Was it a different place? It looked like so but it wasn’t the same time. Many different ‘rules’ were guiding this universe but today would be different because… what could ever happen if two of those universes decided to collide into each other?

The girl named Erry had been here for some days now. She woke up in this place but couldn’t remember how she got there. Every time she was thinking about it, she hit the same wall of smoke inside of her mind hiding something from her. After some time she stopped thinking about this, after all she had to focus onto something else… her own survival. Erry was used to live with humans but always had to hide from them because of a small detail… her own size. What could do a girl smaller than a young human’s thumb after all… but Erry didn’t really had the choice too. She was one of the ‘tinies’, if she got caught by a human it would probably be the end for her small life because for the humans it was a part of the ‘game’. Clenching her teeth, Erry was thinking about her sister that she had lost some years ago because of an unfortunate meeting with 2 human girls but was trying her best to keep on living to honor her sister’s memory. Passing a hand in her bright white hair, her fingers paused on a small blue hairband she had on her right side, a gift her sister gave her before disappearing and had this insistent thought again “if only those humans weren’t there… I would still have my sister with me.”

Suddenly Erry heard a scream nearby and jumped onto her feet. She was now hearing screams and some horrible noises getting closer and peered trough the crack on the wall she was hiding within. She witnessed several humans running in every directions towards the building’s exit, it was something she wasn’t used to because what could humans fear? Deep within her, Erry had seen something like this already… it was when a human found their hideout and the small ones were trying to escape. Erry shook her head as her eyes met a human woman that fall on the ground not that far, the small girl was still safe but this human was looking scared beyond limits. Tears were rolling on her cheeks, ruining her makeup but she didn’t lose time to sit back on the ground. She was now removing her high heels and tossed them on the side, one of those giant shoes hitting the wall near where Erry was hiding before the human stood up and started to run to the exit again. Erry was now worried, why the humans would be running away ? She couldn’t spend more time thinking about it when a loud crash coming from nearby strongly shook the ground.This shaking made Erry hit the nearby wall while she let out a scream of pain before looking at the ceiling with horror. Some cracks were appearing and some strange dust was now falling all around Erry, furthermore there was now some loud noises surrounding the small one and she knew that she had to run away too ! Not even taking anything from her small hideout, Erry dashed outside, finding herself in a giant room. She looked at the ceiling again, hoping that it wouldn’t collapse on her immediately before dashing towards the door. Another loud noise… Erry screamed when some parts of the walls fell nearby with one of them almost landing right on her ! Erry’s lungs were now burning but her legs kept moving fast: she wouldn’t die here ! She was almost at the door, a small light of hope sparkled into Erry’s eyes now that she knew that she would be safe. But this hope quickly vanished… the ceiling couldn’t hold any longer and some large debris fell in front of the door, blocking the small girl’s exit. Erry’s knees shivered and she fell on the ground, looking at this giant human building collapsing around her… some parts of the ceiling falling closer to her, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape. Erry put her hands on her face, sobbing loudly, she was thinking about her small life, her sister that she lost, hoping that she would join her soon. Some dust fall on Erry, she raised her tired eyes to see what was happening: a large piece of rock detached itself from the ceiling and was now falling right on her. Erry closed her eyes… there wasn’t anything she could do to escape after all and soon it would be her own end…

Tina had been walking around for already some time. She wore a soft smile on her lips while her curly brown hair flew behind her. She was humming a song while looking around, making sure that she wouldn’t miss anything. Extending her arms on her sides, she slapped two more small buildings that collapsed immediately. From her height it was so easy… so easy to destroy a whole city within minutes because her size allowed her to. Taking another step, she could feel many human cars  being easily crushed beneath her feet while she let out a small giggle. She couldn’t lie about the fact that she was enjoying this, in fact it wasn’t the first nor the last human city that she would destroy. Many people tried to stop her or to understand why she was doing this but the only answer they got was a deafening laugh and many more lives lost. Indeed she was a giantess and so much more some people said and she didn’t needed to justify herself about her actions. A single swipe of her feet and many more small buildings crumbled apart… she loved to hear those screams asking for mercy but she wouldn’t grant them this wish because it was making this much more enjoyable for her.

It had been some time since some human people started to create a sort of ‘religion’ around her, calling Tina a goddess because she appeared just like this one day and had many different ‘powers’. But she wasn’t really caring about this too, or maybe she was amused because of those tiny toys willing to waste their small lives in order to please her. With a giggle, another building fell with a mere push of her hand. Tina was now almost done with this city. She walked around, making sure that every remaining human in front of her would be crushed below her feet. With a simple move, she pulled a small office from the ground and held it in her hand. With her other hand, she reached inside one of the small buildings and once she could catch some tiny victims between her fingers, she tossed them inside her mouth before eating them like candies. She didn’t really needed that in fact, because of the ‘nature’ of her body, Tina didn’t needed to feed and yet enjoyed it. Another small bunch of people were tossed inside her mouth before she closed her teeth on them, trapping them inside. Tina was now playing with her small victims by moving them around with her tongue, making sure they would scream from terror before hurling them to the back of her mouth. It was almost the time, Tina closed her eyes and listened those tiny ones betting for their lives, asking the giant woman not to kill them. But the only reaction Tina had to all of this was a small chill rolling on her skin that made her wanting more of this pleasure building within her. Tilting a bit her head back and with a simple move, she swallowed the small ones that were now traveling down her throat. Tina had a small moan that echoed all around the destroyed city while she let the small building she was holding fall onto the ground. Looking a bit around, Tina knew that there wasn’t much more things to destroy so she started to walk back to where she came from but also still looking at the ground if there was any survivor to step on.

Suddenly, Tina stopped to walk, her eyes narrowing to focus onto something that was on the ground. It was way smaller than a human so she decided to come closer until she was in front of it, looking around there wasn’t anyone. Tina then took a long breath and closed her eyes before stopping to move. And within a second Tina started to shrink fast until she was human sized. It was another of her powers but she wasn’t using this one much because she didn’t really liked not to be giant sized, still she was still way taller than what she found on the ground earlier and with a wide smile, Tina put a hand on her cheek “Well well…what do we have there…”

Tina was still smiling while looking at a Tiny that was on the ground, trapped under some rubble, in fact she knew that such creatures existed but at her usual size she wouldn’t even notice them. Still, this Tiny looked different since it had bright white hair. Tina moved away some rocks with her feet while looking at the small girl on the ground, even smaller than her thumb “Hey… you should wake up tiny one. It won’t be fun otherwise…”.

