Annie and Erry Part 17

It’s been a wonderful day… And the first to its kind too… It was the day where a micro girl named Erry decided to say ‘yes’ to the human girl Annetta. The wedding was perfect and also broadcasted in the city so everyone heard about it.

Then the ‘world’ decided to change… The dream of Erry about a world where the small people and the humans could live together was now so close… It wasn’t the same before… After all the small ones were just some tiny toys and even food for the humans… But this day started something new.

All around the city, people who watched the wedding started to think… The small ones, the ‘tinies’ had feelings and the humans realized that they were ‘alive’ too. As the two girls gave each other a golden ring with their names written on it and kissed… The circle was complete. A small micro girl… A girl who had to endure so much in her life was now happy beyond limits… And for Annetta who was so far from her family and her old friends she was finally ‘healed’. All of the wounds on her heart were closed by this tiny girl she many months ago.

The day went well and even Aya who was still a micro girl could get ‘out’ and enjoy the day with her sister Erry. Aya was different from the two girls, she didn’t had any ‘power’ within her and couldn’t change her size or come back to life again… But the fate would probably have something for her later…

Finally at night… The two wives were now looking at each other… A strong desire filling them as they started to undress themselves… And soon it was the time. Every caress on their body, each kiss was perfect… They knew each other desires, their mutual needs… They were finally ‘one’. As a proof of this love, Annetta wanted Erry to ask it…

Erry wasn’t sure at first but decided to say it… Not being shy anymore… Erry wanted to become one in flesh with her wife. Due to their ‘powers’, Annetta and Erry already lived many things… Discovered so much… And enjoyed themselves in many ways… Erry looked at the girl in the eyes… Her lips shivering but decided to say it.

“Annie… Allow me to eat you.” It was something the girls tried many times and always enjoyed… Furthermore they knew that it was ‘safe’ since they could come back to life on the next day… A ‘gift’ granted by an angel… The ‘incarnation of life’ itself, a girl named Erelle who was also Erry’s mother even if Erry didn’t knew not met her… As Annetta’s body now inside of her wife started to ‘sleep’ and feed Erry, her very soul appeared in a dark place. A girl, looking like a 16 years old girl but with deep eyes who saw thousands of years came aside and took the small soul with her hands… While telling some unknown words that sounded like a wonderful ‘music’, a small body formed around and was now resting onto the girl’s hand. The angel, Erelle, put her other hand on the small sleeping body of Annetta and warmed it… Making sure the girl would be safe until the next time she would be back to life… And this time was almost there…

Annetta, amazingly enough, still remembered her time with Erelle, her small soul in the hands of her mother, the blessing being given to her, to remember, to see, to experience and feel, everything. She could even feel her mother’s soul, closing her soul eyes, she sighed, relishing the short time she’d have with her precious mother, until she finally fell asleep, knowing not when she’d come back, the next day. Some time early they morning though, the small Annetta Reese appeared, floating down from ‘heaven’, straight onto her wife’s bosom, her tiny frame nestled warmly in the cleavage of her precious girl, for the rest of the time they’d be sleeping. At 7 am, the birds began chirping, at 8 am, any stirred awake, very slowly, blinking, smiling, happy for everything that had happened on Erry and her wedding day, and the night that followed, combined with now, she couldn’t have been a happier bride. She laid there, content to stay, not wanting to awaken her lover, her sister, her friend, her one and only, not until the white haired angel, would list to be awoken, by herself. The brunette simply nuzzled in to the giantess of a girl, not wanting to change a thing until a further notice. Loving the way it felt to rise and fall with Erry Reese’s bosom, every time she’d respirate. “Gosh, I’m the luckiest girl in the whole world, to have such a lovely wife, such a great partner, and such an awesome mom,” Annetta spoke just over a breath, not wanting to make the girl aneath her stir.

Erry was still deeply sleeping… her dreams were full of everything from the previous day… many sweet memories that she’ll remember forever… having a small giggle in her sleep as she was dreaming of herself dancing in front of her wife… her arms moved a bit as she stretched her body… “Hmm…..” Erry didn’t felt her lover ‘land’ on her… but somehow… in her mind she knew that she was here… her hand moving slowly… it went right on her chest and ‘covered’ the small Annetta… letting her feel her hand and chest’s warmth…. Erry’s lips moved a bit as she let out some words in her sleep “Hmm… An… nie…. I’m so…ha…ppy….” Erry finally moved her head a bit…. yawning as her two blue eyes opened and was now feeling something… Looking at the small girl, Erry didn’t said a word…. and put her other hand on the small girl…. still being really careful with her and was now ‘massaging’ the small body with her fingers… rubbing the brown hair of Annetta with another finger “Hello little girl…. did you slept well…?”

Annetta could hear her lover stir, allowing the white haired angel to come to slowly toward her conscious state. Grateful for every moment she was lazing atop her lover’s chest, finally hearing Erry speak, the small brunette couldn’t help but giggle some, and feel really special. It was some time later, when Erry finally came to a full on awareness, seeing her little wife laying there, Annetta left to coo and shift and sigh as she was lovingly massaged and caressed, feeling also, her wife’s finger through her hair, “You said in your sleep, you were so happy, I can only assume you were dreaming of us, I feel so lucky to be a part of your world Erry, I can’t stop thinking about the first day we met each other in the field, just in front of our house. You were so tiny, so confused and lost, and now, look what both of us have. Unfeigned love, endless moments, and each other, for the rest of forever. I had the best sleep I’ve had in ages, thanks to everything we’ve shared, yesterday’s amazing happenings, and today, early this morning, when I felt my body come back, I fell back to sleep a little while…. and at the current moment, I am the small one hehehe. Though I know, never have we been, or ever will be, small, in each others eyes.” Annetta hummed, running her hands out against her lover’s chest, trying to bring her chills. She laid like that for a while, enjoying being small around her wife, until finally, some thirty minutes later, Annetta, got up off of her wife’s chest and slowly slid down the left side of her body, walking around slowly, until she came to an area where she could ‘grow’ back, and not harm her special girl. Closing her eyes, Annetta smiled, hinting her wish, a happy moment, her best one yet… “I’m thinking about when we said “I do”, when we embraced and the man, Nathan, declared us wife and wife… forever…” Annetta sighed, getting chills down her spine and feeling goosebumps enter all over her body’s skin. Her body shifted immediately, her aura enveloping her body, until the aura disappeared, to the shape of a human sized, Annetta Reese. Opening her eyes, she smiled, taking Erry’s hand and scooting up on the bed, she pulled Ms. Reese into her bosom and laid her lover Erry’s head, against her collarbone and bosom, lovingly stroking her hand through her hair with her right hand, while she held her lover, with her left.

Erry was a bit surprised a first but let her wife do what she wanted… Erry now laying on her lover’s body… she was looking at Annetta’s hands running onto her small curves… Erry looked at her own hand taking for a second her lover’s left hand… to see the two golden rings… Erry smiled and put her head back… feeling her lover under her… Erry moved Annetta’s hand with her own and kissed it… the very symbol of their unbreakable relation… Erry then moved a bit her hair so Annetta wouldn’t have much on her face then Erry started to talk… her voice was a bit melodious… “I remember this girl… that was so tall… that I feared the first time… but she wasn’t a bad one… I put my trust in her and she gave me… everything… I won’t ever thank you enough for this… Annetta… you became my sister… my lover…. a ‘giant’ part of my own soul… and I won’t ever stop to love you… ” Erry turned around, making sure her weight wasn’t too much for Annetta then put her face right above Annetta’s… Erry then smiled… two tears of joy forming into the corner of her eyes and bowed her head down… until Erry’s lips ‘landed’ onto Annetta’s… while of one her hands was on Annetta’s hair… feeling the silky brown texture…

With every reaction comes and opposite and equal reaction, at the very least. Depending on the type given, and the persons including, and their own definitions of the soul, of love, and their life experiences, with choice, dictated everything else. As Erry compared their hands, Annetta looked on, Erelle’s words had been true to the last letter, no matter what, these lover’s rings, would never be destroyed, they were bound by flesh and magic, what better spell, could anyone ever ask for. The melodic voice, coming out to elicit its heavenly emanation, back towards the brunette’s listening, ears, left Annetta with warm chills running down her spine, and goosebumps, yet again, coursing through her nervous system. She gulped, tears coming to her eyes, just the same as her wife’s, as she gasped, stifling a whimper, not wanting to miss a second of her lover’s words, listening to everything, not one detail would be missed. Finally tears fell from Annetta’s eyes as her lover spoke her hearts deep meaning, “Oh baby… ” Annetta gasped, as tears came out, “I feel the same way about you. I was alone, in a brand new world, separated from my mother and my sisters, you, just like a light that fell from the heavens, came into my world and blessed my life. Who would have ever thought such a possibility would be achievable, you and I, tiny and human, to become lovers. Your mother would be very proud, as I am sure Aya, is proud. I too, can’t thank you enough, for everything you’ve given me, you gave me a second chance, when I felt despair, and now, we get to have each other forever, we have the rest of eternity to learn more, cherish and experience more, of each other, every moment. I… WON’T EVER, stop loving you either…” Annetta had said briefly, still crying softly, gasping and choking back her tears enough to make her words intelligible. Annetta wiped her lover’s tears, and then wiped her own on a nearby pillow, staying in that embrace, until she noticed Aya waking up. “Well what do you say we shower, the three of us, get breakfast started, and have a day?” Annetta beamed, taking her left hand to Aya’s bed on the counter, and picking her sister up, and placing her into Erry Reese’s hands, just before the brunette got up out of bed and got her clothing ready, getting towels and washcloths, readying the bathroom, for a wonderful shower with the people she loved the most. She’d wait for Erry to join her, after the white haired angel picked out her clothing for the day, as well as had picked out some clothing for Aya, letting the platinum colored beauty, undress her own sister, if she’d had clothing on by that moment, just before joining Annetta in the tub.

Erry whispered a single word “My mother…?” Then accepted her sister Aya within her hands “Hello Aya” Before kissing the small girl… Erry then took a small plastic tub from Aya’s house and filled it with warm water if Aya wanted to wash herself… Erry then took her clothes for the day… a white shirt and some jeans… she also took the hoodie with the wings on the back the girls bought… Erry smiled then went to the bathroom… joining her sister in the shower… Moved her hands to her white hair and brushed it a bit…. before taking the soap and poured some in her hand… “Annie could I wash you first?”

Annetta simply smiled, nodding her head, not answering her sister, lover and wife anymore about her question, she’d not reveal that element, until Erelle felt it appropriate, a was a promise, but no one said Annetta couldn’t hint, as everyone had a mother, in all of creation, else wise, life was not possible. Annetta was happy about Erry’s choice of clothing, it felt like it matched appropriate to ear own, the couple would be a fitting pair, once the day of the outside world, would be upon them. Annetta had selected a pair of capris, and some keds, as well as a simple shirt, and a light, pink jacket, with purple and white, floral designs, Annetta had picked out some ankle high soaks, allowing most of her lower legs, to be shown off. Still fully naked, having happily waited for her wife to join, Aya could be seen close by in the shower, enjoying a space in there where she could be safe, while the two bathed together. The brunette simply nodded her head at Erry’s words, just after she had reached down and given Aya a kiss on the top of her head, happy this could be a bonding moment for the three women as sisters. “Sure babe, I would love that, thank you..” Annetta accepted Erry’s request, happily turning around, and after the water was the right temperature, she pulled the stopper up in the middle, and then the water began to flow out in the showering pattern. Aya was at the front of the facet by the side, so she wouldn’t get more water on her than she required, Erry having already given her an ample amount prior to. Her back now to those loving, lathered hands, Annetta sighed deeply, awaiting her wife’s caress.

Erry smiled… feeling the warm water pour on them… she started to wash her sister… putting soap on her hands Annetta would feel this directly… Erry was now caressing her wife’s body… cleaning it in every place… smiling as she was cleaning her sister’s chest… Erry was also a part of her sister’s body in every way…. moving her hands slowly Erry could feel some chills on her sister’s body…. both of them were enjoying this… Erry moved her head to kiss her sister’s neck…. before getting back to ‘work’… Erry took Annetta’s hands and washed them… then her legs and went a bit up to clean her back… then tracing her way down Erry was now almost done… Finally reaching Annetta’s ‘intimate zone’ Erry was really careful and washed it carefully… not wanting her lover to feel bad… Erry then cleaned her own hands before taking some shampoo this time… she made her sister sit because she was a bit tall for her. Erry then removed all of the soap while Annetta was sitting and started to brush the beautiful hair…. cleaning them with the shampoo, Erry learned how to use it and was doing her best for her sister… finally washing all of the shampoo away… Erry was finally done…. and let her sister stand up… Erry was facing her smiling… ready for everything Annetta wanted to do… Erry wouldn’t ‘resist’ her…

Annetta took in everything, every feeling, every touch, the fire to her ice would give, the ying to her yang, a completion of all. She simply held her hands out and closed her eyes, allowing Erry to move her body this way and that, so the white haired angel could love her and make her body go where she intended it to. Annetta’s toes curled a bit when her lover’s hands were upon her sex, almost sighing in longing sadness, as the touch was so brief, Annetta never being able to get enough of her precious woman. After a time, Annetta then got to her rear and happily tilted her head back, resting her hands on the water resistant, gripping surface, at Erry’s pure and loving mercy. Much did she receive, entreated with a relaxing massage, and a wonderful bathing experience, and an exfoliating, detoxifying and caressive substance with much rubbing, finally as the gentle hands, rinsed the shampoo from Annetta’s hair, she sighed deeply, having relaxed and rested her shoulders, finally getting back up slowly to hug Erry, brief, but very sincerely. “Mmmm~ such a wonderful way to wake up, thank you my bride..” she looked squarely and passionately into Erry’s face. “Your turn my love…” she’d softly say, now hugging Erry from behind, if Erry was generous enough to rotate, placing a brief kiss on the crown of her wife’s head, just before she began. Annetta would start out by scrubbing her wife’s flesh gently with the washcloth, getting her entire form, before she’d begin the true cleaning Now, getting her hands, with a body wash lather that smelled of lilac, ambrosia and pomegranate, she began to massage her wife’s muscles, likely tired from the day before, after all, Erry hadn’t gone anywhere, since devouring her lover, and making Annetta one with herself, the night before, the loving brunette, knowing sleep and some exhaustion, had to be about her precious sister’s body. Each person a temple within themselves, they were dear and sacred to one another, these two joined today, by a third, a trio, of happiness of belonging, what a perfect morning. Much tenderness and caress was placed in each touch, getting to her wife’s breasts, Annetta began to massage them, gently pinching her nipples to force them erect, running her hands along Erry’s stomach, smoothing her palms down her flesh, and washing off her legs and her arms, arm pits and feet, leaving her sex for last. Taking the lather, being careful not to push inside, making it so no soap would get into Erry’s anus, or vaginal and labial walls inside of her sex, she washed her, paying close attention to everything, being gentle, asking, “Honey… can we?” before she did anything else, sexually. Waiting for Erry to tilt her head back, Annetta then used the conditioner shampoo combo, pulling Erry’s hair out of her face, making it so the water wouldn’t get into Erry’s eyes, after allowing it to exfoliate, giving her wife a perfect scalp massage. Then, it was all rinsed away, with the night that held them. Waiting for Erry to open her eyes again, she had a look of longing, of a want and need, hoping Erry wanted to have sex with her.

