Erry days 2

A trap… Of course it was a trap… Atop of her almost 3cm, the small white haired girl Erry knew that she wouldn’t escape it… She was out of her ‘house’, a small crack in the outside of a human house’s wall, and was searching for food. Getting something to eat was hard for the small ones, the ‘tinies’ as the humans called them since they never considered the small people as ‘living beings’… They were just some small toys and in the worst case, their food. It was something ‘natural’ after all… It was always like this… And nothing would change this.

For Erry, getting trapped here was the ‘end’… When she saw a small piece of bread on the ground she was as careful as usual to check if there wasn’t any human around but as she took some steps towards the small crumb… Her legs refused to move suddenly. Looking at her feet, they were ‘glued’ to the ground… Erry knew who could set such a cruel trap and even knowing that she wouldn’t escape she was trying… She had to ‘live’… As she started to shiver… A giant shadow approaching where she was… Erry’s eyes wide opened were now looking at an ’emblem’ this human was wearing on its chest… The emblem of the ‘Micro Hunters’. As a giant human hand closed all around the small white haired girl, Erry closed her eyes… Shivering… All the small shards of hope in her heart shattering… No one could save her now.

It was almost the night in another part of the city, a girl was walking around, looking at all the lights on the different stores, it was another nice day for her and her work went well, a perfect day indeed. The girl turned in a small street, there was less lights here but it was now a residential district. Taking some stairs, the girl was humming a soft song, it wasn’t the first time she went here and knew the way. This girl wasn’t really old but was ‘skilled’ already… Doing a bubble with her chewing gum, she was now in front of a dark brown door and pressed the button aside.

The door opened and a twenty looking like girl was now at the door. She had long blonde hair and green eyes, she was the typical average woman in her twenties but still had some nice curves. She wasn’t wearing much makeup except a bright red gloss. “Hello Sarah, it’s been some days I hadn’t seen you.” Said the blonde girl to the other one. “Hello Alex’! Indeed it’s been some time but well you know how hard is a student’s life sometimes… But I can still do this job aside.” Alex smiled, if Sarah was here, it was because of a good reason “I have just one today but I think it will be enough right ?” Said Sarah “Ah yes, I’ll be trying something new tonight and I’m sure it will be another great experience, ah but I forgot to ask you how much it was this time.” Said Alex as Sarah answered “It will be 5 please.” Alex smiled and took her purse, taking the 5 dollars, she added 5 more to them “Don’t tell me that you don’t want this Sarah please. I know indeed what is to be a student and you’ll need this. Thank you again for this ‘service’, it’s good to have a friend like you.” Said Alex as she gave the money to the other girl who handed a small brown bag “Thank you Alex, I’ll be sure to watch you on my computer tonight too” as Sarah gave a soft hug to the blonde girl who smiled back as she took the small bag “I’m sure everyone will like it.” said Alex as she waved to Sarah before closing the door and put the small bag onto her desk.

Darkness all around her… Erry was trapped into something like a purse and couldn’t get out. The ‘walls’ were hard and didn’t moved as the small girl was punching them… Erry’s body was tossed around as the human girl was walking but not really taking care of the tiny girl inside too… She was a Hunter after all and Erry her prey… Soon, everything stopped to move and Erry could hear some voices nearby. The sound was muffled from the ‘bag’ she was in but she couldn’t understand what the two voice were talking about… Suddenly, Erry was ‘flying’ as the bag all around her was probably tossed somewhere, she let out a small cry as she landed hardly on her shoulder which made a small cracking sound. Erry was checking her shoulder but it wasn’t broken, just wearing some bruises…

“Well… What do we have tonight I wonder…” Said Alex as she sat a her desk and took the small bag, slowly opening the top of it and took a peek inside “Hooo something I never saw before… Hello little one…~” inside of the bag, the small girl fall on her back as she saw this giant face looking at her… Erry was scared. “Ah… Yeah I could have guessed you would be afraid but well… What can I do about this, you’re so small after all.” Said Alex as she was still looking at the bright white hair of the small one, before  moving the bag a bit. Erry let out a cry as she was sliding… Something was now under the bag but she didn’t wanted to fall… She tried to grab onto something but the giant girl moved the bag again and Erry couldn’t resist any longer and fall…

Erry was now looking around her and shivered… She was in a small cage… Just like something used to trap a mice, looking up she saw Alex giggle “Yes I know… But I don’t want you to escape, I’ll need you later…” Erry had tears in her eyes, her whole body shivering… “Please… Let me go…” Alex opened her eyes in surprise and giggled “Oooh so you can talk…? But I’m sorry… I need you for the ‘show’.” Erry was thinking… What was this all about ? Trying to press herself between two metal bars, she couldn’t escape… She was trapped and at the mercy of the giant girl. Erry sat on the ground and started to cry… “Keep your tears for later little girl… You’ll understand soon enough…” As Alex stood up from her chair and went to her bathroom “And don’t try to escape… In fact you can’t too haha… ~”.

