Erry’s story part 10 : Answers

The wheels of Fate stopped to move. The small girl Erry made her choice but was it the best she could make? She finally learned the truth about herself and now she didn’t really cared what would happen to her next since she didn’t wanted to come back to life again. Erry had a sort of immortality that allowed her to come back to life each time but it was also wiping her memory clean. But last time she came back to life she started to remember some of her previous lives until most of her memory came back to her. Erry didn’t wanted this ‘power’, she accepted the fact that she died with her sister many years ago and gave up on trying anything to survive again. Once Erry’s body died again, she met a strange ‘voice’ that was like her own but didn’t knew who she was talking to.

The voice started to talk to Erry, telling her that she had within her a power way more powerful than everything that existed until now, she just needed to learn how to ‘use’ it. Erry was tired and just accepted  this voice’s offer as long as she could finally rest forever in exchange. But what Erry didn’t knew was that this voice belonged to a being that didn’t really wanted Erry to be happy, a being that was created by all of Erry’s accumulated sadness and anger during her thousands of lives. Erry saw this girl once in fact but again her memory was wiped away from her, maybe it was the best choice too since this other girl made Erry suffer like never before. But this time she was friendly to Erry, she wasn’t only focused onto destroying Erry but wanted to ‘help’ her. Erry’s soul was tired so she just accepted, not knowing nor caring what would happen to her next, she lost everything and nothing would bring her sister back to her…

Erelle was still in this wide space made of darkness. From there she could watch her daughter Erry travel within her different lives just like she did herself for thousands of years. Erelle wanted to be able to come back to life again so she could help her daughter but she wasn’t able to do this yet. Erelle had a small gasp when a small soul appeared in front of her, the very soul of her daughter Erry, Erelle was looking at her but Erry didn’t looked as peaceful as before. “Maybe because of those memories…?” Said Erelle to herself, wondering why Erry was now able to remember her own deaths but couldn’t guess why. Erelle was feeling sad because the world didn’t really changed for the small ones and it became in fact worse for them, she had a small shiver but even if Erry was sleeping right now, she would probably feel her mother’s embrace… So Erelle moved closer, opening her arms to take Erry within her grasp before she would go back to life again… but something was here and pushed her back while Erelle let out a small cry of surprise.

“Looks like she doesn’t need you anymore Erelle.” Said a nearby voice while Erry’s body started to shiver, and soon started to glow just like when she was about to come back to life except that this time it was a strange ‘light’ that was covering her body that wasn’t just white but also black. Erelle stood back up and started to yell “Leave her alone Enaelle!! If you plan to hurt my child you’ll have to deal with me first !!” But she got a loud laughter as an answer, the other voice echoing again “But Erelle… I went to her BECAUSE she was ALONE. And to hurt her…? Well let’s say that I find it more amusing to see what our lovely Erry could really do don’t you agree ? If she even managed to bring you back to existence that means that she’s far more powerful that you are Erelle. Now leave us while we’ll be taking out revenge together…” finished Enaelle while Erelle suddenly gasped and fall on her knees, the other voice now coming from a face coming out of the darkness, until a whole body was formed but that also had its hand around Erelle’s neck. Enaelle winced and looked at Erelle’s face “Hmpf. You’re so weak now, I hope that you feel how much it hurts when you made me feel the same before Erelle !”. Enaelle moved her hand to the side and made Erelle fall on something that looked like a ground in this darkness. Enaelle was now looking to Erry’s face, she was standing right in front of her and smiled while her black eyes were looking at the sleeping girl “Let’s start to change the world Erry… you wanted to save it so much but humanity is hopeless… well let’s give them something. What about deciding about their lives ? Since they sooo love to play with the small ones, let’s see what they’ll do once they’ll be in the same situation.  But this time Erry it won’t be a ‘dream’ nor an illusion world just like the last time, it will be real.” Finished Enaelle while starting to laugh loudly again…

Saphyr was in her house with Eva, another human girl she met earlier. They were both around a table in the living room with Saphyr’s mother and atop of the table was a small girl that was also Erry’s sister: Aya. Saphyr and Eva talked a lot again, giving more details to Saphyr’s mother and that they were close to find Erry the last time. But even if they were less than a mile away from Erry they couldn’t find her in time so they would now focus on any piece of information they could find. Aya had a big role to play there,  because of a weird ‘power’ she got earlier, she was now able to ‘see’ her sister in some visions but it was mostly to see her sister dying in front of her. Still it was something that they used before with Eva and Saphyr. Saphyr’s mother was really surprised of this story again but she accepted to help them, because in fact it was Erry who helped her daughter many years before. Eva was looking at some pictures she took of Erry when she was with her on her phone, also showing them to Aya while Saphyr was using her laptop to search something until she raised her head “Alright. I asked all of the hunters around to call me if they find a small one with white hair, even if I’m not a hunter anymore I still have some influence within them. Still… I feel bad for some reason to do that…”

Saphyr’s mother came closer and put a hand onto Saphyr’s shoulder “You did right Saphyr. Even if I met Erry for just some days I feel that she belongs to our family too, she was your ‘sister’ after all.” Aya was looking at Saphyr with a smile and answered too “You decided to change Saphyr and to leave this stupid ‘club’, I respect this choice of yours and I’m happy to be at your side to search Erry.” Aya then looked at Eva “And you Eva, I’m glad that you met Erry too. Even if you bought her in the first place, I’m sure that Erry loved to be with you since you cared so much for her.” Aya bowed in front of the human girl “Thank you for taking care of my sister, I’m sure she will be so happy to see you again when we’ll find her.”. Eva could feel her cheeks blush and turned her head a bit on the side but couldn’t really hide the warm smile she was wearing until a question crossed her mind. “Aya, Saphyr you told me about that already but… could you tell me more about this weird girl you saw? This… Enaelle?”

Saphyr had a shiver while Aya decided to answer “Basically she’s Erry’s hatred, from what I understood but she didn’t really talked about herself much. She somehow managed to take Saphyr under control and tried to kill me but it failed because…  Saphyr’s will to see Erry again was stronger than this girl only wanting to destroy us. In the end she just vanished and Saphyr was free again, I don’t really know what could have caused her to appear but… We might face her again.”. Eva had now her heart beating fast, what if she was the one that would be ‘used’ next time? She shook her head and looked back at Aya before talking to her again “Alright, I would like to ask a last thing about her if possible.  Can you tell me what does she looks like?”. Aya put her hand on her chin and was thinking “Well she does looks like Erry but she’s also different from her too, for example she have black eyes and well, the thing that you might notice is a sort of ‘darkness’ covering her. Besides this there’s not much differences except her voice… she have almost the same as Erry but she’s way more aggressive when she talks.” Saphyr was listening too and bowed her head down before answering too “Sorry, I wish I could tell more but I wasn’t really myself back then…”. Eva looked at Aya then at the other girl facing her “Don’t worry about this Saphyr and thanks Aya, I just wanted to know how our enemy looks like.”. Saphyr had a shy smile, even if Eva was older than herself, she knew that it was a precious ally and her will to find her small sister was actually stronger than before.

Erry was ‘hanging’ down in the darkness, her eyes were closed and she wasn’t moving. Still, her body was shivering, showing that even if this ‘void’ she was somehow alive. Her body was still glowing this strange light from before while Enaelle was walking around her. “If only you accepted this last time Erry… I could have helped you. But well you’re mine now…” said Enaelle with a giggle. Erelle who was still on the ground was now wearing some bruises, she tried to get up again and to go against Enaelle but it was useless. Enaelle took some steps towards Erelle then put her feet under Erelle’s chin to raise it, now looking at her from above and started to talk “What a useless mother you are Erelle! You were so powerful before but… let’s say that I found some ways to become stronger…” Erelle raised her eyes “What do you mean by this…? Did you ‘corrupted’ more people?”. Enaelle laughed loudly “Corrupted you say ? I just gave them the freedom they needed ! When I wasn’t much around I met an interesting girl for example, she accepted to give me all of her hatred if she could have her revenge against humanity and you know what ? It actually worked ! Too bad that she lives so far away from ‘this’ Earth, I could have used her before…”

Enaelle removed her feet to kick into Erelle’s face who fall on the ground again before the girl made of darkness resumed “Well, looks like it’s finally time to do something. You wanted humanity to live peacefully with the small ones Erelle? I’m sorry but what you’re going to witness today is… the end of this stupid humanity and you won’t be able to do anything about it!”. Enaelle then moved in front of Erry and put her hand on her shoulder, the black glow was now getting taller and was now surrounding the two girls. Enaelle was vanishing from this place but was still laughing loudly, until nothing else of the girl remained, the glow around Erry’s body vanishing into nothing too. Erelle was looking at what was happening with horror on her face, she was now witnessing a black stain onto Erry’s face covering half of it. Erelle wanted to stand up but was now shivering from a deep fear, noticing Erry’s left eye shivering too. Erry opened her eye that was now surrounded by a deep darkness but it wasn’t her usual blue eyes that her sister Aya loved… it was a deep black with a red glowing pupil at its center. Erelle let out a small scream while looking at Erry who was now staring at her, Erelle wasn’t sure about how this other girl would do but couldn’t resist to say her daughter’s name “Er…ry?”

