Annie and Erry Part 16

The previous day was really something for the human girl Annetta Reese. She hadn’t seen her tiny white haired lover Erry for some days and was wondering how much time it would take for Erry to reform. Erry even if she’s so small that she can easily sit on a human’s hand had became Annetta’s lover. They lived many things together and earned some ‘powers’ together. Erry had the ability to come back to life every time she died but couldn’t remember anything on the firsts times. But it changed with Annetta; Erry remembered everything the two girls had lived together and they both got the ability to change their sizes. Annetta was a human girl, and because of this she was a ‘predator’ for the small people by nature. But she never really accepted this part of herself… When she met the small Erry, Annetta’s feelings were mixed… But the small girl understood and accepted Annetta’s feeling by letting her small body be eaten by the human girl. It was different from what humans usually do because Erry did this on purpose, she loved Annetta and wanted to give all of her to the human girl…

It happened many times between them… A strong relationship building up with the time they spent together and one day… Erry asked Annetta to be her wife… Annetta was happy beyond limits… The two girls had in each other someone to fill their hearts and accepted Erry’s proposal.

But the previous day was different. Erry reformed as her old self… A younger version of her, remembering nothing but the first time she got eaten and died with her sister Aya… Annetta couldn’t understand what was happening… All of he moments they lived together were ‘gone’ and she began to cry… Holding in her hand a terrified version of Erry… That didn’t recognize her… Annetta’s feelings were hurting her heart… But she had to be strong. Slowly she started to talk to the small girl… Explaining their lives, proving that Erry was her lover before this strange ‘reform’ and showing how much Annetta lover her girl… It was Erry’s choice to trust her or not…

Erry’s feelings were broken… She was the small girl who saw her own sister getting eaten in front of her but something unexpected happened… Erry accepted this ‘story’ and gave her trust to the human girl. Annetta was happy again… She was also ready to live her life with this version of Erry if she wanted… But if it was the case, they wouldn’t be able to become wives… Erry even so young took a hard decision for her… She could be back to Annetta if her body had to disappear… But that would mean that she accepted to die for this…and standing right on her human lover’s hand she gave her her beautiful smile and said those words… “Annie… Eat me please.”

The human girl’s heart melted… That so small girl was so strong that hearing this made her cry… She promised to remember this version of Erry even if the white haired girl wouldn’t… And after reassuring her small lover, Annetta did it… And swallowed Erry again… But this time with much more love they could have felt together… And after some time, the small girl was no more and fed Annetta’s body…

Annetta was sleeping deeply this night when she ‘met an angel’… A white haired girl looking like a 16 years old girl but with eyes that saw thousands of years… The angel introduced herself as Erelle but wanted to know if Annetta was really honest with Erry… The human girl remembered a time when she used her powers to take revenge onto  a young human girl that was a Micro Hunter. Basically a girl who hunt for tiny people to dispose of them or eat them… Erry knew this girl from before her ‘madness’ and accepted her as a sister many years ago. But this girl, Saphyr, managed to trap the two girls and ended their lives in a cruel way… Annetta was laughing as she was ‘disposing’ of Saphyr’s remains… Not knowing that someone actually saw this and was judging her this night… Erelle told everything she had to do so Annetta could understand the situation of the small people and wouldn’t use this power again against humans again…

Erelle as the ‘incarnation of Life’ gave back life to Saphyr who wouldn’t remember anything then told something that no one before could know… She was Erry’s mother. Much more her own reincarnation and she gave all of her powers to Erry, but she wouldn’t remember anything from her mother’s life in exchange. Annetta was shocked to learn this but was now happy beyond limits… Erelle would ‘bless’ their union and gave something else to Annetta… The love of a long lost mother. Annetta was crying… Tears of happiness filling her eyes as Erelle placed her hands under hers… Erelle was now singing while disappearing into the night and soon enough two small bodies appeared onto Annetta’s open hands… A sleeping Erry and… Her sister Aya…

Annetta promised again that she would do everything for the girl she loved and carefully placing the two girls between her giant breasts she laid back on her bed… Putting a warm hand to cover the two small girls, a single tear rolled out of her eye as she was falling asleep… Impatient to live this new day with her two sisters in flesh tomorrow…

And the morning finally came. Erry was sleeping peacefully  surrounded by a soft warmth… Hearing the soft rhythm of Annetta’s heart that she loved… Soon Erry opened her eyes… And noticed that she was between the girl’s breasts… And covering her was Annetta’s hand, placed carefully so the human girl wouldn’t hurt the small one… Erry suddenly opened her eyes wide… she wasn’t alone here, her lips stared to shiver “A…ya… AYA…?! IS THAT REALLY YOU…??” Erry started to cry… as she saw Aya’s eyelids slowly opening… and smiling to her sister… “Hey Erry… how beautiful you became…” Aya moved a bit on the side, her arms reaching for her sister and she was now hugging the crying Erry. Aya took a deep breath, feeling her sister against her skin… “Looks like I’m back haha… ” Erry was now crying loudly… tears of an incredible joy… to be with her long lost sister… IN FLESH again…! “Aya… AYA! Annie…it’s… a miracle…”

The time for recovery had both come and gone, all three girls finally getting their much needed rest, they had both deserved and had required. The sun was now in Annetta’s face as it was high noon, and while the fan blew overhead in the central cooling system, the light that was upon her head, had caused some sweat to bead out all along and against her body. Yet more than anything else, what had caused her to stir, was Erry’s beautiful voice. A girl… THIS GIRL, one that remembered her, and EVERYTHING she’d shared. Before she even opened her eyes, she had a smile on her face, she glowing, bright and radiant, so had never been more at peace, first when waking up. Finally those beautiful eyes opened, looking at perfection incarnate, even Erry and Aya. She slowly got up, tilting her head down, noting the girl’s were hugging each other. Not wanting to disturb them much, she carefully smoothed up her rear to the edge of the bed and gathered some pillows, all while holding the beauties against her bosom, balancing her body and giving her a way to sit up a bit in bed. Once settled her hands and arms came back around to snug them there as they hugged and embraced, so too, was Annetta hugging the both of them close to her heart. Tears where in her eyes, tears of gladness and of peace, leaking out slowly, one salty drop for each girl, as they finally landed upon the chest. And just as promised, not betraying her mother’s trust, neither girl would be made privy, that guidance Erelle had bestowed. Sighing, Annetta would finally speak, after hearing Aya’s beautiful voice in turn… “It’s a miracle, you two, that you are here… here with me. It’s so perfect, just as it always should have been. How my heart cried out to have the chance to finally meet you in the flesh, dear sister of Erry, Aya. My beautiful soon to be wed, wife, finally being restored to me, in the flesh… I couldn’t have asked for a better morning. What fate and destiny has brought Aya into our lives again Erry, we must embrace it and never forget it. We will cherish it, just as you and I will always cherish each other, forever. Please be at peace here Aya, within our home…and know that you are in good and capable, loving and safe hands. Welcome into the fold of our life dear girl. Just as Erry has made a spot within my heart, so you too are welcomed there within. Please… if you would accept it, will you be my sister too?” Annetta smiled, hoping the answer from the red haired sister, would be yes. Yet Annetta remained calm, looking on from above, down into the eyes of two angels. Annetta finally reaching her head down to the girls and kissing both of each of them in separate moments, deeply yet gently upon their foreheads, humming that song again, the one she held so close to her heart, just before having fallen asleep. Erelle would be close, always, and Anneta knew it, and was thankful for it, but most importantly, as the fates aligned, much like Annetta Reese had prayed, she was given a new chance at life and at love… and from now on, Annetta would always do her best… and as promised, would do right by Erelle’s memory.

Aya closed her eyes… “I remember you Annetta… or should I say Annie… we’ve met already… and we’re already sisters so yes… I ACCEPT you… from my ‘real self’ and I ‘know’ that… you and Erry could change your size at will… I’m not able to do this… it’s a gift you have with Erry… but I’ll be glad… to hug you too Annie… aside with Erry.” The white haired girl was still crying… saying her two sister’s names… blushing a bright red on her cheeks, her eyes closed pouring warm tears. Aya looked at Annetta again from below. “Annie… would you…please join us? I really want to… feel you with us.”

“At once my love… and thank you, dear sister Aya. I will always do right by you two… I love you Aya, you dear, sweet girl..” Annetta had said, both answering her sister’s will and hearing Aya’s words, she felt even more welcomed and more complete, except one thing remaining, just as Erry had reminded her, they were not all the same size. Hearing it from Aya’s lips, at least for now it was be assumed, Aya would not be able to grow with Erry and Annetta. Nodding her head, she placed the girls a safe distance away from her body so she could begin her transformation. Closing her eyes, she put her hands together and thought of her greatest and happiest moments, and one particular memory, standing out above all of the rest, at least for the now. She’d focus on seeing Erelle’s face, the light and her love, and Erelle’s promise, and the promise Annetta had made to their mother, her mother. All at once, Annetta shrank, growing tinier by the second as a bright blue light consumed her entire being, brilliant wouldn’t be the appropriate word to describe just how wonderful the majesty of the sight was before Aya and Erry. After a time, Annetta opened her eyes, and when she came to entirely, she realized she was just a centimeter taller than Erry but the same height as Aya. Walking forward as the mattress sort of sunk a bit in her gait and her stride, she sauntered slowly with open arms, ready to embrace, two of her ‘newest’ family members, even Erry Reese and Aya, a smile of true acceptance lining her expressionate face. Seconds later, Annetta’s arms were upon them, the brunette loving the white haired angel and her newly risen sister, one she could never thank Erelle enough for bringing her back. As she kissed both of them on their cheeks in turn, she lowered her head over Aya’s neck and pulled Erry in closely, so all three girls were pressed up, not being able to be closer in the flesh. Now all three women embracing, never to depart again, Annetta spoke just above a whisper. “Here we are, as three sisters, loving, embracing, and at peace. Let us never forget this day, let us always be true to one another. To be there in times of sickness and in sadness and in pain… but more importantly. Let us remember to relish in each others joy, and peace and newly founded memories, that I know, we will create. How I love you my dear Aya… How I cherish you my dear wife… even Erry Reese… forever and for always… my life, you two will be…~”

Erry was smiling… one arm around her sister Aya… the other one wrapped her lover… and hugged her tight… Aya was smiling too. her blue eyes diving into Annetta’s… she welcomed her too… in flesh… the 3 of them hugging each other… Aya started to talk “Annie… you’re my sister now… Life will not always be easy on us… but I trust you… and I know that you would take care of us… as we’ll take care of you… I also accept to give you my young Erry… she learned a lot with you… and will be forever by your side… in every moment… ” Erry sobbed… and put her head against Annetta’s shoulder… “Annie… I’m soo happy… I never expected a day like this would happen… but it’s real…!! I have the two of you here and I can’t be happier… except… one future day… that I hope will be here soon enough… the day where I’ll say it… I’ll say… ‘Yes.’ to you… and Aya will be here… to witness it… our love… for each other forever…”

Annetta breathed in deeply, sighing in peace, hearing those words, Aya thinking of her as not only someone who loved her, but as a true sister, in the flesh. While not being of blood relation, many times, as is known, bond is greater than blood will ever be. It is all what you give and what you get in return that makes these relationships worth while. So held true the same relations for Annetta and her new sisters, and while it hadn’t happened yet, Annetta had already had so many dreams about their wedding. Yet it was strange, the room was filled with light, a light, that at the time in her dream, she didn’t fully understand, no not until today. After finally having met Erelle in the flesh this morning, she understood it all, then… Erelle was that light, looking over them… and… Aya was there too. No… it wasn’t a dream, Annetta had a vision, it all just now coming together, sending cold chills up and down her spine, while goosebumps pleasurefully danced along her skin. She smiling magnificently as the two girl’s spoke, Erry finally speaking her last words, Annetta nodded, gratefully so. “I thank you for it, giving your sister away Aya… will you be the bridesmaid at our wedding… would you grant that honor for us?” she looked on gratefully and in hope towards Aya. “Yes this is real, our Aya, our dear sister, she is here with us. Fates have aligned and destiny has made it so. There are no such things as chance or accidents, everything we have, every choice we have made… all of the bad… AND… all of the good that has happened in our lives, have brought us to where we are here, and will now, always stay. Such a joyous day it WILL be, and soon. We’ve made it this far, every day we will be a challenge at times, yes there will be hard days, rough days, days that we will break down and cry… but I know, Aya, Me and You… will always be there for each other. My friend, my sister… my lover… I couldn’t ask for a better person to become my wife… forever and always… my girl… you will be…~” Releasing her hold upon Aya, yet Aya more than welcome to keep her hold upon her sisters, Annetta took her hands, placing her left at the small of her lover’s back, and one behind the nape of her neck, she brought her lips to Erry’s own, and passionately met them there. Kissing long and hard and deeply, Aya would be able to witness, just how much Erry was loved by the brunette. All three women could take pride, in knowing this was right…

The girls were now living together as some days passed… Erry and Annetta had their human sizes again but they now had a small girl living with them, small by the size but giant in the heart. 

Erry had the idea of buying a tall enough Doll’s house where Aya could live with them since she couldn’t grow, Erry was a bit sad about this but… her sister was alive and it was enough for her. Aya witnessed their mutual love so many times that she knew that the two girls would be happy forever… She was also happy beyond limits to have a ‘real place’ for her… and where the girls could also ‘visit her’ too… Erry spent some time in the house reading with Annetta and Aya’s help, the small haired girl sitting on Annetta or Erry’s shoulder… until a special day came… Erry was cleaning a bit around in the house when she saw a tiny box in a drawer where Erry and Annetta were putting their clothes… carefully picking it up Erry opened it… Aya that was on Erry’s shoulder opened her eyes wide… “that’s…” Aya saw that dress before… Just aside Erry’s ‘wedding dress’… it was a torn black dress… Aya was remembering Erry tearing a bit of it to wrap Aya’s hurt wrist in it… Something that happened long time ago…  the day where they both ‘disappeared’ for the first time… Aya could see a tiny tear roll on Erry’s cheek… But Erry smiled… she didn’t knew how this dress come here… but somehow… she managed to meet Annetta while she was young… Erry placed her hand on her heart… and removed her tear… now smiling to Aya ” It’s alright Aya… you’re here with me now… I won’t think of anything sad anymore now… ” Erry smiled… as she removed her hairband from her hair… holding it in front of her “I thank you Aya for this ‘blessing’… this precious memory of you that will never fade… and I’m glad to have you here too… with us…” Erry put the tiny box back in the drawer… and put her hairband aside… Erry’s heart was finally healed… all of the scars she was wearing on it were finally closed… by the girl she loved… and that would share her life forever soon… Erry sighed… finally closing the drawer… she got back on the sofa… taking a book and starting to read it with Aya…

Annetta couldn’t have asked for a better fate, having come from a broken world, where she was with a man who could have betrayed her and planned on, should she have married him, it was well that he had cheated on her and she had caught him, as it put forth into motion a spiraling chain of events that connected one experience after the next, pivoting this human girl toward ‘another dimension’, only to meet the true love of her life. Annetta didn’t question it though, there were no such things as accidents, or chance, it was all linked to fate and destiny, and her destiny was here with Erry Reese. As the human girl came into the room, she’d plated and trayed up some eggs, bacon and toast, having made breakfast for everyone. Here now with her two beautiful sisters and her future wife, Annetta finally sat down next to Erry on the sofa… “Breakfast is served my love…” Annetta finished, taking one tray she’d placed it over Erry’s lap, waiting for her lover to put a bookmark in the page so she could come back to reading it at a later moment. “So Aya, how’s Erry coming along with her reading? She seems like she had come such a long way with it all. She’s such a fast learner and she’s so beautiful.” Annetta beamed, pulling Erry briefly in to kiss her on the cheek. She’d take her utensils and began to eat her eggs and her bacon, biting off pieces of toast and drinking her milk as she went along having breakfast on the sofa next to her two beloved girls. As she looked at Erry, she saw Erelle, they both looked so much a like, Erry a spitting imagine of her mother, Annetta always remembering Erelle had accepted Annetta as her daughter, there would be no going back to any more sadness, Erelle’s dream had come true, her DNA, her child, her baby… now had someone that would love her for the rest of all time and eternity. And then Annetta took a look at Aya, remembering all of the times Erry had cried, praying she’d see her sister again some day, missing her painfully, and now here it was, Aya was with Erry again, Aya being a sister to her Erry, training her, loving her, spending time… it brought a tear to the brunette’s eyes, gulping, it would finally loose down her cheek. “I love you guys so much…~” Annetta finished, remembering the promise she made to Erelle, that she’d never share the secret of how Erry had come to be, it was enough for the human that everyone was happy, and would now be forever more.

Erry smiled then removed the tear from Annetta’s face…”I love you too Annie…” Before approaching her lips and press them against Annetta’s… kissing them. Erry put her hand on her shoulder allowing Aya to step on it… she got used really easily to have this ‘big younger sister’ but she wasn’t thinking on anything else… Erry was her sister… even if they weren’t tied with blood… it was both of the ‘lost girls’ decision when they were young. And now they had another ‘sister’ taking care of them… Aya smiled as she sat on the tray while Erry gave her some food. Aya now wearing some ‘new clothes’ that   Erry found as she got the tiny house for her. “Erry is really doing her best… she’s a fast learner and well… she was always curious about everything… looks like she didn’t changed for this haha ~” Erry giggled… looking at Annetta… giving her her usual warm but cute smile… that could melt the polar ice itself… Erry was looking deeply into Annetta’s eyes she wanted… this to last forever… she knew that she would ‘unite’ with her… and waited this so much… now feeling ready for this… but she would wait enough that Annetta would accept this too… Erry passed a hand in her white hair… not wearing her small hairband anymore… “It’s because I want to be useful too… reading was always something I wanted to learn… and well I have the two best teachers that are my sisters too… I couldn’t be happier haha…”

Yeah, and you Erry, already in junior high reading level, and in only a few months, do you have any idea how amazing that is? That means that your IQ is really high too. You aren’t just beautiful and sweet, you’re intelligent and quick learning, I wouldn’t be happier than I am right now, having you two as my sisters. The only thing that would make me happier is…” Annetta began to choke up, holding a left hand to her future wife’s soft right cheek, some tears coming out of her own, “Is to be married and be with this precious white haired angel, for all time and eternity… that… is the only thing that would make me even happier..~” the human girl gulped. Annetta was happy to see Aya enjoying her breakfast, getting a small finger thimble, she’d feel it with milk and hand it to Aya, giving her a chance to drink something as well. “Always handy to have things we can use when we decide to be small in body. But let me tell you this Aya, no matter how you feel, even if you can never become the physical size of a human, your, who are you… you are a spiritual giant. I learned so much about you from Erry, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of her… now, it’s our turn to take care of you, forever…~” Annetta said, reaching her head down to kiss Aya on the head, gently stroking her back with one finger, and then pulling away. After breakfast was over, the human girl grabbed everyone’s dishes and cleaned them, putting all of the pots and pans away, allowing Erry to see her do it all of these times, so that Erry could make her breakfast or Aya breakfast, at a future point, if she so chose. Yet for the now, and forever how long Erry wanted, Annetta was proud and grateful to be able to make her love and her ‘little’ sister, food.