Erry had some shivers… feeling her lover’s skilled hands at work… she was high in heaven…. by the small ‘stimuli’ Erry guessed what was happening and smiled…. letting her wife complete all of the cleaning.. Erry’s eyes opened and she looked deeply into Annetta’s… Erry knew what was all about… and smiled again… before taking a step forward… then another… facing now her lover… Erry raised her head a bit… and opened her arms wide… “I’m all yours today…. I really want you to enjoy yourself Annie… and this body of mine is now a part of you too… do whatever you want please.”

Never for a second would the loving brunette simply assume Erry was nothing more than property, always asking before hand, as each lover had, and would always do so, as their bounds new no ends, and quite naturally, most things were okay without even an uttered word, but it was always nice to know, that each others bodies, were something that was sacred. Neither girl ever thought of the other as a physical possession, as the only thing each other would possess forever, would be each others hearts and spirits, everything else would flow and follow naturally. Yet now, having heard Erry’s promise, her permissions given, Annetta wanted nothing more than to embrace her lover, her wife, her sister, and make her feel good. Looking right into Erry’s eyes, she smiled warmly, holding her back, leaving just enough room, so they could look each other in the eyes, “Wow… you’re so beautiful, I can never get over how amazing you are to me, Erry…” the brunette sighed deeply. Annetta took their bodies slowly down to the front of the shower, the steam and the water still flowing behind them, so they’d stay warm, Annetta gently placed Erry down on the soft, slightly giving surface of the gripping foam, beneath their feet. Switching her body, Annetta’s rear was now facing Erry’s head, while Annetta had the best view in the house, of Erry’s vagina.

She went low, never touching her rear on her lover’s face, unless Erry were to have pulled her down, but in return, regardless, Annetta lowered her face down to Erry’s heaven, and began massaging her wife’s gluts and buttock, gently also running her hands over Erry’s inner and outer thighs. She then buried her face into the white haired angel’s sex, smushing her nose down into it, gently nibbling and softly biting at Erry’s clitoris, poking her tongue inside of the hood of her protusion, making her tongue go long, licking from the top, and going down the slit, paying attention to both labias, and then the vaginal wall in between, leaving nothing unsavored. Annetta began moaning, taking her wife’s musk, making lewd slurping noises as she began to slowly force her tongue inside, giving Erry time to adjust to the added feeling and slight pressure increase, waiting for her lover to become loose, and accept this ‘new addition’, into her sexual depths. Just going in, with the tip at first, Annetta began to lap and lick, the heat coming from Erry’s vagina was amazing, her wife smelled so good, being promised to have all of Erry, everything she had to offer, today, Annetta couldn’t have asked for a better wedding present. As she caressively ate her wife out, Annetta ‘mmmmmmed’, not getting hardly enough, this being the very beginning of something even greater. Here in the thick of it all, slowly but surely, Annetta began her love making to her wife.

Erry was moaning… feeling her lover in a brand new ‘dimension’… Erry’s face turned bright red… “Aaaahhh…!” As she let out another moan… feeling her lover licking her… Erry’s eyes closed… as she moaned again… Louder… Erry’s arms were moving… trying to do something but all of her strength was ‘sucked out’ by the lovely treatment of Annetta… Raising her head a bit, Erry could see some juices… right in front of her… slowly spitting her tongue out and with a last moan… Erry’s tongue started to lick too onto her lover’s sex… nibbling carefully on the tiny bit of flesh at its top… Erry wanted to give all of this pleasure to her wife too…

The permission to lower her rear had been given, in the form of a lashing soft tongue, that would then lick and lap at her sex, Erry following it up by gently nibbling on her flesh, going to various parts of her vagina, labia and clitoris, carefully then, Annetta lowered her sex, until it was centimeters away from Erry’s face now. The platinum haired beauty would be able to feel the heat emanating from Annetta’s sex, as the juices began to come out in the pre, the taste, perhaps one Erry had gotten used to by now, for Annetta, it was most certainly was. She loved the way her wife tasted, as she heard her lover moan, knowledge of her progressive given as her sister’s body rocked slowly against each touch she’d give. Finally, Annetta pushed her long tongue all of the way inside of Erry’s sex, tasting and feeling about, finding lumps and groves and nodules, working extra hard to poke them and roughly brush up against them, her hands ever firm but gentle, giving Erry no doubt Annetta would continue this, for as long as it took for the both of them to get off. Stroke after caressive finesse, Annetta pushed her agenda, of wanting to make this reality a new blessing in Erry’s life, as her wife, and not just as a friend. Annetta would do anything for her love, she would die for Erry, and had before, already done so, yet she never died alone, the cruel Saphyr finally having a new rebirth, everything had been made just right, everything had happened for a reason. Annetta moved faster, pushed deeper and sqoze harder, nothing unbearable, simply giving her all, paying attention to small queues her wife would give, at what ever point of their sexual building, and sexual high, they’d experience together. “Mmmmm, you taste so good baby, I want your cum, I want your joy, I want your peace, I want it to feel my body with completion…” Annetta called out, her words heard, but nothing more than sultry, sensual and lustful, of course mixed with true love. Annetta herself began to rock against Erry’s tongue, stopping when her lover nibbles, but then would go back to gently humping Erry’s face, lifting up every so often, so her wife could get some air.

Erry was licking more and more… wanting more of her lover… Erry’s mind stopped to think… and was focused on pleasuring the girl right above her… Erry ‘s body started to move by itself… wanting more… until it started to shiver… “kkhhh… aaaahhh…… aaaaaaahhhh……” Erry was moaning louder… until she opened her eyes…. filled with tears…. as she raised her head… then trusted her tongue fully inside of her lover’s sex… while letting out a loud moan… and started to cum onto her lover’s tongue… releasing all of her juices… with strong shivers onto all of her body… Erry would feel ‘it’ soon too…

The time of the culmination of their sexual building to a cusp, was nigh upon them, each lover giving her all, to their companion, nothing with holding now. As Erry gave into her sexual lusts, being together with her like this, the moments they’d shared this morning, their intimacy and romance, the brunette was already halfway there, but as Erry focused so much more on pleasuring Annetta, the trembling lover just above her, could hardly stand the amazing feel of her wife’s tongue along and inside of her, as she finally penetrated her, forcing Annetta gasp and scream out Erry’s name, “AHhhhhhhh…. ERRY!~” She began to hump ever more, this time not letting go, and sat fully down on her wife’s face, with her lover drilling inside of her canal, the contracting of her sex felt as the walls came milking and folding in against the welcomed invasion. With her wife screaming out in her butt flaps and sex, with a heavy groan, and a moan, Erry’s orgasmic release began. Opening her mouth, Annetta covered her woman’s urethra, not letting a delicious ounce of cum go to waste, except for the dribbles and splashes that landed on her face, and began to swallow as Erry ejaculated. The lust and sensations and love, this romance, finally pushed Annetta to sexual abandon, flexing her thighs and butt down against Erry’s face as she briefly suffocated her for seconds only, and finally came herself, spraying her fem cum, what ever Erry would catch to her own, and what ever she hadn’t would trickle down her face, over her neck and between her soft pert breasts.

The torrents of her climax assaulting her senses to enrapture, Annetta would cum several times, the aftershocks of pleasure rolling through her body in sheer ecstasy and utter bliss, trembling and shaking all over, she was aware of her lover beneath her, finally getting off of Erry’s face, after about forty five seconds, and making sure Erry was fully spent before she moved, she finally laid down next to Erry, in their post coitus state, waiting there, cherishing the moment, their warmth, the afterglow, something that never grew tired, for the ever loving brunette. Finally sighing as she panted slowly getting her breath back as she laid their the water rushing by their heads, down the drain, she placed a kiss on Erry’s lips, thrusting her tongue into her wife’s mouth, wanting their vaginal discharge to mingle and their saliva to mix, before Annetta removed her tongue and swallowed, still kissing Erry on the lips. After five minutes of sheer relax, Annetta got back up, and offered her hand to her sister, and waited for Erry to get comfortable, before pulling her back up, and then rinsing the both of them, before turning off the water.

Annetta would be the first to pull in her towel to the shower, just after turning the water off and lowering the stopper, rubbing it all over Erry’s flesh, rubbing and pat drying Erry’s skin, and then placing that towel on the floor, before repeating the same with her hair, washing out the wetness, and leaving Erry’s head, silky and smooth. She’d then dried herself off, slowly stepping out, and drying her hair, adding some hair treatment to her hair and her sister’s own. Waiting until Erry would get dressed, and then Annetta would take out her curling iron, and add a few curl’s to her wife’s hair, and then some to herself, after she’d put on her clothing and light jacket. Getting out their make-up, she’d let Erry practice putting on her own, while Annetta put on her own make-up. Putting on her shoes and socks next, Annetta then put all of the dirty laundry away, and started a batch of clothes, letting Erry take care of Aya, in the exact same way, while Annetta finally headed into the kitchen… “Girls… what would you like to eat for breakfast today?” Annetta called out, with a happy ring in her voice. Having gotten a beautiful nights sleep, a warming shower, and just having sex, always put in her the best of moods, simply being with her lover and her new sisters.

Erry couldn’t resist the strong flow that hit her once Annetta came… feeling her lover close to her… Erry smiled as she helped Annetta to let out all of her juices… Finally resting on the wet ground, Erry saw her sister lay aside her and kiss her…. Erry’s body got tired… and welcomed the help Annetta gave her when she stood up… Erry then let Annetta enjoy her ‘doll’ with her hair… then Erry put on her clothes… but today she wanted to be a bit more ‘natural’ and decided not to put any makeup for the day. Erry then helped Aya with her clothing and sat the small girl on her shoulder. Erry then walked in the kitchen and heard Annetta… Erry smiled and sat Aya on the table.. then walked behind her sister. Putting her hands on her shoulders, Erry ‘moved’ Annetta on the side and sat her at the table. “Let me take care of this today please.” Erry smiled then turned on the fire… took some eggs and bacon and started to cook… while it was warming up, Erry took some oranges and made two glasses of juice with a small lid full of it for her sister. Erry then got back to the eggs and the bacon in the pans… it was almost done. Taking two plates, Erry put an egg and some bacon with them and went back to the table. “Let’s see if I’ve done this correctly.” Giving a plate to Annetta and putting the other one in front of her, Erry took Aya and sat her on the plate, a bit far from the egg and with a small spoon put some of the yellow texture and a bit of bacon in it and gave it to Aya… Erry was now looking at Annetta… proud to have learned something new again and was waiting if her lover would enjoy this too.

Annetta was more than prepared to make some food for her lover, happy to do, as she always had been, with her back turned, looking in the fridge and ready to gather what ever words she’d receive from either girl. Mrs. Reese had just recently gone shopping, so everything was still very fresh. Yet the next thing that happened, would take Annetta by warmed and welcome surprise, as Erry placed her hands on Annetta’s shoulders, the loving wife going along with it all, as she was kindly moved out of the ‘way’, being entreated by the white haired angel this round, she giggled, laughing with a smile, looking at Aya and then Erry, clenching her teeth a bit, lightly shaking her head, she was so proud to see the woman Erry had become. Simply nodding her head, Annetta accepted everything that was being showered onto her, so lovingly, she was so used to helping others, she’d found joy in merely doing that. But now, today, this morning, it seemed to be her turn to be given back, so much, it was overwhelming, and she was seconds away from crying, it felt so wonderful inside, to be looked after and cared for like this, what she do to deserve such a loving angel in her life?.. she asked herself.

As Annetta watched her lover cook from the table, she smiled, just resting her hands under her chin, taking her right hand out briefly to gently stroke through Aya’s hair, smiling, looking around a bit before she spoke, “Wow, you look beautiful today Aya, Erry did a fine job bringing out your natural beauty…” Annetta hadn’t even noticed yet, that Erry hadn’t put on any make-up, because to her, she was always so damn beautiful. The smell and aroma of food began to fill her nostrils, Annetta left to breathe it deeply in, as her stomach then growled, the human unable to lie to her tummy to tell her that food was on the way. It was far more than time to eat, but Annetta was glad they had gotten ready the way they had, and it was worth even now, for every second she’d wait there at the table to be so lovingly entreated. Everything was so homemade, so wonderfully done, and by the time Erry readied everything together and turned off the heat and washed the dishes down and got the table ready, the table was filled with a gourmet set of food, Annetta bit her bottom lip briefly, and then looked into Erry’s eyes, as she served her, smiling, hopelessly in love.

“I’m… I’m not used to this, others making things for me… it’s so nice, thank you… so much honey… it’s simple maybe, but it means so much to me, your doing this..” Annetta happily took the food, being the first to test it, tasting things separately, and then altogether, it felt and tasted like honey, like mana from the heavens, melting in her mouth. She’d been sent an angel for a wife, melting her heart, and now, she had been given mana from her angel, the food now melting in her mouth, Annetta was practically moaning, nearly jealous, but more happy than anything else, at how much of an advanced culinarian, Erry had become.. “WOW… ha, you… You really know how to cook Erry, you’re so smart, and so receptive to training and watching, you’re amazing… it’s so delicious. If keep it up, I might have to have you cook breakfast from now on…” Annetta giggled, “Only kidding of course, but I wouldn’t mind trading off every now and then…” Annetta chuckled, with a mouth full of food, forgetting that she hadn’t swallowed yet, her eyes going wide, as she excused herself by doing just that, gulping it all down, and then wiping her lips, blushing… “Sorry hehe… it was just so good, I… hehe, well, you get the picture… thanks so much, I’m so happy right now…” Annetta beamed, smiling while she’d been eating, suddenly grasping something, remembering when Erry was eating with her for the first time at this size, simply smiling, sitting there with her at the diner. Something so simple, being ever so cherished and treasured, and in the now, Annetta could hardly wait to hear what Erry and Aya would say.