The girl started to laugh, it wasn’t Erry’s voice nor Enaelle’s… much more a mix of them “So it’s like this to feel a ‘real’ body? I didn’t expected it to feel so good!!” Laughed the girl before resuming “Sooo ‘mother’? You wanted to see Erry ? Well I’m sorry but she won’t be there for quite some time… and she might even die too. But don’t worry I’ll be sure to take care of her body hahaha~”. It was too much for Erelle, she slowly stood up and watched the other girl who wasn’t Erry anymore, she joined her hands and her two wings of light started to shine bright. Enaelle let out a giggle, this ‘power’ wasn’t affecting her anymore, she opened her left eye wide and some of her ‘darkness’ went out to surround Erelle, preventing her to do anything. “You’re not going to win Enaelle. Erry is stronger than you think.” Said Erelle while Enaelle looked at her “Probably…  but she accepted to give me the control of her fate so she won’t fight much… besides I can feel her soul slowly fading away within me… it’s just a matter of time before she would die forever.”

Enaelle then took some steps away before giggling again “Well, now that you learned this let’s have some fun shall we?”. Enaelle moved her hand above her head and ‘traced’ something with her finger that shattered a part of the void around them, now showing the darkness of space with many stars… and at the center of this breach was the Earth. Erelle opened her eyes wide, now knowing that it was possible for this other girl to do such things, Enaelle then moved in front of this opening and extended her arms to her sides. She suddenly bowed her head and started to say some weird words that even Erelle didn’t knew; they were hard and contained a deep hatred that even Erelle could feel.

And suddenly, a wing of a deep white light emerged from Erry’s back, the very source of her power. Enaelle chucked then raised her head before putting her hands in front of her, sending something inside of this ‘window’ to the reality. Erelle saw it… and knew what would happen next but she was trapped. “Stop this!!!” Yelled Erelle to the other girl who turned to face her with her red eye “No. It’s what this world deserves and… I’ll finally be able to carry on my vengeance.”

Another day started and Saphyr went down to the kitchen, Eva was already there since Saphyr’s mother allowed her to stay in a guest room. “Hello Saphyr.” Said Eva to the tired girl, noticing that Aya was sitting on her shoulder, Aya and Saphyr answered and the young girl sat at the table. Saphyr’s mother had to move again for the day because of her work but she gave her phone number to Eva if anything happened. Saphyr put her head on her arms after placing Aya on the table, she let out a long sigh before raising her head a bit to face Eva “Did you slept well Eva?” The other girl sat at the table and gave a little bread crumb to Aya while answering with a smile “Yes, thanks for letting me staying here. Sleeping in a real bed is way better than sleeping in my car haha ~”. Saphyr poured herself a small glass of juice before Eva looked at her phone then at Aya “Aya, mind if… I ask you if you ‘saw’ anything this night?”. Saphyr looked down at Aya too so the small one answered “Well, sorry but no. It’s been some days that I didn’t saw anything about Erry. I hope that she’s alright now…”. Eva crossed her arms on her chest “Hmmm okay I understand, thank you Aya.”.

The morning went as usual, Saphyr checked the forum where she posted before but there weren’t much interesting answers. Eva was looking at her phone from time to time but she wasn’t getting much messages, in fact before she decided to ‘travel’ to Saphyr’s place Eva made the choice to tell every of her friends and her family about how she was feeling towards the small people and that didn’t went well with everyone. In fact Eva’s own sister Naomi said that it was ‘childish’ to try to save any of the small ones because their lives are too easy to end, and it was so right too. Eva grabbed her tiny broken pendant while thinking about all of this but she wasn’t regretting her choice. “You’ll be fine Eva.” Suddenly said a small voice that woke Eva from her daydream, it was Aya who was looking at her. Eva nodded as an answer and smiled back to Aya “Yes… everything will be fine.”.

It was almost noon but a strange looking shadow started to cover the sky… and suddenly there was no more sunlight. Saphyr and Eva got surprised, there wasn’t an eclipse planned for this day, after picking Aya up, they went outside and noticed many more people too. It was like a pitch black night but without the moon, Saphyr started to shiver, wondering what was happening and soon she could hear many more people screaming… and it was true that the sun couldn’t be seen anymore too! Eva dashed back inside followed by Saphyr and they put the TV on, maybe there was something explaining this mystery. On every channel was the same emergency broadcast, the journalists were all speechless because it was the first time that something like this was happening ! Many scientists were trying their best to explain what was this strange ‘night’ and indeed it was the same for the other side of the Earth, there wasn’t any light coming from the sun. Saphyr sat at the table while Eva was still standing in front of the TV, Aya was also scared of this sudden change but soon started to shiver. “We’ve sent some instruction to our team on the moon to see what they can see from there but we’ll have to wait a bit before having them on the screen…” said one of the journalists while Aya let out a sudden scream… her whole body shivering while she fall on the side. Eva got surprised and turned fast to see what was happening, Saphyr was confused but it was just like one of ‘those’ times. “No way… don’t tell me that Erry is about to die now…!” Said Eva while Aya was now sitting… her whole body shivering and her eyes moving in every direction. “Aya… are you feeling alright ?” Asked Saphyr who was worried for the tiny one’s health but Aya seemed to be panicking “No… I can’t believe it…!”

“Oh my god it’s…” said one of the astronauts that were on the moon, he had an emergency call from the base on Earth but he didn’t knew that something like this would happen. “It’s a giant… girl…? I can’t see clearly from there but… she’s so huge!!” Said the man again, just noticing the sunlight surrounding a giant silhouette behind the Earth. He could just see what looked like a giant girl’s body but her face was still far, the man put a hand on the side of his helmet and pressed a button, now broadcasting to the whole Earth what he was watching. The journalist on the other side of the transmission gasped and couldn’t stay calm during the TV broadcast. “It’s… real right? It’s not just a joke from the NASA ?” Asked the journalist to one of his assistants but it was the real thing. Still trying to calm down, he was asking more details to the people that were on the moon. “No… from what I see now she’s getting closer ! It’s hard to tell how fast nor how tall she is but… she’s going to hit the Earth !!” Said the astronaut now feeling a strong stress building up, hoping that it was just a bad dream… And indeed, the giant one was moving now faster and closer to the Earth. The astronauts were now scared of this giant body getting closer but also taller until with the sun rays surrounding the girl’s head allowed the people on the moon to see the color of this girl’s hair… a deep white.

Saphyr could feel her arms fall by her sides, Eva still in awe in front of the TV “It’s a joke right…? It’s not possible for such things to exist…” said Eva while Saphyr was now looking at the small Aya who was bow holding her head with her hands, shivering from a deep fear… “Erry you… decided to give up…? I… I can’t feel your soul anymore…” whispered Aya before pointing the TV screen “Saphyr… Eva… I’m pretty sure that it’s her… I don’t know how or why she became like this but… I don’t feel my sister anymore like before. The only reason I could find is that she lost against Enaelle and I don’t know if we’ll be able to stop her now.”. Saphyr bowed her head “Damn… can’t we do anything to call her back to us?” Eva turned to face the other girl sitting at the table “I… think it’s because of her hatred that she became like this. Aya you told me about Enaelle before and if she’s really made of Erry’s sadness and anger… I guess that she really hates humanity to be this huge.” Eva then bowed her head down and grabbed one of her arms “Because we humans decided to hurt the small ones before… to use them as our toys… I think Erry now might remember all of this and want to take revenge on all of us. I don’t like how it’s going on but understand what Erry might think right now…”. Aya stood up and bowed her head “Well… yeah it might be this or because of something that happened to us a long time ago… it was about…”

“Saphyr!!” Suddenly yelled a voice that came inside of the house, it was Saphyr’s mother who was breathing fast. “I… saw the news on my phone and I came back as fast as I could! Are you alright?”. Saphyr nodded “Yes but mom… weren’t supposed to be away for the day ?”. Saphyr’s mother bowed her head “Yes but as soon as I saw this giant shadow covering the sky I really wanted to be there in case of anything might happen !” Saphyr’s mother then looked at the TV screen, still displaying the giant girl’s head before looking at Eva then at Saphyr “Is that Erry ? I saw her only a few times but… I remember this hair color that I never saw anywhere else before.” Aya who was listening answered “Yes it’s her even if I… still don’t believe this… I didn’t knew that she would be hurt that badly by all of those lives…” but Aya stopped, someone else was now talking on the TV screen. It was an officer from the army, every country accepted an alliance to ‘fight back’ and many missiles were fired from all around the world. But the man’s expression on the screen changed when he saw that it was useless, he bowed his head and started to talk about some other operations to protect the Earth but he wasn’t now looking as confident  as before. Saphyr’s mother went behind her daughter and grabbed her in her arms… her eyed still focused on the screen, hoping that they would learn something new.

