Annie and Erry Part 12

It was the middle of the night in the city. The previous day was a wonderful one for the two girls. The ‘human girl’ Annetta and the micro girl who became human : Erry. Both of the girls went outside to help Erry to ‘discover this world’. Erry was a bit scared at first, lost in this ‘peaceful’ world, she was always used just to survive as a micro girl before but she knew that Annetta was aside her. Erry now getting used to be at human size she accepted to be ‘dolled’ by Annetta as the girl put some make up on Erry’s face. Erry seeing herself in the mirror she discovered a new ‘herself’ and was already so happy even if they would enjoy this day even more. The girls went finally outside at the mall where Erry got her nails painted in a soft blue as Annetta wanted them to get a manicure for both of them. At the pet shop then Erry witnessed a deep feeling in Annetta’s heart… The girl was feeding a young kitten and was remembering her own cat many years ago… Erry was scared of the cat since where she was a micro girl they were just some ‘giant monsters’ but now at human size, Erry was way taller than the cat. hesitating a bit she finally put a hand on the cat and could feel its soft fur under her hand… Annetta smiled, grateful of Erry’s strength to make her lover happy.

Then the girls went to the cinema, Erry saw a movie once when she was a small girl but it was now different as a human girl. It was a nice movie and many times the girls laughed together, it was even more enjoyable since the girls were together. The evening finally… Annetta wanted to show something ‘special’ to Erry, the girls went to a small shop to get some food for a picnic outside and soon they reached the ‘place’… A small park without many people but filled with flowers… And on a small hill were a single tree. Erry’s eyes filled with tears of joy… It was the place she saw in Annetta’s dream… This very place she ‘saw’ when she was ‘one’ with Annetta when the human girl ate the small white haired girl… It was a part of their relation and somehow the girls could ‘come back to life’ as they now could change their size. They didn’t knew where those ‘powers’ came from but they accepted them and gave them many occasions to enjoy themselves…

The girls wanted this to happen… Resting against the big tree and looking into each other eyes… Erry approached her head and kissed Annetta… Mixing the blue and the red of their lips together… And soon Erry started to remove her dress… Showing her cute body to the girl she loved… “I’m yours Annie…”. Annetta answered this need both of the girls had… Also getting naked on the soft grass too, the girls started to enjoy themselves bathed in the evening sunlight… Erry was shivering as she was feeling her lover’s skin against her… The two naked bodies squeezed against… It didn’t took them too long to reach the heavens together… And were now hugging each other on the grass… Annetta wanted to feel something again… The very pleasure she felt when she went into her lover’s body… Getting at her small size she sat aside a tiny sandwich for a human but tall enough for a small one. The words were finally said… Annetta asked Erry to eat her again… Erry was remembering this ‘episode’ of their lives when Erry got swallowed inside of a burger by Annetta… It wasn’t a happy memory but this time it was different… Erry finally accepted… She wanted this too and carefully picking up the tiny Annetta between two fingers, she layed her on the tiny piece of meat that was in the sandwich… Erry looked at this tiny girl she loved so much… More than life itself… And soon granted her wish as she finally swallowed the small girl safely after eating the small sandwich…

Erry stayed here… Resting against the tree… Humming this song the girls shared… As the tiny body of Annetta went deeper inside of her body… The moon finally raised and Erry came back home after getting dressed again and taking Annetta’s clothes in her bag… Finally in their bed Erry prayed for Annetta… Wishing her to be back to her soon and thanking her for all the love she gave her this special day… Erry’s eyes slowly closed… As she fall asleep, wrapped inside of the cover that had her lover’s scent…

It was now near 3 AM… Erry was sleeping deeply and didn’t saw the tiny glow right above her… That was ‘floating’ in the room… This tiny glow turned into a bright blue flame still ‘flying’ above Erry’s sleeping body… And soon as it happened already many times before, the flame took the shape of a wing, still a bit different from Erry’s but it was blessed by the same ‘magic’ and with a bright flash, the flame disappeared… Leaving a small girl’s body ‘flying’ in the air… This tiny body of a brown haired girl that was sleeping peacefully… Of a girl who loved Erry to the point of ‘giving up’ her life and body to feed the white haired angel named Erry… The tiny girl was now floating down slowly… Both of the girls still being sleeping deeply… But somehow knowing that they were together again. For humans it was a ‘natural’ thing to do to eat the small people… It was one of the ‘rules’ of this universe even if t was so wrong… And something that Erry wanted to change. But for the two girls it was a part of their bond… Feeling one lover into anther’s body… It was a deep feeling and they knew that Fate would bring them back to life… And furthermore they wanted this to happen… Erry was a bit hesitant the first time she accepted to grant Annetta’s wish but the second time it was easier since she knew that she would see her soon enough…

Annetta’s body finally ‘landed’ on a soft texture… She was on her pillow right aside where was laying Erry’s head… The small girl right in front of the sleeping face of her lover that was breathing a warm ‘wind’ on the small body between her lips… Making Annetta’s body shiver… Erry moved a bit in her sleep… Her arm moving upwards… And her hand soon reached the pillow and ‘covered’ Annetta’s small body to the shoulders warming it up… The birds were now singing as the night went on… And both of them were still sleeping… Having sweet dreams of their cute love together… Annetta was feeling the soft warmth of Erry’s hand on her whole body and smiled… Then started to talk in her sleep… Calling her nearby lover “Erry… I… Lo…ve you…”

Erry opened her eyes… she knew that she heard a voice so close to her… Looking at her hand she was feeling something and it was… her Annie ! Erry couldn’t resist but to let a tear roll on her cheek… she was so happy… she missed her so much even if it was just less than a single day ! Erry didn’t wanted to wake up her lover… taking the tiny body carefully with her blue painted fingers… she let her small body lay in her hands’ warmth… Erry was smiling… her cutest smile… for the only one in her heart… changing her position she allowed the small girl to lay on her chest… between her two small breasts… Erry put her hand again on top of her lover… just like the last time she saw her like this… not making a sound but covering her in a sweet warmth… And looking at her with her deep blue eyes…

The unaware Annetta would somehow feel her lover’s caress in her sleep, even if she didn’t understand that which she was truly feeling, it was most certainly there. However, that mattered little, as soon, Annetta would find out wonderfully enough. This occasion perfect in all other ways, Erry loving her Annie, crying for her, at least in her heart, the white haired angel’s joy being full, the girl having already comforted Annetta, her one and only, would be able to see a smile form upon the brunette’s face, even as she was sleeping. Though Annetta’s physical body was not awoken yet, Reese didn’t need to be aroused to be happy or to feel the love of her genuine sister. They were connected on so many other levels, their souls were able to bridge that gap between space and human reality, in all dimensions and in all realms. Annetta’s little body resting atop her lover’s bosom, in between the ‘large for her size’ breasts, ones that would soon grow when the time was right, once Erry’s young frame would allow. However, at least in Reese’s mind, there was no rush, these moments that they had had together, were grand and marvelous in their own way… the sweet brunette never regretting a moment of her sister’s love. Sighing deeply, it wasn’t her sister that hadn’t stirred her, she was well enough rested by now. Also with the bird’s in the trees, her subconscious knew it was time to awaken… being around 11:30 am. The small body moved and Annetta’s mind beamed, forcing her awake, yet what she’d awoken to was something far more than fantastic. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, Annetta soon learned she was on her sister’s chest, laying into it as she stretched and yawned cutely. “Erry?…” Annetta gulped, blinking her eyes open again a few seconds later, coming to the reality of the situation. “Erry! Ahhhhhh, my dear sister!!” Annetta stretched once more, her voice quiet and soft, as she was still waking, kissing her sister’s bosom skin warmly. “How long was I gone this time beauty? I see we are in our room!? You’re such a beautiful girl!…” Annetta paused, “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for me.. long…” … “It’s like in the ‘afterlife’, or in the ‘spirit pause’, I feel something calling back out to me, I lose all sense of time, yet you are somehow always in my heart… It feels like mere minutes maybe for my soul… it’s a hard thing to explain. Like as if I know my soul exists, yet I can’t think, or speak…” Annetta then paused that thought where it was, and began another one, one much more important to her… “None of that matters though, I am with you now… and that’s all I need to know..” Annetta sighed again, smiled, walking up to her sister’s face, and kissing her gently on the chin, before asking her ‘excited’ questions and answers… “So, was the ‘Annie burger’ delicious? …hehehe~” She grinned sweetly, beaming as her face blushed. “I am so glad that we can experience each other like this… to be able to devour one another without risk of never having to say goodbye. I can’t think of any other way to get closer with you, than by having either one of us be inside of one another… it’s just… perfect…”

Erry put a single finger under her sister’s chin as she woke up… rubbing this tiny body… but so beautiful and perfect in every shape… “Annie… ” Erry sighed… and smiled “Annie… it was… just yesterday… but for me it was… an eternity… I missed you so much… ” Erry feeling the tiny kiss on her skin… She kindly wrapped her fingers around the tiny body and ‘sat her’ in her hand… “I… Loved this feeling… but… I think … that ‘rumor’ doesn’t works for humans like you haha… but… Annie this feeling was… so…deep… ” Erry was looking the tiny body of her sister… she fed it so many times… she was so … cute… Erry brushed her tiny hair… smiling as she was used to be taken care like that… she wanted her sister to feel this too…

Annetta felt her sister’s love for her deeply, even as she spoke about how it pained her to be apart from the brunette. Annetta thought about it, yes it certainly was true… love had a way of making the longing and wanting to be with each other, seem even harder. “Yes my love, I can only imagine… I guess the one being devoured is fortunate in that regard, it never seems like but a few seconds or minutes, before it ‘beginning’ happens all over again… Though, I am grateful it was just a night for you, I can’t really recall the entire reforming experience, just pictures, little bits and pieces of feelings in my mind and on my body… It was wonderful thing to awake on your body this morning, I can feel your love for me, even in your heart and your spirit, without voice, even if you didn’t speak it, I would know…” Annetta smiled. “Hehehe, I see. It was mostly just as joking. But of course, I loved being part of your sandwich. It always feels so wonderful sliding down your throat, the feeling of my body on your tongue. But what I love most of all, is the time that we get to spend with each other when we are here. Not a moment goes by when I don’t realize what I have, I will never take you for granted, I love you more than you may ever know… and I am sure the feeling is likewise, as for you too… At seeing the current expression on your face, and even now, feeling your emotions, it most certainly can’t be denied. I know how you feel for me, even if I can’t wrap my mind around that love entirely… I am just so happy you are a part of my life now..” Annetta gulped in appreciation. Sighing, the beauty closed her eyes as Erry brushed her hair, warmed chills going down her back as her naked form rests upon her sister’s palm…

“Annie… I…” Erry looked away… “I would… like to … talk…to you about something please…but…” Erry took a shy peek at her lover “Could… you grow again before…? it’s something really important … I thought about when… I was… absorbing you inside of me… ” Erry looked sad… blushing, thinking about her lover being just digested by her own body… “It’s something important for me… but… I want to talk to you… as a human please.”

Annetta beamed, nodding her head warmly, hearing every word her lover had said. Not wasting a moment, Annetta climbed down, sliding between her sister’s thighs, and slowly made her way to the edge of the bed. Closing her eyes, Annetta thought of a happy thought, wanting to share it again with her lover Erry while it happened. “The time we spent yesterday together when we went to the movies, the cute smile on your face and the voice from your perfect lips… truly make me happy…” Annetta paused, a brilliant blue light forming in the room as she placed her arms on her chest and over her shoulders, her elbows being of course bent. The radiance engulfed the brunette’s entire body, just as the glow grew larger and larger, until the glow took up almost half of the entire bed. As the light slowly dissipated, it was replaced by the form of the human sized brunette finally in all of her natural glory, her eyes closed as she had a wonderful smile about her face. Opening them back up slowly, Annetta then got back up and sat next to her lover on the bed.. holding her sister’s hands, embracing her, kissing her warmly on the cheek… before finally beginning. “What’s on your mind love?… Speak please… my dear sister…” Annetta of course was in no hurry, she’d just wanted to let her sister know she would be there for her in any way possible… giving the white haired angel all the time she needed, before she was ready again, to speak.

Erry nodded and finally moved in front of Annetta, sitting on her knees… Erry grabbed both of her sister’s hands again with her own… “Annie… I…” Erry bowed her head… Also letting a tear roll on her cheek “I… I’m so happy to… be with you, live with you… and … love you Annie… my love is the deepest for you … and I know that you’re loving me like this too… but… but… I would… ” Erry stretched her arms and ‘fall’ on her sister’s chest, wrapping her with her shivering arms around her, approaching her face and kissing her deeply… sticking out her tongue… ‘visiting’ this so beautiful mouth she used to ‘sit’ in many times before… Erry put her head a bit back… letting some saliva from their kiss fall on their breasts… “It’s … our love Annie… I want to feel it forever… every day that I’ll live with you… until the day I’ll leave this world… Annie… it’s something ‘unusual’ for two girls but… It’s what’s deep inside of my heart Annie…” Erry took a deep breath… “Marry me, please.”


Annetta was moved, hardly able to know what to say, taking everything in, it was all so much to bear, so much to hear. However, none of the words were unwelcomed, not that they could have been, and certainly not for the way the brunette had already felt about her dear sister. As Erry had trembled and was now on her knees, Annetta taking her sister’s body back into her arms, kissing her deeply, thrusting her own tongue within her sister’s hungerlips, the very same lips that used to be a ‘cave’ for her ‘little sister’s’ body, would be the same ones now, currently taking that kiss, to levels of untold passion. Once her sister had broken that kiss, Annetta was trembling a bit herself, somewhat overcome. Biting her lower lip, Annetta’s eyes began to flow and fill back up with tears, the brunette finally speaking as she firmly gripped her lover’s hands into her own, embracing them. “It’s not unusual when it’s right. It’s perfect… us… this… there is nothing more than I could want. We were meant for each other, there are no mistakes in true love. Damn the laws, rules, and expectations of all those that live if they don’t like it. Our love is not limited, it is boundless, our souls were meant to be.. of that there is no pause in my mind for doubt…” Annetta paused for a few moments, squeezing Erry’s hands extra tight, but not so hard… “YESSSS… The answer is YES… My dear… sweet future WIFE! ~” Annetta pulled Erry in as she too, finally got down to her knees. Pulling Erry in firmly yet gently, Annetta began to ball her eyes out, her head over Erry’s left shoulder, whimpering and shaking because she was so happy. “I… I can’t believe it… we are going to do this so soon. We will be married, I can hardly wait, yet I know we must, the time must be right… but I will never change my mind, I want this soo much too, it will be so great… won’t it my love?… Of course I will marry you!” Annetta beamed, her voice shaking as she shuddered warmly for a time, before finally getting up off her knees. “Want to shower with me now? Get ready for the day?” “I would love to teach you some of how to read and write and count, in the English language… if you wanted, of course… but please, if you’d rather relax, there is no pressure..” Annetta offered, her voice soft, and now, as she was already naked, she simply grabbed some clothing, and a few towels for herself and for her dear future wife… “Please… grab anything you want to wear, if you would like to join me in the shower once you are ready, just close the door so that draft of the house won’t make the room cold.” Annetta smiled, loving her Erry, patiently waiting to get started if her lover accepted. It would soon be a full course… lover, sister, and wife… Annetta couldn’t be more happy.

Erry was shivering… Annetta wanted that too… but in the ‘human world’ she would have to wait a bit since Erry was still young… but nothing would also change that decision for her… Erry loved Annetta above anything else and nothing could break this ‘love’… this beautiful love they shared… that broke the ‘Fate’ itself so many times… “yes.” Erry nodded… blushing as her lover asked her to wash herself with her… Erry went to the other room where she put her sister’s clothes and her own… grabbing the shirt Annetta was wearing the previous day… squeezing it against her… then taking her own clothes… Erry went to the bathroom where Annetta was waiting her… putting the clothes on a shelf… Erry joined her lover inside the shower… big enough for the 2 girls… but since that ‘answer’… Erry had now a new ‘desire’ towards Annetta…

Annetta smiled warmly as her sister finally entered, that answer carried forth, as the beautiful white haired angel was now within the shower stall with her. Annetta quickly turned the water on, and comfortably got the temperature adjusted to the perfect, heavy warmth, that would surround them and encompass their bodies entirely. Repeating the same process from before, but now, with the rather unique change, but the certainly welcomed one, the one that Reese couldn’t escape her mind from… she’d be washing her future wife’s body. Lathering Erry up just so, Annetta caressinglyscrubbed her skin, passionately kissing her on the lips, giving her lover some much needed tongue, forcing it oral muscle deep, but not uncomfortably so. Annetta then began with her right hand to hold Erry in tightly, with her left she began to rub over her future wife’s body, and over her breasts, and then finally smoothed her digits down the girl’s belly, until she reached her moist nether. Taking her right hand, she held it firmly against her sister’s butt, so that Erry could relax, and began to finger her lover’s vagina with her left hand, slowly at first, and then beginning to work it in deeper and somewhat faster… “Mmmmmmm~” Annetta simply spoke, as her own sex started to tingle in anticipation, hoping her lover would want to give some pleasure to Annetta too…

“Hmm… hhhhmmm… aaaahh… Annie… ” Erry’s head now raised upwards after this so deep kiss… Erry placed her lover against the shower wall… warm from the water flowing on it… feeling her so precious girl working on her… Erry lowered her head… looking at her precious Annetta in the eyes… smiling as water were pouring on their heads… Erry moved her hand in Annetta’s beautiful brown hair… her fingers traveled to Annetta’s face and lips… rubbing them… then … going down. Erry pressed her body against her lover… her other arm wandering around Annetta’s breasts… squeezing them one after another in her soft hand… Erry’s hand rubbed this soft belly… where she went many times to make this girl beautiful… this ‘legend’ was maybe true after all… Erry was happy… then … going down , reached this ‘place’… caressed her lover’s clit… then trusting a finger… then another inside… feeling her lover ‘eating’ her fingers inside this soft wet ‘canal’… Erry was getting wet… and rubbed her fingers faster… Inside of her lover… Feeling Annetta’s inner warmth around her fingers…

Annetta apparently didn’t have to wait hardly a moment, Erry already knowing what Annetta craved, she’d wanted her lover’s touch, her embrace… Annetta wanted to have sex with her in the shower. Erry moving her body perfectly over Annetta’s, the brunette finally letting out a large sigh. The slip-proof flooring of the shower giving the girls all of the support that they would need, Annetta began to give into sexual abandon, though not entirely as yet. “Mmmmmm~ So good baby… I love it… I love us… I want this… it’s so perfect … ummmmph~” Annetta hissed out, her words barely enough to be heard as she was slowly surrendering to these overwhelming feelings and emotions. Her sister and lover’s hands now inside of her own sex, as Annetta carefully took the two to the ‘floor’, their bodies all covered in water, all but their faces, where the water wasn’t pointing. Giving them both enough room, Annetta began to delve deeper within her lover’s sex, no more fingers introduced, but still, the two that were in there reached in hard and continued to go faster and deeper… “Yessss… I can feel your sex gripping at my fingers, swallowing against my digits… I can feel that you want this just as badly as I, my dear future wife.. let’s make each other happy…~” Annetta sighed out as she began to moan “Yesss… deeper Erry… I need this…” Annetta cried out, as she began to hump against her sister’s fingers.

