Erry’s story part 2 : Saphyr


“I’m going now!” Shouted the young girl. She was going to school alone since it was not so far from her house. On top of her 10 years old at this time and her beautiful dark blue hair the girl was running happily to the school. When she was born, her mother watched her tiny body and her so deep blue eyes… The girl got her lovely name with that detail, she was ‘Saphyr’.

As she grew until this day, Saphyr was already really clever and had some nice results at school but even with this she hadn’t found many friends in her school because of a decision she made when she was young: “Don’t hurt the tinies.” Something that all the girls of her age liked to do…

In the world where Saphyr is living there’s 2 sorts of people, both looking human but the ‘tinies’ were just around 2,5 cm tall. This ‘tiny human kind’ always existed but was just considered as tiny toys or even food for some humans. In fact a strange rumor that was always here told about eating tiny girls made the human body look even more beautiful, but Saphyr never trusted that. In fact she saw some tiny ones before but never really approached them, she never had a chance to talk with one. The only time she was really facing a tiny girl she let her go with a simple word but the tiny scared one didn’t even thanked her, probably thinking that Saphyr was playing ‘the good girl’. The school was now in front of her.

“Hello Saphyr!” As this young blonde girl saw her. “Hello Fanny” answered Saphyr, this girl was maybe the only one who talked with Saphyr in this school. Fanny was always so nice to Saphyr and the two girls loved to spend some time together, talking about everything. But Fanny was ‘obsessed’ by something… She loved to catch tiny people and play with them… Saphyr told her many times that it wasn’t a good idea but in the end it was hopeless to change Fanny’s mind and accepted that fact about her, she was her only ‘friend’ in that school.

“Aaaah so much homework yesterday… I wonder why we have so much of them!” Pouted Fanny, Saphyr had a small giggle “well you always wait until the previous day to do them Fanny, is that really serious?”. The blonde girl blushed a bit and pouted again “hmm you’re right ‘clever girl’… I spend so much time hunting tinies that I don’t have time to work… But those homework are still useless!” The two girls were laughing. “I can agree on that, we still have too much to do everyday” answered Saphyr, now sitting at her desk right aside her friend’s and putting her pens and notebook out. The teacher finally came into the classroom, giving a warm smile to her pupils “Hello everyone! Today is a big day because we will be correcting your homework! I hope that you finished yours this time Fanny!” The cheeks of the young blonde girl went bright red and pouted as Saphyr had a small giggle. This day would be so fun again.

It was now the lunch break, as usual Saphyr followed her friend on the roof of the school. The roof could be used by some pupils, Saphyr and Fanny had their favorite spot, both of them sitting on the ground against a wall. It was a nice day, with some sun that Saphyr had to cover her eyes with her hand for some minutes. Both of them opened their lunch boxes, Saphyr had a tiny sandwich with some ham, cheese and salad. Aside with that she had a tiny home made cookie and a bottle of milk she loved. Fanny’s box was different, she had lots of vegetables since she liked all of them in the middle of those there was a tiny bread roll… Saphyr was looking it. “Hmmm? Do you want to try it Saphyr?” Said Fanny picking the tiny roll between two fingers and put it in front of Saphyr… “Say ‘aaah ~’”

Saphyr shook her hear in answer… She would never eat some of this… In the center of the roll was wrapped a tiny girl… Her eyes wide open and shivering… She couldn’t scream since her arms, legs and mouth where tied … She was crying. “I won’t do that Fanny. You know that I don’t want to hurt the tinies… Just let her go please … she doesn’t deserves that…” Said Saphyr with sad eyes… But Fanny was her friend and didn’t wanted to hurt her feelings too. Fanny looked her friend with wide opened eyes… “I guess I should let her go…” then took a big bite on the tiny roll… Her teeth closing right behind the tiny’s foot… She was now trapped inside Fanny’s mouth… “But I never said where hahaha ~”. Saphyr looked her friend enjoy this tiny girl inside her mouth… Chewing all the bread that was around the precious bit… Not chewing the tiny girl but ‘scaring’ her with those giant white teeth clattering around her body… Saphyr could hear a tiny muffled scream then a loud gulping noise interrupted it, Fanny just swallowed the girl… Saphyr was watching the tiny bulge going down her friend’s throat… The girl was really inside… Going deeper inside Fanny’s body…

Saphyr was looking furious… “Why… why Fanny…” But the blonde girl just had a small giggle… Not even caring for the tiny girl she just ate “Saphyr… Don’t be mad please … It was always like that with those tinies… They’re just our food after all, I don’t really understand why you don’t think that too …” Then the blonde girl put her hand in Saphyr’s hair and kissed her cheek “I’m not mad at you Fanny… Don’t worry… It’s just that I… I don’t understand this crazy world we live in… Why those tinies have to live all of this”. Fanny had a grin “Don’t think too much Saphyr… It’s just like that and … Protecting them would be so hard… Think about that… Their tiny lives could end so easily… It’s better for the humans to decide for them don’t you think? Maybe you just stepped on one of them by going to school this morning and you probably didn’t noticed it?” Saphyr’s eyes opened wide as with a fast move she looked under her shoes … No stain or anything stuck on the soles… Fanny had a small giggle “Don’t worry too much about them… It’s better like this…” And with a slow bow of her head Saphyr answered in a whisper “I shouldn’t worry too much for them…”

The class was now over… The two girls were going back home, sharing a part of their way back home… Talking about things of their age, the last anime they saw, some music bands they both liked… and soon they were at a crossroads. “See you tomorrow Saph’!” Said Fanny, waving at her friend. “Have a good evening Fanny. See you tomorrow.” Answered Saphyr. She looked at the gray sky… some drops falling on her… then one in her eye “Ow…. I have to go fast… Or I’ll be drenched before getting back home …” Said the young girl rubbing her eye. She started to walk faster…

It was raining even more than before… Saphyr was running not too fast so she wouldn’t slip on the wet ground but still wanting to reach her house, she was soaked from head to toe and was cold… Suddenly she stopped to run… something unusual was in front of her … a tiny blue glow a bit far from where she was on the ground… Walking in this direction a bit confused the tiny light disappeared. “What… What is this?” Asked the young girl to herself. Then finally stopped to walk in front of some leaves on the ground.

In the middle on them… there was a tiny unconscious girl… she was wearing a tiny blue dress torn in the middle and bright white hair… She was just laying on the ground not really looking alive. “Poor girl…” Said Saphyr… but she didn’t wanted to take the ‘dead’ tiny… and she just moved the leaves on the side… Then started to walk again towards her house thinking about what Fanny said before… not to care about them. After some steps Saphyr stopped… standing here with the water falling on her head… A tear fall on her cheek among the water drops… It was so wrong! “Why… Why do I care about…them… She’s probably dead…” Turning her head again… The tiny girl soaked by the rain just laying on the street was just so sad to look at… she didn’t wanted to leave her… she didn’t deserved to end here…

Carefully approaching and crouching under the rain, Saphyr was staring at the tiny girl… Her small face was wearing a deep pain expression even if her eyes were closed … Another tear on Saphyr’s cheek… she slowly moved her hand and carefully picked the tiny body between two fingers… Saphyr was surprised, the tiny body even soaked with all the water was warm… she was still alive… with a finger of her other hand she rubbed the tiny hair of the girl… “Wake up little girl… Please wake up…” But the tiny one wasn’t moving… Sighing, Saphyr carefully put the girl inside her shirt pocket, wrapping her tiny body in a clean handkerchief… Trying to warm her “Please… don’t be like the last one I met…”

Finally reaching her home, Saphyr removed her shoes in the entrance. Looking in the rooms her mother wasn’t here yet. Going up the stairs she went inside her own room, pouring some water on the floor due to her drenched clothes… Locking the door she was now ‘safe’, her tiny one wouldn’t be seen. With a sigh she rested against the door for a second then put out the tiny wrapped girl from outside her pocket. She was so tiny… even smaller than the young girl’s thumb… the tiny cloth in the middle of her palm she looked closer the tiny white haired girl. Her face was still wearing the same pain expression … “Hmm … If only you were awake… I could do something for you…” After carefully putting the tiny handkerchief on her desk, Saphyr removed her clothes… Still pouring some water on the wooden floor then put on her night pyjama.

Sitting on her chair, she was resting on her arms, both of them on the desk, looking at the tiny girl… Blowing out some warm air on the tiny body… “Please… Don’t die…” Feeling so sad to see this tiny one suffering in front of her eyes… Suddenly the girl had a gasp… Saphyr was surprised by that reaction but she was now looking the tiny one closer… Then the girl was coughing hard… Turned down and tried to raise her body with her hands… Coughing water on the soft silk of the handkerchief… she managed to sit… then finally opened her tired eyes… facing the surprised Saphyr.

“Eeee….eeekkk!!” Screamed the girl… Trying to get up she only managed to fall… She was too weak… Her tiny body shivering from fear she was trying to flee… Still sitting on the ground, trying to move her body at any cost… Saphyr put her hands around her. “Don’t scream little girl… please… I don’t want to hurt you…” But the tiny girl was still shivering… Starting to cry. Saphyr put her hands away, looking sad “It’s all right… I tried… But it’s useless I guess… Just go little girl… I won’t catch you.”

The tiny girl finally stood up and walked slowly away… Then stopped after a few steps. Looking back at the handkerchief then at Saphyr she opened her tiny mouth “You… You brought me … here? Why did you do that?”. Saphyr was again surprised, she didn’t expected the girl to answer.”We- well… I found you on the ground outside, under the rain… I … I thought you were dead but I didn’t wanted to leave you just like that…” The girl saw Saphyr putting her hands away then telling her what happened, meanwhile she was looking herself… Wearing this torn dress and putting her hand in her hair… Her blue hairband was still here on the side. The tiny girl was still looking at Saphyr, curious…

“Ah! Maybe you’re hungry?” Said Saphyr, taking a small cookie from he drawer, some cookies she was hiding from her mother just in case, then put it before the tiny one “Eat some! Don’t worry … I may look like them but I’m not like the other humans you’ve probably met before, I won’t hurt you… Ah and my name is Saphyr.” The tiny girl was sitting, looking deeply into Saphyr’s blue eyes “I guess I’m too tired to flee after all … but you’re … Different Saphyr. I feel like I can trust you. Thanks for saving me, I think I would be really dead now if you hadn’t found me.” She raised her tired arm slowly, took a tiny cookie crumb and took a bite in it “My… My name is… Erry.” Saphyr was blushing, a single tear rolled on her cheek, then bowed her head “Thank you for trusting me Erry… I promise that I won’t do anything to hurt you… And well if you feel to go, I won’t forbid you to do that too… And stay as long as you want! I’ll take care of you don’t worry.” In answer, Erry raised her tiny hand in direction of the girl… “It’s alright, I feel like I can trust you Saphyr. But I accept your offer, I’m too tired to do anything right now. Nice to meet you” Saphyr put her index finger against the tiny hand and had a small giggle “nice to meet you too Erry.”

Later this evening, Saphyr put a tiny doll’s house on her desk. It was just a simple one but enough for now “It’s for you Erry, you can sleep here.” Erry just stood here… Looking at the ‘plastic house’ then at Saphyr “Saphyr…I-” but Saphyr interrupted her “Don’t worry, you’ll be safe here… My mother is not always here due to her work and she won’t search you, don’t worry.” Erry put her tiny hand on the door and opened it, it was like a real house, even the bed was made of soft silk… She could really live here! Turning herself to see Saphyr, Erry had joy tears in her eyes “Thank you so much Saphyr… It’s the first time I see a human girl so nice to us… I… I can’t take you enough for this…” Then bowed to the ‘giant young girl’ “Saphyr, you have my deepest respect, I’m trusting you and … Do you want to be my friend?” Said the tiny girl with a warm smile, joy tears still in her eyes.