“It’s very good Erry, congratulations!” Said Aya while smiling, making Erry blush, Erry herself was feeling a wave of heat coming onto her chest and ‘exploded’ on her face “Thank you Annie…! I’m so happy that you love it…! I… I really wanted to do this for you… ” Erry couldn’t hide her cheeks getting red… she was smiling happily to her sisters and let out a tear roll on her cheek “I want you to be happy Annie. You gave me all of this knowledge… and I’ll be happy to ‘give it back’ to you like this… ” Erry took Annetta’s hand… making their rings touch themselves… as Erry was looking deeply into the two ‘seas of blue’ that were Annetta’s eyes… then Erry’s lips opened… all the emotion was gathering around her… and those words were said… “I love you Annie.” Erry closed her eyes as she smiled wide… her cheeks bright red but so happy to be with her sisters… and knowing that they had sooo much to live together…

Annetta couldn’t disagree with Aya’s words, simply finding the food a marvel, though Erry never had to reach too far or hard to impress, she was a fast learner and she had what the mattered the most, a caring, loving heart. Annetta stared on, listening to the two speak, blushing as she admired her wife’s beautiful face, sighing, somewhat feeling like this was a dream, she never wished to wake up from. If this was a vivid dream, she wanted slumber for eternity. “And did a fine job you have… such a compliment, your mother would be proud to see the fine adult you’ve become. I feel like I am the luckiest wife in the entire world, how could I have been so fortunate to have what I have now? I could hardly ever wish to go back where I lived before, I have what I want right here, and I know, if my blood mom could see you, and Aya, she’d feel the same, and would be happy for me, to be where I am, who I am with, now…” Annetta would speak her brief peace, only to receive Erry’s next gift. With her wife taking their hands together, their ring fingers embrace, the platinum bands finally touch, that spirit of her wife, within the ring, was felt, making her gasp, it was overpowering, Erry’s heart was so beautiful, it would quickly be bringing tears of joy to the brunette’s eyes, forcing her to bite her lower lip as she stared into her wife’s heart through her pupils and iris, gulping as the tears finally silently, ran down her porcelain like, baby soft cheeks. Unable to contain herself, especially after hearing those three words, and then her name, she buckled. Almost leaping out of her chair, she softly yet swiftly, pulled her sister into her arms forcing the lips to meet passionately, after having stared in her wife’s own, mystical, enchanting eyes. She’d stay there with her lover, for as long as the kiss would last, and after some time, the brunette would thus pull away, sniffling as she clenched her teeth, slowly and softly licking her lips, and then pursing her lips, as if applying lipstick, it only meaning she could still taste the kiss that she felt lingering within her heart. “I know you do Erry, I feel it, these rings, it’s… it’s so hard to describe how complete I am, now that I am with you, I have my own heaven right here…” Annetta sighed as she shuddered warmly. After breakfast was finally over, Annetta happily took the chore of doing the dishes on, cleaning everything up, and if there had been left overs anyone wanted to keep, Annetta would then place them in Tupperware and then seal them up in their fridge. Cleaning her face and mouth, cheeking her make-up, Annetta came back to the kitchen, thus to address her precious significant other… “So Erry, I was thinking honey. What might be fun for us today?! We haven’t been to the mall in a while, would you ever want to revisit that pet shop, where you saw those cute puppies and kittens, having met the sweet lady? We can always go to a movie, and walk around the mall, maybe pick out a few outfits. I wouldn’t mind getting our nails done again. Aya, if it would be alright, I would like some alone time with my precious wife, if you can part with her for a while…” Annetta would offer up, clearly her face shining with a smile, listening for anything Erry would both like to say, or do.

Aya was looking at them “Well… to tell you the truth I wanted to spend some time alone too since I’m still a bit tired from all that happened yesterday, don’t worry I’ll still be inside of my ‘house’ but it’s something I really need to do to be filled with energy later” Erry bowed her head… letting the small girl climb on her hand, she put her back in front of her house… “We’ll be back soon Aya” As Erry went back in front of Annetta… “I’m ready, I would love to see this place again… but could I stay ‘natural’ for you today…? I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to have your nails done but… I feel like that I want you to enjoy me like this today… ” Said Erry with a smile… taking Annetta’s hand with her own, Erry put her phone in her pocket and moved to the door “Should we go lovely girl…?”

Annetta was pleased with Aya’s answer, as it didn’t appear to the red head, she had felt like she was being abandoned, quite the contrary, it thus seemed, like Aya needed a bit of alone time herself, perhaps needing to collect her thoughts, there were a lot of ‘pieces to pick back up’, after all. One doesn’t just simply ‘come back from the dead’, and have everything work out perfectly within their mind and their lives. Though the brunette knew Aya would be on the mend, and with a powerful security system, the gentle Annetta, knew Aya would be safe and well, in their absence. With Erry taking her ‘little sister’ to the doll house Erry had purchased for her to live in, it seemed to be quite the great fit, filling out a new world and a place to live, for someone who was so dear to both of their hearts, Annetta then finally smiling, as Erry was once more, right within her view. Hearing words given in return, Annetta simply shook her head, finally answering as she grabbed her wife’s hands. “You look beautiful to me no matter what you do, we will simply do other things, you are my ‘natural’ nirvana…” Annetta finished, watching as her wife continued to get ready as their brief hand embrace would retreat, long enough for Annetta too, to get her last minute items, taking her phone off of the charger and placing it in her purse, with Erry now having her own purse with a debit card attached to their linked account and assets, she could buy as she pleased too, without Annetta needing to get out her own card. Everything said and done, the brunette grabbing her wife’s hand, set the alarm, turning around briefly to blow her sister Aya a kiss, “We’ll be back lovely girl..” Annetta would finish, closing the door behind them. It was a good day to walk, Annetta didn’t need to bring their car, a good stroll never hurt anyone, especially to lovers that wanted to spend time, after their special day, making everyday after that, special in its own regards.

“That sounds perfect, lets go enjoy now…” Annetta briefly mentioned, letting Erry know her suggestions were heard as well. The walk would last for about 21 minutes, everything fairly close to the Reese family, it was a beautiful, serene, nice place to live, with plenty of amenities and shopping centers at their disposal, all with a mall in between it everything connected, one unto another. “Such a nice city, just to think, our faces were all over it, yesterday, on everyone’s screen, makes me wonder, if anyone will stop and say hi, or give us warm smiles…” Annetta chuckled lightly, as they made their way, first, to where Annetta wanted to go, the pet shop. After three more minutes, Annetta arrived there, grabbing the doors for her lover, waiting for her to go inside, only to come in behind her. The same wonderful lady, Hillary, was there to greet Annetta and her wife, actually being one of the people who had seen them on the T.V., not knowing before, their tale, but now, would share with them. “Hey Annetta, Erry… so good to see you again, what a sight huh, married, such a beautiful couple, it was so wonderful to see your wedding you two, I’m proud of your courage Erry, I hope you make a huge difference on the world, you’ve already touched my heart..” Hillary spoke, walking up to the both and hugging them, as if they were good friends. “So… what can I do for you ladies today?” Hillary, asked, looking at Annetta, but Annetta looked to Erry, wanting to see what her wife might choose.

While walking Erry was holding her lover’s arm… feeling the soft breeze in her hair… she was looking at the silky brown texture of her lover’s hair… and smiled to her… the two of them were walking peacefully… the sun was warming their skin… and the weather was just perfect too… Erry learned to use her phone and couldn’t resist but to take a picture of her lover… smiling to her with her closed eyes… Erry was smiling and set the picture as her new wallpaper… so she would see her lover every time… they were now in front of the mall…. Erry could see the pet shop where they went once… the clothes shop where they met Joanna… wondering if she could have talked to the manager about her feelings and if the two of them were now happy together… and soon the girls were in the mall… Erry was blushing from the hug “thank you Hilary… I’m really happy that people want to change their minds about us…. even if I’m a human girl too now… ” Erry then smiled to her lover… wanting to see what Annetta wanted to do today.

Annetta chuckled as her picture was being taken, if looks could kill, or even melt hearts, the sweet expression the beautiful Miss Reese was giving during and just after the click of the camera on the phone, it would be priceless, and the entire building in front of them, likely would have slopped down into the sewers bellow, because Erry and Annetta together, did change hearts, and were some of the two most beautiful girls, in creation. Annetta noted it too, after thinking about it some time, finally remembering the shop where Joanna had worked, she smiled, now within the pet shop, just before meeting up with Hillary, speaking her ‘two cents’, to her wife. “Hmmmm…~” Annetta seemed to sigh, “I wonder how our sister Joanna is doing now… maybe we can pay a visit to the shop, on the way out of the mall, before we leave today…” Annetta had finished, now answering Hilary’s question, as Erry seemed to be without words on the subject. “Hillary, would it be alright if we saw some puppies, and if we had the chance to pet one?” the brunette said, just after hugging Hillary back, happy to hear her wife’s words on the subject, as well as having previously listened to Hilary’s own, it was apparent now, Erry and Annetta’s joining, had made quite the impression and impact, on the city at large, such a wonderful thing to have transpired. “Sure Annetta, that wouldn’t be a problem at all… I would just request you use this sink back here to wash your hands before and after your visit… we want to keep a sterile environment for the puppies, I am sure you understand..” Annetta didn’t waste a second, with Erry nearby, if she wanted to follow, or simply just sit down and wait until they got back, the brunette would return once her hands were clear of germs and dry. Reaching into Erry from her left side and hugging the white haired angel towards the right, sitting next to her, Hillary would finally return with a baby chocolate lab, whimpering a bit and whining, as it had just been weened from its mother, the animal specialist getting a milk bottle with a ‘teet’, for the puppy to nurse from. “Here Annetta, it’s time for Shelby’s feeding, she’s hungry, would you like to feed her?” Annetta nodded naturally, with a yes, carefully taking the brand new puppy, and holding her in her arms with a blanket towel, reaching her face down to kiss it, putting her finger in its mouth, the puppy would suck against it, its sharp little teeth, somewhat gnawing at Annetta’s pinkie, before the brunette would giggle softly, blushing, soon feeding it… Looking into Erry’s eyes, if she wanted to either pet, and or feed to dog, Annetta would gladly pass her over… “Isn’t she a darling my beautiful wife? So small and fragile, so cute, so dependent on others for her nurture… so sweet…” Annetta cooed, looking down at Shelby in her arms, slowly rocking her back and forth.

Erry was looking at Annetta having fun… and let her feed the small dog, looking at how skilled she was… Erry saw something… her eyes crossed something… and she stood up… taking a few steps she saw a tiny cat in a cage in front of her… a name plate was on the cage so the small kitty would soon be taken by its new owner but Erry couldn’t resist… putting two fingers in the cage the small cat looked at them… then rubbed its cheek against, purring softly… Erry had a small giggle… it was the second time she was enjoying a small time with a cat… and this time her lover would see that… “I wish you luck tiny creature….” As Erry was looking at the cat who had bright white fur… just like Erry’s hair…

Annetta, while she’d been feeding the puppy, saw the look of sweetness within her wife’s loving eyes. It was tender to her to see the sweet tenderness her lover had learned, in regards to dealing with and caring for pets. Annetta watched as her wife got up, not taking her eyes off of her, wondering what she might be up to. Soon, her question with her eyes would be answered as the loving white haired angel, took to the sight of a brand new kitten. Annetta watched on, the brunette never learning, Erry had already done this once, with a kitten, just outside of their home, the night Erry had swallowed her shrunken self alive, and had utterly absorbed her. It was a tender sight to see, melting Annetta’s heart as the kitten was seen licking her lover’s fingers and rubbing up against them, giving off small mews, purring wildly, Annetta left to see the contentment of the little feline, and if Erry was looking at Annetta’s face now, she’d see nothing but pride, and warmth.

The kitten’s name reading, Beth Ann. She had a cute little bow attached to her collar, at the top, pink, looking very dignified, while still appearing very lady like. With a sigh, the puppy finally finished her meal, Shelby barking very quietly, no longer whimpering, loving being in the human’s arms, perhaps Annetta reminded the puppy of it’s mother. Hillary watched on, beaming, seeing these two loving people, also get the companionship of sweet animals, the blonde girl quick to take Shelby back, as she could see Annetta was stirring, meaning she was likely down with her. Though before Hillary took the puppy back, Annetta kissed her just above her right jowl, hugging her goodbye. Getting up, Annetta stopped by the cat’s cage, not wanting to touch it, as she had already been touching the dog, but she watched on while Erry loved her, Annetta herself proud to know the adult Erry, that had become her best friend and partner. Once Erry would be done affectionately being by the kitten, Hillary would have both brunette and white haired girls, wash their hands, Hillary would place the lid back on, and wave goodbye to the girls, as she could see Annetta was now walking slowly towards the exit.

“Thank you so much Hillary, I love coming here and seeing the sweet spirits, you have to offer the world, I hope every single one of these animals, can find a loving home..” Hillary was touched with Annetta’s warm words, hardly being able to resist to shed at least a tear, as she grabbed the door for the couple, finally letting them out. “So… Erry, do you wanna watch a movie with me now? If so, do you want to see a comedy, action or a scary movie?” Without warning, Annetta got her phone out and said, “Say Cheese…” snapping her photo, as now, the brunette herself too, would have a picture of her precious wife, Annetta slowly now walking forward again, while Erry would choose where they would go next.

Erry was wearing her usual warm smile as the girl was taking her picture… the smile that was only for her lover… Erry was wondering about the movie they saw last time “Well… we’re here for some fun so why about a comedy…? ” As Erry went back to her lover’s side… grabbing her arm with hers… and looking at her deeply again. Annetta giggled warmly once she had taken Erry’s picture, the white haired beauty was even more amazing this time around it seemed, perhaps in small contribution, was Annetta’s last devouring. Though much of what made this angel pretty, was her heart. One couldn’t simply look at Erry, when she smiled, and not feel loved or important, and that’s what Annetta was feeling, when Erry  looked at the camera, not fully realizing, that this pose, was all for her. Yet the brunette could attribute Erry’s smile to her own, because she was feeling just as wonderful today, as was her wife. This was another day of celebration, a new life, a time to spend moments making memories that was last forever. Once the snapshot was complete, Annetta set the picture to her background on her screen, and then put her phone away, now, both girls had a way to always look at each other, regardless of where they were, though hopefully, they would never have to depart from each others side.

Hearing Erry’s suggestion for the type of movie her wife would wish to see, Annetta simply nodded her head, beaming, “Sure, that sounds wonderful, I could use a good laugh, not that I’m not already happy, being here with you, sharing eternity with the woman I love, I guess, I can just never seem to get enough of your smile, and your laughter, you melt me, I love it, love you, SO MUCH!” Annetta gulped, resisting or trying to resist the urge to cry, but her eyes did get a bit glossy, should Erry notice to look. Heading over to the theater area of the mall, Annetta held her left hand out, wanting her wife to grasp onto it, if she desired, wanting to hold her hand in return. Three minutes afterward, the lovely couple could see ‘East Oaks Cinema’ right in front of them, with a huge listing of various movies, some placards and banners denoting picture references for various currently playing and future attractions of movies. “Minions” looked very promising, perhaps at a later time, once it were released, Erry and Annetta could go and see that one. There was an obvious choice right next to it, with current movie listings, that seemed to go right up Annetta’s allie, a movie called “Inside Out”, the brunette laughed softly with a smile, “I’ve heard good things about this one beautiful, Inside Out, it looks like a good comedy, why don’t we see that one?” Annetta pointed out, requesting, and if Erry should desire, the loving wife went ahead and purchased the tickets. “Hello, yes, I would like two adult seatings for your 2:25 Session of “Inside Out”…” Annetta asked the cashier. “That will be $8.50…” Annetta would look to Erry, wanting to give her wife card practice, allowing her to take her own card out to pay for the movie, if she desired. If so, the woman would take Erry’s card and smile, her name tag reading ‘Jackie’, “Here you are miss, enjoy your movies guys.” Annetta smiled, giving the woman acknowledgment, before she grabbed Erry’s free hand, Erry likely now still having her and her wife’s ticket, the theater usher waiting to tear them, and guide them forward. “Perfect, Inside Out, that will be theater nine, on the hallway towards your left..” a man by the name of ‘Greg’, had ushered, smiling to wave them off and take the next people’s ticket, with still a good 20 minutes before the girl’s movie was about to start, giving Annetta and Erry plenty of time at the concession stand. “Remember, you have your card Erry love, go ahead and buy what ever you want, maybe we can share each others food…” Annetta made sure to announce. Finally coming up to their place in line, the menu had been right before them, so Annetta had had plenty of time to look over the food and candy, knowing what she had wanted right away, the clerk at the cashier ready to take her order, “I’ll take some nachos with some jalapenos on the side, some chocolate almonds and a large Dasani water, and a large tub of popcorn, with butter and salt of course…” Annetta’d finish, “That will be $14.25…” Handing the attendant the right amount of cash via card, Annetta would taker her purchase and ask for a tray, waiting for Erry to make her order. Once that was through, there was still 13 minutes before the movie would start, Annetta making sure Erry had everything she needed before she walked towards their destination, getting the door for her lovely wife, and watching her go in, looking at her nice curves on the way in, winking and biting her bottom lip with a smile, should Erry be shocked to see Annetta being playful with her spouse. Finally at their seats, Annetta would wait for her lover to sit down and get comfortable before she would, putting her wife’s tray above her lap in the secure holding place, so Erry could move around how she wished, Annetta repeating the same for herself, once she got into position. Previews were now rolling, just as the brunette sat down, giving Erry a kiss on the lips and cheek, just before she faced the screen and began to pig out on some popcorn she intended to share with her lover, or for what ever else she wanted to share, and with what Annetta might want to share, should her wife have gotten something she didn’t already have. “It’s starting, I’m ready for a good laugh baby…~” Annetta beamed.

