Erry days 4

It happened again… The girl named Erry died one more time. Atop of her almost 3cm tall she was so vulnerable to the ‘giant’ humans but also wasn’t strong enough to protect herself. It wasn’t the first time the small white haired died in fact since she had a strange ‘power’ allowing her to come back to life but she had to lose her memory in the process so she wasn’t even aware of this power she had. It was another place at another time… And a new life would start for the small Erry.

It was a late Friday evening in a house filled with dust. Under a table tall enough started to burn a tiny blue flame but it wasn’t setting fire to anything. This tiny flame started to grow and burn more until it took a strange ‘wing’ shape and with a bright white flash coming from inside of it, the flame vanished from this place, leaving on the ground a tiny naked girl with white hair… Erry was back to life.

“Hmmm…” Moaned the small girl while waking up, removing some dust from her hair “Where… Where am I…” Said Erry while now opening her eyes and looking at this place around her she didn’t knew. Erry had a shiver and noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything, feeling a bit cold. Erry started to stand up but fall on her knees, feeling weak “How… Did I got there… Aaaah!” Let out Erry while having a strong headache but she couldn’t think more about it, hearing some noise not that far…

Sandra was going back home, she had another hard day at work and would now enjoy her well deserved weekend. She was wearing some unusual clothes and had black and green hair, she was also wearing a deep black lipstick with her green eyes. She was holding in her hand a bag filled with various bottles, since life wasn’t easy for her she choose her own ‘way’ to enjoy it. Soon she was in front of her mailbox and opened it, some bills again… Even if she had enough to live on, she was always buying many things that she didn’t really needed but she somehow needed this to ‘fill’ her days off. Now in front of her door, she opened it with her key and after going inside she closed it behind her. “What a day full of shit again…!” Yelled Sandra while removing her boots and tossing them in the entrance, now walking barefoot in her house she put the bag on a table and ‘fall’ on her couch. Now resting her head on it.

Erry was feeling so weak but couldn’t stand up again… She saw a giant girl coming near but didn’t got noticed since this girl wasn’t really caring about what was on the ground, she was now trying to hide under the table, hoping that this human girl wouldn’t notice her. “Bah… They’re all stupid… If only they knew what I can do…” Spoke again Sandra while extending her legs… One of her feet now resting on the small table. She removed her black jacket and tossed it on a nearby chair… Still mumbling to herself. Erry wasn’t moving… Too afraid of getting caught by this human, she was still looking carefully… Until Sandra moved the table with her feet, also moving her other leg near Erry… The small girl opened her eyes wide… She could now be seen! Trying to run on the side, she only managed to fall heavily on the ground… Not noticing the giant shadow now above her. Erry suddenly screamed… She couldn’t resist because this girl’s feet landed right onto her… Erry was now trying to get out but she could hear the human girl making a small noise… She had been found.

“Hmmm…?” Let out Sandra while curling her toes onto the small thing on the ground then raised it to see what she had caught. “Hooo… Are you lost…? Or were you searching for something to steal little one? I’m sorry but you won’t find much there…” Said Sandra with an amused look… Still holding the small one between two of her toes. Erry coughed from the pressure and tried to escape but couldn’t do anything besides tickle the human girl “Don’t… Hurt me please…”. Sandra giggled… Looking at her tiny prisoner between her two green painted nails “But well… You came right into my house without asking me, don’t you know what humans do to the small ones like you…?” Said Sandra while licking her lower lip, making Erry scream, trying to escape again “Still trying to escape heh…? You’re not really funny but to tell you the truth little girl I was planning to spend another boring night… Looks like we’ll have some fun together in the end…” Said Sandra to the small shivering girl.

Sandra moved her feet closer and picked up the small girl with two fingers, now looking at her from all sides “Hmmm… A white haired one…? I never saw anyone like you before… But well… It won’t change the result in the end.” Erry was shivering again “Let me go please… I beg you… You’re hurting me…” Sandra didn’t really cared and picked up a glass where she let Erry fall in, the small girl letting out a small cry of pain when she fall onto the transparent ground. Standing up Erry wanted to ‘climb’ but fall again… The glass was too high for her. Knowing that she wouldn’t escape she begged again while sitting on the ground and started to cry.

“It won’t change anything little girl and you know it. In fact I already ate one of those burgers with a tiny inside at noon and… I enjoyed it haha…” Said Sandra while kissing the side of the glass, making Erry fall on her butt, shivering. “Okay… I should start to enjoy this… I hope that you’re ready…” Said Sandra while taking a bottle out of her bag. Erry stood up “What… What are you going to do…” But Erry knew the answer… Looking at the bottle opening right above starting to pour its content on her… Erry screamed… But the glass was filling up, her small body now ‘floating’ into some strong alcohol. Erry tried to reach the ‘surface’ many times but the flow coming from above was making her sink at the bottom of the glass each time. When Sandra was done filling her glass she looked at the small girl ‘swimming’ at the center. Erry coughed, because of this strong flow on her head before she was forced to drink some of this liquid and was feeling dizzy… She was looking at the girl at the other side of the glass, knowing what would happen next.