Saphyr approached her head to the desk, her nose and eyes just above the edge of the desk, she closed her eyes, letting a small tear too “I… I would love to have you as a friend too Erry!” Said the young girl blushing… Then she saw her tiny friend coming closer to her face, put her tiny hand on her cheek and gave a tiny kiss on it. Saphyr was now bright red… It was so fast… Finally getting a real friend that respected her and her choices towards the tiny ones… She was really happy that she moved her head and also gave a kiss to the tiny girl, her lips covering the tiny body from her legs to the chest… Erry could feel that warm feeling on her tiny body, smiling back at her new friend, now trusting her to the end.

It was almost 9pm. Saphyr was laying on her bed, her hands under her chin, resting on her arms… She was talking with the tiny Erry “Hmmm but I would like to hear your story Erry… If you want of course …” Erry was sitting on the pillow, dressed with some figure’s clothes she found in the doll’s house, she nodded “Sure Saphyr, I would like to share that with you… It was like…” But the tiny girl stopped, she put her hands on both sides of her head … “Wha……what…..” Saphyr put her head on he side, looking the tiny one’s move “Erry? Are you alright ?” But the tiny girl had a pain moan “Why… Why… I… Can’t remember… anything…” She was crying, feeling a horrible pain in the head then suddenly stopped moving, falling on Saphyr’s pillow… Her tiny body filled by spasms as Erry passed out…

“E-… Erry…” Saphyr was crying… Her tiny friend unconscious on her hand’s palm… panicking she wanted to calm down, brushing the tiny girl’s hair with a single finger “Erry… Don’t leave me now …! I’m sorry… I didn’t wanted to hurt you… Please wake up…” The tiny body moved…”Hmmm… My head …” Erry was opening her eyes slowly… feeling dizzy… Saphyr had a gasp, her friend was still alive! She couldn’t resist to put her palm against her cheek, pouring tears on her friend “wahhh waaaahhh Erry! I… I thought you were dead ! I… I don’t want to lose you … Errrryyyy !” The tiny girl was feeling pressure on all her body, getting soaked by her friend’s tears and hearing her crying voice echoing on the cheek she was pressed on “Sa-Saphyr… You’re hurting … me…” Opening her eyes wide Saphyr put her hand away… Still crying as she was looking Erry sit on the middle of her hand “Are you alright ? Sorry I didn’t wanted to-” but Erry put a finger on her own lips “sshhh don’t cry please… It wasn’t your fault. It’s like I… can’t remember what happened before… just some parts but… I don’t know…” Putting her hand in her hair… She was feeling her hairband “Who… Who gave me this anyway… ” but feeling it she had a flash in her mind… Her head falling forward “Huuu… Haaa … It’s no use… I can’t remember …”

Saphyr was looking sad “don’t push yourself Erry… I’m sure that your memory will come back …” Erry nodded slowly “I guess you’re right Saphyr…” Saphyr nodded too “and… If you don’t remember anything, we’ll create lots of happy memories together!” As Saphyr was smiling. Erry couldn’t resist this even younger human from a year or two and smiled back “Thank you Saphyr, I’ll be happy with you around” Saphyr put the tiny girl back on her pillow, resting her head aside her… She was looking her on her side, stroking her the tiny girl’s hair “hmmm … You’re a real… ‘blessing’ Erry… I don’t have much friends and… Well the only girl I talk with doesn’t care about tiny ones…” Erry walked and sat against Saphyr’s cheek “It’s alright you also have me now…”

Some days have passed since their first encounter, Saphyr was at school while Erry was in her ‘house’, wandering around the desk and waiting her friend. Saphyr was now always smiling, she now had a friend she could talk with about everything since they trusted each other beyond this size difference. After the school this day, Fanny asked Saphyr to go to the park near their houses together. It was their favorite place when they wanted to talk or just spend time with each other. The two girls sitting on a bench; Fanny was looking at Saphyr “You look really happy these days Saphyr, like if something really good happened to you” Saphyr nodded “Yes, I finally made another friend, I’m really happy to have both of you haha ~” Fanny put her hand on her friend’s shoulder “Congratulations Saphyr, you made it after all, I’m happy that you met someone you can trust too, I’m not jealous at all haha ~ but if possible I would be really happy to meet her so maybe we could spend some time together, the 3 of us. That would be so nice ~” said the blonde girl with a big smile, glad that her friend was looking so happy. Saphyr was thinking… Was it a good idea to talk about that to Fanny? She was really happy to have her tiny Erry waiting for her at home but she was still a ‘tiny’ and how Fanny would act if she had to meet her? Saphyr brushed her hair “I’ll ask her when I’ll see her.”

She finally went back home. Erry was sitting on the desk when she saw her friend entering the room, she gave her a warm smile “Welcome home Saphyr!” The human girl smiled back, putting her school bag on the ground, sitting on her chair she put her arms in front of her tiny friend and rested her head on them “Hello Erry… Did you slept well?” The tiny girl moved and sat in front of her friend’s face “Yes! I hope that your day at school was good too ! I wish I also had a place to learn new things too haha ~” Saphyr smiled “But it’s soooo boring sometimes you’ll probably be bored too..” The two girls laughed… Erry stood up, sat against her friends arms and raised her head to see her from below “As long as I’m with you I’ll never be bored Saphyr” the human girl blushed but looked confused… “Saphyr ?” Asked the tiny girl “E…Erry. I talked with my other friend Fanny… I already told you about her habits … But I said that I met a new friend and… She wants to meet her, and in fact it’s you Erry ! I can’t let you meet her …” Erry’s body shivered… She heard about that cruel girl… “Saphyr. I don’t want you to be sad. If that’s something good for you I’ll do my part…” Resting her head on her friend’s arm “After all, you’ll be here to protect me… I guess she won’t try anything if you’re here too.” Saphyr bite her lower lip, this tiny girl was trusting her so much… “I’ll ask her tomorrow… But if she says anything bad… I won’t go further with that ‘meeting idea’.

“She’s WHAT?” Said Fanny, the two girls were on the same bench as the previous day and Saphyr finally told her about her ‘friend’. Saphyr was ‘wearing’ a really serious face “You’re both my friends but if you plan about doing anything…” Fanny’s face blushed “Ho… Sa- Saphyr you’re serious about… well… no… I shouldn’t act like this… she’s your friend okay…” Saphyr looked deep into Fanny’s eyes “… And?” The blonde girl looked confused due to Saphyr’s question “Well… I… I won’t do anything then if you’re afraid that anything could happen to your ‘Erry’… Sorry to have asked that stupid thing…” Saphyr was looking sad “Fanny… I didn’t wanted to hurt you… I may have different goals in my life but you’re also my friend! Erry would meet you, she’s ready to do that even if you act like this towards the tiny ones but are you ready to do the same?” Fanny blushed again… “She’s … really thinking we could really meet each other …? But…” Saphyr interrupted her “As long as you don’t do anything to hurt her I’ll accept that, but if I see you try anything… I won’t allow you to talk to me anymore, that’s my condition” Saphyr’s words were cold, but Fanny had to understand that once and for all “It’s alright Saphyr. I won’t hurt any of you… I promise.”

Later that night Saphyr was laying on her bed, her tiny friend sitting on top of her open hand “Is that really good Erry? Could she really change her mind just because you’re precious to me?” The tiny girl nodded “Saphyr… when I met you… I doubted about your sincerity at first… But seeing you so nice towards me made me change my way to think about you. Maybe Fanny also needs this ‘second chance’ too?” The tiny girl walked happily and wrapped her hands around the nearby finger… Looking at her friend “I trust you Saphyr. You’re the most important girl in my life now and I know that you did the right choice.” Kissing her tiny girl on the head, Saphyr put her friend near her ‘house’ “Thank you Erry…” Then both girls went to sleep, the girl’s ‘meeting’ planned on the next Saturday afternoon… 3 days later.

Saphyr went to Fanny’s house this morning, the blonde girl was wearing a cute white and pink dress with assorted shoes and handbag, the perfect ‘princess dress’ for a girl at her age. Waving at Saphyr when she saw her, Fanny ran towards her friend “Hello Saphyr! What a nice day!” Saphyr nodded “Hello Fanny I wasn’t thinking about you waiting me outside your house so early” Fanny had a wide smile “But it’s today that I meet a new friend! I’m sooo impatient to meet her ! Is she with you ?” Saphyr brushed her hair with her hand “Well… she wanted to wait us in my room, going outside isn’t a really good idea for her… ” Fanny nodded “I guess that’s better for her. So … should we go? I don’t want her to wait too much haha ~” then the two girls were now on the road to Saphyr’s house, passing the usual crossroads where they see each other on the morning, then the tiny park … Finally in front of Saphyr’s house.

“Hello madam!” Shouted happily Fanny towards Saphyr’s mother. Her mother was literally looking the same as her daughter but had long hair on her shoulders instead of bangs on the sides like Saphyr. “Hello Fanny, it’s been a while… You’ve grown again haha ~” answered happily Saphyr’s mother “We’ll be in my room Mom” said Saphyr, the two girls going up the stairs.

Erry was a bit nervous… Sitting on a tiny chair in the doll house she could hear the door opening, two people of about the same size enter the room then the door lock, she could be safe to exit her own ‘house’, Saphyr’s mother not around. “You’re safe Erry, Mom is busy” said happily Saphyr and a tiny girl was looking by the plastic door outside then came out “Hello Saphyr!” Another girl came out of behind Saphyr “Hello little girl! You’re Erry I presume?” Erry had a hesitation then bowed as she was now on the desk “Greetings. Yes I’m Erry and you’re Fanny ? Saphyr told me about you” Fanny had a wide smile “Ooooh my, you’re so adorable ~ let’s be friends Erry !” Then moved her hand towards the tiny Erry, presenting a single finger, like a handshake. Erry put her two hands in front of her, grabbed the big fingertip and shook it “Nice to meet you Fanny, I hope that we’ll be friends too !” With the most cute smile the tiny girl could make. Saphyr sighed… She was so happy that the two girls got along so easily…

This morning was so enjoyable for the 3 girls even if Erry was a bit older than the 2 others for about 2 years. They talked about various subjects, played some games even if the 2 other girls had to move Erry’s pawn and throw the dice for her. Saphyr also put some music, Erry was so happy that she gave a tiny ‘dance show’ to the 2 other girls that were warmly cheering her. Saphyr was again really happy, this day was so perfect until now. Erry was showing trust to Fanny and accepted the blonde girl to hold her in her hand “Thank you Erry, you’re so cute ~” Erry bowed with a big smile “We’re friends now Fanny!”

It was now noon, Saphyr’s mother made some tiny sandwiches for the 2 girls, not knowing about Erry’s presence, and put them in a plate that she gave to Saphyr. Both girls were sitting on 2 pillow placed on the ground, the tiny Erry sitting on Saphyr’s leg. Fanny took off a tiny crumb of her sandwich and put it before the tiny girl “Take this Erry, you also need to eat right?” Erry nodded and took the tiny bread piece and started to eat too “Thank you Fanny”. Saphyr was the happiest girl on earth today, both of her friends got along so easily… It was just like a dream, looking Erry and Fanny laughing and talking together was what she really wanted, and it was happening right in front of her eyes…

Erry got a new hobby with the time she spent with Saphyr, standing on a paper sheet a tiny pencil mine in her hand she was drawing the 2 girls. The drawing was of course bigger than her but she was pretty skilled for this, the afternoon was going really well for the 3 girls. Saphyr stood up “sorry girls I think I have to go to the toilets, I’ll be right back” then leaved the room, going down the stairs. Erry was still drawing the blonde girl “hmmm I wonder if we could play some other game when I’ll be done drawing the two of you…” Fanny had a warm smile “don’t worry Erry I already have an idea, it will be fun ~”

Saphyr was in her thoughts… This day was so perfect, she enjoyed when her tiny friend danced for the girls, when Fanny gave some food to her and all the games they played together. Blushing she was thinking about her tiny Erry looking so happy… And Fanny was so… lovely today… really not as she could usually do with tiny ones… Saphyr stopped… a cold chill went down her spine… she put back her pants… walked a bit fast in the stairs… stopping right in front of her room’s door, the music was still playing… She finally opened the door “I’m back girls!”