The hours passed. Many people went to talk about many things but no one was really understanding the situation, some other attacks were started but failed again. The only real information was that this giant face was now really close and way taller than the Earth. The TV signal started to become blurry because of some satellites that couldn’t work because of the missing sunlight or some other that were just exploding against the gigantic face. Saphyr was outside of the house, looking at the black sky she was looking at the moon that was so far. Many people were screaming in the streets and some houses were getting wrecked, but Saphyr’s house was still safe. “I’m sorry Erry…” Said Saphyr while still looking at the moon, she hoped that somehow… this giant girl would go away and leave the Earth safe. Eva then came outside too, Aya sitting on her shoulder, the human girl started to talk “Saphyr… I don’t know how this day will end but… I’m glad to have met you. And you too Aya, I’m really happy to be there even if I still miss my tiny sister… I just hope that Erry will remember us even if we have to die soon.” Saphyr turned and ‘fall’ into Eva’s arms… she started to cry. Even if Saphyr promised to stay strong, they all knew that the Earth was now just a small piece of dust compared to Erry’s current size. Eva was holding tight onto the girl in her arms… now looking at the sky too she suddenly gasped.

The moon that was so high in the sky… started to shatter into pieces just like if it collided with something huge. Saphyr let out a scream of horror while Eva had a strong shiver, now looking at the giant pieces of the moon going apart from each other “No… no… NO!!! It can’t be happening!!!” Screamed Saphyr while looking at the sky “Erry !! We’re still there, please don’t kill us !!”. Eva was still shivering while her eyes were looking at the giant rocks now floating in space. The TV let out a loud sound and there was a woman on the screen. “Yes… I’m ready… We have important news. We just saw the moon being destroyed and… oh my god… The… the Earth is currently in… in this giant girl’s mouth. I… I’m sorry to be the one telling this but after a long debate with every country we… now know that we’re doomed. Humanity is going to disappear probably today and we won’t be able to do anything about this. If you have someone to call, take the time to do it now because we don’t know when our planet will be destroyed. Darling… I know that you’re watching me, I’m sorry not to be by your side today but… you’ll be in my heart forever. Sandy for NTC3, over.”

Saphyr’s mother fall on her knees, Eva who was still standing there started to shiver, some tears forming at the corner or her eyes. Saphyr let out a long scream while Aya bowed her head… all of them couldn’t believe that it would be like this… that today would be their last day and that this small one named Erry would be the one who would end the Earth’s existence.

“Hahahaha!!! This is soooo fun!!!” Yelled Enaelle while watching Erry’s ‘projection’ inside of the hole she opened earlier. From this place, the giant version of Erry looked just like a sleeping girl, she had her eyes closed and wasn’t breathing even if her mouth was wide open. Within her maw could be seen a small sphere just like a tiny marble but that was indeed the Earth itself ! Not far from her giant lips were some pieces of rock that formed the moon before. Erelle now looked really scared, this girl in front of her had the power to destroy the whole Earth in a second and would probably do it without hesitation ! Erelle bowed her head while thinking “There must be a way…” but Enaelle went in front of Erelle, looking at the sitting girl from above with her red eye while more of the ‘darkness’ was staining Erry’s skin “Heh… let me tell you something Erelle. You wanted the small ones and the humans to be equal ? Well it’s true today because they will all die the same way !” Erelle stood up and her two wings glowed “Stop this Enaelle you’re going too far !!” But what Erelle got again was a lough laugh as an answer “Yes… but it’s what Humanity deserves and I’m sure that Erry agrees with me now. But well… I’m getting bored. Erry if you please ?”

The giant version of Erry that could be seen inside of the ‘window’ started to move slowly. Erelle was yelling at Enaelle but the girl of darkness was just smiling while watching the other Erry move. “It’s all over now.” Said Enaelle while with a loud noise… The giant Erry’s teeth closed onto the small planet and crushed it easily into nothing, wiping the whole humanity from existence in less than 2 seconds. “Haha… HAHAHAHA!!! I DID IT !! I FINALLY DID IT !!!” Yelled Enaelle while laughing madly while Erelle fall on her knees, tears rolling onto her cheeks. “SEE PATHETIC HUMANS ?! You got what you deserved !! Now… now I got my vengeance !!” Screamed Enaelle before turning her head, her red eye focusing onto Erelle’s hands. “What are you doing?” Asked Enaelle while taking some steps closer and was now in front of Erelle.

“If I can’t defeat you myself I’m sure that Erry will do it!” Said Erelle with a serious expression while a light started to form  between her joined hands. One of Enaelle’s hands moved to grab Erelle by her long hair and pulled her to her face before spitting on her “Peh… Erry is dead Erelle, I killed your own daughter and I took her body from her. I don’t even feel her soul within me you know… You should accept this too!”. Erelle closed her eyes, her hands still joined, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked right into Enaelle’s red eye before saying a single word that made her glow a deep white. Enaelle screamed while closing her eyes and once she opened them again, Erelle wasn’t there anymore.

She was now far away from Enaelle. Erelle’s eyes were still filled with tears but she had to try something. Bowing her head down, Erelle started to call someone while she was now using all of her power and soon something started to appear atop of her hands. Erelle’s body was now hurting her just like when she created Erry from her own life essence but it was the only solution she found to counter Enaelle’s plan. It was looking like 3 small souls floating above her hands, 3 souls that Erelle knew well and that would be able to rescue Erry. While Erelle was still talking, her words started to become like a soft song and the tiny souls started to change to the bodies they had before they died.

“Found you ‘mother’.” Suddenly said a voice behind Erelle that gasped while her hand opened… leaving 2 of the small souls to fly away from her. Erelle took a peek behind her and knew that Enaelle was there. Erelle closed her hand to hide the last small soul while the other girl was now walking around and saw the two floating bodies. “Heh… looks like you managed to call them back. But it’s useless Erelle.” Said Enaelle while grabbing the two small ones with her hand. Then while looking at them, Enaelle said a single word and two little bodies were now inside of her hands… Saphyr and Eva. The small girls suddenly gasped and opened their eyes. Saphyr let out a scream, remembering that she just died with everyone around, her house collapsing onto all of them and no one could escape it. Eva opened her eyes too and looked at her body… that was looking and feeling just like if she was alive. The only difference was that the girls looked up and noticed that they were both at the center of Enaelle’s hand.

“Erry?” Asked Saphyr while her vision was still blurry. Eva had a shiver roll down her spine… this place was too strange and she could also remember falling on the ground while the ceiling fall on her… looking up, she could see a giant girl’s face that she saw before… until Enaelle’s bright red eye opened and looked down to focus on the two small girls. Eva squeaked and fall on her back, her body shivering everywhere while Saphyr took some steps back to fall right besides Eva, the giant girl now having a wide grin… “Well… it’s been some time Saphyr, did you missed me…? And nice to meet you Eva I guess, you probably already heard about me…”. And indeed Eva heard about Enaelle but she didn’t expected her to be this big too. Erelle wanted to do something for the two small ones she called but right now she was focusing onto the last one, creating a real body around this soul until the small one would be ready to face Enaelle.

“Soooo what should we do now Erry?” Asked Enaelle to herself, the two small ones within her hand noticing this strange voice the giant girl had. The giant eye now focused onto Eva and Enaelle picked her up with her other hand while Saphyr let out a scream of terror. Eva was now held in front of this giant one’s face and was shivering from a fear she never knew before. Enaelle giggled and moved her red eye closer to the small one “Well well Eva… you wished to be a ‘tiny’ in your next life and also with Erry? Let’s say that I granted you both of those wishes, but I’m sorry that Erry won’t be really ‘here’ since I’m now in total control of her body. Still… I’m sure that your sister Naomi didn’t told you right ?” Eva was now looking confused but couldn’t try much more from where she was “Nao…? What do you mean by that…?”. Enaelle giggled and focused her red eye onto the small Eva “Well well… remember the tiny you had before ? Samantha right ? Erry learned about her you know. I also know that you were the one who ‘disposed’ of her, but do you know the whole story…?”

Eva had a shiver, not understanding why Enaelle wanted to talk about her past but she started to yell “What are you talking about Enaelle?! Samantha betrayed my feelings!!” But Enaelle just laughed as an answer before talking with a cold tone “Naomi, your very sister was he one who broke Samantha’s feelings… And during the night when your boat had an accident, Naomi was about to break Erry too! But well you won’t believe me I guess… Since you KILLED Samantha but well… too bad you didn’t came later to Naomi’s room too… you would have seen your precious Erry inside of YOUR SISTER’S SEX !! Or maybe you wouldn’t have seen Erry since Naomi would probably have eaten her too…”. Eva bowed her head… “So that would explain why Sammy kept yelling that she was sorry… damn.” The girl then raised her head “But Erry is different ! I… learned to love her !! There’s no way that Erry hated me right ?”

