Erry’s story part 1 : Aya


She was sitting on a stone alone looking around where she was living now. It was like a big cavern made of bricks with some lights around. At the other side of the tiny ‘field’ she could see some houses mainly made of rubble and everything the people could find to build their walls. It was like a month she was living in this cavern now and she really wanted to have some friends, but that wasn’t so easy for her … Some kids were playing in that field not so far from her but she didn’t wanted to join them… Or maybe she just couldn’t because of these rumors around her. She passed a hand in her long hair as a one of the girl approached and shouted at her “hey everyone! The witch is awoken!” As the other kids came around her, looking her in a disgusted way. The same girl, probably their leader went in front of the quiet sitting girl and she grabbed her hair “Hey you! Why are you there?”

She was probably expecting an answer but the sitting girl didn’t moved, just putting her hair back in place, wrapping her arms around her legs. “You’re not going to answer?” Said another girl near the first one “I bet you’re just putting curses on us right now… Am I right?” Again she doesn’t answered… She had empty eyes, tired of hearing that story again… “Hmpf you’re not even funny… Why don’t you just go outside and get eaten by the monsters? It would be a fitting end for an abomination like you…”

“Abomination …” A word she heard so much as a description of her, a tear rolled from her eye on her left cheek as she putted her head on her knees. “She’s not interesting at all …” Said the second girl “We should go back before she summons some monsters here …” As they were leaving the lonely girl on her rock… Suddenly the first girl grabbed a stone on the ground, turned in her direction and shouted at her “Hey White Hair! Catch this” as the girl threw the rock in the direction of her head … She closed her eyes waiting for the impact … But it never came… When she opened her eyes again there was someone in front of her. “You small brats…! Leave her alone and go back to your houses before I catch you!” As the kids were running away, scared by the shouting one. As she turned back, she let go the stone she was holding in her hand… The stone destined to hurt her little sister and taking a step towards her she wrapped her in her arms … “Are you okay Erry? They won’t come again to bully you, don’t worry…” As Aya was feeling her sister crying against her chest she put a hand on the little girl’s head, kindly brushing her hair “There there….. Your big sister will protect you…..”

Erry woke up this morning. Her sister was already out for maybe 2 hours and she’ll be probably back soon. Erry was waiting, looking by the window that was just some opening in the wall near the door. She was still thinking about what the other children were talking about yesterday… As she was looking the sky that was made of the same brick texture as the wall she was whispering this word many people used to describe her before … “Witch”…

As she were looking herself in a broken mirror piece, tall enough so she could see her whole body in it. She was just wearing an old torn white dress, she had only that to wear…she was also bare foot as shoes were really hard to get… She looked deeply at herself then her eyes stopped on her long hair… “White hair” as the people always called her like this… She learned by Aya that people were thinking it was a sign of bad luck and disaster so she was always hated for this… She was still standing in front of “herself” as some tears formed in the corner of her blue eyes. There was some noise and Erry could recognize the typical steps of her sister, she brushed her eyes with her hands and went in the hall to welcome her back.

Aya’s eyes were tired but she had no other choices since the “big monsters” were still sleeping at this hour, but as she saw her younger sister at the door she couldn’t resist to give her a big smile. As she dropped her bag and her spear against the wall, she crouched and gave a big hug to her young sister… This day again she came back safely, she had one of the most difficult jobs of the community after all: she was a raider. The raiders were in charge of searching food and other items that could help their family and Aya was one of the best. Erry was looking the big bag over her sister’s shoulder and was wondering what her sister brought back this time.

“It’s a surprise for you!” Aya said as she put the bag on the table, it looked like really light even if it was really full. As she opened it and put the big thing that was inside, Erry didn’t knew what was that. Her sister grabbed a part of it and put that in her sister’s hands, “well I can’t really remember the name but it’s really good … Was it a cra- something?”. Was it some food? Erry wondered as she took a bite in it. “Eek..!” Squeaked Erry as her sister had a small giggle “I’m sorry Erry, I forgot to tell you it was so salty… but is it good?” As her sister took another bite of the friable texture and gave a soft smile, it was so good, since they didn’t had the chance to have something to eat every day it was a real pleasure for them.

They couldn’t even finish the fifth of the big thing on the table, so they’ll have some spare, it was a good thing. Aya was staring at her sister, “hey Erry… didn’t you grew again?” as Erry was sitting on the other chair, blushing, she didn’t expected that and she stood up… waiting for something. “Ah you want to see that too I think” said Aya “maybe it’s the big day for you” as she put her hand on her sister’s head, they were going near the wall of the room. There was some small marks on the wall, it was Erry’s size, the young girl was checking it almost every day, always excited about that. As she put her foot against the wall, raising them a bit Aya answered “No cheating” and gently pressed down her sister’s head, checking her size. “Oh well …” as Aya took a sad face and put it in front of her sister’s “Looks like my sister took another mark …”

Erry was now blushing, a tear dropped of her eye and a smile appeared on her lips “Does that mean….?” as Erry was staring straight in the eyes of her now smiling sister. “You finally reached it Erry, congratulations. You are now 2cm tall.” Aya wrapped her arms around her sister, giving her a big hug “you finally made it”.

Not only for the 2 sisters but for everyone living in the community, the life was pretty hard. Of course the rulers of the world were the humans but they weren’t alone since a “sub-species” (the word that they use to describe them) were also living here. They weren’t as tall as the humans but had the same physical attributes and they were as intelligent at the humans too.

But despite of that… They were considered just as small toys by the humans. It’s not that rare to see a young kid playing with some of them or a teenager girl eating some of them… Of course they were also used as food sometimes as hard as it is to believe. There was a story about them making the girls’ body more beautiful but it was just some pretext to destroy families of “tinies” as the young humans like to call them. The only way to survive for the small ones was to hide everywhere they could, in a wall if it had some cracks on it, inside some trees or jut in abandoned houses as no human would go there to search for them. There’s also some human groups trying as much as possible to defend their rights and existences but they’re not enough to have a significant weight for the governments… And even so if they were enough for that, would people would change their habits? Since they were even jewels using their small body and some special cooking programs for “them” on the TV. For the 2 small sisters they were there now living in this house for now 1 month since their old hideout was destroyed by “micro hunters” as they call themselves. Life was even harder for Erry with those strange rumors around her but as long as she were with her older sister she could be happy everyday … for now.

It was a strange day… Erry woke up later on this morning but Aya wasn’t here yet. Wondering what could have delayed her she went on her usual spot on the window looking around this place where the sun would never reach as they were hiding in the house’s cave wall… So deep under the ground for them. 1 hour passed… Then 2… Erry was now really scared, her small body shaking as her sister didn’t came back… “Oh no…” as she started to run outside. “Did she was caught…?” Some tears started to pour from her eyes onto her red cheeks. she was still running towards the “exit”, a big crack in the plaster covering the wall.

She never ran like this before… her only family, her sister disappearing…? She couldn’t believe it, she was one of the best of them… Thinking too much about her sister, she tripped on a small rock and fall on the ground. The wound wasn’t really serious, just a small scratch on her left leg but she wouldn’t run right now… She was almost at the exit… As she stood up she started to walk as fast as possible, her eyes wide open as tears were still flowing from them.

She was not at the “exit”. They were always some people here but this day there were more of them. Aya wasn’t the only one missing but Erry wanted to know. She approached one of the guards, a middle-aged woman still crying as her legs were shaking… When she asked if they saw her sister going back, the woman just gave her an aggressive stare. “Please … I want to know what happened…” But she couldn’t finish her question, the woman gave her a kick in the stomach… And sent her flying right to the ground. “Get lost White Hair.” As she said, looking the young girl whining, her body now covered by bruises.

