Erry days 3

She was broken… It was a part of the ‘process’ of course… But she couldn’t resist the urge to cry… Even if no one would care about her small self… The only feeling left now in her mind was to… die fast so she wouldn’t have to endure more of this pain…

Erry was one of those small people, she wasn’t even 3cm tall and was living in this world with the giant humans and many different other creatures. She knew that getting caught by a human would be the end of her small life, but she couldn’t escape this stupid trap the humans created to catch some ‘tinies’… And soon enough was ‘sold’ to another human. Erry then was handed over by many people… Trapped in a small dark bag she couldn’t watch what was happening around her. Of course she hadn’t anything to feed on and was feeling weaker… Humans weren’t caring much for their small ‘edible toys’ so she just sat… Waiting the moment when she would die…

Soon, the bag opened and Erry could feel a change in the gravity… She was falling to the ground below! Erry screamed… Grabbing the cloth of the bag to stay a bit ‘safe’, the human girl who was holding the bag frowned before shaking it a bit… Making Erry fall to her fate below…  And let out a loud cry of pain when she heard her left leg break… Erry was now on the ground trying to get up but was useless because of her broken leg. The human girl had a small smile then moved away from Erry’s sight.

She was in a box… A tiny box for a human but a giant one for the small people and Erry noticed that… She wasn’t alone. Some other people of her size started to walk to the center where was Erry and soon were surrounding her. Erry was feeling a bit confused, no one was talking but she was still crying, holding her numb leg with her tiny hands… Hoping that somehow it would heal back… And soon a girl went in front of her. The girl was probably 19′ and had long black hair, she got closer to Erry… Looking a her carefully before in a fast move moved her hand and let her fist land onto Erry’s face. “Die… Witch!!” Erry’s face was now on the ground, a small bruise on her cheek… She heard that name many times… Because of her white hair, the small people were hating her without a real motive. The girl with her black hair then took a step closer then kicked into Erry’s broken leg… “Haaa… Haaaaa !!!” Screamed Erry from pain… Before the girl started to talk again “It’s because of you that we’re all trapped there… And we’re all going to die. Are you happy Witch…?!” Two other people came closer and started to kick Erry’s body who was trying to protect herself with her arms… “Stop… Please !” But the people didn’t until Erry was about to pass out… Her whole body now covered by bruises. The first girl came again and spit onto Erry’s face “This is all your fault stupid bitch…! I hope that you’ll die painfully !!” Before giving a last kick into Erry’s lungs, making her cough loudly.

But soon, every people that was hurting Erry turned on the other way around and started to shiver… The human girl was back. The human  took the box and lifted it up, now walking to another room, noticing the small Erry lying on the ground but then moved her head away and placed the box on another table. “Okay they’re all there, is everything ready Sally?” Said the human girl while another voice could be heard “Yes, the reception room is ready.” The first human smiled “Good. We just need to take care of the food and we’ll be all done.” Said the girl while now looking at the small people within the box. And soon her hand went inside and picked many small people within… They were all screaming and trying to escape but what could they do at this size… Erry was now in a bit more ‘awaken state’ but couldn’t move, she could still hear some pain screams from ‘outside’ of the box and was now wondering what was happening.

No more cries… Erry had a strong shiver, she heard this word before… “Food.” And Erry knew so much what was the meaning of this. Now trying to get up, she only managed to fall on the floor, her leg still looking ‘dead’. The giant hand came down again, grabbing more small people who again tried to escape… Without success. Soon the small screams ceased… Erry was now looking really afraid… Did those humans killed the small ones ‘outside’…? She didn’t had much time to think… The giant hand ‘hovering’ above her and started to came down, the giant fingers closing onto Erry. “Haaaa…!” Screamed Erry from the pain her leg was giving her. Now lying onto the human girl’s palm, she was the only one that got picked up this time.