“Heh… Enjoy going down into my body small girl… It will be the ride of your life…” Said Sandra wile moving the glass to her face and placed her black lips on it, slowly opening them. “Eeeeekkk!!” screamed Erry while she was now facing this giant ‘cavern’ opening in front of her. Erry started to swim at the opposite direction… Moving her arms fast even if she knew that there was no hope for her. Sandra was now drinking… But also wanting to ‘feel’ the small girl soon. The human girl raised her glass, making the gravity do its ‘job’ on Erry that was now still swimming but could now see the girl’s lips on her sides, she was almost inside of her mouth… Sandra raised her glass again, drinking this alcohol fast with loud gulping sounds, she started to smile… Erry now within her maw.

“Noooo!!!” Screamed Erry as she could now hear loud swallowing sounds getting closer… Waiting the one when she would be sent down this girl’s body… Now trying to ‘run’ against the strong flow going onto Sandra’s tongue she could feel her breath right behind her… Could hear those merciless swallows… Erry was going closer to the girl’s throat opening when her eyes filled with tears stopped onto something…

“Aaah!?” Suddenly let out Sandra, she was feeling something unexpected then placed her glass back on the table before picking up her phone. Launching the camera app to the ‘selfie mode’ she was looking at her face then opened her lips to see… And let out a loud giggle that echoed all around Erry… The small girl was holding onto Sandra’s piercing that was at the middle of her tongue. “Hahaha! You’re funny tiny one ! You’re the very first one trying this and I… Really didn’t expected this to happen !” Erry was coughing out more alcohol… Her tired hands still holding onto the small perl before Sandra started to talk again “Tired heh…? Well look at this screen… Wanna see yourself being swallowed alive by this ‘cruel human’…?” Said Sandra while raising her tongue… Erry’s legs almost hanging above the girl’s throat while screaming from fear when Sandra moved her tongue down, still looking at the confused girl on her phone screen “No… That would be too easy. I want to spend some fun time with you tiny girl. Let’s see how much time you can resist this~” said Sandra while taking her bottle and filled another glass.

Erry could see the girl’s mouth open from where she was and without a second to try anything, Erry got ‘hit’ by a strong ‘wave’ again. Sandra was drinking loudly but she didn’t cared, in the end she would have Erry where she wanted… It was just a matter of time. On her side, Erry was trying to scream but the continuous flow hitting her face was forcing her to drink some of the girl’s drink too while she was trying to breath. Her hands were hurting her but Erry had no choice but to hold onto the girl’s piercing or she would be sent down the girl’s throat that was making loud noises right behind her with each swallow. Sandra was almost done with this glass and could still feel the small girl shivering on her tongue, She grabbed another bottle and removed the cap “Your mind is strong tiny one… But you know I’m used to drink a lot. So if you hope to escape once I’ll be drunk you can wait forever haha~”

Erry coughed more of this alcohol, feeling now light headed she was ‘bathing’ in the giant girl’s breath, smelling this strong alcohol while her small arms were aching more and more… But she had to hold on or she would die… Grabbing onto the girl’s piercing again, Erry was ready for the next wave. Sandra was looking at the bottle, closed her mouth then let out a burp, making Erry shiver from this loud noise and this horrible smell ‘coating’ her. Sandra kept her mouth closed for some time, trapping Erry inside without anything else to breath!

“Aaahhh… Aaaaahhh!!!” Screamed Erry, now coughing hard from this horrible ‘gas’, feeling her lungs ‘burn’ she wanted to escape ! Standing up she started to walk towards the girl’s closed teeth and hut them with her fists before falling on the soft ground… Sandra opened her mouth again “Hm…? You wanted something ?” Placing her phone in front of her face to watch the small girl she started to laugh “Haha… Who’s the drunk one now little bitch…?” Sandra placed the bottle in front of her lips again… Knowing that this time, Erry would going down her throat easily… Raising the bottle, the flow came again and soon Erry’s body started to move… “N… No…” Let out Erry while extending her arms, catching again the giant girl’s piercing. The flow was strong this time while the bottle was getting empty… But Erry was still holding… Until one of her arms couldn’t endure this flow pulling her anymore and slipped from the giant piercing… Erry was now holding with just a single arm, still forced to drink more and was feeling her other arm about to slip too… Until the flow calmed down and Sandra’s tongue raised again, this time to make Erry slide to her mouth opening and let her fall inside of her glass again. Erry let out a small cry of pain when she hit the ground but couldn’t move anymore… Her body coated by the girl’s saliva.