The place wasn’t really silent anymore. Erry was sitting on her knees, holding her face in her hands as people gathered around her. “It’s your fault!” Shouted someone, “Because of you…! My wife hadn’t came back!”… The kids she saw the last day were here too, standing near Erry they were laughing at her… “Nobody loves you witch…! Why don’t you just die here…?” Said the girl who threw a rock at her earlier. They were all shouting at her then a big noise from the other side of the wall could be heard.

Another noise, this time closer… Then a new noise but this time against the plaster… It was really damaged as a big crack formed on it… Then the plaster itself started to fall. They all couldn’t believe this… From the kids to the older ones they never wanted to see that…

Crouching on the other side of the wall and looking at them, the young human girl opened her eyes wide as she discovered a treasure and gave them a big smile… “So much of them…” As her gigantic hand came over them then finally grabbed maybe 12 of the tiny ones. They were all screaming and started to run on the ground as the human girl rose her another hand. Erry was lucky… She dodged the hand coming near her by falling on the ground as it grabbed more small ones, including the kids that hated Erry.

Erry was watching the hand coming back near the face of the young human she was amazed… The girl was maybe 11… Just a year younger than the tiny Erry but she was so tall and she picked up maybe 25 of the tiny ones so easily. The big girl opened her hands, looking on the tiny ones screaming and crying… She was looking amused as her right hand came closer to her face… Her mouth opened wide as she let all the tiny ones slip inside it… They tried to grab on something but they couldn’t escape the fall… As she closed her mouth she was shivering of pleasure… Feeling a dozen of small people inside her mouth was so amazing, she was actually playing with them with her tongue as she finally tilted her head back with a small giggle, swallowed them “Hahaha…! Go down in my tummy lovely tinies…”

As they were looking at the young girl in horror, some people tried to flee but the young girl hit a house near them, blocking the only way to escape as she smiled at the small ones on the ground, her other hand went near her face as the people in it were still trying to escape… But even if they managed to jump off the hand, they wouldn’t survive the long fall. Some ones still on the ground tried to escape on the sides of the girl she just picked them and tossed them right in her mouth, gulping them like some small candy, still having a big smile on her face.

The back of her other full hand now opened was now against her chin as she smiled to the tiny ones she opened her mouth wide and rolled out her tongue, inviting them to go inside with a small wink of the eye. But the tiny ones and their kids were on the other side of the massive hand pressing themselves against the so big fingers of the girl… “You’re not fun tinies.” Said the girl with a pouty face as she lifted her hand a bit… Some of the tiny ones were now sliding towards the girl’s open mouth, screaming for help… As she closed her mouth and swallowed a new bunch of them the girl noticed something on the tip of her finger…

The small girl was holding on the finger… crying … She saw all of her friends getting eaten so easily… She didn’t wanted to live the same fate so she resigned to jump to the ground as she could escape being eaten… As she managed to reach the top of the girl’s nail, a shadow approached… She was now stuck between the finger where she was on and a gigantic thumb… Feeling an incredible pressure on her body she screamed as much as she could…. Her eyes dropping tears as she saw the girl’s face getting closer. “Hmmm you don’t want to play with me too little girl?” As the human girl said… “Well … You don’t want to leave your friends alone after all… riiiight? “As she opened her mouth and putting her screaming helpless prey in it. The young human was also playing with her tiny ‘candy’ inside as she rolled her on her tongue, covering her with her hot saliva she opened her lips again to show her the outside she would never see again. Coughing some saliva the tiny girl looked outside of the enormous mouth… She could barely see something as this distance but her stare crossed Erry’s scared look… She was the one who tried to hurt her with a stone some days earlier and gave her a strange look… “It’s all your fault.” she probably thought as the young human closed her mouth again, trapping the small one inside and swallowed her, sending the small girl in her stomach with the other kids…

Erry was terrified as she looked the small bulge going down on the human girl’s throat… She could have been here too… getting eaten with the other kids… But she was still “safe” for now… The human girl was kindly rubbing her belly while giggling as she took a small bag out of her pocket… She couldn’t eat more of them right now and she was thinking about keeping some for later… She grabbed another full hand of the people and dropped them in the bag, screaming as they were falling in it… The hand was now above Erry and started to descend on her… But Erry was suddenly grabbed from the side, dodging the hand who closed right aside her…

“Don’t move.” said a voice. Erry coughed a bit from the dust where she landed. She opened her eyes and saw a familiar face, angrily looking at the giant human hand coming again but the 2 of them were now hidden behind a small portion of the wall so the human girl couldn’t see them. Some tears appeared on the corners of Erry’s eyes… “A……ya……” she was now on her knees looking her sister… she was alive! “Don’t make a noise.” Answered Aya, a severe look on her face as she went back looking to the crack in the wall. Some so long minutes passed… The human girl leaved this place humming a song with a full bag of tiny ones screaming inside while trying to get out… There was no one remaining near the entrance apart from the 2 sisters…

“Erry, listen carefully.” Aya started, “we’re not safe here anymore… We have to move now. We’ll be going at home, take just what we need to survive and we’ll be going out from the outer exit.”. Erry couldn’t believe it… Her house could be destroyed so easily by those humans… But she was so happy that Aya was safe that she went against her sister’s chest, crying. Aya patted her sister’s head kindly… She was so young to live something like this… But it was time to go as they were now packing some goods. They both started a long journey in search of a new house…

It was a long walk… The trees were so big… but they were so useful at night for the 2 small girls that they could sleep near the roots and also hide from anything. the days passed… Erry was now really tired physically and mentally since she was walking barefoot on the ground… Aya looked at her sister “let’s take a break.” As she designed a tree where they could rest. Aya took some food from her bag, putting it in her young sister’s hands, they were shivering… “You need some energy Erry…”. She took a small bite in the food but her eyes were empty… “Aya…couldn’t we do anything back here? You know … there was so much of them… even if they were hating me… It’s … unbelievable that they all disappeared so easily…” Aya had this severe look again, “No. We couldn’t do anything, even trying something against the humans is just some suicide wish…”. Erry put her head against her knees, shivering, her long hair looking so dirty since they couldn’t take a break to wash themselves. In answer to this, Aya stood up and sat aside her sister, putting her arm around her “don’t worry Erry… I’ll protect you …” But the young girl wasn’t listening anything but her deep fear…

“It’s all my fault…” Erry said as she was now crying… “It’s that curse again…!” Her trembling hands went on her head, trying to rip some her long pale hair… But she was stopped by her sister. Putting her hands on both of Erry’s shoulders, her face in front of her. “Don’t believe this Erry! They got caught just because some raiders told the human girl where was our hideout when she caught them… But in the end they ended like the other ones…” Tears were now flowing on Aya’s cheeks… She was never so expressive usually but she was happy to see her sister safe… “Erry … I don’t want to hear such words like this from you; you’re not a witch or something that bring disasters…! You’re my only sister, don’t believe their stupid stories!” As she gave Erry a soft kiss on her forehead. Erry was embarrassed … She didn’t like to see her sister crying… She removed Aya’s tears with her finger and put her head on her sister’s chest so she could hear her heart. “Thank you for being here Aya… those humans are so scary… I don’t know what I could do if I were alone… But you’re also the only one that I really love.. thank…you….” The so tired girl finally closed her eyes and fall asleep on her sister’s chest. Aya was still brushing the long hair of her sister with her hand, looking at the sky, she was still wondering if they could find a new place to live safely.