“Hmmm…?” The human girl was looking at this small girl and was looking at her body… Noticing all the bruises. “Well looks like your own people wanted to hurt you… But well…” The human picked Erry again by the hips and pinched both of Erry’s legs with two fingers before pulling on them. “Haaaaahhhhh!!” Was screaming Erry, the human noticed that the girl had a broken leg from the feeling on her fingers “Sorry about this.” Said the human girl with a neutral look… Then pulled hard onto Erry’s legs… Breaking the other small leg. Erry let out a long scream of pain… Her two arms trying to get out of the girl’s fingers… Her two legs now ‘hanging’ below… The human girl looked closely at Erry. “It’s the first time I see a white hair like you… But well…” The human girl pinched onto Erry’s right arm who tried to move it… “Stop…! I beg you!!” The human girl was looking at the small girl “Why…? Do you know who you are tiny one…? I heard many of small ones like you beg for their life… But even if I let you go, where would you go like this ? And I have to do my job so please… Stop resisting, you’re going to be eaten like your tiny friends there tonight.” Erry looked down… And discovered with horror what the girl was doing… But when she tried to beg again she heard a snapping sound… Her right arm just broke. “Haaaa… Haaaaa !!!” Was screaming Erry… Some drool coming out of her mouth, she was feeling tired… And couldn’t bear more. “Good girl… Accept your fate.” Said the human girl while taking Erry’s other arm and broke it easily… “Good… So you won’t resist like this…” Erry couldn’t scream anymore… But this pain was far beyond everything she had felt before. The human girl took a small blade and cut Erry’s ripped dress away… Now looking at Erry’s naked body. Then she turned a small device and some water was pouring onto Erry… Who tried to breath but coughed hard while the water was pouring right onto her head.

Soon, Erry was ‘washed’ and still being held between the human girl’s fingers who took now some small things on the table. It looked like some small ropes but different. With a skilled move, the human girl tied Erry’s legs together and did the same with her arms… Erry was looking lifeless… Moaning from the pain, she couldn’t do anything more. The human girl picked up a last small band and placed it onto Erry’s mouth… Not wanting the girl to scream when she would be ‘served’. Erry was soon placed on the table while the human girl was taking some other things besides, Erry could see some veggies and various ingredients… From the look of this gigantic room it was a kitchen but way taller than the one she could find in just a house, this place looked taller but Erry wouldn’t be able to explore it anymore. The human girl was humming a soft song while she was preparing everything… Of course it was her job but from Erry’s perspective it was just another human that was hurting small people.

“Okay…” Said the human girl while taking a small piece of bread that looked a bit cooked already, it was indeed a small toast. The girl put some cream on it with some tiny peas, pieces of carrots and tomatoes before putting her hand above Erry and pocked up the small girl. Erry wanted to scream but this small band was preventing her to do so… She was looking at the toast getting closer… Until she could feel the cream onto her skin… Becoming one more ingredient of it. The human girl put some cream onto Erry to ‘cover’ her a bit and also added some spices. Erry was helpless… Her small eyes pouring some tears out but the human girl didn’t really paid attention and moved Erry’s toast onto a tray with already many more small ones like her. The human girl kept ‘preparing’ some other tinies until she was done with that.


Half of the whole tray was now full, Erry was wondering why the human girl stopped since there was much more people in the box. Until another human girl came in and placed some high glasses on the tray and started to pour some champagne in the different glasses. Erry was looking at this golden liquid pour… But was also wondering why there was some things that looked like small lids with the glasses. Erry’s eyes opened wide… Because this other human girl put her hand in the box and grabbed many people within. With skilled moves, she was ripping their small clothes before passing them under the water then tossed them in the glasses. Erry was now facing a glass… And a small girl fall inside of the liquid… The girl from before who hurt her. She was trying to swim but it was hard for her… The small girl came under the surface many times before coughing loudly when she managed to put her head outside… The human girl was now done filling all of the glasses and with a smile picked some of the small lids from before putting them inside of the glasses… Pushing all of the small ones under the surface… The small girl in front of Erry was now coughing bubbles… With her arms she was trying to push the big lid and punch it with her tiny fists but it was useless… Another cough of bubbles… She was now low in oxygen and was holding her neck with her hands… Her small body was turning inside of the glass… And soon she was facing Erry who was still trying to scream… Their stares met, the trapped girl inside of the glass cursing Erry with her stare… Before she coughed another load of bubbles… The small girl was now looking tired… And put her hands onto the glass surface while still looking deeply at Erry… Before her small hands ‘fall’ and her eyes slowly closed… Erry closed her eyes… She knew the girl was drowning in front of her but couldn’t endure to watch this. When she opened the eyes again, the lid was removed… The small girl’s body still floating in the glass, lifeless…

“Hmmm!!!” Screamed Erry with the band on her mouth… She was shaking her head since it was the only move she could do but was lost in her mind… Did this girl really died because if her…? Because of the curse of her white hair? Erry was now thinking about all of those rumors she heard since she was young… And about her sister she lost too some years ago… Was it because of her white hair too ? Was she really cursed by her own blood…? Erry was so confused that she couldn’t think logically anymore… But soon, the first human girl from before came in front of the table and picked up the tray… Before walking to another hall. Erry looked around when the girl was walking, it was a gigantic house but also could now hear many people nearby… Erry wanted to escape… Hearing all of the small ones trapped around her moaning from fear, Erry closed her eyes… Not wanting to ‘discover’ what was behind the large door that was now in front of the human girl.