Enaelle put her head on the side then answered “She hated you at the start. You were just a stupid human that loved to eat tinies without even thinking that they were ALIVE too. Isn’t that fun to follow some other humans into ‘fun’ things? Erry saw you eating many small people in front of her eyes and she hated to see this. But… then you started to change.”. Enaelle raised the hand while still holding Eva with her fingers in front of her face then had a naughty smile “Hooo… look a tiny one… who actually WANTED to become small so you’ll be with Erry… mind if… in fact Erry eats you ? You would be forever with her and it’s how your world works right ?” Eva had a strong shiver “What… what are you going to-” but Eva’s sentence got cut while Enaelle tossed her in the air. “Aaaaaahhhhh !!!” Screamed Eva in horror while she was now falling ! But below her was getting closer a girl’s face with her mouth opened wide… “Nooooo !!!” Screamed Eva who knew what would happen next… this stupid ‘game’ she did many times with her other friends. Eva closed her eyes when she landed heavily on a squishy ground that was Enaelle’s tongue, who didn’t lost a second and just swallowed Eva like a small piece of candy.

“Aaaahhh!!!” Screamed Saphyr who put her hands in front of her mouth, looking at the small bulge going down the giant girl’s neck containing Eva. “No… no… no!!! It’s horrible Enaelle! Why did you do that !!” Screamed Saphyr while some tears were falling out of her eyes. Enaelle smirked “Because I can tiny one. And because I’m taller than you and it’s better for me to do what I want with your small life. Isn’t that you were thinking as a Micro Hunter before ?” Saphyr yelled once more “I was wrong !! And I know that you were a part of this Enaelle ! Because you wanted to destroy Erry and that ‘using’ me would help you ! I hate you !!!”. Enaelle giggled again “Good girl… hating me just makes me stronger you know, but… You’re hurting my ears to yell just like this…” Finished the giant girl before looking on the side, she noticed that Erelle wasn’t still moving and just sighed “Hmpf… you already gave up too Erelle… what a bad mother you are in the end.” Enaelle still hadn’t noticed a small soul that was inside of Erelle’s hand but Saphyr knew that something would happen. This other girl looking like Erry was preparing something but she needed time and Saphyr would do her best to give her some, now that she knew that this girl was in fact Erry’s mother. “What are you going to do now ?” Asked Saphyr while now focusing onto Enaelle’s gigantic face, the giant girl had a wide smile and put her hand in front of her chin “Well… Remember how you crushed me beneath your feet before ? I wanted to do this to you too so you could feel this pain as well but… It would be better if you too could feel what you’ve done to Erry…” Saphyr took a step back and fall on her back, her lips shivering from this question she was about to ask “You’re not planning to-”

“Eat you too? Well… why not in fact since Erry’s body seems to enjoy that. Furthermore you’ve done this many times so you know how it works.” Said Enaelle with the same cruel smile, her red eye glowing even more. Saphyr was easily picked up between two giant fingers and she was now trying to get out of this girl’s grasp, but just like when she was catching some micro people herself, she knew that it would be useless to try to fight Enaelle back. And soon enough, Saphyr was now in front of this giant girl’s face that was slowly opening her mouth, Saphyr let out a scream while putting her arms in front of her face, trying to protect herself from this vision getting closer. Enaelle giggled while her voice ‘hit’ the small girl, making her scream even more and the big one was not done with her small victim yet “Heh… finally understanding this despair Erry was feeling when you killed her Saphyr? But it won’t change anything and you’ll join this tiny Eva down there…”. Enaelle just flicked he small girl inside of her mouth, Saphyr landing onto the giant muscle that was now Enaelle’s tongue, Saphyr tried to get up but fall back again. Enaelle soon closed her lips, removing any remaining hope from Saphyr’s mind and started to ‘play’ with the tiny body. Saphyr was tossed in every direction, getting tasted all around of her body and was now covered by this giant one’s saliva. After some horrible minutes, Enaelle placed her small victim st the center of her tongue and was about to finish her. Saphyr was looking around while feeling a bit dizzy, she was so small compared to this mouth surrounding her. Saphyr’s eyes focused onto this giant teeth all around that could crush her easily to oblivion then could feel a sudden change in the gravity, Enaelle was about to swallow her ! “Kyyyaaaaa !!” Screamed Saphyr while feeling her body sliding on the giant muscle and looking at Enaelle’s throat opening getting closer. Saphyr’s hands were now trying to slow down her body but it wasn’t working and Saphyr was feeling this girl’s breathing getting really closer until she was now under a giant undulating uvula… ready to fall inside of a dark living pit below. Saphyr’s eyes were filled with tears but she still screamed, begging this monstrous girl to spare her life “Please Enaelle !! I’m just a child !!” But the giant giggle echoing all around Saphyr wasn’t the answer she was really waiting “No way. Even if Erry was older than you back then she was a child too and still… you took her life. I’m sorry but I will just enjoy this tiny one now… so please would you mind letting my body do its work on you now ?” Finished Enaelle who with a last giggle, tilted her head all the way back and swallowed Saphyr down.

“AAAAAHHHH!!!” Was screaming Saphyr while feeling her body being pulled down and deeper of the other girl’s body. She was hearing many noises she didn’t knew and was looking at those muscles all around her pulling hard onto her small body. Soon she could feel more space around her legs and fall into a wide moist place… the giant girl’s stomach. Saphyr sobbed loudly “I… I’ve been eaten…” said the girl while looking around, it was just like the ‘vision’  she shared with Aya once but this time it was real. “Saphyr!” Said a voice nearby as another girl wrapped her arms around her, it was Eva. The older girl was looking frightened too but she was now holding tight onto Saphyr, she had tears in her eyes too and couldn’t believe that Enaelle wanted to kill Saphyr like this too. “Eva… are you alright…?” Said Saphyr with a deep sadness in her voice, the other girl squeezed Saphyr even more “Yes for now but… I can’t believe she’s doing this to us! We… we… died once already, why would she want to make us suffer even more…”. Saphyr  bowed her head, of course she knew the answer “Because we’re the ones who were close to Erry. Her… mother that I saw before was the one who called us back and I feel that she’s trying her best too. From what I understood we’re currently… inside of Erry’s body and maybe we could reach her mind even if this other girl is controlling her.”.

Saphyr just finished her sentence when both of the girls heard a loud growling sound around them, telling the two small ones that Erry’s body was now ‘aware’ of them. Eva gasped then raised a bit Saphyr who was in her arms, not wanting the younger girl to feel this soft burning sensation Eva could now feel onto her legs. Saphyr closed her eyes then started to talk, just like a small prayer… telling how much she missed Erry now and that she wanted to be with her. Eva was listening and nodded slowly before closing her eyes and do he same… maybe somehow Erry who was ‘surrounding’ them would be able to hear them.

“Peh… I don’t know what you were planning Erelle but you failed. There’s only you remaining in my way now… and I’ll be sure to take care of you soon… And I’ll-” Enaelle stopped… then winced before looking down and squeeze her fist. She moved it fast and punched her own belly before starting to yell “WOULD YOU PLEASE DIE FAST YOU TWO?!” Enaelle could feel the two small girls fall and bump inside of her stomach before splashing into her digestive fluids… but they resumed their talk, making Enaelle clench her teeth “STOP THIS!!! YOU WON’T SAVE HER YOU HEAR ME !? ERRY IS DEAD JUST ACCEPT IT !!!” Enaelle started to hit her body with both of her fists, making some bruises appear onto Erry’s pale skin while she was yelling some sounds that weren’t sounding like words anymore.

Enaelle was breathing loudly… still hearing the two girls within her “Okay… if you want to say those useless things… do it, it won’t change anything in the end and you’ll just be some meat for Erry’s body.” She turned her head and focused her red eye onto Erelle who was still sitting nearby, Enaelle was now looking at a strange light that was between Erelle’s hands “What are you hiding now Erelle? You will fail again you know?” Ended Enaelle while she got closer and kicked into Erelle’s back who fall forwards, still holding her two hands together. Enaelle winced then put her feet onto Erelle’s back, pressing it hard while she resumed to talk “It’s useless Erelle… And I won’t allow you to try anything more… just watch this.”. Enaelle raised one of her hands and closed her red eye, focusing onto something until a black glow started to appear around.

The black glow suddenly took fire all around Enaelle’s hand who let out a loud laugh while looking at this black flame. “Hehehe… looks like Erry can do this too Erelle… isn’t that wonderful?” Said Enaelle while the other girl on the ground turned her head to notice Enaelle’s hand. “No… she… she hates everything that much…?” Said Erelle while remembering when she almost used this power once but stopped when she knew that she was about to kill another being with it. Enaelle moved her hand closer, the flame still burning a deep darkness around, Erelle squeezed her hands and gave this tiny soul all of the remaining power she had “Please… you’re the only one that can stop her now…! I beg y-…”. Erelle’s head fall on the ground, her hands parting away while her body ‘froze’ when Enaelle placed her hand onto Erelle’s head and ‘removed’ her life from her. Erelle’s eyes closed slowly… looking in front of her while a single tear was rolling on her cheek, Enaelle just killed her.

