Erry’s story part 7 : Past


It finally happened… Humanity discovered ‘them’ and their future wouldn’t be really happy anymore from now. Atop of their almost 3cm, the ‘Tinies’ had now their fates sealed and nothing would change this. It all started some years ago for some of them but also many thousands years before our current ‘era’, when a human expedition found a nameless island on the sea and discovered this tiny civilization living on it. Due to their size, the small people couldn’t resist and were soon caught. Some of them managed to hide but still most of them couldn’t.

Soon, back to the ‘Empire’, the human explorers gave all of their small ‘prisoners’ to their young queen and got rewarded with a huge amount of good for each of them. This queen was also given a small pendant as a gift, but with one of those small people on it. For the small girl, it was a humiliation to be trapped just like a small ‘gem’ but she couldn’t fight back. She was one of the 5 ‘leaders’ her own people had but right now it was useless. Later this night, the queen had some naughty ‘desires’ and soon couldn’t resist but to eat this small girl while having sex with her partner.

The small girl’s life was ending… being slowly killed by the queen’s stomach… she was begging the human to spare her life but the queen refused… and soon the small girl couldn’t resist anymore and died in this horrible place. The queen didn’t cared about the small girl to the end, just wondering if her empire could now create ‘farms’ to harvest some of those small people and use them as heir toys or worse…

But it wasn’t the end for the small girl. Because of her ‘power’, something unknown to her she couldn’t really die. Just like the 4 other leaders of her people she was ‘blessed’ with a specific power and it was shown to the world by her bright white hair. And her power was to somehow control ‘Life’ itself, she could heal people around her and it’s said that she even brought back someone to life when she was younger. But for now, she was in a black empty space, between life and death and was wondering why she didn’t died earlier, wondering what would happen to her next. After some time, something happened. The small girl was brought back to life in a new time and place but didn’t knew how she got here… and soon was at the mercy of another human who killed her again…

She woke up again in this dark landscape, realizing that her own power allowed her to come back to life but also confused because of that. Soon, her power woke up one more time and was sent back to the world of the living. She hoped so much times to be safe, remembering each of her death, she was still hoping that her own people would be something else rather than just some small toys for the humans. Then one more time she was inside of this darkness, waiting the next time she would try to survive and save some people of her size. In her mind she HAD to do that at least for them, even if she didn’t liked he title she got from her ‘rank’ she was one of the 5, she was the one who was the ‘incarnation of Life’, she was Erelle.

Some years passed already, she died again numerous times but she was glad that some people were saved sometimes because of her own ‘sacrifice’. She knew that she wouldn’t die forever so giving up one or two of her lives was something that Erelle could decide.

A soft glow was soon appearing on her back and two wings of light emerged from her body, a blue and a white ones while a ‘crown’ made of the same light appeared on her forehead. It was the ‘manifestation’ of her power and it was also the time for her to come back to life again. Where? When ? She couldn’t know, she already traveled in many places and some unknown lands but the result was always the same in the end, she would probably die one more time. The soft light started to coat Erelle’s body and soon it started to disappear, it was now the time.

It was at night in a large street, right in the middle started to burn a tiny flame, it wasn’t burning anything around but this flame’s color was a bright white. The flame started to grow and soon took the shame of a girl’s body made of light and with a bright flash, the light disappeared, leaving a small girl standing on the ground wearing a one piece white dress. She slowly opened her blue eyes and had small shiver from the wind, Erelle was finally back to life. She looked around and noticed that she was in a human city but no one was around. Suddenly Erelle heard a tiny scream and looked on the side. Another small woman was here but fall on the ground heavily from a small crate, she was probably looking at Erelle before. Erelle took some steps towards this woman “Are you alright…?” But the woman let out a scream of fear before trying to run away and fall on the ground again, looking at her leg that was probably broken from her previous fall.