Erry was a bit unsure at first… but her lover was aside so she gave her card and composed the code on the tiny device… Erry smiled to Annetta, glad to have such a good teacher that was also her wife. The girls went next to the tiny stand and Erry looked at the menu “I’ll take some popcorn and a big orange soda with two straws please.” Again Erry repeated the same process but was getting confident now. Soon the girls were in the big room, Erry was still amazed by the size of those… but was looking at her wife enjoying herself. Erry gave Annetta ‘her’ smile, with the usual soft warmth and kindness around it… but for Annetta it was much more special since Erry was so happy with her. Sitting next to her lover, Erry put the two straws in the soda cup and winked to Annetta if she wanted some “I’m sure it will be fun!” Whispered Erry as she put her hand onto Annetta’s…

The movie began to roll once finally all of the previews had cycled through, it was a wonder sometimes, if the movie itself would actually start, all of the different producing companies, wanting to have their own slots, and paying for the ‘air’ time for customers to be forced to see it, regardless, at least most of what was previewed, was tolerable and even funny at times. “Inside Out” by Disney Pixar began with the cast and crew and the film set up, finally showing the people and their bodies and then the things, emotions, that were connected to each entity being displayed, upon the cartoon screen. Annetta had always loved Pixar movies, and was happy to ‘share’ this one with her lover. Without even having to be told verbally, Annetta took the body language of her wife’s wink, and gladly took the orange soda straw to her lips, drinking down the content’s of it as the straw itself changed colors, to match what was inside of the cup filled with delicious beverage. Erry would receive a pleased smile, denoting Annetta had really enjoyed the drink. Water was water, but should Erry want some, all she had to do was ask. Annetta then opened her almonds, noting her wife hadn’t purchased any candy, and would offer some chocolate, if Erry wanted to have some. Eyes forward mostly, except for when Annetta snuck peeks at her lover’s amazing face and body, Annetta chuckled seeing parts of emotions she remembered several times experiencing for her self, it was a blast to actually see Pixar relate to many things she had felt, putting a ‘picture’ face on each emotion, and how it would interact with society as a whole. Needless to say, Erry had been through many tough times in her own life, perhaps this movie could or would be just as relatable to her precious sister, as it was herself. Annetta thought briefly on Aya at their house, hoping everything was okay on the homefront, though the brunette was pretty sure it would be, with Erry retrofitting her sister’s home, so she could take showers and use the bathroom if she needed to while Annetta and Erry were out and about. The movie was quite the comical relief, giving Annetta even more joy, even if in a different way, than her very own lover would, all the time. Learning to laugh at life and other situations, always different ways to view the angles of different hardships or enjoyable times, in one’s life. The character’s plot, with the dilemma and life, seem to go array once Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness, separate. Though she seems to handle it, sooner or later, even if it starts out rocky, and nothing is perfect, so many things were relating back to the brunette in her own life. Not everything Annetta had ever been through, had been easy, but meeting her loving girlfriend, and life partner and eternal companion, life seemed to be so much more manageable, and with so much happening in her new life, replaced from her old one, the blue eyed sister, didn’t seem to have enough room in her heart for doubt or sadness, because it continually seemed to overflow with happiness. The movie would finally roll the credits at the end, Annetta making a fuss to whistle and cheer and clap, making those around her laugh, the brunette not minding to be spontaneous, having no one left to impress, as the only person she really ever needed now, was her wife, her friends and her family. Though it didn’t seem to be taken badly here, in fact, others in the crowd seemed to be laughing and clapping and whistling along back with the brunette, there was doubtfully, anyone in the theater, that didn’t think Annetta was pretty and funny. Taking her wife’s hand, she stacked their trays, cleaning up their garbage, having not used most of her water, she’d place it inside of her purse. Waiting for Erry to get comfortably back upon her feet before moving, Annetta then headed out, throwing their garbage remains in the provided trash receptacles, with the cleaning crew smiling, “Please come again, I hope you enjoyed the show…” a woman said in a kind voice, “It was lovely,” Annetta retorted happily with a smile, finally down on the ground floor, heading back out to the main lobby.

“What did you think of it Erry, my love?” Annetta said as she’d try to hold her wife’s hand again, heading out into the main area of the mall, now back inside of the theater lobby. “So what do you want to do now sis? Anything else you want to see while we are at the mall? It’s just 4:40 PM now, there is still plenty of day light left before us…” Annetta took her time, walking with Erry, having no where else she’d rather be, her gait was slow, and her walk was more of a saunter, just cherishing the moments she could spend with her best friend and significant other. Seeing other people, happy eyes, seemingly jealous eyes, and people who were indifferent, based upon two girls loving on each other, though Annetta simply smiled at all of them, she knew now, who had her heart, and who would always have her back, people would come and go, lovers had come and left, but Erry, would be with Annetta, forever more, giving the brunette no need for want, as she had everything within her grasp, right next to her, that she held more dear, than life itself.

Erry was giggling during the movie… she was always enjoying those simple moments of life where she could enjoy something with someone she loves… Erry was remembering the first time she went to a Cinema, it was with Saphyr and the two ‘sisters’ enjoyed the movie sooo much… but today it was with her wife and Erry couldn’t be happier. The movie was really interesting and Erry was ‘feeling’ it. At the end, Erry was resting in the comfy seat… looking at her lover “It was lovely Annie….” Soon Erry leaved the cinema with her lover and they were in this street they explored together many times… Erry took Annetta’s arm and ‘hugged’ it for a moment before wrapping it with her own arm… “Hmmm… could we get some clothes maybe…? We could just watch some of them if you want and well… maybe I’ll find something to make ‘your Erry’ cute ? ” Said Erry with a giggle… still wearing her cute expression on her face…

Annetta smiled once they made it outside, finally getting to the street, coming up to the clothing store, the brunette happily nodded at the suggestion, “Sure, can never have too many accessories or different outfits..” Annetta agreed. Finally walking up to the entrance of the clothing apparel store, Annetta grabbed the door for her wife, waiting for Erry to enter inside before she’d follow suit, and catch another wonderful view of her wife’s luscious booty, thinking a few dirty thoughts, what it was to be newly weds. So many different clothing styles, so many articles to choose from, such a large variety of colors and patterns, it was a very nice place inside. “Wow, this place is nice Erry, I am glad you chose to come into here…” the brunette had said briefly, walking up to a skirt and pulling it off the rack, but leaving it on the hangar, for now, she modeled it, holding it up against her body, pushing the material out with her breasts and her hips… “What do you think, do you like the color and style, or should I put it back?” Said Annetta while looking into Erry’s eyes.

Erry was looking at Annetta… “Hmmm… it fits you well, you should take it Annie.” Said Erry with a smile… as she started to look around too…. her eyes stopped on some articles… “mind if… I try some…? It will be a nice surprise for you…. ‘” As Erry started to take some clothes on her arm… hiding them a bit so she would surprise her wife…

Annetta giggled, looking at the way her wife in turn, would look at her, making her feel special, sexy, and loved. “Yeah, I like it, I think I will, thanks for your opinion as always love..” Annetta said briefly, taking the skirt in her hand and pulling the hanger out and placing it over her arm. Annetta wouldn’t notice the articles her wife had, but knowing that she wanted to try some clothing on, of course Annetta was just fine with that, making a comment on it, moments later, after Erry had finished her question. “Of course, that’s what we are here to do love, feel free, and you know how much I love your surprises!” Annetta chuckled, blushing some as she couldn’t seem to stop smiling, fathoming in her mind what her wife would look like in what ever she would try out. Heading towards the fitting rooms, Annetta placed her purse inside of a lock, taking the key as well as her wife’s purse, before heading into the changing room, the rules saying, no taking items inside with, so Annetta tried her best to comply. Annetta came out in a red figure hugging skirt, that was a one piece set, a generous helping of material that would cut off half breast level, showing off Annetta’s amazing form, hugging her stomach but making plenty of room for her wider than normal hips, yet she could perhaps blame Erry a bit for making her so enchanted and magically beautiful!  Coming back out, she waited, if Erry would come back out and show off her clothing she wanted to preview for Annetta, the white haired beauty would see Annetta’s too, “So what do you think… do I look silly?” Annetta blushed, naturally fishing for a compliment, a seemingly large habit for the brunette, always wanting to feel good, about herself, especially to her wife.

Erry heard that Annetta had done changing… she was in her small cabin, putting on her own clothes… looking at herself in the mirror, she wanted to be perfect… Erry soon opened the curtain…. and looked at her wife… “wow… you’re… beautiful Annie…” Erry was a bit speechless… looking at Annetta she was looking sooo beautiful in that set that Erry had a small shiver… “What… what do you think of this too…?” Erry wanted to try something cute this time…. wearing a small star shaped hairpin in her white hair, Erry had a soft pink shirt with two wings on it… a shape she loved much… she was also wearing a short white dress that had the same color as her hair… and without any nylons, Erry’s legs ended with some small black sandals with soft heels… Erry wanted to look like a ‘woman’ but also wanted to be what her lover loved about her…

Annetta would blush at Erry’s stare and approval about the clothing she had on, looking into her wife’s eyes in return, seeing the platinum haired girl’s attire, both girls wanting opinions on how one another looked, it was only natural, a woman deserved to feel pretty, wanted, and cherished, and what with these complimenting clothes, it only helped their natural aspects, look and stand out even more pretty, and far better. Taking Erry’s hands, thinking about everything they had been through together, her favorite word, her happiest memory and fondest expression, Angel, and if that was what Erry was trying to accomplish by her new stylish clothes, she had only only succeeded, but she had forced the brunette speechless. With her mouth slightly agape, her heart racing, a deepening blush set in, Erry was Annetta’s own personal goddess. Blinking slowly several times, while holding onto Erry’s hands, gently rubbing them in her own, tears formed in Annetta’s eyes, coming down onto her porcelain like, baby soft cheeks, seconds later… “Amazing…. What can I say to how I really feel, seeing someone so gorgeous, so pretty, so perfect, before my very eyes? If this view was a panoramic, or a mountainous picturesque, it would be considered flawless, yet your beauty, exceeds even that, Erry…” Annetta gulped, looking directly into Erry’s seemingly somewhat shy eyes, waiting for Annetta’s approval, she didn’t get her approval, instead, she got her utter and utmost acceptance, Erry was perfect, in every way, shape and form, and seeing her wife like this, looking so mature, these clothing articles, really, very much so, fit her, in more than one sense of the word. “It’s almost as if these pieces of clothing, were simply waiting for you to come get them, as if they had your name on them, and no others. Angel, is all I can think when I see them, mirroring what my heart and my eyes see, every time you walk into the room, and are by my side, through everything we do…” Annetta gulped again, a few more tears coming down her cheeks, out of her clear blue captivating eyes. Annetta couldn’t help it, and being she had a feeling these articles were already theres, minus the payment, she didn’t mind doing the following. Pulling herself into her wife, thrusting her body into a gentle embrace, Annetta grabbed area at the nip of her neck, and passionately began to kiss her on the lips, even if brief, would be heartfelt and meaningful. Forced to pull away, not wanting to make a public scene, even if behind closed doors, a minute later, reluctantly, Annie finished her expressive and longing kiss. Looking at her spouse again, over her pretty flesh, the hair on her head, her face and arms, her eyes, the way her lips were formed, how her nose had been shaped, the gentle rounded edges of her jaw structer, her cute little ears and her supple neck and shoulders and chest, there wasn’t anything Annetta didn’t love about her wife. Going back to holding Erry’s hands, she’d do so for a time, pulling the white haired angel in front of a nearby mirror suggestively and giving Erry time to follow, she’d then be placing her head on Erry’s left shoulder, looking at each other in the mirror, was what the brunette had intended. “So pretty… wow..” Annetta gulped once more, wanting to stay like this as long as she could, not wanting to break these quiet, tender moments, ones she knew she would never forget. It wasn’t so much about the act of trying on clothing at all, so much more as, it was simply being there with her wife, and doing this act with her, wanting to be pretty for her, and in turn, Annetta had gotten a miracle of a wife who looked absolutely stunning in the clothing she had tried on, with the nice shirt, the angel wings and the white skirt, to match nearly, her platinum white hair, no, Annetta would never forget a time like this. Even in time, when the clothing had been worn out, for however long that would take, this memory would always forever be in the girl’s mind.

Erry could feel her lover’s head on her shoulder… moving a bit her head to ‘cuddle’ Annetta’s head, Erry was looking at the mirror… she was watching two peaceful girls…. two wives that fate itself never wanted to see together…. they broke that fate and were now a stronger being together… Erry interlocked her fingers into Annetta’s hand and watched the mirror again… the soft color of their hair was mixing a bit… and made Erry smile… “I can see you in me Annie… when we… ‘tried’ this… I was happy to welcome you within me… and now I see the result… even if my body isn’t… ‘generous’ like yours… I love to think that this small self of mine fed yours… made it like I see it now… beautiful… ” Erry passed a hand into her lover’s hair… not wanting to break this precious moment with her… “I love you Annie.” Said Erry… wearing her warm smile and kissed her lover on the crown… still having her hand brushing her hair…

Annetta closed her eyes and thought about heaven, this matching that feeling, but once again would open them, not wanting to miss a second of visual imagery, to be traveling through her thoughts, from her eyes, hushing her wife’s lack of self confidence, “Non-sense, you are stunning, your body is petite, but very appealing, we are born with our body’s natural make-up, it is what our mothers gave us, and I for one, know, more than just me think this way..” Annetta wouldn’t tell Erry at this time, but Erelle had thought the world of the white haired angel, thinking she was the prettiest thing she had ever seen, but that was a tale for another time, a tale that would eventually ring its own, once Erelle was ready to present it to Erry, but not a moment before then, Annetta keeping her promise, but holding it dear. “I too, can see you in me. In my reflection, upon my face, within my skin, inside of my heart… and in my very soul…” Annetta cried a bit more, tears coming out her eyes, as it was true, the lovers that stayed together, for some reason or another, they began to resemble each other, but for Annetta and Erry, this was not just a figure of speech and attitude, literally, they had been made each others, save one last goal, one last step, one last physical means, one by which Annetta had wanted to perform this evening, should her wife allow it.  “I guess that just leaves one more thing, doesn’t it my precious partner, my wife, my all?… Tonight, if you would allow it… After our marriage, you have taken me, and made me a part of you, physically sealing my body to yourself, if you would be kind and entreat your wife too, I would like to follow up on that act, to seal our bodies bound for the eternities, as the same physical being, in that same light… Erry… my love… can I eat you tonight?” Annetta said very softly, giving an early intention, of what she had in store for their evening, so long as Ms. Reese, the angel, was okay with it. After a time with a deep reluctant sigh, Annetta broke the lean, but hugged her wife, before departing, thus getting back out of her skirt, she’d fold it neatly and put back on, her own clothing she had begun to wear this morning. There she’d wait in the changing hallway, pulling her purse back out along with Erry’s in the smallish lock-box, and would then be placing the key back in the voucher bag, holding her and her wife’s purse for now, until Erry was ready to come back out. There Annetta hoped to soon see her lovely wife, glad Erry had the desire to share something so magical and memorable with her, a sight Annetta knew she’d never forget again. The anticipation wasn’t overwhelming, however, there was that longing, a longing the brunette knew she’d have for the rest of her life, to be with her sister, at her side, with her, and no one else.