Some days passed again. The long walk was over… In the middle of the “forest” that was just a park for the humans, the 2 girls were now right in front of a small human house. It was an old house but someone was living inside. Aya turned her head and watched her sister, Erry was exhausted, her dress was torn even more than before that journey but she was now looking at the house. “Aya?” she asked as her sister answered “well, it could be a place to hide before we could move again… I don’t like when they’re some humans in the houses but we really need to rest.”. She put her finger on her lips and they were now at the house’s door… There was some space under it so they could crawl under it.

It was a ‘classic’ house with 2 floors but it looked a bit old and dusty… The ones living here weren’t really careful thought Aya. There was nobody around, and Erry went to the middle of the room to search some place to hide. There was some old furniture… but so big for a little girl, her eyes stopped on an old mouse hole near a desk against the wall. “Aya…! I found some-” but she couldn’t finish her sentence… A giant human girl exited her room and was walking towards Erry.

Erry couldn’t move… she fall on her back looking at the massive body coming towards her … Aya was too far to reach her sister in time… She was looking the girl carefully, taking her knife from her belt… The massive feet of the human girl was so near now… And….. hovered over the small shivering girl… then simply walked away and went to the door. Touching it “is there someone here? Is that you Iris?” But she didn’t got any answer … “I might be daydreaming…” As she went back to her room, walking right aside Erry again, ignoring her. Aya was running and grabbed Erry with her arms… carrying her away from here.

“Erry….! Be careful please!” She had her hands on her sides looking at Erry, still shivering from what happened. “Wh….why didn’t she saw me….?” Asked the small girl. “Hmmm…” Was thinking Aya, “when I saw her walking and ‘looking’ at the door, it wasn’t really natural… I think that this human girl is blind…”. Erry opened her eyes wide as she heard that,”hmmm it will be easy to hide with her around… We just need to find something now” said Aya. “Well… I found something right here. It looked like an abandoned mouse hole in the entrance”. Aya put her head on the side “hmmm could we be safe here… we should check this first…”

The 2 girls were examining the hole… It looked like a nice place to hide, there was some space and they could build something here… but Aya seemed nervous… she turned her head with a fast move… They weren’t alone here… There was a young girl near the entrance, by her look and the tools on her belt Aya could guess that this girl was already a raider… “Who are you?” Said the girl “Are you new in this house?” She was looking the 2 girls… It was pretty dark but her eyes stopped on Erry, looking at her hair… Then looked Aya again. “If you want you could live here… It’s a bit far from our hideout but… It will be safe for your sister…” The girl approached Erry, she was a bit taller and also older. Her hand went near Erry’s head and patted it. “Don’t worry… I don’t trust these stupid rumors about your hair color….”. “Who are you?” Asked Aya still looking at the girl, she was a bit young to be a raider already… “My name is Rei and I’m the leader of the raiders here.”
Suddenly Aya stopped moving, looking a bit nervous “I…. sorry I didn’t thought it was you … Thank you for letting us to live here …!”. Erry was looking at her sister then at the girl named Rei… What was so strange about her that even Aya, a skilled raider, was nervous like that?

“You’ll be safe here.” Said Rei brushing kindly the hair of the blushing Erry “if you need something you’ll find us in a crack near the stairs on the first floor. the human girl living here is blind so don’t worry about her too much but still… be careful she could still hear you and might also step on you without even noticing…”. “Ye-…. Yes! Thank you again Rei.” Said Aya, giving the girl the raiders salute with her hand. “You’re welcome… Welcome to you two” said Rei near the exit, answering Aya’s salute with the same move.

“Who was that girl Aya? Do you know her …?” Asked Erry a bit confused. “That’s Rei Erry… She’s the most skilled raider I ever heard about… She’s also the one who took back more than 20 of our people from some humans… She could die, going alone on a suicide mission like this but… She made it! My respect towards her is so high….” She was patting her sister’s head. “I can’t reach her level yet… But I’ll do my best in this house too.”. “A raider hmmmm?” Was thinking Erry “could I become one too Aya?” She was smiling to her sister asking that. Aya’s look on her face wasn’t that Erry expected… She was looking really serious. “Erry. Listen to me… don’t ever think about this please. This … ‘job’ could take our lives so easily… the humans aren’t kidding with us and I don’t want to lose you too …… Ah….. I’m sorry….” Aya was talking about someone else… Erry guessed but she didn’t wanted to know more… probably the parents she never knew but Aya never wanted to talk about them. “Even…. sometimes I ask myself why I choose that way of living but I can take care of us Erry… You know the people as I and they wouldn’t help us …” Erry’s eyes were sad “that’s not because of you Erry. I won’t trust those stupid people… As long as we could live together I won’t be needing anything more.” As Aya gave a kiss on her sister’s forehead.

There was a room right aside the wall were the 2 sisters were living. It was unused by the human girl and sometimes Aya came back with some thing they could use to live. One of them was a torn handkerchief, still big enough for the 2 small girls to sleep in. They were used to sleep outside, sometimes just on the ground when the girls were traveling but they could have some comfort now. Soon with all the things Aya found they could live here peacefully for now…

It was a different day… This time Aya was looking down her sister as she woke up. Erry had sleepy eyes… “Aya? You’re already here?” Aya answered her sister with a big smile then she gave a package to her sister. “Well… Before we leaved our old house I couldn’t give you anything for your new size… Well I think you can have this present to celebrate that!” She was brushing Erry’s hair with her hand, Erry was smiling back to her sister then was looking at the package wondering what was inside. “Open it Erry! What is inside is better than the present itself ~” Erry was opening the package… Her eyes were like shining as she discovered her present, some tears of joy flowing on her cheeks. It was new dress, never used before. It was a simple one, black without much details but… There was also something that Erry never had before: two new shoes! “A….Aya….. Where….” Erry was crying, she was never so happy before. “Well in the room back there I found an old doll’s house with some figures in it… Since it was full of dust I picked some new clothes for you, they may be a bit large for you but you’ll grow too haha” as Aya was a bit embarrassed but also really happy to see her sister smiling.

Erry couldn’t wait any longer… She removed her old torn white dress, there wasn’t a changing room for the two sisters but they were used to bath together so it wasn’t a problem for Erry to undress in front of Aya then she put on the new dress and the shoes. Erry wasn’t used to walk like this.. It hurt a bit first but it was a new feeling for her, it was like she was a princess as she smiled at Aya her face bright red. “Come closer let me see that” said Aya as she was now brushing her sisters’ hair. “It’s perfect now Erry.” As she grabbed Erry’s shoulder and put her in front of the mirror.

Erry didn’t moved… Staring intensely to the girl in the mirror… She was so beautiful and was looking like a real human girl even if she were wearing some tiny figure’s clothes… She put her right hand against the mirror, still looking at the ‘new Erry’ saying just a word… It was just like a simple whisper … “Me.”

