Erry’s story >

Erry’s story :

The story of my main character Erry and her full background described in these. Not really happy stories but you’ll learn more about her as you read them.

Part 1 : Aya

Story of the life of the two small sisters Erry and Aya in a world where the ‘tinies’ are just toys for humans…

Part 2 : Saphyr

This story is about Saphy’s life before she became a cruel micro hunter… and when she met with the micro girl who accepted to share her life with her: Erry.

Part 3 : Erelle

This story happened thousands of years ago… before the human discovered the micro people. You’ll follow Erelle’s life as one of the ‘leaders’ of the small people…

Part 4 : Youth

The next part of the story right at the end of the third chapter where you’ll learn more about Erry and Aya’s youth and relation.

Part 5 : Overgrowth

A new ‘world’… but with a different Erry…

Part 6 : Revival

The next part of the story just after the end of the fifth chapter with some new things unexpected…

Part 7 : Past

What happened right after the first time that Erelle died ? You’ll find ore about that in this chapter.

Part 8 : Memories

Back to Erry in a way different situation from what she lived before… the main difference is that some weird dreams are now appearing for Erry…

Part 9 : Search

This story happens right after the last one where we’ll follow Saphyr and Aya searching for Erry. As for the small white haired girl, she start to remember some things that happened to her…

Part 10 : Answers

Last part of Erry’s story where everything will be explained. It’s been a long time that both Erry and Erelle started their long travel but it finally comes to its end. What will happpen next…?