“I can hardly believe it Aya, my wedding dress, it’s ready I just got it back from tailors this morning, everything… it… it looks so perfect. They had Erry’s dress ready too, and they are both now hanging up in two separate rooms. We are going to get married tomorrow, I can hardly believe it, our day has come. The day to end all nights, as a shining beacon on the middle of darkness, never to be snuffed out again. As per natural tradition, it is inappropriate for the bride to see their bride in their dress before the ceremony, we will head there tomorrow morning in our casual clothes… Aya, my dear sister… would you please give Erry away, will you be her bride’s maid?” Annetta asked happily. Only the closest of friends had been invited to their wedding, some of the people who worked at the shops, and even a few of Annetta’s old friends, including a rather unsuspected girl, by the name of Jayce, yes, even the girl who had had certain feelings toward tinies… she really had changed, and Annetta wanted to ask Erry about it before she had given her friend the go ahead. “Erry my love. I know the memory is still very close… but I have a request… let me explain. The girl Jayce, yes… I know honey… even the girl who gave us a bad memory, she used to be such a close friend in college and school, what you saw at the diner, that wasn’t her, not how she was meant to be. We’ve been talking on the phone for the past three weeks, you should have heard her the first time she called me, she was heart broken…” Annetta paused, shuddering into a gasp, tears in her eyes… “She felt so terrible for what she made me do… she’s finally seen the light, and believe it or not, some of the micro traps she’s seen around down, with micros in them, she crushed them to pieces and freed a few tinies in the process. There’s a girl by the name of Hannah, a tiny she had kept in her care for the past few weeks, nurturing her, loving her, the girl’s so sweet, I’ve even talked to Hannah on the phone… she loved Jayce so much… I never thought I would see the day. I told Jayce I would never see her again in the flesh, until she had come to grasp with how I felt… but not only as she understood all of that… she’s now living it. Could you find it in your heart to forgive her.. I would want her to see us together, and brides in our wedding. I want her to see how many we’ve become, because I want to give her closure. She’s wanted to speak to you in person and Aya… but she told me that she would only do so if I got your permission first. She’s knows it’s a lot to ask honey… but… you have to see her… please… for me… forgive her?” Annetta begged, pulling Erry in, hugging her and kissing her on the lips, it was after all, Erry’s dream, that tinies and humans would get along together, because whether Erry would never know it, it was the same dream Erelle had.

Erry was thinking “I… think that it could be possible… I know… what we lived together… but… For both of you… I and Aya… are different from ‘natural beings’… there’s something in our bodies that makes us different… and well… I could say that it happened… in another ‘life’ of mine… you know… when I was angry at you… I… never wanted to see her ever again but… We… I…changed too… I’m happy Annie… that she saved someone too… and I would love to meet them… please. I accept to see her again… and… Annie…? I would like to… go out a bit tonight… please.” Erry was grabbing her shirt with her hands… shivering… “it’s something important for me… please…? I would also to be near you at this time…” Erry was thinking of the dresses… was her looking like the one she had when she asked Annie to be her wife…? Erry’s heart was beating hard… and some tears started to roll on her cheeks… she was smiling… was the ‘world’ ready to finally… change for the small people ?

Annetta looked at her lover’s face as her sister spoke, happy to hear about how receptive to the idea Erry was being toward both forgiving Jayce and allowing her to be there at the wedding. While her lover spoke, she’d opened her smart phone, responding to the text to Jayce. “Erry has both forgiven you and wants to see you at the wedding, please bring Hannah… P.S. Xo Xo… thank you for listening to reason all those months ago, I told you there was life beyond what you thought..” with a reply from Jayce, “Tears I can’t express how grateful I am to have you in my life as a true friend, thank you for both of your forgiveness, I wish I could have seen it sooner, but now, I have the rest of my life to spend making up for loss time, to be happy again, and it’s all because of you… Xo Xo..” Jayce’s text was at an end. Annetta had a way to pick up on both what she was texting and hearing her lover’s voice, but being she was a super fast texter, it had really only cut into 2 sentences of what Erry said, and out of respect for her lover, the human girl quickly put her cell phone back away, on lock. Considering what her lover wanted, to go out again tonight, it wasn’t a question of if… just when. “Absolutely gorgeous girl, I would love to spend a night out on the town before our big day. You have my heart and my love, you have my time as well. Would Aya be going with us? What kind of arrangements do we need to make?” Annetta asked sweetly, pulling her lover in for another soft hug as she sat back down on the sofa after having put the trays away after scrubbing them lightly off and cleaning them. “What’s important to you, is dually important to me Erry, you should know that, and if you didn’t before… you know it now… I love you with all my heart, and I want to spend forever showing you just how much I do…”

Erry looked into Annetta’s eyes… “Annie… I… talked with Aya earlier… and it’s something I have to do with you… Aya told me that she would wait for us… and… when we’ll be done with this.. could we pick up Aya again and spend some time outside…? I want to ‘show’ to the world… that we’re different… and that all of us… are equal.” Erry was looking serious… putting her shoes already… she wanted this to be done… so she could move on.

Annetta watched as Erry had already gotten up and had got ready, so the human brunette quickly followed in suit. Putting on her Keds, she’d already had some socks on before hand. She could hear the seriousness in her lover’s voice, hearing the instruction of what Aya and her had agreed to, Annetta realized she’d become privy to the idea soon enough, so no questions were asked, this was trust and Annetta had already sworn to love and have and hold her wife through anything. Ready with a light jacket, Annetta nodded her head, “Then it shall be even as you said it is. I would be honored to accompany you tonight, I would have your dreams be met of a perfect micro / macro world, no prejudice remains. And yes, we will be seeing Aya again soon, even as you say it, she will be safe behind locked doors until we get back.” Annetta finished. Heading out the door, waiting for Erry to leave, she’d wave goodbye to Aya, blowing her a kiss and a warm wink, just before locking the doors behind them. Holding her hand out to Erry just after she’d put her keys away, it was now Erry’s turn to guide her, and soon, she knew Erry would take them to where they should go. “I am here with you love… through anything… just remember that..~”

Erry’s hand shivered… she was holding tight on Annetta’s… “Alright… I’m ready…” Erry started to walk…holding Annetta’s hand… Erry ‘knew’ the way… passing by the Dinner house where the girls went when Erry learned to change her size… still walking… her hand not shivering anymore… but a serious look on her face… Erry turned at a crossroads… Annie still aside her… until they were in front of a 2 floors house… Erry could feel Annetta’s hand shiver… “I’m with you Annie.” Then Erry took some steps… stood in front of the door… and pressed the button… the door opened one minute later… a tired woman opened the door… she had dark blue hair… and green/blue eyes even if they were looking tired… the woman gasped… “Er… Erry…? is… That really you…?!” Erry bowed her head… “It’s me madam… it’s a long story but… I’m here again… and let me introduce you Annetta… she’s my… we could say future wife… and I would like to see Saphyr please.” The woman shivered… “Saphyr…? To tell you the truth… she got ‘lost’ some days ago… I hadn’t seen her for days…! and soon we found her… wandering around in the city… not remembering anything… and she’s… broken… I… I can’t do anything much for her… but… Erry if that’s really you… my god… you’re… at human size too… please… help my daughter… help Saphyr… she’s just sitting on her desk… her eyes not looking at me… fixed on this tiny ‘house’ you were living in before… I found it in the trash but… now she’s looking at it all the day… I wonder if that have something to do with your…’ disappearance’ 3 years ago…” Erry bowed her head… “I have to talk to her madam… please.” the woman bowed… “please Erry… help her… I miss my daughter so much… I can’t… live happily knowing that she’s broken like this…” Erry turned around to face Annetta “Annie… I… forgave her… and… I want to talk to her… could you please follow me…?” Erry was holding Annetta’s hand in hers… looking deeply in Annetta’s eyes…

Annetta remembered the area for sure, it brought back a really horrible, terrifying memory, the same memory that had pushed her toward making her first mistake, but perhaps everything happened the way it had for a reason. Annetta knew she wasn’t guiltless in this experience, but had since been forgiven by Erelle, the life giver, even her mother… Erelle having since brought back Saphyr from the dead, even telling the brunette of this very action. In a way, this would be bringing much closure to her, and in several ways, Annetta actually pitied the girl, wondering what type of woman she would be now, as her mind was both lost and broken, it was impeccable for Annetta to see Saphyr’s mother, it was incredible for the brunette to see just how much mother looked like daughter here, there was no way Annetta could ever forget the blue haired micro hunter’s face. Yet, it was different now, and Annetta knew it would be, even before they would see Saphyr, Erelle had explained it so… and her word was good enough for Reese. As Erry had told Annetta she had forgiven her, Annetta realized that Erry had been twice wronged by Saphyr, so if anyone was to change, it was Annetta, yet she could not yet shake that feeling from her mind, remembering how horrible it was as the blue haired girl had so thoughtlessly swallowed both her and her wife without mercy. But was with her wife on the eve of their wedding, her love and her blessing was now with Erry, whether she fully understood everything or not… she was here now, and there was where she would stay. It was right, Erry could indeed see Annetta shaking, it was mostly out of bad memory and not out of anger, the brunette having long before already forgiven Saphyr, feeling far more sorry for the blue haired girl than she had for herself now. “Yes honey, I will follow you into hell and back if it means giving you closure, to make you happy, for your joy and your happiness, is my joy and happiness. I kind of feel like I have a few things I want to say too, but as it is, you will take the lead and I will be by your side. Our love goes beyond fate and destiny, my word is my bond, and I will always be there for you Erry Reese..~” Annetta reaffirmed her prior promise, holding strongly onto Erry’s hand, noting she no longer held the item Aya had given her in her hair, a semblance that she had moved on.

Erry walked up the stairs… the room was on the left… the door hadn’t a lock on it… Erry knocked twice… and opened the door… the girls was here… on her chair… empty eyes looking at the broken doll’s house… Her hands were trying to fix all the tiny furniture that was broken… suddenly Saphyr turned her head in a slow move… and looked at Erry and Annetta… not saying a word… Erry took a step forward… then another… “Saphyr…” The young girl put her hands on her head… bowing it down… starting to cry… “Saphyr It’s…me… Erry.” Saphyr gasped… strong shivers now running on her body… the girl tried to stand up… she was walking towards Erry… then suddenly tripped… Erry in a fast move caught her in her arm… now she was way taller than Saphyr… the blue haired girl was crying again… her eyes moving in strange directions… “How… Erry…? Is… is…?” Erry put her hand on Saphyr’s head… “It’s me Saphyr… Erry.” The young girl cried even more… “But… you… I lost you… ! I can’t remember anything…! Erry… I… I missed you so much…!! I though that I’ll never see you again…!! and … how could you be… at this size…?” Erry removed the girl’s tear with a finger… “It’s a long story but… it’s really me…” Erry was looking at the trash that was right aside… she saw some papers in it… and a tiny ‘jewel’ on them too… it was Saphyr’s ‘hunter sign’… in the place where it would have been for all this time… the girl was shivering… “It’s alright Saphyr… please… let me introduce you Annie… she’ll be my wife tomorrow… and I wanted to see you again before…” Saphyr looked at Annetta… with eyes ‘discovering ‘ the girl… like as she never saw her before… “Erry I… I don’t want to be friend with ‘them’ anymore… they hurt my feelings so much… I don’t need human friends that hurt… small ones… I want to be with…you !” Erry let a tear roll onto her cheek… this girl she was holding in her arm had changed somehow… Erry was smiling… she was with…her old sister and hugged her… “I trust you Saphyr… my… sister.”

Annetta could see the pain in Saphyr’s eyes as Erry began to try and swade and calm her troubled spirits, she could see she was indeed broken, and well, probably didn’t even realize the symbol that was in the garbage can to begin within, being she didn’t remember a thing. It was rather awkward, strange even, that same look, and even though Saphyr didn’t remember what Annetta had done to her, it still struck the brunette in the heart with a sharp blade, almost as if the metaphoric cut was still deep. Annetta soon realized Saphyr thought Annetta was just another micro hunter, so she’d stay silent for now, allowing Erry to say her words, how she felt about Saphyr, and this time, the time like it happened before, Saphyr was different in the fact she had no desire to trick or harm either Annetta or Erry herself… she literally had no idea how she lost Erry before, in the now. Annetta realized the story for Saphyr could come later, but now, Erry wanted to comfort her blue haired sister. Annetta stepped closer and got down on her knees, right where Erry had caught the falling girl. “It’s okay Saphyr, I am not a micro hunter. I met Erry a few years ago, she’s now and adult, and just as she said it, we are going to get married tomorrow… please don’t be sad little girl. Everything happens for a reason, and I am sorry for any pain you have ever been through, and I apologize in advance for any feelings you have now and will have in the future. Life is never easy, we regret mistakes we make, but I want you to know, Erry is in good hands. I’m not from here, I never was, but now here is my home, and here is where I will stay for the rest of my life. Me and Erry are bond to each other through body and soul, and tomorrow, an official document will bind us lawfully together. She is going to take on the name of Erry Reese… my beloved wife… and if you desire it, I would have you there at my wedding, would you honor us by helping Aya give Erry away as her bride’s maid? I know it’s a lot to take in… but as it is, I know much of your past, and I know you and Erry were sister’s before me and her became so. It is not my intent to take her from you, only to bless her life as her lover and wife, for all time and eternity to come… and you are still a very welcomed part of her life, if you would have it be Saphyr… If Erry is your sister, and she loves you… then I too, am your sister… can you love me too, as I want to love you?” Annetta finished, tears now in her eyes as they well onto her cheeks, weeping, she closed the distance and took Saphyr’s free hand, much like Jayce, she too had changed. Reaching her lips toward Saphyr’s face, the brunette kissed her softly on the forehead, with an angelic peck of her lips… beaming a smile as she’d run a hand through Saphyr’s beautiful blue hair. Moment’s later, she hold Erry in a hug, not pulling away, even as Erry was hugging Saphyr to… what ever would happen, Annetta was there for Erry in every way.

“Saphyr…?” Said a voice behind them… it was Saphyr’s mother. “She… talked…? Erry…!” The woman fall on her knees and took Saphyr from Erry’s arms… hugging her… as Saphyr ‘s eyes started to ‘fill’ with life again… The woman was now crying… “Tha… thank you so much the two of you… My daughter is everything for me and… you… broke the ‘wall’ that was preventing her to come back to me… how could I ever thank you… but… you’re getting married…? Could… We have the honor to…be on your sides on this special day…? ” Erry smiled… standing up and helping Annetta to stand up too “I would be honored to have both of you with us tomorrow… I…missed Saphyr too… this precious sister I had… and I want to help her too…” Saphyr smiled… a pure smile she never showed when she met Erry and Annetta before… she was now honest with herself… “Erry… ” Saphyr was calling her sister… just this word was containing so much feelings that Erry smiled back… passed a hand in Saphyr’s hair… and was thanking the woman “I’ll be glad to have both of you here tomorrow… and I’m sure that Annie would love this too… but… you and Saphyr have to take some time for you now… we won’t disturb you more… and I hope to see you again tomorrow… ” Erry smiled again… bowed in respect and walked out of the room… leaving Saphyr and her mother together… they would be crying… but in the end… they would finally be back together again… Erry was now in the entrance… turning around to face Annetta “I… didn’t expected this but… thank you Annie… Jayce changed and… even Saphyr too… I can’t wait… to see this world change finally… after all of those years… I’m so… happy…”

Annetta cried some more, hearing Saphyr’s mother and the own blue haired girl’s words, while the child’s words were few, her eyes and her face lit up like fire works on the forth of July, her emotions speaking louder than a 1000 words, and it was enough for Annetta, leaving the human girl to smile. Giving the mother a warm hug, she nodded her head, only adding to Erry’s prior words… “Yes Miss… and you Saphyr… we would be honored to have you at our wedding. Perhaps miss… you could give me away, as my mother… to Saphyr’s sister, Erry, even as Saphyr is going to give Erry away, as her sister…” Annetta finished, kissing Saphyr’s mother on the cheek, offering her that invitation, if Saphyr’s mother wanted to be, she could be like another mother to the brunette. Leaving them after a few more moments, Annetta smiled back at her lover and soon to be wife, holding her hand, she nodded her head. “I didn’t expect it either, but it’s like we always say… things happen for a reason, you had this feeling come over you, you’ve listened to me countless times in the past, it is only fair that I listen back. And look what became of it, you listened to your heart, you came here tonight, your soul could feel her, even before you knew the words to say, you somehow could feel she needed that help, you wanted us to have closure, but instead, we were granted a new sister… and her mother’s heart… what a beautiful way to start out a wonderful evening?! I’m so happy… I’m happy my lover is happy, even my pure hearted sister, Erry Reese…~ Let’s change the world together… you and me… and what ever trivial and trials lay before us… we’ll conquer them together.” Annetta sighed deeply, heading back out to the ground floor with her lover, Erry having already given both Saphyr and her mother the address and instructed them to meet both brides in their respective rooms to get ready for what they were supposed to say and how the ceremony would take place… everything was in order. “So for dinner… what do you want to do? Aya is not with us… what is this plan you had… this thing you said earlier?” Annetta asked, wondering what Erry now had on her mind.

Erry smiled as she answered “I have the perfect place for us… but we should get Aya first. What about this special place to picnic outside? this place we dreamed so much and where we could see ‘our sunset’ together in the park ? ” Erry was blushing… it was now ‘their’ place… where they shared so much already… and it would be also the perfect place for them to spend the evening. Annetta smiled warmly, nodding her head, understanding perfectly what Erry had in end, on the eve of such an important life changing event, what more appropriate place could there be than this park, that special place they had had the picnic in. “Yes my love, it would honor me to have such an event on day prior to the day that we’ll remember for the rest of eternity. It will be as you said, and I can think of no other person in the world I would rather do it with than with you and Aya…” Everything would work out perfectly, with as much daylight as they had left still, there would be plenty of time to grab Aya from their home, as the three of them could go back and visit the Corner Town Buffet and Bakery as before they had done when Aya had not had the experience to be with them. Annetta could still remember that kind man’s face, even John, as he’d been called for short, his real name being Jonathan Smith… his dedication to customer service far surpassed the norm. After a time, as Annetta walked back with her lover in a casual pace as they relaxed, she’d finally make it back to her door in the quiet parts of the city, away from all of the noise. Unlocking her door, she’d hold it open for her and her wife, now within their home, Annetta called out… “Aya dear… we’re home..~”

Aya exited the small house… “I can tell by your eyes that you’ve done it Erry… I’m proud of you… and Annie… thank for beeing here for Erry… she needed this.” Aya approached The hand of Annetta and jumped on it before sitting on her palm. Erry nodded “Yes, it’s over now. She won’t be a hunter anymore… she’s a young ‘normal’ girl again and she won’t hurt any other small one from now… furthermore she’ll be with her mother at our wedding tomorrow… I’ll be sooo happy haha… but well… Aya there’s a place I want you to see with Annie and I… a very special place we saw in our dreams… and where we shared so much too… ” Aya smiled “I’ll follow you everywhere girls…! and don’t worry about me Annie I could stay on your shoulder or wherever you want… I trust you and no one would catch me with you two around… Sooo should we go ?” Said Aya with a cute smile.

Annetta listened carefully with a warm smile about her face as she saw Aya exit the small house and began to speak her true heart felt words. “I think it was just as much for me as it was for Erry Aya. Your sister… she has wisdom beyond her years… ” Annetta paused, yet it was true, being Erry and Erelle were near one in the same, Erry had been doing this forever, trying to make things right, having a sixth sense about her when she knew people needed her help, and that things needed to change. “It is my honor to be there for Erry in every way I can be, even you my dear sister Aya…” Annetta watched as the girl jumped into the palm of her right hand, being quick and firm yet gentle to catch her. With a band in her hair, Annetta put Aya up in her brunette curls, right by the metal covered in foam and cloth, so Aya could have something to grasp on to in their travel. “I’m so happy Erry did what she had done tonight, now I just gained a new sister and maybe, even another mother… it’s amazing how much Saphyr looks like her mother, uncanny even… both of them are so beautiful, and now seeing them in this light… it’s a miracle… of course it was meant to be…” Annetta sighed deeply, happy to show Aya the place in the park that had been in several of Erry and her own dreams, the place both Annetta and Erry had seen prior to now, even with their own waking eyes, and even a place, that soon too, Aya would bear witness of in the flesh.