Saphyr’s eyes went wide… her mouth opening… Fanny was not here anymore… and Erry was also missing, her tiny pencil on the sheet with the half completed drawing… “No…” Saphyr ran down the stairs… then almost bumped into her mother “Mom! Have you seen Fanny?” Her mother looked confused… “Well… She went home, don’t you remember? She didn’t wanted to disturb in your homework-” but the woman couldn’t finish, her daughter grabbing then putting her shoes, she ran outside.

“You’ll be here to protect me right?” Saphyr was remembering Erry’s words… They were like a knife deep in the skin… How could have she been so careless… Fanny was a cruel girl towards tiny ones… And Erry would be her next ‘toy’… Saphyr was breathing loud… Her lungs about to explode as she never ran like this before, her deep blue eyes pouring tears… She was thinking of her tiny friend “Erry… Be safe… Please be safe!” Then arrived in front of Fanny’s house exhausted… The door opened, Fanny’s mother have seen the girl running “Saphyr? Why are you running …? Is there something happening at your house ?” The woman was looking confused… Seeing the young girl crying “Madam ! Is Fanny here ??” The woman put her head on the side “Fanny? But wasn’t she at your house ? She said that she’ll come back in the evening” Saphyr ‘froze’… Where was she ? She couldn’t let her hurt Erry… But where was the girl ? There was so many places she could be at… Suddenly Saphyr started to run again… In another direction “Saphyr..? Wait where -” but the girl ignored the woman… Her friend’s life was in danger.

She was in a closed bag… Feeling the girl walking, Erry was screaming… But is was useless… Knowing this the girl put some sticky tape on her mouth before… The tiny girl was crying… Bumping on the bag’s ‘walls’ each time the girl made a step, Erry’s body started to be covered by bruises. After some time the girl stopped to walk and sat on something… Putting her bag on her knees. Soon the light came inside as the far exit of the bag opened slowly… also revealing Fanny’s… a naughty smile on her face.

Erry managed to remove this sticky tape that was on her mouth in time… But also couldn’t dodge the 2 big fingers that grabbed her so easily. “Nooooo!!!” Screamed the tiny girl… The pressure on her body was hurting her, she tried to punch the fingers with her fists but Fanny didn’t seemed affected by that. In fact she moved the tiny girl, grabbing her legs and holding upside down right before her face “Sooo Erry… Ready for the next ‘game’? It will be sooo fun but… I guess that you won’t win this one hahaha ~” with this, Fanny opened her mouth wide, breathing warm air on the tiny shivering body “No… you’re not going to-” but Erry couldn’t finish, Fanny answering for her “Eat you. Yes that’s why we’re here after all… don’t tell me that you trusted me today… It was just one more ‘game’ for me and… we shouldn’t play with our ‘food’ right ?” Erry’s eyes opened wide, her whole tiny body shivering  from fear “Sto… Stop this !! I’m not food ! I’m alive too !!” But Fanny had a now a really severe look. She hold the tiny girl on the other side, looking her down “Ah… So just because you’re wearing some figure’s clothes and you talk makes you have the same rights as humans…? Don’t be silly, you’re just… A tiny candy for me and nothing more. Let me show you …” and with her other hands she ripped the dress Saphyr gave to her friend… The tiny girl now naked and crying “Huuuuhh … Stop…. Stop this !!!” Fanny sighed “Bah… Always the same with tinies … ‘Don’t eat me… Stop please….’ Well … The same things over and over heh… You were fun little girl… but don’t forget your place… Foody~” Erry couldn’t believe this, this day was so enjoyable at first… but in the end it was just a game for the cruel girl… Not talking anymore she couldn’t fight her… Erry’s eyes went empty like  life itself decided to quit this tiny girl… “Well let’s finish this Foodie ~” said Fanny licking her lips.

With a simple move, Erry was hanging upside down again… Only her leg stuck between two enormous fingers… If she fall from this height it would be the end for her… Fanny smiled and opened her mouth wide… Already drooling for this tiny treat… She lowered her hand Erry was now hanged inside this girl’s mouth ‘bathing’ in her warm breath… Fanny had a small giggle that sounded like a horrible laughter for the tiny girl… The blonde girl was playing again, licking the tiny shivering body and coating it with her saliva, she was tasting Erry’s fear, the tiny girl not resisting the idea of being eaten anymore since she couldn’t do anything about that, powerless … But soon Fanny stopped to play when a loud growl went from the girl’s throat… Echoing all around the tiny girl that ‘woke up’ now screaming as the pressure on her leg started to fade… Fanny was going to let her fall and finish her soon… “No…. Noooooo!! I beg you, stop this !!” But Fanny was just humming… Ready to release her tiny prey…

“Stop this Fanny !!” Screamed Saphyr, there was one place where she could be… The park where the 2 girls were used to go. Fanny was surprised and put her hand out of her mouth, squeezing the tiny girl between her fingers… “Let her go, now !” Screamed Saphyr, her eyes full of tears. “Hmmm ? But we were going to go deeper in our ‘friendship’ Erry and I … Right little-” Fanny couldn’t finish her joke when Saphyr slapped her cheek, letting the dizzy Fanny release Erry, that was now falling to the ground ! With a fast move Saphyr caught her friend and closed her hand on her, protecting her… “Saphyr… What do you think you’re doing… Do you realize that she’s just a little candy …? You better let-” another slap… Saphyr usually friendly was now having a deep anger in her eyes “What do YOU think you were doing Fanny ?! She’s my friend ! Was it just a game for you to ‘meet’ her ? I was trusting you ! How can you can betray me like this !!” Fanny put her hand on her cheek… A tear rolling out from her eye “Saphyr… still believing your ‘ideals’ … that’s the reason why you don’t have any friends at school… I was just showing you the right way…” Saphyr gave a last slap on the girl’s cheek, her teeth clenched… Feeling the same anger “I have a friend !! The most precious I ever had and her name is Erry !! I… don’t want your stupid ‘friendship’ anymore … I don’t want to see you again Fanny.” And with this Saphyr turned back… Leaving the blonde girl just here… She went back to her house… Opening her hand on the road she was looking her friend… The tiny naked girl was shivering… Her eyes moving fast… breathing in an irregular rhythm… Saphyr looked at her “Sorry Erry… I shouldn’t have leaved you with this stupid girl… But… I’ll protect you now, don’t worry …” Erry’s eyes stopped on Saphyr’s face, crying… then let out a single word “Sa…phyr…” as the tiny girl passed out in the human girl’s hand…

Saphyr finally reached her house, looking sad she was still holding her friend in her closed hand. Her mother tried to talk to her but Saphyr ignored her, climbing up the stairs and reaching her room, she locked herself in. With her free hand she opened the doll house and carefully put the tiny girl in the bed then put the cover on her so she won’t be cold… Saphyr put her arms on her desk and layed her head on them… she was crying but also tired from this stupid ‘race’ for her friend’s life… but in the end she managed to rescue her… Saphyr closed her eyes and slowly fall asleep…

It was the next morning, Saphyr slept all the night on the desk… she woke up hardly… her neck hurting from this sleeping position and opened her eyes. Erry was sitting in front of her, wearing her old blue torn dress. Saphyr had some tears … “Erry… I…” But the tiny girl put her hand on her lips “Don’t say a word Saphyr.” Slowly standing, she walked towards Saphyr’s face and sat against her cheek, feeling the girl’s soft skin “Saphyr… don’t blame yourself please… It’s not your fault… I … I really trusted her and … You know what happened next… But Saphyr… you came to rescue me… I can’t thank you enough for that…” she pressed herself against the giant cheek “But Saphyr… I owe you this tiny life of mine… Thank you… my friend…” Erry started to cry… Saphyr was looking sad… But was also feeling something else… With a single finger she patted her friend’s head … “Thank you for trusting me … I thought you would hate me for that… But I won’t ever betray you Erry, you’re so important for me …” Erry kissed the giant cheek “I know that… you’re important for me too …”

It was now the afternoon of the day, Saphyr wanted to to to the cinema ‘alone’. Her mother, happy to see her daughter not sad like the previous day agreed “But be back before the night!” The young girl nodded and smiled to her mother. Saphyr was now happily walking to the cinema… Hiding the tiny girl in her shirt pocket, Erry was really happy to go out with her friend and was silent, sitting in her friend pocket, hearing her soft heart rhythm… It was the first time she went to the cinema and with a human girl too. Saphyr told her about that ‘cinema’ before, a dark place where people go to watch movies, like the television she saw before but more enjoyable… Erry happily accepted when Saphyr invited her to see a movie and it was also free for Erry since she was hiding with her friend.

Only 3 people in the big room. Saphyr went to a ‘safe place’ near the front then put out the tiny girl and made her sat on her shoulder. Like this she was hidden by the human girl’s hair and could enjoy the movie too. Saphyr put a tiny popcorn in front of Erry and whispered “Eat it, it’s really good” as the movie finally started. It was a nice movie, Saphyr could hear some tiny giggles near her ear many times, her friend enjoying this show. It was a good thing to know for Saphyr, her friend went through the ‘trauma’ Fanny caused easier than she thought… Maybe the tiny people were kinda ‘used’ to these situations but… Life was still unfair for them. But for now the two girls were enjoying this nice movie together.

On the way back, Erry was resting in her friend’s shirt pocket, Saphyr humming a gentle song. Saphyr was now near her house, Erry woke up “Hmmm…” the human girl heard this tiny noise and answered in a whisper “Did you finished to sleep Erry?” The tiny girl stretched her arms, yawning “Hmmm yes… your song was so beautiful that you made me fall asleep haha ~” Saphyr smiled “Don’t worry my friend… we’ll be at home soon and your bed will be more comfy if you need to sleep again” and with these words they were in front of the house.

Saphyr’s mother opened the door, going some time outside, she saw her daughter and smiled at her, keeping the door open “Welcome back Saphyr, was it a good movie?” Saphyr nodded “Yes! We … err I enjoyed it, it was really nice !” Her mother answered “Ah you went with a friend that’s good, ah besides your friend Fanny came earlier, she told me that she forgot something yesterday, she’s such a good friend for you … ” Erry’s eyes opened wide hearing this… Saphyr was feeling the tiny girl shivering inside her pocket “Tha- thanks mom… I’m going in my room, see you later…!” her mother smiled and closed the door, leaving Saphyr in the middle of the hall… Listening her tiny friend she knew that Erry was crying. Saphyr went up to her room… Opening the door… the doll’s house was on the ground… All the tiny furniture was scattered on the ground, and not only this… All of the drawers from her desk were opened… It was now clear for Saphyr : Fanny was really searching Erry when she came earlier. The human girl saved her friend but wasn’t realizing it… If Erry wasn’t with her at the cinema… Erry would probably be inside Fanny’s stomach by now…

Saphyr put back the tiny house on her desk and sat on her chair… Looking down inside her pocket, Erry had her hands on her eyes, sobbing and pouring tears on them “Huuuhhh … Sa- phyr…” with extreme caution Saphyr picked her tiny friend and placed her in her hand, brushing her hair with a finger “Erry… Don’t worry… I’ll be here for you …” The tiny girl grabbed the finger with her tiny hands… They were so little but Saphyr could feel the tiny shivers on them “I trust you Saphyr.” Erry looked tired… Saphyr put her near her ‘house’. The tiny one opened the plastic door “I’m sorry Saphyr… but I need to rest… Could… could you keep me with you tomorrow …? That girl managed to get here when we were away but… She could do that again and… I know that I’ll be safe with you.” Saphyr nodded “Don’t worry… It’s alright. You better rest for now Erry… your mind needs to rest too…” Erry was looking at the girl’s eyes “Hmm… Could I ask you a favor…? Would you please look over me until I sleep…? I would be happy to know that my ‘sister’ is here…” Saphyr blushed… Even if Erry was older than her, she didn’t expected this coming from her … She was even more important than a friend for the tiny one… Bowing her head, she opened the roof of the doll’s house.