Aya put her hand on her sister’s head. “It fits you perfectly Erry. Why don’t you come with me at the other hideout with me tomorrow to check what we could trade?” Erry looked at her sister’s reflection in the mirror with a shy face “but…” “Don’t worry Erry. I also though about that … Here you go…” As she put a large black hat on Erry’s head… coming from the same figure probably, Erry was blushing, looking her sister… The hat was big enough to hide her hair inside if she put something to attach them inside” ah maybe you could use that…” Said Aya removing her blue hairband from her hair, allowing her long red hair to fall on her shoulders, she was putting in on her sister’s hair, tying them. Once the hair band was in her hair Erry put again the hat… She was now looking like any other girl, “I can’t wait for tomorrow …”

Aya and Erry

That same night Erry was too excited to sleep… thinking about the next day… She wouldn’t be bullied by anybody and will enjoy this day outside with her sister… She was giggling. Aya turned in the handkerchief that was their bed and looked her sister’s eyes. “You should rest Erry, tomorrow will be a long day” Erry’s eyes were a bit tired looking but nodded to her sister, moved a bit to be near her and wrapped her arms around her, her head snuggled against her sister’s warm chest, hearing her heartbeats, she was getting sleepy. Aya hugged her back… Gave a soft kiss on Erry’s head “tomorrow will be a good day for us.”
They got up early in the morning, Erry was still wearing the hairband and put the hat on her head after putting on the tiny shoes. Aya was wearing her casual raider suit but didn’t took her spear that was a small needle, she didn’t needed it since they were going to spend all the day at the headquarters. Aya took a big bag instead… Filled with different items to trade or not needed by the 2 girls. It was not aside the mouse hole where they were living… the hideout was on the upper floor of the house. The two tiny girls were walking on the ground near the wall in case of the human girl went around and could step on them accidentally… They were now in front of the stairs. The stairs were so big… It would need more than 10 little people to reach just one step… But there was also a tiny rope at the left side if the stairs on a plank that was going down aside the stairs so they could walk here. While climbing Erry was looking at the big stairs… Suddenly there was a ringing noise from the door.

“Erry… We have to hide …now!” Said Aya as the blind girl was exiting a room on the top floor. “Eek-“Erry’s tiny cry was interrupted by Aya’s hand covering her mouth, the two girls were looking at the giant girl passing by, not even noticing them as she walked down the stairs slowly… She was going near the entrance. “We must move Erry… If the human was waiting someone else… Maybe the other human won’t be blind like her and could catch us… The entrance of the hideout is near, do you think you can run?” Asked Aya. “I… I can run…” said Erry, her tiny body shivering in fear. Her bag on her back, Aya started to run followed by her sister “It’s not really far… We can make it!”

Erry wasn’t used to wear shoes yet… She was running right after her sister but suddenly tripped then fall on the ground… One of her shoes flying away near her, Erry stood up and wanted to reach the shoe… “Erry! We don’t have time for that!” Shouted Aya… She saw her sister fall just before, letting out a small cry as she hit the ground… Approaching her sister she grabbed her by the back and the legs… Then started to run, carrying both her sister and her bag. She could just have dropped the bag but it would create a proof that they were tiny ones living here for the other human. Aya finally reached the crack in the wall. Putting back Erry on the ground, her young sister’s body was shivering… Her left ankle had a small bruise, she got hurt when she fall before. “Are you alright Erry? I’m sorry but we had to hide before getting seen… I’ll get back your shoe later” asked Aya, crouched so she could inspect her sister’s ankle. “I’m fine Aya.” She removed her other shoe, giving it to her older sister “could you keep in your bag please? Walking with just one of them will be a bit strange for people around …” Erry was now looking all the small houses around, blushing a bit “hmmm … Do you think I can walk a bit around while you’re trading your items? I would try to-” but she was interrupted by Aya “I understand Erry … You have the right to do that, you’re a big girl now ~” Aya had a small giggle, patting Erry’s head “Be sure to catch me in 1 hour so we could eat together.” Erry nodded then walked away looking everything around since it was the first day she was in the hideout. Aya smiled as she saw her sister happily walking, grabbed her bag then went to the market. While going to the usual place where all the raiders trade their goods she whispered while thinking about Erry again “I hope it will be a good day for you sis… You wanted that so much…”

“Hello Lucy!” Said the young girl at the door. It was some time she didn’t saw her cousin. In her family she was the only one to visit her blind cousin but even with that handicap Lucy cared so much for the young girl since she was 3 years old. The young girl was now 14 and gave a warm smile to the older girl who answered “ah Iris, it’s nice to have your visit today. Ah please come in, I just made some tea if you want some”. Iris entered the house, she didn’t cared much of the dust all around, it was hard for her blind cousin to do some cleaning after all. She simply answered “Yes I would like some please!”. The girls were going in the stairs as Iris stopped… There was something on the ground… She picked it up with two fingers and looked around before putting it into her shirt pocket.

Iris was sitting on a chair thinking. Lucy was back carrying a platter with 2 tea cups on it, brushing her cousin’s long blonde hair with her other hand while passing by her, “do you want some sugar in it Iris?”. The tea smelled nice, even if Lucy couldn’t make some things alone her tea was really nice, Iris took a warm smile “I would prefer one of those tiny ones in it please ~”, Lucy was not really surprised… Iris loved that so much, like all the girls at her age.”I’m sorry Iris I don’t think that there’s some of them here… And I’m not really good to catch them too… Besides I’m not sure that there’s some in my house.”.

“Hmmm I wonder …” Said Iris,” by the way do you still have your old doll house? It’s been a long time I hadn’t saw it.” Lucy smiled, then answered her” I still have it yes but it must be filled by dust now… It’s in the old room on the lower floor if you want to see it”. Iris smiled, “thank you Lucy! I’ll be back soon!” Then after exiting the room, the young girl looked around… And went down the stairs to the room right aside Aya and Erry’s ‘house’.

It was an old doll house and it was really covered by dust. Iris opened it and watched carefully all the tiny figures in it… They were really pretty, looking like some young humans with all the details but really tiny too. Iris’ eyes went around all of them, looking carefully to each tiny toy then suddenly stopped. This figure was different, it was laying on the house’s floor but more important it was stripped from all the tiny clothes… Giving a sad impression among all the other toys.

Iris put her hand inside her pocket, taking what she found not so long ago on the floor, taking the small figure in her other hand. The tiny shoe was fitting the figure… It was really from this tiny one… “Hmmm I wonder if Lucy-” then stopped again, looking at the tiny figure. She had now a naughty smile on her face “oh… I see …” As she now knew how the shoe could be found on the first floor… Exiting the room she went near the stairs again, crouching she was looking at the stairs. “What’s this?” She pulled the tiny rope… Looking on the tiny way aside the stairs… That could be a way for them… Going up she was in the hall… Searching for something… It was so near …

It was the time for the lunch. Erry ran towards Aya as she saw her, smiling. It was the first really ‘happy day’ for her after all since nobody looked at her with disgust or hate on their faces. Aya opened her arms as her Erry literally landed in them. “Did you had some fun young girl? I have something special for you ~” Aya took a small package and put it in Erry’s hands “Open it, I’m sure you’ll like it”. Erry opened up the tiny pack and took out what was in it, she already saw that before… But never had the chance to get some. She took a bite in the friable white texture… And smiled… Even if it was just some grains… It was the first time that she had some sugar. “It’s… really good Aya! Thanks a lot!” Said Erry with some sugar on her cheek as Aya was giggling from that cute scene.

But the sugar fall on the ground… Erry’s hands went on her face… “No…”. She was shivering, they were all looking at it … It was … a human green eye looking into the crack… And also looking at the tiny ones hiding in there. “I found them Lucy!” Iris shouted as she tried to put her hand in the crack… But it was too narrow for that… Only 2 fingers went inside trying to grab on some tinies… Without success. “Huuuuh, not fun.” Iris pouted “Lucyyy ~ do you have a table vacuum by chance? I’ll need it here ~”. She wasn’t decided to move… No one would get out as long as she was here. Soon Lucy came with the tiny device, a bit confused “I never though I had some of them in my walls… But is that okay to do that? They’re alive too despite being that small…”. Iris smiled at her cousin “they’re just some tiny parasites Lucy… And they’re really fun too ~ just like some little living toys…” Iris was looking now the tiny device “it’s better like that Lucy, they’re so tiny it would be so easy to step on them without knowing they were right under our shoes… ~ and Lucy you’re blind after all, they were probably stealing some of your food and other things, right little ones?” As she was looking the scared ones inside the crack… trying to flee in their homes knowing it would be useless soon…”trust me Lucy… It’s better like that.” As Iris was licking her lower lip… “I guess you’re right … “Said Lucy, giving the vacuum to her younger cousin.