With a her purse gathered and Aya in tow, the brunette waited for her lover to exit their home, where she would lock up shortly afterward. Though Annetta had a car, and would use it for things like trips, more than anything, the human girl loved far more to walk if some place was in walking distance, then to drive, as she felt people just missed out on so many things when they didn’t take the time to cherish them. With her left hand, Annetta grabbed her lover’s own, waiting for Erry to be by her side before they set off to a destination that took around 25 minutes to get to give or take, depending on the gait and pace of the person’s walk. Some time later, the sun starting to get on the lower end of the sky, there was now an hour and half before sunset, the Reese family now at the diner’s door, even John’s establishment. That characteristic door would force the bell above the old fashioned diner’s entryway to clunk, signifying customers had just entered, Annetta saw John come around the other side after he’d been doing kitchen prep with a few of his other underling employ… “Hello ladies, welcome to Corner Town Buffet and Bakery … it’s good to see you guys again… as you know my name is John… will this order be for dine in or carry out?…” the man waited patiently with a warm smile, the time for Erry to rise was now at hand. Aya and Annetta’s training combined with Erry’s amazing talent having brought her vocabulary far more than up to par, it was now time for the white haired angel to make their order for them… and Annetta had all of the confidence in the world her wife would make her proud. John proved to Aya right off the bat, that not all humans were bad, acknowledging her presence, he’d even offered to shake her hand, he wasn’t a stranger to tiny people, even if he’d seen them far and few in between… he was a gentlemen. Annetta realized this, and got closer, John extending his hand, raising his right finger’s index, should Aya wish to shake it, all with a warm and loving smile upon his face. Aya hesitated but soon put her hand on the finger and ‘shook’ it. Erry smiled, this world was really about to change… and more people would be the ‘actors’ of this change. Erry took a deep breath… it would be her turn… she never did this before but now she could do something as simple as ordering their meal. but it would be a great step for Erry… She was smiling again and smiled to Annetta “Hello John !” Still with her enthusiastic mood she was now really reading and understanding everything “We’ll take what you gave us last time… it was two soups with those delicious sandwiches just here… and well could we also have some tiny cakes for the dessert ? And with this we’ll take two bottles of water please.” Erry was smiling… happy of what she just done… but saw something else “Could I also have this tiny creamy cheese please ?” Remembering how much Aya and herself liked this… she was now facing Annetta, looking at Aya sitting here and smiling to Erry… proud of her sister to have ‘grown’ so much… “Do you want anything else Annie ?”Said Erry with a warm smile. 

Annetta beamed, watching proudly as her lover was ordering everything off the menu that she wanted, so well. She knew Annetta’s habits to, most people were after all, creatures of habit. Not that Annetta didn’t like trying new things, she just knew what she liked, and at the risk of having something that she didn’t like as much, just to try something new, at a time like this, on the eve of the most precious event, one that would change both Erry and Annetta’s life forever, getting second best just didn’t fit. John happily took Aya’s hand an affectionately shoke very carefully, before removing it from Aya’s reach, signaling he was happy she greeted him so warmly. As John listened to Erry’s order, he quickly wrote everything down and then began summing the totals up and including combo price deductions, waiting for Annetta to say anything she wanted, since Erry was being polite enough to pause. The brunette quickly nodded her head, speaking gently yet firmly enough to be heard. Annetta asked, “Well, all of those items sound wonderful, I would only like to add a few scones for desert though, and maybe a forth of a gallon of milk to wash it down. That should do it for us I believe…” she’d finished smiling at Jonathan, and then wrapping her left arm around Erry, she drew her in for a sweet public display of affection, briefly kissing her upon the lips. John didn’t even seem to notice, other than both women were absolutely stunning, their personal business was their own, and he accepted anyone for who they were. He was mostly grateful to see both of them again, he considered them as friends, and he was grateful they had chosen to come to his diner to purchase their food, as they had several options, yet his was the first Annetta had in mind. Creating good experiences and providing excellent customer service, really did seem to pay off. “Perfect then… let’s see, we have two home made chicken noodle soups, the bread that comes with the combos, 6 tiny cakes that come as another portion to a # 6 picnic basket combo, add 2 combo waters for free, a small cream cheese, two scones with raspberry jelly, and a small milk… does that sound correct?” Annetta went over everything in her mind… “Yes John, that sounds just right… thank you..” Nodding his head, he tallied it all up, “That’ll be $28.76, will this be cash or credit… and will you be dining in or going out? If you are dining out, please feel free to order this in a complimentary picnic basket of your choice…” Annetta listened and then took out her debit Visa, handing it to John, and pointing out the picnic basket on the picture, that she found was the most beautiful… “Card and can we please get this to go in the picnic basket? … oh and feel free to add a 15% tip, for your excellent service John…” Annetta said finished… Smiling with a half nod, John said… “Sure, and here’s your card back, and we will have your order ready in about 16 to 17 minutes… and, I greatly appreciate the tip…” he’d smile, Annetta put everything back away and just waited there with her hand upon Erry’s shoulder, until the man would come back… Some time later, John walked back out to the three lovely ladies and had everything put inside of nice containers, packed and fresh inside of bags that went inside of the complimentary disposable picnic box… “Here is everything you ordered Misses..” John went over everything again just to be sure everything they wanted was there… “Please, enjoy… and come back to see us again soon some time. It’s always so wonderful to see such beautiful faces grace our establishment…” With a warm wave, John saw the ladies off, keeping his eyes on them until they would make their way out of his cafe area. The picnic box had flower designs upon the outside of it and was looking very much spring like in pattern and creativity with three forks, spoons and knives and a good handful of napkins, a separate sack was given to Erry to hold, as it was their drinks, and a few straws, John wanting to keep the cold away from the hot, wanting their food to be absolutely perfect and mildly hot once they arrived at their picnic destination, to warm their tummies. All hot stuff was put inside of thermal and Styrofoam to keep it just so to make it appealing once it was time to eat. Annetta grabbed the larger items holding the picnic bag, as she’d bear the weight of the drink sack too, simply asking… “Erry love… mind getting the door for me please?” Asked Annetta with a smile.

Erry smiled back and waved back to everyone “thank you John ! we’ll come back again soon !!” And with a fast move opened the door for Annetta, holding it so she could pass it without bumping into anything. Erry was looking at her as she passed by… this beautiful girl she met already  so much time ago. Even if they didn’t saw each other during some periods of time, Erry was feeling like knowing Annetta for already more than two full years… looking at this beautiful body… Erry wasn’t loving her only for her ‘appearance’… it was much more something deep… Erry’s heart bumped faster… as she saw the girl turning back and smile at her… Erry saw also the small Aya sitting here… right ‘aside’ of her lover and she knew it was the perfect time for everything… the Fate tried many times to break them, to tear them apart… but each obstacle was strengthening their bond… and nothing could break it… and the next day  they would be tied… forever. Erry smiled with her usual warm smile… turning around and doing a small dance move for her… she knew Annetta loved to see this and for Erry it was a way to show her love… she wasn’t caring of what people would think of this… it was something strong between the girls… and soon Erry started to walk on her lover’s side… they would be going to this ‘special place’ again…

John and his three employ were quick to wave with a warm smile, showing customer dedication to a fault, all quite happy to do so, seeing Erry, Aya and Annie off, until the door finally closed. Annetta laughed, a cute smile appearing on her face as she giggled, making her make-up show off its brown highlights and the small winkles showing off that Annie had indeed done a lot of smiling in her now 24 years of life. The young brunette had lived, but now, she thrived, and all because of some precious girl she’d met a few years ago, one that she knew, from that point on, would change her life forever. In so many ways she already did, and Erry had just barely started. So many years, memories and things, that they could now enjoy together. And as Erry did her cute and sweet dance, showing of her beautiful body and her pretty face and her much talent, Annetta couldn’t help but sigh, a tear coming to her eye as she tried to wrap her mind around just how important and wonderful Erry was to her and to have in her life, with that tear coming to trickle down on her cheek as she thought about just how much she loved her. Likely, for Aya, this would bring back such memories as well, as Erry had explained to Annetta before, that she used to dance with her sister, this must have meant a lot to her. The human girl was quick to make sure Aya was seated properly on the top of her head and in her hair band before she would begin again, her slow paced walk. A perfect saunter, not moseying on around mind you, but with nothing left to do but spend time with two of the most important people of her life, their time would not be rushed or left unsavored. “Mmmmm~ such a beautiful day, with two of the most pretty girls I’ve ever seen…” Annie said in a common observation, it was clear she was having a wonderful day. Thinking about having an eternity with Erry, it was almost overwhelming, but it was so perfect, and both girls knew that it was right. The biggest thing, was that Annetta was just trying to keep it all inside, having a hard time keeping it contained, how much emotion and how many thoughts were coursing through her mind. “I wish words were enough to show you how much I love you Erry… but I know they’ll never do that idea justice, those feelings that I have for you. I would do anything for you, I will care for you in sickness and in health, and I will cherish you forever and always, you have my word…~” Annetta couldn’t help but say, it likely being clear to Aya just how much Annetta loved her little sister, if it not before, had already been. Holding an arm out for Erry to grab if she wanted to as the white haired angel came to walk beside her, she’d keep that pace well into the park, this once place that was so perfect for them both, this one they finally saw again, the very one they would arrive to in some 20 minutes from the time they’d left the bakery. Finally on the blades of the freshly cut grass, Annetta sat down her bag and removed her shoes, allowing the soles of her feet to feel the softness beneath her, remembering what Erry had shown her before, and would now be happy to feel that brief coldness before she sighed, reconnecting her feet to the ground. Some place in the distance she could see those same flowers that grew, even the very same kind Erry had plucked up and had put in her own hair some time ago. Leaving Erry to carry the bag of drinks this time, as Annetta began to walk again, she made her way to the flowers, bending over and plucking one up, she kissed it, just before placing it above Erry’s left ear, and into her perfectly white platinum hair. “There, a symbol of our memory and love… So beautiful… are you to me… my precious wife…~”

Erry was grabbing Annetta’s arm all the time they were waking to the park. Again there wasn’t much people around, but it would be perfect for the 3 girls to enjoy this ‘peace’. Erry removed her shoes as well, feeling this soft texture tickling her feet. Erry was walking towards the tree… where the girls shared so much and sat against it, looking at this beautiful sky. Erry put the bag with the drinks right aside the other ones and soon she saw her lover coming back, placing into her hair a tiny flower. Erry was feeling something within her heart… she was so small before, much smaller than this tiny flower… as fragile if not even more than this beautiful blooming piece of beauty… but now she was with the one who protected her, loved her and… accepted her even if they were so different from the start. Erry blushed, couldn’t help but to let out two tears fall from her eyes as she giggled and started to laugh…  “Hahaha… Annie… I…Love it… I just can’t…believe how happy I am… and I now that you’re feeling the same… I… I feel like this flower… I was a tiny ‘seed’ wanting to grow… I couldn’t reach the sun and was ‘condemned’ to live like this… but the ‘sun ‘ came out… a bright sun named Annetta… That helped this tiny flower of me to grow… and finally to bloom into something that… I never expected… you gave me so much…” Erry picked the tiny Aya and sat her right aside them… “it will take just a second sis please…?” Erry was now again looking deeply into Annetta’s eyes… the blue of their eyes looking into each other… Erry’s lips shivered… put a hand behind Annetta’s head… the other one in her hair so the tiny flower wouldn’t fall… and approaching her head slowly… reached for Annetta’s lips… kissing her deeply… letting a tear roll on her cheek again… feeling this soft skin… welcoming her too… Erry finally broke the kiss… before putting her forehead against Annetta’s… looking into her eyes again… “Tomorrow my love… just one day… before an Eternity… with you…”

And as everything unfolded, Annetta finally coming back, Erry taking her first sister up and placing her beside them, Annetta was careful with her footing and where everything was placed, making everything perfectly accessible, while still giving all three girls the room they needed to interact… as this, was no simple meeting. As she spoke her words, as Annetta saw those tears, as she’d heard that soft giggle elicit forth from those perfect lips, she sighed, having a hard time herself from keeping in so much joy, she began to cry again, but her tears were only in gladness, taking in absolutely everything her lover Erry, had spoken. Being metaphorically compared to something as great as the sun, with Erry being a seed, she’d felt the opposite, the human never feeling alive, no, not until that day she’d met her precious wife. Taking her lover’s lips to her own as Erry took seconds, Annetta would take a few more, happily nodding her head as she accepted without a pause, Erry’s content. Passionately she began to kiss her lover, careful with her hands on the nape of Erry’s neck, she closed her eyes, tears coming out as she cried silently in joy. Pulling away after a time, she spoke too, just after Erry had finished her remaining words. “I? As the sun to goddess, even a perfect angel? Honey… you honor me! But, do any have any idea of how alone and hopeless I felt when we had not yet before met? As I love your words of flattery and of commitment and completion and compassion, and I know you mean them with all of your heart, how can I not feel the lucky one in all of this situation? You… Erry… Someone who taught me how to live, A tiny girl who ‘found’ me, when I had nobody left to love. Some precious girl who said ‘Hey… Annie, guess what… life’s worth living for, and even if you don’t have a way to get back to your first home, and no matter how much you miss your mom and sisters… I’LL BE HERE WITH YOU … FOREVER’… YES Honey… that was YOU… and you made this love just as possible as did I. You’ve changed my life for the better, and have helped me in so many ways I can hardly express with words… you have pulled out that child that I had locked away for, oh so long. It is you who rose like a phoenix from the ashes, and because of such a powerful, loving girl… I am now the woman who I am today… and because of her, because of you… Even tomorrow… my precious wife… Erry Reese… I will be complete forever~” Annetta’s chin quivered, she was biting her bottom lip with her upper rows, as she took her sister’s hands and rubbed them gently, it as looking as if she was about to ball her eyes out. And seconds later, that was exactly what had happened! Thrusting gently into her, Annetta held her into a hug, the human resting her head on Erry’s shoulder, letting her built up emotions about being stuck here out… but more so and far more importantly, that Erry had not only made this place a life worth living, she’d completed her on so many levels… and had understood her in so many ways, few lover’s only ever got to dream. As the torrent and high levels of emotions coursed through her body and mind, it would take several minutes before Annetta calmed. Sniffling, it was good upon the human she’d purchased the more expensive beauty materials, as she didn’t even streak her make-up, not even in all of these commotion. “Phew~… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to cry so much my beautiful girl… and I don’t know about you honey… but I’m STARVED…hehe~” she’d say angelically so. Taking out the plasticware and all plates, she got them ready for Erry and herself and Aya. Placing some small foods and Aya portioned amounts on the tiny girl’s plate. “Eat up Aya… my dear sister… get your fill, relax and enjoy this time with your new family. I love you so much Aya, words truly can’t express. How I waited so long for you to come back and visit us some day.. and now.. here you are… in the flesh… the fates can be kind..” Annetta paused with a warm smile toward the red haired girl, allowing Erry to plate up what ever she liked of course, the human girl quick to plate herself her own soup and fixing, just before putting everything else away, only after Erry had gotten her own things out, wanting to keep them fresh and sealed from the air. She wanted not to miss a second of seeing her wife’s face, so she’d been fast about it, and for wanting to look at the beautiful sky that surrounded them. Sunset was on the rise, and would be there in less than thirty minutes, but these three had all of the time in the world.

Aya had a tear roll on her cheek too as she saw Annetta ‘fall’ in Erry’s arms and cried on her shoulder… Aya was proud of Erry, of the woman she became. Erry was smiling to the girl, holding her hands for a second her fingers interlocked with Annetta’s, looking at the deep blue of her eyes. Soon the girls were sitting here, Erry had her plate on her lap… looking at the plate where Aya was sitting on, her sister was enjoying her food too… Erry was looking aside, the clear blue sky… and her lover’s face right in front of it… Erry had a small giggle… Then picked up her tiny bottle. Drinking some and putting some water on the lid for her sister, Erry suddenly had a bright laugh… Aya did what happened to them once… Erry remembered telling this ‘story’ to Annetta before as they discovered Aya with her white face… the tiny girl wanted to bite into the cheese and had covered her face with the creamy texture… Aya started to laugh too “Annie… Erry… what could I say more… you’re so perfect together… I can just hope your wedding to be the most perfect one… and I believe that It will be.” Erry smiled back to Aya, patting her tiny head with a finger, removed the cheese and licked her finger… she was giggling again and smiled. Erry slowly standing up… she was right in front of Annetta. Erry closed her eyes and started to move in front of the sun… the light making her hair shine a bright white as Erry was now dancing for her lover… smiling to her… and wanted this day to be even more enjoyable for Annetta.

These soft small moments couldn’t have been any sweeter, or any more perfect as the time unfolded into the always pressing future. Yet if these three had eternity to get along, to love, laugh and live… things could only and were destined to get ever better. The food was absolutely delicious, and watching the scene unfold between Aya and Erry forced a belly laugh to come out as her tears were replaced with joyous sounds from her lips ringing through the air of the later afternoon. Annetta could see a portion of the relationship Erry and Aya had had, merely by this small interaction alone. They were made for each other, and as Aya had found that baby girl some many years before now, and had made her strong and had helped her to grow, it was clear Erry had helped Aya turn into the find women she had become as well. Erry’s curiosity and willingness to learn, laugh, to love and to live, was what set her apart from others. Having her feelings hurt, having nasty things happen to her time and time again… she’d chosen the higher path… she’d chose to forgive. And even with all of the wrongs that had been done to her by micro hunters and large humans in times gone by, she, even at this moment, wanted to unit the entire world toward that self same cause of balance, acceptance and love. No judging, no misplaces fingers, no focusing on the past… the future was their’s! To top this wonderful evening off, the beautiful things the brunette got to see, only got better, her angel deciding to give her a dance as she stood up, seeing her platinum hair blow slight and softly within the wind, as the sun caught it’s luster and sheen in all of the right places. Annetta let out a long sigh, and just smiled, finishing up her food, her hands were to her left and to her right, just watching the angel breathe ‘life’ into her ‘lungs’. Aya could even appreciate the woman her younger sister had become, she was now an adult and had still retained all of the best portions about her mind, body and soul… generously sharing her own talents, gifts and passions, with both Aya and Annetta. Her eyes just stood there, gawking, appreciating, not being able to look away, nor, would they certainly ever want to. All eyes and attentions focused on perfection, a quiet yet quite awe-inspiring evening current to retain. Blowing through her lips with her right index and thumb finger in her mouth, Annetta whistled for Erry, clapping at the amazing sight before her, and gifted wouldn’t be appropriate to fully justify what grace and magnificent was in front of her. Clapping some, after she knew Aya had her fill, she put her up by the tree, making sure Erry had plenty of ‘ground’ to move her feet about.

Erry finally bowed… with a beautiful smile on her face she went near Annetta and sat on her side… putting her head on the tree Erry was taking her breath back… resting for some minutes by her lover’s side, looking at this evening that would soon end. Erry was breathing slowly, closing her eyes a bit she wanted to rest, knowing that her lover was watching over her. Erry was not really sleeping but looking like, her mouth slightly open,  her eyes closed, she was looking so peaceful. The soft wind making her hair move again… she was holding onto Annetta’s arm and would be ‘awaken’ soon.

After the stellar performance was over, Annetta cheered and whistled once more clapping profusely, letting her precious woman know just how impressed she was with what she’d displayed. Receiving the white haired angel after she listed to obey her bodily needs, it was clear her sister was tired and needed a brief break after such an amazing scene. As Erry laid into her, Annetta put her arm around Erry, gently rubbing her, and with her free hand she picked up Aya, placing the little tiny girl on her shoulder, right next to Erry’s head, giving Aya some space, and some time, should she wish to hug and love her Erry. As Annetta kissed the crown of her lover seconds before, she finally looked up, seeing the trees sway with the wind, sunset was just about to begin. Giving her lover the time she needed to rest, she’d speak softly… “Look Erry… Aya… see as mother nature shows her true colors to us? Aren’t they brilliant, the color scheme of a rainbow and a crystal prism… Violets, purples, blues, reds and orange and yellows just to name a few. An amazing sight we get to see with our own eyes, even in each others company, and what a wonderful way to remember the day we had, just before our final day apart… even the last day we would be known as two separate girls apart, from different worlds. We’ve come this far my love Erry… my sweet little sister Aya, and the day will come, once this night shall fall, after we rest our eyes and lay our heads, all of the plans that we have made will finally come to a fruition, and we will be sharing eternity for the thereafter and beyond…” Annetta said smiling, being there with her lover Erry, watching the sky finally turn pitch, with the stary sky and the sight of the full white moon surrounding shortly thereafter. The crickets began to chirp and the last of the birds would finally sleep, leaving space for the more nocturnal beings to come without and explore the night and there to forward. Picking up all of their waste, Annetta finally got up only after kissing her lover on the forehead… “I’ll be right back my love…”, the human then to be placing it in a nearby receptacle to throw away, the trash can was nearly full. Coming back some moments later, she carefully took Aya from her shoulder and and put her back up in her dark brown hair, securing her there to make sure she’d be safe. Annetta reached her hand down to her wife and smiled, finally speaking… “Shall we go home now my princess?” … ready to lift her up and begin their small trek back to their living quarters.