Erry was looking around, her cage was near a giant computer screen and there was many strange devices around… Erry saw a camera placed atop of the screen, a micro and a strange device aside. On the ground right in front of the cage was a small pill… But it looked different like any medicine and looked like filled with some electronic devices… There was also a pile of giant discs with some writing on them. Erry could read a bit but couldn’t really understand the meaning of them “Shows 1-15…” Said Erry, wondering… And soon she could hear a shower sound and a girl singing… It was Alex. Erry tried now to escape the cage, tried to climb onto the metal bars but fall each time on her back… Her small legs and arms now wearing some bruises… And soon enough, Alex was back, wearing a simple shirt and the same red color of her lips on her nails… “Now that I’m pretty enough… Should we start little one…? It will be a special day after all..”

Alex sat at her desk and turned her computer on. After some operations, the small ‘pill’ emitted a beeping sound and a window opened on the screen showing many things. In one of them was Alex’s face and there was some text on the side, just like some other people writing… Alex took a deep breath and smiled to the camera as she started to talk to someone “Hello, Alexandra there ! I’m sooo happy for the many comments you leaved on my previous video and the many new ‘friends’ I got on Facebook as well ! So yes today is my 100th video… So much time passed already haha ~ and wow… You’re already more than 20 000 to watch this live ! I think you really expected this day as much as I…” Erry could see some text appearing on the screen… And guessed that this girl was ‘animating’ a show but didn’t knew much about yet… The human girl smiled and talked again. “Okayy so today we have a new guest… A different one from the previous who appeared here, let me introduce her to you.” The girl suddenly picked The cage up with her hands, making Erry fall on her back and let out a small cry. Erry was now in front of the camera and could see herself in the screen… But some words started to appear on the right of it but Erry couldn’t read all of them. “It’s a white haired one… The very first time I find one like this… And maybe that she will be different too…” Alex said while staring deeply a Erry… Who noticed the girl licking her bottom lip… Erry had a shiver… Was it really what she was thinking…? Alex placed her face right aside the small cage and of course everyone could see this on their screens “welcome to ‘Tinies eating live’ small girl…” Finally said Alex wearing now a wide smile between her two red lips…

Erry screamed… It was a nightmare… The human girl was now showing her real intentions towards the trapped one. Erry had a strong shiver while trying to move back as much as possible, making Alex giggle “Ho… No you won’t escape little one.” Erry could feel something on her back… The metal bars from the other side of the small cage. Erry looked at the screen… She was looking at herself in the camera… She was scared. Standing up, her legs were shivering… She put her two hands on the bars and started to scream towards the camera “Help me… Please ! She’s going to kill me…!!!” Alex laughed… Now looking at the chat window where some messages appeared again, making sure Erry could read some of them.

‘So we’re already at the begging…? Not really original…’, ‘I wonder how those white ones taste like…’, ‘You said that she’s going to kill you little Tiny… But we’re here to watch this…’ This last comment made Erry fall on her knees… Tears coming out of her empty eyes… No one was feeling anything for her…? And there was now more than 25000 people witnessing her despair ? “Ahh…. AAAAAAAHHHH!” Erry put her hands on her face… Crying loudly… Wondering how such a cruel thing could exist in the world. Alex giggled again and smiled to the camera “Haha… Looks like she’s ready now… let’s get started then~” while opening the top of the cage and putting one hand inside. Erry was looking at the giant fingers coming towards her and with a scream, grabbed two metallic bars with her hands as she could feel her legs being picked up. Alex pulled softly and giggled “Ho…? Resisting ?” She turned the small cage and put her mouth in front of the cage where Erry’s face was… Slowly opening it to let a warm breath hit the small shivering girl. Erry’s eyes opened wide as she saw this giant maw opening on the other side of the cage… This very mouth she could be tossed in so easily… Erry let out a scream as her fingers couldn’t resist anymore… And let go her grip. “Ah finally ! It’s useless to fight back a human don’t you know little one…?” Said Alex as she was now holding Erry upside-down in front of her face. “Stop please… ! I’ll do whatever you want !” Screamed Erry again, tears still coming out of her blue eyes… “But… You’ll be doing what I want soon enough and it will be to feed me. I don’t know about this ‘legend’ about eating tinies like you makes human’s bodies even more beautiful but…” Alex put Erry in front of her chest “See those generous breasts…? Many of small ones like you helped me to get them and you’ll be joining all of them in my flesh soon enough.” Erry started to scream… Trying to get out of the girl’s grab but it was useless and the human girl was now rising again before having Erry in front of her eyes. “Okayyy. Let me tell you this: I don’t care about your little life or that you’re a living being or stupid shit like this… You’re just… Food and all those people watching you feel the same… I’m even sure that some girls here dream to be at my place to enjoy you… But let’s give them a nice show would you ?” And with another move of her hand, Alex placed Erry right above her head as she opened her mouth right under, the two bright white rows of teeth parting away to show a full view of Alex’s mouth. Erry screamed again “No… NO!! Stop this !! Let me live !! Don’t eat me !!” Alex giggled… “No thanks, I’ll prefer a little something instead.” As she let go Erry’s legs from her fingers and let the small girl fall inside of her mouth.