Erry that knew that she had passed out earlier was moaning from pain, she could feel some weight onto her body moving away but also a loud voice talking nearby. Her eyes opened a bit fast, maybe she had survived but if there was a human nearby, she wouldn’t have much hope. Her vision getting less blurry, she was now sitting on the ground and in front of her and she started to raise her head until she saw what was in front of her. “N… no…” whispered Erry with her shivering lips while she was discovering a human sized woman in front of her but not wearing anything. Furthermore this woman in front of her looked happy even with all of the destroyed building around her. Erry had a shiver of fear while her eyes were focused onto this giant creature’s face,  but before she could say anything, the other woman took a step closer, her giant feet slamming on the ground near Erry was sitting.

“Finally awaken? You took your time tiny girl…” Said Tina while tracing a like on the ground around Erry with her feet “It’s the first time I see a tiny like you. Can you tell me what are you?”. Erry had a shiver, now looking at this giant woman she didn’t knew what to answer “Wh… what I am…? What are you talking about…?”. Tina winced a bit before looking at the small one in front of her “Well… whatever. It’s not like I really care about that after all.”. Tina then moved her feet a bit to place it right above Erry, now looking at the tiny one’s face between her toes “Well… anything you want to say before I crush you…? Are you going to beg for your life too…?”. Erry didn’t answered and stood up, still looking deeply at the woman that was towering at her. Tina winced again and with a skilled move, grabbed the tiny one between her toes and started to squeeze her. Erry again didn’t moved and didn’t screamed while Tina was focused to apply more pressure onto the small girl. “You have a strong spirit Tiny girl… but it won’t save you, you know that ?” Said Tina while looking at Erry who coughed because of the pressure. Erry who started to have some bruises on her sides, raised her head and looked again deeply into Tina’s eyes “In any case I can’t really do anything against you too. I prefer to stay silent while you kill me rather than just be giving you any pleasure doing that.”

Tina didn’t really expected an answer like that and removed the pressure she was applying onto the tiny girl but also let her fall back on the ground. Once Erry was back onto the rubble, Tina slammed her feet closer near Erry with a giggle “You’re interesting tiny one, resisting me to the end… But I feel that you somehow want to die too. Mind if I ask you why ?”. Erry who was trying to sit back again just looked at the ground “If I die… I’ll be able to join my sister that died because of humans like you. Are you happy now that you know this…?”. Tina had a lough laugh “Me…? A human ? Haha sorry to disappoint you tiny one but I’m not like them… see all of those building around us…?”. Erry looked a bit on the sides, noticing the many destroyed buildings around them “So…? What am I supposed to think…?”. But the small girl had a strong shiver and couldn’t say anything more, the woman that was in front of her made a single move and almost disappeared from Erry’s sight, the small girl letting out a surprised scream when she looked at Tina’s face that was now high in the sky, almost out of her sight. Still, Tina was looking down, looking directly at where Erry was before pulling a small house with her hand and made if fall nearby, making sure that Erry would be able to see that. And immediately after a single second, Tina was back to a human size right in front of Erry who had another shiver “What… are you…? Are you a… giant ?”

Tina giggled again before bowing a bit, putting her head right above where was Erry on the ground “That’s how some humans call me yes but… I’m not only this too. Still I don’t really want to talk about all of this now.” Tina then raised her feet and put it again just above Erry’s position “So… still decided to die ? There’s not really something remaining in this city and I would looove to destroy another one before getting some rest…”. Erry closed her eyes and opened her mouth to answer “Yes… kill me now. End this misery I lived for too much years and allow me to join my sister.”. Tina had a giggle, this tiny one almost begging her to die was in fact really interesting so she just poked the tiny body with a toe before asking her again “Can I at last know why do you have this white hair small one ? It’s the first time I see that among the people of your size and I feel that there’s something a bit strange with it.”. Erry who stayed calm until now started to shiver “This stupid story again…? I don’t want to say anything about this. And weren’t you about to kill me…? Why don’t you just end this now ?”.

Tina stayed calm and poked the tiny girl’s head with her toe again “Hey… I’m the one asking questions here. I don’t really care about if something happened to you since you’re just a small speck for me and your lifespan is as small as you are… insignificant. Still… I won’t kill you yet.” Said the woman while bowing a bit down to reach Erry with her hand, picking the small girl with two fingers. Once she raised back, Tina placed the small one on her other hand and put her face closer to look at the small one “I always have what I want tiny girl… because I CAN. Now… don’t move too much or you might get lost.”

Erry winced… she didn’t liked her life be considered as just ‘disposable’ but soon could hear a strange warning from this giant girl “What do you mean by tha…?” But Erry couldn’t end her sentence, noticing that the hand she was sitting on was now getting taller. Erry was looking a bit worried… was she shrinking by some sort of unknown power…? But soon remembered that this woman was a giant from the start. Erry was looking at the so giant fingers around her getting far while the palm of this gigantic hand was becoming like a large plain. Erry wasn’t able to see the girl’s face anymore nor her fingers that were now far away from her. Erry looked down to see some lines appearing on the ground until she was ‘surrounded’ by some of them… telling that Erry was now smaller than a single cell composing Tina’s skin. Tina was now walking again in the destroyed city in search of any small thing she might have forgotten, sometimes it was some humans that managed to hide and some other times it was some houses or buildings that weren’t on Tina’s road when she came in this city for her ‘walk’. She was still wearing her smile even if she caused a destruction that no human could imagine… furthermore she had a few questions for the tiny girl she found earlier.

Tina was now walking happily, kicking from time to time into some small houses that had the misfortune to be on her way. She wasn’t thinking much about Erry right now but still knew that somewhere atop of her hand was the small girl, smaller than a speck. Under her feet got crushed another human car, Tina could feel those tiny lives ending below and it made her smile each time, giving her more pleasure to feel.

The giant girl was now in front of a high mountain for the humans but just reaching her knee at her current size, she started to move even more carefully while her body started to shrink again. Tina was now looking at a small road leading to a small house atop of the mountain, the road didn’t really looked natural since it was Tina that traced it some time ago using just one of her fingers. The house itself seemed like that it was just ‘placed’ here, probably by the giant girl that liked it during one of her ‘walks’.

Soon enough, Tina was human sized again and she didn’t seemed affected by the cold weather at this height, probably because of the nature of her body. She was looking at her closed hand, feeling the small girl within and soon reached the house’s door. Once inside, Tina closed the door and the temperature was better inside for the small Erry. The now human sized girl went to a table and opened her hand above it, letting the small white haired girl fall onto the wooden surface. Erry was looking around, feeling a bit dizzy “Where… where am I…?”. Tina put her elbows on the table and rested her head on her hands, now looking down “You’re in my ‘house’ if I could say that.”. Erry stood up but her body had a shiver, she knew that not so long ago, this human looking girl was way taller than now and could have killed her without even noticing it.