Erry was looking at the beautiful sky, her eyes ‘sparkling’ as she was looking all the beautiful colors ‘dancing’ together… and soon the stars to appear in the sky. Erry remembered this story Aya told her about the stars beeing the souls of the small people that were looking at them… Erry smiled, her own ‘star’ Aya was now here with them. Erry saw Annetta walk away for some minutes before coming back. Erry smiled as she saw the girl helping her to stand up, putting back her shoes Erry was looking at the sky again, the beautiful full moon… and the last Day she would spend with her lover as a ‘separate body’. Erry grabbed Annetta’s arms as they started to walk back to their house, the small Aya still looking at her sister, smiling to her. “Yes… this world will finally change… and we’ll be happy… forever…”

Annetta was quick to put her shoes back on before her lover grasped her arm after lifting her up, being careful and remembering she had an Aya in tow. The sky was lovely to see and as the light breeze blew, Annetta breathed in deeply, sighing out once she exhaled. Turning her face as they walked forward, she paused in her walking pace, stopping in her gait, to kiss her lover briefly on the lips, just seconds later, continuing their way home. The many trees, the small paths people had made in walking countless times over the soil of the earth. This city had turned out to be a very beautiful place to live, and had contained two of the most amazing people Annetta had met, the brunette left with no need or want in the world. Humming softly, even that same sweet tune her and her lover had taken to their own heart and had since made it their own personal music, both used for lullaby and just simple reassurance, tonight it was used in no less light of love and belonging. A few hoot owls heard, some eyes shifting from them above in the trees, Annetta smiled, taking in all of the scenery around them. “We really do live in such a beautiful place… don’t we Erry… Aya?” Annetta commented softly in the middle of her humming tones, resuming them again after the natural brief pause. Making her way down the path, she finally made it to the sidewalk, heading way past the more busy portions of the suburbs and then finally making it to her quiet home, some few miles away. Seeing the light they left on on the porch shining, that same stray cat Annetta didn’t mind to feed, she finally made it to their porch, walking up the steps, while making sure Erry was right beside her, she threw out a few pieces of sandwich and unused scone bread, petting her, the cat looked a lot like Samantha. Unlocking their door, the brunette held it open for Erry, just long enough for her to get inside. Heading to their room, Annetta got out her pajamas and reminding Erry of the whole wardrobe she too had been given, the two girls sharing equal space within their bedroom now, leaving Erry to get ready for bed how she chose. Changing clothes, Annetta put on a pink pair of light sweats, and then put on a soft flannel nightshirt, placing all of her used undergarments and clothing she’d dress for in that day, only after placing her shoes away in their proper arrangement. Brushing her teeth, she’d since carefully placed Aya in the palm of her hand, getting a small q-tip, she gave Aya some paste to brush her teeth, and helped the tiny woman wash her body and her hair in the sink after taking off her dirty clothes. Getting out some doll sized clothing from Erry’s side of the room, and some from her own, she found a matching set, and taking Aya back to their room after putting the dirty clothing in the washing machine, she dressed Aya up lovingly after patting her and her hair dry. Waiting for Erry now, she’d keep the light on, having unmade their bed and folded their top sheet and blanket back, she had Aya in between their sides of the mattress, using that same box she had used for Erry to keep her safe in the movement of their sleep… “I love you Aya… I am so glad you are part of my life now. Thank you giving me your blessing in marrying the most precious woman to my heart… I am so glad we are sister’s now, in the flesh..” Annetta commented softly, running her hand over Aya’s body as she was placed in the make-shift bed the brunette had made with her own hands… both girl’s now awaiting Erry to join them in bliss and sleep and rest. After a time, Annetta closed her eyes, and had her lover joined her there, she’d wrap her right arm around her, sleeping on her left side, kissing the back of her neck… Had Erry been on her left side as well, Annetta would have spooned her, wishing her… “Good night my love… may a great sleep and a restful night find you… rest … rest in our love…~”. “You’re very welcome Annie” Said Aya as she was taken care of by the lovely girl. Erry finally removed her clothes and took her night ones, thinking about the next day where finally everything would be ‘bound forever’. Thinking about this girl she met already more than a year and she never stopped to love her… even if their lives had up and downs, the two girls were ‘one’ in their minds… knowing all of the needs they had… sharing so much and completing each other… Erry smiled… then put her ‘night dress’. Coming into the room she saw Annetta waiting her on the bed and also Aya who wanted to sleep with them. Erry thought about her tiny sister… but it was her choice to sleep with them. Smiling, Erry went into the bed and kissed her tiny sister on the head “I love you Aya…” and then kissed Annetta… before letting the girl wrap her arms around her as Erry finally closed her eyes,  whispering “Tomorrow… will be so… perfect…” Erry started to breath slower… soon to fall asleep… Aya yawned and put her tiny head on the soft bed too… falling asleep not too long after her two ‘sisters’.

It was now the middle of the night, a soft glow appeared then two wings… blue and white… as a ‘body of light’ appeared… the girls still sleeping deeply… Erelle was watching over them, smiling. Aya opened her tiny eyes, her mind blurry she looked at the ‘angel’ flying above them and smiled. Aya knew her, she wouldn’t tell Erry about her until it would be the ‘right time’… the very source of Erry’s power… and her mother too. Erelle smiled, and with a finger ‘caressed’ the tiny Aya… letting her going back into her sweet dreams. Erelle smiled again and with a sign of her hand two tiny golden glows appeared on the tiny shelf aside of the bed… That soon became two rings made of a pure gold. A ring made for Erry’s current ‘size’ with the name ‘Annetta’ engraved inside of it and the same for Annetta with the name ‘Erry’ inside… the two names would never be seen again once the girls would put their rings… but they would feel ‘themselves’ against the very skin of their fingers. Erelle closed her eyes then sighed as she knew that the next day would be important… where people would ‘change’ the way they see the small people and also the best day of Erry and Annetta’s lives. With a soft glow, the girl faded back into the night, leaving the two rings for her daughters… as the two girls were still sleeping peacefully, each girl wrapped into the others arms.

The night was blissful, filled with wonderful dreams, both Erry and Annetta fully unaware that their beautiful mother was watching over them. Though on the other hand, it was good Erry never woke up. Erelle, Aya and Annetta both, not wanting her to find out about her mother yet prematurely. It would all come unto its own due time. Finally the sound of birds were chirping, signaling the dawn of perfection within the midst of it all. Soon, would these two to be wed, together, forever, in holy matrimony, where not even death could separate. Being that was already a ‘thing’, within their lives, not that that was ever in question, but the whole idea of legally being wed, having Erry’s dream come true, where humans and tinies alike, if they had or could be watching the event transpire, would see the marriage between two being of different races, come together, looking no different, at least for the now, all in thanks to the magic of Erelle. Though one in the same, Erelle and Erry, many different aspects did each person hold true in their hearts, and the one Annetta loved the most, was that she could share that joy and that relation with Erry, for the rest of their existence, flesh, blood, spirit and beyond.

Finally, as the crack of dawn forced the light of sun to piece in through the windows and shades of Erry and Annetta’s room, Annetta took a huge deep breath, sighing out seconds later, going from a dreaming unconscious state, to that of awareness, slowly coming to, and heading directly towards consciousness. A minute later, Annetta opened her eyes, yawning into a stretch, quickly remembering Aya was nearby, so as to not bump or harm her, she didn’t want to knock the make shift bed off of the counter at the edge of the desk. Turning her head to the left, she’d note Aya was still asleep, and the human would be letting her stay that way until she was ready to awaken. A dreamy look of completion rose into Annetta’s expression, her countenance filled with a promise of a together future with Erry, one she could cherish and hold, to love and laugh with this white haired angel, for the rest of all of her days. Turning her head, she’d see the face, that very face of an angel, sighing again, with a warm smile, she placed a kiss on her cheek, quite soft, not enough to wake perhaps, but at least enough to let the girl know she both loved and cared for her, very much.

Something was different though, a shining beam, a glimmer in the side of her eye toward the counter, began to appear as the sun shifted higher over the mountains. Tilting her head, Annetta’s eyes fixed on a glinting, brightly shimmering metallic object, in where she hadn’t seen two forms, at least not yet. Curiouser and curiouser, Annetta slowly lifted the blanket and top sheet up, here eyes going wide as she finally rose in a stance, her gait taking her into a slow sauntered walk, as the shape of two items finally could be seen closer up within view. Upon picking one up, the one that just so happened to say ‘Erry’, wait.. it couldn’t be. And where, and HOW? had this happened… were these wedding rings and if so, this likely meaning ‘in treasure from one to another’, making Annetta believe that the very one she was now holding with her delicate hand, was indeed, meant for her. “Erry… come see, quick, I have no idea where these came from… they’re so… so beautiful.” While not wanting to wake her lover, she couldn’t stand it, wanting Erry to see something for the very first time, even this time, Annetta never experiencing or seeing that same thing, before this!

Erry yawned… soon to open her eyes slowly “hmmm… Annie…?” As Erry sat in the bed… her lover looking at ‘something’… “What is this Annie…? are those… rings…?” Erry was looking a bit confused… not remembering those being there on the previous night… and soon Aya opened her eyes too… Erry noticing her sister awakening brushed her hair with a finger… then made the tiny girl sat in her hand… “Aya… did you… well… do you know where those two rings come by chance…? ” Aya was waking up slowly… her mind getting more clear as she looked the two pieces of jewelry… she had a tiny gasp… looking into Annetta’s eyes Aya nodded her head… Informing Annetta that she ‘knew ‘ about them but couldn’t say more… “I have no idea Erry I’m sorry… I just slept until now…” Erry was looking a bit confused again… “is that a part… of ‘us’? of our power? but… I… we couldn’t do something like this… I wonder…” Annetta shook her head, still confused, not knowing where, how or why, this had all been happening, had transpired and had thus occurred. But here it was, here they were, this all being clear as day, they weren’t dreaming… they couldn’t be, everything was just much too real, even if it had all felt surreal, nonetheless, regardless, it was all here and present. “I can’t explain it Erry, but somehow, I feel at peace, I feel like these rings were meant for us. If these are what I think they are my love, then each one is meant for the opposite, with this band I am holding, of something that looks like pure gold, the inscription on the inside… as it reads ‘Erry’, that must be mine, as a lover, a sister and a wife, meant for me to hold onto, perhaps as a symbol, that you and I are will be together forever. What do you say Erry, since we don’t really have any wedding bands, shall we use these for such an occasion? And if what I believe is true, than the other wedding band will say ‘Annetta’…~” Annetta smiled, looking at her to-be-wed, beaming with joy and question, yet only hoping for the very best. Annetta waited for Erry, to look at the other ring, wanting to hear what she would say, before she’d do more. After a time, the human girl would gently take that ring from Erry’s hand and place it in an envelop, and then giving her the ring she’d held at first, Annetta placing it in her open hand, gave Erry an envelop to put her ring for Annetta inside.

“At the wedding, let us give those to one another, once it shall be said, once we make our vows and once we are pronounced wives, let us then use those at that appropriate time. As a human tradition, you are not supposed to see your wed, in their gown and wedding dress. So for now, I will get ready in a nice dress and put my earrings on and my make-up, once I get to the rehearsal. You should take Aya with you, so you two can meet up with Saphyr and I’ll have Alissa meet up with me, since you have agreed to have Jayce there, I will have her give me away along with Saphyr’s mother…~” Annetta quickly ate breakfast, making a quick breakfast sandwich for Erry to enjoy, and then waited in the car. Once Erry were ready, Annetta would take off, after having placed with Wedding dresses in their back seat, this would be an occasion to use her car, a car she’d pull out of a garage and then begin to drive toward their ~forever~. Smiling her her, Annetta got cold chills, feeling goosebumps spread all over her body on her epidermal layer. Butterflies rolled around in her stomach, something so magical and so new, still creating some anxiety, but mostly excitement and joy. “See you on the other side with all of our friends, and a plan to see our wedding ‘recorded’ for all to see… I love you with all of my heart my beautiful wife, and by end’s time, we will legally be wed for all time and eternity!~” Annetta smiled, waiting for her lover to get out of the car, locking it, once inside, after Erry had her dress and her make-up, Annetta having her own, they would be forced to part their ways.

The ushers there to help prepare them for their rehearsal, Annetta having made a wedding vow on a piece of paper, now within the same envelop she had used for the ring she planned on giving her lover. Slowly she got ready in her wedding dress, being careful with make-up along the way, some usher females coming in to help with her hair and her last minute foundations for her face, the brunette looking even more magical with all of the professional help and make-up. Going over her vows in her head with the piece of paper, Annetta was practically shaking, getting cold chills yet again… it was really happening!… and all now, within less than an hour. The place would fill up with people and projections, for places that could record the event, all with some live feed, perhaps Erry had already had in mind, one Annetta looked forward to seeing with her own two eyes. The, a knock at the door came, “Come in…~” Annetta had said with a light, peaceful voice. Jayce entered slowly, her tiny in her hand, she’d placed on her shoulder seconds later. As she looked at the brunette through the huge, wedding, vanity mirror, she taken back. Jayce knew Annetta was pretty, but by the gods, she looked like an angel in the flesh, today Tears were in her eyes, Annetta finally getting up, her clothing was already ready to go, turning around she smiled, looking at her friend as she got out and away from the chair. A look of ‘Wow’ appeared on Jayce’s face, near awestruck, Annetta had looked like a brunette-haired goddess. As she smiled, looking into her friend’s eyes, Annetta rushed in, quickly, pulling Jayce into a hug. She had to resist the urge to cry as not to mess up her foundation prematurely, but Jayce on the other hand, would not be able do that, making it even harder for Annetta, but it was all perfect and as it should be. “Annie… my god… you look so beautiful, I’ve changed, and I know you can see and tell that… but…” Jayce would say as she felt so lucky to be here today. “I just wanted to apologize from the very bottom of my heart and my soul, again, for any pain I have ever caused you or your lover, in the past… and well..” Jayce sighed, gasping, shaking… smiling, while tears began to streak down her face… “Thank you for giving me a second chance… and.. WOW, dear god!… To allow me to be the woman to give you away… I’m shocked, I am breathless… I just wanted you to know, I love you just like a sister… thank you… thank you so much… for everything…~” Jayce gasped once more, crying on Annetta, at least the salty tears were easy enough to wash out, if that ever became a concern.

Erry was finally at the ‘place’… there was so many people around and Erry was feeling a bit nervous… her lover getting away she was feeling a bit ‘alone’… but soon Aya that was sitting on her shoulder started to talk “Erry… I’m here… I know that you’re strong… and it’s ‘your day’ after all. Let’s make it memorable… forever.” Erry nodded… and soon she could see a young girl in front of her, the dark blue haired girl… now smaller than the ‘Adult Erry’… the young Saphyr got a cute dress… and had tears in her eyes… Erry put a knee on the ground… opening her arms so the girl could ‘fall’ in them… Saphyr was crying… not remembering anything from the ‘accident’… but was glad to see her long lost ‘sister’… “Erry I… I finally fixed your ‘house’… and… I’ll be happy to give it to you…” Erry interrupted her.. “Saphyr… keep it please… keep that ‘memory’ of us with you and… I won’t forget you… just visit us when you want… and…” Erry let Aya climb on her hand “I would like to introduce you Aya… it’s my sister… I’m sorry I couldn’t talk about her before… I couldn’t remember at this time… but I’ll be happy to have both of you aside me… when I’ll be ‘given’ to Annie…” Erry stood up… removed Saphyr’s tears… “Saphyr… I love you. My dear sister… I’ll never forget how much you took care of the ‘tiny’ girl that you found under the rain… and… all of we shared together… I’m happy that you’re here.” And leaving the girl getting to the ‘room’ Erry went into a smaller one where her dress was waiting her.

Erry removed her clothes and put on her dress… she didn’t wanted a wedding veil with it… feeling that her lover ‘discovered her’ already and put a blue flower in her hair… Erry wanted to be alone… it was important for her… Taking the make up… Erry learned this from her lover and didn’t wanted help for this… putting a soft blue lipstick out… she traced the soft line on her lips… just like Annetta showed her… proud of herself Erry then took a soft blue and put it on her eyelids… adding not too much ‘artifacts’ but wanted to be what her lover wanted to see… the dress was just like the ‘figure’s’ one… Erry wanted to have it like this… another precious memory of the girls… passing a hand in her bright white hair… Erry smiled to the mirror… and to Aya who had a tiny dress made for her too… “You’re beautiful Erry… you and Annie are so lucky to have each other.” Erry smiled again… “And I’m so lucky to have my precious Aya here for this day.” Words were enough for this… the girls knowing exactly the meaning of this… Erry sat Aya on her shoulder… until she would meet Saphyr again… the young girl would ‘carry’ Aya too… Erry now trusting her… just like before as the ‘micro hunter Saphyr’ had NEVER existed… 

Erry put her shoes with some tiny heels… she wasn’t feeling wearing some before but… it was important for her… to show the ‘woman’ she had become and that she was still the ‘same girl’ for her lover. “Let’s go.” As Erry opened the door… ‘giving’ Aya to Saphyr who was waiting her… Erry took a deep breath… shivering a bit… as she closed her eyes… remembering this day… where she asked Annetta to be with her… and that answer coming back from Annetta… ‘Yes’… Erry smiled, removed a forming tear from her eye… and smiled… as she started to walk to the main ‘event’…

Annetta wouldn’t privy to any of the other events happening on the other side of this spacious, lovely, public, wedding chapel.. but would have regardless, been excited and had cried to see it all. Each position and memory was fundamental and allowed to be seen from each girl’s eyes, even Erry and Annetta to their own rights and ways. Another knock at the door, after Alissa had made it to Annetta’s side of the chapel, a soft… “Come in…~” would be heard ringing out from the other side, now less than 30 minutes before the event was to occur. The pipe organs and various instruments; violins, harps and pianos, all being tuned and practiced to make sure they would all preform accordingly, when it was their turn to be played. In the background now, played low to set the mood, that familiar wedding song began to sound… all letting everyone prepare to seat and to get into the mind set of a wedding about to transpire.

Alissa finally opens the door, not really knowing Annetta very well, but being honored to play the part of her mother, and accepting just as such, happy to be that for Annetta, if she so desired. “My, you look so grand in that attire sweet heart. And as you have asked about it before, even Saphyr speaking on it, and you requesting it in word… if you would have me, I would love to be as a mother to you Annie… you sweet, deserving girl~” Alissa beamed, Jayce letting go, sniffing, wiping the tears off her eyes, it was a good thing Jayce’s make-up couldn’t ‘run’, the loving mother of Saphyr holding her arms out, Annetta left clenching her teeth, gulping, she sighed… shaking, “Mother…~” and just like that, the brunette went into Alissa and hugged her deeply, and then kissed her on the cheek…

“Thank you for that, and such a gift and honor would never be refused, please, consider me as a daughter to you, I would only ever love Saphyr as a sister…~” Annetta beamed warmly, really having a hard time not crying by now, but she didn’t want to even chance the risk of messing this up before… ‘I do’. The fifteen minute warning chime, sounded out, letting everyone know the wedding would soon start. Alissa hearing it, “Thank you for giving me this honor to give you away with Hannah and Jayce, Annetta… I too, will love you, just like a daughter… and so in light of all of those thoughts… I love you…~” Alissa finished, Annetta had the envelope in a side pocket in her dress, on her rear, it was hidden, but was used for such things as envelops, people in the past making it easier for these events to come off without much issue or waste of time and space, wanting both partners to have their hands free for all other ceremonial effects and proceedings.