Erry had a strong shiver. Looking around, she was sitting on a giant muscle, the girl’s tongue. Erry could hear and feel the girl’s breathing all around her and looking around she saw where she was… Bright white teeth surrounding her that could crush her small body easily… A warm liquid already pouring onto her shoulders and clothes that made Erry squeak, the giant girl was drooling on her… And behind her was another horrible view… The girl’s throat opening. Erry tried to get up but slipped and fall again on the fleshy ground… She was helpless but couldn’t resist this urge to escape this place. It suddenly started, Alex was humming from Erry’s taste and was now ‘playing’ with her small body. It was so easy to move the tiny girl around, licking her in every place and of course showing this to her ‘audience’ as Alex put her mouth right in front of the camera to show this.

Erry’s mind was just full of ‘survival instincts’ now… She was doing her best to resist the girl playing with her but soon saw an escape. The girl was now opening her mouth wide… Showing the small body soaked with saliva, laying on her tongue. Erry’s mind went fast, she stood on her knees and dashed outside… She would rather die from hitting the floor at this height than being eaten by a human. And after a second she was nearly out…

“Huuuueeerrrrrhhh !!!” Made the small girl as the two giant rows of teeth closed right on her lungs… Erry was now ‘hanging’ between them and couldn’t breath anymore from the pressure. “Haaaarrrr hhhuuuuurrrrhh!!” She was hitting the bright red lips and the teeth with her small fists… She was about to suffocate, looking at this horrible scene on the screen too… Erry was looking at herself right in the screen trapped between the human’s teeth. She was about to die… In front of many people that never cared for her and went here just to watch the ‘show’. The teeth finally parted away as the giant lips closed onto Erry’s waist. “Hurrrr… No… Stop…” Tried to scream Erry as she was trying to catch her breath back. Alex was now playing again with the small victim by sucking her back within her maw. And with a flick of the giant tongue, let Erry fall on the side, almost inside the girl’s cheek… Almost…

Erry could feel a ‘hard’ ground but couldn’t move… Her eyes opened in horror as she discovered the place where she was : on the girl’s teeth. Alex pulled her lips with a finger to show Erry’s body to the camera and after some seconds, closer her teeth on the small body. “No… NOOOOOO !!!” Screamed Erry when she started to feel the heavy pressure on her… This giant girl could break easily her tiny body there but for now was just pressing her teeth against Erry. The upper row went up again to fall another time on Erry, letting the small girl scream again. It was a part of the ‘game’ for Alex… She didn’t wanted to kill her tiny victim here but wanted to break her mind slowly… She pressed her teeth hard enough to make the small girl feel a strong pressure but also didn’t hurt her. Erry was trying to fight back… Still punching the giant teeth with her fists… The only result was a loud giggle from Alex around her… Erry’s tired eyes looked on the side, to see again herself on the screen… Helpless and trapped between two rows of teeth… And with another giant giggle, Alex started another ‘torture’ as she was now chewing… Not strong enough to break her tiny victim but much enough to give her some bruises and rip her small clothes away.


Soon enough, Erry’s naked body was placed back onto the giant tongue… Having pain spasms, breathing loudly… Erry’s will to escape was broken… She knew that he only way she would get out would be inside of the giant throat behind her. She was watching her small naked body laying on the giant tongue… People laughing about her in their comments… Asking Alex to finish her. The blonde girl giggled again “Well well… Looks like you now understand what you are… Food.” Erry couldn’t scream anymore… And let out a small cry as she saw in the screen the giant tongue raising and her body slowly sliding towards its fate… “Okay… Enough playing… See you for the next part, Foodie.” Said the human girl as she finished to raise her tongue, her mouth wide open so people would see that. And with a last giggle, Alex finished to raise her tongue and let the small body fall above the ‘edge’ as she swallowed Erry down.