Erry grabbed the cover and put it on her face, just letting out her eyes to see her friend looking at her from above. Saphyr was smiling, trying her best to be nice to her tiny friend… “Sleep well lovely girl…” And soon Erry closed her eyes… Falling asleep. Saphyr sighed … The blonde girl she knew before toyed her feelings again… She couldn’t accept that… Closing the plastic roof of the tiny house, Saphyr changed herself then went to her bed. Standing in front of it she found something… It was a paper sheet from the previous day… The drawing Fanny made of Erry but it had more ‘details’… Another ‘gift’ when Fanny came earlier…

The drawing was showing Erry surrounded by some lines that were in fact … A stomach. There was also a writing aside saying ‘where she belongs’. Saphyr’s eyes were again full of anger … She ripped the stupid drawing and put it in her paper basket… Going into her bed she was wondering how a girl like this could became her friend before… She took a look at the tiny house from her bed, promising in her mind that she’ll do anything to protect her precious Erry. It was now her turn to fall asleep… Still wondering about the next day… Where she could meet Fanny at school…

The next morning Saphyr woke up early… She went to the shower and brought her breakfast in her room… The tiny girl was waiting her on the desk and accepted a tiny bread crumb Saphyr gave her also with a tiny piece of chocolate. Saphyr changed to her school uniform and put her hand on the desk. Erry climbed the giant hand and waited her friend to put her in her shirt pocket. Once inside she looked at Saphyr from above “I won’t make any noise Saphyr… I’m placing again my tiny life in your hands.” Saphyr nodded to her friend, grabbed her schoolbag and went out, earlier so she wouldn’t meet the other girl living not so far… Erry heard Saphyr’s heart bumping fast… Both of he girls were feeling really bad… But Saphyr had to protect her friend, it was even too dangerous to leave her at home… Maybe her own mother could be a threat to the tiny one. Saphyr was thinking loud… That she was saying the same thing on the road “It will be okay… I won’t let her approach you…” Making Erry feeling sad for her friend… If only there was no differences between humans and tiny people…

Saphyr was now in front of the school… As usual no one said even hello to her, she was alone to protect Erry. The human girl crossed this crowd and went directly to the school building, once inside the classroom she put her schoolbag on the side of the desk and put her notebook out, still feeling her friend against her… Saphyr looked aside, Fanny wasn’t here today, she was feeling relieved… It could be a good day. The teacher finally entered the classroom “Hello everybody! Ah looks like one of you is missing today, did one of you saw Fanny?” The back door opened and a tired voice could be heard “Sorry, I’m late.” The blonde girl was here, wearing empty eyes, as she sat at her desk. Saphyr had a cold shiver down her spine… She didn’t wanted to see her, feeling now a strong pressure… Her worst nightmare was just by her side. “Good. Since we’re all here we can start the class.” Said the teacher, not noticing Saphyr’s reaction.

During the lesson Saphyr was feeling a strong pressure again… Each time she looked a Fanny the other girl turned her head to the front… She was staring at her deeply… It was too much for Saphyr… feeling fear shivers she didn’t wanted her tiny friend to feel this too… “Ma… Madam… I don’t feel good… Can I go to the infirmary?” The teacher turned around and saw Saphyr “Well… It’s unusual for you Saphyr but if you don’t feel good you can to of course but you need someone to go with you.” A girl stood up and shouted “I’ll go with her!” Saphyr turned her head… She didn’t wanted that… It was Fanny. “Thank you Fanny. Be sure to come back here immediately when she’ll be here” said the teacher. Saphyr packed her bag and started to walk to the infirmary… Fanny walking behind her silently…

Saphyr was finally in the room but the woman in charge wasn’t here yet… Saphyr turned her head fast when she heard the door slam… Fanny raising her head and staring at her “So… We’re alone now. Now… my ‘friend’… tell me where you hide my tiny Foodie.” Said the blonde girl, a cold stare fixed on Saphyr that started to shout “It’s over Fanny! I told you not to talk to me again !” But Fanny ignored this and went closer to Saphyr “Tell me where she is. I won’t allow her to escape my tummy another time …” The blue haired girl took some steps backwards… And was feeling the wall behind her… No escape. Erry could feel her friend’s heart literally hitting her… She was starting to cry but not making a noise … Fanny went closer and grabbed Saphyr’s shoulders… She was stronger this time… Approaching her head, she whispered into Saphyr’s ear “Poor girl… lured by those stupid ‘ideals’, the world doesn’t works like that you know… If only you had made the right choice with your tiny Foodie when you found her …” When Fanny put away her head, she looked down… And her green eyes saw the tiny Erry in the pocket… Fanny smiled “Found you ~” and she tried to pick her up. Saphyr was faster… Putting her hand on her pocket… surrounding Erry’s body from the outside, the tiny girl surprised made a tiny squeak… And was now surrounded by her friend’s chest and her hand… Saphyr pushed Fanny away and started to talk angrily… “You’re not my friend anymore Fanny… And I don’t plan to give up Erry to you too… If you want her so much well … I better do that myself…” Erry’s eyes opened wide… Her mouth was trembling… What did Saphyr said just now ?! “Sa… phyr?” But her tiny body got grabbed between 2 fingers… Saphyr’s fingers…

Erry was now in front on Saphyr’s chin… Her friend still talking to Fanny, anger filling her eyes “I hate you Fanny. And I hate doing this… But you’ll never have her… anymore.” Erry was shivering “Saphyr? What… what are you doing …” But she got her answer when she was placed in front of Saphyr’s lips that opened wide… Then with a flick of her fingers… Erry was thrown inside the giant maw… “Nooooo!!! Saphyr !!!” But her screams where cut off as Saphyr closed her mouth… Sealing the tiny girl in the darkness …

She was in a human mouth…  Saphyr’s mouth… Looking around she was that tiny… Just a little candy on that gigantic tongue… Erry was drenched by Saphyr’s saliva… And was sitting on that enormous muscle… Looking behind… She saw her friend’s throat… Once inside the tiny girl would disappear forever… She screamed … Not believing what was happening to her … “Saphyr!! You’re really going to eat me?? Don’t do that!! Saphyr !!!” But the human girl didn’t took any time to ‘taste’ her friend… Tilting the head back, she raised her tongue… Making Erry scream from fear… And swallowed loudly.

“So you’re happy now Fanny?! Do you… Realize what you just made me do…” Saphyr bowed her head…tears rolling on her cheeks… “I won’t forgive you… I hate you… And I don’t want to see you anymore…” Fanny was looking her “Saphyr you…” but turned back… Even if her old friend finally ate a tiny one… She wasn’t going to be friend with her again. Fanny took a last look back and exited the infirmary… Leaving Saphyr alone…

Saphyr was crying… She exited the school… Not telling this to anyone… She was on the road to her house, not willing to see all those stupid kids anymore… “I hate them… I hate all of them!” The young human girl was still walking… Passing by the crossroads she used to leave Fanny every evening… Seeing that park she now didn’t wanted to see again… She stopped in the middle of the road… This place was… Where she first met her precious friend.

Erry was shivering… Feeling a pressure on her… also feeling a warm liquid on her lower body… She was wondering where she was… Some light appeared… And the tongue where she was hidden under raised…  And Saphyr’s hand was in front of her lips “Come outside please.” Erry stood up… Shivering on all of her body… And exited Saphyr’s mouth… Falling on the hand… Her legs not allowing to stay standing… This ‘swallowing act’ was just an act… Erry was safe now… Saphyr looked down, tried to brush that tiny soaked girl with her finger. Erry pushed back the finger “N… No….. NO!” She was moving her head fast… Looking around… Her eyes panicked … “No ! where…. Where ?!” Saphyr closed her mouth and put the tiny girl in front of her eyes “Erry… You’re safe now… Sorry I … Didn’t found any other way to hide you from her … Please calm down …” But Erry was still scared … Trying to stand but only falling on her knees “Wh… Why ?! I was almost eaten twice in less than 3 days !!” She put her hands on her eyes … sobbing… Saphyr was feeling guilty… Remembering this tiny body on her tongue… it was… something she actually enjoyed … being the giant predator for this tiny girl… but shaking her head “Erry… I never wanted to eat you… I wanted to hide you, nothing more ! I’m sorry I didn’t came out with a better idea… Don’t be mad … Please my… Friend.” Erry stood up… walked and grabbed Saphyr’s tiny finger with her arms … “Saphyr… ” but couldn’t say more… still shivering from what she just lived… “We’re near home now” as she kindly picked up the tiny girl… not resisting and put her in her shirt pocket. Her mother was waiting her behind the door.

“Mom… Mom!” As Saphyr ran against her mother’s chest… crying “Saphyr… Why are you here so early …? Your teacher called me… You leaved the school?” Saphyr was sobbing “I don’t want to go here anymore !! They… they… played with my feelings… and hurt me mom… And Fanny did all of this !!” Her mother was surprised … Her daughter never complained about school before … She gently brushed her hair… “It’s okay dear… I understand … You should go to rest …” Saphyr nodded… her cheeks bright red… she walked up the stairs and entered her room. She put the tiny girl on her desk… wrapped her in a tiny handkerchief and cleaned the tiny body from her remaining saliva… then leaved her near her ‘house’… still not saying anything Saphyr went to her bed and tried to sleep…

Her eyes stayed open… It was still the morning but her body didn’t wanted to rest more… she exited her bed and sat at her desk, putting her head on her arms like usual… Her tiny friend wasn’t waiting her this time … Saphyr never wanted this to happen… and furthermore never wanted to actually enjoy this feeling! Saphyr was looking the tiny plastic house… not willing to disturb the small girl… finally getting tired, Saphyr started to close her eyes… Then the tiny door opened… Erry peeking the girl outside… Saphyr opened her eyes again… Seeing half of her friend at the door “Erry…” The tiny girl nodded… her eyes were empty… Saphyr put her hand on the desk, her palm up so the tiny girl could climb… But Erry stayed at the door… staring at the human girl… Looking around from the door, Saphyr was alone; Erry opened the door… then walked outside, not saying anything she climbed the giant hand and sat in the middle of it… bowing her head and not looking at Saphyr.

“It would be better if the two of us have never met.” Said the tiny girl… “I’m only causing pain to you Saphyr and I can’t see you suffer again…” Saphyr was surprised… Erry was again caring about the human girl… like a big sister… And she could be her 3-years older sister … Saphyr tried to talk “Erry… you’re not a source of pain or anything-” but Erry raised her hand.. “Saphyr… You’re a human girl… I’m a Tiny… we had so much fun like I never had before… You were the perfect sister … But we can’t keep doing this … It would be better if we just… continue our ways on our sides … but…” Erry put her hands on her eyes…” but why am I feeling so sad ? Saphyr you… gave me so much ! And I was just nothing more than a source of problems for you …! I don’t want to to far from you but we also have to do that or your feelings could be hurt again and I don’t want that !” Saphyr put a finger on the tiny girl’s head “Erry. You’re more than just a friend for me… You’re my older sister ! And I don’t want you to go away please … I need you Erry … Much more than those ‘humans’ …” Saphyr put  the girl in front of her deep blue eyes “Don’t go please. I’m sorry for everything I could have done to you… but stay with me.” Erry blushed … She didn’t wanted to hear this but also really wanting that too … she nodded “I… understand we’re a ‘family’ after all … I accept you as my sister Saphyr and… I won’t leave you.” Erry started to smile… This smile Saphyr wished to see again … Erry blushed again… “Come closer please …” Saphyr was a bit surprised… And did so, putting her face closer still looking at her ‘sister’, the tiny girl stood up, took some steps forward to Saphyr’s face and… kissed the human girl’s lips then took a step back “I… Love you my… Sister… Saphyr.”