It was a horrible noise when the device was turned on. “Erry!!” Shouted Aya as she grabbed her sister… Pressing her tiny body against her chest she grabbed a small opening in a nearby wall. A strong wind was sucking hard inside the tiny hideout… People all around were screaming as they were disappearing inside the merciless roaring device… Erry was crying… Screaming her sister name as her young body was shivering… Suddenly her hat was stripped away by the strong wind… She saw it disappear among with some other tiny ones in this monstrous vacuum … A horrible stare, those people will be trapped … Waiting to be the ‘toys’ of that cruel girl…or in a worse case… her food.

Aya let out a small cry… She was still holding the wall but her arm was tired… Her wrist started to bleed a bit … She had no choice, her sister’s smile was her reason to live! She couldn’t give her up and never though about letting her go inside this monstrous tool … Erry was looking at her sister’s eyes… She never saw her serious like that before the first dramatic situation they had in their previous house… Finally the wind stopped… Iris had a small giggle.

“Don’t make a noise!” Aya whispered to her shivering sister… They were now behind the small wall… Out of sight. Iris was giggling happily… “Aaah it’s heavy now… I wonder how much I got this time ~ and you’ll have some too Lucy! They were in your wall after all!” Smiling to her older cousin and trying to see if there were some remaining inside. The flying dust due to the wind was hiding the last tiny ones remaining… They were hiding without making a noise… “Hahaha I have all of you now!” Said Iris dancing and hugging the vacuum, some screams still coming from inside it… “You’re really good at hunting them Iris…” said Lucy with a warm voice, in fact she never really saw the tiny ones but she wasn’t much caring for them… It was a ‘law of the nature’ after all, the tiny people were weaker than humans and couldn’t do much but hiding and surviving every day… Besides it was a foolish idea to try to protect them… There was always someone to crush every try… But she didn’t wanted Iris to be mad too, she was the only one caring for her blind cousin…

Aya’s wrist was hurt, she was holding hard on the wall before, and not only for herself. Erry was sorry… Even if she tried to grab the wall too she probably wouldn’t made it to the end and could be now among the tiny screaming ones inside. “Erry… you-” but before Aya could say anything when her tiny sister ripped a part of her new dress … Then wrapped Aya’s wrist with that ‘bandage’. “Don’t worry Aya. You’re way more important than this dress after all.” Aya blushed, it wasn’t like her but she couldn’t resist when she saw her younger sister at work… “Thank you Erry.”

“Hey you! White hair!” The two sister’s eyes went to the direction of the shout. It was a blonde haired woman, she was around 25 and was looking really furious. “It’s one of your curses heh? Stupid little bitch!”. Aya’s lips shivered… “What are you saying about my sis-” but someone stood in front of the 2 sisters… Looking at the blonde woman who stopped shouting “Stop this. I don’t want to hear about a stupid ‘curse’ now… Don’t you think we hadn’t lost enough today?” It was Rei in front of them, the young raider was alive and moreover protecting them. Some survivors had some disgusted stare to the young Erry, she wasn’t looking them… Lowered her head… Remembering how this day started… She wasn’t bullied by anyone and was happy to go to this hideout. But in the end the people were all the same here…

“Damn… Always the same with them… It’s so easy to put a disaster on someone as it’s fault! But … Did I raided for those stupid ones?” Said Rei looking down at the 2 girls, brushing Erry’s hair she was looking at Aya’s hand. “Are you alright Aya?”, smiling and showing her hand “I’m fine! I have my sister’s blessing on it!” But she said that mostly for her young sister, she didn’t wanted her to feel even more sad at a time like this. Rei nodded, “Good. Do you think you could help people here? Since they’re not really nice to your sister I was thinking about bringing her back to tour house, and don’t worry she’ll be safe with me. Aside that… I’m tired enough for today… And I need to think about a way to help the victims, if that’s not too late…” Aya agreed “Thank you Rei… I know I can trust you and I’m sure Erry too… And I want to help you! You were so strong to save those people some time ago and I really want to help too !” Rei was looking a bit surprised… Aya was a raider too, a skilled one. She nodded again “All right. We’ll wait you at your house, we’ll need to think how we could do this. Be careful when you’ll come back… Those…. giant monsters could be around”. Aya pressed her sister’s head on her chest “don’t worry Erry, I’ll be back as soon as I’m done here… Just follow Rei and listen to her please” Erry nodded and standing she went aside Rei, waiting her orders.

Rei looked carefully on each direction outside the crack… The human girls would maybe still be there… But there was no sign of them. “Follow me.” Just said Rei… Looking very focused, she had to be really careful, not only for herself but also for Erry, the young micro girl wasn’t much used to go ‘outside’ on her own but they were safe for now. Erry was following Rei right behind her “R… Rei…? Why… Why did you accepted to help me?” The young girl was confused. Turning her head back as she walked “well… I feel a bit sad for you Erry… I was also bullied when I was younger… You know I’m older than you but… I was always a bit smaller than the other kids… And when you’ll be older you’ll also be taller than me… But it’s so different for you …”. Erry was blushing, this girl wasn’t mad at her at all and furthermore she was accepting her… Not stopping on those stupid rumors about her hair… “It’s okay Rei… I’m happy that you understand this… It’s not easy to talk about that when everybody else hates you after all”, she was grabbing her ripped black dress “let me help you too Rei. I may be young but… Those people don’t deserve this… to be caught by the tall ones. I really want to help you with Aya too.” Rei stopped walking. They were now in front of the stairs, the raider turned to face Erry, giving her the raider’s salute and bowing her head a bit, finally looking at Erry “thank you Erry, Aya would be proud to have a sister like you… even willing to help the people bullying you… but I’m sorry it’s not against you, saving them will be really difficult and I even doubt about my chances of success… But I’ll be really happy to have someone waiting for me while I’ll be saving them!” as she brushed Erry’s hair.

Erry understood that. She couldn’t help them but she could at least support them. “I’ll do that Rei! I’ll wait for you and I’m sure you’ll make that!” As she was smiling. The two girls walked again careful this time since there was no rope anymore on the stairs. They were finally on the ground of the lower floor… Rei was still looking around… Really focused then stopped, putting her finger on her lips “ssshhhttt.” Then she placed her other arm against Erry. The 2 girls were under a bookshelf, but there was some voices coming near… The two human girls were exiting the room right behind the two sisters’ house, talking. “… And I noticed that some of your little figures didn’t had anything… It was easy to guess then…” Finished Iris, she was figuring to Lucy how she discovered the presence of the tiny ones. “Hmmmm that’s impressive… I couldn’t have guessed that by myself with my eyes…” Answered Lucy. A loud noise was heard by Rei and Erry as the two humans passed by the shelf, a massive socks coming to the ground right in front of the two tiny girls then going up again… “Do you want something else Iris?” Asked Lucy, her young cousin made a dance move, turning around she smiled to Lucy “oooh I would LOVE some tea again since we have something to add in it now ~”. Lucy smiled back at Iris “haha… Good girl” kindly patting her head as they went up the stairs.