In front of the camera was now a small bulge on Alex’s throat going down… Some muffled screams coming from it… As from the inside, Erry was screaming from the bottom of her lungs… Trying to grab onto anything to stop her ‘fall’… She was pressed from all sides by the pulsating muscles and was hearing the girl’s heart… Aside another sound. Alex was giggling again… Looking at herself in the camera “Well… Down she goes~ and you know what… ? For this 100th livestream I decided to give you something more. I would like to thanks all my subscribers who helped me to buy this…” Alex coughed suddenly… Erry finally managed to stop her descent and the small bulge was now just above Alex’s collar bone. “Hooo so you won’t let me finish tiny one…? I was talking to all of our friends you know…” And with a naughty smile, Alex swallowed again… Making the small one going down again… “Okay… What was I talking about…”

“NO…! Noooo !!” Erry was going deeper again… There wasn’t any light around but could hear the girl talking all around her, Alex was talking about some device but Erry hadn’t time to listen to that… Tears flowing out of her small blue eyes, she was sobbing… Still trying to escape this horrible place but in her mind she knew that she had no choice… Soon Erry could feel less pressure on her legs… Then her waist as she was now ‘falling’ and landed inside of a wide moist place, some kind of liquid was reaching for Erry’s waist already… “I… I’m in her… Stomach…” Said the small girl that started to cry again. “No…! Why…?! Why it’s always like this… I hadn’t done anything… I was just trying to survive !! Are all those humans monsters like this girl…?! Let… Let me out… I beg you…”

Alex could listen the girl landing within her, giving her some chills of this amazing pleasure each time. “Well… Out tiny guest is now where she belongs… Time to give her some company don’t you agree?” As Alex picked up the small device looking like a pill form before and turned some kind of receptor on aside her camera that let out a small beeping sound. Taking the small pill to her lips she opened them and placed the small thing on her tongue. “And there we go…” As raising her tongue, she let out the small thing fall in her throat and swallowed it easily.

Erry was sitting against a stomach ‘wall’, her face still placed in her hands… Then suddenly she heard a small splashing sound aside, like if something just fall nearby. Trying to stand up, Erry was now walking in the darkness and was now near that thing from before fall. A small clicking sound came near Erry as a strong light came from the small floating thing. Erry had to cover her eyes at first then saw the pill from before right in front of her, still emitting some light… “What is this thing…?” Asked the small girl when she heard a giggle from all around her.

“Well well… Isn’t that wonderful…” Said Alex as a second camera appeared on her computer… Showing the small Erry inside of her own stomach “We can watch you now tiny girl… Do you have anything to say to our audience…?” Erry ‘froze’… Taking the small pill with her hands it was actually another small camera looking at her… And every people were actually able to see her inside of Alex’s stomach… Erry didn’t really understood the meaning of this but was now looking around her… With the light, this place was really different from what she imagined… But is was also just like a nightmare vision… She was really inside a human’s stomach and she would be able to see her very end inside of it… “Stop this… It’s not a game… You’re really going to kill me… Please stop…”. Alex had a giggle that made Erry fall on the side. “But I can’t little one… This is what is supposed to happen to your food after all and it will be even more enjoyable to see all of this. And you know what…? There’s now more than 50000 people watching you. Thanks a lot everyone by the way to join today’s live”

A loud sound echoed all around Erry… The ‘place’ was slowly getting aware of the small girl and the stomach walls started to move again but also some juices started to pour inside… Erry’s eyes were opening wide “Stop… Stop this…! You’re going to digest me…!” Alex answered again with a ‘bored’ expression “You should better realize that I won’t let you out… You’re where you deserve to be and I’ll be sure to use all of your tiny body to make myself cute~ isn’t that a wonderful idea…? You were supposed to be eaten someday sooo… Let’s say that it wasn’t your lucky day…?” Erry didn’t answered… Her eyes filled with anger for this human girl but also with despair… She was now feeling her skin tickle… Erry was ‘bathing’ inside of the girl’s juices to the chest. She tried to climb out of them but only managed to fall again. It was easier for Alex to make Erry fall too since she could see her small victim’s attempts.