“Heh…” Let out Sandra while she was looking at the girl in the glass “You’re a good fighter… Maybe I could grant you something…” Erry’s eyes turned to watch Sandra’s face who started to talk again “Okay… I see how it works with you and well… I had some fun too so… Maybe I could let you go.” Finished Sandra. Erry was slowly trying to stand up and sat inside of the glass, looking at the girl holding her ‘prison’ while removing some of the girl’s saliva from her hair “What do you mean…? You… You would let me go…? For real?” Sandra put the small glass in front of her eyes “Even if I look like this I never lie tiny one… But let’s say that It’ll depend on you…” Said the human girl while pouring some other bottle of alcohol in the glass, Erry now inside this liquid to the chest but still a bit worried about her current ‘situation’… Sandra smiled then opening her lips she let out a word… “Drink.”

Erry was now confused… Did she had to obey the human girl to be free in the end? Erry looked at her hands… Before putting them in this liquid and moved them to her lips… Erry’s body had a shiver, she didn’t enjoyed that before but she HAD to do it now… Opening her tiny mouth she started to drink before coughing loudly… “Hehehe… is that too strong for a small one like you…? But well… Keep on drinking.” Erry nodded, her mind feeling now blurry because of she had to drink  many times before, she put her hands back into the alcohol and started to drink again, some tears forming at the corner of her eyes. “Good girl…” Said Sandra while looking at the small Erry just like a tiny living toy… The small one was now feeling weird, her head was now hurting her and her body was exhausted, taking another ‘sip’ from her hands, Erry coughed it out and was now holding her belly… She couldn’t drink anymore.

“You’re already full? I expected more… But well” Sandra picked up the glass and looked at the girl who still had alcohol to the chest. Suddenly, Sandra made the glass spin fast, making Erry scream from surprise, the small girl turning around fast in the glass, bumping against the transparent ‘walls’ until it stopped. Erry’s head was spinning… Her mind becoming blurry she started to let out some weird noises… The alcohol now acting on her brain. Erry had now a strange laugh… Her eyes were now half closed and her body was shivering a bit…

Sandra looked at the girl in the glass “You’re drunk…? You’re really not used to drink heh…” Said the human girl while picking up Erry and placed her on the table. Erry tried to stand up but her legs didn’t allowed her to keep her balance. The human girl smiled again “Heh… Look at you… A tiny drunkard… You’re not even able to walk anymore…” Erry tried to get up but fall again… She was still giggling in a weird way… Sandra started to talk again “Well… Okay. I’ll let you go… But do really want it? I’ll respect your choice but you can still change your mind.” Erry sat and listened to Sandra, she was feeling light headed but nodded “I… Want to go please.”

Sandra had now a smile and put her head closer to the table “Okay. But before this, I would like to clean you… Mind if I do it? But if possible I don’t really want to waste anything….” Erry heard this and had a small hiccup… Before looking at her body that was still having this strong alcohol smell, she nodded “Ye… Yes please…” Sandra had another small giggle before opening her mouth wide in front of Erry and rolled her tongue out, her breath hitting again the small girl “Go in and I’ll clean you~”

Erry looked at this but couldn’t really think logically… Standing up she had another hiccup before taking a step and feeling about to lose her balance, she took some other steps and fall directly onto the human girl’s tongue but also wasn’t realizing where she was. Sandra could feel the tiny girl’s ‘landing’ and with a giggle, put back her tongue inside of her mouth with Erry. She was now sucking onto the small body, licking Erry all around and the small girl wasn’t resisting, her mind too blurry to think about her current situation. Erry didn’t knew what to think about anymore… She was being licked all around and a warm ‘wave’ started to fill her tired body, a strange pleasure induced by the alcohol. Erry let out a moan… Her body now covered by this girl’s saliva who was still busy ‘savoring’ her tiny naked candy… Erry had soon her eyes closed and didn’t noticed that she was now at the back of the girl’s mouth… Sandra picked up her glass and started to talk, still enjoying to feel this tiny one within her mouth “Well well… It’s time for you to ‘go’ tiny girl… You were really fun.” Finished Sandra who with a move, put her glass onto her lips and let the liquid flow inside of her mouth. The liquid ‘hit’ Erry again… And this time she wouldn’t escape… Her small body got carried by this sudden ‘flow’ and soon fall under the girl’s uvula who happily swallowed her along with her drink.