“Go… go away…!” Screamed the woman when she saw Erelle getting closer, she was still trying to move but her leg was now hurting her. Erelle put a knee on the ground in front of the woman, looking probably 5 years older than herself. Even if she already spend hundred of years in many lives, Erelle was still looking the same 16 years old girl when she died for the first time. “Please don’t be scared… I just want to help you.” Said Erelle while the woman was now crying form pain, still shivering from fear. Erelle sat on the ground near the woman and looked at her leg, it was wearing a large bruise and knew that it wouldn’t move again. Erelle knew that this woman was still afraid but she still wanted to do something for her, moving her hand to the woman’s leg she managed not to hurt her and soon closed her eyes. The small woman was now witnessing something: two wings of light emerged from Erelle’s back and a crown made of the same light appeared on her forehead while she started to speak. It was some words from a distant time but they looked like a song when the woman heard them, the light now coating Erelle’s hand that was on her leg. The woman had a shiver… she could feel something soft and warm coming inside of her leg and soon could feel it again just like if nothing happened to it. Erelle finished to talk and coughed, her wings disappearing, she was still tired from her last ‘revival’ and fall on the side, the woman surprised to feel her leg jumped on her feet and started to run away with a scream… until she stopped not so far away.

The woman looked back and saw Erelle still on the ground. She put her hand on her leg and the bruise wasn’t here anymore, taking more steps further she turned back again and stopped to think. She saw this young girl appear from nowhere and without any reason managed to heal her, furthermore she was a small one just like her even if she looked so different. Walking to face Erelle, the woman put a knee on the ground and tried to wake Erelle up but she was in a deep sleep. Hesitating a bit, she put her arms around her and placed her on her back before starting to walk again, Erelle’s body held tight on her back. “Who is this girl… I never saw anyone like her before…” said the woman while walking carefully not to be seen.

Erelle slowly opened her eyes and noticed that she was what looked like a small bed. Looking a bit around her she wasn’t alone in this room, indeed the other woman that Erelle saw was here too. “Are you feeling better?” Said the woman to Erelle who was a bit surprised, she didn’t expected that this woman would stay with her after her revival. “Yes it’s good now but sorry about earlier I didn’t wanted to scare you.” Answered Erelle. The woman stood up and sat closer to her “Well… I never saw anyone like you… and I’m pretty sure that my leg was broken, how did you do that? And… what are you…? Are you an angel ?” Erelle was about to answer when another older woman came inside of the room, followed by two men. Erelle was looking at this woman closely, wondering who she was then she started to talk “Oh my… this hair… you’re one of them. ” said the woman before falling on her knees in front of the bed. Erelle was looking a bit shy, she never really liked to be in a situation like this. The woman that was besides Erelle was curious too “Who is she Leader…? I really wonder too…”

The older woman raised her head “Look at her hair Sandra! She’s a descendant of the old gods!” Erelle wasn’t really looking surprised, she had been called by different titles but she wanted to know more about where she was “Don’t call me like this please. I don’t deserve such a title but what do you mean by ‘descendant’? It’s the first time I hear this” asked Erelle while Sandra was now listening carefully. “You’re a descendant of the 5 right ? The old gods that ‘ruled’ our people 500 years ago… they were named Rhis, Basil, Aria, Fyr and-” Erelle cut her with a hand “My name is Erelle and I know them much. So I traveled 500 years…” Finished Erelle with a whisper, the old woman was confused “But… but…! 500 years !! You look so young ! How can you be… Her ?” Erelle stayed silent, she couldn’t explain who she really was but exited the bed “I’m sorry but I don’t have anything to prove it and I can’t really explain it too… but can you allow me to stay there a bit ? I… don’t really have a place to return and I could help.” Sandra stood up “You can stay in my place Er… Erelle.” She was feeling shy… calling this girl in front of her with the name of one of their gods wasn’t helping too. The leader stood up too and resumed to talk “I don’t see anything against this but… Sandra told us what happened before… and I won’t doubt about this. But if you want someday to tell us more about you Erelle, I would be sure to be there for this.” Erelle nodded and followed Sandra outside, they were now in a wide place that was probably under a human house made of stone. There was some people at this time and turned their heads when they saw Erelle walk in the small street, a girl with a deep white hair like her wasn’t something they saw everyday. Soon enough they were near a crack in a wall “I live at the other side of the street Erelle, I don’t think that a human will be around at this time but let me check before.” Said Sandra before looking outside. She stayed silent for 2 minutes then moved to the crack “Okay, we’re safe. Follow me please.”

They were now in the same human street and the night was still pitch black so they wouldn’t be noticed. Taking more steps towards a nearby wall, Erelle could see a tiny opening in it and Sandra stepped inside “Okay we’re there. Welcome to my house Erelle.” Said Sandra while Erelle moved inside of the wall too. “Mommy!!” Yelled a young voice when Erelle saw a young girl jump inside of Sandra’s arms. “Ah yes, let me introduce her to you Erelle, that’s my daughter Kat.” Erelle looked at this young one, probably just 4 years old and smiled, she wanted to greet her but the girl hide behind Sandra, her eyes focused on Erelle’s hair. Erelle bowed and didn’t minded that “Don’t worry Kat I’m not here to hurt you, but I’ll be happy to become your friend.” Said Erelle with a smile while the girl was still hiding a bit behind her mother.