Erry wanted to move but Tina moved her hand and made Erry fall on her back “Ahh… why did you do Aaaahhh!!” Suddenly screamed Erry when Tina pressed her pointer finger on half of Erry’s body, trapping her legs beneath. “I didn’t asked you to move.” Said Tina with a smirk but also with a playful voice. Erry let out a small cry of pain because of the pressure and put her tiny hand onto Tina’s nail, trying to push the giant finger away. Tina pressed her finger again and could hear another scream from Erry,  she broke one of her ankles just with a little pressure “Well well… you’re so fragile tiny one… no wonder that humans use your people as food…”. Even if she was in pain, Erry opened her eyes wide, some tears still pouring out of them and looked at the girl with a cold stare “And that’s the best solution for us right? Humans always killed us because it was ‘fun’ and you’re telling me that I should just ACCEPT this !?” Tina smiled and pressed even more, hearing another scream of pain from the tiny one before answering “And I’m here to take care of the  humans… And yes they don’t have this choice too. After all, only my own satisfaction is important and you’re quite entertaining too ~”. Erry’s lips shivered from a deep anger before hitting the giant nail with her fist “So…? Leave me and go hunt some humans if that’s so fun for you !”. Tina smiled again and put her head a bit closer “No. You’re currently the one I want to have fun with. No one ever wanted to challenge me before and I’ll be sure to enjoy this to the end…”.

Erry let out another scream of pain while her hands grabbed onto each side of the giant finger… that was pressing onto her small body again but that broke this time one of her legs easily. “S… stop… STOP Haaaaa !!!” Screamed Erry while a wider smile was appearing onto Tina’s face, enjoying this ‘game’ about slowly breaking the small one. Tina slowly removed her finger before pinching onto Erry’s other leg, now moving the small one upside-down in front of her face “Sooo… after all of this fun, are you more into talking…? I still want to know what is about you tiny girl. I feel that there’s something ‘special’ about you but I can’t really put my finger on it right now… ~”. Erry was looking at her broken leg hanging on the side while she was now being moved closer to the giant girl’s mouth that slowly opened it. Erry had a shiver when she saw those gigantic teeth slowly open, reminding her how small she was until Tina spoke, her voice literally ‘hitting’ Erry in the face “Still not decided to talk…?”. Erry who was feeling dizzy by being held like this started to shiver from a deep fear “What… what do you mean…? I don’t know anything about this…”. Tina who let out a sigh pulled the side of her lip with a finger before showing her teeth to Erry “See those tiny girl…? They’re powerful enough to break you easily… and if I’m correct, you’re afraid of being eaten am I right…?”. Erry was shivering again… her body now getting closer to those giant white ‘rocks’, she could now feel Tina’s breath on all of her body “Stop please… I’m… I’m scared…” Said Erry while knowing that she couldn’t stay strong there… some hard memories of her own sister getting eaten by a human in front of her eyes coming back to her “Please… Stop… Don’t do this…”

Tina giggled then just clattered her teeth a few times in front of the tiny one, making her scream from fear. Erry was now shivering everywhere, more memories of the day where she lost her sister coming up again but she couldn’t escape this too. Tina chuckled again “Well… let’s enjoy this ~” before she opened her mouth again and placed the upper body of Erry atop of her teeth, still holding on her leg with her fingers. Erry let out a scream, she tried to move but could only witness the upper row of Tina’s teeth fall fast on her, now pressing her small body hard. Erry started to cough from the pressure, moving her arms to push back those giant pearly rocks it was useless. With a small giggle, Tina started to press a bit more onto the small girl’s body, the edge of her teeth cutting a bit into Erry’s skin who was still screaming from pain. Erry’s arms were tired from this increasing pressure but she was still pushing back… until one of her left arm’s bone gave up and broke.

“Aaahhhh… !!!” Screamed Erry before feeling her head fall on the side but still trapped under this white hell. She could soon feel more pressure onto her small body, Tina’s teeth now pressing harder onto the small girl’s lungs and also her head. Erry coughed from this weight onto all of her body and closed her eyes… now feeling her head being crushed too “Please stop… I’ll tell you everything you want…”. Tina who heard this tiny plea smiled again before she pursed her lips and moved the tiny girls between them. Erry could now feel a different pressure on her small self, not as hard as before but still hurting her broken members.

Tina who was still enjoying this was now moving Erry with her lips to the front of her mouth. Her lips still pursed around the small girl, Tina sucked a bit on her tiny victim, wanting to give more fear to Erry, she sucked almost all of Erry’s body within her mouth, leaving only the tiny girl’s shoulders and head outside. Erry could feel a different pressure all around her now, looking at those giant bright red lips surrounding her, it was again remembering her how powerless she was against a human and even more against a girl that can grow to a giant size ! Erry suddenly let out a small cry while the giant lips were now pressing onto her small self a bit more… something was now happening but Erry didn’t knew yet… until with a powerful move, Tina spit Erry away. The small girl was now falling and screamed when her back hit the table heavily but even from this fall she was still alive… for now.

“I’m listening.” Said Tina with the same smile on her face while looking at the small girl below. Erry was breathing loudly while she tried to turn her body but she screamed because Tina placed her pointer finger atop of her legs again. The small girl had tears in her eyes but maybe, if this giant one had what she wanted, maybe Erry would be safe even with her broken members. “I have this white hair since I’m young and people around me always talk about me like a witch or someone who would bring disasters… but it’s not true! I’m just like any other people of my kind! And I’m sorry but that’s all that I can say about this.” Finished Erry while she saw Tina’s finger going up and moved a bit away before Erry could now see a different expression on Tina’s face. “Well well… it’s not what I wanted tiny one… I’m talking about this other thing within you but looks like you’re not even aware of it… or maybe… you’re hiding it ?” Finished Tina before putting her finger atop of the small one again, now pressing harder. Erry was trying to breath but it was now impossible for her because of the pressure on her lungs, she wanted to stay ‘strong’ when she saw this giant girl but the truth was that Erry was at her complete mercy and couldn’t try anything. Tina had a small smile and started to increase the pressure until Erry started to cough loudly while trying to push away this giant finger with her remaining arm. “Well looks like you’re not going to talk… I guess I shouldn’t  waste more time with you… farewell.” Finished Tina while removing her finger and move her hand closer, now placing the back part of her palm above Erry.

It was so fast that Erry could only let out a scream of terror and pain… the giant hand moved down fast and made a loud sound on the wood when it landed on it. Tina smirked while she started to raise her hand slowly, now looking at the small girl’s body that was now broken everywhere but also not moving anymore. “Well… it was fun I guess. ~” Said Tina while turning away from her table and started to walk towards the door of her house again, leaving the small lifeless body there. Once she was outside of her house, Tina made a simple move and looking down a second after she could see her ‘house’ and even the whole mountain  between her now gigantic legs. “Well where should I go now…” asked Tina to herself while taking a step, ready to destroy many more cities and not really thinking about Erry anymore…

The evening. Tina’s house was empty since she was still having ‘fun’ outside, but something unexpected was now happening. Erry’s broken body was still on the table but a small glow started to appear on her back, the shape of a small blue wing before with a sudden light flash, Erry’s body vanished. Soon a small blue flame started to dance atop of Tina’s table, not burning anything around but the flame started to grow a bit taller. A small glow was now appearing within the flame and a soon enough started to change its shape to a small girl’s body and with a last flash of light from within the fire, the flame vanished, leaving on the table a tiny sleeping girl… Erry was back to life again.