“I want it…” Whispered Erry in her lover’s ear… as she blushed… it was before something she would have hated… but it was different with her… Erry WANTED to become one with her lover… and would allow her to do so… Erry then packed all of the clothes back in a small plastic bag and wanted to take them… those clothes were what Annetta loved… and Erry would be happy to be dressed like this for her… the girls would soon head to the cashier…. but Erry’s mind already started to ‘wait’ this… looking at her wife’s perfect curves… Erry was seeing herself ‘inside’ of Annetta’s body… her soft lips… her silky hair…. her beautiful breasts… Erry smiled…. she would DO IT tonight and would become one with her lover… But for the first time as wives…

As Erry finally came out, and then said her words, “I want”, that was all of the confirmation she needed to her request, but seeing the way her wife had acted, and looked upon her while they checked out to buy and purchase their clothing, it did even more for her, making Annetta feel sexy, wanted, and loved. Erry and Annetta were there for each other in ways many others never could be, that they were literally, a part of each other, not just in heart and soul, but in body. Who else could live to tell the tale, of having been through so much together, as these two girls, so simply had, and in such a rather short period of time, considering the vast amount of forever, in the universe… not many, save, if none at all. Annetta and Erry truly knew, they had it all, with each other, cheating the fate and destiny of their lives, and replacing cruelty with perfection, mending broken hearts, and surpassing many people’s expectations, even their own, many times over. Though with everything happening the way it did, Annetta knew it wasn’t a mistake or a random happenstance, all of the bad that happened in Annetta’s life, all of the closed doors on relationships and events, had merely been building blocks, Annetta finally being lead right to the door that opened up to her wife Erry, all of the bad that had happened before them, preparing Annetta to be overfilled with joy, in accepting all of the happiness thereafter. Tonight would be special, but not because of one person, or another, it was special because it would be shared by two eternal lovers, in a way no one else could relate to, a way that no one else, could experience. A few glances of longing were seen coming from Erry’s face, only making Annetta blush all that much the more, it appeared both women, wanted this evening to happen, but there were still a few more items of ‘business’ and of ‘fun’ to take care of. Making their way out of the clothing store, Annetta had a clothing sack over her right shoulder, like a hobbo holding a stick with a bag, and her left hand holding her wive’s right one, walking together now down the side walk, leaving Erry’s left hand to hold her own bag. “I was wondering, would you like me to make us dinner at our home, or would you want to eat out again, there are lots of lovely places I can think of that you haven’t tried around the vicinity, but, there are also many recipes of food, I have yet to make for you, I would love for you to try, the choice is yours, the rest of this evening, everything we do, is yours, and mine alone, to cherish…” Annetta briefly asked and told, some of her words maybe rhetorical, but meant by her heart just the same, in want, desire and longing. Annetta was now with her wife in the center of the city, many ‘avenues’ to choose from, at this central point, to go home now, or to venture the city and come back later, the night was still very young, and so were they, both Annetta and Erry Reese.

“I would love to…” Said Erry as she was looking a bit strange on the outside… she was blushing all on her face…. having a wide smile and was ‘wanting’ this… “It would be better for us to stay at home tonight… ” As Erry grabbed the girl’s arm… breathing a bit loudly… her heart was beating fast… then put her head on Annetta’s shoulder as they were walking…

Annetta beamed nodding her head, just taking her time, sauntering about in a slow gait, moving forward, progressively towards their home. There, as they walked, Annetta simply allowed her lover and wife to relax her head and arm against her as she took her time. “That sounds wonderful then, just us, and Aya, in our home.” Annetta finished. The brunette could hear the increased pace in her wife’s chest as well as feel the breath from Erry’s lips, the volume of her respiration someone more defined, she must be winded or excited, she wasn’t worried, as she had previously seen a large smile, Annetta simply knew Erry was happy and looking forward to their evening. Annetta continued to walk, this time, taking twice as long for them to get home, some 35 minutes later, but it was all worth it, arriving sometime just after 5:30, with still plenty of time to make dinner, set things up, and relax for the night. Getting to their doorstep, the normally seen stray cat was there, waiting for a hand out, Annetta handed a string cheese to Erry, allowing her to feed the sweet kitten girl, the feline somehow seeming to think this was her new home, though never could an animal enter inside, the kitten quickly enough catching the drift, and moosy on along, once she was fed. Unlocking her door, patiently and waiting for her wife, Annetta finally stepped inside, waiting until her lover was inside the doors, before shutting and locking everything behind them. “Aya… sweetie, sister, we’re home, are you okay?” Annetta called out, putting her jacket up and her purse on the counter, Annetta then plugged her phone into the charger, leaving Erry’s phone charger, right next to hers, as soon, Erry could plug her own phone in. Settling in for a time, Annetta thought up a delicious dish, one her mother had made for her many years ago, and would ask Erry if she wanted to try it. “Erry, what would you think about trying my mother’s porcupine meatballs, with fresh cut green beans and some homemade mash potatoes?” Annetta asked happily, though in turn, would be just as satisfied to make her something else, should she want to have. Getting the basic fixings out, that would make multiple recipes, Annetta washed her hands, and then headed towards Aya’s ‘home’, smiling, hoping to still see her there.. “Aya… are you there honey?” the brunette said softly, fairly near her wife, if Erry was still by, the gentle Annetta ready to make dinner, at any moment now, momentarily checking up on things to make sure all was alright before she proceeded.

Aya exited the small plastic door and was looking at Annetta while Erry was a bit away in their room… “Annie I’m here… I’m sorry again but could I stay in my ‘house’ for tonight…? I’m still a bit tired and… I was talking with ‘her’ before… she’s getting closer to us… but she can’t reach our world yet…” As Aya was talking about Erelle… Erry plugging her phone and washing her hands too was in the kitchen “I’m sorry Annie but… I prefer the two of you being alone for tonight… I could understand that this is your… ‘special wedding night’ and I won’t be disturbing you.. and don’t worry I still have some things to eat here, just be sure to enjoy this day.” As Aya smiled… before going back in her house “I’ll see you tomorrow Annie, have a good night with her.” Said Aya before closing the door… Erry now looking at Annetta from the other room then coming near her “Annie…? Is Aya here? I would love to try your recipe and… can I help you doing it please ? I would love to learn new things and help you.”

Annetta finally got her answer, simply nodding, “Very well, I love you… see you tomorrow then…” Though she had heard the words about Erelle, she didn’t say them out loud, just in case Erry might have been listening, the time not yet appropriate for the angel mother, the goddess of life, to be revealed, all in her own due time, Annetta was content, Erelle would do exactly what was right for Erry. With Aya’s door closing, Annetta got back on her feet, fully standing up, smiling, giving Erry a hug, and then kissing her passionately on the lips, briefly. “Aya is just fine love, she’s tired, she said she had plenty of food and all of her needs, lets let her rest for now, we’ll see her again tomorrow…” Annetta cautioned warmly, giving Erry a chance to think about what had been said, so she wouldn’t worry. “Yes, I would love your help, let me get all of the ingredients out, so we can have them at your disposal, in fact, I will just give tips here and there, you have already proven yourself a couple of times in the kitchen, I am sure you can handle this recipe with a bit of guidance love..” Annetta winked. Getting out the following ingredients, there was a lot of things to add, but with the proper measurements, all Erry needed to do was follow specific instructions: 1/2 cup uncooked long grain rice… 1/2 cup water… 1/3 cup chopped onion… 1 teaspoon salt… 1/2 teaspoon celery salt… 1/8 teaspoon pepper… 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder.. 1 pound ground beef.. 2 tablespoons canola oil… 15 ounces of tomato sauce.. 1 cup water… 2 tablespoons brown sugar… 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce… “Once you and I have more time for it, I will teach you algebra and advanced math, in cooking, you use a lot of fractions, so you need to know how to convert all of the things that don’t add up, together, by adding fractions of various measurements, I’ll explain that more later. For now honey, just worry about putting it all together, I will be right by your side, just like always…” Annetta finished her love, finally putting out all of the those ingredients, at least telling her wife, what everything was… “We’ve got various herbs and spices, things that give the food tang and flavor and zest, such like Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, garlic powder. When you cook, you always add your liquids first, and then your solids afterward, slowly stirring them and pouring them inside, so as not to both either waste or make a mess. We’ll use a large cooking put, so everything will bit inside of it. When you handle the beef, you have to be careful, because it’s raw, and can contain harmful things that would be bad for us. For now, I will show you how to prepare the meat, and then you can do it next time, at least these beginning portions, surely you can do the other parts.” Annetta then got out the ground beef, sanitized the counter and used a bowel large enough and specifically designed only to hold the raw meat. Placing the meat inside of the container, Annetta was sure not to touch any other surfaces or counter tops with the raw germs, and would place the packaging right into the garbage can, avoiding to touch the lid. Washing her hands, Annetta got some gloves, latex, but with no powder, and would get out a second pair for Erry. Okay honey, now combine the following ingredients together.” 1/2 cup uncooked long grain rice 1/2 cup water… 1/3 cup chopped onion… 1 teaspoon salt… 1/2 teaspoon celery salt… 1/8 teaspoon pepper… 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder … “With that everything proportion now, we can mix it up in the large mixing bowl with the meat. Once we are satisfied that the rice and the combinations are successfully mixed evenly together, we are then ready to form meat balls. The rice and meat balls get their name ‘porcupine’, because of the rice that looks like quills from a porcupine, kind of funny, I know… hehehe. Here put on some gloves now darling, and help me make some meet balls. I’ve already pammed and oiled a Pyrex container to place all of the meat balls inside, so once you form your meat balls, you can put them in next to mine..” Annetta said happily, loving she could teach her wife these things. Rolling a ball the size Annetta was used to seeing her mother do, she’d place it inside of the opened rectangular container, and waited for Erry to repeat the process. If successful, after a small while, the whole container of Pyrex would be filled with meatballs to enjoy. “Next, as I stated with the raw germs, we have to put the gloves away in the garbage and we can use our wrists to turn the water on, avoiding touching the facet with our hands, to not spread infection, just in case.” Annetta once again led by example, and would wipe down the counter with Clorox wipes… “I am wiping the counter down again, just to make sure no germs are left behind, and then I will wash my hands one more time…” Annetta stated, she really was a germ-o-phobe, but she had her reasons, and most of them, had to do with love and safety. Now with the remaining ingredients we need to add: 2 tablespoons canola oil… 1 can of tomato sauce.. 1 cup water… 2 tablespoons brown sugar… 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce …

“Together with everything combined, it will make the sauce be pour over the meat. It will take approximately 45 minutes to cook, but we will take it out to check the center of one of the meatballs, just to make sure it is thoroughly cooked all of the way through. We don’t want pink in the middle of our meat sweet heart..” Annetta informed her lover. Waiting for Erry to put all of this stuff together, she would then carefully help Erry pour the mixture over the meat and smile. Cleaning up the raw meat container first, sterilizing it well with heated water and a bunch of antibacterial soap, not satisfied until she had washed and rinsed it out 3 times over.. “See as I am being very careful with how I wash this container we used for the raw meat love, no splashing, no putting it on the counter, until we know for a fact, it’s clean…” Annetta smiled. “Go ahead and pre-heat the oven for 375 degrees. Push these buttons right here. It will take approximately 5 minutes to get up to heat, and then we can put the porcupine meat balls with the sauce inside…” Annetta would wait for the process, telling and helping her wife along the way, sneaking a few kisses and watching her cute full figured booty, swaying as she walked, Annetta giggling, looking forward to some romance, obviously tonight.

Erry was listening carefully what she had to do, her eyebrows moving a bit as she was understanding all of this… she was tasting a bit the different herbs and sneezed out when she tasted the pepper “ow…” then doing everything her lover was telling, Erry was really careful with her hands… doing her best to ‘honor’ Annetta’s mother by doing this… Erry couldn’t resist but to kiss back her lover from time to time… Erry was listening again closely and repeated the same process… watched closely the fire not to burn herself. Erry finally washed her hands too… taking her lover’s within hers… “thank you for teaching me this Annie.” as she couldn’t resist but to kiss briefly her lover on the lips… feeling the soft skin texture on her own lips… Erry stayed a minute looking deeply into her lover’s eyes.

Annetta smiled as she could tell her lover was really enjoying this cooking, and that one fine day, very soon, she would be a master chef, taking it one step at a time, she was a fast learner and seemed to really love life and get the zest in all things, so that was what really counted and mattered in the end, everything else, would simply follow. As the food was finally set, Annetta helping Erry put it inside of the oven, Annetta set the timer for forty five minutes, “Go ahead and push the button, in forty five minutes, we’ll check the food, to make sure it is done as desired…” Annetta briefly said, and was about to speak again but before she could do so, she was warmly entreated to her wife’s lips, interlocking her hands with Erry’s own and turning the simple kiss into a deeper, wetter one, smiling, and softly moaning through her nose, closing her eyes, giving her wife a few affectionate ‘Eskimo’ kisses, before pulling away just enough to look Erry directly back in the eyes, not stopping, the entire time her love wouldn’t, enjoying the silence and the quiet embrace of Erry’s warm skin and touch, smiling back in the same fashion and in the self same moments, Erry had been. “Let me rub your feet love, I would love to do something for you while we wait for dinner to cook…” Annetta offered, and if Erry accepted, she’d get some baby oil, Jasmin scented, and would wait for the white haired beauty to join her on the couch. Getting a towel, she placed it on her dress and got some special foot pillows to place above with changeable cloth on top of them. Gently taking Erry’s feet, she’d pulled her shoes and socks off, squirting the baby oil on her hands and rubbing her hands together several times in a circular motion, as to heat the oil up, not wanting it cold on her precious others skin. Finally she’d take Erry’s feet and gently massage them, each precious toe at a time. Going in between the grooves, applying pressure where she had felt knots or tension and smiled into Erry’s eyes longingly. Spreading the sensations and love to the other foot, eventually Annetta rubbed up her wife’s calves… “Just to think, such a beauty, will be a part of me once again, when we finish this night’s feast and clean up for our bed…” Annetta looked dreamily on into Erry’s face, sighing, grinning warmly, her face was radiant and filled with much joy. “How are your feet feeling angel of mine? Would you like me to rub anywhere else… 25 minutes before we check the food..~” Annetta offered and had told.