Sandra was now looking tired, she explained to Erelle that her ‘work’ was to gather as many resources the small ones could use but it was mostly food. Even if Erelle wasn’t from this ‘time’, she was getting used fast to everything and learned that the humans were still ruled by a king and that Sandra was one of the few that escaped one of the ‘Tiny farms’, a horrible place where the small people were bred just like animals “So she really made this in the end…” Said Erelle while thinking about the human queen that killed her for the first time, indeed she wanted to create some places where the humans could harvest some small people… and it was now real. Sandra wasn’t understanding what Erelle was thinking about but she resumed to tell her own story “I managed to escape when the farm got on fire with some other people… but some others couldn’t escape the cages…” Sandra was now looking at her daughter who was sleeping on her lap and put her in her small bed before kissing her on the forehead. Sandra then sat again in front of Erelle “I was pregnant of my daughter when I escaped because I was old enough to give birth… the humans just chose a ‘man’ and never really cared about our feelings, we were just like ‘animals’ for them. I never saw this man again afterward, the humans probably used him for someone else too but… I knew that because I’ll be going to give birth to a child, I would survive maybe one more year.” Sandra looked at Kat again “I don’t hate my daughter, she’s the one who gives me energy to live this small life that I have every day and well… I prefer to live there rather than in this farm. It’s better for her not to have known this.”

Erelle was listening carefully, learning more about this ‘time’ and indeed she could feel Sandra’s sadness. But there was something else that Erelle couldn’t understand yet. After some talk, they decided that it would be enough for this night and Sandra allowed Erelle to use a small bed at the other side of the room. Erelle was now looking at Sandra who fall asleep not so long ago from her bed. Sandra had Kat in her arms and they were looking so peaceful sleeping like this. “If only… we could be safe from the humans…” said Erelle while closing her eyes.

The morning came and Erelle woke up early, Sandra was sitting at a small table looking at how much food hey had left. “Good morning Sandra.” Said Erelle while sitting on the side of the small bed, Sandra answered her then resumed to work before Erelle sat at the table too. “Sandra I would like to thank you for sharing all of this with me yesterday. I didn’t knew about those farms and about how cruel the humans were… even more than I could remember.” Erelle was looking at Kat who was sleeping “If I could do anything to help you I-” but Erelle couldn’t finish… Kat let out a small cry and started to cough loudly. Sandra let fall the food she was holding and rushed towards Kat’s bed “Kat…! KAT!!!” Yelled Sandra while helping her daughter to breath, Erelle stood up and took some steps “What’s happening Sandra ?” The woman turned her head, Kat was now breathing slowly, “She always had this since she was born… It’s getting worse every day and… I don’t think she… will live many years.” Erelle looked now worried… and looked right into Sandra’s eyes “Let me help her please.” Sandra was confused “What… are you talking about ? There’s no way you could heal her… I’ve tried everything we have! Your ‘magic’ can’t be this powerful…” Erelle put a hand on Sandra’s shoulder and just nodded. Sandra looked at her daughter, heard her let out some small moans of pain… she hated to see her like this but couldn’t do anything for her.

Erelle was now sitting on the ground in front of Kat’s bed, Sandra looked confused again… she somehow accepted this fact that her daughter couldn’t be cured but looked deeply at Erelle “I… I don’t know who you are Erelle. But you healed my leg back then when I was just scared of you. I don’t know if you’re one of those legendary gods or not but Kat is everything for me and I don’t think that I could still live if she… she…” Sandra let out a tear roll on her cheek “Please save my daughter Erelle, I beg you…!”. The white haired girl bowed her head then placed her hand on Kat’s lungs before closing her eyes. Then it started, two soft glows appeared on Erelle’s back that turned into two wings of light while her ‘crown’ appeared on her forehead. Sandra was looking a bit scared of this again, it wasn’t something that anyone could do but still trusted the girl in front of her. Erelle started to talk, her voice becoming more like a soft melody, she started to say some words from an old time. “Young Kat, you were always wearing this ‘weight’ in your body that didn’t allowed to live your life fully, but today I’ll remove it. Now young Kat… live your life as you wish and without this disease that was preventing your happiness.” and with those words, a strong light emanated from Erelle’s body and went into Kat. The young girl coughed twice in her sleep but she was breathing now in a different way, just like a girl who never had her disease.