Alex’s channel was now featured as the ‘live of the day’ on the website she used to post her videos and there was now many more people watching her show… Even human kids since it was helping them to learn what was the place in the world for the ‘tinies’… There were also some ‘micro hunters’ watching this… Even Sarah who never missed any of Alex’s shows, she was her favorite hunter and was always finding more ‘material’ for Alex’s shows…

But it was different for Erry… She wasn’t enjoying her current situation… And even more since she knew that there was actually people watching her small self dying in front of them ! Erry coughed… There wasn’t much oxygen in that place and what was a tickle on her skin before was now a strong burning… “Aaah…! Nooo!” Erry punched  the moving walls… It was useless. Coming in front of the small floating device, Erry picked it up with her two hands, the small camera inside focusing on her. “You’re really enjoying this humans…? To see myself die in a place like this…? I’m just 15… I’m not even an adult yet and… You’re telling me that I won’t become one… Aren’t you ashamed of yourself !? I was always put aside my own people because of my hair color and now… Humans would decide our own fate !? I… Hate you… Monsters…” As Erry put her fist against the small device and sent it away from her.

“And who do you think you are…?” Said Alex with anger in her voice “It was always like this you know… Tinies just like you are even onto some restaurant’s menus… For me you’re just a tiny piece of meat… And to tell you the truth… I don’t care about your fate, you are a small one and just like any other, you’re not human. Feelings…? Ha! What a joke… I could crush your tiny life under my feet easily, without even noticing that you were there… So yeah, we don’t care about you… And from what I read from people watching this, it’s the same for them… Now… Be a good girl and let my body take care of you.” Then Alex moved her body a bit… Making Erry fall into the burning juices again… Erry tried to get her balance back but it was useless… Her whole body was hurting her and she couldn’t feel some parts of it anymore… “Aaaahhh….!!” Erry was screaming… The pain getting unbearable… And the worst part was that she could hear the girl surrounding her laugh… It was just a game… A game with a small girl’s life… Erry’s feelings shattered as she started to cry… It was useless to talk to those human monsters… And she was feeling her body getting numb… Her mind getting blurry… She didn’t had much time remaining…

A loud growl all around her… The stomach was now really active and was starting its ‘work’ on Erry by digesting the small body… Erry let out a scream that finished as a loud cough… Even of the place was filled with light, her tired eyes started to close… Her whole body was in pain… She knew from the burning on her head that she might had lost some of her hair too… Her legs weren’t ‘answering’ anymore… Erry had a small giggle as her eyes were filled with despair… “Looks like I won’t make it… I’m sorry Aya… I’ll be joining you earlier than I expected…” And with a last cough, Erry fall on her knees… A tear pouring out of her eye that closed… She was falling forwards… Her whole body covered by bruises and wounds from the acids… She couldn’t feel anything more… And when she hit the liquid surface, Erry’s spirit leaved her body… Letting it float at the surface…

“Haha… Looks like it’s finally over for her…” Said Alex with a smile at the camera, people leaving more and more comments about her show “But don’t worry… It’s not done yet. In fact I plan to leave the stream open for some hours but I’ll probably be sleeping then. I wish you a good night everyone and… Enjoy the ‘travel’ with my tiny friend inside of my body. See you in my next live and thanks again to every people who came here to watch !” Alex winked to the camera and shut it down with her micro. “Stupid girl…” She said as she got up from her chair. On her screen was remaining the camera from the inside and Alex saw  her small lifeless victim here. “Even like this people will enjoy watching you… And nothing will change this. Good bye tiny girl… You were really a tasty one…” And with this, Alex layed herself on her bed, taking her cover.

As she was falling slowly asleep, the digestion process went on harder… Erry’s body got sucked within the girl’s intestines and was followed by the small device. People could now watch the whole process… The girl’s body getting melted by the strong digestive fluids… Getting slowly absorbed by Alex’s own body… Until nothing remained of the small white haired girl. What was a small micro girl trying to survive became nothing more than some fat onto the human girl’s body… That wouldn’t care for her anymore… Thinking about her next show… The small device soon shut down, leaving Alex sleep peacefully… Having a small burp in her sleep, Alex turned in her bed and talked in her sleep… “Stupid tiny… Thinking that you could be different from our food…”

The show ended for the night… Many people enjoyed to see this… This tiny was different from the others and gave a good fight… But in the end there was no hope for her… And she couldn’t save her tiny life… Sarah smiled in front of her screen… It was really a good one, and soon there would be another show… With another tiny who will try to save its life against Alex who won’t leave it a chance and would force it to ‘join’ Erry and the many others small ones from before that disappeared within her body…