Erry had a small giggle as it ticked first… but soon was enjoying this… laying on the couch, looking at her lover… “It feels really good Annie…” As she was still looking at her… feeling like this woman’s ‘doll’ Erry smiled… laying her head on a pillow, just to ‘feel’ this wonderful massages… “Thank you Annie but… it’s not fair if I’m the only one enjoying this….” Erry sat against the couch… then layed the girl on it… putting Annetta’s chest on her thighs… and putting her head on a soft pillow… Erry’s hands were now on Annetta’s back… “Let me take care of this please…” Then just like a ‘pianist’ on its instrument… Erry’s fingers started to move onto Annetta’s back… helping her to release any pressure of her beautiful body… Erry humming the soft song they shared… as she was ‘exploring’ her lover’s nerves… helping them to relax… Erry moving to the lower part of Annetta’s spine… still doing the same on every nerve center… until she could feel Annetta relax… Erry’s hands moved to Annetta’s head…. and brushed her hair… “There… you beautiful one…”

Annetta couldn’t have asked for a better evening with Erry, having made together, one of her favorite dishes for her angel for her first time, as they now snuggled and cuddled and massaged each others bodies, Annetta closed her eyes. Not trying to resist the urge to cry, Annetta was feeling so much peace and love, she knew Erry deeply cared for her, doing these simple acts, Erry wouldn’t go for a second, her mind always churning, unable to have herself simply be the only one that had, Erry always provided for other people. Chills went down Annetta’s back and goosebumps built, simply going limp bending her back over so Erry could have plenty of room to massage her. Soft contented moans could be heard and a few winces, a few bits of pain, that hurt so good, Annetta knowing Erry was kneading the knots right out of her, and repairing her body, making her whole again. “It’s so good baby, you love me so much, I can feel it, always doing things for me, no matter what, just to think, my whole life was leading us to this moment, all of the tragedy and sadness we’ve had endure, taking us to this home, with each other, now happy forever…” the brunette gulped, a few tears leaving her eyes as she laid her head back into Erry’s bosom, smiling up, pursing her lips if Erry wished to kiss her from above.

The timer chimed, insisting the girls get up, reluctantly, but happily still, as dinner was now ready, Annetta rose to her feet and helped Erry back up, heading to the kitchen to wash her hands, and waiting for Erry to do the same. “Now, the Pyrex will be very hot when we pull it out of the oven, be careful, take your time, don’t burn your skin, come in at an angle away from the heat, and use hotpad gloves, and we will be just fine!” Annetta accounced warmly. Waiting for Erry and putting on her own oven mits, the brunette then opened the oven, grabbing one side and then having Erry grab the other, until all four hands could grasp the Pyrex, ready to gently place it down on a heat pad, that was already set on the table, Annetta having already prepared the silverware and the plates and the cups. Turning off the heat, Annetta got a fork and tasted one meatball, “Perfect, cooked all the way through, and the rice is tender… that’s what you want..” Annetta beamed. Going back over to the oven, she turned everything off and would pull the freshly cut green beans out of the pan on the stove, deciding against having mashed potatoes, since they had spent time on the couch instead, but Annetta was happy with what they had. Getting a second heat pad to absorb the temperature away from her real wood, and placed the vegetables on the table. “What would you like to drink love? Take as much sauce and meat as you want, we’ve made plenty to even have left overs, for tomorrow…” Annetta smiled, the fresh vegetables and the meat, making her stomach growl with anticipation, as what was the hardest part really, of cooking food, was the waiting for it to get done, since she simply wanted to eat it, it smelled so good. Getting out some juices, any placed them in some pitchers with ice, getting some pitcher coasters, to help absorb the moisture, waiting for Erry to make her choices before she’d sit down and relax and enjoy. “Mmmmmm~ looks so good, just like Laura made it… I’m starved… lets eat gorgeous!” Annetta offered, asked and requested. Finally getting some meatballs for herself and some fresh green beans, pouring some lemonade in her cup, and got some straws for her and her lover, remembering now, Erry loved them and knew how to use them quite well by now. Finally putting the food in her mouth after blowing on it, Erry knowing by now to do that with her hot food, as not to burn the palate of her mouth, Annetta moaned as she closed her eyes, savoring the flavor of the meat and the veggies… “Wow…. Just like I remembered it… so many memories… such a good mother..~ but now, it’s our memory, together… how does it taste my love?” Annetta looked into Erry’s eyes longingly.

Erry smiled to her lover as she finally sat at the table…. closing her eyes, Erry’s nose was tickled by this soft scent “sooo goood…” Erry stood up and went to the fridge to pick the milk bottle and placed it on the table… going to sit right aside her lover Erry poured some milk in her glass and was surprised to see two straws in her lover’s glass…. approaching her head a bit, her lips sucked on the small plastic tube and enjoyed a bit of her drink… “thank you Annie.” As she pressed her lips against the soft skin of her lover’s cheek… “well… let’s taste this then haha~” Said Erry with a soft giggle… having another load of this perfect scent… “Laura… what a lovely name…” As Erry looked into Annetta’s eyes… “I wish I had a real mother too… but well… I have your love Annie… and my heart is already full of it haha…” Erry took a tiny piece of meat with her fork and blew on it before tasting it… her eyes opened wide in surprise and closed… before removing the fork without anything left on it “so gooood… it’s like tasting heaven itself…” As Erry blushed a bright red, enjoying the food.

Annetta was thrilled to see how much Erry was loving the food, each and every bite, they would definitely have to make this recipe again, Annetta softly giggling as she had her mouth full as well, and would swallow her food down, likewise. Seeing her love taste some of her lemonade, Annetta noted Erry had gotten some milk, a good choice, the both of them, each girl would have a savory meal indeed. In between bites, Annetta would hear and reply to what had been said, smiling, but fighting against herself at the same time. “Yes, Laura, one of the kindest women you could ever meet, she’s half of the reason I am who I am today. I will miss her always, but it’s as you say it, we have each other now, Laura would be proud to see us together now, in joy and love and peace…” Annetta having to resist the urge to tell her wife, truthfully, about Erelle. Words ringing out in Annetta’s mind ‘But you do have a mother Erry, and her name is Erelle’… coursing through the brunette’s thoughts, but she couldn’t risk breaking her mother’s charge, her new ‘angelic’ mother, would soon enough, show herself and explain everything, Annetta was sure of it. “Yes, Erry my sister and significant other, my sweet heart, we will definitely be making this dish again, it’s just too good not to hehe. Please, at any time you think up a recipe you have enjoyed in the past, we’ll make it, even if we need to google it, we have our phones, and the internet, is but a push of a button away…” Annetta offered and had said in response. After a time, the food would be eaten and enjoyed, the brunette excited and relieved but mostly pleased, Erry had gotten to try something for her very first time, that she had found delicious. Putting the dishes away, once Annetta was sure Erry was finished, she cleaned up and did a batch, starting the batch of prior dirty dishes from the morning, enough to fill the entire cycle, with everything they had dirtied, gladly so. Washing up her face and cleaning off, she dried, waiting for her wife to repeat her, if she so chose, Annetta then went to the bathroom, releaving herself, doing her business, and would clean up just as lady like as before, lighting a candle, spraying air freshener and opening the windows, she’d come back out, sending a wink to Erry, the time now 8 PM on the dot. Heading to their bedroom, there Annetta would wait, sitting on the side of the bed, after having slipped into something more comfortable, some lace and nothing underneath, not wanting to make sex difficult, and wanting to give her wife quite the imagery, revealing all beneath, since the material upon her pale flesh, was see through but sexy. If Erry finally arrived inside of their bedroom, Annetta’s feet were over the left bottom most corner away from the wall, Erry’s right, as she’d be coming into the room, and the brunette would have her legs open a bit, her naked flesh on full display for her loving wife. Annetta cooed, biting her bottom lip, her heart racing, she couldn’t stand it a second longer, she wanted to make out with her wife and make love to her… “Erry… Can I please?” that age old question by now, but one these lovers often cherished and asked, one between another. Each person in this relationship, knowing full well, trust and love and concern, was more important than any desire, but coupled with their desire for one another, the answer had always been a resounding yes. Still, Erry was her own person, and Annetta would never forget that, even if eternally, they were bound. Each girl made up a unique roll in this partnership together, walking and swimming and coaching each other on in this battle and journey, called love and life. There, Annetta stayed, longing for her, Erry her angel, tears in her eyes, unable to get enough of this sweet woman’s embrace, touch and perfection. The brunette’s heart continued to rise slowly, her face going flush red in a blush, she trembled there, waiting in anxiety and deep desire, wanton and lustful in mind, but also filled with love and light and warmth, she needed Erry, she wanted her, and if at all possible, she needed her NOW. Gulping her mouth slightly agape, Annetta held her arms out, beckoning her lover to their bed, her precious sister, her one and only, her all… “Complete me, love me… as I love you… lets make a memory written in the stars, that no one, can take away from us…~”

Erry entered the room and was looking at her wife… Annetta wanted to feel her so much that Erry smile to her “Annie… I love you and… tonight I’m all yours… do whatever you want with me I’ll be happy to… feel your love all around me…” Erry wanted to be submissive tonight, giving her lover anything she wanted… Erry stood in front of the bed… then slowly her hands went on her shirt… pulling it slowly, Erry was revelating her soft skin under and her small breasts in a small bra… untying it, Erry removed it so her lover could see more of her… her hands now getting on her waist, Erry pulled out the short dress then her pants… she was now standing naked in front of her lover… a soft glow of the moon made her hair shine as Erry was bright red on her face… she was breathing loudly…. “Tonight… feel free to do whatever you want with me… feel my body, feel my soul and… eat me Annie… I want to become one with you… to give you perfect body a tiny extra bit of perfection with my own self… feel free to do this when you want…I know that you’ll be enjoying this as much as I will so… ” Erry took some steps… sitting on the side of the bed, she ‘landed’ inside of the girl’s embrace… feeling Annetta’s arms wrapping her against her body… “let me love you tonight…” As Erry’s lips opened a bit… then moved her head until her lips touched Annetta’s own.

As Erry began to address, finally joining Annetta there in their room, Annetta sat there, the tears that were now in her eyes, finally fell down onto her soft cheeks. The joy Annetta was feeling wasn’t just in her mind and in her heart, it was there, right in front of her, in the flesh, in the shape of the woman who the brunette knew, she’d spend forever with. Erry’s lover simply sat there quietly and listened, mimicking her sister’s actions, and would soon, lose her night gown as she pulled it up over the top of her feet, sliding it up her waist and then past her larger breasts, soon to slip off her head entirely, as she joined her wife in her nakedness. As she sat, stepping her feet a bit more towards Erry, she picked the garment up and tossed it to the side, still looking up at her princess. As Erry finally shifted to the bed, after saying her tender, heart felt words, Annetta would witness the act of her lover throwing herself into her arms, but not would Annetta miss it, catching her there, pulling her in tight, as if the two had not seen each other for several days, their love was just that strong. As Annetta was sitting still on the corner of the bed, she hoisted her wife’s legs up and placed Erry’s rear in her lap, allowing the platinum angel to wrap her legs around her if she wanted to, before Annetta got all of the way up to stand, placing Erry on her back, moving her body about, until her sister was on her back, with her head pushed up against several comfortable pillows. Then Annetta passionately kissed her wife, hearing everything that had been said, and would make out with her for a time before that wonderful, wet, passionate, sensual kiss, finally broke, but Annetta had much more planned than this, the night had just started in the light of the moon. With their bodies now separated, Annetta moved backward a bit, still facing Erry, staring at her longingly, smiling sexily, Erry was about to get a wonderful treat. Finally where she wanted to be, besides a few adjustments that would be made after the fact, Annetta was now at the foot of the bed, just before Erry’s feet, the lights low within the room, but still allowing enough illumination, they could both see what they wanted, the brunette then gently took her wife’s legs, and stretched them apart, no further than comfortable. From there, Annetta slid her knees up a little bit and began to lower her, resting on her strong, but feminine legs, grasping now onto Erry’s buttocks. Finally, after fully bent, Annetta buried her head against of Erry’s crotch, licking at Erry’s clitoris, up and down her slit, now using her left hand, she would bring it to Erry’s love canal, and slowly pierce through, though in no rush here, but would steadily add things as she went along, wanting to increase Erry’s pleasure, as the quiet moments, second by second, would push forwards toward the future. But just like anything else under the spans of time, future turned into present, present turned into past, and the past turned into their wonderful history.

Licking her tongue in long strokes, lapping, flicking, changing positions with her face, as she slowly inserted two fingers into her wife’s sex, now her teeth and tongue were playing and flicking at her sister’s clitoris, her right hand still massaging Erry’s butt. Annetta was showing her wife, that no matter what, she never thought she was above her, just appreciating her, and tonight, Annetta would be the dominant one, allowing Erry her submissive reign and relaxation, for the time being. Not so long ago, Annetta had received it from her lover, and now it was Erry’s turn, to be on the receiving end of that same love. Annetta moaned and cooed and sighed and murred, various sexually lewd sounding noises emanating from Annetta’s mouth and nose, as she spared no efforts nor any love, that she wanted to give Erry, her wife would get it all. Massaging more, not really increasing the wavelength of intervals, but nor did Annetta relent, she’d let the momentum stay were it was for the time being, just to treasure it as long as possible, if Annetta had it her way, she’d give her wife ultimate pleasure, before their ultimate event. Respect, love, but also cherishing and lusting after Erry, Annetta never closed her eyes, staring into heaven, in the shape of a white haired angel, looking up her stomach wall, and right back into the beauty’s eyes, so long as Erry had been looking back at her. “Mmmm~ I love you… you taste so good, you smell so perfect, you’re so warm and soft…” Annetta seemed to say in a relaxed and barely audible voice, soothing and dripping with lust and passion, towards her best friend, sister, lover, and most precious partner and wife.