Erry was now going down… The human girl ‘outside’ let out a satisfied moan while feeling the small Erry going deeper of her body with her alcohol. Erry was surrounded by Sandra’s throat muscles pushing her down but she couldn’t think about resisting or anything else… Sandra rubbed her neck, the small bulge disappearing behind her breasts she was smiling then picked up another bottle. She soon started to drink loudly… The alcohol catching Erry who was still going down and pushed her faster… Soon Erry could feel a tiny muscle opening right below her foot and soon was falling…

With a splash, Erry fall into Sandra’s stomach and was now ‘floating’ inside of a mix of the girl’s digestive juices and many different kinds of alcohol. Erry had a new hiccup and pouted… Still not realizing that her life was in danger “You told me that you would let me go…” Sandra laughed before poking her belly with a finger “I never said where tiny girl… And you accepted this so don’t feel bad about it haha… Besides you were a delicious snack for this lovely night, I should thank you for that~”

Erry was feeling weird. She could feel a burning feeling onto her small body but her mind was still blurry… She was right under the stomach opening and soon another ‘shower’ of alcohol fall on her while Sandra drank again. Erry could soon hear some loud groans all around her, the ‘place’ was hungry and would dispose of her small self soon… The burning feeling onto her body was increasing but had only her shoulders above the ‘water’ now. Sandra changed her position on her couch, now resting her legs on it too she put her bottle back on the table. Sandra was now ‘listening’ at the tiny girl inside of her who will be melted away soon…

Erry got surprised when the human all around her moved and fall inside of this burning pool before managing to put her head back above the horrible liquid. “Aaahh…” Suddenly cried Erry, her skin itching more “What… What is this…”. Sandra giggled “Haha… Finally realizing it…? You’re going to die soon tiny one… But I could say that you were delicious~” Erry was now feeling weird… She was still under the alcohol influence but she started to ‘see’ where she was… And what would happen to her. “Let me get out…” Said Erry, now feeling her body being assaulted by the girl’s acids, “Nooo way~” answered Sandra while patting her belly again before resting her head on the couch… “I’ll be sleeping a bit now, I wish you a nice digestion tiny one~” finished Sandra while closing her eyes.

A loud rumble again all around her… Erry couldn’t hear the girl talk again and she wanted to exit this place… Moving a bit fast, Erry started to climb onto one of the moving walls but the ‘texture’ wasn’t really easy to hold on. One of Erry’s hands slipped and she let out a small scream before looking down… The acid level was rising and a strong alcohol smell was in the ‘room’, Erry gulped and tried to hold again against the moving wall. After some minutes, Erry was feeling tired, her whole body drenched by the girl’s juices, she was still holding on but her arms were now burning her, she could see some of her skin now wearing some scratches.

“Hmmm…” Let out Sandra while turning on the couch, not realizing that this small move made Erry slip and fall again inside of her digestive fluids… Erry tried to scream but the giantess’ juices filled her mouth and she started to cough. Erry’s arms and legs were now hurting more and she was feeling a horrible pain when she tried to move them, looking at herself, she knew that she wouldn’t last long. She wasn’t much drunk anymore… The fear coming back into her mind she started to panic… Searching somewhere where she could move so she would be outside of this ‘pool’ but there wasn’t anything around. Erry’s arms stopped to move and she ‘sank’ a bit again in the juices, having some of them fill her small mouth again, she coughed them out and tried to stay above the surface. Erry’s legs stopped to move too…  The small girl feeling her own skin being ‘teared away’ from her. Erry tried to scream again but this time she was forced to drink some of Sandra’s juices while screaming… Burning her from the inside. Erry couldn’t ‘swim’ anymore… Feeling her body sink she wanted to scream again but her face was now below the juices again, her whole face burning her.

“No…!” Was thinking Erry loudly, not wanting to die here… As this human girl’s food. She couldn’t feel most of her body anymore, trying to move she only managed to sink deeper. Her mind was now getting really blurry… Not having any oxygen left inside of her lungs, she was suffocating, some tears coming out of her eyes, Erry shook her head while some of her own hair was melting away… And stopped to move. Erry let out some bubbles come out of her small mouth, drowning inside of this horrible pool and becoming nothing more but a small snack for Sandra.

The human girl turned again in her sleep… Letting out a small burp outside of her mouth, she couldn’t feel Erry moving inside of her stomach anymore… And her body would soon start its ‘work’ on her. After some hours, Sandra woke up, it was the middle of the night. She stood up and walked to her room slowly, removing her clothes one by one until she just had her pants left on her. She let herself fall on her bed and grabbed a cover, not really thinking about anything besides sleeping. She could feel her stomach rumble a bit… And knew that the small girl within her had been digested away and was probably being ‘processed’ deeper inside of her digestive system. She poked her belly with a finger and let out another small burp “Welcome to your new home tiny drunkard…” Before pulling her cover on her. Sandra closed her eyes and fall asleep almost immediately… She wouldn’t probably remember the small girl from today ever again… It was just a small snack and nothing more  after all…

The end.