl, I don’t think that sandwich is going to be enough to feed you fully. A growing young woman like yourself, just on the very beginnings of adulthood, needs her nutrition and her energy. I thought to myself, why not allow part of that food to be me. After all, your body was between my lips when I ate that hamburger, jokes and sadness aside… THAT WAS THE BEST BURGER I HAD EVER EATEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE…” Anneta smiled out with a sigh. “Now we both know that that was you in that burger, I feel that I need to take that feeling and experience it for myself, I want you to taste me in your bread. I want to be part of your lovely sandwich, a sandwich made only all the more delicious by my body being inside of it… What would you say to me climbing inside of this sandwich right here, and becoming part of your meal my love?” Annetta blushed, Erry would be able to tell that she wanted it, just as much. “I know we will never be far apart, and just think… what a beautiful way to end a perfect day… you can watch the sun set, while you devour me whole, and I can take one last look outside of your mouth, before you are through with me..” Annetta sighed out, she was obviously in love with Erry, and of course the idea of being devoured alive by her like that.

Erry nodded… “It won’t be a sad experience for you Annie… thank you for understanding me… this… ‘feeling’ I can’t really control…I…I’ll see you soon my love.” Pinching carefully the girl on each side with 2 fingers but not too tight… Erry raised the tiny girl and kissed her… “ahhh…” a shiver of pleasure went down her spine… Erry was now smiling… she layed down the girl on the tiny steak… “I…promise to see you again Annie… that’s our fate… our bond… our … love.” Then gulping hard she put the tiny bread piece onto the girl… still not too tight… finally grabbing the sandwich she put it in front on her lips… didn’t wanting to scare her lover she wanted to do this easily for her… opening her mouth wide, she took a big part of it… closing her teeth behind Annetta’s feet… Erry placed the girl as the center of her tongue… then started to chew the soft bread… the juicy meat… and swallowed some tiny parts of the paste that looked like a sandwich before… allowing her lover to see this from the inside but from a ‘safe place’… Erry was humming from this sweet taste… and from this feeling of the girl inside… moving slowly the small body to the back of her mouth… she parted her lips allowing her lover to see the sunset… “Annie… could…could …I…?”

It couldn’t have happened any more beautifully, Erry finally giving into her desires, she knew that Annetta was happy and content to give herself to her like this. As Annetta was easily lifted and kissed on her small body, she smiled, hearing Erry’s words… “I know it won’t be a sad experience for me love, and I am still sorry for what you had to go through because of that stupid waitress at that burger bar, but now that we both see this for what it is, the beauty between us, our size difference, I know the experience will be magical one… my love..” Annetta chuckled lightly, pretty in voice as ever. As she was laid down by a large but feminine like hand onto the sandwich, Annetta thought up something, it wasn’t super important, but it was important to Annetta and she knew Erry would take care of things… so she briefly spoke about it… “Don’t forget to take our trash and throw it away for me my love, we don’t want to pollute and liter on the earth, she is good to us, let us be good to her… And don’t forget about our sandals and dresses and my purse, we’ll need them again when we go out for an outing… hehehe~ I love you soooo much cutie. Even now as you are, my personal goddess, your beauty, your size, but most of all… your sweet spirit, I hope I taste wonderful for you… We will both remember this time, as it indeed part of our word, our bond, and our love… You will always be with me, and I… will always be with you..” Annetta paused in speech, ‘allowing’ her lover to do as she pleased with her body, she was now just a piece of food, at least in the flesh, to the ever lovely Erry. Annetta felt the food placed on her and placed the bread back on the sandwich, as the gentle giantess rose her to her own mouth, Erry parting her lips incredibly wide, allowing Annetta to see the back interior of her throat. “Wow Erry, you are even more beautiful in there than I remember, your uvula, your tonsils in the back of your throat, your wonderfully kept white pearly teeth, your soft and supple tongue… mmmmm~” Annetta spoke softly, but she knew Erry could hear her. Eating the food around her until Erry could finally take it inside, Annetta watched as the white haired angel then easily took the whole tiny sandwich inside of her mouth. As Erry’s lips sealed her into darkness, Annetta was worried she wouldn’t see the sunset, but she marveled at the feeling of being on Erry’s tongue, all the while the giantess devoured her food, she could hear the joy of the stomach beneath her at receiving the nutrition, the hot breath all over her body as the saliva dripped onto her skin, the enzymes already helping to make Annetta soft. Then Annetta felt the shift, the oral muscle tasting her about and coating her, finally all of the food, besides Annetta, was swallowed down whole, as the gentle giantess of her lover trusted her back towards the edge of her mouth, forcing Annetta to slowly slide deeper, not yet rising her to the roof of her mouth to swallow her with a wondrous force. Suddenly, Erry parted her lips, just as the last of the sunset made the sky so beautiful, it melted Annetta’s heart, Erry didn’t forget, causing a silent tear of joy to leak out and onto Erry’s tongue, Annetta speaking for the last time, as Erry finally asked her question. Pausing there for a whole minute to look at the sunset, Annetta then spoke… “Such a beautiful sunset, but not nearly as beautiful as you are to me my lovely Erry… I can tell that I tasted wonderfully to you though, that you savored my body, my flesh… my skin… that we’ve had such a wonderful time together today… Yes my love… yes… I am ready to be devoured whole and alive by you… we will meet again soon… I’ll never doubt about this…” Annetta said as she felt her feet at the very edge of Erry’s mouth, just before the hungering throat that would take her and consume her, to take her to the stomach of the beauty would be digested then be absorbed entirely, the brunette then reached the surface of Erry’s tongue with her arms and hugged it, kissing her oral muscle passionately one more, before she layed down fully, looking at the sky, knowing Erry would ‘bring her home’, once she closed her lips back up to seal her ‘fate’.