Erry’s toes curled a bit and ‘grabbed’ onto the bed cover as she started to moan from this so sweet pleasure… Erry’s head was on the many layers of pillows but would see her lover at ‘work’… “Aaaah…….aaaahhhh……” With soft moans, Erry let out some saliva pour out from her mouth and roll to the side of her cheek…. her body filled with chills, she wanted to be at her lover’s mercy… and later this night would allow her to swallow her whole and alive… “Ka…kaaaahh….. pl…..ease…… ” As Erry begged her lover to lay herself on her… shivering from the tiny nibbles and the warm tongue licking her skin…

Annetta listened to her wife’s whims as she went along, body language seen, tone of voice known, soft sensual moans listened to, looking at her face and back at her sex continually, it was obvious what Erry had wanted, it was what Annetta had wanted the times her wife had dominated her, ever so lovingly still, she wanted her to be on top, another form of lover’s control. Happily obliging, it wouldn’t mean the pleasure would stop any time soon, no, the brunette was simply shifting her body as requested, knowing what her wife would want. It wouldn’t take long for Annetta to move from the base of Erry’s feet, towards her shins, knees, thoughts, over her waist, midriff, the two now looking eye to eye. Annetta would smile, but mixed within her face was dominance, and love, and lust. Slowly, Annetta came down on top of her lover, until her heavier body would squish against Erry’s own, smushing her breasts into Erry’s, their tummies now aligned, her right hand going back to massaging Erry’s body, her left hand once again at it, fingering Erry, pumping her two fingers, as Erry’s sex heated up and got more moist by the passing moment, loosening at the lips, but also constrictive within the canal, Annetta’s lips then met Erry’s own, wanting to kiss her lover, Erry would be allowed to moan through her nose still, but would soon have Annetta’s tongue inside of her jaws, Annetta playing with her sister’s oral muscle, just as much as her own, shifted within the angel’s mouth, them both now ‘French kissing’. Annetta carefully sqoze her body against her wife, only laying down into her every time her wife would exhale, not wanting to ‘steal’ the air from her lungs, but also wanting her wife to feel like she was being dominated, like she knew her lover wanted, and like she herself had loved, several times, when Erry had done the same for her. In and out her two finger’s went, only her pinkie finger and thumb without, but as Annetta rested her hand ever now and then, the brunette’s pinkie finger purposefully went inside of the hood of Erry’s clitoris, while her thumb gently played against Erry’s anus, wanting to massage her beautiful flower, her sweet pucker, and would happily do so, as long as it was something her wife enjoyed. Annetta felt about inside of Erry’s canal, feeling bumbs and lumpy flesh, folds and muscles, these various muscles that undulated and pulsated and rippled with pleasure, perhaps some from Erry’s lust, but likely much on their own, unable to stave back the bliss that was slowly being flooded inside of them. Annetta stayed like this for now, wanting to give her wife her desires, loving what it would do to Erry, in turn, Annetta would have her desires met, because she knew how much this meant to the platinum haired beauty. Annetta’s own sex began to drip with honey, the musk from her sex slowly pushing out those natural chemicals once again, endorphins and pheromones, it would be highly doubtful her wife would not somehow notice them as they oozed their aroma wistfully through the air. After a time Annetta removed her tongue from her wife’s mouth, and broke their kiss, sniffing the scent of her face and sweat and musk, in through her nostrils, smushing her nose up against her wife’s flesh, Annetta began to softly lick Erry’s face, and then her ears, loving the flavor… “Sooo good baby… you taste sooo good…~”

“Aaaaah….” Erry moaned all around that soft tongue pleasuring her… and couldn’t control her body… Her legs slowly raised… shivering a bit before they wrapped onto her lover’s butt…. Erry’s hips were moving by themselves… “Ahhh… mo…more……aaaaaahhhh…” Her sex wanting even more…. feeling her lover’s fingers within was something already amazing… her canal was squeezing the fingers inside… “Annie…. Annie…. I… kyaaa….” As Erry was now feeling the small muscle licking her…. her body was shivering from this and the girl’s juices already pouring a bit onto her own body… Erry didn’t minded it…. she was enjoying this… a bright red on her cheeks as she closed her eyes… “give me …. more…. of… YOU…. aaahh… Be my queen…Annie….!”

Annetta warmly chuckled, kissing her wife’s cheek, in a way of saying ‘Yes’, without having to speak, allowing the platinum haired girl to know what she’d been heard. One more finger now was added into Erry’s sex, pumping faster, and going as deep as possible. When ever Annetta’s hands would rest a bit, while pushed deep inside of Erry’s canal, she’d purposefully scrape and wiggle and prod and poke and squeeze, what ever she could get a hold of, though it would never be to the point it hurt Erry’s body, Annetta only wanting her to feel everything as extreme as she could handle. Though not for a second would Annetta relent, if she heard no complaints of pain, no, she’d push forward for her love, for her sister, wanting her to feel it all, to reach for their stars, those memories they were about to create, that no one could take from them. Reaching her hands between their legs instead of on the sides now, Annetta would be like shaking hands with sex, her fingers inside, while her thumb finger plugged into the hood of Erry’s clitoris, scraping with her nail and pushing into the flesh, going between that and very lightly touching it, tickling her there, her fingers never ceasing to feel around inside.

As Erry requested it, Annetta laid her full weight now, down upon Erry, thrusting her chest and her stomach over the top of her as her left arm pounded away at Erry’s sex, and as her right hand lightly scratched and massaged Erry’s butt cheeks, Annetta slowly building up a sweat. Droplets would form and sweat drops would drip off of Annetta’s head, right onto Erry’s face and neck, the brunette’s entire body heating up both from physical effort and the lust within her heated, sexual core, feeling much of Erry’s body emanating those exact same responses, their warmth would turn into a heated embrace, both lovers now left likely, unable to stop from sweating, but it wasn’t a bad thing at all, far from, Annetta loved it, and she herself, wanted more. “Mmmmmmm~ yes, I will… for you… for us… for tonight…” the brunette said briefly, panting, her words jerking, as she had said them in between thrusting her arm back and forth, while her hand continued to penetrate Erry to no end. Annetta looked longingly into Erry’s eyes, and just after she got done speaking, the brunette went back to licking very softly over her lover’s skin, enjoying the goosebumps and chills she felt all over her wife’s body, knowing that it was because of her, they were happening.

“Aaaahhh….! Aaaaaaahhhhh” Erry was shivering…. having her lover’s head aside as Annetta was licking her ear, Erry had a soft moan inside of her lover’s ear… now feeling her lover’s body Erry was squeezed into the soft mattress… feeling the delicate weight of her lover…. feeling their breasts pressed against each other… Erry and Annetta nipples ‘rubbing’ themselves together…. “Aaaaahhhkkk…!!” Erry’s head fall behind on the pillows… her pleasure building more and more… she was nearly about to release this…. but only when her lover would feel this pleasure too… “It’s… perfect…..” As Erry was feeling the fingers pleasuring her insides… some pre cum already covering the fingers… Erry’s hand moved too…. to reach this wet but warm place… between Annetta’s legs… Erry was caressing the soft skin of Annetta’s lower lips… her index finger moving between them… feeling the soft texture…

Annetta already had in mind, how she was going to get off, focusing far more on Erry was Annetta, than the white haired girl might first as suspected. Lovingly, Annetta took her sister’s hands to the sides of her hips, wanting Erry to relax, soon enough, Erry would see when Annetta would find her climax, and the time was not yet now, this was all about Erry, and Annetta would have her way with her yet! The right hand going back to Erry’s beautiful rear, once it was done gently reassuring Erry she didn’t need to use her hands, unless she wanted to feel Annetta’s skin. Her left hand pumping in and out, and now came soon, the last straws. Faster and faster now would Annetta go, wanted her sister to loose it, already below her, she could feel Erry shaking and trembling she knew likely, Erry didn’t have long at all, before she’d give into her feelings of sheer and utter ecstasy, and Annetta wasn’t about to stop, until Erry had reached that sexual high. Annetta continued to lick deeply, if saliva from her mouth drooled, she’d quickly lick it all off, the only place on Erry’s face that would become wet or licked upon, was her own eyes, Annetta wanting to be dominant through everything, but would never hurt her love, beyond anything she could control. Annetta’s thumb went against Erry’s clitoris again, like that was it’s only force, a heavy pound would be felt, the fastness of it, quite rather quick, only for Erry to feel the hands stay there for five seconds so the thumb could push hard, pinch, tickle and finger Erry’s clit, the digits, the very fingers inside of Erry’s sex, were moving about, almost as if the brunette were playing on a piano. It would be hard to tell for Erry by now, which finger had been where and for how long as Annetta endlessly and ceaselessly, pleasured her. She could feel the vagina contract and squeeze back against her intruding fingers, but Annetta enjoyed the feeling of it, knowing she was doing a great job getting her wife off, slowly but surely, the tension of the sexual climb, the summit just before them now, Annetta would not fail her lover now! Twisting and turning and lightly scratching, did Annetta’s fingers go about to achieve, as they nearly left the platinum haired angel’s sex, only to thrust as far as they would go, simply because the thumb could go no farther in, and even if Annetta’s didn’t touch Erry’s cervix, what she did with her hands to make up for that, could be felt two times, two fold over. “Cum for me… while I lick you and finger you… ejaculate, for I have more in store for us my eternal lover…~” Annetta whispered into Erry’s right ear as she licked it and tickled her there, her breath warm and moist, just as her wet saliva.

“Aaaaaahhh…. aaaaahhhh….” Erry’s body was now covered by strong shivers…. her head moving while feeling the tongue licking her… Erry’s lips shivered and opened…. letting out a loud moan… “Annn…Niiiieeee……” Her legs pressed on Annetta’s butt again… Erry’s arms moved fast to wrap the girl and press her against her even more… Erry’s hips still moving by themselves… Erry started to whisper as she was letting out some tears… easily licked away by Annetta’s tongue… “I’m… finally in…heaven… Annie….. Annnniiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!!” As Erry let out a loud cry… her body arching… lifting a bit of Annetta’s body even from her weight… Erry’s embrace got stronger… as she fall back onto the bed… finally cumming onto her lover’s hand… every shiver letting out a wave of pleasure travel from her head to her toes… cumming again…. until Erry’s head fall back onto the pillow… still feeling the soft licks…. Erry was breathing loudly…. her eyes ‘sparkling’ from the beautiful orgasm her lover gave her… Erry’s whole body still filled by spasms…

Then she felt it, Annetta’s lover, bucking and heaving aneath her, the waves of intoxication and lust and ecstasy finally reaching their pivotal point, this was now past the time, where it would feel utterly rotten, to have stopped in a build of a sexual climb. No, Annetta wasn’t about to fail her lover, continued on it would go, past the point of no return, and over the edges of sexual abandon, and down the cliff of utter bliss. Erry would feel like she was falling as her body sent her to a new realm of wonderful sensation and weightlessness, Annetta gladly taking her there, and all whilst her wave began to cum, to ejaculate her feminine discharge all without the mattress’s between their thighs, Annetta tickled about, wanting to drag these sensations out as long as possible, knowing just how to touch her wife as her hand finally moved from Erry’s sex, but not to stop touching her labial wall or massaging her groin, until she was absolutely sure Erry was entirely through cumming. For what Annetta could tell, it felt like her wife had came a total of three times in her climaxing, reaching orgasm after orgasm, as waves of pleasure flowed through her like mini tremors and aftershocks of nirvana, these women reaching their own personal paradise, Annetta just as happy to give as Erry was to take, them both giving to each other this night, in their own way, as dominant and submissive, each sister taking their turns in prior and likely much so, in future events and moments from now, though tonight, Annetta would devour her lover alive. Finally getting up off of her, without a warning, the brunette now sitting in a cross legged, ‘indian style’, position, her hands came out in front of her body, as her eyes glowed a brilliant white and blueish like luminescence. A jolt of energy would flow into Erry’s body, Annetta now lowering her hands, as her eyes went back to their lovely normal blue, dwindling down now, she’d see Erry slowly disappear before and in front of her. Small she shrunk still, going from a human sized wife, to a bite sized snack, in seconds, and some moments to follow, Erry wouldn’t stop, until she was absolutely tiny, her common small size. Though Annetta smiled down at her, looking at her longingly picking her up until, both lovers seemed to trade places, though Annetta would lift and resituate the pillows, before laying back on them, allowing her top portion to be in a reclined but sitting like position. Opening her left hand again, the one which had taken Erry into the palm of her grasp, her right hand went down to her sex, parting her vaginal lips before her sister. Slowly and steadily did she go, yet this time, there was no question, Erry having already given her the go ahead, perhaps another form of domination, the act of simply doing. Her wife and her left hand directly before her sex, Annetta dropped Erry a few feet, only to regrasp her into her pointer finger and thumb, and would force Erry inside, feet first. Squelching wet sexual noises elicited forth from Annetta’s sopping, swollen sex, her labia walls heated, her vagina aching for touch by now, and in one fluid motion, Annetta would thrust her lover’s entire body inside of her sex, not stopping into her fingers were a few inches within, though coming back out with no passenger, now in tow. “Ahhhhhhhhhh~” Annetta panted out, patting her sex, her hands now free to do the business and pleasure she required to reach her own sexual high, though already in passion, in lust and love, it likely wouldn’t take long before Annetta too, would be ejaculating her own discharge. “Ohhhhhhhhh~ baby, sweetie, wife.. my love… I can feel you inside of me… my pussy just swallowed you whole, just as soon my oral lips will do. Wiggle in there, move about, once of course you can come back down from your post coitus and afterglow of the sexual release you just received… hehehe~” Annetta panted and giggled, her voice still very thick with sultriness and sexy tones, she was obviously in the mood for fun. Her right hand went to finger her clitoris, starting out with two fingers, going deeper still, enough to force her wife further within her vaginal canal, pocking at her, plunging her inside, until finally, Erry was forced deep against the back of the first ‘room’, inside against Annetta’s cervical wall. “Ahhhhh, I can feel you against my womb, tickle me, let me use you to get off, to make myself feel bliss… I love you..~” Annetta cried out, even if Erry couldn’t hear her between the muscles and folds of her sex, her voice at best, likely coming out as muffled to the ‘passenger’ within.

Erry had empty eyes but a deep look of pleasure when she disappeared from her usual size… not wondering what was this happening… it was maybe what she wanted too… to be the small one pleasuring the ‘giantess’ now in front of her… Erry let the girl insert her small frame inside of her then push her deeper… all around her , Erry was feeling the soft wet walls pressing onto her… hearing the soft moans of her lover… and feeling ‘her Annie’ all around her… Erry smiled… her face already covered by some juices she wanted her lover to reach her own heaven… Erry started to move her legs… poking against the small muscle ring right at her feet… in reaction Erry’s body was squeezed a bit more…. hearing a moan… Erry smiled again… now moving her arms she was massaging the girl from within… nibbling the soft pink flesh…. licking it but still.. taking care of the giant girl ‘outside’… “Let’s go together high in the sky Annie… I love you…” As Erry started to move even more… touching the girl everywhere… feeling a soft warmth building up around her… it would be the right time soon…

Even if Annetta couldn’t hear her lover that far back inside of her canal, for what ever season, it appeared Erry had heard her. Maybe she didn’t though, but knowing Annetta, and her desires, perhaps that was all that was needed. Regardless of the outcome of how it started, Erry was indeed felt within the brunette, kicking and wiggling about, pleasuring her, Annetta’s sex milking and clamping down so hard as some points, it would force the girl’s wind from her lungs, but not crush her. At least Erry still had mostly breathable oxygen all around her, with a small element of dioxide, but with the uppening force of sexual upheaval happening all around from within between both girl’s efforts combined, it wasn’t like Erry would stay there for long. As Erry geared up from within, this only forced Annetta ever closer over to given into her sexual abandonment, much like Erry had her own, only just some time before hand. Uncontrollably, muscles from within pulsated and rippled about all over and all around Erry, giving her a fully body message in return for what ever effort was placed, two fold. Annetta then began to buck her hips, gyrating her right hand over her clitoris while her left kept fingering and poking at her internal channel. Endlessly Annetta built towards her eventual climax, screaming out… “Erryyyyy… I… Kaaaaaaaah YEAAAAAAAA~ I …. Mmmmmmmph… I CAN’T…. I….. Ohhhhhhhhh… I’M GONNA CUM!~” Annetta went from bucking to thrusting her hips into the air, finally snapping her lower back into an arch as her legs briefly came together, Annetta’s womb threatening to open up and swallow Erry forever, but just as this happened, the boiling furnace all around Erry, tenses up, just like Annetta’s body would. Spasming, tensing to the point she was hardly moving until finally, it hit her like a crushing train, her orgasm was so powerful, her legs opened up, as her hand went at it, her left hand now massaging as her right hand opened her vaginal lips, literally forcing Erry out, ejecting her onto the bed with the feminine discharges that followed, all from her urethra, the creaming whitish, bubbly like substance, viscous and powerful in smell and taste, Erry’s body now laying on the mattress, and ejaculated out, just almost as fast as she had been put within, she would be came upon endlessly by the brunette. Wave after torrent of spluttering and spurting and spraying cum, pooled all around Erry as Annetta would pick her wife up and purposefully cum all over her little treat, almost as if she were icing a cake with frosting, before eating it all gone. Some minute long to follow, once Erry had been released, would Annetta not stop until, finally coming back down from her sexual escapade, wow, it had been alive, electrical, enrapturing, taking Annetta to a place in paradise, as her vision had gone blurry, the intense orgasmic release, almost forcing her to swoon. Panting still, her heart racing heavily in her chest, it would be an entire two more minutes before Annetta could speak again, still twitching every now and then, still trembling from being so, momentarily, spent. Allowing her body to recover, she took her wife up to her face in the self same moments she had been calming down, not wanting Erry to drown, before she ate her alive. Taking her sister’s body to her tongue within the palm of her hand, Annetta licked her down, and all of the cum, not wanting to waste it, as it mingled with Erry’s own flavor. Once it had all been wetly sucked and slurped up within the brunette’s mouth, Annetta’s tongue forced it to the back of her throat, allowing her wife to see it all, she wouldn’t close her mouth, and then past the epiglottis it would go, past tonsils and uvula, into the esophagus of Annetta’s throat, and with a loud *GLUCK*, the cum bulge would be seen finally disappearing behind Annetta’s breasts.