“Damn!” Rei hit the wall with her tiny fist… They both couldn’t believe it… It will be too late for some of the ‘kidnapped’ people… “Damn!!” Shouted Rei again… Her eyes showing how angry she was… Turning back she saw the young white haired girl… Realizing she was here she calmed down “E…Erry… I’m sorry… I didn’t wanted to scare you” the younger one was a bit confused… It was the first time she saw Rei like this… But it was a ‘normal’ reaction for her after all … Losing so much people in one day wasn’t something to enjoy … “It’s alright Rei… You’ll save them! I believe you!” silently nodding, Rei started to walk again “We’re near your house… I’ll go with Aya as soon as we’re ready. Thanks to you too Erry… I don’t like to lose my calm and… It makes me less focused on what I have to do… I… I promise that I’ll save them!! You can count on that!”. Cheered up by Erry, Rei was now back to herself… And the 2 girls were now the mouse hole too.

“It looks better than the first time I came here.” Said Rei looking around. Aya was really creative with her two hands and with some wood and the handkerchief she made a classic but comfy bed for the two sisters. Erry sat on it while Rei was resting against the wall. “She’ll be here soon… I really hope that this ‘Iris’ giant didn’t went back to our hideout… Damn! We were living here so peacefully before …” Rei was wondering how that girl found that they were living here … Then tired of thinking she just wanted to relax… And was talking with the young girl. “Is that the first time you change your house? Don’t you have any family anywhere?”. Erry grabbed her dress… “No. We already moved maybe 7 or 8 times as far as I remember… And no I just have my sister… I never knew my parents and Aya never want to talk about this… But I think that’s what gave her the will to be a raider… She loves to help other people and she’s so kind… ” Erry was blushing… Wishing to be like her sister someday … The young girl suddenly stopped as looking at the entrance in the wall she saw a familiar face but with tired eyes, she must had helped more than enough the other people… “Aya !” As Erry stood up and started to run towards her sister… Aya opening her tired arms with a smile to give a hug to her young sister, finally happy to be back at her home… Erry closed her eyes … Waiting to feel her older sister’s warm chest and her kind arms around her …

But she never reached her. Aya was trapped between two enormous fingers while a happy voice resounded behind her… “Ah! I knew there was some here too hahaha!~” the voice was Iris’… Aya was too tired to notice her at first but now she couldn’t escape this strong pressure around her… With only 2 fingers. Raising her head, Aya gave a look in Rei’s eyes who nodded and suddenly grabbed Erry from behind, putting a hand in front of her mouth and stopped her from running. “Let me go !! Let me go !!!! Aya !!!” Erry was crying… Trying to make Rei release her… But she couldn’t break free from her grip. The giant hand started to go back with Aya still between the fingers… Tears flowing from her eyes… She was looking at Erry with a smile “it will be alright… Erry.” Knowing that she was lost now… Erry tried to scream her sister’s name but Rei pressed her hand on the young girl’s face… Aya disappeared from their sight…

Iris looked at the tiny girl closer with her green eyes. “Hmmm… You’re the one I saw before up in that crack … But there was another cute one with you back then… Is she inside too…?” Iris started to crouch to see inside the hole… But Aya was fast… Taking a small knife from her belt… The made the tiny blade sink deep inside Iris’ skin. “Ouch!!” Screamed Iris as she let Aya fly away from her hand… Aya was falling… When she’ll hit the ground it will be over for her… But landed on something… A brown talking ‘mountain’ … “Iris…? Are you okay? Oh…” As Lucy was feeling something in her hair… Putting her hand in it she grabbed the helpless Aya… That was trying to escape… But Lucy’s grab was stronger. The blind girl was now ‘watching’ Aya with her fingers… It was really a tiny human body… But she was screaming … Maybe she was holding her too tight… But she never caught one of them before… “Do you want her Lucy?” Said Iris, amused by her cousin… “Ah… No thanks… I’m not used to that…”

Aya’s eyes went wide as she stopped to scream… She was just a tiny meal for them… “Let me go stupid monster!! Let me go!”. Aya was always looking calm… But she was now begging for her life… She almost died by the fall but she was in a way worse situation now… The human girls were asking each other who’ll have the fate of the tiny girl in her hand… Or anywhere else… She was searching her belt… No more blades on it… Her eyes went empty… There was no more hope for her… She just wished that her sister… Erry will live… Looking near the ground where their house was she saw something she didn’t wanted …

Erry finally managed to escape Rei’s grip… “No! Aya!!” She started to run to the exit… But Rei was faster… She gripped the tiny girl again,Placing her hand on Erry’s mouth… “Stop screaming! Do you want us to be found too?! Your sister don’t want this that’s why she ‘asked’ me to take care of you with her eyes… So stop moving… I… I know she’s just here being held by those monsters… But we can’t do anything ! And there’s also 2 of them ! Erry…p lease understand… your sister… won’t … Come back…” Erry’s eyes were filling with tears “hmmm hmmmm !!!!!” She was screaming in Rei’s hand, sobbing loud… Then she stopped moving… Her eyes were as is her life leaved them… She removed Rei’s hand from her mouth…”let…let me see … her … I won’t try anything stupid… but I want… to see my sister…” Releasing the young girl Rei and her went near the mouse hole from inside… Their tiny heads looking outside… Erry’s eyes crossed her sister’s … both of them were crying but Aya didn’t wanted to show that to her sister.

Erry fall on he ground… On her knees…”No…. release her…” Rei behind her crouched and placed her hands on her shoulders…” Erry… It’s hard for me too… Do you really want to see that …?” Erry nodded, tears still pouring out of her eyes “I want to see her… until the end.” With a monotone voice… Her sister was already ‘dead’ for her. “Well… you found her Iris so you better keep her …” Finally said Lucy, facing her cousin with her blind eyes… Smiling at her, she was not used to have tiny ones… but she wasn’t considering them as living beings… She was holding the tiny Aya in direction of her cousin, the tiny red haired girl was screaming “No…! Stop this!! Not her!!” In front of her tiny eyes… Iris was smiling… Her head approaching, she was blushing looking at the tiny one hanging between her cousin’s fingers… Iris suddenly licked her lips and opened her mouth, wide… “Aaaah ~”.

What was just a joyful girl voice became louder as Aya entered this giant maw… Hearing this monstrous voice now from all around her … “Stop this now!! Don’t let her eat me!!” Aya was feeling really bad… She didn’t wanted to leave this world as this young’s brat’s food… She was trying to escape but looking behind her, Iris’ lips closed… And Lucy’s fingers parted apart… Allowing the tiny girl to fall on a wet ground… Iris’ tongue… “Eeek! Noooo!!” Aya stood up… Falling a first time on this slippery ground… She managed to stand again… hitting the giant closed lips with her tiny firsts… “Hmmm …” Moaned Iris… Making her lips part apart a bit… Aya took this unexpected occasion to jump out of this wet hell … “Ah… Aaaah!” As she was feeling a strong pressure on top and below her… Her tiny body was trapped again between the girl’s lips… Only her upper body outside. Iris pouted… The tiny girl wasn’t playful as her… With a gentle humming… She was sucking the tiny Aya back inside, who was screaming for her life “nooo !! Don’t put me back inside ! I beg you !!” But the light slowly faded as she was pulled in… Soon she saw only the girl’s lips closed in front of her again…