“I did it… I DID IT!!!” Suddenly screamed Enaelle while the black flame vanished from her hand. Now looking at Erelle’s hands she couldn’t see anything and started to laugh “So it failed too…? In the end you were just USELESS ERELLE!! But… I finally did it…!! I avenged you…! LOOK AT ME… I KILLED ALL OF THOSE STUPID HUMANS FOR YOU !!” Enaelle started to scream… her voice becoming loud just like a monster, she kicked into Erelle’s body to turn her and Enaelle started to stare at the lifeless girl “Peh… if only… if only you never existed Erelle, Erry wouldn’t have to suffer this much… But it doesn’t matters now… my vengeance is finally complete and I can finally leave this existence too.” Finished Enaelle while her hand started to glow the same flame from before but this time she would use it on herself, destroying the last living being and the two small girls inside of her body that were now quiet… maybe Erry’s body finally ‘disposed’ of them too.

“It won’t be so easy Enaelle…” suddenly said a voice, the white haired girl turned around and her red eye focused onto a new girl that was now taller than her. Enaelle clenched her teeth while her eye narrowed “So in the end you were the one that Erelle called back… AYA!!” Said Enaelle who was looking at the other girl facing her before she resumed “Even if you’re there Aya you won’t be able to do anything you know…? I killed everybody and once I’ll be done with my own life you’ll be trapped there forever…! In the end my vengeance is he only thing that matters now.” Aya took a step closer and opened her lips “And…? You killed more than 7 billions of humans and much more people from our size just because of this…?”. Enaelle started to yell “You can’t understand this Aya!! Erry gave up on living too ! No one could understand me and… I’ll end everything now.”

“So tell me Enaelle… if what you’re saying is the truth… why are you crying now?” Said Aya with an angry stare, the other girl put her hand on her right cheek and noticed some tears coming out of her closed eye “What is this…? What have you done Aya!?” Screamed Enaelle while her red eye glowed even more. Aya shook her head “I didn’t do anything Enaelle. Even if you’re in control of Erry’s body, her spirit is still somewhere inside of you… and she saw everything that you did.”. Enaelle screamed “What nonsense is this ?! You’re not going to believe her Erry right ? Aya is dead and you know it !! You’re not going to believe… this stupid ghost ?” While Enaelle could feel more tears coming out from her two eyes now… the red color of her eye slowly fading away, Enaelle screamed “No…! It’s not going to end like this…! Erry you wanted this revenge too…! THAT’S WHY YOU CREATED ME !! YOU CAN’T BETRAY ME NOW !!!” While Enaelle moved her hand with the black flame closer to her chest… once her hand would reach herself she would die forever.

But her hand couldn’t move anymore, her other hand preventing it to touch herself. Enaelle screamed again “NO! YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GIVE UP THIS ERRY ?!” While Enaelle’s ‘spirit’ started to ‘exit’ Erry’s body until it was fully outside, Erry’s body falling onto the ground, her black wing of light vanishing into he void. Enaelle was again standing in front of the two girls, her body made of darkness seemed to be covered by black flames “I won’t allow it… you won’t win, YOU HEAR ME ?!” Said Enaelle while taking a step closer, the flames onto her body getting more lively. Aya placed herself in front of Erry before staring deeply at Enaelle again “I won’t allow you to take Erry from me again.”. Enaelle winced and extended her arm, her hand grabbing onto Aya’s neck who couldn’t protect herself… noticing that Enaelle even looking smaller than her was indeed way stronger than she was. Still, Aya put her hands onto Enaelle’s arm and managed to talk “You won’t have her again Enaelle, if I have to I would die to protect her again !!”. Enaelle bowed her head before laughing at Aya’s face “HAHAHAHA !!! You can’t even protect yourself and you’re talking about this ?! You’re really funny Aya… but you said that you would die again to protect Erry…? It’s fine for me… DIE.”

“STOP!!!” Suddenly yelled another voice that surprised Enaelle who looked on the side, noticing that Erry was now awaken and looking at them. Aya managed to turn her head and just looked at her sister, her breath not allowing her to talk, Erry stood up and looked at the two girls… before focusing onto Enaelle “You’re… me…?”. Enaelle laughed again “Yes Erry!! We’re the same! But why do you what me to stop…? This ‘Aya’ isn’t your sister, she’s just a ghost who want to destroy you !” Erry bowed her head down then raised it again, a deep anger filling her eyes “Enaelle… I saw what you’ve done before and even if I don’t understand all of this… I’m not going to trust you anymore… you ‘used’ me to do such horrible things !!” Erry looked back and noticed Erelle who was still on the ground… “Just how much people did you killed… I NEVER ASKED THIS !!”. Enaelle’s smile disappeared from her face, she was now looking deeply at Erry “I’m here because you started this you know Erry. Deep inside of you, there was hatred for the humans since ‘that’ day… but you buried it and never remembered it… and when you lost Aya and many much more lives you fed this hatred… until the day that I could get out. So don’t tell me that I don’t have to be there ! If someone really started something IT WAS YOU ERRY !”

“I… don’t understand. Even if I was hated by my own people, I never hated them because Aya wouldn’t want this. But… what are you talking about? I never lived anything that would make me hate the humans that much !! Even when… I lost you Aya I kept on living the best I could do to honor your memory…”. Enaelle winced and squeezed her hand around Aya’s neck even more “Peh… I guess it’s useless to talk with you if you don’t even remember her… am I really the only one that remember what happened ?! This day that teared more than 10 years of your life away ?! Do you even realize that I did all of this for you Erry ?! Because you wanted to save her but you were powerless !!”. Erry had a shiver but didn’t understood… still she took a step back, not sure about what this girl was talking about. Erry’s eyes were now focused onto Aya’s face that was becoming blue because of the lack of oxygen in her lungs, Erry’s older sister was trying to say something but she couldn’t breath anymore. “Okay. I’m tired of this, let’s end this forever. If you don’t remember anything Erry I don’t plan to say more and I’ll finish Aya now. Besides I hope that you enjoyed to EAT your own sisters haha~”. Erry’s eyes opened wide as she was looking at her belly… she was now remembering what Enaelle did to Saphyr and Eva and had a strong shiver “Saphyr… E… Eva !! Are you still there ?!” But Erry didn’t got an answer… Some tears started to form at the corner of her eyes when Erry stood up again, now looking furious while a wing of light started to form on her back. “Leave her alone Enaelle !! I won’t allow you to kill Aya !” Yelled Erry while she was feeling something change within her body, Enaelle looked at Erry with a disgusted stare “So you finally are aware of this power… but I don’t care it’s too late now.”. A black flame appeared around Enaelle’s other hand and she placed it in front of Aya, making the red haired girl shiver from fear… she knew what would happen to her. Aya turned her head fast, she wouldn’t have any other occasion to say it “Erry !! I know what is really Enaelle…! It’s because of what happened to C-… Aaaaahhhh !!!!” Screamed Aya when Enaelle’s burning hand reached her body, now feeling an intense pain before Enaelle tossed Aya on the ground… Lifeless.

“No… NO NO… NO NOOOOOOO!!!” Screamed Erry when she saw her sister’s body fall onto the ground… She closed her eyes and screamed again “AYAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!”. Erry’s legs not allowing her to stand, the young white haired girl fall on her knees… before her head fall forwards and hit the ground… now sobbing loudly “What… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SISTER !!! SHE DIDN’T DESERVED THAT !”. Erry’s tired eyes not noticing something not that far, Aya’s back started to glow… just like when she came back to life too but the small light didn’t coated Aya’s body this time and started to move until it was just above Erry’s body. Enaelle was looking at this, a bit surprised since she didn’t knew what was this. The small light then went down and went into Erry’s back that started to glow again, showing the ‘rune’ she had on her back while her wing of light shone even more… she was now reading Aya’s memories.

“Cleo…” said Erry… a single word that made Enaelle shiver while Erry started to stand up, another glow appearing onto her back that started to turn into another bright white wing. Erry took a step towards Enaelle who shivered again, Erry now understanding everything “It’s because of her right…? That woman that accepted to take care of two young lost girls… and that I loved as my mother?! I remember… everything now.”. Enaelle took a step back, her body having another shiver “Don’t talk about her like this !! She died Erry !! She died BECAUSE OF THE HUMANS !!!”.

Erry put a knee on the ground, her wings of light shining a bright white  glow that made the ‘void’ where they were a deep white without darkness around anymore but also making Aya and Erelle’s bodies disappear. “Raise.” Said the girl while now behind Erry were now burning 4 white flames that turned into 4 different bodies… all the girls that Enaelle killed earlier. They all opened their eyes and Saphyr that was the first to see her gasped “Oh my… no… I can’t believe it…”. Eva who was there too could feel her lips shiver while she wrapped her arms around Saphyr, she knew that… she fall ‘asleep’ before for some reason but she wasn’t suffering anymore with Saphyr. Another girl took a step and put both of her hands onto Eva and Saphyr’s shoulders, she was now as tall as them but still as tall as Eva, it was Aya. A fourth girl was there besides them, Erelle who looked at the 3 others with a smile before looking at Erry who was facing Enaelle. The 4 girls wanted to say something… because it was Erry who brought them back to life this time but it wasn’t the right time to do this so they all stayed silent even if Saphyr was now sobbing.