Thinking again of this kiss Erry gave her, Saphyr was a bit confused but also really happy that the tiny girl decided to stay with her… she was going to the living room…  both her mother and her teacher were here, waiting the young girl. It was a long talk, Saphyr not willing to go to school anymore… not talking about Erry but detailing how Fanny played with her feelings and how much Saphyr was suffering from that now. The 2 adults talked a lot… words that the 10 years old Saphyr couldn’t understand… but they were agreeing on something. Finally her mother talked “Saphyr. I… understand how you feel… The other girls never talked to you much and I can feel your pain… But I still have a good news for you, I wanted to talk about this tonight but I got a promotion with my job and we can move to a new house… There’s another school near and your teacher told me that they have the same program so you won’t need extra work to do… Is that what you want too?” Saphyr nodded “Anywhere else but I don’t want to see them.” The teacher agreed too “I’ll take care of the papers for this… Saphyr, you were the kindest pupil I had. Be careful and I wish you to be happy wherever you go.” Saphyr bowed her head in respect to her teacher, she knew that everything would be fine now…

Saphyr opened her room… The tiny girl peeking at the window of the doll’s house, knowing that it was Saphyr she exited the small house “Welcome back Saphyr” the human girl sat on her chair and brushed the hair of her new ‘sister’ “It’s alright now. You won’t have to worry anymore Erry. My mother had a promotion and we’ll move to a new house soon… Would you… come with me?” Erry smiled and put her hands on her chest “Is… that true? It would be so nice for you Saphyr ! And… I would love to go with you if this tiny girl doesn’t take too much space ~” both of the girls laughed… It was a new start for them and they could stay together. The moving was planned the next week, during the week the two girls stayed together all the time, Erry drawing and singing for her human sister, this ‘accident’ that she lived some days ago was now so far … but she was happy that Saphyr just wanted to protect her but also got rid of her ‘blonde friend’. Not even saying good bye to her or anything else she closed the door of the car, it was finally the day of the moving.

The new house was far from where Saphyr and her mother lived until now… Saphyr was sitting in the back of the car watching some movies on her ipad, one headphone in her left ear and the other one in her shirt pocket … The tiny girl hold by Saphyr’s hand right under the pocket, out of sight of Saphyr’s mother. Some hours passed… Erry was sleeping peacefully inside the pocket… Saphyr was tired of the trip… Closed her eyes and started to think about their new life to begin… far away from those stupid girls… It would… be perfect…

Saphyr was dreaming in the car… Not a dream she was used to… She was with her tiny girl… looking cruel and in a move she ripped her tiny clothes… looking at the tiny vulnerable girl… She would be so nice… Saphyr was holding her between two fingers … approaching the screaming girl to her mouth and licked her lips… those tiny squeaks were ‘delicious’ to hear … finally parting her lips apart she put the girl in her mouth… not caring much for her … Erry was screaming when she was moved around so easily by Saphyr’s tongue… that couldn’t resist this tiny candy any longer and swallowed her… moaning in pleasure… feeling with her finger the tiny bulge going down her throat… containing the tiny crying girl… Suddenly Saphyr opened her eyes.

A dream… just a stupid dream… Saphyr was sweating… that wasn’t real! She looked at her pocked with panicked eyes… The tiny girl was still here … Saphyr was breathing fast… Her heart bumping awoke Erry that sat in the pocket with tired eyes… looking at Saphyr… the human girl looked confused… But didn’t wanted to show that reaction to her sister… She put a finger on her lips, kindly rubbed Erry’s body with a finger and layed her down so she could sleep again… Erry closed her eyes and fall almost immediately in a deep sleep. What was that dream? Saphyr was thinking… the feeling of Erry inside her mouth was so hard to describe… but she enjoyed that… she couldn’t lie to herself… but she would never do anything against her… and she would never talk to her about this dream… she didn’t wanted to scare the tiny girl or remembering that terrible day to her.

The car slowed down… “It’s here Saphyr, welcome to our new house!” Said her mother, parking the car aside. Saphyr exited the car and looked the house with wide opened eyes… It was so big compared to the old one… Two floors like their other house with the rooms on the top floor, all the remaining rooms on the lower one excepted the bathroom that was aside Saphyr’s room. When they entered in it was already like they were living here for a while, the movers placed already everything and there was no box remaining “Saphyr … Welcome home.” said her mother standing right behind her putting her hands on her daughter’s shoulders “I’m happy that you accepted to move here with me. When I got this promotion I didn’t knew how to tell you that but… I hope that you’ll make some new kind friends here.” Saphyr nodded… She wouldn’t go to school until the next week due to the paperwork but it was a new place to start everything over.

Finally in her room she had so much space now… That she decided to put her doll house on her bed shelf right aside her head when she would go to sleep but now she wanted to show this to her sister. Putting Erry on her open hand she showed the new room to Erry that was also impressed… All this space for them it was so big for her tiny self but was happy for Saphyr “I’m sure we’ll be happy here Saphyr!” Saphyr nodded, holding the tiny girl in her palm … She was thinking about that ‘dream’ again… should she talk about that to Erry ? Will she be ‘receptive’ to this weird thing …? No it wouldn’t be a good idea for Saphyr… looking down to her she managed to ‘erase’ this though for now “Aaaah all this road today… I feel a bit tired with all of this… Do you want to take a bath Erry ? My body feels so heavy that I really need one.” Erry smiled and answered “Yes I would love to !” Of course it would be hard for this tiny girl to have a bath with Saphyr, she had her own bath tub that was another removable part of her ‘plastic house’, Saphyr opened the roof of the tiny house and took the tiny plastic part and a tiny handkerchief that would be her sister’s towel.

Saphyr poured some warm water in the tiny tub while her bath was ready, Erry undressed herself and entered the tiny pool “Haaaa… It’s so perfect … Thank you Saphyr…” Saphyr was looking this tiny ‘human’ body… If only they had the same size… Erry would be the perfect older sister… Removing her dress, her shirt then her underwear, Saphyr entered her own bath… Feeling the warm water all around her legs then her chest… She turned so she could face Erry, putting her arms on the edge of the bath, resting her head on them she was looking the small girl enjoying that too “You know Saphyr… It always reminds me something… when I used to ‘bath’ before… it was always in some puddles and the water wasn’t really clean… but thanks to you I can clean this tiny body of mine … I’ll always be grateful to you for everything my dear sister …” Saphyr smiled and patted the tiny head with a finger … this cute girl was so adorable… How could she EVER dreamed about eating her … it would be so cruel to end this wonderful girl’s life … But shaking her head she didn’t wanted to think about this … she wanted to enjoy this peaceful instant with Erry.

Saphyr went out of the bath… wrapping herself in a cute towel, she looked down, Erry was looking so happy, she was exiting the tiny plastic tub and walked onto the handkerchief, with a smooth move Saphyr wrapped the tiny body in it,took Erry’s dress in her other hand and after emptying it the tiny bath tub. Looking outside for her mother, she wasn’t here, Saphyr opened her room’s door and went inside. Both girls were putting on their clothes… They didn’t minded to look at each other doing that… They were sisters after all then a voice was heard from the first floor “Saphyr! Dinner time ! Come here please !” It was her mother. Saphyr was putting her evening shirt and answered “Yeeesss , I’m coming mom !~” then looked down “I’ll bring you something Erry, just wait a bit please ~” Erry smiled at her “Yes ! I won’t move don’t worry.”

Saphyr was enjoying some soup with tiny bread crumbs in it… She wanted to talk with her mother tonight “Mom…?” her mother looked her back “Yes honey? Do you need something?” Saphyr was shivering a bit “Mom… What do you think about the tiny ones ? I never asked you this and I wanted to know your point on that…” Her mother was a bit surprised, not expecting a question like this, she put her fork on the table “Well… I know that ‘legend’ around them that they make the body beautiful when we’re supposed to eat them but… I’m not trusting that. I also feel sad for them… they were here when the mankind appeared too but life was probably harder for them… But why this question now ?” Saphyr grabbed her dress with her hands “Mom. I was alone at school because I’m not like another girl of my age… I don’t hurt the tiny people and want to protect them… But because of this everybody hates me! I… don’t consider them as ‘food’… they’re alive too ! And well I wanted to know your point of view on that” her mother stood up, went behind her daughter and grabbed her shoulders “Saphyr… You know when I was younger I enjoyed eating some of them… it was something ‘natural’ for me, it’s the food chain and we’re on top of it. But even like this I feel really sad for them … and we can’t do anything to protect them if everybody in the world don’t change their mind on that… But don’t you ever remember when I tried to feed you one when you were just a little girl …? You didn’t wanted and I respected your choice. Even now I respect that and when we’re together I don’t do anything to them… and I don’t hunt them anymore too …” Saphyr blushed … “Mom… Thank you.”

She went back to her room with a tiny plate, a slice of a chocolate cake on it and a tiny spoon. Opening her room she noticed that there wasn’t a lock on this door like her old house but her mother wouldn’t enter the room without her permission. Saphyr looked at the tiny house and whispered “It’s okay now” the tiny white haired girl exited it and Saphyr put a tiny chocolate crumb before her tiny sister, herself sitting on the bed side “Erry… I talked with my mother because I wanted to know her ‘view’ on tiny ones…” Erry was sitting on the wooden ground, raising her head from the tiny crumb and looked Saphyr in the eyes “I feel she’s like me… I didn’t talked about you Erry but… She respect my choice not to hurt the ones from your kind…  For now I wouldn’t her to see you… I know about your fear of humans but… If someday…. Ah but it would be different from last time… I really trust my mother.” Erry nodded “Huh… Yes… But for now I prefer just to be with you Saphyr.”

It was almost time to sleep, Saphyr was in her bed… Thinking about the next day… She would be in a new school with new people… She really wanted them to think different things and maybe… make new ‘human’ friends? She hard a tiny voice from below, on her pillow, the tiny Erry could go on the bed with the bed’s head, a tiny wooden piece was creating a ‘way’ for the tiny girl to reach the shelf where her house was “Huuuh… I think I’ll go to sleep Saphyr… my body won’t take much more …” Standing up and stretching her arms, the tiny girl went near the wooden part of the bed but Saphyr wanted to talk more “Erry I…” the tiny one turned around “Hhm ?” She sat on the soft ground and looked the girl’s face turning on the side to see her “Tomorrow I’ll … be in a new school… with new people… I’m a bit afraid of that and…” Erry came closer… “Everything will be fine Saphyr. I’m sure you’ll meet new friends… you need some human friends too after all… ” said Erry, looking at the sad girl “But… but what if they’re like-” Erry put a finger on her mouth “Don’t worry Saphyr… I’ll give you my ‘blessing’ so you’ll be lucky with that…” The tiny girl was walking towards Saphyr’s lips and kissed the lower soft ‘pillow’… Saphyr blushed… Erry loved to kiss her like that… and Saphyr was enjoying that too… It was her tiny sister blessing… “Thank you Erry…” Approaching the tiny girl Saphyr kissed her back… Her kiss covering almost all of the tiny body… Erry rubbed the giant lips with her tiny hands “There there sister… you’ll be alright tomorrow…” And going up the wooden part of the bed, Erry reached her house, waved at Saphyr “good night and sleep well Saphyr !” Then closed the door and went to sleep. Saphyr looked this tiny girl… so precious for her… She closed her eyes slowly… falling in a peaceful sleep “Good night Erry…”

Saphyr got up early, the doll’s house was closed, Erry still sleeping inside. Saphyr put on her usual clothes, grabbed her schoolbag and went down the stairs. “Good morning Saphyr.” Said her mother, waiting her daughter in the kitchen “I have to go with you at your new school this morning but I’ll just be here to bring you here … Ah and here’s your breakfast, you’ll need some energy today” on the table was Saphyr’s breakfast: pancakes with some syrup, a full glass of orange juice and a cup of hot chocolate milk. Saphyr sat at the table “Thanks mom!” And started to eat… Wondering if this day would be different, she put her finger on her lower lip then had a small giggle… She had Erry’s ‘blessing’ after all.