Erry was feeling the girl moving inside… probably looking at the sunset when Annetta answered her… “I’ll see you again Annie… thank you for…this wonderful day… Thank you for everything we did together… I love you…” Said Erry as she slowly tilted her head back, making the ‘way’ easier for her lover… Erry slowly raised her tongue and in a last move… made the girl slip inside her throat and swallowed her… Erry put a finger on the tiny bulge on her throat just like Annetta asked her the ‘first time’… then was feeling her going down… deeper inside of her body… not saying a word… enjoying this ‘guilty pleasure’… Erry soon could feel the girl fall inside her stomach… “Annie… My Love… are you alright…?”

The surreality of this moment was one Annetta would never forget. Watching finally as Erry’s lips moved for the last time, at least before the next stage of their ‘journey’ would begin, hearing the words roll past her in a vibration, just before Erry closed her lips, to seal Annetta’s body within, to seal her fate, to make her one with her lover’s body. “I love you too…” Annie said briefly, just before those lips closed, feeling seconds later as a huge shift of gravity changed her lover’s body, the sweet white haired angel tilting her head all of the way back, forcing Annetta into a vertical incline. Now that her feet were within Erry’s esophagus, all that was left for her to do, was to eat her little Annie alive. Suddenly, as Erry and Annetta knew what happened next, a heavy swallow resounded all around the small girl, the heavy pull that followed, gripping at Annetta’s little form, pulling her ever downward moving her from the girl’s mouth, deep into her neck, as the pulsating peristaltic motions pressed Annetta in and down, further and further along. Feeling that soothing hand of her lover against her neck own neck, pressing her in from the outside, the saliva all around her little body within, she knew she was quickly passing down, and happy for it. The downward suction finally passing her by the powerfully beating heart of the ‘giant goddess’ Erry, the thumping drumming against her ears as Erry’s heart beat in satisfaction, triumphantly, as she had just swallowed her lover whole and alive, both girl’s couldn’t have been happier. Annetta, for she was a wonderful meal, the feeling of being surrounded by Erry’s love and body… and for Erry, the ‘giantess’ able to devour her lover, to care for her, to be filled and fed, to experience what Annetta had experienced, not too long ago. Finally, as the sphincter yawned open, just as Annetta passed behind Erry’s solarplex, the spongelike muscle gripped at her lover’s feet, Annetta splashed down lighting some few seconds later as it finally tugged her where she was supposed to be, her body traced the entire way by Erry’s finger, knowing it was a wish Erry was granting for her, her lover understanding all of her desires oh so well, Annetta hoped she understood her own lover’s desires just as much. Happily inside of her lover’s gut now, Annetta smiled, hearing Erry speak back to her.. responding in likeness moment’s later. “Yes love, I am just fine… it’s great in here, I love being inside of you like this… I can feel that your body knows that I am here, the acids are starting to spray onto my skin… the spit from your saliva has already made me soft… I am now in the flesh, your body’s meal… and I wouldn’t have it any other way… Remember tonight my dear sister… because I know that I will… I love you soo much…” Annetta said, cosigning herself to her fate, and happily so, feeling Erry’s stomach press down on her, as the gastrointestinal walls began to knead against her body, the acids already making her skin red, it not taking very much time to ‘use’ her body up. The acid levels began to rise, she knew it was almost time… her last goodbyes were nigh at hand… “Ahhhhhh…Erry, it’s starting… finish it for us… I will return, very soon… enjoy the rest of this evening… think about us.. I… Love … you…” Annetta said, finally falling ‘asleep’, as the oxygen was now depleting after a good thirty or forty minutes had gone by, leaving her lover to digest her in peace, feeling some pain, but the brunette remembering only the things she loves more than anything else in the world… As her body was now laying in a fetal position against Erry’s stomach wall…