The door opened and Erry’s eyes opened wide too… There was people everywhere around… All dressed like for an important event but Erry couldn’t hear much… Now fearing for her life. The human girl was walking towards a table but already some humans were picking some tiny toasts and glasses from the tray. Erry was watching in horror a woman putting one of the toasts with a tiny girl on it within her mouth and ate her just like this… Without any other feeling than joy and not feeling guilty of the small life she was taking, it was what the humans did for thousands of years already… The human girl that was holding the tray put it on a table and adjusted a bit the contents before going back to her quarters, probably to ‘prepare’ more small ones…

It was a reception for a prize or something, Erry could catch some words but it wasn’t really what she was thinking about. She tried to bite into the small band on her mouth, if only she could scream she could try to talk to the humans but it was too hard for her small teeth. Then another girl got picked up right besides Erry who had a cold chill… She wanted to move so badly but each time her broken arms and legs reminded her that she was trapped there…

Suddenly a giant woman’s hand came near Erry… “Hmm… So nice of them to have some tinies, I love them so much~” the woman was now looking down “Hooo a white haired one…? I wonder how you taste like… Ho?” The woman was noticing Erry’s hurt body “Ew… That looks disgusting tiny one… Where have you been to be such in a bad shape like this… But well…” The woman moved her hand away and took a glass that was in front of Erry, containing the small girl that hurt her before. The human woman smiled and moved the glass to her lips and started to drink, Erry was now watching the small lifeless body moving inside of the liquid and that soon disappeared between the two bright red lips of the human woman. She had a giggle… Having a small body within her mouth was giving her chills… And soon the human woman raised her head a bit back and swallowed easily her tiny victim. Erry was screaming inside of her small band again… Looking at the small bulge going down on the human’s throat, containing the girl. Yes Erry hated her… Like the many people that hurt her before but Erry still let out some tears… No one among the tiny ones deserved to die like this.

Many other small ones ‘disappeared’ from Erry’s sight, each time having a strong shiver because it could have been herself who was picked up, but still she didn’t wanted to die… Not like this. Erry was soon almost alone on the tray, she could still hear many other small ones around screaming in their small bands but like Erry they couldn’t escape. Erry’s tired head fall onto the soft ‘ground’ made of cream and had now some onto her cheek, her eyes were tired of all of this, she wanted to ‘escape’ this fate somehow… And started to remember her life when she was younger. Erry was remember those happy days she spent with her older sister Aya before she got killed in front of Erry’s eyes. If only… If only they hadn’t been found with Aya, they would still be together.

Another hand moved down and picked the last small toast besides Erry’s… Some time already passed since they all got ‘served’ and now Erry was the last piece remaining. She was looking with her tired eyes those giant people around not caring for them and was wondering which one of them would soon ‘finish her’. If she could move, she would rather kill herself than being eaten by one of those monsters… Until a girl started to walk towards the table.

She was a regular human girl, she was probably 18 years old and had long black hair to her shoulders, her green eyes were focusing onto something in front of her… Then licked her lip while she reached the table and was now in front of Erry. The small girl didn’t wanted to move… She saw many giant fingers with a light blue on the nails grab the small toast and placed it in front of this human girl’s face. Soon, the two giant lips opened and Erry had a full view of the girl’s mouth… This girl wasn’t talking and just looked Erry like a small piece of food. Erry could now feel the girl’s warm breath on her full body and let put a small tear while trying to move her broken body… The girl then placed the small toast within her mouth and closed her teeth and lips behind, engulfing Erry in a warm darkness.