Tina was almost done with destroying another city, she had a small house within her hand and with a simple move, crushed it easily with her fingers “Well well… your buildings aren’t as strong as you claim…” said the giant girl with a laugh. Suddenly Tina turned her head on the side, due to her ‘nature’ she could feel many more things than humans but this time she was feeling something different. “What is this…?” Asked Tina to herself while letting the small destroyed house fall to the ground. She wasn’t moving anymore, her eyes focused on a direction while she was thinking, it was really the FIRST time she could feel this and her curiosity was now guiding her. Tina looked the ground, noticing some humans that were safe for now and smiled “Well… looks like you’ll be spared this time. But don’t worry I’ll come back to take care of all of you~”. Tina turned and started to walk towards another direction, wondering why something was happening at her very own place.

During her walk, she still kicked into some small buildings, giving only a small giggle for an answer about all of the destruction she was leaving behind. Tina was now walking a bit faster, she saw so many things in many different worlds that knowing that she was about to discover something new was giving her chills running on her skin. Soon, her mountain was in view and she started to use her power to shrink again to human size and with a few more steps she was in front of her house’s door. Tina put her hand on the knob then stopped to move, she couldn’t feel anything more behind but she knew that something definitely happened while she was away… now moving her hand, she opened the door and stepped inside of her house. Tina’s eyes were now looking around, trying to sense where this feeling she had before came from but soon stopped onto her table, her eyes now narrowing onto a tiny shape that was here. Moving closer, Tina was looking at the sleeping tiny who wasn’t looking as broken as before but also wondering why. Tina moved her hand and poked the small girl with a finger, noticing that the tiny was alive even if Tina was sure that she ended her life before. “Hey you wake up.” Ended Tina while she poked the small girl again with the tip of her finger.

Erry’s mind was blurry but she could hear a voice nearby, slowly extending her arms to stretch a bit, Erry’s eyes opened but there was a weird feeling within her mind. Soon she sat and turned around to see where the voice was coming from before letting out a scream of fear “N… No…”. Tina moved her finger closer, ready to ‘play’ with the small one again but she was also looking closely at Erry’s body that wasn’t broken anymore “Hey… what happened to you? You were supposed to be dead… Did you finally found what I wanted to know about you ?”. Erry didn’t answered but her eyes were looking all around while she was feeling the same fear. Tina poked the girl with her finger to make her fall on her back “I said how did you did that ? You know what will happen if you disobey right ?”. Erry was still on the ground while listening to the giant girl towering right above her “Wha… what do you mean ? I never met you before…! How am I supposed to know what you’re talking about…?”

Tina looked a bit surprised “Hooo…? You don’t remember our last meeting ? But I don’t really believe this…” finished the girl before picking up Erry by the leg, now holding the small one upside-down right in front of her face. Erry was screaming from fear, looking at the ground so far from her, if she had to fall from this height it would probably be the end for her. “P… please !! I don’t know anything, don’t hurt me !!” Screamed Erry while her eyes filled with tears. Tina smiled “So you really don’t remember anything… in fact it makes the situation a bit more interesting…”. Tina then moved Erry in front of one of her eyes, the small girl screaming again from fear while looking at her own ‘reflection’ inside of the giant girl’s eye, Tina resumed “Okay I’ll ask it again, how are you able to do this ? I crushed your tiny existence before below this very hand holding you sooo… What is your secret ?”.

Erry wasn’t really listening at this time but still was scared by what the giant girl could do to her “I… I don’t know anything…! Please don’t kill me !!” Yelled the tiny one still in front of Tina’s eye. Tina smiled then shrugged “Well well… I guess you’re useless then…~” finished the girl while with a slow move of her hand, she removed the pressure onto Erry’s leg but also let her fall to the ground ! “Nooooo AAAAAAHHHH !!!” Screamed Erry while looking at the ground getting closer, she was hoping that the giant girl would catch her… that it would just be another of her bad jokes… but Tina didn’t even moved while with a loud scream, Erry fall heavily onto the ground.

She was spitting blood, her mind was blurry because of the shock but she was still alive… barely alive. Most of her bones were broken, she had a wound onto her head that was bleeding into her white hair and it was now really hard for her to breath. “Uuhhh…” moaned Erry while trying to move but nothing happened except another cough of blood from the small girl. Tina turned around and looked at the small one from above “So you’re still alive…? You’re really strong in fact but… It won’t save you from this bad girl haha ~”. Tina then moved her feet a bit above Erry then put her big toe onto the small girl’s broken body, Erry coughed again… her mind too blurry to fully understand what was happening to her, she was slowly losing consciousness but also panicking because she knew that she was now dying. Tina pressed a bit with her toe onto the small girl but the tiny one couldn’t really do anything… “See how frail you are tiny one…? No wonder the humans always enjoy to do such things to the ones of your kind… and I really enjoy to do this to the humans too~ Let’s just say that the evolution wasn’t on your side…”. Tina raised her feet and placed it above Erry, looking at the tiny girl’s head falling on the side, her life already starting to leave her…

Tina had a simple satisfied giggle when she let her feet slam on the ground, feeling and hearing the tiny body break under her skin. She could feel a chill of pleasure travel onto all of her body before she started to twist her ankle a couple times, crushing everything that was remaining of what was a tiny girl before. Tina then smiled when she finished her job and was now looking at a small bloodstain that was on the ground, not looking like Erry anymore. “Looks like you won’t be able to come back to life again like this ~” giggled Tina again before taking a step to another direction, ready to exit her house again. Tina’s eyes stopped onto a shelf that was nearby, she was witnessing something she never saw before… and that she didn’t expected too.

It was a small blue flame burning atop of this shelf but not leaving any burning mark around, Tina approached her head and was now looking carefully at this small dancing fire. The flame started to grow taller just like the previous time and soon a small body started to form within the flames. Tina’s eyes opened wide while she turned her head fast to look at the ground… the small bloodstain from before had vanished.Tina was looking at Erry’s body sleeping within the flames while on her back was glowing a strange symbol, the very source of Erry’s unknown power. Tina wanted to pick up the tiny one but when her hand was getting closer, it got pushed back by some strange invisible force “What’s this now…?” Asked Tina but she soon had to close her eyes because of a flash of light coming from Erry’s body. Once she opened her eyes again, Erry was lying on her side, back to life but still sleeping while no trace of the small flame was remaining.