Erry stood up then took another step forwards before resuming to talk “Enaelle, my mother Cleo didn’t died because of the humans… even if it happened like this. Why did she died was because of the difference between the humans and us… if only we were the same from the start just like you can see them behind me… it would be he best for all of us. Still our world doesn’t work like this… I’m sorry Erelle but I don’t think we could really change the whole humanity… but I know that somehow we could do something.”. Enaelle squeezed her fists, her lips shivering from anger “THE HUMANITY IS DEAD ERRY! HADN’T YOU FORGOTTEN THAT WE DESTROYED THE EARTH?”. Erry took another step, she was almost in front of Enaelle “Even if you destroyed the Earth… you can see right behind me 4 people. They all come from different places, they all have a different story but… I met them and shared a part of my life with them… even if they’re different by the size. As you can see them, they’re all equal now because… they’re all important for me.”. Enaelle took a step closer and slapped Erry on the cheek, Aya who was ready to run towards then was stopped by Erelle “Please… Erry have to do this… because it’s now the right time for her to be there.”

“Slap me as much as you want Enaelle… if it can help to calm down this hatred you have within you.” Said Erry before she got hit by Enaelle’s fist, who started to yell again “I won’t calm down Erry! There’s no way that I’ll end hating the humans you hear me?! My… mother died because of them and I know that this vengeance was the best I could do for her !”. Enaelle was now slapping Erry’s face again until she made a small wound onto Erry’s cheek who resumed to talk “Is that what she really wanted…? I’m not sure Enaelle. I… can’t know what it is to be a mother but after all of those years while she took care of us… I doubt that she would ask us to spent the rest of our life hating the humans…”. Enaelle let out a scream before punching again Erry who fall on the floor “OF COURSE SHE WOULD !! Cleo died because… she was powerless and just got eaten in front of us while she tried to… protect… us…” ended Enaelle who let out a loud gasp… when she noticed something.

“Erry is right young girl.” Said a different voice behind the 4 girls that were standing behind Erry, who turned to see where this voice was coming from. They were all surprised but Aya even more than the others, her legs were shivering and she fall on her knees, looking at this woman pass by the 4 of them, just putting her hand onto Aya’s head before resuming to walk. Erelle was looking closely at this woman too, in fact she didn’t knew her since it all happened during the time when she was ‘away’ from existence and she could never ‘read’ a single memory about this woman in Erry’s memory.

Enaelle took a step back, her black eyes now shivering from something she hadn’t felt for many years… fear. “You’ve grown well girls, I’m glad that you both kept on living after this… even if it looks like you need me at a time like this…”Said this woman, Erry bowed her head when the woman stood by her side, now smiling to her before she looked into Enaelle’s eyes. “No… there’s no way that you could be there… Cleo!! You died in front of me!” Said Enaelle while trying to get away from this place but she hit an invisible ‘wall’ that was behind her, preventing her to escape. Even if Enaelle was yelling at her, Cleo never stopped to smile then started to talk “As Erry said young girl, I never wanted both of my girls to hate the humans. While I was… dying  back then I never stopped to think about you, I didn’t wanted my Erry and Aya to meet such a terrible fate and I wanted both of them to keep on living on. Even when this… human ate me I was still praying for my two girls to be safe”. Enaelle squeezed her fist “No…! It’s a lie !! I… don’t want my existence to be pointless !! It can’t be possible !!”, the girl of darkness now shivering even more… her black eyes now shivering.

Erelle was looking at the whole scene while Aya was still standing by her side, the white haired girl whispering some words that only Aya could hear “Just… just a single feeling… a single ‘seed’ of hatred that froze many years ago created this… What… what if this wound inside of Erry’s heart couldn’t be healed… I don’t even know what to do…”. Aya moved closer and grabbed one of Erelle’s hands “Don’t worry, I’m sure that you did your best too but sometimes you can’t just fight alone, that’s why I believe that Erry could bring our mother back. Besides, look at us, even if we’re just a few… your wish about the small ones like us and the humans to get along together is now true.”. Erelle bowed her head then looked at Aya before looking back at what was happening “Yes… I’m glad that my Erry met such a wonderful sister like you Aya.”

“I guess I can’t stay much more girls.” Said Cleo while her body was vanishing a bit, Erry gasped “But…! Why can’t you stay mom? I… I have so much to say…” Cleo put her hand onto Erry’s head then kissed her on the cheek, removing the small wound Erry had before before looking at Aya too “Erry, I had an amazing life with both of you and I don’t regret anything. I can now only wish that you would have a wonderful life from now and… that I will be looking at you from the heavens. Thank… thank you to you and Aya to have shared all this time with me, it was the most amazing years I lived and now… I have another young girl to take care of.” Ended Cleo while showing Enaelle not that far… who was sitting on her knees, her hands shivering on her face while some black tears were coming out of her eyes.

“My… my life was worthless…? Was I just lured by this feeling and nothing more…? I… can’t believe it…” said Enaelle while some tears poured out of her eyes again. Cleo took some steps towards her then turned to face Erry “I’ll leave what happens next to you Erry, I know that you’ll make the right choice.”. Erry answered with a nod while Cleo was now almost in front of the other girl. Saphyr took a small step towards Erry, followed by the others but still looking at Cleo’s body that was vanishing even more. “I was always here for you when you needed to cry Erry… All of those years were probably really hard for you but… I’m here now.” Said Cleo while helping Enaelle to stand before taking her in her arms. Enaelle couldn’t resist and let out a long cry… while her body was now coated by a warm light and started to disappear along with Cleo’s soul… until nothing remained except a single thing: a young girl with white hair that was probably 8 years old who was standing with her face buried in her hands.

“Mommy… mommy…!” Was crying this young girl until she raised her head to look at Erry in the eyes. Erry’s heart was beating fast, knowing that it was now her time. Erry took some steps and put a knee on the ground in front of this girl who was now talking between some sobs “I… hate them… they killed my mommy and I couldn’t do anything!”. Erry bowed her head down, before looking at this girl “Yes… I understand now. This feeling I banned from myself because I didn’t wanted to suffer… I buried it deep inside of me but it also broke my memory and I couldn’t remember it… I don’t hate you young girl, even if I saw today things that I would have never believed before but this… part of me can’t just fall into oblivion again. So yes, I accept you as a part of me Enaelle or should I say… Erry.” Said Erry while extending her arms open in front of the other young girl that started to walk towards her.

Aya closed her eyes while she bowed her head, Erelle now putting a hand onto her head “Yes… our Erry really grew well…”, Eva and Saphyr were speechless but were now witnessing something unexpected… that Erry was forgiving her own hatred for everything she had done. The young white haired girl was now opening her arms, before she fall against Erry who couldn’t resist but to let out some tears flow too. Both of he girls were now hugging each other while crying but it was something that Erry had to do. Soon the other girl started to fade too, Erry was looking at this young version of herself disappearing… but saw the proof that it was now the end because this young girl was now smiling before she vanished, now leaving Erry sitting on the ground.

Erelle suddenly gasped while watching Erry, the girl was slowly standing up, but on her back started to grow two more wings of light until Erry turned to face the 4 remaining girls. “I’m sorry for everything everyone. I didn’t expected this feeling to become this strong and to all of those things but… it’s over now and I’ll be sure to repair all the damages I did… even the ones I did onto yourselves.” Said Erry while now floating a bit above the ground, her 4 wings shining like a bright sun. Erry moved a bit on the side, where was the ‘scar’ in the reality before she moved fully inside, all of the girls now walking fast to see what Erry would do next.

Erry had one of her hands open in front of herself in space and was watching at her palm. Suddenly a tiny shape started to form above Erry’s hand, it wasn’t a perfect sphere but was spinning until it stopped. Erry then picked it carefully with her fingers and moved it to her face until her lips kissed this small ‘ball’. All the girls opened their eyes wide, there was now some colors all around this tiny sphere: blue, green, white and many more colors… the Earth was back. Erry did the same near the small planet in front of her to create another small ball that she placed near the tiny Earth because the moon had also been destroyed. Erry then took a small  breath then let it out onto the small Earth that started to spin, giving it back its life. Erry had a warm smile while looking at this tiny planet ‘dancing’ a bit above her hand but soon moved away and joined her hands. “What is she doing Erelle?” Asked Aya that was now looking amazed by what Erry was currently doing, the other white haired girl looked by this ‘window’ before looking at each of the other girls.

“I guess all of you now know who am I… Yes I’m the one that ‘created’ Erry many years ago and I… had to die forever in the process. But Erry managed to ‘call’ me back to existence because of this power she have. When I was ‘alive’, I could heal people with my power but… Erry is way more amazing because… From what I can see she have power over Creation itself.”. Saphyr opened her eyes wide “So… that’s how she managed to save us…? But she was… she was smaller than my thumb before. I’m not going to see her like this again because… She’s a giant just like now within her heart to accept such a stupid child like me as her sister…”. Eva nodded “Yes. She’s the one who taught me the true value of life and… saved mine when I was about to die too. I want to do my best for her… because she deserves this.”. Erelle had a wide smile, knowing that her own wish had been granted, she extended her hands to take the other girl’s before smiling to all of them “Thank you all of you for… who you are. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for my child…” but Erelle couldn’t complete her sentence while a bright light coated all of the girl’s souls, making them vanish from this place.