Annetta sighed deeply, her heart racing as she felt goosebumps attack her, her stomach, it felt like she swallowed a whole nest of butterflies, she wasn’t getting cold feet, she was just soooo… anxious, overwhelmingly excited and speechless. Taking Alissa’s hand and Jayce in her others, she could see Hannah smiling at her, grateful just as Jayce, Hannah being saved in much the same way as Erry had, though Hannah having been one of the trapped victims, so many cages and traps having been crushed, Jayce goal to rid all of them throughout the city, when ever she’d come across them… all three women were stepping out, going toward the very back of the wedding chapel, on the right side, Erry naturally going toward the left, and would come out the back, once they were called forward to be present. Either brides maids standing with their prospective to-be-wed girl, Annetta with Alissa, Jayce and Hannah on the right, not having come through the door yet of course, and Erry, soon to be seen with her sisters Aya and Saphyr. Fanning her face as she let go of the girl’s hands, Annetta gasped, panting some…getting the buzzing feelings, adrenaline going through her and coursing, though she tried to stay calm.

Erry was holding Saphyr by the hand… Saphyr’s other hand carrying Aya…Erry passed in front a window where the sun made her hair shine… Erry’s steps were all of them ‘followed’ by a memory… Erry’s hard life as one of the small people… Aya finding the small shivering girl…A woman who taught them everything about ‘surviving’… but Erry’s memory was a bit blurry about this part… it wasn’t the time to remember this yet… Erry’s fever… that almost ‘erased her’… but Aya used her own body to keep her sister warm… this stupid Iris… Erry’s first revival… then many others… Saphyr… that became her first ‘sister’… Erry’s despair… A… girl ? she vaguely remembered when she was ‘sleeping’ between two lives… but she wasn’t remembering ‘her’ well… the meeting with Annetta in the park… the others meetings with her… Jayce who made them suffer but who changed… the hate Erry felt once for her lover… that turned into a deep love… and a promise… the time when Erry’s spirit gave the ‘gift’ to Annetta… Erry becoming a human girl… the first times beeing one… but always her lover was here… soon Erry was at a corner… hearing many voices… it was the ‘place’… Erry turned and was now in it… facing Annetta on the other ‘side’… Saphyr right behind her. Erry turned her head… looked the beautiful face of her lover… smiling to her… the warm smile she always gave her… but this time it was even deeper… Erry saw Saphyr’s mother and smiled to her too then met Jayce’s eyes… the girl was seeing Erry’s ‘adult form’ for the first time… but Erry could tell by the look in her eyes that the girl had changed… Erry wanted to call her lover but… it wasn’t the right time… bowing her head and looking right in front… to the place the girls would soon be ‘united’… Erry had a shiver then looked right ahead… smiling to the people who were looking at her…

Annetta stood there, almost jittery, but waited patiently. Some more time would come, now minutes before the ceremony was about to start. In came the judge and the city’s orderly, a man by the name of Nathan who would preside over this wedding, having a license for his service and being given authority by city state to preform this very enactment, of spousal marriage, with that followed before it. Then there it was, the chime sounding, Nathan, a middle aged man, standing, presiding, he’d use his arms as a lowering symbol as they beckoned their audience to sit and remain quiet and respectful. “Good morning everyone. I am Nathan Bachman, I will presiding over today’s events here between Erry and Annetta, together to be wed after this ceremony, legally by state and by decree, to be lawfully wedded spouse, as one wife to another. What marriage many might ask, some might say, some might think various things from one thing to the next. Some people may even fear for their future, unknowing of what to expect, but I give you peace, a message of hope, and true reason behind a binding tie, this meant to last an entire life time. Marriage is not meant to enslave, to crush dreams and put binding contracts on either spouse, contrary to popular belief. Marriage is designed as a way both spouse can share each others life. With marriage comes a binding contract, and with neither name from Erry and Annetta, wishing to hold onto past tidings and titles, after and forthwith, Annetta will retain the name of Annetta Ann Reese, and Erry will gain a last name, making her fully Annetta’s through binding legal and loving ties, Erry Reese. On such a joyous occasions as this, we can tell by the crowd that has shown up here today, here in this audience, and those that will be watching from abroad, Annetta and Erry are loved by many. Local stations have agreed to play the proceeding over some of their bandwidth, as well as on screens in the electronic stores, throughout the city. For some reasons I have been told, and other reasons, we will be told by both prides. Rightfully speaking so, it is such a wonderful day, and I, feel it an honor to be presiding over this event…”

Nathan had said over the microphone. The ushers on either side would give Saphyr and Alissa and Jayce, a bouquet of flower pedals, even small bouquets of flower pedals to by handed out by Aya and Hannah, the staff thinking that far ahead, it was amazing such a thing could be seen… all flowers ready to be tossed out down and upon either isle at the far backside of the room. They then cleared out, leaving the brides maids on either door side with their brides to be. Just as Nathan pushed a button to allow both bride and bride to see each other fully now, the doors were electrically moving toward the wall on the inside of the room, finally latching back in place, Nathan would resume. Nathan looked at the brides maids, on either sides, ‘ Here comes the bride’ playing just as the parties were supposed to usher forth and drop the pedals, flinging them out a bit, but respectfully, but also wanting to make sure they spread as nicely out as possible. Alissa was chosen to line the isle on her side with flowers, Jayce being there to hold Annetta’s arm, Annetta coming forward first, dreamed by household and name to be on the right, dominant side, only inching forward as Erry began to take the following steps toward meeting there in the middle, as did their hearts already had, nearly years ago by now. Annetta was a mess, certainly not from beauty or how she performed, she was just taken a back, her heart racing as she blushed, getting cold chills as she saw her angel in the flesh. Her make-up was perfect, all of those blue highlights, she sighed deeply, a warm smile appearing over her face moments later, and then permagrinning there to last. Neither bride had their veil on, and as stated by Erry’s narrative, both girl’s having already ‘revealed’ and having ‘learned’ of each other before, this was merely to tie the binds legally, for they already had each others hearts. Nathan would now call the other side, waiting for the brides maids to present Erry as Annetta’s bride and drop the flowers, tossing them where applicable.

Once everything was set and the left side was as ready as the right, the brunette fanned her face with her left hand, trying to stay calm, gulping… she was breathless. Everyone at the front, allowed to remain, Alissa silent as was Jayce, her finally letting Annetta’s arm go, Nathan about to begin his words again… “Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Annetta Ann Reese and Erry Reese, in marriage. Through all things they have been together, their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured, and now they have decided to live for one another by word and by deed. To all present I say: We are gathered here, not to witness the beginning of what will be, but rather what already is! We do not create this marriage, because we cannot. We can and do, however, celebrate with Annetta and Erry the wondrous and joyful occurrence that has already taken place in their lives, and the commitment they make today.” Nathan looks around and then up at the cameras as follows, from people recording and showing live feed of this event… continuing more as presentable. “Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, today, we witness and celebrate the joining of Annetta Ann Reese and Erry Reese in lawfully binding marriage. With love and commitment, they have decided to live their lives together as wife and wife. True marriage begins well before the wedding day, and the efforts of marriage continue well beyond this ceremony’s end. A brief moment in time and the stroke of the pen are all that is required to create the legal bond of marriage, but it takes a lifetime of love, commitment, and compromise to make marriage durable and everlasting. Today you declare your commitment to each other before your family, friends and all those whom are watching. Your yesterdays were the path to this moment, and your journey to a future of togetherness becomes a little clearer with each new passing day, or a day that is dawning from a morning’s chime. Annetta and Erry, seek from within yourselves The serenity to accept the things you cannot change The courage to change the things that you must And the wisdom to know the difference. Live each day, one day at a time Enjoying your time together, one moment at a time Seek the wisdom of experience Learning all that you can from each other Accept hardships as the building blocks of experience Realizing that accepting both the good and bad Are simply a part of being alive Strive to make as many things right As is humanly possible in your life together That you may be reasonably happy In the life you share from this day forward. Do either of you girls have with you a wedding vow and a ring you’d present before your partner today?” Nathan paused, smiling as he waited. Annetta smiled, nodding her head yes, she’d take the lead and say her vow. “To my best friend, my sister and my lover. A girl who completes me more and more each day: To someone who had found my love, when I had gone astray. Erry my most precious bride, for with love and ever more, my heart, my life, I need not hide, in you I can confide. Each precious moment given me, I most certainly can’t cherish lest… With me, with you, with all our love, I will give it my all, MY BEST! Forever I will treasure you like the dawn of an oncoming sun, my passionate stakes, my precious states, with today proceedings bring the light of what’s already begun. The life we lead, the life we live, with you and no one else, eternity is not enough for me to share with a common wealth. With all my heart, with my might though I’ll be giving it shot, with all intent, with all my being, to me… you mean a lot! Where ever life may take us, and where ever life may lead, for me and nothing else apart, in you… I’ll pray to seek, as you’re all I need..~”… Annetta finished her written poem and then spoke just a bit more… “I love you, my precious white haired angel…~” Annetta finished, doing her utmost and best not to just thrust in and hug and kiss Erry all over, as per was not part of the ceremony, she’d have to wait… wait to see what her future wife would say, but for now, she could give her a ring… once after she’d hear it, if vows were to given by her loving, wonderful, eternal companion.

“If I could please…” Said Erry as she took a step forward… she turned to see all of the people in front… the cameras also ‘watching her’ “I would like to thank everyone who came here… it’s a very special day for me and Annie… Not much people know me here but… I have something important to say…” Erry raised her head… a focused expression but also giving a smile to her lover “Believe it or not but… I wasn’t a human girl at first… I was… a small girl… yes, just like the ‘humanity’ call them the ‘tinies’… The tiny girl that you could see on Saphyr’s shoulder is my… sister Aya. and as you could see some small ones accepted to be there… My life as a tiny well… was HARD. Humans were only seeing ‘toys’ or worse… ‘food’ in us… and well… it was a part of the ‘humanity ‘after all…” Erry had a tear… as she didn’t noticed something glowing on her back… “As a tiny… I met Annie… she fed me… given me a home and… ‘filled’ my life… I never thought a ‘Human’ could have done this but… she did it… just like Saphyr… I wanted this world to ‘change’… to be a place where humans and tiny ones could live peacefully together and today I could tell that it’s happening…” The glows on Erry’s back started to ‘change’ but she wasn’t noticing them… soon a blue and white wings of light emerged from her back… as people were watching this happening… A crown of light also speared on Erry’s forehead… just like Erelle had before… “My wish was to live in a peaceful world… and I was ‘gifted’ some powers to help this happen… I could… show you this but … it’s not the time nor the place for this… ” Erry looked at the people “I was also called a ‘witch’ by my own people… a girl who would bring disaster and pain to everyone… but this girl here… Annetta… saw just a helpless girl… and helped me so much… it’s… an HONOR for me… to accept to wear her name… and I’ll always respect her for this…  The light of the wings started to fade… but everyone could have ‘seen’ that… “Annie… my love… my heart… my very own soul… I give all of this to you… I’ll live at your side forever… and… until the day I’ll leave this world… I’ll love you.” Erry gave her warmest smile… “Annie I… wrote something for you… you taught me how to read and write so… I wrote you this too…” Erry took a tiny piece of paper… “Annie… the girl who saved me… who loved me… beyond everything… even life itself… I am here in front of you… ready to give you this ‘life’ of mine once again and forever. We had shared so much  together at this time… that I can’t thank you enough for all of this… just… accept my love.” Erry smiled again… proud of what she have done… “To everyone… it will be the first time and not the last… where one of the ‘tinies’ and a human would unite…” Saying this while looking at Jayce and her girl “but for now… It’s our… turn Annie.” Said Erry while taking the tiny paper containing the ring “I’ll be the wife you need … the help that you’ll need whenever you want and… the sister you loved… by this ring… I promise to be forever yours… and I’ll NEVER betray you. I… love you Annie.” Said Erry… speechless… everything was done… everyone could think whatever they wanted but… Erry did it… and was proud of this… Getting back to her lover side she was smiling … And looked at Annetta… whispering to her… “Let’s change the world forever… together Annie. I love you.”

Annetta gave up the ghost, the ghost of a chance she had to hold all emotions within. The very ones that boiled and shines and seemed to radiate out of her core, chills running up and down her spine and arms and legs as her lover spoke her words of joy and togetherness. As Erry finally began to share her words, even Jayce and Alissa too, tears were in their eyes, Annetta’s chin quivering, she gasped, shuddering and trembling their entire time, tears finally coming down her cheeks as she was able to witness before all, this girl that she loved. The fruition of this event now upon them. Annetta breathless, speechless, gulping as she clenched her teeth, in between than and gasping opened mouthed, sighing out as tears continued to come down. Everyone in the crowd was speechless, so many memories coming to Annetta’s mind, so many things having happened for Erry alone, and then let alone their own relationship, it was so much to express and bear inside. Nathan was almost overcome himself, seeing all of this, even the audience, the glowing the wings and the words of each woman, a tear as well, would fall from Nathan Bachman’s eye, down his thick and boney jaw-structure. He clenched his teeth and smiled, sniffling a bit, perhaps there wasn’t even a dry eye in all of the entire chapel, let along people likely evening crying in the city and at the electronic stores where the wedding was shown on TV. Finally sighing deeply, Nathan composed himself and began anew, once Annetta would be blessed, as Erry herself, finally hearing his words. “Vows given, words of precious order stated, a clear love that was held between each woman, far long before today’s legal proceedings and binding events and contracts are presented here before us today. Annetta, Erry, have you with a ring, I would have you present to your spouse now…” Nathan smiled, holding his hands out, ready to take each girl’s hands once they had completed their ceremony and right. Annetta would be first, the same envelop that had contained that vow, the vow now put away… a solid, rather heavy for its size, beautiful band and wedding ring, would taken out, the brunette putting the envelop away seconds later. Looking right into Erry’s eyes, and then down at her left hand, back and forth with that ‘permagrinning’ smile. Taking the ring in her right hand, picking up her lover’s arm, and facing it horizontal, she placed the priceless golden band over Erry’s finger, and perfectly, just as both women had hoped for, the ring fit. Much like silken glove over the grace of feminine touch. Firm and bound, but giving and filled with love. As Erelle had promised it to Aya, Annetta not knowing what may happen from the prior event, was there a change due to be had in the way Erry felt, once the ring had slid into place? Annetta finally putting it on all of the way, looking at the presiding counterpart of the wedding, gave her right hand to Nathan, holding her own then, let her hand and arm out gracefully, she herself, smiling, looking now directly into her lover’s eyes, hoping to see the next chain of events. She was so on fire and nervous, but filled with hope and promise, she was excited, not knowing next what to expect, at least not all. Nathan looking on during this whole event, would wait for Erry to do the very same.

Erry saw what she was supposed to do now… looking at the ring on her finger… she had her cutest smile… her heart racing… she took a step forward and picked the tiny envelope containing the ring… Erry opened it and took the gold jewel… carefully taking Annetta’s hand… Erry looked her in the eyes… not a single word told… but Erry’s eyes were telling everything… how much that she loved her Annie… and with a delicate move… Erry slid the ring on Annetta’s finger… holding her hand during all of the ‘process’… When it was done… Erry let Annetta’s hand free… still looking at her… proud that… it finally happened…

And then it happened, the moment both girls had been waiting for, countless times it felt like they spoken in the past and had had those feelings for one another, both girls dreaming vivid dreams of this very day, it all now coming forth and about to come to pass. Annetta into those beautiful eyes, Erry’s own, her mouth open slightly as she breathed, or tried to. Speechless were her thoughts but the expression of a thousand words would tell a tale of everything the brunette had been seen shining forth in her countenance. At once, Erry had finally taken the golden band to her ring finger, it sliding on just as easily as the first upon Erry’s own. That ‘promise’ Erelle had given, now felt at least for Annetta herself, the reaction Erry would have would be unto her own… the brunette would actually feel and experience her lover on her flesh, unknowing where this gift had come from… how could it be, but being as it was, it had and was happening now nonetheless. Nathan watched as the tender love that was shared between the platinum girl and the brunette was expressed, both rings now given and having been placed, Nathan then began again his words. “On this joyous occasion, we witness the physical binding of one bride to the next, by the placing of a band made of pure gold, to one Annetta Ann Reese, and to one Erry Reese. The very act provided, that symbolizes a bond that will last so long as they both shall live.” Annetta then took her lover’s hand, her sister and her wife’s, binding her left hand to Erry’s own, completing the circle. “With the vows given here today, and clearly, these beauty’s desire to want and to cherish, one for the other, I needn’t ask any further questions, save one. If there are any or none among you who wish to address, or have reason why this bride, Annetta, should not be lawfully wed to her bride, Erry… speak now or forever hold your peace…” a long pause was given, some ten seconds later, and then Nathan began again… “We then shall move on with today’s proceedings, as we witness forthwith, the binding statements I shall speak, finding both women without fault, worthy, and soon to be together as lovers, united… I Nathan Bachman, having been given authority of the judge over this city’s rights, and I myself, presiding over this event, and by the power vested in me by the nation, I hereby pronounce you, both Annetta and Erry, as wife and wife… You may now kiss the bride.” A long pause would be given respectfully to each lover, Annetta looking into Erry’s eyes now, as more tears exploded from an emotional upheaval. Tears of joy streaming down her face, she laughed, she loved and now, she knew she could live forever, inside of Erry, no matter what would happen! Taking her hands to nape of Erry’s neck, she pressed her own luscious lips upon those blue, beautiful, heavenly lips of her precious Erry. Kissing her passionately though as neatly as needed, at least for what was condoned for a public setting, lingering there for a time, and then withdrawing, only so they could finish this event, certainly not because she didn’t want to do more with her lover…


Nathan finally finishing… “Ladies and Gentlemen… Family and Friends, all those watching this event I present before you… Annetta Ann Reese and Erry Reese!!!” Nathan smiled proudly, sighing, the judge signing all papers, and at a later event, once after both girls were through her today, all various effects, licenses and papers and social security cards, all finance and personal effects… would be united as one, if ever separate. At once, Alissa led the crowd in applauding, more so now than before, people were crying and cheering and clapping and whistling, the sound of the bride’s music playing again, Jayce and Hannah crying tears of joy, reaching in to hug Annetta as she moved away from Erry briefly, many people wanting to talk and share in the joy of this once in a life time event.

The crowds would naturally die down, questions asked, questions received, and any more proceedings that had happened in past, in narrative before this end, and even now, before the ending the narrative had not yet stated, everything completed. Alissa, Saphyr, Jayce, Hannah and Aya, with the judge and Nathan, Annetta collected the papers and held them securely, Jayce having since caught the flowers Annetta had been presented by Alissa, she’d smiled, she’d hold onto them for a long time to come. “I am so happy for you Annetta, please… call me any time you need help with anything..”Alissa also spoke “Same goes for me Annetta, my new, precious daughter… and to you too Erry… as Saphyr is your sister, I would naturally be glad to become and have already considered myself as your mother just like many years ago…~” Alissa hugged Erry, and last but not least, Jayce confronting her old demons, approached and apologized to Erry personally… “From the bottom of my heart, and through all of the depths of my soul, I seek and beg for your forgiveness. I am so happy for you, for you and Annie… I would do anything forever now, just ask… and you will receive it…~” Jayce gulped as she fell a few tears of Erry… You are so beautiful, such a wonderful bride for my long time friend… You will make her very happy… I am grateful I had the chance to give Annetta away…” With that, Jayce hugged Erry, waving goodbye to both girls moments later, she left with the last of the crowd, mother and daughter, Alissa and Saphyr, still remaining. Nathan had left, and the judge was still finalizing things on her end, she’d beam a smile at the two, allowing them the time they would need before she locked the chapel up. Taking Erry’s hand if she were there and receptive to receive, she began to head out with Aya, walking in just as they had before. Changing out, and getting on her normal but quite beautiful and elegant dress, it was arranged where the wedding dress would be left, the company coming by to collect their garment then send them to their house and bills would be sent later in the mail, by ‘business reply’… Annetta would meet back in the foyer, waiting for Erry to come back, and once she had, when she were ready, after getting changed, the company would be off, taking both dresses, nodding and waving their goodbyes, giving congratulations to both brides before they’d left. Now just Alissa, Saphyr, Aya, Annetta and Erry within the public waiting area… what a grand event this had been… Now bound as lovers and bound by legal documentation, once they’d left here, Annetta would take care of the rest. Though by now, anyone that ever knew Annetta and Erry, would have known the love was there, long… long ago.