Erry was caressing this soft canal… this very vagina where her tiny body crawled in many times already… this was so… perfect… Erry moaned… “Let’s be happy …together… Annie… ” As Erry moved her hand faster… also leaking some juices… she raised her head… stuck her tongue out… then started to lick her lover’s lips… all around… probably tickling her… but these lips… another part of her lover’s body that pleasured Erry when she was so small… She wanted to ‘thank’ every part of that girl for everything she lived… finally kissing her lover…deep… moaning inside of her lover’s mouth… Erry was almost at the edge… wrapping her legs around Annetta’s body… feeling her even more closer…

Annetta sighed out, rolling her eyes back into her skull, her toes beginning to curl as their fingers had worked up quite the adrenalin and sexual rush, the brunette’s body beginning to spasm on its own. “Ohhhhhhhhh~ ERRY… I…” Annetta began to breathe hard and shallow, her respiration coming in much faster and more labored as she was moaning out increasingly so. Annetta pulled Erry in HARD, pushing her fingers in as deeply as they could go, as finally, her three middle fingers pressed in, wiggling around almost violently into her lover’s sex. Annetta’s thumb now rubbing over Erry’s clitoris while her hands mercilessly but lovingly slowly sent her white haired future wife over the edge. Annetta began to buck her hips, feeling the edge of the cusp of her orgasm finally coming nigh. Annetta began to pant roughly, her breath all over Erry’s face, “ERRRRRY~ I CAN’T … MMMMMM~ … I WANT THIS SOOOO BAD… I’M~ AHHHHHHHHHHH~ I’M CUMMING!!!!” All at once, Annetta’s sex clamped down hard against Erry’s fingers, her humping hard, until she then squoze her legs down firmly against her lover’s arm, Annie pulling her legs back into her lover’s tightly, in the same process. A sudden spraying of feminine cum finally splashing out all over Erry’s arm and hand and onto their stomachs, on down Annetta’s left thigh, and slowly going down the shower ‘floor’, into the drain, as Annetta’s orgasm finally manifested in a physical form… “Ohhhhh my god… Erry… it’s soooo good~” Annie said, as she was in paradise, her eyes rolling around ceaselessly, cumming continually, as Erry slowly forced her into even more orgasms. The brunette losing count as to how many times she was cumming! Reese’s heart beating heavily in her chest, the brown haired woman could feel the pulse in her throat. Sighing ever so deeply, even the most by now, Reese was finally coming back down from her sexual high, slowly yet surely, but not too soon, as her body was loving every second of the wondrous afterglow. Running her hand through her lover’s hair, Annie smiled into Erry’s face, still thrusting her left hand into her sister’s sex, not removing it until she was done cumming as well, once she’d reached her own sexual high.


This warmth all over her… this feeling of being ‘cummed out’ like before when Erry was small… but her fingers were still inside her lover… feeling this warm nectar pouring on her hand… Erry ‘s sex ‘sucked’ her lover’s fingers… as she started to release some juices “Ahhhhh Annnnnnnnnhhhhh !!!!! ” As Erry ‘touched the sky’… Her body having a strong chill as she started to cum too… soaking her lover’s hand with her juices… her lower body lifting a bit… then falling on the floor again as her vagina was still pouring her own juices… Erry removed her fingers… not wanting to ‘break’ her lover’s sex by too much activity in it… then putting her hand near her head… Erry put the 2 fingers inside her mouth… licking this sweet juice… then smiled to her lover… and called Annetta like she dreamed of… “My dear… wife … Annie… I…love you.”

Annetta sighed deeply, licking the cum off of her own fingers, from her wife’s wonderful juices, “I love you too angel… you are perfect…” Annetta said. Carefully yet firmly, She then took Erry and herself, and gently lifted them back up, until they were standing. Annetta then going back to her washing business, began to hum their sweet song, the one they’d slowly started to make their own, in their own way and their own meaning. Lathering up her hands with Erry’s skin and the sweet smelling soap, Annetta began to carefully clean Erry’s body, making sure not to miss an inch of her flesh, wanting to properly take care of her lover. Placing a kiss on her cheek, Annetta then carefully rinsed her sister’s skin off, making sure her body was devoid of soap, not wanting to leave a dry spot or an itch after the shower was over, careful to apply the condition and shampoo combo, and then rinsing it out as well, gently and lovingly, allowing it for a time to sit before removing it entirely. Annetta then turned around, asking, seeing if her Erry would wish to do the same for her.. “Mind washing and cleaning me too then love? So we can ready ourselves for the day? Are you comfortable with putting on your own make-up yet, or would you rather I do it again for you? I am happy to serve my wife after all… in any way I can… I would do anything for you love… Is blue still your favorite, if not, we can go for a different color today..” Annetta offered, still waiting Erry to wash her if she wanted to.

Erry nodded… she was a fast learner and put some soap in her hand… started to wash this so beautiful body… caressing the soft skin as the soap was also washing her… Erry couldn’t resist but to kiss her lover on her breast… before washing it… Erry was so… ‘proud’ to be a ‘living part’ of this girl’s flesh… and every time Annetta was even more perfect… “I would need some help a last time I think… ” Erry was looking at her hand’s nails… they weren’t with that so cute blue… “I prefer… the same color… I really like it… ” Said Erry smiling… she made her sister sit since she wasn’t tall enough… poured some shampoo on her lover’s head… taking care not to put some in her eyes… then started to wash her hair… caressing its soft texture… just like silk… Erry was focused on making her Annie perfect… then kissed her on the forehead… “I love you.” That so simple expression but so important for Erry… taking the shower… she washed away all the soap and shampoo… smiled at the girl… then exiting the shower… put on her towel around her body as she took Annetta’s towel and wrapped her in it… with the cutest smile she had… this new day with her love was now beginning…

Annetta didn’t seem to have to wait hardly any time at all, Erry happily going about taking care of her lover as well. Cleaning her up nicely, washing her hair out, careful as Annetta had always been with her, as not to get any soap in the eyes, or unneeded water in the face. Sighing as she was lovingly taken care of, as her sister briefly sitting her down to wash her hair and then rinse her entire body off, the gentle brunette slowly got back up, and gave Erry a warm loving hug and a kiss before getting out of the shower, “Thank you my love…” It was sweet, Erry was already putting on both of their towels, so Annetta grabbed the other two, and did up their hair, tying them up while she carefully dressed her sister. Placing on the shoes and the nylons, Annetta put on a pair of pink panties over her sister’s privates, getting a training bra, and showing her sister how it felt so that she could get used to wearing one, or a regular bra, once she was of size and age for marriage. Slipping Erry’s casual dress on for her and tying the bow in the back, Annetta put on a lovely pair of pumps over her sister’s black nylons. Once her sister’s clothing was on, she then began to put on her own, wearing pumps herself, and a white lace pair of panties, with some dark brown nylons a neath her shoes and flowery purple dress with various garden patterns upon it. Beaming a smile once that was through, Annetta carefully pulled out the towel from her sister’s hair, making sure to get the hair as dry as possible, before applying the detangler to it. Taking the towel off her own head, Annetta was both accomplishing two things at once, showing her sister how to do these tasks, as well as love her by doing them for her, and Annetta wouldn’t have it any other way. Then, getting the blow dryer out, Annetta put it on a lower heat setting with a low blowing pressure, getting her sister’s hair done up all nicely, throwing a few beautiful curls into the mix once the hair was completely dry, being gentle with her scalp as possible. Repeating the same process for herself, Annetta added a few more curls to her own than normal, wanting to feel pretty. “Make sure when you use the iron sweetie, that you unplug it when you are done. It’s hot, and can melt things if you aren’t careful, but it wont burn or hurt your skin, as it has safety guards, but we should still turn it off when we are done with it. For now, if you want, I can curl your hair until you get comfortable with it.” Annetta then put the iron away once it was no longer hot. “As I have done your make up before, I will now show you what each make-up tool is for. The blush is for powdering up your cheeks, giving you a perfect shade for your skin. The eyeliner helps bring out the color in your eyes. The mascara is used to help make your eyelashes look longer and more defined then they are normally, only bringing out more of your natural beauty… and the eye shadow also helps bring out the color in your eyes. Sometimes we like to use eyebrow coloring, but that’s not always necessary. I have to use a pair of tweasers from time to time, if I get too much hair between my eyes around the top of my nose… oh looks like you have a few sweetie, let me pluck those, you’ll feel a slight pinch, but it lasts for weeks, so we don’t have to do it very often..” Annetta then carefully removed them “Ahhhhh, all better, that wasn’t so bad was it?” Annetta carefully performed all of these tasks, putting on her sister’s make up, and then applying her own, using much the same technique from before for both herself and her sister, and in under twenty minutes both women were entirely ready for the day.. “I’d say we look the part now my love!… Don’t you?” Annetta beamed as she chuckled sweetly and softly. Doing the last thing, Annetta put on the non-smear Revlon blue lipstick for Erry, and then applied some rose colored lipstick on her own luscious lips, finally putting all of the make-up back and clearing the counter. “You look ravishing darling, so beautiful…” Annetta smiled hugging her sister, careful not to ruin her make-up. “So, want some breakfast now sweetie… before we do some learning?”

Erry had a small squeak as she heard the dryer.. then looked at it, tried to understood how it worked… feeling its warmth on her hair… her skin had some chills, enjoying this. She looked her sister doing all the make up on her… Erry was looking her face ‘change’ in the mirror… staring her sister do the same… she stood up and looked at both of them in the mirror as Annetta hugged her… both of the girls in the mirror were beautiful… Erry blushed… “Thank you Annie… I would like something for the breakfast please.” Erry was looking all of the things her sister used before… Erry would now know how to do this for her… and her sister… having a small chill as she was wondering how to make her even more beautiful… she wanted to learn so much “Ah Annie, what would you teach me today…? I know how to count already but not much about reading…” She grabbed her tiny dress… a bit shy to ask this.

Annetta nodded warmly, “Of course love… as I said, what’s mine is yours, and I hope that goes both ways. I meant that in every sense of the word angel. You’ve already had my body, and I have had yours, we’ve made love… we’ve been passionate, we are currently exploring and experiencing everything this world has to offer, one moment and situation at a time, and I would have it no other way. Soon, my intelligence and my learning will all belong to you as well, I will know nothing that you do not already, yet I am sure both of us will share more surprises about new things we both learn, and the experience from our old lives that surface to make each other even better people…” Annetta beamed, hugging her sister once more before breaking away to the kitchen. “Sure sweet heart, just sit at the table and I will have us a wonderful breakfast soon, one of these days, maybe once we are married, I can show you how to cook as well. Though if you want, you can always watch me now.” Annetta then got out all of the fixings for breakfast. Sausage, bacon, eggs, green onions, cheese, mushrooms and a few other items. “Today I am going to make us some omelets, I have these ingredients, you can choose what you want in your omelet before I make yours if you like angel.” Annetta paused, getting the pan sprayed with PAM and heating up the surface slowly. “Make sure never to touch the hot surface of the stove, and always turn the nob where the arrow points up to have it all of the way off when you are done using it…” Annetta was saying this mostly for Erry’s safety, as well as showing her a few things, if she had stayed near her to watch, unless she was already at the table, and could still see most of what she was doing anyway, as well as hear Annetta’s question about what she might want in her omelet. “It’s a nice day out there, but a bit cold, I am grateful for a heater in this house in the middle of the winter, how did you do it as a tiny girl in your old world… how did you guys stay warm in the winter… You and Aya?”

Erry was near the table and grabbed a chair when Annetta asked her if she wanted to see… Erry stood right aside her, looking carefully the girl mixing some things… remembering that a single egg was so big for her before… Erry was blushing a bit “aaaah… ” smiling as she was literally ‘eating ‘ the soft scent of Annetta’s cooking… Erry was still looking carefully how all of this worked… but heard that question “I… well… we were mainly living in some houses cracks as you found me the firsts times we saw each other… the houses were always equipped with… err heaters…? but some times we had to go out when out houses were destroyed … we had to live inside some trees or under their roots… we had a cover for the 2 of us… a ripped handkerchief for humans but a big cover for the two of us… Aya knew how to make fire… but sometimes it wasn’t enough… I remember her many times seeing her undress herself and hugging me tight… heating my small body with her own warmth when I was sick one time… I almost died back then but… she was here for me… ” A single tear rolled out of Erry’s eye “but I’m glad to know that Aya was here for me.” Erry then turned on the side “I’m also really happy to have you Annie. Even if humans don’t really care about my hair color… you helped me so much… and you also accepted me in your life that… I’ll do my best to be someone you could also rely on when you’ll need.” Erry said with her cutest smile.. her cheeks bright red.

Annetta listened to Erry’s entire tale, as she began to mixing of the food, cooking it up to heat and making the eggs nice and golden in color. Plating the girls omelets as she dressed up the food really nice, Reese got the juice out for the table, turning off the heat and putting the used dishes away in the sink. “Wow, that’s incredible Erry. I know you’ve heard this before but, Aya… what a woman, the way she took care of the both of you, she was a survivor, I’m so sorry she is no longer a part of your life angel, but I can see that same strength in you… even if you can’t always see it yourself, you are an amazing girl..” Annetta said as her own eyes filled up with tears, caressing Erry’s cheek softly. Getting a napkin for herself and her sister, careful to not smear the make-up as she dried their tears that fell down, amazed to hear about that life Erry had had before they had met each other. “I feel fortunate myself to have you in my life. When I came here in this city, I was all alone, and lost. I didn’t have many plans, nothing but a simple life, a simple job, and no one to love. And then you came… We’ve both had heart aches, but as you say, we will both and have already come to rely and love each other, you do more for me than you realize sweet heart. Just having you around, you are both family and a lover to me… and soon to be my wife!… Just keep being yourself my precious girl… that’s all I need, take it one day at time.. and when times get too hard, you can always come to me to talk things over, nothing is ever as bad as it seems..” Annetta said as she held Erry, appreciating the like sentiment, embracing her lover and future wife, kissing her on the top of the forehead gently, before pulling away to sit down, pouring herself and her sister some juice and milk in the process, their utensils placed on the table before them now. With the food all but ready to eat, it being cooked to perfection, Annetta spoke again. “Well hon, eat up… lets not allow our food to be cold… I hope you enjoy the milk and juice and your breakfast… I will begin teaching you once we get a full and satisfied belly.. you’ll need to brain food to think, and I will need it to collect my thoughts..” Annetta smiled warmly.

Erry nodded… grateful that her lover was understanding her story “I feel… lucky to be with you Annie… life was so hard for us… always needing to hide… to steal food from humans… but now that I’m at human size I feel so… lucky… everything is just so easy … and you don’t really need to be thinking about your survival…” Erry took the fork… her hand was shivering a bit… remembering how Annetta taught her that before… she cut a tiny piece of yellow… then brought it to her mouth… she smiled as she was proud of finally be able to eat like a human and not with her hands… she drank a bit of the milk and looked Annetta giggling… Erry had some milk above her lips… giving her a ‘white mustache’… she removed the milk with a finger… And soon she was done eating her breakfast “ahhh… thank you Annie… it was so wonderful… I really like the way you cook… and I like to discover new tastes too… “

Annetta smiled as Erry spoke, looking directly into her white haired angel’s eyes, nodding as she could in no ways feel any different than her lover did for her herself. “Yes love… and you have matured greatly, every day I am with you, you seem to grow more, such a fine young adult and beautiful woman that you are becoming… such one that you already are, I am glad you can feel safe and loved, you deserve no less. If only… no… that’s not right to say..” Annetta paused, looking down for a moment, as a few more tears came to her eyes, what the brunette wouldn’t have done if she could have saved Aya from that cold hearted girl Iris.. Gulping hard, she wiped the tear from her eyes, going back to smiling, as she was more happy than anything else, even if her thoughts wondered towards the girl she never got the chance to meet. Watching her sister and lover enjoy her breakfast, she was happy it had tasted so good, as she found the liking on her own plate, impressed to see how quickly her sister was learning all of these ‘human’ parts of her new life. “You learn so fast angel, one step a time right?” “You are more than welcome for the food, I was happy to cook for you… it brings me joy to bring others happiness, as you bring me happiness as well…” Annetta then took their plates, washing everything up. Showing Erry the kitchen sink, she showed her the soap so she could wash her hands after she was done eating. “Humans always like washing their hands when they finish after a meal, or touching something that is germy, I try to keep myself clean as much as I can, but I never get too worried about it. The soap is in that clear dispenser, all you need to do is push the handle down and hold out your free hand, then you can rub the soap together under the facet, once the handle is in the middle, it will be warm in temperature..” Annetta smiled, allowing her sister the time she needed before pulling out a hand towel from the cupboard. “After I do laundry, I use hand towels that I have folded to get my hands dry…” Annetta said, giving her lover the hand towel once she was ready for it. Taking the dishes, Annetta cleaned them all off, washing them down, drying them and then putting them all away. “Come to the living room with me angel and we shall begin. We will start out with a pencil and a paper. I will show you the alphabet and then we can learn words, and how to sound out things. And then we can show you word association with pictures, like animals, foods, places… everything…” Annetta smiled, making her way to the living room couch, grabbing all needed supplies, as well as some few basic children books, and a few tooks for toddlers.. “You’ve got to start somewhere, I will never EVER make fun of you for learning… it takes courage and patience, you won’t understand everything all at once beautiful, just take it one moment at a time… I will be there for you every step of the way… No question is a dumb question… ok?” Annetta smiled, making sure Erry understood that she would be treated with respect and given all the time she needed to learn.

“Thank you Annie… I’m glad to learn something so useful and if you want to learn somethings from me too I’ll be happy to show you… even if it’s more creating ‘tools’ and such…” Erry sat right aside her sister on the couch… she saw the pencil and the paper sheet… remembering her she she was drawing… she liked this so much… she was looking at all the tiny books… she already knew some of the pictured things but needed to learn about how to write them down… she was just like a young girl but knew that Annetta wouldn’t make fun of her while she’ll be learning all of this.

“You are most welcome my love, and that would be great! I too, love to learn new things. We can always improve ourselves and make better citizens of the city, one of our actions at a time. I am sure you would be able to show me things about survival that I hadn’t ever thought about, and I would love to learn how to craft tools with you at some point…” Annetta smiled. Taking the paper, She drew a, b, c, d, e… all the way through to Z. Showing Erry how each letter looked, both in capital and in lower case. “Now, I have the sheet, there are 26 letters in the English language, followed by 10 numbers. The numbers are… 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. I have written what each look like, I want you to practice writing them down and how they sound. When you write each one down, I will pronounce for you what that number or letter makes in sound, and you can repeat it… does that work for you?” Annetta smiled. Taking out the basic children’s book, She pointed to an elephant, and then to a zebra, and then to a dog, and then to a cat, and so on and so forth… saying the words, and writing them and pasting them on the books with paper, just beneath the pictures, so Erry could use them as later references, until she could figure things out on her own, little small steps Annetta was taking with her precious girl and future wife.