She was in front of a door, it was open and could see her own room by this opening. Eva looked around and standing against a wall just near the door was a girl with bright white hair and 4 wings in her back. Eva couldn’t resist but to literally jump onto Erry and wrapped her arms around her. “Erry…! Erry!!” Said Eva while tears were now rolling on her cheeks, her arms shivering but also not releasing the girl she was holding. Erry had a smile then put her hand onto Eva’s head before starting to talk “Yes Eva it’s me. I’m really sorry about… all of this. I was weak and there was just one way to end it. Now I would like to ask you something Eva, I plan to… disappear from his world or should I rather say go far from it but… I won’t be able to see you again. Still… I can give you back your life Eva, you’ll be happy and you won’t remember everything that made you suffer…” Eva shook her head “Before I leaved to meet Saphyr, I talked with my family about my relation with you but… they couldn’t believe it. They didn’t took it seriously and this… Enaelle told me what my own sister Naomi was about to break you… I don’t know if I can really trust them anymore. Furthermore, I wished that if I had to die someday I would rather be with you and… as a tiny in my next life so we could be together Erry.”. Erry took a step back “Well… I… I would love you to be with me Eva and… if you really want I could take you with me. Don’t worry about your family though because another ‘version’ of you would be there for them. But this choice is yours and I won’t be able to change this once you’ve decided.”. Eva took a long breath… remembering all of those happy memories she made even if it was short then raised her head “I’ll follow you Erry.”.

Erry nodded then with a move of her hand, closed the door of light that was nearby to open another, leading to another white room “Go inside please Eva, I’ll be there later when I’ll be done taking care of everyone else. Besides I have something for you…” finished Erry while Eva was looking surprised, wondering what it could be before she saw one of Erry’s wings of light shatter… “Erry…! Are you alright?! Why did you… do… no… it’s… impossible…!” Said Eva while more tears were now flowing onto her cheeks. Inside of the other room was now a single girl standing with long black hair that Eva knew well but was also looking a bit confused. Erry bowed in front of Eva “I’ll be back soon… I guess you have many things to talk about with her…”. Eva sobbed “How… how could I thank you enough  for this… it’s just like a dream!”, Eva looked at Erry then at this other girl in the room before telling a last thing to Erry “Thank you… We’ll be waiting you…”. Eva then started to run… until she wrapped this other girl with her arms… now crying loudly a name she never forgot… the name of a girl that didn’t deserved to die… just because of a stupid twist of the Fate “Sa… Sammy…!!”.

Erry was now facing Saphyr, the young girl was looking surprised to see Erry but soon took some steps forwards before bowing her head down “Erry… I’m… I’m sorr-” but Saphyr couldn’t finish her sentence while she was feeling two arms getting around her. Looking up, Erry was actually hugging Saphyr who started to cry. Erry placed her hand onto the girl’s head “There, there Saphyr… I’m here now…”. Saphyr was still crying, not tears of sadness anymore since she was so happy to see her long lost sister again. Erry raised her head a bit and was now looking at another woman that was there in front of her “Erry…? Is… is that you? You’re so tall… but where are we ?!” Said this woman that was in fact Saphyr’s mother. Saphyr moved a bit away from Erry to stand in front of her mother “Mom… it’s really Erry and we… Erry are we… in heaven ?” Asked Saphyr while Erry raised her head a bit “Not really, it’s much more a place where we can talk before I’ll be traveling again.”. Saphyr let out a small scream before looking at Erry again “You… you’re leaving us Erry ? But I don’t want to lose you again !!” Saphyr’s mother took some steps and placed her hands onto her daughter’s shoulders before Erry resumed “It’s too different from your own world… I can’t really ask you to follow me, you would be lost in there…”. Saphyr took a step forwards “I… don’t care ! I will follow you to the other side of the world if I have to Erry ! I… just don’t want to lose my sister again… please…”. Erry looked at the woman now “I’ll be going really far from where you’re from. I can bring some people with me but only if they’re alright about starting their lives again… It’s a hard decision but would you be alright if Saphyr had to leave you…?”. The woman giggled “Well Erry… I already started life over already some times… and to be honest I would rather go with you too with Saphyr because I… really want to know more about you and… Saphyr needs her mother just like her sister right…?”. Saphyr had now a wide smile… the smile she was giving to Erry when they were having some nice times together, Erry moved closed and pat Saphyr’s head before resuming to talk “Alright. I just need to see some people and I’ll be back if you can just wait a bit.”. Erry then turned back and ‘moved’ to another room, ready to meet some other people she wanted to see.

“Erry…” said Erelle when she saw the girl come in this room where she was waiting with Aya, Erry was still looking like an angel even if one of her 4 wings disappeared. Erelle was about to talk but instead saw Erry put a knee in front of her “Erelle of the 5… my… mother…” Said Erry while Erelle moved closer and made Erry stand up again. Erelle was taller than Erry but looked still almost a little older than Erry even if she spent thousands of years traveling between many lives. “I’m not one of the 5 anymore Erry… it all ended many years ago and I… never expected you to become this strong.”. Aya took a step closer and put her hand onto Erry’s head “Yes Erry, I’m glad that you kept on living after I died too…” Aya then noticed Erry’s ponytail with a small hairband onto it… Erry put a hand onto Aya’s and removed the small blue piece of silk from her hair before placing it in front of Aya’s face “Aya… YOU were the one that gave me strength during all of this time. As long as I could remember my sister I kept on walking… for you.” Erry could see some tears form into Aya’s eyes but kept talking “Today… our journey is over. Or should I say it’s starting over without any trouble anymore.” Aya couldn’t resist but to let out more tears of joy roll on her cheeks while Erry placed back the small hairband into the red hair of her sister, Erry then looked into Erelle’s eyes “Erelle or… should I say Mom. I’m going to correct everything now, will you follow me?”. Erelle took a long breath and took Erry’s hand “Yes, we have so much to say to each other… and I want to be near you when you’ll need this Erry. Aya… I met you not so long ago too but… I want to be there for you too since you took care of my precious daughter if you want of course…”. Aya nodded before smiling again “Say Erry… what have you planned now?”, Erry looked deeply into Aya’s eyes before answering “As I told earlier I want to correct this situation, I’m really sure that there’s a way to do it without wasting a single soul. Erelle, I’ll need your help when it will all start and Aya… I will need you by my side too because it won’t be easy for me too.”. Aya then Erelle took Erry’s hands within theirs, now looking at her while Erry bowed her head and started to breath slowly.

Some ‘doors’ of light started to appear all around the 3 girls and some other people went closer: Saphyr with her mother but also Eva who was followed by Samantha. Erry’s body started to glow a deep white light while another of her wings shattered away, Erry coughed from pain but Erelle saw that so she could act fast. Saying some words from a very old time, Erelle’s back glowed too and two wings of light emerged from it before a crown made of the same light appeared onto her forehead. Erelle was now ‘healing’ Erry who was doing something unknown to all of them until she opened her blue eyes wide, looking up… the white room that was surrounding hem started to ‘react’ and all around were now displayed Erry’s many lives and deaths… but the difference was that they were displayed backwards, just like if the time was rolling back. Erry coughed again while more and more ‘movies’ were appearing all around them. Saphyr and Samantha were looking a bit worried but Erelle turned her head to reassure them “Don’t worry everyone… Erry has to do this but… we’ll reach the end of them soon.” Said Erelle while now a bigger memory emerged on the ‘walls’… where Erry was looking at herself in a mirror, she looked younger and was wearing a black dress while Aya was standing behind her. Erry let out another cry but Erelle was holding still on Erry’s hand until a white light started to coat Erry’s body and soon everyone around… Erry talking in a whisper “A… Almost… there…”

It was the morning but many thousands years before our era. This place was looking like some ruins but some places were still on fire just like if the ‘destruction’ of this place happened during the previous days. At the middle of what looked like a city before, a square of earth moved away from the ground and some people started to exit what looked like an underground hiding place. Some of those people were crying while some others were looking at all of this destruction around them. Suddenly a young man exited the place but he was different from every other people because of his white hair, he looked a bit around then called someone else who hadn’t exited yet “It’s safe Aria but you should come out before your sisters if possible.”. Another girl with long white hair was now besides him, looking at all the destroyed houses around them “I can’t believe it Rhis… we… we’ve lost so many people too…” said the girl while she was doing something, suddenly a strong wind came around her and she raised fast in the air, now floating a bit above the city, looking at how it looked now before coming down. Aria took Rhis’ arm before letting out some tears out “I… didn’t found Erelle. She told me yesterday that she would be safe…! But what… what are we supposed to do now.”.