She was humming from Erry’s taste… The human girl was now enjoying this tiny piece of food for what it was… Moving the small toast on the side, her teeth closed on the small bread and took a piece away with some veggies… Erry let out a small scream since the giant teeth were not so far from her legs… Erry was scared beyond everything, hearing and watching this girl eating ‘her’ was her worst nightmare happening… Even if she couldn’t move, Erry was lucky enough not to fall between the girl’s teeth where she could have been chewed into nothing… The girl humming again all around her was making Erry sick… She was just a small piece of food for the giant girl around her and nothing more. Erry was now ‘coated’ by some chewed food and saliva from this giant monster… And could now feel the muscle where she was lying on raise slowly…

Erry was now facing the human girl’s throat opening getting closer… Her uvula undulating right above and could feel the girl’s breathing hitting her small face each time. Erry was crying even more… Her broken body sliding slowly to its final ‘destination’ until she was at the very edge of the girl’s mouth. And with a giggle from the human girl… Erry got swallowed. She was screaming inside of the small band on her mouth… Her body squeezed from each side on her broken arms and legs, she was going deeper inside of the girl’s throat. All around her was just food and saliva… She was just a ‘part’ of this girl’s meal, Erry’s eyes were filled with tears but she couldn’t escape and soon… Would die inside of this human who never cared for her. A loud noise was soon heard besides Erry, it was the girl’s heart and she noticed how small she was compared to this giant ‘organ’.

She was going deeper again, now hearing the girl giggling happily but Erry was still crying and coughing out some saliva that was ‘covering’ her face… And soon enough, Erry was ‘falling’ and landed heavily onto a squishy ground with a small splash… She was inside of the human girl’s stomach. “No…” Was thinking Erry, now realizing that this girl just ate her whole and alive just like a small piece of candy! She was now lying on the side but could already feel a soft tickle on her skin as she knew what was doing this: the girl’s digestive fluids. Erry wanted to move, her whole body now shivering from a deep fear, she was onto the top part of the girl’s stomach but could see a wide ‘pool’ in front of her making some unknown noises to her small ears. “I can’t believe it…” Was now thinking Erry while listening to all of those noises around her…. She knew that this place would kill her soon enough but still wanted to escape it. Erry was now feeling a soft burning feeling on her skin and raised her head, the small band fall in front of her, a part of it already melted by the human girl’s juices.

“Ah… Aaaahhhh !!!” Suddenly screamed Erry… Her eyes now shivering from what was in front of her. There was a small girl’s body floating right in front of her… The small body was already wearing many wounds made by the digestive fluids that were in this place. Erry wanted to know but almost guessed immediately when she saw the lifeless eyes of the girl… She was about to die the same way… Erry stared to scream but a loud growl around her echoed… The ‘place’ was now aware of Erry.

“No… Nooooo !!” Screamed Erry, she was moving her head but her body couldn’t do much… Except making her feel a strong pain from everywhere. Erry was low coughing from the lack of oxygen and started to feel really tired. “No… Not like… This… Please…” Said Erry while begging for her life, but the human ‘outside’ wasn’t really looking concerned about what was happening to Erry and soon the whole place moved, probably because the human girl was moving too. Erry’s body rolled on the side and was getting closer to the acids ‘pool’… “No… Nooo…” Was still begging Erry but soon knew that she wouldn’t make it… And fall inside of the acids. “Aaaaahhh NOOOOO !!!!” Was now screaming Erry… Feeling her body sink inside of this burning liquid and now having a strong burning feeling on all of her small body. She so wanted to be able to move again… Her body sinking more and more… Some of her skin was already getting soft… Erry looked at her small chest that was now wearing many wounds as the acids were now ‘biting’ her everywhere, she closed her eyes and let out a long scream of pain… Before her body sank deeper and was now ‘under’ the acids level. Erry was now coughing bubbles… Panicking from a deep fear because she was drowning and couldn’t move out ! She was moving her head fast… Feeling the acids burn her soft cheeks, tearing some of her young skin apart… Erry’s mind was now blurry… She couldn’t think logically anymore and knew that she was about to die. A last load of bubbles went out of her mouth… The acids now ‘filling’ the small girl’s body, Erry sank to the bottom of the human’s stomach and drowned when she hit the bottom… Her spirit leaving what was her body before.

The human girl was now sitting on a chair, noticing that the small girl stopped to scream inside of her, she rested her head against the wall and smiled… Before thinking about something else and forgetting what she just done. Deeper inside of her body, the two small girls that died today were now floating inside of the pool of digestive juices… They were melting slowly but would be digested soon enough and absorbed by this giant body like two small pieces of food… And soon, the two small girls got sucked easily inside of the human girl’s intestines where they would be ‘processed’ soon… Until nothing would remain of them. The giant girl patted her belly and went back to the party… Noticing that a new ‘plate’ was put on the table; Maybe she would be able to get another of those delicious appetizers…

The end.