Erry was ‘used’ to draw… but she was also used to have a full pencil mine in her tiny hand… this time holding a pencil was different… she focused her eyes on the paper sheet… writing everything in her memory… she knew already some things but could write them so it was faster for her to learn… she started to ‘draw’ letters and soon her move was getting faster as she was learning these… “1…2…3…” now writing the numbers even if she was already used to count she didn’t knew them… when Annetta opened the tiny book Erry was looking at all those animals… she never saw all of them… she was a bit scared of the cat… but it was just a picture on the book… Erry was looking really focused on what she were doing… wanting to learn all of this ‘world’ she never really lived in before… soon she finished a full page of letters… showing it to Annetta “Is that good like this…? “

Annetta beamed as she smiled at her sister, nodding her head as her lover began to write down the words exactly like they were supposed to be. After some time had passed, Erry had even filled out the entire sheet with like words, Annetta making sure to go over with her what each one of them sounded like. “Exactly like that… very good work Erry, especially for your first time. Don’t worry ok, these animals are just pictures, they aren’t real. We’ll take this a little bit at a time my love, we’ll go slow. Let me show you a basic reading book, we’ll start out with a first grade level. We don’t need to take this fast.. I will read the story with you and you can repeat it, by sounding out each word that I speak ok?… Let’s try…” The first page, there basic was a sentence, but it was very simple, Annetta pointing to the words as she moved along speaking them. “The bird was in the tree..” Annetta said as she looked back into Erry’s eyes, waiting for her to try her best. “The little girl smiled..” Annetta beamed as she pointed at the picture of the little girl smiling. Finally changing the technique up of her teaching some, Annetta began again… “Next, we are going to sound out basic words, like animals… and then connecting words, like… the… but… and… there… or… that..” Annetta then wrote out on a sheet of paper, each one of the words, so Erry could write underneath them, Annetta explaining along the way, which each one of them meant. “Cat… C .. A … T” “Girl … G… I… R… L…” “Bug… B… U… G…” “Horse… H… O… R… S… E…” She smiled as she then moved on to some of the connecting words etc… “The… refers to an object or a place or a thing… such as… The cat… The dog… The building… The girl… But… usually refers a connecting idea… such as… I like her, but I like her sister better… And, usually works with more than one of a thought in a sentence, such as… I like you and I like your sister… There… usually refers to a place… while Their… usually refers to something that belongs to someone… try not to get those two words confused… here I will use them in a sentence love… I want to go there some day… versus… Is that their’s or is that yours… Or, usually refers to either meaning… We can go here ‘or’ there… That… usually refers to a specific item or a place or a person… That girl… That cat… That woman… That man…” Annetta smiled as she gave Erry time to think over what she said, not wanting to overburden her with new information. As Annetta spoke, so did she write everything that she said, so Erry could use these notes later to study from, to help her understand the English language even more, once she was that far advanced.

Erry nodded slowly… listening and looking at all of those words… she raised her eyebrows and looked angry when she heard the word ‘bugs’… remembering something but that wasn’t important now… she was looking Annetta writing then wrote under them… listening to the words she was used to talk but didn’t knew all of the words Annetta was teaching her… “I …Understand… when I saw all of those writings outside and when we were at this ‘restaurant’ things I just couldn’t read all of this… I feel a bit stupid but I never had this chance until today…” Erry took Annetta’s hand in hers “Thank you so much for giving me this ‘knowledge’… I really dreamed of it haha” Erry was blushing a bit “What do you want to show me next ?” Said the smiling Erry, she learned fast during her tiny life from her experiences… but this one was far more interesting from the other ones she could had before…

“Nah cutie, don’t feel stupid… please~… You are learning, and making efforts to better yourself. The only action that would make you ‘feel stupid’, is if you gave up trying… and I know you’ll never do that. You are brave and strong, and intelligent, you learn fast… I believe in your angel! Soon, we’ll have you at a 2nd grade reading level, and then so on and so forth. We’ll keep moving up and up until we have your book smarts past grade school… You’ll find that once you get to junior high reading levels, that the words start to level out a lot, once you learn the basics… understanding longer or more complicated words, will come a lot easier to you… you’ll see sweetie… trust me…~” Annetta said warmly, pulling Erry in for a brief amount of time, kissing her passionately on the lips, briefly, before pulling away to teach again. “It’s not very often a teacher gets to kiss her student in such way as a lover… right? Hehehe~” Annetta cooed. “You are more than welcome for this, but we should keep going. I’ll sit next to you and pull out a 2nd grade reading level book, you can follow along. When I say a word, you can say a word. I know it will take a bit longer to get used to that… but I believe in you, and it’s the best way to make this work.. as far as I am aware” Annetta then did as she said she was going to, reading the book as she went along, allowing Erry to follow along and repeat her words. The story was about 20 pages in total length, each page had two sentences, and some had three, helping Erry to learn along the way. “Generally, a group of sentences, are called paragraphs… Which are a group of thoughts, places, people, and ideas…” After Annetta finished reading the book, she looked into Erry’s eyes with a smile… “So how was it? Is that helping to make sense? Do you have any questions?” Annetta paused… not speaking or saying another word or advancing, until she was absolutely sure her Erry was ready for the next stages… taking it one thought at a time.

Erry closed her eyes and smiled “Don’t worry It’s fine for me but… ahhh I’m getting a bit tired haha… learning is something really nice but I feel my head a bit heavy now… ” Erry then rested her head on the girl’s shoulder as she was ‘reading’ “but we could read a bit again… I really like the way you’re teaching me all of this… and I’m really proud to be your pupil…”

Annetta smiled warmly, nodding in understanding, “Very well sweetie, yes, it usually does make one tired after learning a lot. One thing you will find amazing though, is once you sleep, and you wake back up the next day, your mind will actually ‘digest’ the words and the language and the pictures, helping your mind ‘grow’ and assimilate everything you’ve learned… And you will remember it twice as well as you did the day before. You’ll start thinking about everything that your learning, even before your teacher will say anything about it. Then… that’s when the learning really becomes fun, because.. you will then actually realize, that you are growing smarter and more book smart EVERY DAY.. I am proud that you are my pupil too angel… I am honored, my love~” Annetta reassured Erry, giving her time to ponder that, giving her hope… allowing her to realize that this was just the very beginning. “Relax… take a load off angel… just listen and close your eyes if you are feeling tired. Sometimes the best way to learn, is just by hearing words. When you close your eyes, you can actually think like you are in the world that is being read to you, like you are a part of the story… Here, let me take out a book called ‘The three little bears’…” Annetta smiled as she allowed her sister to rest her head on her shoulder near her coushiony soft breasts, finally pulling out the book and opening the page she began the story. Annetta continued to read, not really paying attention to what Erry was doing, the girl either welcomed to listen, or rest, or do a combination of both. Even if she felt the urge to sleep, that would be fine too.

Erry had her eyes closed… glad to have learned so much… And it was only the beginning… listening to her lovely sister’s voice… it was like a ‘song’ for her… all of those ‘cute’ words getting into her tiny ears… brushing her bright white hair on her sister’s shoulder… Erry ‘s mind was peaceful… before all of this story with her lover she was remembering how alone she was…sometimes waking up crying, not having Aya near her… but it wouldn’t be that case anymore… she was finally safe… the story was really some sweet cure for her heart… Erry’s mind got a bit blurry… as she fall asleep peacefully on her sister’s shoulder… breathing softly from her tiny opened mouth… wrapping one of her arms around her sister’s arm… Erry was at peace.

Annetta continued to read the story, and it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to realize her sister and lover’s respiration had slowed considerably, as her breathing becoming a bit louder, signaling to Annetta that her future wife had just fallen asleep. Once the story was through, Annetta looked at Erry’s face, seeing a smile appear on it, feeling her Erry wrap her arms around her own, Annetta cuddled her back as she set the book down, having finished it, kissing Erry on the forehead. Annetta just sat there quietly on the couch, humming a soft little tune, the one that they had shared countless times in the past, all while the brunette began to slowly rock her sister back and forth. Reiterating her own knowledge, Annetta always found that it had helped her with her own thoughts, remembering her learning from times long past, and sharpening her already founded skills. She could see that her sister was at peace, smiling warmly, Annetta’s eyes filled with tears as they silently filled up within her ducts. Finally, spilling out over onto her cheeks, Annetta’s tears dripped lightly, she was so happy to have Erry in her arms, both girls needing each other for much of the same reasons, and some reasons that they did not share, but they seemed to fit in with each other, just as much in need of one another embrace. While Annetta seemed to display the habits and caring of an older sister or a mother, Erry emanated much of a younger sibling or a daughter, replacing that need for a child in Annetta’s heart, and also a lover, also someone she could confide in and love for all time and eternity… Annetta knew she had Erry’s love forever… she felt so blessed. “I love you sooo much angel…” Annetta said just under her breath, finally laying back into the couch and cushions and couch pillows, Annetta pulled Erry into her, resting her lover and sister’s head into her bosom, closing her eyes, Annetta then too drifted off to sleep.

It was now some time after the girls had fallen asleep… Erry opened her eyes slowly… she was laying on top of her sister’s body… remembering that ‘feeling’ she had when she had this horrible fever and was about to die a previous winter… when Aya used her own body warmth against her so tiny shivering body… Erry extended her arms and hugged that lover she needed so much in her small heart… not wanting to wake her up she could feel a hand on her hair as she layed her head on the soft body of her lover… Annetta was probably brushing her hair before falling asleep too… Erry loved this that she hugged the girl even more… still caring not to wake her up…

Receiving all of the rest that she needed, Annetta began to stir, not because of Erry’s actions, but because of her dreams. Her mind was filled with longing and joy, never before had Annetta been this complete in her life, Erry was her all, she truly completed her… leaving Annetta not begging for a want. As she slowly began to wake up, out of instinct, Annetta pulled Erry into her, running her hands through her hair, finally some thirty more minutes passing, and Annetta blinked her eyes awake, her soft beautiful eyes. Looking down, remaining silent, as she’d opened her eyes then fully, not wanting to wake Erry up, she’d peer out before she made a noise. Seeing instead a patient, sweet, loving angel awaiting her future wife’s awakening, she smiled as she pulled her Erry into a hug, kissing her warmly on the crown of her head. “Aaaaahhh… Sorry about that baby… I just felt this need to sleep come over me. It must be all of the learning and teaching. Your warmth, the story… thinking about us… everything just seems to fit.” Annetta beamed. “Do you know what time it is?… Look up at the clock on the wall… see how the ‘6’ is pointed at by big short hand it is near, and see as the long skinny hand is near the number ’12’. That means it’s ‘6 pm’ our time… There are a total of 12 numbers on the clock… As there are 24 hours in a day and a night, making one full round. There is ’12 am’… which is noon… and ’12 pm’ which is night… There are ’60’ seconds in a minute, and ’60’ minutes in an hour… Does that make sense love?” Annetta smiled, kissing her lover on the lips, trying for another moment at teaching. “So… are you hungry for dinner? I would love to cook for you… If you want you can help me cook something…”

Erry was looking the tiny ‘device’… so it was this ‘hour thing’… she was looking at the moving clock… her eyes focused on it… she was learning again something ‘useful’… she wanted to ‘try’ her new skills… “hu…hum…” Erry moved aside… removing her soft ‘weight’ from her lover’s body… and stood aside the couch… still wearing the cute clothes Annie gave her… “hmmm… if that’s not bothering you Annie… I would like to ‘train’ those reading skills outside if you want of course… and I’ll be glad to help you to cook something after … but if you’re really hungry I could also help you now.”

Annetta smiled, “Nah it’s just fine love… we can eat later… you know… have a late dinner if you want. You know I’d love to go anywhere with you. And you’re absolutely right, what better way to learn your reading skills than by practicing out on a night at the town? With one who loves you more than life its self…” Annetta beamed, watching as Erry had already gotten back up. Annetta checking her hair and her sister’s, looking at their make-up, nothing had smeared, and their hair was still looking quite lovely… Kissing her sister on the forehead again, after straightening their hair out some more… she smiled. “You still look so beautiful… Very well Erry, where would you like to go?… The mall has a lot of things you can practice with… we could even go clothes shopping if you like. I’d be happy to buy you a few outfits of your choosing love…” Annetta smiled, awaiting her lover’s choice, happy to go where ever, just giving Erry a few ideas in her words.. “If you want, we don’t have to cook here at home at all, we can eat out on the town tonight as well, after we go exploring… the night is still young… and so are we … They have this really nice Italian place not too far from the mall… such good food~” Annetta nodded, now upon her feet, as she then quickly grabbed her purse and light beautiful jacket for the both of them, helping Erry to put it on, zipping it up to keep Erry warmed, and then taking care of her own, before holding her arm out as she offered lovingly… “So…Shall we go my sweet girl?”

Erry joined her hands together in front of her …”I… I could have my…own clothes…? ” She was shivering from a strong happiness that was burning in her heart “I… well… I would love to ! But… but if you want of course… you’ll need to trade something for that right…? Or… does it work differently here…? When I was with Aya she always traded things she… well… stole from humans to have something that we could eat… but…it wasn’t wrong for us… we needed that to survive… ” Erry was looking a bit confused “but I would like to spend some time in town with you Annie… it’s the most important thing I could wish for… ” Erry was looking her lover’s purse “hmmm… I wonder… what is it Annie…? Is that where you keep some food or something …?” Then giving her arm to her lover… and getting aside her she smiled “I’m ready Annie !”

Annetta smiled warmly at Erry, “The item you see on my arm is called a purse. It’s where I hold and many other women hold their cosmetics… such as chapstick, some make-up and some toiletries like Kleenex for facial tissue, if that makes sense. More importantly, it’s where I or others might hold mine or their identification and funds, as both are important. Identity allows others know who I am… and funds, well… they allow us to buy new things… In your new world, now that you are living with humans, there will be a different type of trade. I work at my job and I get paid for my work which provides me with spending money and enough money to pay my bills, such as things like power and heat. The money I make is loaded directly into my credit account, and will always use a piece of plastic with a swipe card to make a purchase to full funds directly from the bank, I get points when I spend on my Visa platinum card. Everything we do is done honestly and without shame. You needn’t have to steal to get by as you live with me now love. Do not worry about the past my precious angel, I know you only did what you had to to live and survive, so please don’t feel bad about it… you are a good person..” Annetta smiled, kissing Erry warmly on the forehead, as both girls were already dolled up… as they were now ready for a night out on the town, Annetta speaking about it some moments later. “Absolutely, you can have your own clothes, when we go to the clothing store, you can pick anything you like. There is a 35% off discount of apparel at Jenny’s, so I think that we will go there… and we’ll save a little bit of money while we are at it! We’ll start out by getting you the basics, some dresses to enjoy, as well as some casual clothing. I am sure you will see what kind of material you like the best once we get there, so you needn’t worry yourself too much about it my dear..” Annetta said cooing, trying to comfort Erry, as this might be a bit of rather new information to take in, not wanting to overburden her. Taking Erry by the arm, Annetta locked up after the both of them and began to head towards the clothing store, which was 1 mile south of the mall. Some fifteen minutes later, Annetta pointed looking on ahead, “See Erry, there’s Jenny’s. I am sure you will really love it in there, lots of things to choose from.. we’ll even get you some socks and pantyhose as well as some shoes and some heels if you like. The heels can take a little bit of time to get adjusted to, but they can go very well with dresses, and make you feel both sexy and look important. That can help when trying dress to impress… if that makes sense.” Now arriving a few minutes later, Annetta smiled, holding the door open for Erry to the retail store, waiting for her to pass inside, wondering what type of reaction she might have. “What do you think hon?”

Erry followed Annetta, her arms wrapped around her lover’s arm, walking by her side… she was probably looking like Annetta’s younger sister as some people turned their heads to see the cute duo… Erry was feeling a bit shy for that… getting used to be ‘human’ but it was still a bit too soon for her… finally in front of the store… Erry looked up and started to read the sign ” J…e…n…n…y…’s… Jenny’s !” Erry smiling to Annetta… proud to know how to read some words when Annetta held the door Erry bowed her head “thank you Annie” Then took a few steps and stopped… this shop was huge… lots of clothes everywhere… from kids to adults … Erry ‘s eyes opened wide… like she had some sparkles in them… turning her head to face Annetta. “It’s… Incredible !! I never saw so much clothes… ! And… they’re all so beautiful !… but… ah…Erry stopped in front of a black dress… a deep black and a long dress… maybe a casual one but Erry had one like that once… “I…remember… Aya…gave me one like that… it was from a …small figure…? but… I was so happy…” Erry picked the dress and wrapped it in her arms… Hugging it “can… can I…?”

Annetta heard Erry pronounce the shop’s name, making her giggle with a proud smile, “Very good angel, you are learning fast. See it’s not so bad, it just takes practice.” Annetta smiled, watching Erry go in as she slowly and quietly treaded behind her. “Ahh yes, quite a lovely dress indeed. Oh… You mean an action figure or a doll, like a Barbie doll maybe. Yeah I can see that in this dress I guess, but I would have to say this dress is far more elegant. But as you say, it’s memory that’s important, I would be honored if you had this dress Erry. We’ll get you a couple of different sizes, and we’ll have you try them on to see which one fits the best.. okay?” Annetta smiled grabbing the hangers and holding onto everything while Erry continued to shop. “There’s one of your dresses my angel, you can still get a few more and some casual clothing if you want. Dress is spelled D-R-E-S-S, and you of course already know what they are hehe.~ You can also get jeans or capris for your pants, and shirts with long sleeves look very nice on us girls, better than short sleeves I mean… short sleeves are mostly for boys. Jeans are spelled J-E-A-N-S and shirt is spelled S-H-I-R-T, which goes over your stomach and breasts and upper arms and your shoulders… and sleeves is spelled S-L-E-E-V-E-S. Sleeves are the part of the shirt that go over your arms.” “Take your time to look over what you like, and then we will take a few of the various sizes with us to the changing rooms so that you can try them all on. Then once you are through deciding, the sales rep will put everything back that doesn’t not quite fit you the way that you might like.” Annetta paused and thought with smile, thinking to try to keep helping her lover with spelling, as this might be an ample learning opportunity, so she began again. “Pantyhose is spelled P-A-N-T-Y-H-O-S-E, they are what we both have on right now under our dresses and over our feet and lower legs. They are a proper thing you’ll always wear when you have on a dress. Socks are spelled S-O-C-K-S. They are the type of underwear you will have on over your feet only, and when you wear pants and capris. Panties is spelled P-A-N-T-I-E-S. They are universal, meaning they can be worn with any type of clothing, as they are not seen by anyone. It never hurts to have a matching pair with what you try to put on. The pair I gave you to wear early matches the clothing color of the dress you got from my collection as well. While were here, we’ll also get you some of your own panties and bras. Bra is spelled B-R-A, it is the clothing article that us ladies wear over our breasts. For now, we can just get you a few training bras.. That is, until you get a bit older and are more fully figured. At which point, we will buy you some full sized bras, for what ever shape you may grow into…” “Though, you needn’t worry about it too much, at least not for now love, all things come to pass in due time..” Annetta paused a second before she spoke again, her voice always soft and patient… “Erry, I’m right behind you, choose as you see fit with all that you see here, and perhaps take on a few of my recommendations while you are at it…”

Erry was turning her head in every direction… looking at the signs on different shelves… she nodded… reading the signs as Annetta taught her right now… Erry was walking slowly… looking at everything she liked… “hu…huh… I would love some advice from you too since you’re… more ‘experimented’…? with this Annie.” Erry stopped again… a white ‘hoodie like’… behind it were 2 cute wings shapes … Erry couldn’t resist but to take it from the shelf and put it on… the sleeves were a bit larger from what she expected but Erry blushed… turning around herself looking at Annetta “It’s so cute… you use to call me ‘Angel’… and I look like one hahaha… but you’re even more beautiful than me Annie… ” Said Erry with a warm smile… then removing it… she wanted it so much again… but was it something Annetta would like too…? “What do you think of it Annie…? I would like only clothes that you would like too after all.”