This school was bigger than her previous… Saphyr’s mother went in a different building after kissing her daughter on the cheek “Everything will go fine Saphyr” then walked away, waving at her daughter. Saphyr met her new teacher at the entrance of the school building, a beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes… After some words with her like where Saphyr was living, her age and her hobbies, both of them were in front of a door “and here we are, let me introduce you to all your new friends!” Said the woman… Saphyr was shivering a bit… It was a first to her to change schools after all.

“My name is Saphyr and I hope to be friend with all of you!” Said the girl while bowing, everyone in the class greeted her, there was a free desk on the left side of the classroom so she sat here. “Hello Saphyr!” Said a brown haired girl with black eyes on her right side “I’m Mia! If you need to know something around I’ll be happy to show you everything here !” Saphyr closed her eyes and gave a smile to the girl “Tha- thank you Mia.” The other girl smiled too “You’re welcome ! It’s not everyday that we have new girls around” answered Mia. This girl was looking really friendly to Saphyr… She didn’t expected to meet such a girl on her first day, but now she had to focus on the lesson.

Noon. The pupils could have their lunch in the classroom and Saphyr put out her lunchbox out of her bag. There was a noise like a desk moving, the blue haired girl looked on her side and Mia was placing her desk next to her “Would you mind if I eat my lunch with you Saphyr?” Saphyr smiled “ah yes you can Mia…” The girl was smiling again “Thank you. I heard you came here from far away… Is there a reason for that? That’s pretty far…” Said Mia wondering. “Ah yes, that’s for my mother’s job and I followed her here” Mia was looking a bit sad “ah… But I guess you had to say goodbye to many friends…”. “No one.” Answered Saphyr immediately “I didn’t had any of them here… I was … different i guess” Mia opened her eyes wide “Haha… Hahaha ! Saphyr… How can such a lovely girl like you could be different! Those people didn’t deserved to be your friends ! But ah… Sorry maybe I’m digging too much in your private life…” Saphyr was surprised… “Ah no… Don’t worry it’s okay and thanks for thinking that” Mia smiled as she was drinking a tiny can of milk with a straw… Saphyr was feeling ‘understood’ it was usually hard to talk with other girls but she got along with Mia so easily… Until the girl took a tiny bag, opened it and smiled while looking what was inside.

There was two tiny girls in… Mia picked them easily with her fingers, put one directly in her mouth and swallowed her without letting her scream or anything… Saphyr couldn’t say anything too as she saw the tiny bulge going down Mia’s throat containing that poor girl… Soon Mia put the other tiny girl in front of Saphyr … “Want one Saphyr?”  But Saphyr was still in shock “ahh… N…. No thanks…” In Saphyr’s mind that ‘memory’ came back again… Erry was so… ‘delicious’… But she shook her head… what was she thinking about?! She was ‘fascinated’ by this but couldn’t accept it… Mia put her head on the side “Hmmm ? You don’t like them ? It’s unusual… But I’ll respect that Saphyr…” But the other girl was feeling sad… Mia just took a tiny life in front of her eyes ! It was so wrong ! But… why she currently… enjoyed watching this ? “Mia… I’m sorry but I don’t like to hurt them… It’s alright if you think that I’m crazy now … That’s why I hadn’t any friends …”

Mia’s reaction was unexpected… She put back the small survivor back in the tiny bag… Then smiled to Saphyr “I respect that Saphyr. I was just like you before … But their lives are so short that… It’s better for them for us to decide sometimes…” Saphyr put her hands on her head… “Mia… It’s so wrong…” But Mia smiled again “Saphyr… I had a tiny friend before too… I lived with her, shared lots of things with her and my life was really like a dream… Until someday my mother discovered her… That same night I didn’t went to my room immediately, my mother wanting me to try her new ‘cake recipe’… Ooooh sure it was so lovely looking, who hates chocolate after all… I bite in it… many times until I ‘discovered’ something that I misunderstood for a tiny chocolate crumb and swallowed it whole… My mother was smiling… I enjoyed that cake so much that I kept a crumb for my tiny friend…wanting her to enjoy this wonderful thing too…  When I was finally in my room I never found  her … I sat on my bed and I was finally hearing her crying… she was here… right inside my stomach… she was screaming… At this time I didn’t knew how to spit her out… I tried to exit my room but my mother had locked me inside and told me to ‘please enjoy her’… I was crying against the door… Apologizing to my friend that was melting inside me… but I was lying to myself as I currently enjoyed that! Soon my friend didn’t screamed anymore… And when my mother finally opened the door… I was… smiling… feeling a deep pleasure from eating her… And my mother took me in her arms… she was sorry to force me to eat my tiny girl… but it was the right thing to do…”

Saphyr couldn’t believe the story she just heard… In fact… she was salivating… thinking of her tiny sister’s taste mixed with chocolate … she wanted to… try… but erased this though immediately, shivering from Mia’s past… Would her mother do that to her too …? Saphyr ‘s face was pale… “Mia…” The brown haired girl put her arms around Saphyr… “Sorry if I hurt you Saphyr… I just wanted to tell you why I enjoy them so much now… But that’s okay if you don’t like… Besides it would be good for you to meet more friends in school right? If… you still want me to be one of them of course…” Saphyr didn’t wanted to say ‘no’, this girl had a deep past and she didn’t wanted to hurt her too… she needed ‘human’ friends… Erry was a great sister of course but in the end… she wasn’t… Human.

She was going back home… she memorized the road the morning with her mother so it was fine. But the 10 years old girl was looking sad… Walking on a tiny branch she heard it crack under her feet and stopped walking… She looked under her shoe… of course it was just wood but… some time ago it could have been Erry if she didn’t noticed her before… stepped on her without the ‘giant’ girl noticing her… But it was just some silly dream… Saphyr’s heart bumping fast as she started to walk again… She wanted never to have felt that weird ‘desire’ towards her … And was now in front of her house. Saphyr tries to smile, didn’t wanted to show that sad face to her mother… and even more to her sister! When she opened the door her mother wasn’t here yet so Saphyr went up the stairs and entered her room, leaving the room’s door half open.

“Welcome home Saphyr!!” Said the tiny girl when she hard the familiar footsteps and saw her sister “Was your day good?” Said the smiling white haired girl. Saphyr put her bag on the floor and sat on her bed, inviting the tiny girl to climb in her hand “Well it was just a classic school day… Boring.” Then giggled “But it was really nice! I met my new teacher, she’s sooo nice and I also met some girls… That were nice to me too” but Saphyr didn’t said anything more about what happened in her mind “Aaah I feel relieved for you Saphyr… I was used to switch houses many times that I got used by that, but for you it was a first and it’s good for you to have some ‘big friends’ too ~” Saphyr layed on her bed… Putting the tiny girl in front of her “Yes, it was a nice ‘first day’…”

Suddenly the door that wasn’t closed opened wide… “Saphyr, you’re already here? I took a nap and … Ho.” Saphyr’s mother stopped and watched her daughter and her little girl in her hand… Saphyr put her other hand above Erry “M… mom… It’s not w- what you -” Saphyr’s voice was trembling… As she was feeling the tiny body fall on its back inside… Erry have been seen and was shivering on the young girl’s palm… “Saphyr. Is that a tiny girl?” But Saphyr was fearing what could happen next… “Mom please ! It’s not…” But her mother wasn’t looking angry… more… surprised ? “It’s okay Saphyr, don’t cry. You know I was wondering why you were always talking alone in your room, I understand now… Were you talking to her ?” Saphyr’s cheeks went bright red … “Ye- yes ! You may not understand that or think that I’m a crazy daughter but… She helped me ! She became my closest friend and I trust her !! But… I got betrayed once… Erry almost died with this… Mom, can… I trust you too ?” Her mother had a giggle… Then approached Saphyr and patted her head “Saphyr… when we talked about that before I said that I respect your choice not to hurt them, so I won’t do anything to her. I’m sorry too but I heard some of your talks with her since we’ve moved here and was wondering who you were talking with… but Saphyr… let her breath honey… You’re going to suffocate her in your hands like that… Saphyr…” But the human girl didn’t moved “Mom. Erry trusts me and I promised to protect her from everything and even from you if you try anything towards her. Promise me that you won’t do anything to her Mom. I don’t want her to leave me… She’s my only friend… ” Erry was indeed trusting Saphyr. She was still sitting on the girl’s hand, a bit confused but knew that Saphyr would protect her this time. “Erry ? That’s a cute name… Don’t worry honey, hurting your feelings is the last thing I would do as your mother… And … I would love to meet your ‘sister’ as I heard you call her.” Both Saphyr and Erry blushed… They didn’t expected this at all… But Saphyr’s mother wasn’t like Fanny, she was… honest.

Saphyr slowly raised the hand that was on top of the tiny girl… Just in case of something would happen but Saphyr’s mother put her hands in her back… Showing that she wasn’t hostile at all … The tiny girl was still sitting here… now looking at this woman… she was exactly looking like her daughter but far taller than her… Erry looked back at Saphyr who nodded… She could trust her. The tiny girl stood up on her tiny feet… Then bowed in respect “My name is Erry, nice to meet you.” The woman smiled… “Ho my… you’re so cute… nice to meet you too Erry, thank you for taking care of my daughter.” Erry opened her eyes wide… that woman was… really nice and never wanted to hurt Saphyr in her feelings, the tiny one turned around and nodded to Saphyr… who moved her hand a bit more towards her mother “Mom…?” Her mother was a bit surprised but he trust to her daughter was accepted… Moving her own hand and put it aside Saphyr’s… The tiny white haired girl walked onto it… Then sat in that woman’s palm… Looking her from below. “I… didn’t expected you to trust me Erry… but I’m glad that you’re here for Saphyr… You’re really the perfect older sister for Saphyr as I heard… thank you for this” She was patting the tiny head with her other hand’s finger… Then put back the tiny girl in front of Saphyr “I was happy to meet you Erry. I won’t disturb you more now that I know that my Saphyr have you.” Erry bowed to the woman again then went back on Saphyr’s hand “Thanks for your honesty Madam, Saphyr is a precious friend to me too. Even if I’m not a human girl, she saved my life and accept me like that… I never had such a friend like her before. If you could also keep this secret please…” Saphyr’s mother smiled “Don’t worry Erry, I want both of my daughters to be safe after all.” Erry blushed bright red, Saphyr was also really surprised… Her mother was actually caring for Erry too. “I’ll need to rest a bit again Saphyr… Sorry but I’ll be awake for dinner, if you want to join us too Erry you’ll be welcome.” Then the woman exited the room and went back to her room. Saphyr knew that she didn’t needed to close her ‘hideout’ to hide her sister from her mother anymore.

It was 7pm, Saphyr went down the stairs with her little girl sitting on her shoulder, Erry accepted to show herself to Saphyr’s mother and that woman was now sharing the secret so she would also live with her too. Saphyr sat at the table as her mother came back from the kitchen with the plates “Ah so you decided to come too Erry? I’m glad to see that you don’t fear me, since Saphyr decided not to hurt the ones from your kind I also well thought about all of this and if possible I would like to protect you too.” Erry was put down on the table by Saphyr when she heard that. She took a few steps forward and put her tiny hands on her chest “I… thank you… you’re really a nice person” the tiny girl was smiling and bowed to the woman then joined Saphyr, sitting right aside her glass… Erry was looking so happy today. Saphyr and her mother started to eat, there was carrots, peas and other veggies with some ham… Saphyr took a tiny pea and gave it to Erry “Here Sis” the woman on the other side of the table looked that “You look so lovely together… Do you have any relatives Erry?” The tiny girl took a bite in the pea… It was so big that she could hold it with both hands “Well … I don’t remember… When Saphyr brought me in your house I had a sort of… Amnesia and I can’t remember what happened before but I don’t think I have anybody aside Saphyr… Something that I know is that I can’t live with the other people… They fear my hair… And they say that I bring curses and disaster to them…” The woman extended her arm and stroked the tiny head “Don’t talk about yourself like that… Your hair is so beautiful and that white is so bright, and that’s just some silly rumors I think… Nothing happened to me or Saphyr so don’t blame yourself for that.” Saphyr was thinking… those ‘disasters’… Fanny’s accident… Mia so kind towards her but… So dangerous to tiny ones too… no it was just rumors… nothing more.