It was a like a cavern… So alive all around the tiny girl… Iris placed her at the center of her tongue… Aya looked around, crying… She was really in that brat’s mouth! There was only one way out now and a loud growl showed Aya the way… Iris’ throat… “Hehe… You’re making me hungry little girl… I wonder if I could just …” Said Iris, pushing the helpless tiny towards the gaping throat… Aya closed her eyes… Shivering since she knew where she would be sent… But it stopped… Aya fall on her back right under the girl’s uvula… Just in front of the living dark pit … “It would be too easy little girl… Let me enjoy you a little more…” Said a cavernous voice… Echoing all around Aya… Iris tilted her head forwards, making the tiny girl slip right in the middle of her tongue then suddenly raised it… Pressing Aya’s body against the roof of her mouth… Drooling on all of her… Aya was coughing… The saliva of the girl almost drowned her so easily! Iris was playing with the tiny body all around… Licking it everywhere… Pressing her in her right cheek… Showing that little girl’s shape on her cheek to Lucy who placed her hand on it to feel Aya’s body under Iris’s cheek… “Hmmm they’re maybe so tiny but their body are so like us … Why are you playing with her like this Iris?” Pressing the tiny Aya aside her teeth in her cheek Iris answered “well … She was bad to me before and even hurt me with a tiny blade… I’m just punishing her before sending her where she belongs… In my cute tummy !” Aya shivered even more… She was moved again and landed on something hard… “N-… No….” As in a fast move Iris trapped the tiny girl between her teeth… Licking her from aside… She wasn’t going to hurt her but Iris was slowly crushing her mind… She finally started to chew softly the girl… Not hurting her again but enjoying this feeling, Aya was screaming… “Sto- aaah stop !!! I’ll do whatever you want but stop this !!!” Aya’s mind was broken… Feeling just like some food for a tiny stupid girl… She couldn’t believe this… But it was her situation right now… Finally placed in the middle of Iris’ tongue she was hardly breathing… Her body soaked with the girl’s saliva… covered with some bruises on it …Her mind broken… She let out a small cry… “E…..r……ry…..” As her tiny body was pushed back… Slipping on the wet and warm texture… Finally falling… As Iris swallowed her with an exaggerated gulping noise… “Ahhhh ! you tasted really good little girl !”

Erry was on the ground… Shaking as she saw the tiny bulge going down Iris’ throat and her sister’s inside… “N… …. Aya……Aya!!” Rei turned her head… Didn’t wanting to see this… Iris was giggling… “Aaaah she was so sweet…..! You’ll have to try this too Lucy!” As she was rubbing her belly… that was already growling… welcoming his new meal… “Haha…. Hahaha….. It’s no use… I can feel your tiny fists but… It won’t help you little girl… Lucy… You should try to hear her… It’s really funny!” Iris lifted her shirt… then presented her cute belly to her cousin… Who placed her ear against… hearing the muffled screams of the tiny girl that was inside “Haha… She’s fighting hard isn’t she… But she keeps screaming something….. The same word… but … Ah! She stopped to scream…” As a loud growl was heard… Lucy was standing here… Wondering…

“Hmmm? What did she said Lucy? Something interesting?~” Lucy looked confused… “She screamed …’Erry’…? I wonder if that’s some of her relatives names…” Erry’s eyes opened wide… “But it’s good to know that there’s more of them… She was fighting so hard that… My stomach was feeling sooo nice hahaha… What a great massage from the inside…!” Lucy was still thinking… “I feel a little bad for her now…” Looking at her cousin’s belly… Now working on the tiny body inside, growling now softly…. “I wonder who was this…’Erry’….”

“It’s me stupid monster!!” Screamed a tiny voice from below… Erry standing in front of the two girl’s foots… holding the spear that Aya left at home the same morning… the young tiny girl went so fast outside that Rei couldn’t stop her… she was still inside the hole whispering “get back… It’s suicide to go here…. please Erry… don’t waste your life …!” But Erry stood here, a deep anger in her so blue eyes filled with tears… “What have you done to my sister! I won’t forgive you for this !! It was my only family and you just… ate her like some candy !? I’ll make you regret this !!” As she put Aya’s spear, a short needle, in front of her… the two big girls weren’t moving… “Are you done yet ?” Said Iris with a really soft voice “why should we feel anything for you ? You’re just some food for us hahaha ~ and your only purpose is….to….FEED us.” Erry had a shiver, but was standing still… “Oh my… It was her sister …?” Said Lucy this time “I never ‘saw’ one of you little ones until today… but … well I’ve heard about humans trying to protect some of you but… it was useless. Your tiny lives are so fragile that… well it’s better for us to decide for that.” Erry couldn’t believe what she heard … Lucy was so cold-talking… It was like just a universal law the tiny ones couldn’t go against… Closing her eyes she screamed “what… You just ate my sister ! And you’re talking about us like food ?! We’re alive too ! My life is … more then just to fill some stupid human girl’s stomach !! I hate you… Both of you ! How could you be talking so carefree after doing this !!” With an angry scream she dashed towards the two girls… “Aaaaahhhhh !!!”

She was hanging… Far away from the ground… Iris’ move was fast when she grabbed the tiny needle… Erry was still holding the other side… But she was now looking down… Iris was still young… But she was still so tall … Iris put her eye in front of the tiny girl… “Well Lucy… I found the dress of that tiny figure… But it’s ripped… Haha these tiny ones aren’t even caring of what they steal… Are you afraid little girl…? Ah… but it’s really you…. the one that I saw before with your sister…” Erry was shivering, one of her hands let go… She was now holding on a single arm… and was getting tired … “Stop….stop this! It’s not a stupid game !” Iris had a smile… Suddenly opening her mouth wide in front of Erry “Aaaah ~ you’re so impatient to join her in my tummy ?” Erry was literally bathing in that girl’s warm breath… A strong tea scent from the one she drank earlier… Her arm was about to give up… But as another provocation came from Iris’ cruel mind… She had a cute little burp in front of Erry…” Ah… I’m sorry… I guess your sister wanted to greet you too ~” Erry’s eyes were full of tears … Shouting at this cruel giantess “You…. You stupid monster !! How… How could you still find this funny !? I would better kill myself rather than feed your monstrous body !” And with this… Erry let her arm go… closing her eyes, she was falling to the ground.

Erry hit something… Her eyes still closed it was a warm floor… and so soft… like … skin? The tiny one opened her eyes. She was on the middle or Iris’ other hand’s palm… Her whole tiny body shivering in fear… the girl didn’t wanted to let her go … and was looking her with her deep green eyes “no little girl… you won’t go anywhere… It’s better to feel you going down alive than dead…” Erry had that horrible picture in mind… Her tiny body squirming down this girl’s throat… She didn’t wanted that! Finally Iris picked her up between two fingers “Well it’s time for you to beg for you life little one… it will be useless as you might know… but you know what? You won’t join your sister down here… you’re so lucky …” Said Iris giving a wink to the poor girl that stopped moving… What was she meaning? Will she really stop this stupid joke and let her go …?