Tina moved her hand again and picked up the small sleeping girl before looking at her on all sides, with one of her nails she teared away the small pieces of cloth covering Erry’s body and was now looking at her naked self. There wasn’t anything much different from another tiny one on Erry’s body except her white hair color, Tina sighed before smiling “Well… I don’t know why but… you love to come back to me this much…? I wonder if… I could try this…~”. Tina then moved Erry closer to her face then opened her mouth slowly, making Erry’s body shiver from her warm breath. Erry was still unconscious so she didn’t knew what Tina did to her nor what she was currently planning… and soon, Erry’s body landed onto a soft texture that was Tina’s tongue. The giant girl was used to eat humans sometimes but today for some reason, Erry’s taste was making her smiling wide “Hmmm… you’re really  delicious you know… I guess I found why humans love Tinies that much~”. Tina was still humming when she started to move around the tiny body with her tongue, tasting each part of the small one before moving Erry on the side “Well… time to take a small bite ~”

Erry could now hear many noises all around but her head was feeling heavy. Her mind was a complete mess but she was now a bit awaken, suddenly she could feel an increasing pressure on her body that made her eyes pop open. “What the…! ” screamed the girl while moving her eyes fast all around, realizing that she was inside a giant mouth ! “Nnnhhh aaaaahhhh !!!” Screamed Erry from the pressure while she was trying to push back the giant row of teeth now covering her whole body. Tina was still smiling, she knew that somehow Erry was now aware of her situation and it would be even more enjoyable for Tina who started to add more pressure onto the small one. “N… no… ” Moaned Erry while she was still trying to push back the giant teeth now grinding against most of her body. The pressure was now getting unbearable and Erry started to cough from the pressure a single teeth was applying onto her lungs, Erry was now crying and knew that soon, she would be crushed by this giant mouth.

“AAAAAAAHHHH !!!!” Suddenly screamed Erry who could feel the bone of her back broke along with one of her legs, now witnessing the giant row of teeth going back up, Erry wanted to move even if the pain she was feeling was horrible… but her body couldn’t move. The teeth were now going down fast, Erry gasped and placed her small arms in front of her, ready to push back again. But Tina wasn’t much playing this time, she let her teeth fall onto the small one while breaking both of her arms. Erry let out a loud cough while she realized that she spit out some blood onto the white pearly rock that was now piercing through her skin near her lungs. “Hhrrrr !!” Let out Erry while spitting more of her blood again, she was feeling an unbearable pain and couldn’t move anymore. She managed to turn her head so her face wouldn’t meet the edge of Tina’s teeth but was now trapped between two of Tina’s molars. Erry could feel more of her bones break while a loud voice all around her seemed to enjoy this torture. Erry couldn’t scream anymore and was now witnessing her own end coming soon… some blood from a wound she had on her head was now mixing with her tears.

Tina on her side was tasting Erry’s blood with her tongue, for her it was like a sweet nectar and soon she would have more of it… She started to apply more pressure onto the small one’s body and soon she could hear a small scream of pain that got cut by another sound… the sound of the small body shattering between Tina’s merciless teeth. The giant girl was now chewing the small one just like a small candy and without a feeling towards her. It was something natural for Tina since she did it many times with humans so why would she have to feel anything towards a Tiny… and with a last move of her teeth, she finished to chew what was remaining of Erry’s body before swallowing what was a small girl before. Tina giggled while feeling something pour out of her mouth, a small tear of blood that rolled onto her lower lip before with a small lick she removed it “Well… you were delicious tiny girl~ I hope that we’ll meet again~”

It was some days later, Tina was making another of her rampages in another small village. She was holding in her hand the upper part of a small human house and was looking at them fall from it to the ground while laughing at them. When no more humans were remaining she put her feet above the small house and started to crush it before she stopped. “Hmmm…? This feeling again?” Said Tina while she removed her feet and used her power to shrink to human size before entering the small house. Once inside she was looking at a wall and noticed a small hole on it, moving closer she placed her face against the hole and her eyes was now looking inside before it stopped onto something “Well hello… did you missed me ?~” ended Tina while looking at a small shivering girl with white hair… Erry. Placing her hands onto the wall, Tina ‘opened’ the small hole and was looking at the small girl that was trying to run away. “No… you can’t escape from me.” Said Tina while picking up the small one with two fingers and dropped her onto her other hand. Erry was shivering from fear, her memory wiped again from what Tina did to her the many times they met, she was looking at  this giant girl holding her within her grasp and wanted to beg for mercy but Tina was faster. “I know that you’re going to ask me to spare your insignificant life but it looks like you forgot me again…” said Tina while Erry was listening carefully before she managed to ask “What do you… mean…?” But Erry couldn’t end her sentence, now looking at Tina’s pointer finger now in front of her small self.

“Remember.” Said Tina while Erry fall on her back, something strong now flowing within her mind… she was discovering many memories of different times she met the giant girl but also that she was killed by her too. Erry let out a small moan of pain, all of those memories now rushing into her mind before Erry stopped to move, her small body not moving much. “Hmmm… something is preventing me to go deeper inside of your memories but whatever. I don’t really want to answer the same questions from you again and now that you remember this… Is there a chance that you can maybe answer me about your power…?”. Erry wasn’t moving, her small eyes were shivering because her mind couldn’t really bear all of those informations flowing so fast. Tina winced “Well… looks like I already broke your mind, maybe I’ll have more luck next time we’ll meet. ” then the giant one moved to a nearby desk and dropped Erry onto it. Erry let out a small cry of pain while her body landed onto the wooden surface, it wasn’t that high but still her body was hurting. Erry managed to turn around and was now on her back while she was now witnessing Tina sitting at the desk and was getting closer… until she made her massive breasts land onto each side of the small girl, Erry now trapped between to giant mountains of flesh. “No… I can’t believe it… there’s no way I died…” whispered Erry while Tina’s giggle echoed within her ears “Too bad for you it’s true~ it was quite entertaining and… delicious too~”. Erry had a strong shiver when she heard this last sentence… now a strong memory coming back to her mind where she was mercilessly eaten by the giant girl. “No… it’s a lie… It couldn’t happen !!” Whispered Erry again while feeling some tears roll onto her cheeks, Tina on her side giggled again “Hmm now that you mention it, it’s kinda sad that it ended like this last time… you couldn’t fully enjoy your trip but well now that we both know that you can came back to life, mind if I enjoy this again ?~”. Erry’s mind was still blurry and she couldn’t really think about escaping but she soon realized that Tina removed her breasts from her sight and that with a smooth move, Erry was again between Tina’s fingers. Erry was trying to escape but her body was feeling numb and she couldn’t escape Tina’s grasp. The giant girl was giggling while putting Erry in front of her face, the small one wasn’t really understanding what was happening until Tina opened her lips and with a simple flick of her fingers, tossed Erry within her mouth. Erry landed on a soft surface but was now breathing fast, she started to remember what happened to her sister many years ago and that she was now in the same position. Erry tried to stand up and to run towards the exit of this giant mouth but Tina closed her teeth in front so Erry couldn’t escape.