Erry blushed during the whole process of the ceremony… shivering from pleasure, finally hearing the ‘clerk’ saying about the girls had to kiss Erry smiled… looking deeply into the ‘blue sea’ of Annetta’s eyes… before closing her own eyes… approaching her head slowly… until the girls lips ‘met’… Erry let a tear out… it was finally it, the girls were now ‘together’ for real… Erry could feel the kiss break and a loud applause from all of the people… Erry let out more tears… smiling to them and to her lover… at her side. The name was finally ‘told… she was ‘Erry Reese’. the ceremony wasn’t too long, just perfect and Erry could saw Saphyr and her mother coming in front of them. Saphyr had more ‘light ‘in her eyes… Erry crouched and ‘welcomed’ Saphyr in her arms… Saphyr was crying, happy for her long lost sister… but knowing that they would see each other soon. Erry finally stood up again and bowed to Alissa… Soon another girl came… a long blonde haired girl… Jayce. Erry heard all of the girl was saying… seeing the small Hannah held carefully in her hand… Erry knew the girl had changed… and would NEVER hate her ever again. “Jayce I… thanks…” Erry was speechless… the whole world was changing around them… Erry took Annetta’s hand as the girls went outside, Erry was a bit sad to change back to a more ‘casual’ wear but the girls would have the dresses as a gift … so Erry would remember this day forever. Erry looked at her left hand… the shining ring was here… a pure golden proof of their love… Aya was here too on Erry’s shoulder… as Erry was looking again at her now wife… “Annie I… I… it’s just like a dream… that just realized… both of us we’re… married. I love you so much already Annie and it’s a real ‘proof’ for everyone… I never expected all of those people to change…nor to see again but I feel we’re… ‘chosen’ for a great thing to happen… and I know that we’ll change the world together !” Erry was shivering, she knew that this ‘night’ would also be something too… where the two girls would ‘unite’ again but as wives… Erry was now humming… this very song they shared… and was looking deeply at her lover.

The ceremony now completed and binding, all events finally over with and celebrated, for at least the events that had to do with other people. The event of the rest of these two girl’s lives, just barely getting started. Meeting Erry back in the middle after changing, the cleaners said they’d have the wedding dresses Annetta had purchased, cleaned, and as soon as they were done, the dry cleaners would let the brunette and the white haired angel know. For now, everyone would kiss and hug and say their goodbyes. People all around the city, people everywhere, many people, didn’t have a dry eye left amongst the crowd. The ceremony was so beautiful, every word that had been spoken from Nathan, Erry and Annetta, all perfect and important in their own way. It was sad to see everyone go so soon, but the event was now over, though, people were always welcome to send the Reese’s gifts at a later time, and, Annetta had made sure anyone that ever wanted to get a hold of her or Erry, had their smart phone numbers. With all said and done, Annetta grabbed her lover’s hands and pulled her into an embrace, pulling her into a passionate kiss, staying there in that love, standing out in front of the sun, just before their car… she was now getting cold chills. First the brunette would hear her lover’s words, a few more tears coming to her eyes, but then a laughter, that was so contagious, Annetta’s expression seemed like it was on fire, the glorious radiance of a pleasured soul, so excited and so at peace and so filled with love, it was seeping at the seams! “God I love you so much girl! WE DID IT!!!… You and me, we faced the world together, became best friends, then lovers… and now… we are one, truly, not even the state or the world can take us now, one from another. Bound on earth and to each others souls… I am so happy to spend eternity learning more about you, getting to know you more and more each day. You’ve completed a part of me that had been empty for so long, being sad before I met you, my frown was turned up side down and now, all I can do is smile, grateful for a better future, with the most amazing person on the planet…~” Annetta bit her lower lip, as some more tears of joy ran down her cheeks… she was beyond pleased or joyed, she was ecstatic and bounding with uncontrollable satisfaction and elation, there with the girl who was literally, her other half, her utopia of pleasure and serenity. “We already changed the world my dear, and I know, for the fact, and for as you speak… we will continue doing just that. There is nothing me and you cannot do together!…~” Another long kiss ‘hello’ was given to her best friend, sister and lover, and now WIFE… the thought, she was now married, cold chills raced down her spine.

Seeing Aya, Annetta leaned in and kissed her sister on the head. “I am so glad you could make it today Aya, it’s so wonderful having you live with me and Erry now. I am grateful that you are my sister..~”. Heading to her car, she’d get the front passenger door for her lovely, beautiful wife, making sure she was properly seated, before getting that door closed and then going in on her side and sitting down to drive away. She laughed as she looked at her back window on the way over, in cream, a message wrote: “JUST MARRIED…” of course likely a ‘gift’ from one of the people attending, probably even a close friend. Who knows just how long Annetta would keep that there. At the very least, she took out her camera on her phone and took several pictures and snapshots of the entire event, the cream being the second to last one, just before a picture she’d take, “Smile beautifuls..~” at her sisters, there in her car. And then she’d take a selfie, turning her face to her phone, wanting to capture that look on her face for her lover, she’d send it to her facebook account and Erry’s personal smart phone, so she’d have it when ever she wanted. The picture she’d just taken, used as her screen’s background now, a way Annetta could always remember her lover when she wasn’t in the same area as her.

Once in, Annetta drove off and headed to the state clerks office, getting her wedding papers in order and made everything official. Getting a wallet for Erry, she’d put a debit card in it, and then in both of their wallets, she’d put their social security numbers on their personal cards, inside. Everything was now done after paying the money to become joint in filing taxes, a joint bank account and now officially having Erry’s name changed to Erry Reese. Annetta giggled, she was so happy.. “My love… look… this certificate, it belongs to us… Now, not even the city or world, can take us or our love apart, we are each others and none else..~” Two official copies would be made, Annetta holding onto them until both wives could make it back to their home. Smiling now, after getting back and situated into the car, Annetta’s belly growling beyond starved.. “So… which one of my precious sisters are hungry? I’m starved, but WOW… what a beautiful morning it has been, one, that we all three know, we’ll never soon forget…~” Annetta said, finishing it by kissing Erry on the left cheek, awaiting an opinion on lunch.

Erry smiled as both girls took some pictures together, now sitting on the car seat Erry was a bit ‘dizzy’… all of this day, all that the girls lived together was so beautiful… Erry was holding Aya in her hands and was looking at the sky. Erry closed her eyes for a second… remembering this warmth she was feeling as she was talking before… she never saw the ‘wings of light’ that were in her back… but somehow she managed to ‘feel’ something or ‘someone’ back then. Erry was now smiling to Annetta… wishing to go whenever they wanted. “we could eat outside if you want Annie, I just hope that we won’t meet too much of people who have watched us before… but it’s our day after all.” Erry giggled… she never imagined that a small girl like her and a human girl would ‘unite’ together… and that would be shown on TV too. Aya was sitting on Erry’s hands… wearing a ‘casual dress’ made for her size. Erry was skilled at learning and by reading some book she managed to learn how to knit some tiny clothes for her sister too “Hhmmmm wherever you want to go Annie, I’m not much difficult with this too ” Said Aya… the small girl smiling… happy for the two girls that had finally realized this so important dream together.

Annetta nodded her head taking in all of the things her lover and sisters were saying, happy to be there with them in her car. The drive was taking them into the city. Having had deli food with soup so recently, something else seemed more appealing, the brunette never really liking the idea of having some of one thing, too much. Brainstorming as both girl’s seemed to be content to defer to Annetta’s judgment, it was now up to Miss Reese to think up where they should eat. Though, it wasn’t long until a very happy thought and memory had come to her mind, the first time her and Erry had truly gone out to eat with each other at a more fancy restaurant, more fancy than just a diner, it was an Italian restaurant, and specifically, Italian food sounded very delicious to the human right now. “By the way, that dress you made for Aya beautiful wife of mine, it looks simply wonderful, you an amazing person Erry, so versed, all we had to do, me and Aya, was unlock your natural talent and true potentials, you did everything else and all the rest, on your own!..~” Annetta beamed, finally driving toward that special cuisine, her voice chiming back up sweetly, letting the two understand what her intention and idea was, and what she had finally decided upon. “Remember that Italian restaurant we had gone to when we first met? that was the best memory I’ve had with you at an eatery, you were so well mannered and polite, even back then, and now, Erry, you’ve grown in leeps and bounds. Not like a weed one pulls away to throw out, but like a mustard seed. Through the adversity and trials you’ve had to overcome, you and that ‘plant’ have a specific connection, your much strength~. One of the smallest seeds in all creation, to become the best and strongest and heartiest of all stalks, a huge warming tree. A flower in the winter, an oasis in the desert, and a jewel in the ruff, like sifting through a haystack to find that golden needle, you found me, you found yourself… and now, you only have forever to look forward to~” Annetta finished her words, unable to stop, unable not to continually think about what she had, and in so, had come up with how her poetic heart truly felt, every word she’d say she’d meant. Now parked, Annetta spoke once more.. “Why don’t we eat outside, under one of these nice umbrella’s, keep the sun out of our face, but have all it to be seen around us. The breeze is light, and I really want the smell the air as well as feel of wind lightly wafting against my body..~” Waiting for Erry to join her, Annetta helped stay the door and grabbed her hand to get her out, making sure Aya was properly set before pulling her up. Locking their car, Annetta grabbed her purse, leaving her sealed documents securely in the trunk thereof. With her right hand she held her wife’s own, heading to the entrance of Tony’s spaghetti factory, all to get both doors opened politely for the most amazing woman she’d ever loved and met.

“Right this way beauties.~” the brunette shined. Heading up toward the counter, Annetta sauntered slowly, giving herself and her sisters the ample amount of time needed to make an appropriate order, Annetta of course, would order first. “Welcome to our restaurant, will this be for carryout or dining in…?” Tony’s son had asked. “Actually, we’ll be eating here, but sitting outside, we are celebrating the most amazing day of our lives…~” Tony’s son smiled, looking still the way he had at Annetta the first time, longingly, hoping in some different reality, she could have been his girl… though the thought was fleeting, even if it would never happen, he still had a hard time shaking it, remembering just a few hours ago, having seen the event on his own T.V., here at the establishment. “Yes I know… you just got married, and I am very happy for you both, such lovely bellas, I hope you are happy for a very LONG time come… So, what can I get for you to eat?” the gentlemen asked, Annetta starting now, nodding her head with a pleasant and magnificent smile, making his heart throb a sit. “I’ll take your seafood linguine, with parmesan encrusted baked chicken and a half salad with Italian balsamic vinaigrette and crazins, oh, and with a glass of red wine, thank you…~” Annetta finished her order, now deferring and waiting patiently for Erry and Aya to make their own, standing and moving to the side so Erry could look even closer, giving her a chance to place her right arm over her wife’s shoulders, gently rubbing it.

Erry was reading the menu… but looking at Aya she would take the same as the previous time since Erry really loved it “I really loved your spaghetti last time with all of this wonderful cheese from your country… if possible I would like to take the same please.” Erry said with a warm smile… “And I’ll just ask for some fresh water to drink please.” Said Erry while bowing her head in respect” Looking at the people in the restaurant, Erry just smiled… she was happy beyond limits and her happiness was ‘shining’ all around her… giggling happily she was humming a few notes… ready to go to their table once the man would guide them. Jake, Tony’s son smiled, “Very well, seafood Linguine with parmesan encrusted baked chicken and a half salad with Italian balsamic vinaigrette and crazins, a glass of red whine, some of Tony’s famous spaghetti with angel hair, mild marinara sauce with baby meatballs… mmmmm~ such a good choice ladies…~” in a sinch, the man was back with the girl’s drinks, “The total will come to 31.47… cash or credit…~” Annetta beamed, “Credit please..~” the brunette was quick to take out her Visa debit, smiling back at the man and completing the transaction as desired, giving her her receipt, Annetta put her purse back, taking Erry’s hand gently and lovingly, “And there we are Mrs., I’ll have your order out at your table outside in about 19 minutes, I’ll bring your breadsticks and dipping sauces in just a moment’s time, please take table number 6, so we will be able to find you as soon as possible… thank you for coming and we hope you both enjoy your stay as well as the food prepared..” Jake bowed slightly, warmingly at the girls, Annetta had fondness for the boy, but nothing beyond a good friend, she knew he’d make a girl happy some day.

The brunette smiled, nodding her head in a returned show of respect, and then headed outside taking her lover by the hand and getting the doors as needed, at least now until they were finally at table ‘# 6″. A huge umbrella, made of strong burlap and tied down with a strong rope in the middle, it was striped red and white and green, kind of a fun beach pattern, but having the whole Italian striped theme to the place, creating a perfect atmosphere for the girl’s to enjoy. Over a mega-speaker in two different area’s, the establishment’s Italian music played out, low but loud enough to be enjoyed, the sound of an accordion and a man singing in Italian could be heard, prerecorded and played over an Italian station, on XM-radio. Sighing deeply, Annetta would help seat her wife first, while both girl’s loved each other, it was clear in a sense of respect and nurture and roles, that Annetta was the dominant one… but in no way did that ever put her above her own lover in her mind. She’d show proper and due diligence, to Erry Reese, for the rest of their lives… the human loved her more than anything, and would die for her at the drop of a hat. Now seated herself, they’d wait patiently, Annetta beamed warmly toward Aya with a content grin. So many of their dreams had already come true, the red haired girl now back amongst the living, so many more tales Annetta was sure she’d never heard, but would be grateful to hear them once the time would come to arise at the occasion, if Aya was clear, and desired to relate and reminisce. They couldn’t have asked for better weather for their wedding day, a day that would live on forever in each girl’s mind, perhaps for many of the same reasons, but some different in their own light, the most important idea and thing beyond what ever they’d experienced else, their undying love and devoted natures, towards one another.

“Thank you Annie” As the girl was holding Erry’s chair. Erry saw Annetta sat in face of her and looked deeply at her… putting a hand on her shoulder, Aya stepped on it and Erry made her sit on the table between the girls… Erry was patting the tiny girl’s head with a finger, but also deeply respecting her.  “You’ve grown so much since we first met Erry… I can still remember the day when… we met. I was holding you in my young arms… and even if our ‘world’ hated you… you were always here when I needed. I just… hope that… you’ll do the same with Annie.” Said Aya. Erry nodding slowly, half remembering this ‘fateful day’ when Aya ‘found’ the young girl. “Aya I… I’ll help her as far as she need… she’s the girl that I love and nothing will change this. I’m so happy to have you with us too… I can’t… understand ‘why’ but I’ll probably learn this on the right time…” Aya nodded “don’t worry Erry… just enjoy this day as the best you could have in your life… it’s ‘your’ day for both of you after all.” Erry rested her elbows on the table and her head on her hands… humming a soft song… one of Aya used to sing to help the young Erry to fall in a sweet sleep… Aya was now humming the same soft song too as she was smiling…

Seeing the two sisters of her’s interact as they spoke with and memory toward one another, so many events and things and times and places, shared between the two. Annetta could see pride, joy and much gladness, especially as Erry had said she didn’t know how it had all transpired be, though it seemed both girl’s were just as happy Aya was alive, as they were. Promises made, with no plans to break or marr the idea, Annetta would be true, and true her lover would be back to her in likeness. She trusted Erry with all of her heart, might, mind and strength, and knew these two girls could and would do the same for her. A perfect triangle, and while Erry hadn’t yet learned of Erelle, the time would come when their mother would manifest it, and it would transpire in her own due moments in this world. Some 19 minutes later, or just afterward, Jake came out with a huge plate in his hand, already having a red wine in replacement ready to give Annetta, and a fresh water for Erry, putting place mats and towels to enjoy their food on the table beneath their plates… everything smelled PERFECT.

The aroma filling the sky in within their nostrils, would be enough to make a grown man cry. Tony was truly a marvelous cook, and his son and their family tradition, would be one long to last well after this… being a perfect place Miss Reese would becoming back to in the future. “Your plate Annetta, Erry… here is yours, and Aya, a complimentary saucer to have your sister’s foods as they permit… please, be careful it is hot and was made to serve… if there is anything at all your need, please raise your left hand and point your index finger… Enjoy mi bellas~” Jake had finished with is cheerful presentation, it was clear the man knew how to do his job, and well, he had learned a lot from Tony in a very short amount of time, Annetta could notice a flare of confidence, the brunette realizing he’d have someone to call his own, in the very near future, if his and some other gal’s lives had aligned.

Annetta waited for Erry to take the first bite of her spaghetti before she took some food for herself, cutting up a very small portion and placing it on a saucer, near Aya, so the red haired tiny could enjoy her own lunch. A thimble sized cup would be placed next to the micro girl, filled with water, Annetta happy to get Aya more at her discretion. If Erry wished to share some of her food with Aya, she was more than welcomed to, but Annetta would understand it, if not. Making sure Aya got some seafood, chicken and linguine with some breadstick and dipping sauce, Annetta finally dug in and began to treat herself. Her eyes went wide as she practically moaned, the food was so fantastic… “Wow…~” she beamed, smiling radiant and joyfully, as a chill rushed over her body… “Tony is amazing… don’t you think girls? How’s the food?~” Annetta said lovingly.

Aya smiled as she got some food from both of the girls, now eating happily Erry was smiling to see this. All of the ‘troubles’ they shared to get sometimes some rotten food from a human trash but it was their ‘life of surviving’ and now… both of the girls could feed on some delicious food together… Erry took her fork then her spoon… and trying again the ‘move’ Annetta showed her before, Erry managed to turn her fork fast enough to get some spaghetti around… Erry smiled as she learned the ‘skill’ then started to eat… “It’s really nice Annie… just like the first time we went here !” A soft wind went into Erry’s hair, she was feeling the wind and was remembering the small hairband she decided not to wear anymore… “you know Annie… and you Aya… I used to wear this ‘memory’ of you when you… weren’t here by my side… and it was a way to ‘keep you alive’ in my heart. This was giving me strength… and I knew that my Aya was near me… But well, I don’t think that I’ll need it again… I’m glad you gave me this Aya but now that you’re here I won’t need to rest onto those memories… as the 3 of us will create new ones… and well… I hope that you like this haircut too my love. I wanted to wear something more…’ adult’ if I could say this. ” said Erry happily as she was enjoying another fork of spaghetti.

Annetta looked on, seeing Erry, she was so beautiful now, her flowing white hair in the wind of the lazy afternoon, just after their wedding, the prized time in their lives, a memory they would never soon forget. Tears begin to fill Annetta’s eyes as she spoke of feelings of being complete, and the reason behind the why Erry’d been wearing that hairband, to give her strength, in the absence of Aya. Annetta feeling overwhelmed as she realized what Erelle had given them, though, still honoring Erelle’s request, it was up to their goddess mother to present the ultimate truth to Erry, when she was good and ready. Those tears finally came down, as Annetta was forced to dry her eyes softly with one of the nearby dinner napkins. Choking her tears back a bit as she cleared her throat, the brunette began to eat her food again, smiling brightly, overjoyed more than anything else, this was a day of feasting and gladness, not one of sadness or regret. Indeed, Annetta would make more memories with both girls, their journey together just beginning, leaving Annetta Reese to sigh deeply, taking another gulp of her drink. After a time, the young Jake came back, admiring the woman just as much as he had before, he’d hand Annetta the bill, gladly taking the money out of her wallet to pay for the purchase, the Italian male would head back into his father’s establishment and bring her out a check, having already brought doggy bags, as he could see there was quite a bit left over, and he wanted the girls to be able to enjoy their food, in the comfort of their own home. When he came back out with the check, he had brought an Italian ice dessert, one was cherry, one ice mist and one chocolate, to represent each of the color of hair the girls had sported, while being in their beautiful dresses. Annetta thanked Jake, but he wanted to say something, she bent her head, surprised at this gift… “This is on the house, a gift for mi bellas, not such an amazing occasion happens every day, a blessing on your wedding from me and my father..” Tony came out with his accordion, and him and Jake began to sing, in Italian, a song of weddings, Annetta looking on holding Erry’s hand as a waiter came out and helped the ladies put all of the food away into bags by himself, Annetta since having put all of her purse and items away. Now snuggling right next to Erry Reese, Annetta let out a tear from her right eye, unable to hold back how happy she was, she leaned in and gave Erry a kiss on her cheek, and then turned Erry’s chin to kiss her lover passionately on the lips, her sister, her one and only. Finally speaking after the passionate kiss had ended, all while the song still played and was sung, Annetta said, “I love you baby… soooo much..~” her voice soft, yet heard and clear, it was entreating to the ear.