“Lucy come closer please. I want you to try this.” Said Iris to her cousin that was now by her side, a bit confused… “Open your mouth please… It’s your turn now” said Iris, a big smile on her face. Erry’s eyes opened wider… It was clear now… she won’t be joining her sister… but she will just be food for another human girl! “Is that okay Iris …? I never tried that before and well… she’s alive too …” Answered Lucy … wasn’t sure of doing that… Iris smiled again “just pretend she’s a tiny candy! In fact they’re just that… Candy. But the feeling of these tinies going down inside you is just… ‘lovely’… Even more if they’re fighting back like this other one from before… well Lucy… Just open your mouth so I’ll put her inside… Just say ‘aaahh ~’” Lucy nodded… It was natural for her after all… The tiny ones weren’t human and it was just something that every girl wanted to try someday… And it was ‘her day’. As Iris approached her hand, Lucy blushed bright red … then her lips parted … Showing the tiny girl a full view of her mouth… already salivating to try this new food “Aaaahh~”

“No … It’s a nightmare… I will wake up and Aya will be on my side… I can’t believe it… It’s not real!!” Thought Erry getting closer to the waiting maw… Finally inside it, hearing the blind girl’s voice all around her… Iris fingers let the tiny body fall and land on the wet texture… Lucy’s tongue… Who closed her lips, trapping the girl inside. Erry stood up and went to the girl’s lips… but her teeth were closed. She was hitting the ‘white wall’ so hard with her tiny fists … It was a fight without any victory at the end… Erry was pouring warm tears on her cheeks… “Stop this! Let me go!! Don’t….. Eat me !!” But Lucy was smiling and blushing… This feeling was so strange… She loved that… And it was only the beginning…

Erry fall on the side as the gigantic muscle pushed her… Lucy was now ‘savoring’ the tiny girl… Licking and tasting every bit of Erry’s body… She was humming… and made Erry shiver ever more when she heard this voice echoing in the mouth… How the humans could enjoy that… Erry was now pressed against the girl’s cheek… Showing a tiny silhouette on the outside of it… Erry tried to scream but her voice was muffled by the cheek’s wet skin… Lucy was now pushing Erry on her mouth palate… Squeezing the tiny girl and tasting every bit of her… Erry’s body was coated by this giantess’ drool… Slowly slipping to the back of the mouth as the tongue started to raise… Erry’s legs were above a pit… “Eeek!” She screamed as she grabbed onto the girl’s last teeth… She was under Lucy’s uvula… Hanging above Lucy’s throat… Crying as her tired arm wasn’t going to help her… “Stop this…. I want my sister …. Please! Don’t eat me!!”

Lucy never listened to that plea… As she raised her head and with a tiny flick of her tongue she swallowed easily the tiny girl… Sending her to her end with this resonant sound all around the small body going down *Gulk.*… Erry screamed as the was pushed down by massive muscles… “Nooooooo!!!” But her eyes were empty… The girl… just ate her. The only thing she could now see was muscles pulsating around her … A strong sound that was the girl’s heart… Bumping hard and fast as Lucy was enjoying this feeling… “Well you see it wasn’t so hard Lucy” said Iris to her cousin, glad that she finally tried this new ‘experience’. At the same time Erry finally passed the girl’s esophagus and landed into a warm pool… Lucy’s stomach…

Erry's first time...

Erry looked around… She was breathing hardly due to the lack of oxygen as she was looking the moving walls and the juices pouring on her… “N….no…..I….don’t want….” There was some unusual noises… A loud rhythm by Lucy’s heart and some growls… Due to the stomach welcoming his new unwilling meal … Erry’s black dress started to melt… “Sto- stop this!! You’re going to digest me alive!!!” But Lucy just patted her belly… Making Erry fall against one of the stomach walls… The tiny girl was punching it with her fists… A deep despair on her face… But both Lucy and Iris were smiling… As they started to walk again to the living room… Leaving the tiny Rei alone… She couldn’t do anything to save the 2 sisters… And the girls were about to enjoy more of them ! Rei’s mind was broken now… She had lost too much today… And fall on her back on the ground… “Why… Why did you do that… it was … hopeless…Erry….”

Inside… Erry’s dress was almost done for… With a move of her hand she removed it, throwing it away not thinking where the beautiful black dress Aya’s gave her was now sinking… The tiny’s girl’s body skin was now exposed to the girl’s digestive fluids… She started to feel a burning feeling on her legs and on her lower chest… The ‘liquid’ level was raising… Not allowing the girl to ‘swim’ due to the pain it was giving her… A new loud growl echoed in the fleshy room… “N…o…” She said… A deep pain on her face… Suffering not only to the loss of her sister but also for her own life soon… She was just standing here… In the middle of the horrible gurgling noises around her… Closing her eyes He saw her sister in her mind… “Erry… You had so much things to live… But… You tried to fight an impossible war… and lost it… It’s sad that we’ll never see each other again but… At least our spirits can rest together… While our body disappear… You were the most amazing sister Erry… It’s too bad for us to be born as tiny ones but… We’ll be together forever now…”

Erry’s ‘dream’ ended as her eyes opened wide… A long growl started… Lucy was digesting her for real now… The tiny girl was coughing… “Help …! Heeeeellllpppp!!!! Stoooppp thiiisss !!!” But she heard Iris voice answering her… She was listening to Lucy’s stomach… Her head on her cousin’s belly… “Well… It’s nearly the end for you tiny one, just let Lucy finish you hehehe ~” even in a situation like this… The human girl was mocking the tiny one… Erry wanted to scream… So much… Her fist raised… But fall on her side… She was too exhausted to do anything more… Her vision was getting blurred… Her breath was slow… She had a cough… Seeing now all her tiny life in her mind… All the moments she had with her sister… All the ideas she had for her ‘future’ and wished that there was no difference between humans and tiny ones… Falling on her knees… She was almost fully inside Lucy’s juices, just her shoulders and her head outside… She had another big cough… She was feeling a deep pain… Couldn’t breath anymore… She closed her eyes and with her last breath… Called her sister “A……ya…..” And with that the tiny Erry fall… To the bottom of this hungry stomach … Letting the giant girl fully digest her body as her mind vanished from it… Joining her sister…

And soon there was no more trace of Erry… She had become just a part of Lucy’s nourishment… disappearing from existence as the blind girl’s intestines sucked her… destroying the tiny body with strong digestive fluids… Feeding this cruel girl as Erry wanted to live… The two cousins soon forgot all of this… It was just a ‘game’ for both of them and they were soon enjoying more of the tinies together… Lucy enjoyed that experience once and wanted more tinies to be digested inside her… But it wasn’t the end of the story…

It was a different place… A different time too… It was the night… A tiny flame appeared near a wall… Not something usual since the flame was blue…and got bigger… Taking the shape of a wing… Glowing but not burning anything… It soon disappeared without leaving anything… Right here was now a young girl… Sleeping but not wearing anything… She was shivering as her breath was chaotic… With a gasp she opened her blue eyes… Looking around… Scared… “Wh- where am I ?” She tried to stand up but her legs were weak and she fall on the ground… A middle aged woman came to see with a tiny candle “who’s here ?” But the young girl was still scared … The woman came closer… Now seeing the girl that wasn’t here before… “Who are you… What are you doing here and… Oh my… You’re nude!” The woman put away her coat and put it on the young girl’s shoulders… She stopped a second… Looking her eyes and her hair. “I… can’t… remember….I was with- haaah …!” The young girl was suffering…” Why… Why can’t I remember anything!” As she brushed her hair… Leaving the woman confused…” Don’t push yourself young one… And don’t worry you’ll be safe here … It looks like you got hit by something big on the head …” The young girl was wondering… Still brushing her hair…. She stopped… Feeling something …new… She took that strange thing that was on her head… She looked it… Her eyes opening wide… A hairband…? Whose one ? She couldn’t remember… Her memory still blurry…” Young girl… Don’t be sad…I think that you’re suffering from amnesia … But as said before you’ll be safe here… Just take this cover and rest… We’ll talk about that tomorrow…” The young girl nodded and accepted the cover… Wrapping herself in… She was closing her eyes… Tomorrow will be a new day… And she’ll try to remember… More than just her name… “E….. Erry.”

End of Part 1.