“You mean experienced? That is spelled E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-E-D, as opposed to Experimented which is spelled E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T-E-D… both are bit more of an advanced form of words. Experience just means like as you thought, having had lots of exposure and practice with something. Experiment is slightly different. Though it’s kind of like experienced, it refers to being more along the lines of trying out things that you have had no idea of what the outcome might be… like a science experiment.. if that makes sense?!” Annetta beamed a smile. “I am always happy to help you understand things and try new things out, you are my partner, and as I have said, everything that is mine, will soon be yours.. and I meant that in every meaning of the word…~” Annetta then smiled as she looked over Erry’s next choice of clothing.. “That long sleeve hoodie looks just fine, it also too, reminds me of that idea and memory… We’ll get you a few different sizes until you are comfortable with the one you tried on that fits… and… YOU are still my angel, you’ve never stopped being so, nor will you ever!~” Annetta reassured her lover. “Any other shirts you might like to try out sister? Or do you want to start looking for panties and bras and Jeans or capris? We need to get you some new shoes and… if you don’t want to, we can shop for heels at a different time. They take practice to wear and walk with, and so, sometimes girls may never wear them at all, not all girls like them.” Annetta gave Erry several choices, as she had the rest of the hour to ‘explore’. “Take your time, I want you both comfortable and happy before we leave here tonight my precious girl..” Annetta said, her words ringing with much love and understanding. “You should get both socks and pantyhose though, because you’ll be getting both Jeans and Dresses tonight after I purchase them for us.. Just match the color so they can be coordinated, that’s my only request.. as I am a fashion nut hehe~”

Erry nodded happily “Experienc… ed… I get it… thanks Annie.” Erry was listening carefully of Annetta’s explanations about the other clothes but looking at a woman aside wearing heels she looked at her tiny shoes… she just wanted something simple… just wanted to be her lover’s ‘jewel’ and for nobody else… “Hmmm… I’m still a bit new to all of this… but Jeans and the other ones looks nice… could you help me to choose them …? and … don’t you want anything too Annie? I’m a bit embarrassed that I have all of the fun today… ” Erry was looking again the other woman’s shoes… but had a tiny gasp… she couldn’t imagine wearing those someday yet… the woman turned her head and looked at the white haired girl… Erry bowed her head with a shy move… then the woman ‘answered’ her by bowing her head back and walked away … Erry was getting a bit more used to ‘humans’…

Annetta beamed a smile before she nodded her head and spoke a moment later. “You’re more than welcome angel. Think nothing of it love, I’m just going to buy some more panties and bras while I am here and some deodorant, you needn’t worry about that… this night is for you. I already have an entire wardrobe after all. W-A-R-D-R-O-B-E just means a collection of clothing is all.” Annetta nodded her head again with a smile, “Sure baby, I’ll pick out some panties and a training bra and pantyhose, that’s easy, though you’ll have to do the rest. You’ll need to find out what shoes fit you the best. We’ll get you some dress shoes instead of high heels, how’s that? You’ll still want to look presentable in your dress after all~” Annetta compromised with her lover. Heading and gathering each clothing item as they went along, Annetta finally took Erry to the shoe section of the clothing store, just as a sales rep walked up to Erry. Holding out her hand she smiled, “Hey ladies, my names Joanna. I am over shoes at Jenny’s, is there anything in particular you are looking for tonight?” Annetta smiled, “Just trying to get my girl Erry some new shoes, we want both casual and dress shoes, no heels please.. She might like help learning what fits comfortably…” Annetta said as she smiled, trying to comfort Erry. Joanna nodded warmly, “I completely understand. Well Erry, what colors do you like? Also, let me get a measurement of your feet with my device and we will better be able to tell what fits you the best.. I love your hair color Erry, you are a very pretty girl…~” The pink haired sales rep said with a somewhat jealous and embarrassed but happy smile, waiting for Erry to comply before taking out the device and lining it along with her feet. “Ahhh, I was close, I thought you were a 6 in women, but you are a 6 and a half, very nice. I am a 7 and a half, if you were curious Erry…” Joanna beamed, waiting for white haired angel to tell her what colors she liked so she might be able to help her choose more specifically.

Erry put a hand in her hair…blushing… “Thank… Thank you Joanna !” she was calling the girl by her name since she didn’t really knew the honorifics yet… then removed her shoes … putting her feet in the strange device… she wasn’t used to wear shoes until maybe 3 years ago.when she had her first shoes… but walking on the ground with shoes was even more comfy… Erry raised her head “I like… blue and white… please…” Erry was looking at the girl’s hair “your hair is really pretty too Joanna… even if mine is just white you have a really nice hair color… “

Joanna smiled as Erry spoke, “You’re welcome..” The somewhat shy but helpful sales rep sighed a bit, her heart racing, feeling somewhat jealous of Erry and Annetta, but understood it wasn’t polite to act a certain way, especially not with customers. Nodding at the color choice, Joanna was quick to pick out some shoe sizes, getting a few blue and white shoes, a few pair at 6 and a half in women, and a few pair of 7s, as all shoes fit slightly different, depending on make and model. Annetta knew the honorifics, but didn’t feel like any were needed to be applied here. After all, Erry’s name had already been learned by Joanna, and as the sales rep seemed polite enough, Annetta figured it appropriate enough for her girl to call the woman by her own name. Joanna finally brought the shoes back and placed them before Erry’s hands with a smile. “Try these on Erry. I got you a few sizes in each color, take your time getting them on…” Annetta smiled, reminding the sales agent, “Ma’am, if you’d please, show Erry how to appropriately put on and tie a set of shoe laces and to properly lace them in the holes…” Joanna was quick to agree, “Sure, very sorry, I didn’t realize… I would be happy to assist her.” Joanna motioned, gulping, after she placed the shoes down, all four sets… and properly laced them, showing Erry along the way as she moved slowly so that the platinum haired angel knew exactly how to do that with them at a later time by herself if she’d wanted to try. Taking Erry’s left foot, Joanna eased the shoe on, one at a time, until both left and right were secured and comfortable. Starting with the blue ones, Joanna gave Erry a chance to walk around until she decided what felt the best… “So Erry, do you like the 6 and a half or the 7’s better? Once you know, it will be the same for the black ones, as they are both made by Nike.. So you won’t need to try on any more after that…” Joanna patiently waited, smiling at Annetta and Erry, blushing a bit as her own hair was complimented on, sighing a moment before she replied… “Well… I um… well thank you… that’s very kind of you to say. Not many people think so…” Joanna paused, gulping, and looking down, as one could tell her self esteem was low.. “I know it’s not appropriate to share certain things with customers, but I feel like I can with you two girls…” Annetta turned her head, and frowned a little bit with concern. She could tell the girl was a little sad and this made her move closer to her and reach her hand out to Joanna, the girl extending her own hand into Annetta’s, as the kind Annetta sqoze it with love… “Nonsense sweetie, share anything you want.. please… it’s ok..~” Annetta waited, Joanna nodding before she gulped as a tear of sadness came to her eyes, just before they crept out silently onto her cheeks, her finally speaking. “Some people don’t like me very much because I’m different, I have some piercing in places like my nose and my left eye, words like freak or evil…” Joanna whimpered, as a few more tears came out, this was something she’d never shared before with Jenny, the store manager. “My pink hair, sometimes people laugh at me, they can be so mean…” Annetta frowned, finally standing up, coming a half a head taller than Joanna, finally speaking. “Awwwww, I’m so sorry Joanna. Don’t listen to them, they’re just bullies. It’s ok to be different… Isn’t it Erry?” Annetta smiled at Joanna, and then to Erry, just before reaching in to hug the sales rep, not caring what anyone else might think. She could tell the girl needed a release and to be loved, even if it were only to be friends… Patting the girl on the back, Joanna sniffled a little bit, just before she began to cry, crying in such a public place, but neither seemed to care… “I’m sorry Ma’am, I don’t mean to be so emotional, it’s just, it’s just that… I am not used to people like you… being so kind, is all… thank you..” Joanna gulped, speaking softly as she held into Annetta’s embrace, as her body trembled and her voice shook some, Annetta speaking back a moment later. “Listen, I know you are a perfect stranger, or you might think that we are Joanna, but my name is Annetta Reese, and my door is always open, my smart phone always available… if you ever need to talk… please hesitate… ok honey?” Annetta said calmly, with empathy and love. “Is that ok with you Erry? Joanna needs a friend~..” Joanna gulped as she bit her lower lip, looking embarrassed, as she could tell Erry and Annetta were an item, that they were lovers, not wanting to come in between them. “I don’t know Annetta, I mean.. the way you two look at each other… I can tell… I mean..~” Joanna looked down gulping, unable to face Erry, waiting to be turned away for being different.

Erry had a serious look in her eyes… she took both of Joanna’s hands in hers younger ones… “Joanna. I know what is it to be different… I lived all my life apart from people due to some stupid rumors about my hair… and I can understand what you feel. I’ll tell you this once and for all… you’re not evil or anything else. You’re so nice to us even if you just met the two of us and… thank you for sharing this part of you… I won’t judge you on anything that some stupid people could have said to you… ” Erry had her warm smile.. “you’re a nice girl Joanna.” Then looked into Annie’s eyes “Yes, she need maybe not only just a friend but two … I would like to talk to you again Joanna, I feel… close to you from my own story… and Annie was…so kind to accept me like that… I can’t thank her enough for all the love she gave me… and still giving me every day I live with her… please don’t be sad… you’re the most deserving girl that need to be happy and we’ll be here if you need to talk.” Erry turned her head, smiling to Annetta she slowly bowed as she accepted Annetta’s question.

Annetta beamed with a smile back towards Erry, happy her lover hadn’t forgotten the love they as two partners, had shared. She was also happy that Erry could tell when another person needed her, and could recognize when someone felt bad for being different. Joanna was at a loss for words, having no idea prior, that Erry had been through so much herself. Leaving Annetta’s arms, Joanna took Erry’s hands, and then furthered their embrace into a warm friendly hug, Joanna half way in between the sizes of the two girls, as she was a half of a head taller than Erry. Now embraced with the white haired angel, she began to cry again, Jenny actually hearing the entire conversation, while not necessarily appropriate, Joanna was one of Jenny’s hardest workers, and would happily allow it to pass, confronting Joanna about it at a later time. The store manager wanting to be Joanna’s friend and to help her feel better as well, just allowing the three girls their own time they needed to work everything out. “Ohhhh, thank you Erry… I don’t know what to say… I am so sorry, that you too, were mistreated. Thank you so much Annetta… I will keep your phone number Annetta and call you guys sometime, maybe we can go out for a bite to eat as friends? Or movie…?” Joanna offered, her voice still shaking, as she was still crying, but more thankful than she’d ever been so before, no one before welcoming her like both Erry and Annetta had, so easily. “Awwwww, it’s ok Joanna, you can cry and let your emotions out, you’ve got a friend in us… anytime you need! You can come over at any time to the address I put near my phone number on that sheet of paper as well!” Joanna smiled, nodding happily.. “Looks like from what I can feel Erry, the six and a half will work the best for you. Thank you guys for everything… I will keep in touch, and thank you for hearing me out..” Annetta smiled as the woman handed her the two pairs of blue and white shoe’s boxes, as the brunette placed them into her shopping cart. Joanna waved at the two girls as she took a deep sigh of relief, as these two girls would be the first friends that she ever had ever had as an adult. Annetta nodded her head warmly, before making it over to the Capris and Jeans area of the store… “So love… what do you think? A few pairs of Capris and some Jeans pants? We can try on a few, along with everything else we have in this cart…” Annetta waited for Erry to pick everything out, being patient as she wanted Erry to be happy and feel pretty and take all the time she needed to adjust, speaking to her a moment later about what had just transpired earlier. “By the way Erry.. that was a very kind thing you did back there, thank you for being so kind with Joanna. You can now see Erry… even humans can be soft and gentle, and broken or sad, they need friends just like you did, just like we are to each other. You understand me like no one ever has…” Annetta reminded Erry, happy the white haired angel was able to see ‘this side’ of humanity, happy that Erry was her soon to be wife.

Erry was taking a deep blue jeans when she heard Annetta talk “Annie I… when I was a tiny girl earlier I… couldn’t help anybody since I was rejected by them… I saw tiny ones crying… feeling a deep despair and…I couldn’t do anything back then … I could just have scared them more …! but… humans… I mean… I didn’t expected some other people aside you to be so… open in their feelings… that girl…just needed help… and we were at the right place at the right time… you’re so kind too Annie… I really respect you for this… that happiness you ‘spread’ on anyone we met until now… and this love we share… I’m happy that we’ll be bond together… ” Erry took some other clothes that would fit her… “can…I try them…? and …you can help me too if you want Annie.” Erry was giving her usual warm smile… that smile her lover loved so much.

“Ohhhhh Erry, what would I do without you love?” Annetta could scarce think, nor wanted to think about such a thought, more or less just thinking about how much she wanted to have Erry stay in her life, and beyond, so happy with Erry tonight. “Yeah, I am glad that we were able to reach out to Joanna, maybe we’ll see her sometime soon, she could obviously use a friend like us you know, and I would be happy to be there for her as well.” Annetta thinking about how much love she had for other people before she spoke in a pause.. “I can’t help it Erry, when I someone in need, my heart just hurts for them inside, and I have so much empathy in my body and mind, I just have to share it with others..” Annetta smiled, happily admitting so. Finally looking as Erry had grabbed everything that she had wanted to try on, Annetta grabbing a few different sizes, finally heading towards the dressing rooms. “This way angel.” Annetta grabbed everything that needed to be tried on out of the things they planned to purchase, leaving everything else in the cart. Waiting for Erry to get in the changing stalls, the clothing agent smiled at the both of them, not bothered that Erry and Annetta wanted to be in the same room, as that was their own business. “Let me know if you ladies need any help back there.. name is Rachel… Rachel Kwon…” was all that the woman had said, her hair a beautiful jet black, with long wavey silk-like length, as she was Chinese. Annetta nodded her head, waiting for Erry to get into position before closing the larger stall’s door behind them. Getting a matching pair, criss crossing all selections, it seemed that Erry was going to be able to have several different choices, as most of the clothing seemed interchangeable in likeness, as Annetta helped Erry slip into the various clothing articles. “You chose very well Erry, your clothing seems to match just about everything we are trying on here… I love it.~” Annetta sighed as she looked at her woman, beaming with proudness and at her beauty. “You look great tonight Erry. How’s everything fitting? Please cast aside the pairs of the exact models that are too big and I will hand them back over to Rachel, so she can put them back once you are comfortable..” Annetta waited patiently as she helped Erry to try everything on. “Looks like we are going to walk away with a whole wardrobe for you here tonight as well love… hehehe~”

Erry sorted everything she needed and put away all the oversized clothes… before putting back her dress she had when they came here… Erry was standing in front of her lover… just wearing panties and her bra… putting her hands on her chest “Annie…I… thanks… You’re so nice again… and I love this about you… like the first time we met… the same usual gentle girl that…I love so much and chose as…my future wife… I don’t have much to give you so… you can have my love again..” Erry extending her arms… wrapping her lover and pressing her half naked body against her… Erry raised her head… closed her eyes… Annetta’s face was so close… that Erry stepped on the tip of her toes she managed to reach her lover’s lips… kissing them deeply… giving a tiny lick on them… Erry’s blue lips caressing Annetta’s… wanting her to know how deep she was loving her… “Thank you for everything my love…”

Annie smiled, as the clothing was finally separated and tried on, everything that Erry had liked fitting perfectly. Annetta then gently placed the articles that she no longer needed back on top of the door and called for the agent, before the Chinese woman grabbed it all and placed each item back where it respectively belonged throughout the store. Annetta looked into Erry’s eyes as she looked back from the door, embracing her just as warmly. Annetta repeating the same, kissing her lover passionately back upon her soft full lips, sighing through her nose as they shared these few moments together, before pulling away to speak more herself. “You are more than welcome Erry, and you deserve the best. You have my heart, you fill all of my ‘old’ voids. You give me your love and your companionship. You do more for me than you’ll ever know… rest assured~” Annetta said, comforting and embracing her sis. Finally helping Erry put her clothing back on, Annetta did her hair up and straightened everything out, leaving the stall with the clothing in her arms, and waiting for Erry to catch up before placing everything into the cart. “Alright then, I think we are set! That was a blast by the way, and just think… we made a new friend tonight… Isn’t that great?” Annetta beamed. Finally making it to the checkout, she placed all of her items on the counter top, the bagger boy Josh helping at the end of the lane. A girl by the name of Natalie as the checker scanned the items, and gave Annetta her ‘steal of a deal’, smiling at the brunette as she began to speak. “That’ll be 150 dollars and 67 cents… You saved 75 dollars tonight..” Annetta went wide eyed, amazed at how much she’d saved, “That’s great news! Thank you Natalie. I just love my girl’s clothing, it’s great, you guys have a good selection here. I will have to come back more often. I noticed that you guys do wedding dresses, maybe we’ll be coming back soon to get one specially tailored for my future wife here, Erry.. and myself of course!” Annetta smiled as she looked into Erry’s eyes and then back into Natalie’s, happily declaring them as mates and lovers. Natalie beamed a smile, “That’s great news, I’m very happy for the both of you…” Natalie simply replied, taking Annetta’s card, the girl swiping it, finally giving Annetta back the receipt with it before speaking again to the lovely brunette.. “Looks like we are having a sale next month, for an after Christmas blowout sale, 65% percent off, and this purchase gives you a coupon for a ‘buy one get one free’ dress… So please… come again to Jenny’s, we’d love your business.” Natalie finished, pitching her sale in her professional and polite voice. Annetta then nodded, taking the the bags from Josh, the bagger nodding with a smile and waving Annetta off. “We should probably head home really fast Erry, so we can take all of this merchandise back before we eat, it’s a lot to lug around after all… it won’t take long, it’s only about 7:45pm right now, we’ll hit the restaurants right afterward… sound good?” Annetta smiled, waiting for Erry to catch up until they were outside of the store, “Mind grabbing the door for me cutie, since my arms are full?” Annetta waited for Erry to do so, and then smiled, heading back to their home. Some fifteen minutes later, the brunette and the white haired beauty making their way back, Annetta sets all of the bags down on the porch, just before opening the door with her key and placing everything inside of their room, pushing everything to the side and hanging everything back up from how it had been folded or hung up from the clothing store. Along with placing all of the shoes nearby and underneath, making room for everything that belonged to her lover. Symbolizing to Erry that she had ‘made room’ for her, for her special girl in her life, in every way, shape and form. Finally, Annetta cleared out a drawer, as she placed all of Erry’s panties and pantyhose as well as a few training bras that she had purchased and then closed it. Boxing up the unused items that were in their previously, and placing them in her deep walk in closet. With everything packed away and hung up and in its proper area, Annetta beamed a smile, looking at Erry in the eyes, and once again offering her her arm… “Still in the mood to go out to eat with the one you love pretty girl? ~”

Erry was standing near Annetta… hearing the telling numbers… dollars…? Erry was wondering how much was this… she never used money before after all… there was something about a ‘free dress’ but Erry didn’t understood it… but looking at Annetta smile happily Erry was happy too… and even more when Annetta said again that soon… they’ll be together… until the end of their lives… Erry opened the door as she saw her lover passing by with bags in her hands… Erry offered her hand to help her lover to carry the heaviest bag so both of them wouldn’t be tired… “I… sure but if the restaurant’s near there… I saw … something that I would like to see before we’ll be heading to our lovely dinner… ” As they were walking Erry was looking this girl from aside… this so lovely girl that was filling her heart… soon they were at ‘home’… Erry’s place where she was now living in with her lover… she wasn’t realizing it yet… but was really happy as Annetta gave her some ‘space’ to put her clothes in… seeing her tiny shoes aside her lover’s was something she enjoyed to see… Erry closed her eyes… remembered this feeling of this wonderful day again… she wrapped her lover’s arm with both of hers “Yes ! I’ll love to !” warmly smiling to Annetta… “but hmm… I saw something before… when we were walking to the store… it was another store and I saw something with a ‘5’ on it.. was it the price…? and is that expensive…? That may be … a silly idea but… I would like to have it for…me and you if possible… but please… don’t ask about it yet… it’s something I want to give you later.”