Annetta smiled, kissing her wive’s body, giving Erry a change to speak to her before she’d do anything else, just laying there in a supine position upon their bed, looking over her wife’s body, licking her lips hungrily. Many thoughts though, went through Annetta’s mind, she loved her wife, and she wanted to be with her forever, though tonight, this still being for both of them, however, it was now Annetta’s evening and desire, to consume her sister’s entire body, to bring her to her stomach, to complete that physical ritual, the one her wife had started, only the night before. After a time, Annetta took her wife’s body, yawning her mouth wide open and would place Erry on it, not telling her which way to go, as it was up to Erry how she would reach this evening’s fate, the destiny of these next few hours, to become one, with Annetta’s body, in a way, no other lover, could for their spouse. Now upon Annetta’s tongue, Annetta still had her mouth wide open, all so she could speak, or hear, still, both wanting to ask that age old question, her and her lover held so dear, combined with anything else Erry should wish to speak. A long pause would be given, and naturally, Annetta would answer what ever was on Erry’s mind before the next, the last, the final words Annetta would say to her wife, before she had devoured her whole… those two, precious, and heart felt, meaningful words, two words that had changed Annetta’s life and her wife’s life… forever……. “Erry….. Can I?” So many days had led up to this point, two strangers some three years ago, Annetta just as lost in her own way, as Erry was confused and cold. Two women together, listening, loving, spending time, and making vows… could anyone else be so lucky. A girl who had been through hell, dying countless times, being afraid. Another girl who had been cheated on, hated by some, and then cast into a ‘world’, that was not her own, one she could never return from again, leaving her entire family behind. But now, these mishaps and sadnesses, had meant something, both women knowing, had they not happened, they would not be the people they were today, and how everything had unfurled, likely, Annetta nor Erry, would have ever met each other on that fateful night. yet as stated in the past, Annetta didn’t believed in chance, or accidents, things happened for a reason! Tonight, having loved, lived and laughed together, these two were made wives, committing to each other, save one last act and pivotal event, the physical devouring of Erry after marriage. There Annetta waited, thinking quietly to herself, all of these things, they’d bring a tear to her eye, inside, while on the outside, Annetta wouldn’t make a sound, within, the brunette was joying, feeling feelings of elation, jubilee, and complete and utter wholeness. Just some few moments now, before this event would conclude, but from there, it simply would be, the beginning of something brand new.

Erry was laying on the soft muscle… slowly coming back from the sky… her mind was blurry… but she could feel the same thing as she now loved… her lover’s breath all around her.. the pearly white teeth making Annetta’s smile something that Erry loved to see… this beautiful voice coming from her depths… Erry smiled as her small body was getting ‘salivated on’… “Annie I… thank you for this… I was happy to unite with you this special day of our wedding… and now it’s your turn to…enjoy me…”  Erry’s hand moved to her small sex… wanting to finger herself while she would be sent down… “You are… PERFECT my love.. my only one… my Annie… I never trusted this legend about us.. the tinies… but for you it’s different… I WANT you to feel beautiful… to feel me going down inside of your body… to feel my tiny self becoming a part of you… forever… I wonder what part of your body I’ll become… a part of your beautiful eyes….? A part of your silky hair that I love….? a part of those perfect lips I love to kiss….? a part of your own blood that fuel your life….? Wherever I’ll go I… I’ll be a part of you… and I’ll be back to you too… isn’t that wonderful….? aaahhh….” Erry was now fingering herself faster… “now….big girl…. let’s become one…. let me join you…in the flesh…. and don’t forget that… I LOVE YOU ANNIE…. MY ANNIE !” Erry closed her eyes… yelling this so the ‘whole world’ would know how much Erry loved this wife… Erry closed her eyes… sighing… “With you my Annie…. Forever.”

Hearing Erry’s voice, made Annetta’s eyes open wide. Certainly not the first time her wife’s words had been heard, but how she was saying what she said, and even so, every time her lover spoke words, it always did something to Annetta. Tonight, would commemorate a huge event, the culmination of both this day, and the end of forever being apart. After this event were through, these two lovers would be bound not only in mind and soul, but eternally, in body and flesh, as sisters united, as friends, and eternal companions. The words struck her hard, but made her very happy, Annetta would gasp, as more tears welled up into her blue eyes, her teeth as ivory white as ever, her soul more pure now that she was with her one and only true friend, her Erry. Only moments would pass and those tears would trickle down, along with more words from Erry’s precious lips, her voice seeming to get louder and more adamant and more serious and filled with even more love, than she had before, almost making the ‘giantess’ tremble. Annetta’s heart beat rapidly, and likely, with Erry being as close as she was, she could perhaps hear it very well. Not one of the words would be ignored, or left unheard, how could they be. It all was from the mouth of a babe Erry, this hot babe now within Annetta’s mouth, her soothing, loving, loud and tender voice, piercing the brunette to the core. Each girl now knowing what must be done, it making Annetta even a bit sexually stimulated, knowing her wife was getting off to this, being swallowed whole, getting off to the whole idea of them becoming one, and then the thereafter, where tomorrow, they would see each other again. With a few words left to be said, these quiet moments in between Erry’s last words and the soft moans within Annetta’s mouth, it was almost as if time stood still, for it did. Hearts focused, memories relived, and the now, ever pressing upon them. Like a whiplash from a timestop into a fast forwarding approach, like a bullet train down a magnetic railroad track, Annetta’s mind caught back up to the present. With a gasp, a sigh, a smile, with one more single tear releasing from her eye, Annetta spoke her last, least while her wife would be ‘within’ the ‘outside’ world. “Thank you…. I love you… soooooo MUCH… I’m going to eat you now!~” With no further words given, Annetta gently closed her lips, tilting her head back to a soft grade, but wouldn’t stop, until it was 100 degrees upward, forcing her wife into her mouth up to her thighs and waist. Now pushed up against her lover’s palate and tonsils and uvula, as it tickled the back of Erry’s body, the white haired angel was about to take the wondrous plunge. Placing a left hand up to her throat, and a right upon her stomach, her left fingers could already feel her wife, pushing past her epiglottis, as it gently moved forward to make room for what it was about to ingest. Annetta cooed, humming softly all around Erry………. and then it happened. With a heavy, loud, and resounding, massive rolling gulping sound… Erry was contracted, sqoze, pulled, cajoled, coaxed and squished downward. Erry would feel her body being encompassed round about by muscles and mucus like substance, rippling waves of peristaltic pressure assailing her at every angel, but not for one second, did Annetta not love her. Swallowing hard again, thus, it was enough to pull the small Erry shaped bulge down her throat, the brunette wife left to trace her ‘tiny one’s’ descent with the edge of her index finger and middle. Erry would hear the sound of Annetta’s heart beating within her bosom briefly, before she was forced passed it. The lump the angel had made, slowly began to fade, until it disappeared altogether, behind Annetta’s huge breasts. Feeling her wife at the edge between sphincter, esophagus and just below her chest, at her midriff, her yawning muscles below finally opened up, and sqoze Erry briefly, before she’d free fall, gently being caught on the down turn of Annetta’s “J” shaped stomach, coming to settle some thirty seconds later, the entire swallow, from mouth to stomach, approximately one and a half – two minutes. “Ahhhhhhhhhh~ ….Baby?~ Are you there… I can feel you… in my tummy. I love you so much, you tasted, for some reason, extremely delicious, perhaps the best I have ever eaten, of you yet~. I wonder what part of my body you will go to most this time, I think maybe, my smile and my skin, you’ll make it shine, defining us more together, for we can no more be apart. Soon, my body will take you, even now as it holds you, and fulfill that covenant we made to each other, that will be together forever, as one…” Annetta sighed after she finished, wanting to hear her wife’s voice, before the end of it all, before this culmination’s sounding, of this event, perfect from one end at the beginning, up unto this point, Annetta had confidence, it would only get better still. Gently, Annetta rubbed her stomach, until she finally felt Erry’s bulge on the side of her belly, where the brunette had felt her lover land. “There you are… my love… my one and only… MY ERRY…~”

Erry could feel the change of gravity as she ‘fall’ inside of the throat that swallowed her… still fingering herself it was enough to push her again over the edge as she came inside of the girl’s throat… warming her with her juices as she was ‘traveling down’… Erry was feeling the soft fingers aside her… knowing that her lover was taking care of her… and soon Erry was in that place… where she would ‘nourish’ her lover again… Erry sighed… before sitting against a stomach wall, feeling the girl poking her from outside… “Yes I’m here… and soon I’ll join your soul… it’s a bit strange but…. I wanted to tell you this… when I… ‘die’ I could see a strange ‘thing’ but I can’t really remember it… it’s like a …. gentle embrace… all around me but… I… can’t really tell much… maybe in a nearby day I’ll know what is this… but well… for now I’m yours to enjoy… “Erry started to cough “I will be sleeping soon my love… be sure to use every single cell of my small self to feed your beautiful curves…” Erry layed on the side… feeling the stomach walls ‘rocking her’ just like a young child… “I think…it’s… time…. I… lov…e… you…An…nie….” As Erry closed her eyes… hearing the stomach ‘welcoming her’ with a loud growl… this intense love probably made Annetta hungry… and she had now something to fill this hunger… as Erry fall ‘asleep’…

Annetta would listen to her wife as long as she possibly could, being absolutely silent, as not to miss a phrase or a word. Smiling, she gulped, more tears still, coming out of her loving, caring eyes, from her precious tender heart. She’d since stopped moving her hand, at least until she knew her wife would be asleep, but taking those few moments just before her wife ‘blacked out’, she’d speak herself, but not before she was amazed at what she had heard. Annetta knew exactly whom she was referring to, even if Erelle had not yet revealed herself. In her own due time, the gentle, loving, angel of and goddess of life, would soon do just as such, but it was for her to decide. It was enough for Annetta to know, Erry too, was watched over and looked after, when passing between this world and the next, and that warmed Annetta’s soul to no end, forcing a few more tears to be she’d, Annetta choking back the rest, as to not lead Erry to believing, that she was sad, because she certainly wasn’t, merely overcome with much joyous tidings. For now, she’d swallow it all down, and keep it in her mind, that picture, closing her eyes, she thought upon what it would look like to have Erelle holding her precious, unaware child, making sure she’d get back to where she belonged, safely, by Annetta’s side. Annetta would devour Erry, not to simply forget her and digest her down into nothing, no, she would devour her, because she would absorb every last part of her being, into her soul, her body, and her mind, where the two would become one, just one night apart, the next day and together forever after that, they would be joined, leaving the brunette to feel nothing but grateful. Erelle too, had taken Annetta in as her child, likely smiling down from the heavens, was Erelle now, as she looked upon this final act, one physical act, that would echo throughout all of the eternity, where Erry would become one with her wife, never again to be changed, irrevocably so. “That is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, I will…. my love… I shall, we… Tonight…. will be the last night we will be apart, and when I look in the mirror, I will see you smiling back at me…” Annetta gulped, a few more tears to follow. “Goodnight my precious woman, my sister, my friend… sleep tight, be embraced as my body enjoys, uses your physical form, to complete our beautiful cycle… thank you so much for this…. from the bottom of my heart and my soul, you are so perfect for me…” with that, Annetta began to hum, cajoling her wife to sleep, until she finally felt nothing, no movements from within, glad her wife wouldn’t have to suffer longer. Making a grunt, lightly, Annetta returned to her back, though this time rolling over, would get up, heading to the bathroom to release any pressure built up. Her vaginal urethra would force out the liquids from her bladder, as Erry’s ‘lifeless’ body would be forced to the middle of her stomach. Being as tiny as she was, being that Annetta needed a bedtime snack, it was the perfect duo, to make the most use of this precious one’s body. Grunting a few times, to take care of her business, Annetta wiped, flushing the toilet and washing her hands, before leaving the bathroom, to fulfill her promise. Smiling, she could see into the mirror, the vanity mirror in her restroom, looking deeply, almost amazed, the longer she looked, the more she could feel Erry, see Erry, as if Erry was another extension of herself, and vice versa. Annetta took her ring finger up to her face and closed her eyes, almost hearing Erry’s voice, feeling, smelling her skin, Annetta then headed back to her bedroom. Putting her nightgown back on, changing her sheets, Annetta put everything away and started a laundry cycle, meanwhile Erry continued to digest away.

As the acids level rose, Annetta’s stomach gently crushed around her lovers body, taking her lovingly apart, piece by piece, almost as if knowing what needed to be done here, obeying Erry’s desire, and Annetta’s will. The corrosive tide of virulent fluids sucked Erry down to the center of the stomach, the walls tightening with the tiny load, making sure to squeeze and knead and churn her down, melting her into perfection. Sloshing about, Erry was briefly a time a time, as chyme, the enzyme from Annetta’s saliva, having already been the first part of digestion, the second part, quickly leading to the third. Heading back to her bed, Annetta turned out the light, with the lamp still bright by her bed and upon her night stand. Pulling the blankets up high, but leaving a section uncovered for her wife, Annetta then turned off the lamp then curled up and over onto her right side, being on the left side of the bed, wanting to face her wife, when she should return. The caring girl hummed, singing herself to sleep, that same tune they both loved and shared, but with every event that had happened that day, it wasn’t long before the exhausted brunette, found her slumber. A smile was upon her face as she dreamed of playing and having fun with her lover, a time where Erelle, Aya and Erry, would be in a field, Erelle as their mother, looking after them, talking and laughing, and even in her sleep, did Annetta fall a tear. The self same moments transpiring below, Erry’s remains were siphoned through as they had sense been sucked down into Annetta’s intestines. Bile and the stomach acids from before, leaving nothing but a sloppy soap, before the walls of Annetta’s body, seemed to magically open up, refusing to let any waste leave her body, for Erry to the brunette, was no waste indeed. Her body almost thinking like minded, at least in act, would further convert all of Erry, from cell, to a molecular level, into fat and skin cells for Annetta, the girl having gotten her wish, and would now, and forever on, have an even brighter, more beautiful smile because of it. These times apart were short, the pain before the change would not last, as even in the darkest of nights, dawn would shine it’s illuminating grace upon the shadow from before, with the girl’s goal accomplished, now, eternally, they were together, inseparable.

End of part 17.