“We’ll have to start over. It’s sad but we can’t do anything more than this.” Said another man with long white hair that came besides them, he had pale skin and was also wearing a mask that was hiding some scars he had on his face “. Aria nodded and called out her younger sisters that stopped when they saw the disaster… almost all of the people was now outside of this hideout when Rhis whispered something into Aria’s ear before going to the center of a large place. He was now shouting so everyone could hear him “People of the city! Yesterday we lived all something horrible and unexpected but… we’re still alive ! Some of us lost some family members and… some other died when resisting too but… We’re still alive ! I know that it won’t be easy for all of us but… we have to keep on living and-” Rhis was now looking at something that started to approach from the sky, it was like a ball made of light that landed onto the ground nearby and just vanished once it touched the ground, revealing what was inside of it: a group of 5 people sleeping on the ground while another girl was standing in front of them.

Erelle opened her eyes slowly, she could remember being coated by a warm light but where Erry decided to bring them? She could hear a soft breeze and the sea nearby. Soon Erelle could hear some voices and while raising her head she was now facing a whole bunch of people in front of her.”. “Erelle…?” Said a voice from a girl that was walking towards her, Erelle gasped “Ho my… Aria… is that really you?!”. The other girl with her white hair ‘jumped’ in the wind and made it move her until she was now facing Erelle and took her in her arms “Erelle…! We thought that you were dead !! How… how did you do that…?”. Erelle was now looking behind and all of the other girls were sleeping on the ground… except Erry that wasn’t here “Ho no… where is Erry ?” Asked suddenly Erelle with a shiver while more people were gathering around them, even the sisters Rin and Mira that Erelle helped some days ago.

“Where’s… who?” Asked Rhis, looking a bit worried “Erelle are you alright…? And who are those people?”. Erelle had another shiver and looked all around, searching where was her daughter while some tears started to form in her eyes “ERRY! Where are you ??” Shouted Erelle while some other people around started to scream… some shadows forming on the ground.

Something landed and broke on impact… it was a giant cage containing many small people but that were in fact at the right size for everyone around. Another cage did the same then many more… until all of the cages that Erelle saw when she was trapped by the humans were around. “What’s the meaning of this?!” Asked Aria, now noticing more people appearing around… people that were killed during the human raid and two sisters that Erelle saw being eaten by a human. Erelle looked at the sky and her eyes opened wide… an angelic figure was floating above the city.

Erelle had her eyes focused on this flying girl while noticing who she really was, Rhis looked now really surprised, this girl with white hair was unknown for them but looked really familiar too… Erry opened her eyes and looked down, noticing that everyone that she saw was alive and there until she met her mother’s eyes, Erry raised her head to see everyone below and started to talk, her voice could be heard by everybody just like if she was right besides everyone “People of this island. I would first like to introduce myself: my name is Erry and I would be happy to tell more about me later but… for now I would like to do something for you. I saw what happened to you and… once humanity would have discovered you, you would only be their slaves for thousands of years… but it won’t happen now.”. Erry then opened her arms wide while her wings started to shine bright, Aria let out a surprised squeak while people were all looking around… the city was now building itself back to its original shape! Every small stone was getting back into its location and soon the city was looking like exactly like before. Erry then looked up and resumed to talk “I also give you this… A protection that will prevent humans to find this island again so you’ll be safe forever there.”, Erry raised her arms again and something like a giant ‘bubble’ appeared and surrounded the whole island before vanishing almost immediately.

“Finally…” said Erry while now everyone was looking at her “There’s something I want to give to all of you. I spent many years to search my own way to live peacefully but never really found something. We all have so much to live and we have not much time that… because of the power my mother gave me I can live forever but… it wouldn’t be fair if I was the only one like this so… I give to all of you immortality so you can do whatever you want… until the end of time.” Erry raised her wings and there were now shining like never before. Erry was now smiling… everything would now be perfect and it was bust the beginning. With a last breath, Erry’s remaining wings shattered, her own symbol that was on her back vanishing too, the light of this power ‘diving’ into every single people that was here. Everyone was confused but they were now feeling something different within their bodies… But Erelle was now looking at her daughter that without her wings couldn’t stay in the air and was now falling to the ground!! Erelle squeaked Erry’s name while she started to run where Erry was falling but heard someone talk right besides her “I got her!!”

It was another small gentle wind that caught Erry’s body, Aria being the one in control, she moved Erry’s body slowly down until Erelle could take her with her arms. Erry was breathing slowly but was still alive, the only difference was that she wouldn’t be able to use her power anymore. Erry was now sleeping, exhausted by everything that happened to her, Erelle asked for some help and they were now carrying Erry to Erelle’s house where she had a bed where she could rest. Rhis was speechless but soon some people started to let out some exclamations as Erry passed by them until more people were yelling her name. Erelle couldn’t resist but to smile when she heard all of those people cheering her daughter and asked the people around to take care of the many other sleeping ones behind her because they would be sleeping for some time too. After some time, Erelle noticed someone that was walking away and started to follow him. She was now in the forest surrounding the city and soon was looking at a single man sitting on his knees in front of her.

“Erelle is that you…?” Said the man who had also white hair but looked a bit older than her, Erelle took a last step and nodded, still facing the man’s back “Yes it’s me Basil.”. The man then sighed “I don’t know how to tell you this… all of this happened because of me right… ? I wouldn’t mind if you choose to ban me from the island. After all… I already gave up many years ago.” Erelle was surprised and answered him “What do you mean Basil ?”. The man stood up and turned around, his eyes were tired just like if he had lived many years more than he seemed “I… remember some things that happened to me even if I’m here now. I… also met ‘you’ or was it a ghost… ? But I remember dying as a slave for those humans… did… did it really happened ?”. Erelle gasped but when she was about to say something, she could see another man coming from behind a tree, wearing a mask with long white hair, Erelle just saying his name “Fyr…”.

Fyr then came closer “Basil if you remember it it’s because it happened. I also do remember something like this and… I’m pretty sure that I met your daughter Erelle.” finished the man while basil bowed his head down. “It happened to us too…” Said Aria while she landed nearby with Rhis by her side who talked too “Yes… but looks like we’re the only ones that remember this. When we got out of this hideout I had those weird memories that came back to me but I didn’t knew that it was the same for all of us.”. Erelle went closer and looked into Basil’s tired eyes “I don’t blame you Basil for this. If I learned something during all of my ‘travels’, it’s that the best I could do now is to forgive you, after all I was the one who wanted to take care of Claire first.”. Fyr nodded while Aria and Rhis accepted this too and for the first time they could witness Basil shiver. He bowed his head down and put a knee on the ground “Tha… Thank you. From what I lived too… I won’t do anything stupid like I did once anymore and I’ll do my best for my people. From today, I Basil of the 5 will support my people fully and I won’t be thinking about only myself anymore.”. Erelle nodded while a soft wind made her hair float in the wind while the ‘council’ got closer and were now welcoming back Basil among them.

Some days passed and Erry was still sleeping in Erelle’s house. Erelle took a long time to see each of the people Erry brought there and explained everything about this place and when they were too. It was a bit difficult for them to fully understand but they all accepted this and were welcomed among the city even if Saphyr, her mother and Eva were humans before. Aya was given a bed in the same room as Erry so she could watch over her until she would be awaken but was also ‘discovering’ this place that was so peaceful compared to where they lived before. Aya took a long breath while putting her head on her arms, they were finally at a place where they wouldn’t have to fear the next day. In the streets were walking Eva and Samantha, they had so much to talk about and they would have all the time needed. Erelle who was now walking back to her house saw some kids run around her, Aria’s younger sisters that wanted to know how Erry was doing. Erelle told that Erry had to rest because of everything she had done and in fact she wasn’t looking anxious anymore during her sleep. After some time on the road, Erelle was near her house and saw Saphyr and her mother in front of the house they were given, the two of them now looking happy about their new life. Erelle passed a hand into Saphyr’s hair, promising that she would be told when Erry would open her eyes again.

Erelle was now in front of her house and opened her door, placing some food on a table she went into Erry and Aya’s room, now looking at the red haired girl she came closer of Erry’s bed. Erry who stayed silent during all of those days was now breathing a bit louder… her eyes where shivering. Aya turned to face Erelle “I.. think it’s time… !”, the two of them were now looking at Erry’s face. Her eyes shivered again and soon started to open, she could hear two familiar voices nearby but was now slowly waking up. Her two blue eyes were now looking at Aya then Erelle, the two other girls now noticing a change into Erry’s eyes that had two little white flames in her irises. Erry opened her lips, a tear forming into her eye “Is… is it a dream… ?”. Aya came closer and kissed her sister on the forehead before removing her tear with a finger “Do I look like a dream Erry… ? I’m sorry but no… It’s real”. Erelle who came closer too put a hand into Erry’s white hair while looking deeply at her “Welcome back my child… and welcome to your new life.” finished Erelle, knowing that Erry would be able to live her new life fully and that no one would talk about this ‘curse’ anymore.

The End.