“Please don’t eat me !!” Yelled the tiny girl while hitting Tina’s teeth with her small fists but the giant girl giggled as an answer “Why not…? Now that you know that you can revive you shouldn’t worry about this~”. Erry screamed again when Tina moved the small one easily with her tongue, tasting every part of her body until Erry got moved close to Tina’s throat opening. Erry looked behind to see this dark pit… remembering her sister getting eaten by a human in front of her, she squeezed her fist but soon fall again on the soft ground, Tina decided to end this game soon enough. Erry was now sliding back while the giant tongue started to raise, she was trying to grab onto anything she could but the ground was too wet to get a grip on. “No… NO…!” Screamed Erry while in a desperate move, she managed to grab onto some skin, her body now hanging above Tina’s throat. Erry tried to move a bit but it was useless because of the giant muscle in front of her preventing her to move, her body was now soaked by Tina’s saliva and Erry’s arm started to hurt badly, still she didn’t wanted this to happen and it was somehow giving her strength. Erry suddenly had a moan of pain, her fingers started to slide and she knew that she didn’t have time… she closed her eyes and was thinking of her sister again “No please… not… not like this…”. Then it happened fast… Erry’s arm gave up and her hand slipped immediately onto the wet texture… Erry let out a scream while she started to fall, not being able to see anything else than flesh surrounding her and soon a loud sound echoed all around the small girl when with a soft giggle, Tina swallowed her.

Erry was now traveling down inside of this giant girl’s body fast, hearing many unknown sounds all around but also feeling a fear she never felt before. Erry had a strong shiver that made her try to get a hold onto anything she could but the giant muscles all around her were too slippery besides pushing her down. Erry then extended her arms and legs and somehow managed to stop her descent into this fleshy hell but the giant girl now all around her small self noticed this. “Why don’t you just give up, it’s not like you could climb back up after all~” said Tina before swallowing loudly again, feeling the small one resuming her ‘fall’ within her. Soon Erry could feel the gravity again and fall within a wider room, the inner weather of it was moist and warm… Still an expression of terror started to appear onto Erry’s face who knew that she was now inside of Tina’s stomach.

“No please…” whispered Erry to herself while the whole room was now moving and made the small one fall on the side. Erry was now thinking of her sister that she lost just like that many years ago and the small one would today live the same fate. Erry managed to stand up and went against one of the living walls to punch it with her fists “Let me out…! Don’t kill me  !!” But Tina didn’t answered her. Erry hit the wall again, now feeling something a strange liquid on her feet, looking behind, Tina’s stomach was now aware of the small girl and was about to do its ‘job’ on her. “No please !!! I don’t want to be digested !!!” Yelled Erry while giving another blow on the wall, some tears now pouring out of her eyes before Erry fall on her knees. Erry put her hands onto her head and started to cry… “Aya… Ayaaaaa…!!!” She was now begging her sister to help her… but knew that it was impossible. Tina was still smiling while feeling this small one fight back within her body “Don’t worry tiny one, my body will dispose of you soon enough~” But that didn’t made Erry stop to cry… the small one now bathing inside of Tina’s digestive juices to the waist. Erry started to climb onto one of the walls again but her hands met a burning liquid that made her slip and splash heavily at the bottom of this giant room. The small one coughed, there wasn’t much oxygen in the room and knew that had to do something fast or she would die here. Erry had now juices to her chest, now feeling a burning sensation onto her whole body, she wanted to climb onto the wall again, feeling that she would somehow be safe here… when she placed her hand onto the fleshy texture, Erry could see some of her skin that was melting away onto her hand, not really feeling any pain on it because her nerves were probably melted away too. She started to climb while trying to ignore the increasing pain onto all of her body, she was a bit light-headed but she had to escape this horrible pool that only wanted to melt her small self into nothing. Erry was almost near a place that she though was a safe spot, some juices were pouring onto her arms making it bleed but Erry didn’t had a choice… she HAD to survive. Tina on her side was ‘following’ Erry’s attempt to climb out, she was feeling the tiny hands of her victim and wanted to know until when Erry would be able to resist. “Maybe I could add a small challenge~” said Tina while she approached her hand to her belly and poked with her pointer finger near where Erry was climbing.

“Aaah…!” Screamed the small one that was feeling this vibration and almost fall, one of her hands lost her grip and she was now hanging above the deadly acids with only one arm. Erry looked down and let out a small cry of pain while she focused her eyes onto her hand that was still holding on. More strong acids were now pouring onto it and Erry was looking at her skin that was peeling away… her fingers shivering from the pain and about to give up. “No please…” whispered Erry while trying to move her other arm… that didn’t reacted. Erry’s eyes filled with tears again and she was about to scream to this giant one all around her to spare her small life but… Tina with a giggle poked onto her belly but this time right where Erry was. The small one lost her grip and was now falling, her eyes opened wide in horror while her body fall and splashed again inside of Tina’s digestive fluids but this time it was deeper than Erry excepted and she fall at the bottom of the giant stomach. Erry wanted to swim to the surface but could only feel a deep burning sensation onto all of her body. She closed her eyes but knew that it would be useless since Erry could already feel the itching sensation onto her eyelids. Erry tried a last time to move, her lungs already filled by Tina’s fluids that were digesting the small one from within but her body stopped to move, a last cough of bubbles exited Erry’s mouth while what was remaining of her life leaved her body. Tina on her side knew that the small one was gone and she used her power to grow again before resuming to destroy this small city with the same smile on her face.

A whole week passed since this day. Erry came back again from the void but this time she was remembering everything. The small one was sitting in a corner and was holding her head with her hands, remembering all of this pain she endured each time “Why… why do I have to live all of this… and… did I actually died more than these times…?” Asked Erry to herself but no one would give her the answer. Suddenly, Erry could hear a loud sound and saw many humans suddenly go to the windows from where she was hiding. The small one took just a peek but couldn’t understand what was now going on.