Erry saw the man talk to Annetta but she was looking a bit around… she was hearing something a bit ‘far’ until Erry could hear some music from a distant country… Erry had a giggle when she saw Tony come out of the kitchen singing… Erry was now looking deeply into Annetta’s eyes as she could feel the girl kissing her cheeks. Erry stood up and walked to the side of Annetta. Crouching a bit she took the girl’s head with her hands softly and kissed her too on the lips… “It’s for you… ” Erry finally stood up again and removed her shoes, moving a bit far from the table not to hit anything, Erry started to move her body… dancing for the girl she loved. Aya was clapping her hands, giggling happily to see her sister like this again. Erry was still turning around herself… wearing this warm smile she was always giving to her lover… some tears were in her eyes but it was only joy that could be seen on Erry’s face.


How could Annetta ever forget about this gift, this talent of Erry’s? Now, once again, fully on display before Aya and herself, Annetta was left to rotate her chair until she could see her wife dancing near the men that played their beautiful instruments and sang their cheerful songs, her eyes on Erry and no one else, other than the occasional clance she’d give as Aya had spoken a word or cheered on herself. The man at the table, a waiter, had since put everything of their’s in a bag, tightening it up and sealing it, as it was now ready to be moved to Annetta’s car, once the three were through thoroughly enjoying themselves. It certainly wasn’t meant they had to leave any time soon, it was just out of politeness, wanting to do anything for them this business would, so they could merely and wonderfully so, enjoy each others company.

Talent wouldn’t be the gist of it, or the proper terminology, Erry was clearly blessed with a gift for moving her feet and allowing people to enjoy what they saw. Erry was a goddess in her own right, clearly a spitting imagine of the perfect Erelle held within herself. Annetta loving Erry on so many levels, physically, spiritually, heart to heart as a sister, a wife and a friend. She loved the way she looked appealing to the eyes, her whole body swaying and bouncing and bumping and moving, leaving Annetta’s mind to salivate a bit, grateful for the fact this woman was all hers, and she herself, was all Erry’s.

A happy smile came to Annetta as she radiantly grinned, finally clapping herself, much like Aya had already done so, cheering her on, she was quite the sight to be seen. Even as Tony and Jake played and sung, their eyes seemed to delight in this display of talent, having no clue, a patron of their’s, was about to put on her own show. The waiter with free hands, and Jake, would clap, but the grateful display was also seen in Tony’s eyes, even if he couldn’t clap with two hands full of an amazing instrument. “Bravo… encore… wonderful beautiful..~” Annetta yeahed to her wife in a shouting voice of pleasure and enjoy. Annetta began to eat her chocolate Italian Ice, it was VERY tasty, the human girl was having the time of her life with her new family.

Erry bowed when they stopped playing music, her eyes fixed on her wife too, Erry thanked the restaurant owner and put back her shoes. She walked back to the table while catching back her breath. Erry finally sat back on her seat and saw the ice on the table. “Thank you Annie, I’m happy that you liked it haha… this music was really wonderful too…” Erry took a tiny bit of the ice cream, she put a hand on her cheek as she got a cold shiver… “haaaa… so cold… but it’s really nice after moving like this…” Erry took a tiny bit of ice and gave it to Aya so she could enjoy some too.

It was clear that Aya wouldn’t be able to eat her own Italian ice but it was merely a courtesy to provide her with her own normal sized patron helping of a delicious dessert. Seeing this, Annetta finished the rest of her chocolate one and then took three forths of the shaved ice for herself and slowly ate it while Erry finally came back to their table, happy her wife could relax after quite the performance. “Bravo bella, that was simply amazing!” Tony and Jake seemed to say at the exact same time, all three men having to agree, as they clapped once she had finished and as Tony had finally finished playing his instrument. “Please, take your time ladies, enjoy the company of one another, there is no rush here, it was a pleasure to play for you, and apparently, be danced for…~” Tony bowed reverently, as did his son, when the three men finally made their way back inside of their business. “Ha, how could I not like it my love, you know how much I enjoy seeing you dance, as after all, this isn’t the first time you’ve done it for me, and apparently not the first time you’ve done it for Aya either.. based upon how excited she was to see you dance it all out, too!” Annetta said warmly, giggling some as her wife was eating the ice, that she got a shiver, but it was all in good fun, she could also see the joy her sisters were having in eating their dessert, that was on the house. Once the dessert was complete, it was mid afternoon, Annetta gathering their bags in one hand, with her left one, she held her hand out for Erry to grab, waiting for Erry to gather Aya, before she’d move forward to their car and ask them a question.

“Well, lunch was wonderful, any place you two want to visit next, I am sure you haven’t seen a lot of this surrounding area yet Aya, as you are new to the neighborhood…” the doting and loving brunette asked warmly, thinking back on just how perfect her wedding had been, being reminded of Erelle every time she looked at the ring, and remembering Erry for always, as Erelle had blessed the ring to do just that for both women. There was still plenty of day left where the three girls could enjoy themselves, Annetta’s next destination, where ever they would want to go as well, unless they would defer to her recommendation, she knew likely, Erry too, would have plenty to offer in rewards to where she wanted them to go next, Annetta all ears and would move to take their car, where ever it was the three wanted to go, on the spur of a moment’s notice.

It was time to leave for the girls, Erry put her hand down on the table so Aya could climb on, Erry placed her on her shoulder and waited Aya to be safely sat before moving. Erry followed Annetta out, thanked again all of the staff of the restaurant before being out. Aya heard the question “Well, I don’t know much of this city after all. I know what Erry and you are talking about but well it’s really a pleasure to be out with you too and I know that I’m safe with both of my ‘big sisters’ ” Said Aya with a giggle, Erry nodded “And I’m sure the world will be safe for everyone now… something already started to change and I know that we’ll be able to live together without fearing anything.” Finished Erry before looking at the hand in front of her. Erry was looking at the ring on it and smiled… her name was ‘against’ Annetta’s very skin as she was also feeling like Annetta all around her finger too, Erry extended her arm and took Annetta’s hand, smiling to her “do you want to go anywhere else Annie or should we head to our house ?”

With Erry and Aya next to her now, the brunette seeing Aya safely on her sister’s arm, a gentle wave would be given by her to everyone involved in making their wedding lunch the best it possibly could have been, and all of them would make it to her car now. “Well, there is still much daylight left, but if you’d rather spend the rest of the day amongst ourselves, if you’d prefer being alone, I am just as happy to spend our day together, with the two of you, in the sanctuary of our own home. Though as you have said it, I am sure the world is a much safer place now, maybe the choice should be left up to Aya, we will be driving for a time before we get back to the quiet neighborhood of ours, located just outside of the park and the nearby forest; we can decide along the way if something stands out and spurns for us to move…” Annetta said her two cents on the matter, waiting until her lover and her two sisters were fully buckled in and safe, driving off finally from the best Italian place Annetta had ever eaten at in her life.

Annetta was kind of missing the feeling of being eaten alive by her lover, wanting to slip inside of her body, to consummate this marriage, in symbolism and deed, but wouldn’t wish to force her lover to do something, especially not so soon, and likely wouldn’t ask for it, unless Erry herself would bring it up, her wanting it to be something Erry would ask to happen, liking the idea of that dominating thought, that her wife would want to eat her alive. Time would pass, and finally Erry,Annetta and Aya were now only 10 minutes away from their home, their surrounding city and a few neighborhoods away, a very beautiful place to live. “Such an amazing sight, this place, my mother.. I.. I m-mean from where I lived, a place she would really love to see…” Annetta had to quickly correct herself, not wanting to accidentally bring Erelle up in name and idea, not until it was time for the goddess to come and pay them a visit.

Erry ‘s head was resting on the car seat… looking the beautiful sight and all the houses. her hand was holding Aya on her shoulder so the small girl could see everything and was amazed too… while holding her sister, Erry turned her head a bit… to see her wife driving. Annetta was ‘wearing’ something on her face but Erry couldn’t knew yet what was this… but she trusted that it would be known to her in the right time “Don’t worry Annie… you’re not alone here. I… never knew my mother and… it’s not something I really miss now… I mean… Aya found me when I was young and she… did well as my mother and sister. I’ll probably never see her nor recognize her… I was just two years old when Aya found me and I can’t remind anything before… but I’m happy now. I have you two on my sides and I know that I can’t be happier than today.” Erry’s other hand moved onto Annetta’s free hand “I love you Annie…” Erry looking again deeply inside the two ‘seas of blue’ that were Annetta’s eyes…

Nothing seemed to have come up from either girl as far as where they might want to go, so perhaps it was time to retire to their home for the day after all. There was a lot to be seen just within Annetta and Erry’s nice home anyway, as it wasn’t a large home, but it certainly wasn’t small either. Annetta had enough and more than a normal person could ever want, enough for her and her wife and two sisters combined, with much left to spare. So deciding to move home, Annetta would roll into her garage, nearly ten minutes later, little would Erry know Erelle wanted to present herself two her two daughters, again, some day, boy the joy Erry would soon feel, once it all came back together for her. Though that time was not yet nigh at hand, and perhaps wouldn’t be for a while time come, with gods and goddess, they always had their own times and ways to present things after all. With all the mattered, she was with Erry now, and Aya, being granted the gift of being forgiven for Saphyr, and given a brand new life with Erry, a marriage, and their sister, Aya.. Annetta couldn’t have asked for a better fate. Hearing those, oh so entreating words, ‘I love you Annie’, practically melted the girl inside. Sighing deeply, one parked and securely safe, Annetta tilted her head to see Erry, repeating those words and then some. “I know you do, you show it to me with every act, with every smile, with every laugh and every kiss… I too, feel the same way for you, now, tomorrow, and forever. Thank you for blessing my life, to be my wife…~” Annetta smiled. Finally getting up and out of the car, she grabbed their food and then Erry’s door, waiting for her fellow Reese, to get out of the car with the hand offered, before she’d gently shut the door with her knee. Heading inside from the garage door that lead to her front room, Annetta would put all of their food away, it would be something they could enjoy for dinner if they’d wanted to. “Well, what a day huh?” Annetta said, washing her hands up and then heading to the front room to sit down on their Lay-Z-boy couch, with plenty of room for Erry to join at sit on her side, if she’d wanted.

Erry was walking in the room, looking at Aya, the small girl was looking tired “Well… I didn’t expected so much people to be here for this special day… ” Erry said while looking at her ring and smiled… “I feel really complete now… I… already love you for a long time but I feel a bit different now that we’re finally ‘one’.” Erry kissed the small Aya on the head… placing her hand in front of Annetta’s face if she wanted to do the same then Erry placed Aya in front of her small house “Thank you for being here Aya. I love you.” Aya nodded while opening the small plastic door “And I love you too girls… I’m happy for you Erry that you finally found someone for you.” Aya smiled to them and finally went into her small house where she could rest for today. Erry walked back near Annetta and sat aside her. Erry then put her head on Annetta’s shoulder… taking her left hand with her own hand… Erry was looking at the two rings… a deep ‘symbol’ of their mutual love… and soon Erry would love Annetta… as a wife for the first time.

“I have to agree Erry my love, so many things happened today, and it was all thanks to you, your brilliant idea, and I really honor and respect you for that!” Annetta made sure to tell her wife. “Likewise, and I couldn’t say it better myself… you are my one and my only, forever..~” Annetta wouldn’t waste a second to show her likewise love, of Aya as well. Even if she couldn’t love her the same way Erry had, she hoped her love was second best, because it was sincere and straight from her heart, that sad notion of never seeing Aya, finally erased from her mind, the brunette left to see the two continually enjoying each other, she too would kiss the small red head lovingly, before Erry would take her to the place she could call her own, this small plastic doll house, flourished and built in with a few amenities where Aya could feel like it was a real home, a special place for her to stay and be happy. “I love you too Aya, so much, I am so happy that you are with us in our home, your home…” As Erry finally joined Annetta on the couch, moving her lover’s hand, she’d find no resistance, even Annetta helping her, as she realized what Erry was trying to do. Nuzzling into her wife, her chin placed on the side and top of the crown of Erry’s head, as the white haired angel’s head was already on Annetta’s shoulder, and as Erry laid her head into Annetta’s left shoulder, a gentle kiss was given, true to the sentiment of the moment, even as neither said a word, their body language and their love for another, would speak the other thousands, they had not verbally expressed. Annetta decided to turn the T.V. on, not much paying attention to it as the sound was low, but still hearable, if the girls were to pay attention, when they wanted, to the tune of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a favorite new show of Annetta’s that had recently come out on Netflix, a good past time, but certainly not one better than she had already had and knew would have, with her legally bonded, wife. They had already had each others hearts so long, in the past, all of this was natural to them, but that extra idea, the one that brought it home, was that it was now official, and the world had known about it, the whole city had seen micros and macros unite, in ways previously only ever dreamed about by Erelle, doing right by their mother and by Erry, Erelle’s extension, this day was truly blessed.

Erry was caressing the girl’s hand with her own… looking at the screen but also on Annetta’s hand… feeling the soft texture that was holding her full body when she met her for the first time… many months ago… now Erry could have the chance to see her every day of her life and… love her every day. Erry had a giggle… remembering the day she asked Annetta to marry her in her small doll dress… and was also remembering something else from this day… once the show would be over… Erry would guide Annetta to a ‘new world’…

Just cuddling with her there on the couch, was enough to make Annetta happy, not realizing all of the things that could be on Erry’s mind, as Annetta’s mind was busily flooded with her own thoughts of this perfect day. Annetta giggled several times as she show unfolded, a depiction of a woman who had been abducted by a cult member, forcing various women to believe he was their one and only messiah. Though the show would progress, Annetta taking several small sips of water in between here and the present moment, gently having caressed her wife’s arms, carefully scratching her lover’s arms and stomach and legs, to send chills down Erry’s spine, and would also gently massage her shoulders as she pulled her wife onto her lap, her sex twitching a little bit as she sat her wife on her crotch warmly… resting her head on the side of Erry’s neck so she could still see the show in between fondling her wife. Watching a few episodes, it was all finally over within 50 minutes, it now being around 5 P.M., Annetta thus turned the T.V. off, still unprivy to the idea of what Erry had in store for them. Though as the T.V. was now off, every last thought was now utterly on Erry alone, the brunette kissing her wife up and down her neck, and gently nibbling on her ear, going back to kissing just after the playful teething. “I love holding you Erry… it’s so perfect being here with you today, I’m complete, I couldn’t ask for anything else than to be with you…~” Annetta sighed deeply, closing her eyes for a time as she pulled her wife back to rest on her stomach and breasts and legs, the brunette now resting her own chin on Erry’s crown.

Erry layed here for some minutes… feeling Annetta breathing… her whole body against her wife… it was now time… “Annie… I… ” Erry took her time “I want to feel something… with you again… as a wife.” Erry stood up slowly and helped Annetta to stand up… holding her hand, Erry’s hand was shivering… but she wanted to feel this… taking a step forward, Erry’s lips ‘landed’ on her lovers’… Erry was stepping a bit on her toes, knowing that even adult she was a bit smaller than her lover but she didn’t minded this… breaking the kiss, Erry was still holding her lover’s hand and moved her other hand into the silky surface of Annetta’s hair… before talking again “Annie… let me love you please…” As Erry walked to their room followed by Annetta. “Please… let me take care of you.” Said Erry while remembering herself asking Annetta to undress her when she asked her for the first time… Erry’s hands went onto Annetta’s clothes… hesitating a bit but when Erry saw the girl she loves smile she finally started… taking off every layer of clothes off the girl’s body carefully… Erry took her time and soon was facing the bare skin of Annetta… slowly caressing the girl’s body… Erry gave her a warm hug… kissing her again… “please… let me feel you too…”

As there time together progressed, it was evident what Erry wanted to experience. Annetta wouldn’t fight her for a second, loving the way her wife was taking charge here. Letting Erry do with them, exactly everything she had wanted and more. As her love finally helped her up and would ask, Annetta was simply list to follow. Erry now standing on her lover’s toes, Annetta took her by the nape of her neck and kissed her passionately for as long as Erry would wish for this kiss to last, relentfully breaking it, but happy for what was to follow thereafter. Now in their room, Annetta’s heart fluttered as her stomach filled with butterflies, Erry was now undressing her, not wasting a second to get her out of those restraining clothes, seen only as merely a small obstacle for her to enjoy her lovely fully. In moments, Annetta’ was stripped naked of her clothing, in only the most sensuous and loving of ways, seeing her beautiful wife, she admired her, as them both, looked enamored and breath taken at once of each others bodily views, two goddess in their own right, now able to enjoy each other, no one else could stop them now~ “Yes my love… feel me, touch me, tease me, relish me… as I too cherish and treasure you back..~” Annetta said softly, sensual, her tone low and seductive, sighing slightly as she breathed the smell of Erry in through her nose, she was beyond perfect, she was remarkably flawless. Annetta shivered with lust, wondering just how her wife would take their meeting of a sexual nature, from here~ Looking over her wife in lust, she couldn’t help but repeat the same actions, “Let me feel you too baby… let me undress you to fill you up more fully..~” Annetta cautioned, almost as a lover’s warning to what to expect, safe in her arms, but wanted in her lust, the human girl began. One piece after another, outer clothing, and then her panties and underwear, in moments, Erry too was naked, Annetta’s heart fluttering still in her chest, though now amplified as she saw her wife’s stunning body. “Wow… you look amazing my love…~” Annetta said as she pulled her wife’s head into her own, kissing her passionately once again on the lips, locking their mouths there, Annetta now giving her lover some tongue, not yet laying out upon their bed, but they had the rest of the night to enjoy each other, Mrs. Reese was certainly in no hurry, and like neither was Mrs. Reese~

Erry wanted to feel her lover but also wanted her lover to be happy on the same level… Erry answered the kiss while sucking on Annetta’s tongue softly… her two arms now wrapped around her lover, her skin against Annetta’s… Erry had a tiny cry as her lover was taking care of her… but Erry also submissive in nature wanted her lover to be satisfied… Erry started to walk near their bed, not breaking the kiss but also holding her sister… Erry finally broke the kiss… “Annie… let me love you… from the bottom of my heart…” Erry then layed the girl on the bed, taking care of every detail… Erry was now standing in front of her… then put a knee on the soft mattress… putting a hand on each of Annetta’s knees, Erry opened Annetta’s legs softly… before laying her body on her lover… pressing her now wet sex against Annetta’s… Erry did the same ‘ritual’ as before by putting her hands on the girl’s cheeks and then kissed her deeply… moaning into Annetta’s mouth… but also wanting to give her all of the pleasure she wanted…

Annetta happily allowed Erry to take the lead, submissive in her own right, these girls probably meeting somewhere down the middle of submissive and dominant, each girl always clear to let the other one do as they pleased, a perfect mix and ‘marriage’ of the two ideas. Getting the girl’s mouth to suck back on her tongue, hearing that soft whimper once their kiss withdrew, Annetta knew it was now time for her sister to take this meeting to the next level. In moments, Annetta was laying on her back on their bed, allowing Erry to move onto her, to place her hands on her knees on either side and spread her legs apart to fulfill what would soon come later. To then grab Annetta by the cheeks of her head, and kiss her passionately, the brunette only altogether and entire receiving, giving over to it all, not wanting to waste a thought on anything else but on how and where, they two, would get down and in deep passionate sex with her one another, her one and only, Erry Reese. “Yes… love me, take me, do as you see fit, honor us, treasure me, just as much as I love you and cherish you too~” Annetta barely said above a whisper, just as a suggestion letting her lover know she was entirely okay with what ever would follow. Tingles and chills rolled over Annetta’s body as goosebumps could be felt and seen on her skin, curling her toes bit by bit as she was being taken care of by her jewel. Panting out of her nose as they kissed more deeply, Annetta couldn’t seem to get enough, hearing and feeling to vibration of her lover’s moans within her mouth, indeed, if Erry wanted to give Annetta pleasure, she was off to a good start, Annetta’s sex already contracting and milking about at the idea of what Erry and here were about to do…