“5 Dollars? That’s nothing honey, nothing at all really.~ And sure love, we can head there before we get a bite to eat, absolutely. It’s just Saturday night after all, and we still have the rest of the weekend to enjoy, let us relax and take our time, we have the rest of our lives and beyond to love each other after all..” Annetta smiled, “Lead the way sweetie, we’ll head their first, since you remembered where you saw it, I would love to go where ever you wanted as well.. I just need to do a few things first, and you can do the same if you like..” Annetta smiled, giving Erry a hug, and before going back outside with her after using the bathroom and washing up and getting a glass of water, she then locked the door up behind them once Erry was finished doing what ever she’d needed. As Annetta then held out her hand, this time for her sister to lead them, she smiled once more. “After you love.” Annetta waited, ready to head how and when ever Erry had desired to, wanting to see something new, and to experience it with someone she loved more than anything.

It didn’t took much time to get back at the so big mall for Erry… As they were approaching the clothes shop that was now closed Erry had a shiver… could she still get it before the night…? they were approaching a general store and a girl from the staff was already putting the outside shelves inside the store… Erry approached the woman and asked if the shop was about to close… there was 10 minutes before it… Erry sighed deeply… “could you wait me here please? ” Said Erry to Annetta… not willing her to spoil the ‘surprise’ the tiny girl was preparing… 2 minutes later Erry passed by Annetta, smiling to her… “I’ll be back really soon don’t worry Annie.” Erry was now holding a tiny square brown box… Erry was looking really happy and went to another girl that made a nice package around … Erry finally came back to Annetta… holding the tiny box in her hands… but still unsure if her lover wanted to buy this ‘special gift’… “Annie…is…is that okay…? I don’t know yet how much that… ‘price’ represent but… you’ll see this … tonight… I promise…” Erry grabbed her lover’s hand and rubbed her tiny cheek against the soft skin of her lover…

Annetta didn’t have to wait long, Erry heading off with a fervent means, wanting to share with her lover this new surprise, the brunette more than happy to follow. After some time had passed, a store that Annetta had never before noticed, was right before them, the ‘5’ in the window. It seemed like a nice enough shop, Annetta having no reason to be skeptical or worried, she just nodded her head and trusted her lover. “Very well angel, I am excited actually.” Heading into the store, Annetta waited by the check out, this place seeming more like a gift shop than an actual full on super market or a grocery store. Seeing a box in Erry’s hands that was specially gift wrapped, Annetta’s heart was racing some, she was clearly excited. “I’ll pay what ever is necessary for us my love… don’t worry.” Annetta reassured Erry, pulling out her Visa before handing it to the quiet but kind lady at the check stand. A bag with a gentle gift wrap and stuffing was given back to Annetta along with her card. Everything looked lovely, Annetta then handing everything to Erry, she put her card back away, thrilled for what Erry wanted to show her when she felt the time was right. “I love your surprises sis, I am sure all will be revealed in due time..” Annetta paused as she then headed back outside along with Erry, “So then. What are you in the mood to eat cutie girl? There are plenty of places on Saturday night that are open around here. Soups and salads and sandwiches… or there is always a nice chicken or steak restaurant. We can always go to that Italian place I was talking about, if you like Alfredo sauce, or would prefer spaghetti and meatballs… anything you can think of love… it’s all open to you.” Annetta said excitedly, seeming to have a skip in her step as they made their way towards the center of the city lights.

“Ita…ly…?” Erry put her head on the side… what was it… already…? But Annetta talked about that earlier… it would be a good place “I would like to go to that… Italian place you talked Annie… I know that it will be good !” Said the smiling girl… taking the bag… Erry’s cheeks went bright red “t… thank you for this… it was maybe a silly idea of mine but… that’s something for both of us to enjoy… my lovely Annie… ” Erry hugged the bag against her cheek… knowing something that her lover would discover later this night… when both of the girl would unite again… and … when Erry would make this girl…beautiful… one more time… Erry didn’t minded to disappear again inside her lover… that was something both of them loved… not only to feel a tiny girl disappear as food but… to join her predator within her own body… adding more beauty to the cute girl’s curves… and Erry’s spirit would be back soon after this… since the two girls were now used to use this…’magic’… or whatever the Fate gave them… Erry gave her lover her most beautiful smile… not just a ‘cute smile’ that every girl would do… it was a real smile…filled with love for this wonderful lover the tiny Erry had… slowly extending her arm… Erry wanted her lover to grab it this time… this perfect day was already mostly done but… the night had just begun for the 2 lovers…

“Hehe, well not exactly Italy. More like Italian food than really going to Italy” Annetta smiled as she walked with her lover, holding her free hand to Erry’s own, while Erry’s other hand was busy holding Annetta’s future present. Annetta not realizing that but just only in a few hours from this time, her lover would likely be sliding down her throat again, to become one with her once more, as her body would digest Erry all over again. Yet both girls loved it, Erry had had her turn on more than one occasion to devour Annetta, as well as she had too. Both women loving to devour one another, as it brought them ‘somewhere’ they could just not explain, that no one else could understand. As Erry spoke again, Annetta corrected her lover, “It’s not a silly idea at all, I am sure that there is a great meaning behind it all, and I’m super excited and thrilled to see what it is… but I will patient, all good things come in time!” Annetta said, as she stopped them to kiss her lover on the cheek before they continued, as Annetta beckoned her lover to come forth to walk towards the Italian place. Some time would pass, Annetta speaking to Erry on a few things about her old life, small talk really, but perhaps Erry would find it fascinating as well. “You know, back where I lived before, I had sister, her name was Hannah. We weren’t very close, and I said a few things that I didn’t mean, I wish that I could take that all back, but I know that I can’t. I hope she forgives me some day, I was just a stupid kid when my parents broke up for a divorce, and I had blamed it all on her. I would never have realized at that point that we’d never get to see each other again. Hannah went with my dad, and I, then went on with my mom… what I wouldn’t give to take it all back, and have a family again..~” Annetta sighed deeply, shrugging her shoulders lightly. “But you know what, I have you now lovely girl. You are both my family, friend, lover and my sister… what more could I ask for?” Annetta held Erry tight as she walked, cooing some. Five minutes later as Annetta took a right turn this time instead of going straight, up a few buildings down, there it was, ‘Tony’s spaghetti factory’, in all of its glory~ “Ahhh here it is… Tony, what a great guy. You’ll really like him Erry, he’s so polite, and ummmmph~ The food is ‘fantastico’ there. That word is Italian, which means ‘wonderful’, or losely translated.. Fantastic!” Annetta smiled as she gave Erry one more hug, just before holding the door open. Tony was even there this evening, readily greeting them at the door. “Ahh the two lovely ladies, mi bellas. Table or booth this evening?” Annetta smiled, “Booth please..” Tony nodding his head and ushering them forward “Ah yes…then.. right this way..” Tony said is his thick Italian accent. The girls finally to be seated, given their menus. The owner’s son then showing up to take their order some few minutes later, with a happy smile and a warm personality. “Ciao mi bellas, my name is Jake.. I will be taking your orders tonight.. please, take your time to look over the menu… what can I get you bello signora’s to drink in the mean time? Any appetizers…?~” Jake had said in a friendly and happy like voice.

Erry was listening to her lover’s story… that sister she had but couldn’t help herself to feel a bit sad for Annetta… and Erry would again try her best to give more love than Annetta needed… Erry was again ‘reading’ the sign “To…ny… Tony.” Erry was listening to this ‘Italy’ country… and soon they both entered the restaurant. Erry was listening to the music that was in the restaurant… a strange music she never heard before… probably for another country…? Erry finally sat at the booth… looking around… learning again this ‘human world’… A younger man came around and asked Erry what she wanted… her voice was a bit shy “do…do you have some milk ple…please…?” she was blushing but could feel Annetta’s hand on her own hand… Erry looked at her lover that was helping her… Erry smiled to her and nodded, she was now less tense.

Jake smiled warmly, nodding his head kindly with a professional demeanor. “But of course, anything for the lovely ladies. And for you miss?” Annetta looked up smiling, “Surprise me, get something for me that’s authentic to your culture.~” Jake smiled nodding his head, “Ahh I see, differing to the natives. Very well, I hope not to disappoint… I shall return then with your drinks… Please… Take your time looking over the menu, I will soon be back with a freshly baked bread roll and some warm butter, it’s a pleasure mi bellas.” Jake smiled, heading off towards the kitchen to get for the girls their request, and a few complimentary items from the ‘house’, giving them some more time to look over the menu. Annetta took this time to squeeze into Erry’s hands, looking directly into her eyes with a smile. “S-P-A-G-H-E-T-T-I is what you might call ‘meat balls’ with pasta. P-A-S-T-A is a long noodle, not sure if you have ever had those before, but I find them delightful. If you like N-O-O-D-L-E-S but don’t want the spaghetti sauce, you can get A-L-F-R-E-D-O instead, or a light cream / olive oil sauce, pesto as it were. Both are cream sauces that are delicious, the Alfredo is more creamy, and the pesto is more like a salad dressing, instead of a tomato sauce. They also have really good soups here, if you want. You can get creamy Italian white bean soup, Italian lamb stew, minestrone… or if you want a more simple one, they also cook regular soups, such as cream of broccoli, cream of potato, clam chowder… and a few others. I am going to get their spaghetti and a bowl of creamy Italian, I love it, the food is so great here.. they also serve every order with fresh parmesan bredsticks. Also, as you can see, the menu has plenty of pictures. All items on the menu have pictures below them. If something looks appealing or delicious, and you need help sounding it out, just ask, and I will tell you how to say it, so you can be ready when Jake comes back if you want to try to order for yourself. It’s something you can try, if you want love, I would be proud if you did, but I would understand if you didn’t want to~” Annetta smiled, taking the pitcher of water on the table and pouring some for herself and her love, getting out straws so Erry’s face wouldn’t get cold taking in the water, there were also a few more straws for both girls for the second drink when the time came. Taking the straw, Annetta then showed Erry. “If you want to use a straw, it’s really simple, just take the paper off of the outside, and place it in your drink, and drink from the straw like we did that one time at breakfast the other day…” Annetta smiled, then handed the straw to Erry, and did that to her own straw, waiting for Erry to follow in suit. “Take your time with the menu love, but I am here should you need my help~” Annetta folded her menu up, already ready to place her order, patiently awaiting her sis.

Erry was looking at every page of the menu… her eyelids moving as she was ‘reading’ some words lowly… then she placed the menu on the table “I would like to try this time Annie but hmmm it’s not really an original choice… I would try the Spaghetti with the italian cheese sauce… I always loved cheese~ ” Erry was giggling and blushing then whispered to her lover’s ear… not wanting everyone to know about her ‘tiny life’ “One day Aya came back home with some cheese… I didn’t expected it to be so creamy and when I took a bite in it I had cheese all over my face… Aya was laughing and I was feeling a bit stupid… then Aya did the same and made me laugh too… our faces were full of that cheese but… it was a nice day and I always loved to get some from now” Erry was giggling… remembering this precious memory and sharing with the one she loved.

Annetta’s heart could be seen in her eyes as she sighed, thinking about Aya and what Erry had said. A noticeable cute laughter could be heard coming out of Annetta’s mouth as she pictured the two girls eating together, making her want to meet up with Aya all the more. Annetta smiled happily as she sqoze Erry’s hands with love, taking her menu and placing it next to hers since Erry was now done looking it over. “Then that is what you shall have, Spaghetti with Italian Cheese. Just don’t forget to tell the waiter when he comes hehe~” Annetta reached her head to Erry’s left hand and kissed it warmly with finesse and carefulness, briefly before righting once more. “Aya was something else wasn’t she sweet heart? What I wouldn’t give to meet her, who knows… Maybe I already did when I was lost in the cosmos, just before your spirit grabbed me from nothing…~” Annetta looked deeply into Erry’s eyes, still unable to fully thank her lover for saving her very being, her very soul, entirely. Some few minutes had passed by, Jake coming back with a large serving plate with the fresh bread rolls, warm butter, Erry’s milk and Annetta’s Passito wine. Both glasses were very fancy and made of crystal. Jake then carefully placed each plate on either respective side for the girls, along with the bread rolls in the center of the table, and a few butter knives for the slicing of the butter and the spread. “Have you ladies had a chance to look over the menu, and if so, what might I get for you?” the young man said in a polite and gentle voice. Annetta smiled as she nodded, “Yes Jake, I believe we are ready sir. I’ll take your Spaghetti and Meatballs with a bowl of your creamy Italian white bean soup, and your complimentary order of breadsticks..” Jake nodded, taking out his pen and pad, writing down Annetta’s order to the letter. “And for you miss..?” Jake gave a warm smile as he looked into Erry’s eyes, patiently waiting, giving her time, not trying to rush her. Annetta sqoze Erry’s hands, letting her know she was there for her, if she needed the help.

“She was the best sister I ever had… aaah … but I love you Annie ! I don’t really want to compare you two you know… I loved her and I love you both of you… for what you are. And… maybe… she was looking at you before… I came to bring you back…? I’m sorry it wasn’t really… me… I guess… but as you told me this… my ‘spirit’ was looking over you and… I’m grateful to have you here with me.” Erry was looking at the man coming back and placing everything on the table… Erry could feel her lover’s hand and looked at her… giving her a warm smile… “it’s alright now…” Said Erry, closing her eyes and smiling again “I would try the spaghetti with the italian cheese sauce please mister.” Said Erry without her trembling voice from before… knowing that doing this would make her lover happier and getting less shy from all those ‘encounters’ with humans.

Annetta gulped, shaking a bit when Erry spoke, as words were not needed, though, Annetta could still tell Erry could ‘read’ her. Erry would be able to see the understanding in her eyes about the different type of love she had for either woman, nodding her head, it was as simple as that, but no less important. Annetta just sighed smiling, trying not to cry. “I understand love, and I thank you for it. Not a day goes by when I don’t realize what I have with you..~” Annetta said simply with true intent. she eased up a hair after hearing from Erry that it was ‘alright’, giving her some space, her eyes beaming in pride once she’d heard her lover address the waiter. As she placed her order, a large smile appeared on Annetta’s face, Erry truly was a fast learner. Jake smiled, and not clearly able to see why, still, he knew that these two women loved each other. The honorific Erry had chosen to address the man was enough to make Jake wish to chuckle warmly, but he resisted the urge. him finally speaking a moment later in response. “Very good ma’am. So two complimentary bread sticks, a bowl of creamy italian white bean soup, some original Tony’s Spaghetti, and an order of Spaghetti with Italian Cheese sauce for mi bellas. I’ll have that out for you ladies in around 15 to 20 minutes, may I take your menu’s from you?” Annetta smiled warmly nodding, Jake nodding his head back as he then took their menus, just before heading back towards the kitchen. There was a certain fondness in Jake’s eyes for Annetta, but he didn’t want to push the letter. He knew it wasn’t the right time or the right place, neither that either girl was single or interested. Still, one couldn’t blame the young man for seeing the beautiful women for whom they were, on that booth they were sitting upon, this very night. Annetta sighed looking proudly into Erry’s eyes, one could tell she was rather pleased, “My lovely girl growing up so fast, I’m so proud… Just… what ever you do… please…~ Don’t outgrow ‘us’..” Annetta’s eyes began to fill up with proud tears, before they fell out of her eyes, and onto her smear resistance make-up. Annetta sniffling some and straightened herself, not wanting to create a ‘scene’ at the restaurant, but she couldn’t hide her joy over her lovely sister.

Erry put her fingers under her lover’s eyes and removed her tears “don’t cry Annie… and… even if I have to grow… I’ll be the same Erry you know… and I promise you that I’ll never change too.” Erry put her forehead against Annetta’s… deeply looking in her eyes, both of the girl’s blue eyes were looking at each other… “I’ll always be here for you Annie and … thank you for being proud of me… all of this progress… the fact that I don’t fear humans as much as before… and everything you’re teaching me… Don’t change Annie too please… stay this beautiful and gentle girl that I love… and… I’ll be the perfect wife for you too” Said Erry her cheeks getting red as she closed her eyes to smile… Erry wanted even more to show ‘this’ to her lover… but for now both of the girl would enjoy their dinner together.

Annetta was currently without words, sighing, trying to calm down as she was caressed, having her tears wiped away, as well as having Erry comfort her, closing her eyes while they were together in those precious but few brief moments, she knew she was loved, and that Erry would never forget her. Annetta gave an elated smile, kissing Erry on the forehead while they were still ‘face to face’, until they pulled away. “I promise honey, I will never change, my love for you is undying. You are now a part of me in every way, shape and form. The only the thing that remains are the legal documents that speak of that, because I already know it to be true in my mind and more importantly, in my heart..” Annetta sniffled a few more times, ‘clearing’ her face, but her smile still remained, she was radiating with beauty from her love over her sister. Some more small talk and love and sharing passing the time quickly, Jake finally returned eighteen minutes later with food that could be smelled wonderfully across the room as he made his way towards the girls. The sweet aroma that carried through the air, and finally as it made its way towards the women, Jake could be seen coming around the corner. A happy smile just as before, Jake pulled out the plates of food, naming them off as he sat them down to make absolutely sure everything was correct and to these woman’s liking. “A bowl of creamy italian white bean soup for you my mi bella, along with your Spaghetti… and a plate of Spaghetti with Italian Cheese for you mi bella..” Waiting for a time, Jake stood, Annie nodding her head, thanking the young man. “These bread rolls are wonderful by the way, and I love the wine, it’s so sweet and pure… thank you.~” Annetta said, Jake finding it even harder to resist, so finally at least, he’d said this… “I hope I am not misplaced, or speaking out of turn, but I wanted to compliment you ladies on your looks tonight, you both look fantastic and ravishing… please enjoy your meal and call for me if you should need anything. Here, please let me refill your milk and wine…” Jake did so, paying special attention to be a gentlemen, not letting the lusts of his heart overcloud his mind for these women. “Very well, I will leave mi bellas to it.. farewell for a time~” Jake smiled with a bow, his father’s signature one. Jake leaving, Annetta began to show Erry a fun trick. Taking out her spoon, she placed it under the noodles and began to spin her fork on top of it and in between the pasta, twirling up the pasta noodles, until she had a fair helping. Taking it to her mouth, she devoured them, Annetta was ravenous by now, happy to finally be able to eat after such a long, but very wonderful day. “Mmmmmm~” Annetta sighed, as the food hit her palate, making her moan slightly at the texture and the flavor of her meal as the noodles and sauces ran over her taste buds. “Wow… what a great plate of Spaghetti… How is everything Erry? I hope you like it here.. These bread sticks are great too~”

Erry opened her eyes wide and approached her head a bit when Annetta was ‘performing’ this trick… Erry took her spoon and placed it under the spaghetti… taking her fork she tried to do the same but couldn’t take much but it was fine for now… happy that she almost did it she tasted the sweet cheese… having a chill of pleasure … remembering that ‘scene’ from her past as she smiled and ate her spaghetti… smiling as she was warmed by this sweet memory and taste… “It’s… wonderful… Annie… do you want to try them too? ” Said Erry with sparkling eyes… “don’t worry… I have plenty of them to eat haha… but you really look to enjoy this ‘italian food’… I would really be happy to share some with you.” Erry grabbed a tiny stick and took a bite… putting her other hand on her cheek as she closed her eyes “hmmm… I’m in…heaven …” Still really enjoying all the human food she never knew like this… not really enjoying it before as it was much more to survive than to enjoy.