Just like another day for her, Tina was happily walking onto a city this time, she used her power to grow even more than usual and was now destroying many blocks of buildings only with a simple step. “Hmmm… this again ?” Said Tina loudly while she was looking down at the ground before she used her power to shrink a bit but she was still way taller than any building around. Tina took a small breath and started to talk, making sure that everyone in the city would hear her “Good morning humans~ My name’s Tina and I’m searching for a little friend… I could find her myself but it’s funnier like that sooo ~ I would like all of you to find a Tiny that have white hair and to bring her to me. Just be sure to search everywhere because she’ll probably hide now… and if no one can find her within… let’s say 20 minutes I’ll be sure to dispose of all of you just like I did with your neighbors~ So let’s start the game and good luck~”

Erry heard this… the small one squeezed her fists because she knew that again she wouldn’t escape the giant girl. Taking a few steps towards the exit of her hideout, she went outside and was now facing a scared human woman. “Hey you, down there !” Yelled Erry to the human who looked a bit on the side before noticing the small girl. The human had a shiver of fear probably because of Tina outside and picked up Erry from the ground. Erry was trapped inside this woman’s fingers that were pressing her body all around but she had made up her mind, trying to escape again wouldn’t help. The woman was now inside of an elevator and moved her shivering hand to her face, slowly opening her fingers to look at Erry who was just looking back at the human. “Why did you decided to show yourself?” Asked the human girl with a shivering voice, the small one looking back at her to answer “Let’s say that I’m tired. I don’t really plan to save all of the humans of this city because I doubt it would change our situation… after all your Tinies are just living candy… But I have to talk to her.”. The human girl frowned “So you think that we’re all thinking like this…? It’s true that your kind is… so small to really protect but…” Erry made a move that said by itself that the human shouldn’t talk more “Yes… some humans tried to defend our cause many times but… how can you protect a tiny one smaller than your thumb… you could even crush us below your feet without even noticing us. I don’t really believe that this situation will change and… we have to deal with this giant girl, way taller than any human before.”. Erry just finished her sentence that the elevator was at the roof level, the human girl placed her other hand atop the one where Erry was, not wanting to drop her and she started to walk towards the roof, now looking at the giant girl sitting on a nearby building. The human took a few more steps, looking at this giant one that could headily hold her within her hand just like the micro girl she was carrying until suddenly Tina turned her head to look at the human woman.

“Hello~ Do you have anything for me ?~” Asked Tina with a huge smile, now looking at this woman’s hands. The human went closer to the edge and moved her hands in front of her head “Yes ! I have the Tiny that you wanted, she’s right there !”. Tina jumped off the small building she was sitting on, the small structure falling apart from the shock, Tina took two steps and was now looking at the woman before placing her hand upside down onto the roof “Climb on it please ?~”. The human woman bowed her head and was looking at Tina’s fingers, way taller than herself before she walked closer and climbed onto Tina’s hand. “Place her at the center and go down on the roof.” Asked Tina again, the human woman doing exactly what she was asked, she walked to the center of Tina’s palm and placed Erry onto the soft ground. The human then noticed that Erry didn’t resisted and that she was maybe much more strong minded than herself. The human then started to walk away, still looking at Tina’s giant fingers before she was back on the roof. The human woman now looked at Tina with a shy smile “So… you’re going to spare us right…? I’ve brought you the Tiny that you wanted… “. Tina had a smile while she was looking at the tiny speck at the center of her hand, she then nodded to the human girl “Everything will be fine.” Then with a move, Tina was now away from the human girl’s sight who sighed in relief.

What the human didn’t noticed at this time was that at each side of the city were now two gigantic foots, way taller than the whole city itself. Tina who closed her hand, not wanting to lose Erry took a step forwards before… making a small surprised squeak. Tina was moving her other feet back that landed right onto the whole city, crushing it fully within a single second… Tina had a small giggle then smiled “Hooo… looks like I tripped onto something… sorry humans~”. She then started to walk towards a place she knew very well, now looking at her closed hand that was containing the small girl. Erry wasn’t moving much, she knew that escaping was impossible for her so she would just wait for now. Sitting onto the girl’s skin, Erry grabbed her legs with her arms and placed her head on her knees, waiting Tina to reach her destination.

It was the same mountain with the small house onto it, Tina made the same move that allowed her to shrink to human size while she was still holding her fist closed, feeling Erry inside. She went inside of her house and immediately placed Erry on the same table as before. Tina then took a chair and sat at the table, looking deeply at the small girl before starting to talk “We meet again. In fact I kinda knew that we would meet each other again… and I still wonder why. You probably hate me from what I did but I don’t feel any regret about doing this. But since the Fate itself wants us to meet so often, do you mind if we talk a bit ?~”. Erry winced before turning herself to look at this giant girl “So your name is Tina from what I heard before. My name is Erry.”. Tina smiled while learning this but soon Erry started to talk again “As you can see I’m a Tiny… I don’t have much to say about myself except that I don’t know how I come back to life every time you… kill me.”. Tina was about to talk but Erry wasn’t done talking yet, the small one now standing up and looking deeply into Tina’s eyes “So… yes you enjoy to kill me and you probably won’t have anything to say about this because I’m probably just a bug for you but… I’M ALIVE ! How can you just take so many lives just like this !! With your size you could probably do many things so WHY do you keep on destroying everything that is in front of you !?”

Tina rested one elbow on the table while placing her head on her hand “Because I can tiny Erry. I’m the incarnation of the Will of the universe, I existed for so many thousands years that you wouldn’t probably understand this. I also do this because it gives me happiness and it’s the only thing that I need.”. Erry squeezed her fists “So…? Because you got the power of a god you should think only about your selfish desires !? You probably don’t understand what I lived until now then ! From what I’m currently watching… you seems to enjoy everything but do you even know sadness and pain ? I bet that you’ll answer me that you probably don’t need this but… Damn my feelings are real too !! I’m just not a small toy that humans and gods can kill just because it’s FUN !”. Tina moved her head a bit closer “I know all of this tiny Erry, don’t forget that I’ve been there before you ever existed. I saw so much creatures and civilizations that probably no one can remember today. But you’re different and I really wonder why do you keep on coming back to life…”. Erry took some steps closer “Here we go again… so tell me, what do you want ? Kill me again a thousand times ? Destroy my small self because you like this ? Let me tell you this Tina… what I see in front of me is a lonely God. Of course you don’t need anything because you’re soooo powerful but you’re alone in the whole universe. Maybe you don’t feel what it is to be alone since you probably don’t care but… I lost my sister who was sharing my life, she was one of the reasons for me to live and when I lost her I kept on walking to honor her memory. I do feel what it is to be alone… but it also helps me to stay alive. You, the over powered goddess or whatever you are… you’re just what you are… you don’t have anyone to take care of and I bet that you don’t even know what it is to love someone. You’re just this giant being that enjoy destroying everything in your sight… of course I can’t even wonder what you’re able to do but unlike you… I really know WHO I am.”

Tina was still wearing the same smile but listened to Erry until the small one came closer again “If you want to kill me again… do it. But I won’t allow you to enjoy this stupid game any longer with me. I don’t know why I do have this ‘immortality’ within me but be sure that all of your stupid games won’t affect me anymore. My name is Erry, I’m a Tiny and no one… human nor god will be able to defeat my existence !”. Tina moved her hand closer, closing her fist she placed it right above Erry “So be it. If you want things to end like this it’s fine for me.” And with a fast move, Tina made her fist come down onto the small girl who wouldn’t be able to dodge it.