Erry stayed here… she was humming that song for her lover… looking at the beautiful sky… rubbing her belly… feeling this tiny girl talking back to her… but soon not moving anymore… “I’ll see you again… I promise Annie… And I’ll be here for you too when you’ll be back to me…” Erry rested against the tree…feeling the tiny lifeless body going deeper inside her… kindly being sucked into her intestines… it would take some time… and Erry had this time… the sun went finally down… and the moon took it’s place… Erry opened her eyes wide… she never really used to see the moon… it was always so far… a gurgling sound… Erry’s body was pouring stronger acids on Annetta’s small body… it was moving deeper inside the young girl’s guts… being broken slowly… melting into a nourishing soup for the white haired girl’s body… that started to absorb it…the wind was so soft… Erry still naked… Was feeling this ‘human world’ again… the soft grass below her feet… the lights spots that started to appear in the sky… Erry remembering her sister talking about the stars beeing tiny people that passed on the other side… Aya would be here too… with Annetta for now… A simple tear on her cheek… the tiny girl inside her now completely melted and absorbed by Erry’s body… “You’re just…more than my food Annie… I enjoyed this… as you were enjoying this too… I…miss you already… but… that’s not the end… our story together is just beginning…” Erry was rubbing her belly… feeling the girl within her… it was getting late, the lights of the park turning on… Erry took Annetta’s bag… put all of her clothes inside… thinking about that girl that made herself so pretty for her… and was now a part of her… Erry put a finger on her lower lip… kissing it then putting it on her belly… she put on her dress then her shoes back… Erry was a fast learner… she put the bag in the trash as she was asked… and started to walk back. She was in the streets, knowing exactly where she had to go, she learned the way back too… there wasn’t many people in the streets at this time but Erry was looking the lights of the city around… feeling this new thing … but alone this time… “Annie…” Erry missed her… but shaking her head was walking again… soon she was in front of the house… a stray cat was here… Erry shivered a bit… then stretched her arm and rubbed the purring thing… Annie would love to see that… Erry took the keys out of the bag and opened the door. Home… the place where she was belonging now… undressing herself she put the clothes on 2 chairs… taking care of them for when Annetta would be back to her. Erry then layed on the bed… wrapped herself in the cover… putting her head on the pillow… Annetta’s scent… this detail she loved so much… Erry moved on the side of the bed… leaving a space in the bed if Annetta had to ‘appear’ tonight… Erry closed her eyes… “Thank you for everything Annie… I enjoyed this day with you… but I want to see you soon… I want to discover so much more things with you… in this adventure that is…my…’humanity’… I love you.” Erry let a tear roll on her cheek as with these lasts words she fall asleep… Now having sweet dreams of her love… the girl that became so important for her… ‘her…Annie’.

End of part 11.