Annetta giggled sweetly as she watched her lover try her ‘method’ of eating the noodles, and surprisingly enough, Erry did a pretty ‘bang up’ job! Annetta nodded happily, holding one of the empty plates out towards her sister, waiting for Erry to put some of her own Spaghetti on her plate, really wanting to try what Erry had loved so much in the past. “Sure sweetie, I would love to, it looks great actually, Aya and you have some wonderful ‘taste’.” Annetta reiterating to Erry that she knew Aya was still there, and that even now, she was most likely looking over the two, protecting them and being proud of her ‘little’ Erry. Waiting for Erry to give her her portion Annetta then pulled her plate back down to her side of the table. Getting out a few spoonfuls of her creamy Italian white bean soup, she wanted Erry to try some. Getting an extra spoon from Erry’s utensils, she puts it out in front of her lover. “Try some soup if you like darling, please enjoy..” Annetta then took the Spaghetti with Italian Cheese and repeated her prior process, taking it to her mouth as it hit her palate, it happily forcing her to close her eyes, sighing out as she thought about everything, before swallowing it all to clear her mouth. “Wow~ That was fantastic Erry, I can see why you love it so much~” Annetta murred cutely. The brunette watched the white haired angel partake of the bread stick, smiling as her lover closed her eyes, speaking of ‘heaven’, she nodded her head warmly. “I couldn’t agree more… Italy is truly a slice of heaven… I am so glad to be able to share these experiences and foods with you here Erry. It seems like nothing is impossible when I am with you, nor in this place~” Taking her time to enjoy everything, Jake had come by a few times to fill each girl’s portion of drink to the brim, allowing the girls to enjoy as many refills as either one of them might like. Some thirty minutes finally passing, it was nearing 8:50pm, but a what wonderful night it was turning out to be. Annetta sighed, looking deeply into the pearl blue of Erry’s eyes “What a great day yes my love Erry? It’s been so wonderful to be with you. Every memory we create, everything we experience, and every now and then, each new experiment, you’ve never let me down, you make me so happy~” Annetta smiled, there was still plenty of food left over, so Jake smiled, Annetta already having asked if she could have a few to – go containers. Jake took the liberty of bagging up the remaining food and placing it in separate sacks for each girl. Handing Annetta the bill, Jake took Annetta’s card once she’d handed it to him.. “We can come here again some time if you like Erry… I thought it was wonderful, but the best part about it, was that I did it with you~” Annetta smiled, taking her card back and putting everything ‘away’, just before getting up and taking one last swig of her wine. Taking her bag and holding out her free hand, Tony got the door for the both of them. “How was everything tonight mi bellas.. at Tony’s?” The manager of the institution spoke, “It was fantastic, thank you again Tony, I believe my love enjoyed it as well, your son is great, compliments to you both and to the chef!~”

Erry didn’t wanted to drink too much of her lover’s soup so she took one of the straws and putting it in the warm liquid Erry drank some… her cheeks getting red as she was enjoying this warmth ‘filling’ her… She was looking at Annetta enjoying some of her spaghetti… and had a cute giggle when she saw her lover having some cheese on her chin… extending a finger she removed the tiny cheese bit and put it in her mouth… Erry was really in ‘heaven’… this place… her lover aside… and this sweet food they were both enjoying together… Erry wanted even more to learn how to cook some sweet dishes for her lover… “I love being with you Annie and you’re right… all of these sweet memories with you are warming my heart … thank you” Erry said with her cute smile… Erry was given a bag… with some of this sweet food “thank you mister !!” She said, giving her smile as her cheeks blushed a bit “it was a wonderful evening… thanks for everything !” Erry answered to the ‘chef’… bowing then exiting the restaurant, Erry waved to Tony before the door closed… looking at Annetta… Erry grabbed her free hand with her own… closing her eyes and knowing that this night would be wonderful again for the two girls…

Annetta listened to everything Erry had said, making sure she was clear of the door before they left. Tony holding it open of course to make sure of that, waved the girls off, inviting them to ‘come back please’, and enjoy with his ‘family’ again soon. “Tony’s a great guy huh? I think his son Jake shows promise, he will be a good manager when the time comes, unless he chose to do something else with his life of course. In that case, I am sure Tony would understand, every good father wants what’s best for his boy~” Annetta finished before she continued to walk, Annetta’s gait was slow paced, as she was taking the time to digest her food slowly and go on a wonderfully rememberable walk with caring future wife. Some time would finally pass by, Annetta nearing her neighborhood, the one that Erry would come to love if Annetta had had it her way, she wanted to show her so many things. It would be another five minutes, and finally Annetta and Erry’s home would be showing up near the edge of the park and in the suburb in the distance, a few houses down and away from all of the ‘noise’ of the city. Annetta paused in her tracks, looking at there home, smiling. “You know… so many memories in that place, you really know how to make a house a ‘home’ my dear girl..~” Annetta gave Erry a warm and loving tight but brief hug, kissing her once more, this time on the lips. Pulling away from the kiss, Annetta finally making it to her doorstep, Reese kindly handed her bag to her lover, unlocking the door behind them and getting the door for Erry, until she was clear of the entrance, finally locking up behind them once she was through. Annetta then took the bags from Erry and placed them carefully away in the fridge, so both girls could enjoy left overs at their own discretion. “So, do you want to watch any cable T.V., a sitcom or a T.V. series? Or what do you want to do now my love?” Annetta asked as she finally came back from the bathroom, after releaving herself and washing up, sitting down on the couch to relax a few minutes or for longer, holding her left arm out to Erry, should she wish to join her.

Erry was bright red on her cheeks… she put away her tiny jacket and put it with her other clothes she now had in the cupboard… opening her jacket pocket she took off the tiny bag… opened it and put it on the side on a tiny shelf right aside the couch… then Erry stood here… looking at her lover with half closed eyes… having a strange chill… she was happy beyond limits… Erry extended her tiny arm and grabbed the girl’s fingers with her own… then sat aside her… putting her head on her lover’s shoulder… Erry was breathing loudly… then couldn’t resist anymore… turning her head … she had again those half closed eyes… had a really cute smile… then placed her other hand on Annetta’s cheek… approached her face to her lover’s and… finally reached her lips with her own… kissing her lover… warming her lips with her own and let a tear of happiness roll on her cheek…

Annetta smiled, watching the entire time, her lover’s reaction. Eyeing Erry as she slowly made her way over to the couch she was sitting upon, seeing the tiny bag and the gift that was inside, finally placed on the counter nearby where Annetta was currently sitting. Holding into her lover’s embrace once Erry closed the distance, Annetta laced her fingers right back into Erry’s, turning into her lover once she’d taken her head from her shoulder to looking directly into her eyes ‘face to face’, just before Erry began to kiss. Of course, Annetta responding back immediately, ‘dove’ into this embrace, passionately kissing her lover back, wiping the tear from her cheek, and kissing up her cheek until she reached the eye that had let the tear loose, before placing her lips back upon her own lovers. Finally, Annetta began to pierce in past her lovers lips, to use her tongue against the palate of Erry’s mouth and then against the side of her cheek’s interior as well as playing her own tongue along Erry’s own oral muscle. This kiss would last for a time, Annetta releasing, but in case her lover had any concerns or wanted to tell her anything… Annetta, in a dream like state almost, finally spoke back in a very sensual, quiet but sexy voice… “Everything ok baby?~”

Erry was feeling her lover’s warmth inside her own mouth… gently ‘sucking’ her lover’s tongue deeper Erry caressed it back with her own tongue… Annetta finally went back… Erry had still her eyes closed when she heard her lover… “I’m… fine Annie… everything’s fine… but… It’s the right time now.” Erry gave a kiss on her lover’s lips… then stood up… put a hand in front of her “please… just stay here and … watch this… it’s all for you…” Erry started to remove her clothes… exposing her skin to her lover… bit by bit… she removed everything , her shirt… her short dress… her nylons that Annetta gave her… and was now in underwear… Erry took a deep breath as she looked her lover’s eyes… putting a finger on Annetta’s lips and ‘traveling’ all around them… Erry untied her bra… Exposing her tiny chest to Annetta… her hands going down on each side of her body she reached her pants elastic… pulled them down slowly so Annetta could see all of this… Erry was now standing here nude in front of her lover… she sat back on the couch and wrapped her lover’s body with her arms… kissing her again… deeply … as a blue glow started to appear all around her… Annetta was looking a bit surprised but… it was a part of Erry’s ‘plan’… As she was kissing … Annetta was now in a dream state… as her tiny lover was shrinking down to her tiny size… Annetta opened her eyes and looked down… the tiny Erry was here … “Could… Could you put me near the bag…? and open it in 5 min please…? ” Annetta nodded… then gently picked the tiny girl up… and placed Erry aside the bag opening… Erry gave her a beautiful smile… and entered the bag then the box… she asked the girl in the shop to wrap it and leave a tiny opening… Erry was now inside of the box… Annetta would be probably impatient to discover what Erry was planning… then the 5 minutes were now over… Annetta carefully opened the bag and looked at the tiny box… opening it it appeared it was a tiny figure’s box… but why Erry would have bought something like this…? “Put your hand near the opening and don’t watch inside please” said Erry’s tiny voice… Annetta placed the box on her hand and saw something she didn’t expected coming out of the box… Her tiny angel… Wearing a cute blue and white wedding dress… probably from the figure that was inside but… Erry was wearing this like a real dress… a blue flower in her hair… the white and blue dress… the tiny blue shoes that goes with it… it was just like a real beautiful living ‘doll’… Erry was blushing red… and smiled… tears rolling from her 2 eyes “It’s for you… my love… until the day we’ll finally be… ‘here’ for real… I would like you to… hear this again… would… would you marry me Annie…? love me until the end of our lives and even beyond…? It’s what I wish the most with you… with us… forever with my lovely Annie.” Said Erry as she was smiling even if she was also crying tears from her deep happiness…


Annetta experienced things before with Erry, but never anything like this! It was all so very magical, hard to wrap one’s finger around it. Of course doing as instructed, Annetta closed her eyes until she was told it was ok to open them. Once she saw her beautiful woman ‘revealed’ it all began to make sense. So this was Erry’s surprise, and … what a surprise it was for her. Annetta easily met Erry in her heart felt emotions on the same level, as the brunette herself began to cry, yet her voice was not there, nor was her sadness, it was just this pure, true, love and joy. Silent tears coming down as she looked at her beautiful mate, hardly able to speak as she continued to cry. Sure she’d heard some of what Erry was now saying before, but not like this. It was now all sinking it, it was happening! The beautiful dress, what the woman had made for them, Erry shrinking down and flowing into her brilliant blue aura, and Annetta closing her eyes where instructed, only to have opened them back up to heaven, the heaven that was now in the palm of her loving hands. “I… Erry… I don’t know what to say… You’re so beautiful and amazing, and you want to be with me too, I am without words!… YESSS!.. YES …I WILL MARRY YOU MY LOVE!~” Annetta began to laugh and cry out loud and weep and carry on, fanning her face with her free hand as she briefly bit her lower lip, unable to hold in all of the incredible emotions she was feeling. “For now and for always… You are my only one.. You complete me~” Annetta gulped hard, raising her lover to her head and kissing her passionately and gently, allowing her lover to do the same while she was near her ‘face’ and lips. Annetta wiped her lover’s tears away with the tip of her finger, looking at Erry small body, in all of her delicate but wondrous glory. “What an amazing surprise honey… I’m truly blown away by all of this… you’re so wonderful and magnificent to me Erry~” Annetta just continued to look on and look hard into Erry, unable to take her eyes away, her heart racing as her face went almost scarlet like red in her skin’s blush, her heart skipping a beat every other thump.

Erry kissed the girl back… feeling her lover’s warm ‘pillows’ against her tiny self… she started to cry… tears of joy as she hears this wonderful word… ‘Yes.’ She so wanted to be ready for this beautiful day to come… looking at her beautiful future wife shivering from this unbelievable pleasure… “Annie… you’re so beautiful too… I’m lucky to have met you and lived so much things with you too… I…love you.” Erry grabbed the tiny dress… tears falling on the soft hand of the girl she loved… Erry raised her head again… the same eyes from before… “say… now that we’re… ‘married’… could you…bring us to… your room…?” Erry was closing her eyes… smiling to the girl above her… And wanted to give everything to her …

Annetta’s heart felt like it could burst, half caught between lust, joy and true love, her entire being was overwhelmed. Everything about this felt right, everything about this, was right… Looking at the angel in her hands, in the very palm of her soft, creamy, white, but tanned soft skin, there stood her beauty in waiting. Sighing deeply as tears came to her own eyes, Annetta looked over her white haired wife, and though it was not time yet to be wed, but certainly could have filled this enchanted brunette. Her heart skipping a beat, she was betwixt several emotions, Annetta wanting no one else but the magnificent girl before her, the brunette was Erry’s even before she’d ever asked. Though, the sentiment now there, the commitment, had begun taking all prior plans and promises to a new level. Neither girl being able to say they’d loved each other enough, sometimes, words could often speak louder than actions. Much as lovers do, hearing the words ‘I love you’ … ‘I need you’, as they’d be spoken affectionately, never to grow sour, would never lose their savor… and certainly would not in this lover’s heart, even Annetta Reese. Erry was her night, her day… the very breath from between the lips that kept her afloat and well grounded. Unable to hold back what she needed to say, she no longer could, so Annetta began… “Do you have any idea of wonderful you are, how absolutely gorgeous you truly are? Bringing you into our bedroom is the least that I will do for you, and more, if you but request it. My heart is yours, so all is my everything…~” Annetta smiled, and if looks could charm, Annetta would have countless thralls at her beck and call, as so was she enchanted by Erry just the same. Wasting no further precious time, Annetta carefully lifted her sis within her hands, carefully holding her gently to her chest, against her bosom. Walking in her slow gait towards their room, Annetta finally arrived some moments later.. and with a gentle stride, she was upon their bed, now resting her backside. Annetta smiled warmly once more towards her betrothed, gently sitting her down upon the mattress, unable to take her eyes off of the angel, her heart still racing madly for more reasons than one. Gulping, finally, the tears that were in Annetta’s eyes, came to a gentle splash, lightly pouring out onto her cheeks as she dotted so tenderly over her one and only. “To what do I have the honor of being with one so beautiful as yourself?” Annetta paused, just looking on, thinking of everything and nothing, all at once.

Erry was sitting against Annetta’s chest… hearing the soft rhythm of her heart… sighing … Soon she was placed on the girl’s body… that sat on the bed… and was asked that question “I… I was nothing before… but… I met you Annie… you were so wonderful to me… and… I feel ‘beautiful’ now… I was just a tiny ‘edible toy’ for humans before but you gave me a reason to live… and this reason is the girl who is right in front of me… ” A soft glow appeared on her back but she didn’t noticed it before it vanished within a second “Annie… I feel ‘beautiful’… for me…for you… for both of us… ” Erry removed a tear on her cheek “And you deserve everything I could ever give you… you’re…the only one who made me feel so…’alive’ … so… happy to live every day… as long as I’m with you… feeling your love I’m happy Annie. I…love you.” Erry bowed to show a deep respect to the girl she loved… and had her warm smile only for the one she loved “would you… ” Erry was blushing… But the time was now perfect… “would you… do… this now…Annie ? I… I want to be…undressed like… a … lover please…”

Annetta blinked slowly several times throughout the course of Erry’s beautiful speech, more tears coming to her eyes as she recollected every wondrous experience with her life mate. Words could not fully express the emotions Miss Reese was feeling, never before in her entire life had she been so complete, so at one, so at peace with herself. Never before had Annetta been so loved, not even by her own parents. The true love one has for their spouse, the one that completes them, that was the indescribable joy and fulfillment Reese was having at that very time. Beyond words, yet still seen in her eyes as she pondered and took into her heart everything, all at once. The fond memories these two had had before now, their love, all of the things that they’d seen and experienced, even the precious moments that had brought them to these very seconds. Annetta’s mind wondering endlessly as she closed her eyes, taking it all in. “Not true, least the part where you speak about you being nothing. You were never nothing honey, you were ALWAYS SOMEONE. Someone cherished, someone valued, Aya saw that.. as I do. All we did was unlock your potential my love. I am just as equally blessed to have you in my life… my dear angel girl.~ Not second goes by when I don’t feel your powerful spirit, feel your love that changed my heart. Not a day goes by when I take for granted what we have. Before I came to this city, I was coming out of the worst relationship I ever had. The man of my dreams, seen sleeping in my bed with a whore, even a girl I used to know… a childhood friend. I was broken, I felt, beyond repair.” Annetta looked down as the sickness was briefly in her heart of that painful memory, but was quickly replaced by looking back into heaven, into her dear lover’s eyes, even Erry’s. “Yet, here we are now. Here I am, in this new place, though now no longer ‘alien’ to it. I met you, unknowingly making the best decision I could have ever made in my entire life. So yes love, you should feel beautiful, the life you had before, was just a nightmare, it wasn’t what you were destined for or to be. Your true purpose, your true value, is now slowly unfolding before the very both of us, and I, your lover, get to experience EVERYTHING with you~” More tears continued to come within Annetta’s eyes, as she was bright red in the face, her entire body heated up with the love and inspired passion, with a saintly glow, a radiant one. Annetta having her ‘light’ appear on her own back, seen possibly by Erry, yet neither lover realizing that their own backs had emitted such a flare. Though it was brief, it was part of Annetta’s heart, part of her magic, the very magic she was given by her Erry, her very essence. A glimmer in her eyes, Annetta’s now placed her future bride on their bed was gripped carefully and compassionately by her brunette. “Yes my love, I will indeed.. but not before I am your equal, at least in size, though I am not sure if my heart will EVER be as strong as yours… Aya saw a fighter, a woman in you… and so do I, I hope to be as brave as you some day…~” Annetta then closed eyes gulping hard, her entire body gleaming with her goddess like nature, the very spirit of her soul. Blue in sheen, and grand in color, the brilliant light was brief, just as was Annetta’s transformation, yet her love could be felt radiating off towards Erry infinitely. Just as before, Annetta was enveloped fully by the magical light and power, the light taking up her entire frame… and just as quickly as it had begun, so had it ceased. Opening her eyes back up slowly, Annetta was now just a head taller than her lover, standing right in front of Erry, now as naked as the day she’d been born, having shrunken out of her beautiful dress. Annetta then began, kissing Erry’s neck up to her chin, as Reese then placed a single gentle kiss upon her lover’s lips, the soft lip smacking heard as she pulled lightly away from her brief embrace. Looking with a deep desire into Erry’s eyes, Annetta then carefully removed Erry’s ‘wedding dress’, one thread and part at a time. Within moments, her angel was taken down to her underwear, Annetta Allowing Erry to brace herself where needed so her brunette lover could remove her final attire, even her panties and bra. “Omnipotence .. O-M-N-I-P-O-T-E-N-C-E … used in a sentence, ‘Erry… my lover, is omnipotent, she is a goddess in the flesh…” Though this could be used for a learning moment, it was more so Erry could reflect on the words of Annetta’s heart, so she could at least somewhat grasp and contemplate the almost overbearing perfection the young Miss Reese was feeling at that very moment.