Saphyr’s mother went in the kitchen… Erry was finishing her pea… A single one could fill her tiny belly and she was enjoying this… The woman came back with 2 plates, a usual one for Saphyr and a smaller that she probably found in Saphyr’s doll house. In the 2 of them were slices of a cake. Erry’s eyes opened as the woman put the tiny plate in front of her, also giving another plate to Saphyr and put a spoon not far from Erry “It’s for you girls! I hope that you’ll enjoy it, I’m not really good at baking them …” Erry grabbed the small slice… It was just a crumb for a human girl… But for Erry it was a really special attention… She smiled and raised her tiny head to see the woman above “Thank… Thank you!” Then grabbing her small cake she took a bite in it “Aaaah ~ it’s… perfect ! Thank you so much !!” That made the woman smile “You’re welcome Erry… You’re one of our family now after all”

Saphyr was smiling too… Then grabbed her spoon… Looking at it she started to think again… That very spoon was big enough… To put her tiny one inside and shove her inside her mouth…and that cake… Saphyr remembered Mia’s story… It was now just like that, the only difference was that Erry was aside the cake and not in it… “Saphyr?” Said the tiny girl… ‘waking’ her from her thoughts… Saphyr was still thinking why she was having those ‘ideas’ these last days… But took a tiny part of the cake in her spoon and ate it… “It’s really delicious mom!”

After brushing her teeth and saying goodnight to her tiny sister, Saphyr went inside her bed and turned off her lamp…some time passed during this night when Saphyr woke up, sweating and breathing loudly… She just had the same dream she had before…! Saphyr wanted to hear… her sister’s screams… this dream was so real this time, even more than the first time she had it… Slowly moving she sat in front of the doll’s house… opening the plastic roof without a noise … Erry was sleeping peacefully… wrapped on her tiny blanket, breathing softly… Saphyr put 2 fingers in the tiny house … One on each side of the small bed … her mind screaming her to do that… to follow her human instinct… to fulfill this dream… to eat the tiny girl.

With a gasp she moved her hand out and closed the roof… she almost did it! Saphyr was confused … but she was getting dangerous for her own sister! Turning herself to the other side of the bed she wanted to sleep… But this night was far from being over … She woke up many times… coughing… like if the tiny girl was inside her mouth and she wanted to spit her out… But sometimes waking up smiling… dreaming about this tiny girl being deep inside her body… Those ‘nightmares’ weren’t what she wanted… she wanted to be happy with Erry… and now she wanted to talk about all of this to her… The next day when she’ll be back from school.

Finally the morning… Saphyr didn’t slept much… putting an eye to the tiny house’s window… Erry was still sleeping peacefully… and Saphyr didn’t wanted to wake her up to talk about that with her now… She had to wait the evening… after school. She put on her school uniform and went down the floor, there was a paper note on the table ‘I’ll be out for the day, I’ll be back tomorrow and if you need something I leaved some dishes for you in the freezer. I love you Saphyr, Mom’. Saphyr would be alone today at home with her sister, it wasn’t the first time that her mother had to be out for some days so she was used to that. After cleaning the table she went to the entrance, put her shoes and opened the door… she looked back, at her room up the stairs… this evening she’ll reveal her deepest fears to Erry, hoping that her tiny girl would understand that…

She walked alone to school, there wasn’t any of her new classmates living around or maybe she was too busy thinking about her strange ‘night’. After some tome walking she reached the school gate, Mia was here waiting something “Hello Saphyr.” But seeing her friend looking sad “Saphyr…? Something is bothering you …?” Saphyr nodded… tears filling her eyes… “Mia… I want to talk with you. Can we see each other at noon please…?” Mia was blushing a bit… seeing her new friend almost crying wasn’t something really happy but she put her hand on Saphyr’s shoulder “Don’t cry Saphyr. I’ll be here if you need to talk … and I’ll be happy to help you.” Then still grabbing Saphyr’s shoulder; the two girls walked in direction of their classroom. During class, Saphyr was used to be really focused but not today… she was shivering a bit… but her teacher didn’t noticed that, Saphyr was hiding this deep sadness within her young heart.

Noon.  Mia exited the classroom, followed by Saphyr and soon they were at a place between 2 of the school buildings there wasn’t so much light but it would be a good place where the two girls could talk without being disturbed. “So Saphyr, we’re safe here. What is bothering you? Is that something with your family ?” Her ‘family’ Saphyr thought about that word… her ‘sister’ also accepted by her mother was the center of all of this… Saphyr started to talk “Mia. Your story you told me… made me think. To tell you the truth I have a tiny girl as a friend and even more than just that… I want to protect her, I really want ! But… since I moved here… I have some different feelings towards her… I really enjoy to be with her but I also started to have dreams….” Saphyr grabbed her dress and put her head down “…where I’m eating her.” Mia put her hands on Saphyr’s shoulders “I know this feeling Saphyr… this ‘human temptation’… You never tried right …? I won’t force you to do that… but Saphyr even if that hurt you… she isn’t human. Whatever you might do or think won’t change this fact… I had those ‘ideas’ when I was with my friend too before this ‘accident’ with my mother but in the end I really enjoyed that… And it was such a change in my body… Maybe this ‘legend’ about those tinies making the girl’s body beautiful is real for that point… Besides you might also think that doing such a this would be like ‘murder’ but that’s for humans and she’s not one of us… I don’t want to hurt you again Saphyr but you’ll need to answer that ‘question’ from your body one day… And if you need some help, I’ll be here for you. I… would talk to you again later today but with everybody around it will be a bit hard… If that’s not too much late for you could you come here after our school day ?” Saphyr silently nodded… The ten tears old girl was trusting Mia but was Erry just some tiny talking candy ? Was it just a ‘game’ Saphyr started in her mind when she met her ? She wanted to try this new ‘experience’ … But also couldn’t kill her sister just for that… Saphyr wanted to know what Mia would reveal her later this day.

She was working her lesson… But her mind was busy thinking… On her notebook her hand was drawing… This tiny girl she loved so much… Erry. In her mind she was creating a beautiful story… She was with her small sister… having a wonderful time with her… Both of them were smiling… and Erry asked with her cute voice to the girl to eat her tiny body… so Saphyr pinched the tiny girl between two fingers and holding her above her open mouth, dropped her in and swallowed her whole… The tiny girl smiling, happy to become her sister’s nourishment, feeding her young body and making it event more beautiful…Saphyr ‘woke up’ as the bell ringed, the school was over. Putting her books and pens inside her bag, she noticed that Mia was already gone… to that place…

Saphyr was in the stairs not far from the ‘hidden’ place when she stopped. Was it a good idea after all… She talked about Erry to a girl she met a day before and trusted her… But it was too late… Saphyr went too far to come back… She wanted to know that ‘important thing’ Mia was talking about. Looking around, most of the pupils were already gone… And the place was safe to go… Saphyr went between the 2 buildings… waiting her friend to come soon. Saphyr heard some steps coming near… But it wasn’t just one girl… And even more it wasn’t Mia too…

There were now 3 girls in front of Saphyr. All of them wearing a strange ‘decoration’… Saphyr knew who they were… refused to believe what was happening… All of them were from that stupid ‘organization’ that were abusing the lives of the tinies… destroying them mentally and physically as the 3 girls probably eaten plenty of them already… they were called ‘Micro Hunters’.

Two of them grabbed Saphyr’s arms as the third one put her hand on the girl’s mouth, preventing her to scream. “We know where you live. You don’t want your ‘friend’ to disappear right?” Saphyr’s eyes opened wide… They knew that ! Erry wasn’t safe anymore …! But before Saphyr could think about anything the girl in front of her removed her hand “We’re not going to hurt you Saphyr. We know that you don’t like to hurt the tinies… and we’re here to ‘cure’ you. In fact we also want to be your friends as humans… But you need to think ‘right’ first…” Saphyr was shivering… Some tears rolled on her cheeks… trying to move she was held tight and couldn’t move… Soon the girl in front of her looked a bit sad… “Don’t cry Saphyr… We don’t want to hurt you and we won’t do that too… we’re here because you need to understand what you are. You’re a human Saphyr, tinies are just food, nothing more. And you’re having ‘feelings’ for them…? Since when you feel something about YOUR food ?” Saphyr tried to shout but her voice was trembling “They’re… not food ! Let me go !” But the girl approached her head and cave her a cold stare “But you want to try. You want to ‘feel’ this… Like every human. You just need ‘help’ to understand this. Don’t try to protect yourself with all-made sentences like ‘they’re not food’ or whatever. You know that they’re something that humans would eat… Now it’s time for you to fully understand this…” The girl in front of Saphyr was opening her pocket… Put 2 fingers in it and picked up something… A tiny girl… she was crying and screaming… And was put in front of Saphyr’s lips as the girl talked with the same cold stare “Eat her.”

Saphyr was now crying but again the two others girls holding her were stronger, maybe 2 or 3 years older. But the girl in front of her wasn’t hostile or anything… Just holding the tiny one… waiting Saphyr to do something… But for now she had a new flashback … again thinking about Erry but this time … as food. Saphyr gulped hard… Breathing loudly as she closed her eyes and slowly opened her mouth… Saphyr put her tongue out… Searching for the tiny body, the other girl pressed it on Saphyr’s tongue… That started to lick the screaming tiny one … “Good girl…”

Saphyr was still ‘at work’… ignoring the tiny squeaks… she was just enjoying this ‘new’ feeling with her tongue… soon Saphyr opened her mouth wide… And started to approach the tiny body… But when she closed her lips… the tiny girl wasn’t inside. Saphyr opened her eyes… And saw the smiling girl in front of her “So… does it feels good…? You were enjoying this right? That ‘feel’ that nothing could replace ? You want to do that… And we’re here to fulfill that wish you have… Now enjoy this…” Saphyr slowly nodded when she heard this… And opened her mouth wide when the girl approached the tiny one again… But this time the girl dropped the small girl inside Saphyr’s maw…

Saphyr wasn’t moving… this tiny body shivering and screaming inside her mouth was so… ‘delicious’ to feel, Saphyr was moving her around so easily with her tongue… feeling this tiny girl wriggling for her life so… full of life… if only she tasted as good as Erry the first time she had a tiny one inside her mouth… The tiny girl was pressed against each part of this so giant mouth, Saphyr tasting every part of the small body… But it was over now… Saphyr started to raise her tongue to the back of her mouth… The girl screaming even louder… Saphyr was about to … swallow her whole.

“Erry.”… It was a single word Saphyr had in her mind… She started to cough… The tiny girl still inside her gigantic mouth… Saphyr coughed even more … and spitted the tiny one out… She wasn’t believing she actually played with a tiny girl’s life!! But the tiny girl was now ‘flying’ to the ground… When a hand caught her… preventing her to die from her fall to the ground… “Nice catch Leader!” said the girl in front of Saphyr, a fourth girl was also here… hidden in the shadows and started to walk towards Saphyr… The tiny girl coughing Saphyr’s saliva from her lungs inside that girl’s hand. Saphyr couldn’t believe this story anymore…

Mia was standing in front of her… wearing the ‘Hunter’s’ emblem…”Saphyr… you almost made it… why did you stopped?” Saphyr clenched her teeth… “Mia… what are you doing here…” Mia put her head on the side… “Well… we’re here to help you Saphyr. Weren’t you feeling so ‘human’ just now? You almost did it… but ho…” Mia looking down the tiny girl “I guess she’s not the right ‘medicine’ you need…” Looking now at Saphyr “it was the same for me… the one that you need to eat… is your ‘sister’”.