Erry didn’t moved. She looked into the giant girl’s eyes to the end but when the giant fist hit Erry, the small girl didn’t moved and Tina noticed that her fist didn’t crushed Erry too. “Finally.” Said Tina who was now looking at the small girl now ‘coated’ by the same blue flame she saw when Erry came back to life but the small girl had her eyes closed, not even breathing. Tina tried to move her hand again but the result was the same so she stood up and made the usual move she did to grow to her giant size. Her small house almost fully collapsed when Tina pierced though the roof of her house and broke most of the walls when she grew but she was now looking deeply below. She moved her feet close to the small destroyed house and made her feet slam onto the ground, crushing what remained of her house but also the small girl that was here. Tina then twisted her ankle, making sure that her old house was now fully destroyed before she couldn’t feel Erry anymore. “Heh… do you really think that you understand what I am Erry… ? You have a long way to do before even understanding the concept of my own existence.”. Tina raised her feet and smiled at the destruction she did again before she turned her head to the left. “Still alive… you really have a strong mind but.. Don’t think that I’ll get bored Erry… this world is just another playground for me among many others.~”. Tina made her body grow again then started to walk, feeling now cities and even countries break beneath her feet. She was now looking at a city where she knew that Erry was inside and without a word, crushed it while wearing a wide smile on her face.

It took many days for Tina to almost destroy every single town on the Earth but each time she could feel Erry appear somewhere else. Soon Tina got an idea, she used her power to grow again until her shadow started to cover most of the Earth from where she was standing. But it wasn’t the end yet and Tina kept on growing until… the whole Earth was in front of her face, the giant girl now looking at this tiny marble from the space. “Well well… it was fun playing with you Erry but I won’t lose either.” Tina then placed her fingers onto the Earth, crushing many countries only with them and  then smiled “Farewell~” while her hand closed onto the small blue sphere and broke it completely until nothing but dust remained in space in front of her face. Tina then opened her mouth and started to breath, all of the dust that was the Earth before passed her lips and went inside of her body until nothing remained. With two fingers, Tina picked up another small sphere that was in fact the Moon and tossed it within her mouth before closing her teeth on it, breaking it easily into nothing too.

It wasn’t the first time nor the last where Tina destroyed the whole human world but this time she enjoyed it even more because she had someone that tried to resist her and it wasn’t even a human but a smaller creature… just a tiny grain of sand that tried to fight back a god. Tina snapped her fingers, it was something she knew how to do now and soon emerged something from the void that took its place right in front of her face, the Earth was back.

Tina put her head on the side, in fact the Earth was still her current favorite place and she was now looking at the small sphere in front of her eyes. From the space, the Earth didn’t looked really perfect but Tina still enjoyed this view until she blinked and looked a bit around the small planet, noticing that something was missing this time. “Where are you Erry ?~” whispered Tina not to loud or she would destroy the small planet only with the vibration of her voice. Tina looked around but even with the power that was fueling her body she wasn’t able to find the small girl. Tina decided to move a bit, looking at different planets she knew well but each time she couldn’t find the small white haired one… until she could feel something far away. Tina turned her head, it was the same feeling she discovered with Erry but this time it was different. Tina started to focus, trying to find where Erry was but she couldn’t reach for her. “You’re kidding me ~ There’s no way you could prevent me to come.” Said the giant girl before focusing again and with a small breath from her, she vanished from this place.

A dark place, without any star around. It was like a vast plain but only made of darkness and Tina that was now here was really curious about this. In fact she never came here and didn’t even knew this place but her eyes focused onto a small shape. Moving closer, Tina was now in front of a tiny body with white hair coated by a blue glow floating in this void. “Heh… I found you ~” said Tina while moving her hand closer but she couldn’t close it onto the small girl, now feeling her fingers shiver. Tina then did the move she used to grow, it would be so easy for her to get this tiny body if she was at her gigantic size but again nothing happened. Tina was wondering if it was a side-effect of her travel to this unknown place and her eyes were now focused onto Erry. The small one was looking like if she was sleeping and a small rune with the shape of a wing was glowing onto her back. Tina giggled “So this is the source of your power I guess ~ you’re getting me really interested little Erry ~”.

“And can I ask you what you’re doing there ?” Said a voice behind Tina who turned her head to face another girl… who looked like just like Erry but she was older and had long white hair floating behind her back. Furthermore this girl had two wings made of light behind her and Tina looked amused again “I go whenever I want, is there a problem with this ?~”. The other girl went closer and was now facing Tina even if she was a bit smaller than her “Didn’t you made my child suffer enough ? And to think that you can come where she rests… you really disgust me… Tina.”. Tina smiled “Ho so you know me ? And I guess you saw all of your child’s deaths… It was funny to play with her though and I wonder if you’re the one who sent her back to me each time.”. The other girl moved closer and picked up the small sleeping body of Erry in her hand “No. It’s a part of her own power… a power way more amazing that I ever saw… even if from your point of view she’s just a tiny insect.”. Tina giggled “So she’s really something… I wonder if she maybe could do such things as I do~ “. The white haired girl nodded as an answer “Believe me or not but Erry is… a small shard of Creation itself. I saw it sometimes happening and even if she’s not aware nor in control of her power I think that she could even recreate the whole Earth if you decide to destroy it again. But I guess that just like everything she said to you, you probably won’t care about this.”

“Not so fast with your decisions ~” Said Tina while putting her head closer to Erry “What you just said is tickling my curiosity and… I now want to see what this tiny one can do.”. The other girl put her other hand onto Erry and with a single word from an old time made her hands glow, doing something to Erry before she looked back at Tina “I erased everything you did to her from her memory. When she’ll go back to the world of the living she won’t be able to remember all the things you did to her. I… know that you’ll probably search her again to play with her life but I will protect my child this time and don’t expect to win against Erry’s Will.”. Tina moved a bit back “So be it. I really want to see what she’s capable of and if you want this so much, I won’t kill her anymore but I’ll be watching her until the day where she’ll discover this power within her.” Said Tina while turning away and moved into the darkness surrounding them, slowly vanishing from this place. Once outside, Tina placed her hand on her chin “Someone like me heh… if I expected to find such a girl… ” Said the girl while wearing a wide smile. Tina then moved a bit away from the Earth “Okay I’ll leave you alone for now Erry but this giant one will always keep an eye on you until the day where… I’ll decide to meet you again. Just be sure to be ready because I can’t wait to see what you can really do.” Tina then moved away while waving her arm that destroyed many planets with this move until she couldn’t be seen in this place anymore just letting out a small giggle of excitation.

The End.