Erry had a tiny cry as the girl was so careful with removing that dress… even if it was just from a tiny ‘toy’… Erry was wearing this more as a ‘symbol’ for her lover… Erry removed her tiny plastic shoes and answered her lover’s kiss… closing her eyes, feeling her skin against ‘her Annie’s lips’… Erry sighed… wrapped the girl in her arms… a new glow started to appear in her back… a brighter one… Erry’s eyes went ’empty’… “aaaah… A…nnie…” Not knowing what she was feeling… Erry fall on her knees… but Annetta was fast and caught her before she fall on the soft ground… Erry had some tears in her eyes as a red flame appeared on her back… Then with a small cry of the small girl, the flame detached from the young girl’s skin… and was now ‘flying’ in front of the girls… Erry had a shiver “What…what…is…?” then the red flame went brighter… and took the shape of a different ‘wing’… a bright white in the middle going red on the sides… A bright flash forced the girls to close their eyes… when Erry opened them … her vision was a bit blurry… there was … a girl…? as tall as Annetta , standing in front of them… her body only made of white ‘light’ but was just looking like a real girl… she had bright red long hair going down her back… Erry had a shiver… when the ‘girl’ smiled… her deep white eyes looking at Erry… Erry’s arms fall on each of her sides… as she started to take a step forward the unknown girl… a tear rolling on her cheek… Erry’s lips started to shiver… smiling but trembling… crying as she took another step… stretching out her tiny arms… wrapping one around the girl made of light… Erry closed her eyes and put her head against that girl’s chest… and in a whisper… “Is… is that… possible… is that really… You…? A…ya?” The body of light was warm… but wasn’t really ‘alive’… that girl couldn’t talk but just nod her head when she heard her name… Erry had another shiver and extended her other arm toward Annie… Aya also ‘giving’ a arm to rest on to the human girl… “Annie… I…would like to introduce you… to…my …sister …Aya.” Erry waiting her lover with a wide smile… Still not believing what was happening…

The impossible seemed to now unfold before them, Erry having met Annetta back with much compassion, love and understanding, returning that kiss of longing Annetta had so passionately embraced. Annetta knew that Erry had heard every single one of her words by now, and was happy the beautiful angel had received them as she had, with open arms. As the red light began to form from Erry’s back, Annetta’s eyes went wide in wonder. Slightly taken aback, but not afraid, just astonished beyond all means. Just as confused and excited in wonder as Erry had been, so was her lover Annetta, watching as that light grew from a globe to the shape of a wing, Annetta closing her eyes from the sheer brightness as it began to envelope them both. After a time, the light was noticeably less powerful and concentrated, at least allowing both girls to now finally open their eyes. Erry looking at the ‘girl’ in front of them for a slightly different reason, at least at first. Annetta, having no idea that she was indeed looking at a goddess, coming amongst her own sisters, even the very, Aya, Erry’s loving and caring sister. Annetta was silent as the two embraced and spoke in their ‘minds’, knowing it was their time, until further presented with a new one. Watching her lover tremble, and cry and smile and and experience all this ‘girl’ had to offer, finally, Annetta then heard the name ‘Aya’, mentioned as Erry began to understand. Annetta’s eyes indeed lit up with wonder, being wider than they’d ever before been seen… could it really be? As ‘Aya’ nodded her head, but didn’t speak, Annetta began to understand as well, it was Aya’s spirit having come to reach out to these two lovers and now ‘new’ sisters. Finally, Aya then drew them both in close, embracing both Erry and Annetta, Erry having asked her questions, now presented Aya before her lover. Annetta was speechless, but felt this overwhelming joy come out of her soul, her very heart, unable to contain it a second longer! “OH MY GOD… !? AYA!… I… IT’S… IT’S REALLY YOU?” Annetta settled down somewhat, but her heart was none the less rather amazed and astonished, her words agasp. “Erry has told me so much… so much…” Annetta gulped, knowing Aya most likely was able to see everything that had transpired up until this very moment. Still, the brunette could hardly contain herself. Though, Annetta didn’t realize how long this would last or not, she couldn’t help herself, as she then literally almost ‘threw’ herself towards Aya, pulling all three girls together, like three sisters embracing in a hug. “Ohhh my heart… it’s sooo good to finally meet you Aya, even if just in your spirit form, even if only for a brief time. I’ve seen your sister’s spirit, the very one that saved my heart, my soul… my very life… It’s beyond measure, a pleasure and an honor to meet you… If I may call you sister too?~” Annetta looked with a longing into Aya’s eyes. “Erry sure is a strong one isn’t she?” Annetta began to tremble as she started to cry again, biting her lower lip as her chin trembled. Her overactive mind, yet silent, had felt a mix between sadness and ultimate happiness. Sad for the fact she hadn’t met Aya in the flesh, understanding her earthly suffering, and even Erry’s bitter parting from her. Though, happy to finally see, at least her spirit, to finally realize what Erry had been looking up to the entire time, all these long years, Annetta’s breath now taken away. “I don’t know what to say, do you find me worthy to stand at your sister’s side for the rest of my life and beyond, dear Aya?” Annetta said as she began to feel weak, her knees like jelly.

“Annie..?” Said Erry as she saw her lover feeling weak… Aya extended her arm and to hold the girl so she wouldn’t fall… Aya’s lips started to move… no sound could be heard with her ears… but she was actually talking in the two girls minds “Erry… I missed you so much… I guess life was hard for you but… Annie. I’m happy to meet you … I saw what happened between both of you and… you took care of my sister… I thank you for that. And… I’m happy to have found a new ‘family member’ within you as a sister too Annie… Erry is not really understanding fully what is happening to her… but I would like you to take care of her… and I don’t mind that you’re two girls… you ‘love’ is beyond that… and that was also that ‘love’ that called me back… I …can’t stay much… but… Erry… you… I don’t have enough time to tell you everything … but listen to me. I never forgot you and I’ll never forgot this sweet sister I loved to live with each day of my tiny life… I wish so much we weren’t found on that cruel day… but you never gave up on trying to live… Annetta, that tiny girl is a real blessing even if people don’t see anything more than a ‘witch’ in her… she needs your love so much…and… she’ll be by your side for the rest of her life as I know her… ” Aya put her hand on Annetta’s head… then kissed her forehead… removing a tear from Erry’s eye… she kissed her too… Erry was sobbing “no…Aya… can’t you stay…longer…? It’s so unfair… I…missed you so much…” Said Erry… also holding onto Annetta. Aya answered with the same voice… “Erry. You have all the life in front of you… and this girl is the one for you too… I… don’t know if I’ll see you again… but be sure that I’ll be watching both of you girls… I wish you all the happiness this world could give you… and … I’m sure…we’ll… meet… again some other… day…” Erry had a scream… looking at the ‘mind’ of her sister… slowly disappearing “Aya…! I…never stopped to love you too …! I’ll be the best wife Annie could ever have…I promise !” And while Erry ‘jumped’ in her sister arms… Aya glowed in red… then disappeared…smiling at the two girls… Erry fall on the ground… her body ‘coated’ in that red glow that turned into a deep blue… leaving Erry’s body on the soft mattress… tears pouring from her eyes… sad that Aya just disappeared… but happy to have seen her again… even if it was so short. Erry stood up and went to Annetta… she stopped in front of her… “An…nie…?” Erry was feeling ‘different’ and was … almost at her size…? maybe half a head of difference but… looking down at her body… Erry’s eyes opened wide as her body was had grew… Giving her an adult body and shapes… Erry closed her eyes… Then looked at the sky… “tha…thank you…Aya… this… ‘gift’ is… unexpected but… Annie… ” Erry wrapping her lover in her now grown arms “it’s still me… even if I…changed…? I…don’t really understand what happened to us but… do you feel alright…?” Erry looking a bit worried of how the human girl would react to all of this…

Annetta heard every word Aya had spoken to both of their minds, as she began weep bitterly, so sorry that Erry and Aya had been cheated by a cruel twist of fate, by some horrible people. Annetta wasn’t weak in the mind, it was just that her entire frame was overcome with much emotion. Never before had Annetta felt such an overloading all at once. Listening to Aya relate with Erry, indeed just as suspected, the ‘goddess’ had seen everything. Hearing the love of a sister’s longing, Annetta cried all the more, it really did seem, terribly unfair, making Annetta weep her bitter cup, her still chin quivering, her entire body at a steady tremble. All Annetta could do was nod her head as Aya thanked her for her care. But for Annetta, it wasn’t anything to give, the brunette just doing what she felt was right. Her maternal, loving nature just coming out at the right times. Nonetheless, she accepted it, accepted this, this situation and this visitation, for all that it amazingly was. Still, it was hard for Annetta to watch Erry cry and miss her sister so much, feeling like a part of her own soul was being torn out of her chest. Remembering that though her family wasn’t dead, at least the ones far away, that she’d never see them again. At least with Aya and with Erry too, Annetta knew that she’d see Aya again some day, and that Erry would never part from her again, no matter what. As Aya began to vanish, Annetta’s eyes went wide in longing, seeing the pain Erry had to bear at watching her sister slowly fade away, yet not for good. However, it wasn’t any easier to take, her heart for her lover, at least Aya would be able to see this, that Erry was truly in good and loving hands, and even Annetta, most certainly couldn’t have asked for a better partner. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Annetta and Erry now knew that this was right, getting Aya’s blessing on their future, the sky was the limit and the world was theirs to ‘conquer’, one heart and soul at a time.~ If this couldn’t be any stranger or more amazing, it then became so. Annetta barely regaining her composure, at least enough to stand, watching as Aya’s spirit went through Erry, absorbing through her form and then back into the stars, a marvelous change occurred. Miraculously, the red glow that was then changed into blue, overcame Erry’s entire frame, ‘shielding’ her appearance, briefly from Annetta’s eyes. When the light finally dissipated, Annetta’s eyes grew wideness once again, as before her very view, Erry changed into a magnificent woman, a full fledged adult girl! Grown in body and in spirit, her mind would soon follow, already having gained so much over the past few weeks, Annetta being her grateful teacher and lover and sister. The full figured ‘Erry’ now presenting and asking her questions to Annetta, for a time, the brunette was speechless. Howbeit, not for a distance or a disdain, far from the opposite. Here before her was a matured angel of Erry’s prior self, a goddess of a woman. While still her mate and her soul partner, Annetta was taken aback by her fantastic beauty. “Oh my love… I feel more than fine… I feel, amazing!~” Annetta gulped, looking directly into her lover’s eyes. “I don’t know how this is possible either, I am just as awestruck as you… but I know it was a gift from Aya, you just… You take my breath away, you’re so gorgeous… are… Are you sure you still want me?~” Annetta looked down, at her feet, now unsure of herself, hoping she still caught her lover’s ‘eyes’. Despite what her gut and her spirit was telling her, her mind was in a brief feeling of doubt. Reaching her hands up to Erry was well and placing them on her shoulders, she felt her lover’s heart, felt her spirit, eying her up and down, it was the same Erry indeed, even if she looked alike to Annetta now, at least in size and body, though their hair was still original, Erry to her platinum white, and Annetta to her rich, dark, silky brown. Though Annetta was but a fraction taller than her Erry, she was now nearly looking her directly in the eyes, equal to in make-up. “You’re so beautiful… and if it’s true, if you still accept me… if I am still the one that holds your heart, then yes… I feel more than fine.. I feel elated! Tell me I’m not dreaming… Tell me you still love me..~” Annetta looked hard, blinking several times while she tried to read Erry’s eyes, unsure of herself now, panting heavily as she shook.

Erry took off one of Annetta’s hands… then interlocked her fingers with Annetta’s… “I love you.” It was just a simple expression… the same warm smile on Erry’s face… giving a kiss on Annetta’s cheek “why would I need someone else Annie… you’re the only one for me.” Erry feeling the girl shivering she gently wrapped her other arm behind Annetta… put her forehead against hers… looking deeply into the blue eyes… “You’re… not dreaming… I thought so too at first… but it’s… real… and if you still doubt this… could a dream… do this…?” Erry moved her head… and kissed the girl’s lips…giving her a warm and long kiss… still holding her tight in her arm…

Annetta trembled in voice as she was fighting the urge to cry, waiting for Erry’s reply, waiting for that ultimate answer, or at least she thought. Yet all that had transpired was just the doubt in Annetta’s mind, just a fear of change, yet entirely unfounded. The next few moments only becoming ever sweeter as Erry began to speak, her words making Annetta’s eyes light up with joy, as she was now unable to hold back her tears, accept these tears were now instead, in happiness… instead of a bitter sadness. She was still hurting for Erry, and for what she felt Erry had lost, but most of her tears were of their relationship. Holding onto her, Erry seemed to be Annetta’s strength when she was weak, both girls being there precisely when the other one had needed. Hearing those simple few words… ‘I love you’, though as basic as they might have seemed, were all Reese needed to hear. Her doubt immediately swept away, her mind remembering everything that they’d shared, fate not allowing Annetta to feel that bitterness of being alone, everything replaced by Erry’s all. Annetta just taking it all in, unable to speak, but hearing every word her lover had gave her, her cry simmering down to a simple whimper, until that too was chased away by a warm, passionate, loving embrace. Annetta going in to hold Erry back equally, she began to feel strength return unto her. Much inspired by her’s truly, Erry her lover. Kissing for a time ever deeply, sharing some tongue, but mostly the locking of lips and interlocked hands, Annetta’s heart was racing a hundred miles an hour, or so it felt. Finally withdrawn from that kiss for a time, the one that they’d just had that had felt like an eon had passed by, Annetta spoke her answer. “No indeed love, a dream could not do that… I am sorry for my brief despair, and though you’ve never given me reason to doubt, I have suffered much loss in my life… as I have seen you have as well… I will never doubt again… I… I love you.. too… Erry.” Annetta then looked directly into Erry’s eyes again… “My Wife…Share your life with me until the end of time, until the end of all things… even forever.. I’m yours~” Annetta went back to a full on kiss, holding now the back of her lover’s head softly, yet firmly, not wanting to pull away, hungering for the compassion only two true lovers could give one another in satiate. Annetta briefly making out words, that were almost incoherent as she continued to smooch her Erry… “Erry… make love… to… me…~” Annetta sighed out through her nose, her voice quiet but meaningful.. panting, her entire body warming up only all the more, except this time with a fiery lust~

Erry’s body was also getting warmer… looking into the deep blue eyes of the girl… Erry put her hand on Annetta’s cheek “let me…discover you first please…” Erry’s hand now traced a line to Annetta’s chin… moving both her hands to feel the lovely curves of Annetta’s body… stopped a bit then… caressed Annetta’s breasts for a second… moving one hand down… rubbing the tiny slit that was between the girl’s thighs… Erry turned to see the back of the girl… put her hands on her shoulders… traced to the girl’s back with her fingers… could see Annetta’s body shivering… it was time. Erry walked again to face Annetta… put a arm behind her back… the other one behind Annetta’s head… Erry layed her… on the soft gigantic mattress for the two girls… Erry was now ‘sitting’ on Annetta… a knee on each side of the girl’s body… Erry had a warm smile… moved a bit to press her own body against Annetta… not too much so she could breath… Erry placed her palms on Annetta’s cheeks… then kissed her again… trusting her tongue deeper inside that girl’s mouth she ‘visited’ already many times… “An…nie… let’s… enjoy this… the night…has just started…”


Annetta sighed as she nodded her head silently, Erry looking deeply in her eyes, asking her and making each request, Annetta more than happy to comply. “Yes love… I would enjoy that much…” Allowing the white haired angel to take her time, her fully grown body was now before Annetta. Erry tracing her hands over her body, rubbing over her back and exploring her lover, Erry’s hands finally making it to Annetta’s sex, causing her body to tremble and shiver even more, Annetta’s lust for Erry was at ten fold, she wanted her so badly.~ Erry’s strength at least as impressive as Annetta’s own, taking her brunette fully into her arms and placing her gently back on their bed. Looking into Erry’s eyes, blinking softly several times, now upon her back, looking up, Annetta felt as her lover sat down on her front, her sex beginning to wet, as the fluids began to mix and churn inside of her vaginal canal. Sighing out once more, Annetta’s toes curled as she was pressed against, hardly finding it an effort to breath, Erry knowing all of Annetta’s happy thoughts and wonder spots and buttons to push, Erry knowing that Annetta greatly enjoyed being lovingly squished under her Wife’s body. Annetta greeted Erry back equally as warm, two lovers looking deeply into another eyes, feeling her lover’s caress as Erry embraced her, resting her palms on her face as she slowly laid into Annetta, the white haired angel’s body most assuredly felt as they compressed, her breasts now square with Annetta’s making her nipples grow hard at the touch, causing Annetta to sigh again as she gave out a soft moan. Finally Erry’s tongue would reach Annetta’s mouth, Annetta of course happily opening hers as their lips met, thrusting her tongue into Erry’s own, passionately embracing, only breaking just to speak in her return of words.. “Yes… Erry, indeed my love… this night is young.. let us experience it with one another..” She sighed as she trusted back into the kiss, her body on fire with passion. Her heart began to race as her body temperature rose, her skin a flustered with heat now.~ Annetta reached up to caress Erry through her hair as she wrapped her legs around Erry’s back, their sexes now sandwiched closely together, Annetta began to lightly rub her own against Erry’s.