Those words ‘broke’ Saphyr’s mind… All of these dreams… she really wanted to do that but nothing could replace this ‘feeling’ she had when her sister was inside her mouth… Besides Saphyr was now feeling so ‘alone’, she never really had friends of her size… And she also wanted this so bad… Mia was right… Erry was her best friend, the sister she never had before but. As also what she wanted to feel inside her body so much… This tiny girl from before not fully ‘answering’ this desire… Mia not wanting to make her friend feel bad anymore looked the girls “release her.” Then looked at the tiny girl in her hand with a cold stare “too bad for you, looks like Saphyr don’t really need you… I better ‘dispose’ of you by myself…” And with her words, Mia put the tiny one in her mouth… Then opening her arms she approached the shivering Saphyr and wrapped her in her own arms… “Sorry Saphyr. But you have to understand, we don’t want to suffer from that anymore… We want you to be ‘human’ too, to feel this wonderful feeling and if you want, to join us when you’ll be ready if you want…” Mia was patting Saphyr’s head with one hand then kindly kissed her cheek. Saphyr’s eyes went ’empty’… she couldn’t deny this temptation anymore… all those dreams would stop and she could answer this ‘need’ of her body and mind… Saphyr hugged back Mia and kissed her cheek back but … Inside this very cheek was a tiny screaming girl pressed against Mia’s skin… Saphyr was feeling the tiny ‘silhouette’ with her lips… and it was the last thing she needed… Saphyr’s arms fall on her sides… Mia released her and let her go “I’ll always be here for you Saphyr.” And without a word Saphyr walked away… towards her fate.

On the road to her house Saphyr was walking slowly… thinking about everything that happened and… she was decided to do it, her mother wouldn’t be here to do or tell anything… Saphyr would do this… alone. It took her twice the time to get back at her house but she was finally in front of it. Leaving her shoes and dropping her schoolbag in the entrance she walked slowly to the stairs… It was almost time …

“Welcome home Saphyr!” Said Erry with a tiny dance move, she didn’t needed to hide anymore since Saphyr and her mother were now her ‘family’ but Saphyr didn’t answered… Erry was looking a bit confused at her sister “Saphyr…? Are you alright …? You look sad…” But in answer Saphyr pinched Erry with two fingers… not really caring… “Everything’s alright now.”. Erry was coughing from the pressure on her tiny body “Sa- Saphyr… not so hard you’re hurting me… please…” but Erry opened her eyes wide… Her sister had a strange smile… her eyes weren’t the same… Saphyr’s ‘mind’ was different… but it was too late to think about all of this… Saphyr put the tiny girl in front of her face… and slowly parted her lips… showing her mouth to the tiny girl… Erry started to shiver “Saphyr… what are you… doing… if this is a joke… it’s not funny… please stop you’re… scaring me…” But Saphyr didn’t answered, just approaching the tiny girl towards her waiting maw… “Saphyr! Stop this…! I’m your sister …! ” but Saphyr didn’t allowed her sister to scream again as she dropped her right on her tongue and closed her lips, trapping Erry in this warm darkness… The tiny girl was trying to stand… hitting the girl’s teeth closed in front of her lips “Saphyr !! What are you doing ! You’re not going to… e- eat me…..?” Saphyr was shivering… not listening to the screaming one… feeling a deep pleasure… she was really enjoying this… and she started to ‘taste’ the tiny girl… moving her around easily with her tongue… licking her everywhere she wanted and was literally drooling on her… Erry was trying to scream “Stop Saphyr !!! Don’t do this …! You’re just acting like those… humans…” She stopped to scream… indeed Saphyr was a human girl… something might had changed her mind… but she wasn’t looking like the gentle sister she had anymore… “Sa- Saph-” but her last scream was interrupted by a loud growl from he back of this gigantic maw… Erry was laying at the center of the giant tongue… she was really inside Saphyr’s mouth but soon the giant muscle started to raise… “It’s alright… Everything’s alright… Just think as her like some candy…” Saphyr was still hesitating to finish this horrible act… but this feeling was so much more that she never tried before …! Hearing those tiny screams… feeling this so small body… All of this at Saphyr’s mercy… if she still wanted to save her… Raising her head back… Then taking a deep breath… Thinking of all this pleasure she was now enjoying… She finished to raise her tongue and … swallowed Erry down.

Saphyr fall on the ground of her room… sitting on her butt and shivering from pleasure, the tiny bulge going down her neck was really containing a tiny girl… Not caring about her ‘sister’ anymore, her thoughts only focused on this ‘feeling’…

She was screaming from the bottom of her lungs… “SSSSAAAAPPPHHHYYYYRRRR!!!!” but the loud gulping sound around her interrupted it as she was sent down the young girl’s throat… Erry was trying to grip on anything she could but the wet walls were too slippery and the girls throat muscles were sending her deeper inside Saphyr’s body. Erry was crying… her own sister just ate her! She couldn’t believe it and she didn’t wanted to believe it too! All around her was a bumping sound… Saphyr’s heart beating loud since she was enjoying this… Erry finally reached her ‘final destination’ as she landed in a wide place… Saphyr’s stomach.


Erry was ‘stunned’… sitting in the middle of this place that was making so much ‘unknown’ noises to Erry’s ears… Outside Saphyr was rubbing her belly… blushing as she never did before… She managed to stand up, her legs shivering from the same pleasure she was feeling inside her and sat on her bed. Erry fall on the wet ground when Saphyr stood up… She was soaked by some juices … Then went again one of the ‘living walls’ and started to hit it with her fists… “Saphyr…! Why did you did that! We’re sisters… and I trusted you ! I… I still trust you… and I know you’re going to let me out… right ?” Saphyr didn’t answered… but had a little burp from the tiny girl hitting her… Erry was coughing… but screamed again “Saphyr ! What’s gotten in your mind ! You were so kind to me… and… you pro-… mised to protect me… was is just a game… all this time we shared together…?” Saphyr put her arms on her sides… “Shhhht… it will be over soon…” Erry hit the stomach wall again “What… what are you talking about … You’re really going to keep me there….? You’re going to kill me Saphyr !!” Again the human girl answered “There’s nothing… wrong… I’ll just be digesting a tiny… candy.” Erry’s eyes went wide “I see now… so I’m just food for you now… I… I thought I could trust you and … you’re just going to act like the other human girls …” Saphyr pouted “They want to be my friends …! You are the perfect sister sure… but you’re not human Erry …! I could end your life so easily just by walking on you if I don’t notice you… And all the human girls just enjoy to eat tinies… So why don’t I just do that too so they’ll accept me ?! I have something in my heart that wasn’t filled… That ‘need’ I refused for so many years… And I’ll answer it today.” Erry’s arms fall on her sides… She put her hands on her face… She was sobbing “Haaaa…. Haaaaaa…. How… Why… I… I loved you… It was a perfect ‘family’… and I’m just nothing but your food now…! I… I can’t believe you Saphyr !!” Erry’s pleas didn’t had any effect on Saphyr’s mind… But her body started to be aware of this tiny piece inside… Erry’s feet were now in digestive fluids as some loud growls were echoing around her … “Saphyr… you’re going to digest me…! Stop… stop this !!” But again Saphyr didn’t answered… resting her head against the wall she was feeling the tiny girl moving… and the strong pleasure it was giving her “I can’t Erry… that’s how the human body works on its food… Why don’t you do what the tinies are supposed to do too and digest silently …” Erry was bathing to the chest inside the warm pool…feeling a progressive burning on her body…” No… NOOOOOO !!! I… I had so much to live… my life had just begun… you… you can’t just do that Saphyr… Stop…this…” But the girl outside was now smiling “I’m sorry… but it’s better like this… you were going to be eaten one day by some girl anyway… It’s better if I just do this myself for you… ”

Erry was feeling betrayed… Her tears flowing on her cheeks as she was now in Saphyr’s digestive juices to the shoulders… She was coughing due to the lack of oxygen… feeling a strong burning on all of her body… She was remembering her time with the girl… when she decided to trust Saphyr… the tiny dress she gave her… the doll’s house where she lived… the games they had together… Fanny, that stupid girl that hurt Saphyr’s feelings… the movie they saw together… Saphyr crying when she wanted to protect the tiny girl so much… the moving to the new house…Saphyr accepting Erry as her sister… the great times they had… Saphyr’s mother that was so kind… And today… The day when Saphyr changed her mind… And did what Erry feared the most about humans… eat her whole and alive.

Erry coughed… her vision was getting blurry… she raised her fist to hit the wall a last time with her few remaining strength… Her eyes went empty as her fist fall slowly on the wall… The girl falling on her knees inside this digestive pool… She closed her eyes… Seeing a strange blue ‘glow’ behind her eyelids…Her mind finally disappearing with her tiny life from her body when she tried to scream a last time… The burning fluids now filling her lungs when she fall in the juices… Erry’s lifeless body falling at the bottom of the churning pool… Letting the human girl’s body finish the job…

Saphyr moaned… not feeling the girl anymore… she had another burp… “Huuuh… It was so good… you were perfect… Farewell… Erry.” then without any other word went inside her bed… Not removing her clothes or anything… she was tired of this stupid day… Inside Saphyr’s body the tiny body got sucked into the girl’s intestines… Saphyr was hungry and her body was pouring strong digestive juices… breaking slowly the tiny one traveling deeper inside her… nourishing the human girl’s body… Soon no traces of Erry remained as Saphyr absorbed all she needed from this tiny piece of ‘meat’…

The next morning Saphyr got up early… Took a look at the sad looking doll house… She didn’t needed it anymore… Changing to another school uniform she went down the stairs… “Hello Saphyr! Did you slept well? I made some extra chocolate for Erry if she wants some.” Saphyr’s mother was here… but Saphyr took just a tiny bread and some chocolate “She’s not here anymore… She decided to leave me…” Her mother looked sad “Ah… well… I guess it’s better for her… Living with humans wasn’t really a life for her…” Saphyr wiped a tear… not looking her mother “It was better for her yes…” Then closed the door and headed to the school…

She was on the road and was eating her bread… The tiny girl wasn’t much of a meal the last night… But Saphyr made the right choice … “She’s gone… no one will miss her.” And soon she was in front of the school. What will be her next choice… she loved this feeling… wanted… more. She was thinking why she didn’t tried this before… she was so stupid… And it was now all clear for her… walking to the place between the two buildings they were all here… The four girls including Mia… Saphyr took a step forward and fall in Mia’s arms… Not saying a word she hugged her… and soon took a step back… She was making a decision that would decide her life… Not feeling anything more for the tiny Erry… already fully digested from some hours inside her body… Mia asked her “Hello Saphyr. I can tell by your eyes that you did it… Right?” Saphyr bowed her head… “I guessed right, you don’t have to feel guilty for that Saphyr. So… I would like to hear your point… if you hate me I could understand this…” Saphyr started to talk”I was wrong before… But now I know what to be ‘human’… and I can’t really resist… I need… more…” The 3 other girls were looking at Mia who nodded, trusting Saphyr story “All right. If you were just telling a story you wouldn’t came here after all… So Saphyr now tell me… do you want to accept our friendship even for what we did to you before…?” Saphyr was standing in the middle of the four girls… her fate was already decided… the day she decided to ‘enjoy’ Erry the wrong way… Slowly bowing her head, she gave up her ‘ideals’… “I accept your friendship.” Mia nodded her head as the other girls were cheering Saphyr, she went closed to Saphyr and pinned an emblem on her shirt… “Congratulations Saphyr, you’re now one of us… You’re a Micro Hunter.”

End of Part 2.