Erry placed her hands on each side of the girl then started to move a bit… Erry had a small moan as she was now feeling her lover’s sex wanting this too… Erry was looking at the girl’s face right below her… Erry doing her best not to be too heavy for Annetta… she had another moan and bite her lower lip… Erry was still doing her ‘job’ when she could feel something behind her… Annetta’s legs wrapped all around Erry’s back… Erry smiled… her own sex now letting out some small drips onto her lover’s body… and it was only the start…

Annetta’s eyes lit up with fire as her eyes opened wide, biting her bottom lip, seeing the way her lover’s body touched her own, the way Erry’s finger’s caressed her, doing no end please her continually, not wanting to waste a second her wife cherished her, as she in turn dreamily accepted and would return each and every likened emotion and touch of love and connection. While unneeded, it was a warm thought, that Erry had worried about her own body weight, and how it would affect Annetta, but in turn, Annetta would dismiss that worry altogether, pulling her lover into her, letting her lay down with all of her body weight, the cushion of their bed, was all of the reprieve she’d ask for, wanting to be ever closer to Erry Reese. As she allowed Erry to relax as much as she wanted, the way she was there with her now, with her legs already wrapped around Erry, pressing even more her body against her lover’s, Annetta would in turn grind her sex against her lovers, rubbing the hood of her clitoris over her lovers, humping her, starting slowly, but gradually letting it build, nothing forceful, and nothing that would dominate the scene, though just enough, she hoped at least, that Erry would, and could be enjoying this just as much as she in turn, already was. As Erry moved on and off of her sex, those sexual droplets were indeed felt, As Annetta’s legs rose higher, now folding over each other, her feet crossing, now resting at the small of Erry’s back…

“Ohhhhhhh, Yes… Erry mmmmmphf, baby… sister… my friend… my wife… don’t stop!~” Annetta requested, her voice filled with earnest desire and need, shuddering all over, wanting her wife to dominate this scene just as she had asked to do so, when they had first entered their home, after sitting down and having watched the show, and thus then getting back up, and now, never leaving her wife’s interests for a second, nor would she ever leave again, her wife’s side.~ Her sex getting moist as her own labial walls puffed and heated, the inner canal of her sex contracting and pulsating away inside, anticipating what or how her Erry would do, to her next. Closing her eyes, something came over her mentally and spiritually. Not realizing that her inner desire was to thus, be even more dominated in mind and spirit, but also, in body, and so naturally, shrinking right before her lover’s very eyes would she begin. Not even realizing, that this was happening herself, until she began to feel the weight of her lover’s body slowly squish her gently into their mattress below. In moments, the small Annetta Reese, now at her shrunken height, was fully Erry’s, left to do with what her wife had wanted, and in her many own ways, what she had obviously wished, within her own mind, for her wife to do to her~. Opening her eyes again, the brunette realized she was surrounded in darkness, heated about, feeling fleshy walls against her, and softness all around her… just where was she now…

“Haaaa…” Moaned Erry as she was getting higher in the heavens… as she closed her eyes she didn’t knew what happened… opening her eyes two seconds later she couldn’t see Annetta anymore… but was still ‘feeling’ her… Raising her body a bit she looked between her legs… and saw Annetta here… covered by her own juices…  “An…nie… haaa…” Erry was too high… she wanted to feel it… wanted her lover to feel it too… Erry turned the small body of her sister and layed her on the stomach… her thumbs massaging Annetta’s back… but also ‘preparing her’… Erry then smiled… as she moved her body down… her sex now pressing onto Annetta’s back… her two lips ‘covering’ all of the small body… Erry took care of not beeing too heavy for the girl because she wouldn’t wanted to crush her then started to rub again… her sex dripping more and more juices onto the small body… “Ann… Ann… ie…!” After some minutes… Erry’s eyes were filled of lust… taking the girl carefully within her hands Erry sat against the wall… putting a pillow on her back… her tongue was a bit out… she was breathing heavily but was still wanting Annetta to feel this love… with a hand… Erry ‘opened’ up her lower lips… as she started to move down the small girl… Erry could now feel Annetta’s tiny feet ‘inside’ of her sex… and was ready to insert her deeper only if she wanted… “Ann..nie… can…I…?”


Then just as quickly as the darkness ‘descended’ upon her, it was clear as to where she was, Annetta’s sight of this goddess like body, replaced from the blackness she had so recently been overcome with, only to realize she was now just below her lover’s sex, and was now looking up directly at her from this point of view. Huge thighs on either side of her body, a perfect toned stomach, that had led up to a set of perfect pert breasts, and an amorous, lustful face smiling back down at her with a tongue slightly hanging out. Practically being sat on for a time, as she was creased between those vaginal lips, Annetta moaned as her lover sqoze her softly down into the mattress, not crushing her, but certainly not allowing her to ‘leave’. In naturally reaction, Annetta couldn’t help but hump very softly back as he whole body tingled in amazement, her eyes going wide as she moaned and bit, her bottom lip continually, one after another, now looking up into the eyes of her own personal, physical and spiritual, goddess of the flesh. The sex large enough to swallow her, would at least for now, only cover her, rubbing down on her slowly, back and forth, covering her in bits of pre cum, soaking her entire body. As Erry moved, carefully was Annetta’s body moved along with her, the permission already long since having been granted by Annetta, and in her vulnerable state, still, her wife making every effort to make sure she was comfortable as she was drawn from her sex and carried, until Erry had gotten into a more comfortable position, on top of pillows and against the wall, Annetta’s eyes never leaving her wife’s body, her sex or her face, looking at this majestic, masterpiece of a goddess, this giantess, her wife Erry Reese.

Not wasting a second but not being rough, Annetta’s body was slowly lowered back once again to those yawning, loose, wetted and heated lips, as Erry took a few fingers to spread her pussy with her hand, and taking her other hand to slowly insert Annetta’s feet into her lover’s birth canal, Annetta could feel her heart beating within her throat, gulping, panting herself, she merely nodded, without a second’s pause, “Please… I… I want it soo bad too… take me Erry, own me, love me… let us become one in your body, through your sex, the portal of our love… yes.. yes you may…~” Now waiting for the abyss of sexual, pink, darkness, Annetta’s felt the ache of her lover’s body, cajoling and coaxing, rippling against her feet, begging Erry to allow her to feed Annetta’s body to it, Annetta wanting to be devoured by her lover’s sex… just as much.. “Swallow me… allow us to make each other happy..~” Annetta called, out, lightly kicking her feet, perhaps to send even more desire into Erry’s mind.

Erry moaned in answer… nodding her head slowly… “Ahh…aaaaahhh…” While still holding her lips open, Erry started to insert the small girl within her “Nhhhh…” And soon half of Annetta’s body was inside… Erry’s finger carefully went onto Annetta’s head and pushed her carefully inside… her canal already squeezing all around the small body… “ahhhh aahhhhhh !!” and with a last move, Erry pushed all of the girl inside… her hand now rubbing her lips… building more pleasure… as her other hand was grabbing onto the pillow hard… her whole body shivering from this… some juices already bathing the small girl inside of the giant angel… 

 It was clear that her lover cherished her, as she could have otherwise, do exactly what she had wanted, and no one would have ever known. Yet, both women loved each other, the trust was already there, and the permissions granted, both women knowing either girl would do everything in their power to keep them from harm, even if at times, some of their games and sex, was a bit rough and final~ Yet within this moment, seeing Erry now easily take her, as if she were a footnote on a storybook log, the yawning vaginal lips like a maw that led to a sexual stomach, lay opened to swallow her up. The undulating and contractive motions, combined with Erry’s earnest desire to have her wife all of the way inside her, both women would soon be getting their wish. With the sexual build up that had already happened thus far, there was certainly more than ample enough of amounts of sexual discharge from either woman’s sex, Erry now able to take her wife in, like a slip and a powerful push off of a slide at a water park. As her lips and her canal slowly clamped down on Annetta’s body, her pulled in at her sex, her waist, Annetta had already taken her hands to her sex and began to masturbate, loving the feeling of been taken over like this, of having herself inside of her wife’s vaginal canal, in the deepest parts of her body, her sex. Seconds to pass, and Erry would move a finger to Annetta’s head, and while the push was done with love, the dominating power of her wife’s much larger body, quickly sucked her and pushed her down in the rest of the way inside, leaving Erry’s vaginal lips to seal tightly shut behind her, trapping her woman inside of her body. The thought of such running through Annetta’s mind she began to buck and heave, thrusting her sex around and arching her lower back, she moaned, screaming, hearing her wife’s moans all around her, devoured fully by her wife’s body, at least in the sense her sex had swallowed her up, Annetta was getting quickly pushed over the edge. Now as her lover had began rubbing her lips, the squish of the vaginal all around her, denoted that motion, even if Annetta couldn’t see it in the darkness of her temporary new, pink home. Kicking about, and wiggling, those sensations combined with Erry’s own rubbing and stimulation, was what Erry would have to endure, but hopefully only welcomely so~. Laying there in a sex that began to slowly fill up like a outdoor pool, Annetta stuck her whole left hand against her sex and began to masturbate increasingly, rubbing her right hand all over her clitoris, gyrating like motions, Annetta’s eyes open, the whites only exposed, if one could see in utter blackness of an entombing vaginal canal… “Ahhhhhhhh… Erry… SOOOO good… Nnnnn hnnnnnn hhhhhhhhuh~” Annetta cried, so close to going over the cusp of her sexual release, until it finally hit her. Screaming at the top of her lungs, yet only in a sexual tone, Erry would know she wasn’t hurt, and was only enjoying extremely, every second she was inside of her lover’s womb. In seconds, Annetta began to ejaculate her cum out all over the insides of her lover’s canal, panting, as she was laboring the breathe, being forced into more than several orgasmic releases, miniature sexual tremors, as her body orgasm out, basking, laying there now in her post coitus like state. “Ohhhhhh… Erry… WOW…~” Annetta called, but was doubtlessly, not heard from that deep within the fire of Erry Reese’s passionate sex. Lazing there in the darkness, spent, relaxing, likely, it would only be a matter of time before Erry would cum, realizing her slouch, Reese was quick to move again, pinching lightly, kicking wildly, and licking and gently biting about, wanting to send her lover to her own personal nirvana as well, realizing she still had much to give!

Erry’s lips opened as she let out a loud moan… “Ah…!” She was feeling Annetta inside of her moving and helping her to build her own pleasure… Erry’s fingers where now playing faster with herself… her other hand on her breast… squeezing it softly… Erry’s head fall back… moaning loudly… she knew it was almost time… placing her hand in front of her sex while the other was now opening her lower lips… Erry was breathing loudly “kh…aaah… Annie… kyaaaa… aaaaaaaaahhhh!!” And with a last cry… Erry’s back arched as she started to cum… feeling her lover beeing pulled out by her juices and landing softly on her hand… Erry kept cumming a bit onto her lover… before her body fall back on the bed. “aaaahhh… ” Erry’s eyes where empty… her body shivering everywhere… her tiny lover in her hand soaked by her own love juices… Erry wanted to ‘clean her’… moving two fingers to the two hips of Annetta, Erry was holding her carefully and approached her to her face… giving a kiss onto the small body “thank… you… ah… Annie…” Erry then spited out her tongue… and started to lick the small girl… with her thumb, Erry opened up the small legs again and trusted her tongue between them, licking the small sex… Erry was now sucking on the tiny legs… the small arms of her lover… removing her own juices from her… but also surrounding her by her love…


And in the blink of an eye, like lightning crashing through the clouds, thunder wracking Erry’s whole body, she screamed, and as she screamed, she finally came! Her body tensing up, Annetta prepared from last time, learning of what to have expected in this grand, almost surreal experience, feeling her lover do this with her as well, and on another occasion or two, Annetta repeating the same process with her sister. Now, it was Erry’s time to shine, taking her turn as the dominant one in their relationship tonight, Annetta more than happily playing the submissive part, her wife always making it so beautiful to be on either end of the spectrum. Erry would buck, and then an almost piercing light would enter into Erry’s sexual folds, enveloping her for a time, until the brunette would get used to the light, though not even for a second would she get a reprieve to stay still! Seconds to go, and the ejaculation that would result from the pleasure and the bucking and heave, would force Annetta out onto Erry’s hand, catching her there, her lover would, cumming all over her little body, just as Annetta had dreamed a few nights back, unclear as to where this feeling had come from, clearly now though, it was simply a vision, a look into the future, a premonition as to what to except, without knowing where that dream or when that dream would come true! Shaking and shuddering with those empty eyes looking back at her, those the words of thank you following them, only after Erry had removed the girl fully from her own sex, slowly starting to clean up the cum that she and her wife had expelled in their sexual heat, leaving Annetta face to face with her beautiful goddess of a wife.

“Ha… wow… thank me?… thanks to you… to both of us, at least… but I could thank you just as much my precious wife.. being enjoyed by you, and enjoying every second I am with you. Feeling you taste me…” Annetta saying this even as Erry had opened her lover’s legs, Annetta relent for her stop, already getting excited again… she couldn’t even speak. As her feet were slowly being sucked inside of Erry’s lips, the warmth all around her was hardly deniable, sending pleasure and tingles all over her, and while still in the moment, shaking, as she thrust about a little, briefly bucking, Annetta then came hard once again, as short, but explosive charges rippled through her body, right onto Erry’s tongue, as she ejaculated once again… “Gahhhhhhh … hahhhhhhh hnnnnnnn mmmmphf~” Annetta panted, trembling all over.. “Erry… you… wow… that was… this is…~” Annetta looked blankly into her lover’s eyes… “perfect…” her wondering what might happen from here.

Erry was still shivering… bringing back her tongue in her mouth to drink the girl’s juices… Erry had a shiver… “Annie I… I… know that it’s our… day… the day we became one… but… I… want to feel you too… in a ‘different way’… Annie… I won’t be shy to ask you… and I’ll do it ONLY if you wished for this to happen… Annie… I want… to eat you. To feel you within me, within my very own body… knowing that we’ll see each other tomorrow… but I want to become one with you… in the flesh too…” Erry removed a tear from her eye… proud that she could ask it now without a hesitation… she was now waiting her lover’s answer… ready for anything…

Annetta beamed without hesitation, because the brunette wanted it back just as much, nodding her head and her eyes, with a yes! Seeing that look in her wife’s eyes, seeing her shivering, watching her lover lick her lips and salivate over the taste of Annetta’s salty flesh, the oils in her skin and the cum from their sex, as she swallowed it all down. It was enough to make Annetta pant, and open mouthedly so, as she gasped, blinking very slowly as she looked at her precious partner, her friend, her sister, and her mate. Gulping, tingling chills went all over her body too, nothing had made Annetta more excited then having a woman in her life, that knew exactly what she wanted! And this to say, certainly wasn’t just a woman, this was her wife… her significant other… wanting to love her, to cherish her, to dominate her in no other possible way that anyone else could, to eat her alive… to become one with her, in a way and on a level, in an existence and a plane of thought, no one else could marr, or even come close to… So not only would the answer be a sure… it was closer along the lines, to exactly “YES! Wow… to hear those words from your lips and emotions, no hesitation from your thoughts. Knowing you want to do this to me, for us, with me… excites me to no end. We are perfect for each other, I owe this to you, to become one with your body, as you have become one with mine. We are bound by mind and by spirit and by soul, let us seal each others love, this commencement of our after wedding vows, to love one another forever and always… let us bless this union, by your devouring of my physical body, to consume me… to enjoy me… relish my flesh and my savor. Swallowing me whole, feel me in you… Treasure this day forever and tomorrow.” Annetta said, it all naturally rolling out of her mind, Annetta not trying to hide from her wife for a second, what she was feeling. “Dominate my form like no one else can, eat me alive… I am so happy you have that want, as you know now, how badly I’ve craved it in the past, now for yourself! Not just to consume you utterly, but to feel you inside of me… becoming a part of me… Love my body in that same way, love the way it feels to consume me.. as I have loved you~” If Erry had allowed Annetta up to her face, Annetta would hug her one last time, for this day at least, and as for the rest of the night, Aya and Erry could enjoy each other… with Annetta stewing away beautifully so, to become a part of her lover’s already gorgeous body, one layer of fat and beauty and soul, at a time. Annetta just laid there in Erry’s hand, waiting for her brief oblivion, a consuming after the consummation of their dreams… waiting for the white haired angel… to act.

Erry nodded… “thank you… for everything…” Erry’s lips approached the small girl and kissed her… it was now the time for Erry to do it… caressing the small precious body… Erry was so… fragile like this small girl before… Erry accepted to give herself to her lover many times… and now it was her own time… opening her mouth slowly, she approached her hand and sucked the small legs of her lover inside of her mouth… tilting her head back, she had now Annetta’s waist between her lips… Erry was sucking her slowly… while licking all of the small lover… and soon enough, all of Annetta’s body was inside Erry’s mouth, laying on the soft muscle… Erry ‘played’ a bit with Annetta… massaging her all around with her tongue, licking all of the small girl’s love spots… taking care of her… before placing her in front of her throat… Erry was drooling on the small body… wishing this so bad… she opened her lips a bit… as her soft voice echoed all around Annetta, a soft voice from the girl who became her wife… “I love you Annie.” this so simple expression meaning everything for them as words weren’t enough to describe their wonderful bond… Erry’s tongue moved again and Annetta’s legs were now hanging above the ‘fleshy pit’. And without an hesitation… Erry raised her tongue, letting the small body slide behind her uvula as she swallowed Annetta.


The small girl was now squeezed from all sides… going down the angel’s throat… Erry was also pushing the tiny bulge with a finger… allowing her lover to feel her too… until it disappeared behind her soft chest. Annetta was in heaven… The feeling of her wife all around of her small self pulling her deeper inside of her body, the giant heart of Erry bumping fast as she was enjoying her tiny lover. Annetta was also enjoying the soft but efficient ‘massages’ on all of her body given by Erry’s muscles… And soon, Annetta’s small feet were reaching another place… A wide room that Annetta now loved… Outside, Erry started to sing, her voice shivering as she was feeling her lover landing within her stomach… but she would sing for her lover to the end… Erry could feel Annetta lay onto the stomach surface while some juices were already pouring on her…


Erry was feeling a bit sad that the girl within her would have a bit of pain… but she knew that it would be alright afterward… “sleep well… my so precious wife… I’ll see you tomorrow…” As Erry resumed singing… the small girl within her finally falling ‘asleep’ from the lack of oxygen but without suffering. Erry was rubbing her belly… And soon she grabbed the cover and put it on her body… resting her head onto the pillow, feeling on it the soft scent of the girl she loved… she was thinking again of this perfect day… looking at the ring around her finger symbolizing an unbreakable love and that no one would tear them apart… Erry smiled and kissed the ring then put her hand on her belly… before closing her eyes and falling asleep… Deep within her, the small body of Annetta was taken care of… Erry’s stomach muscles were slowly rocking Annetta’s little form… Covering her with warm but strong digestive juices. Soon the tiny body sank to the bottom of Erry’s stomach… And got sucked by Erry’s intestines entrance. The white haired girl had all of the time she needed to digest fully her lover as the small body was traveling deeper within Erry… Even stronger acids were now at work and finally broke the small one as the digestion process was still active. And soon, nothing left remained of Annetta as she became Erry’s nourishment, the white haired girl’s body absorbing all of her lover within her, welcoming now Annetta as a part of Erry. Erry took everything of the small one to make herself even more beautiful… Adding more of ‘Annetta’ to her small curves, to her bright white hair and to her soft chest Annetta loved… Erry let out a tear while sleeping, knowing that she would see her lover again the next day and that they would be together for the rest of their lives…

During the night… far away from the ‘world’… in a dark place, an angel appeared… a 16 years looking girl with long white hair and deep blue eyes just like the colors of her wings… she joined her hands together and kissed them… before opening them in front of her face and was singing… a small soul appeared between the two hands… and soon a small body formed around… her long brown hair… her beautiful curves… Annetta was here… sleeping peacefully before going back to the ‘world of the living’… The angel closed her hands on the small girl and warmed her body… before giving a small kiss on the tiny one… “Rest well Annetta… my precious daughter…” as Erelle smiled to the small body in her hands… allowing her to sleep in a warm embrace before she would wake up again… aside of her wife.

End of part 16.