Erry smiled as she started to move her hips… rubbing her soft skin against Annetta… Erry was getting wet too… adding more warmth to this embrace…Erry let out a small moan… putting her hands on each side of the girl she was rubbing her tiny chest against Annetta’s breasts… breathing loudly as she was feeling so good… Erry was looking at this beautiful face just below her but so close… the white haired girl was smiling… her eyes diving into her lover’s… as she started to move faster… starting to pour some juices on her lover’s sex…

Annetta smiled as she moaned, feeling her lover grind into her body, their sexes meeting up, moving back and forth, making each girl wet with anticipation. “Ohhhhhh Erry… sooo good baby… please don’t stop..~” Annetta called out, her voice just above a whisper. Annetta hugged her lover into her once Erry had fully laid down and had grabbed either side of her, Annetta loving every second their bodies took into friction and heat. “Yesssss… Ummmmmmph~” Annetta sighed, looking directly back into her lover’s eyes, feeling as Erry’s tempo increased, Annetta’s heart rate would as well, doing her own effort in their passion to twist and grind her own sex into Erry’s, hoping to make her love feel just as equally good. “How are you feeling angel?” Annetta spoke softly, still holding her love in, kissing in between speech, talking when necessary, but the majority of her thoughts and actions were on the event at hand. Annetta felt as Erry’s sexual juices began to pour out onto her waist and own sex, Annetta’s reaching Erry’s somewhat, but at that angle, most of her juices were escaping onto the cloth fabric below them. Yet, the experience and passion and feelings were all there, Annetta loving her sister’s embrace, thinking on Aya for a brief moment, looking into her lover’s mature face and seeing bits of Aya inside of it, but mostly Erry of course being her own woman, had her own beautiful and amazing looks about her. Annetta began to thrust her pelvis harder, moving her hips into a different beat and succession, her tempo increasing as she slowly got more and more into the sexual abandonment of the moment. Sighing out, her breath would be undeniably felt by Erry at this point.

Erry was feeling almost all of Annetta’s body as she was pressing her own against her… remembering the last time they did that… Erry’s body was so young… but she was now tall enough to give more pleasure to her lover … She was kissing her deeply…moaning inside her mouth… feeling the girl answering her moves, Erry was getting warmer… moving her hips so she could feel all of this tiny slit between Annetta’s thighs that she loved so much to crawl in when she was ‘small’… this time Erry was giving all of her love to Annetta… caressing her cute face… giving some tiny licks on her soft lips… soon Erry took a deep breath… wrapped the girl in a strong but lovely embrace… “Ky…aaaa… Ann…ie…” And with a delightful tiny cry… Erry came right on this girl’s body… Erry’s ‘grown’ sex pouring more and more of this warm juices… warming her lover in a so sweet way… Erry pressed her sex against Annetta’s… ready to feel this ‘flow’ too… as her head fall on the girl’s breasts… breathing loudly… Erry’s body filled with pleasure shivers… loving that so beautiful girl.

Annetta moaned as her voice and breathed air shuddered out of her lungs past her lips passionately, feeling as Erry continued her pace, increasing it exponentially as their sexes grew to ‘fire’, the brunette panting madly now. Feeling Erry’s now heavier frame upon her, was a new experience for these lovers, Erry able to pleasure Annetta only all the more, Annetta gracefully accepting it just as much as her body could, wrapping her legs in tighter, humping her hips and smashing her pelvis into her lover soft yet firmly. Finally feeling Erry tense up, Annetta wanted to meet her out in her orgasmic release at the same moments they’d happen. Giving into sexual abandon as Erry screamed, the brunette knowing it was time, screamed right back, calling out her lover’s name… “ERRRRRYYY~” Annetta cried, finally at her peak, her body spasmed as she pulled Erry into her hard, humping her like a possessed woman, except with much love. All at once, Annetta came, and HARD~ Pumping and spraying her vaginal secretion and her sexual fluids all over Erry, wave after wave erupting from her nethers, Annetta’s vision blurred as she closed her eyes, rocking her lover in her arms as she was squished down and laid upon, chills going up and down her spine as her toes flexed and curled. It would be some time before Annetta finished cumming, losing track of how many times she’d came in fact, finally opening her eyes to see heaven, allowing her lover to rest, as she’d given Annetta so much. The brunette laying there in her sexual afterglow, slowly coming down from heights of bliss untold. Running her hands through Erry’s hair and kissing the crown of her head as her lover’s face rested in her bosom, Annetta cooed, rubbing her sister’s body slowly and affectionately. “Wow~~… Amazing. Your body is larger than it was before, more of you to enjoy… that was wonderful sister… my dear and lovely wife.. it was beautiful~” Annetta spoke no more, just basking in these small moments, cherishing them with her one and only.

Erry was resting peacefully… her arms still around the one she loved… she had a tiny gasp… she was maybe too ‘heavy’ for her lover… Erry moved a bit on the side… “hmmm… Annie… thank you so much… I feel so…alive…” Erry moved a finger, caressing the lower lips of her lover… Erry licked her finger and the cum that was on it… the sweet mix of their mutual juices… putting her other hand in Annetta’s hair… she was brushing them… looking at the girl’s deep blue eyes… “Hmmm… I wonder… if… well… no…” Erry shook her head… it wasn’t the time for that… but…she wanted to ‘give’ more of this tiny body to her lover… and add more ‘beauty’ in her… but it was a bit hard to ask this this time… Erry was wondering if her lover would understand this…

Annetta smiled, feeling her lover shift, but still holding onto her herself just the same. Looking back into Erry’s eyes, her crystal clear color of beauty, enchanting Annetta to no end. “Who am I to be thanked, the feeling is mutual love, it was perfect wasn’t it?” Annetta embraced Erry, kissing her some before Erry shifted, Annetta allowing Erry her desires. Watching this, Annetta blushed as Erry sucked the cum off of her fingers from their sexes, making Annetta force herself forward, wanting her lover’s lips for a time, so she too could taste this. Sighing out once their lips parting, after a longer kiss, Annetta licked her lips, winking into her lover’s eyes… “You have tasty cum… you know? hehehe~” Annetta smiled warmly, blushing still. Feeling her lover caress her own hair, she looked into her sisters eyes, wondering what she might mean by her request. Looking back and forth into either iris, Annetta pondered what was on Erry’s mind. “What’s the matter love… what’s on your mind… You know I am here for you. Anything you ask, that I am able to give, I will…~” Annetta said, awaiting her lover’s request, fully open eared. just caressing her lover’s hair in the mean time, running her dainty but loving hands through Erry’s hair’s length and cooing, kissing her on her cheek as Erry was now on Annetta’s right side.

“I…I…” Erry was shivering “I would love you to… ” Erry had now a confused look “well… is that really… good…I mean… I love you … and I made your body even more beautiful many times Annie … and now that I’ve grown…it would be … even better for you… but…ha… Is that the right thing…to do…? I know how the humans love to eat tinies… but it’s different for us… but…would Aya agree that… I know that I can come back to you… and… Aya… saw… all…? did she also saw those different times we did that…? but she didn’t went mad to me when we saw her … so… maybe… it’s… okay…?” Erry kissed the girl on her lips… then looked deep into Annie’s eyes… “Annie. Would you… ‘try’ this new body of mine …please…?”

Annetta nodded her head, smiling before she continued. “Yes love, of course I will, of course it’s ok… I am sure if Aya had anything that was bothering her, she would have said so before she left. I recall only one thing, be it that it was important, but she said Erry would make a wonderful wife, and so would I to you. She knew that you were in good hands, and I in yours. She knew we were meant to be, she trusts our decisions… and by the sounds of it, she said we’d see her again!” Annetta reminded her lover, smiling, happy Erry had had a positive experience again with Aya. “I am sure you will be my love, I am sure you will taste just as divine, but now that you are taller, it will be a heftier swallow, but I am sure we can both handle it together, we’ll get you down inside of my stomach yet~. You do taste very delicious after all, my dear sister~” Annetta reassured her lover, kissing her softly on the lips. Moving away from Erry, not wanting to crush her, Annetta created a distance. Closing her eyes, she pondered, wanting to share that same affection with her lover again. “My special thoughts are drawn to seeing Aya, being with her and you, expressing out love and joining as a family and as lovers..” Annetta shared, her body growing with a heavy brilliant blue glow, as it enveloped her entire frame. Some ten seconds would go by until the entire transition would complete. Sighing out, she opened her eyes, smiling down at her lover. Laying down on their bed, Annetta carefully picked Erry up, still admiring her full form, seeing in her nothing but promise and beauty and an eternal future with the one she loved more than all. Carefully placing Erry down on her belly, she would allow her wife to climb as her leisure up her sternum, past her belly button and beyond, but for now, Erry was right near her navel, Annetta not wanting to rush this, giving her lover time and space, allowing her to set the pace.

Erry layed a second on this beautiful but so gigantic body… hearing the cute growls of her lover’s stomach right under her… Annetta’s body would enjoy her tiny self… Erry kissed the soft skin… she would feed her again soon… Then stood up and walked… her tiny soles feeling the warmth of the girl’s body… Erry was feeling the soft heartbeats of Annetta… getting a bit faster as she was approaching… her lover probably wanting this too… Erry went between the huge breasts… and looked the girl’s face… “I’m sorry but your chin is too high Annie… Could you please lift me up…? “

Annetta blushed as she saw her lover approach, she knew Erry was admiring her now giantess like body. Admiring Erry’s body as well, the giantess looked over her, licking her lips, hardly able to wait to taste Erry’s flesh again, she wanted to eat her badly. To Erry, Annetta was her wonderland, her huge bodyscape the white haired angel was now traveling up, slowly making her way towards her face, passing up her sternum, ‘crawling’ between her large breasts, finally passing just before her chin. Hearing her lover’s words, Annetta nodded her head, warmly accepting to help her lover how she could, but still allowing Erry to set the pace. “Sure love, I am more than happy to help where I can, take your time, I will do as you ask…~” Carefully picking the angel up, Annetta placed her on her chin and slowly opened her mouth wide, allowing Erry to peer inside if she desired.

Erry put her two tiny foots on the girl’s lower lip… ‘massaging’ it as she took a peek inside… “you’re…so…amazingly beautiful again Annie… even inside your body… and… you’ll be even more next time…” Erry extended her legs… now hanging above this beautiful warm hole… looking at her so white teeth… Erry was feeling the soft breath of her lover… then closed her eyes… “I’m ready Annie.”

Annetta smiled, looking with longing at her lover and sister and future wife, it was all the reassurance she knew Erry would need, acknowledging her that she had heard Erry, not speaking as she didn’t wish to dislodge her or cause her to move from her perch. A tear came to her lover’s eye even as her tongue licked back and forth, slowly tasting Erry. She was happy and at peace, knowing her Erry would return again soon to her. Her taste was divine, for some reason, even if she couldn’t remember, but perhaps it was, she savored her, Erry tasting even more wonderful this time around. Slowly pushing her tongue underneath Erry’s rear, her lips came to slowly purse around her meal, her tongue maneuvering Erry, forcing the girl onto her stomach, allowing her to see their room before the end of this event. Cooing and murring could be heard all around Erry as Annetta hummed their precious tune, the one both girls had mutually shared over these past few months, after getting to know each other so well, it had become their very own, they owned it as it was all of their emotions in their thoughts. Allowing her lover time to adjust, licking her about, moving her body up so that Erry was horizontal and flat, so she wouldn’t go down until Annetta was ready or wanting. Finally she was taken slowly inside as Annetta opened her mouth wide, Erry’s feet forced over the tongue Erry’s entire body now inside of her lover’s mouth, her feet at the brunette’s tonsils… Asking that familiar question, that one both girls had shared several times, Annetta asked. “Can I? Please…~” Waiting her lovers choice, this was to be romantic and what Erry had wanted too, giving the white haired angel all the time she needed to accept her fate, to once again be at one, soon with her Annie. Hot breath washing all around her, Erry would still be able to see the exterior of Annetta’s mouth, Reese wanting Erry to see for as long as she could, until that final moment. Annetta was panting by now, excited, her taste buds going wild with Erry’s flavor and texture, she wanted to eat her so badly now, wanting to swallow her whole and alive…

Erry had a small cute cry… she was again in this so warm place… warm saliva dripping on her… Erry knew that Annetta wanted her so bad… Erry stretched her tiny arm and caressed the girl’s palate… then turning on her front… she pressed her tiny chest against the giant tongue… giving more of her own taste… Erry layed her head on the wet texture… hearing the girl breathing … her heart … and her growling stomach below… Erry heard this question… the one that started everything… Erry smiled… she was happy… extending her arms and legs in a way she could help Annetta to swallow her more easily… Erry had a tiny moan… “Annie… Eat me please.”

With that Annetta wasted no more time, waiting prior until her lover was comfortable, giving her last respects and love to the giantess, Annetta would repeat that process. “Very well my love… I will see you so soon… I miss you, I need you… I want you… but for now… I NEED TO EAT YOU.. I AM STARVED FOR YOUR FLESH… Goodbye is not the right word, later on then… my love…” Annetta cooed, finally she slowly tilted her head back, feeling Erry ‘fall’ into her throat, over half of the girl was now inside of her neck, her arms, breasts and torso and head testing in front of Annetta’s tonsils. Finally Annetta closed her lips, sealing her lover’s fate. Thrusting her neck all of the way back, Erry would hear a loud gulping sound echoing all around her, Annetta sighed as the angel passed her lips, and finally her mouth. Erry was now inside of her lover’s neck, Rubbing her throat all around Erry, feeling her, tracing her movements, Erry was forced down past Annetta’s heart, the pulsating Thump Thump running past her ears, Erry’s hearing forced to hear the loud but loving noises. Annetta sighing as she felt her lover’s body, fall, down… down… and down. Finally Erry disappeared behind her lover’s breasts, leaving Annetta to sigh, “Uuuuuurp… hehe.. Excuse me love… Ahhhhhh~ You tasted so delicious… I can feel you slipping towards my stomach… OHHHH~ Hehehe, there you go, you’re in my tummy now, I can feel you in there my wife… I love you so much… thank you for allowing me to eat you again, I love swallowing you whole, feeling you sliding down my throat, becoming my temporary meal. We have it all … don’t we Erry? I’m so lucky to have you… Are you ok?~” Annetta asked as she hummed, rubbing over Erry’s little bulge that she had formed against Annetta’s stomach ‘wall’, that same familiar tune she had begun only moments before. Ambient bodily noises could be heard all around Erry as Annetta inhaled and exhaled her air. The gastrointestinal noises were also heard around Erry, as the acid slowly began to spill and spray down all over her lover’s become meal, body. Annetta never stopped caressing her ‘Erry’ bulge, waiting for her lover to respond.

Erry was taller… so she could feel even more those soft but rough muscles pulling her down… She heard the girl moan as she passed her breasts… such a delightful melody as she was going deeper of inside her lover… finally ‘landing’ in the living wide room… Erry was sitting in a warm liquid… Annetta’s fluids… “I’m okay Annie… I’m so…happy… to feed you again… make you even more beautiful… and … I’ll be here soon again…don’t worry…” Erry was hearing some loud noises all around her… Annetta’s body wanted to ‘claim’ her… break her like some food but she was much more than that… Sitting against the soft moving wall she could feel Annetta’s finger from the outside…Erry was a bit sad… but soon the two of them would be together again… the human girl’s acids were now ‘working’ on her skin… Slowly burning it … Erry wanted to leave this world in peace… laying her head against the stomach wall she started to finger herself… moaning…as she was looking her body disappearing as her vision was getting blurry , even if she was still in one piece… “aah…aaah…” Erry moaned softly… coughed… the acids level was now higher… covering her to the chest… but she was still pleasuring herself… her fingers preventing the acids to enter her vagina canal and burn her from the inside… Erry was breathing loudly… eyes closed… moaning … the acids were now at her shoulders… this burning was getting more intense on all of her body but she didn’t cared for that… her head now covered as her body started to slip to the bottom of the churning pool… Erry finally raised her head… moaned a last time… “I…love you… Annie.” as Erry raised her lower body… removed her hand so she could cum on the stomach wall… warming it from the inside… then closed her eyes and fall to the bottom of the stomach… in a sweet sleep so the girl could start to digest her new body… Erry’s lasts thoughts were all about that lovely girl… That she wanted to see again… ‘her Annie’.

Annetta sighed, as she closed her eyes, hearing her lover’s words, her beautiful voice, a tear coming out of her eye as she reflected on all of the magical events that unfolded today and this night. Experiencing the city, Annetta having made food for the both of them that morning, getting them ready. Erry’s learning, showing Annetta that she had grown, doing things for herself as well as for Annetta in return. Annetta looked over to their closet as Erry’s entire wardrobe lined the other half of the interior of her and her lover’s closet, seeing her lover’s shoes and remembering her pretty face. Even as they had gone out on a night on the town after the shopping for clothing, shoes, panties, bras and tights, also Annetta remembering going to Tony’s, and what a wonderful memory that had become!~ But best of all, heading out to get that surprise, the one where Erry showed Annetta her ‘wedding’ dress, Erry playing the part, proposing all over again, Annetta remembering her happy words… which were a resounding ‘YES’, remembering the tears that came out of both of their eyes, living and loving with each other. Both girls having shrunk and made love, Annetta feeling her tiny Erry now within her as she’d swallowed her alive and whole. “I’m glad baby, soon, we will be together again, I was thinking about all of the things we did today, what you learned, what we experienced with each other, watching you grow, seeing Aya again… I’m so happy I have you, now be a good girl for Annie and digest into my body, become one with me and my curves, make me even more beautiful, and I swear… I will see you again. You have my heart, and I love you with all of it… my precious… precious Erry…” Annetta sighed, as she too began to bring herself to the desire of fingering herself into an orgasm as she heard her lover cum, she followed in suit, knowing that her lover had passed below the acidic depths of her churning stomach. Knowing that cumming herself, it would help speed Erry’s digestion, happy her lover had fallen asleep so that the majority of the pain would be abated, and unfelt. Raising her hips into the air, she called out Erry’s name one last time, before her lover ‘fell asleep’… “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. AHHHHHHHHH.. .ERRRRRRY~” Annetta cried out, finally feeling the wash of heat come over her body as her mind went numb and her sex contracted around her fingers, finally cumming wildly as she sprayed her fem cum all over their clothes, knowing Erry was no more. Coming down from that afterglow, Annetta carefully picked up Erry dress after washing her hands, and put her dress and Erry’s away for now, knowing they’d need them again soon. Taking her cloth from her bed spread, Annetta put them in the wash and began the cycle. Slipping into the shower, Annetta got out her night clothes and freshened up, chills rolling down her spine as she felt the last of her lover digest within her. The hot water felt all over her tired body, Annetta washed up and cleaned off, drying herself and her long brown hair with a few towels. Making the bed again with fresh sheets, Annetta put the wet clothes into the dryer with a sheet of bounce to help the static away. Making a neat place on the bed for when Erry would come back to her, Annetta committed to some hygiene, slipping on her nightgown, mostly see through, she put on a pair of panties and a light bra beneath. Freshed up all of the way now, and waiting for her lover’s return, Annetta turned off the light. Rubbing over her slowly deflating bulge, Erry’s body was turned into goop, the very chyme of Annetta’s stomach. “Goodnight sweet heart, see you soon..” Annetta sighed, but then smiled, longing after her lover, experiencing every old emotion as if it were a brand new one, every second she was awake. Getting into her bed, Annetta laid down, and hummed, rubbing her stomach until she fell asleep. While in slumber, Annetta felt her lover’s body being pulled within her intestines, the villi processing all of her as Erry’s entire body was absorbed, every single cell, making her literally a part of Annetta all over again, in every fashion, way and form. A smile of peace was on the sleeping beauty’s face, knowing she’d see her lover again soon, once more…

End of part 12.