Sandra had now her tears full of tears. She looked at Kat then at Erelle “Is… is she… cured?” Erelle just nodded as an answer, she could now see something new inside of Sandra’s eyes : a light of hope that wasn’t there before. Sandra was shivering, she never expected her daughter to live more than a few years but now she would have a brighter future, extending her arms she picked her daughter and hugged her while still having tears in her eyes. “Huhh… Mom…?” Said Kat still half asleep, she wasn’t understanding why her mother was looking so happy but also crying “Mom…? Is everything alright?” Asked Kat now looking a bit worried. “Everything is alright now Kat… everything.” Answered Sandra while she was still holding her daughter in her arms. Sandra kissed Kat on the forehead before thanking Erelle for what she did.

Sandra and Erelle were now walking in a dark road so they wouldn’t be noticed easily. Sandra told Erelle that the place they were hiding under was a human farm and they could have some veggies from time to time. They were getting closer of a giant fence but they could walk under easily. Sandra wanted to ask something “Erelle? I wonder… how are you able to do this? I mean I know that a few people in the world can use magic but you… are different. Is that because of your hair color ?” Erelle was listening and answered to her “I don’t really know in fact. We… had all of us this color but We were only 5 to use such powers. I had this within me since I was born but I can’t really explain why, I’m sorry.” Sandra nodded “It’s alright, I’m really glad that you helped Kat with this. Ah we’re there.” Said Sandra while they reached the garden.

There were giant fruits and vegetables all around them, Erelle opened her eyes wide while she was discovering many things she never saw before. Sandra picked a small blade and started to climb on one of the giant plants before reaching two small strawberries. She was holding tight on the plant while she was looking at the fruits, they could probably bring two of them and it would provide some days of food for them. With a fast move, she cut the part that was holding the fruit and it fall on the ground before going near another strawberry. Erelle was looking at this giant fruit on the ground, almost half tall as her, it was the first time she saw one of them. After two minutes, Sandra was back on the ground and was about to pick one of the small fruits when she suddenly stopped to move.

“Humans.” Said the small woman while she was now looking around fast, now looking at some dirt “Erelle…! Come here fast!” Said Sandra while she jumped into a small hole followed by Erelle and put some dirt onto them. “Don’t move!” Whispered Sandra while now looking at the fence that opened. Two human girls around 17 years old went in the garden, they were looking like two farmers because of their clothes : torn dresses and no shoes but still looking fine. One of them went on the other side of the garden while the other one went near where the two small ones were hiding. Erelle gasped when she saw a giant foot land near where they were hiding but she had to stay silent, a single noise would betray them.

“Did you heard Anna that the royal knight will be in town these next days? Said one of the humans, the other answered while picking up some fruits from the small trees “No I didn’t knew Alexa… what are they doing there this time? Dad already paid the king this year right ?” Alexa took a small bag and put some apples in it while answering “Hmmm maybe they’re searching some small people again ? I know that the princess really love them.” Anna frowned “Yeah… always the rich ones who can have some of them. But if I ever find one of them someday I’ll be sure to keep it for myself ! No one would ever discover this once this tiny one will be eaten by me haha ~” Alexa giggled then noticed one of the strawberries on the ground “You’re right, even us farmers can eat something new sometimes and not always those noble people… but for now let’s finish this.” Finished the human girl who picked the small fruit between two fingers and bite in it. The two of them now walking away from the garden with two bags filled with fruits.

They were now safe to exit the dirt, Erelle knew well what the girls were talking about now while Sandra was looking worried “Sandra…? Is there something?” The other small woman bowed her head “Yes. The knights of the princess are well known to catch our people and once you’re caught there’s no escape. Your fate will be to join one of those stupid ‘farms’ or… become the princess’ candy.” Sandra was now looking angry “If they come in this town we’re not safe anymore, I know that they have the power to break some human houses just to find us. Let’s to back to my place then we’ll move to find somewhere else.” Erelle nodded and followed Sandra who picked the remaining strawberry, learning how hard was now the life for the small ones.

They were getting closer of Sandra’s place but the small woman was now really worried, Erelle wanted to ask if Sandra already faced those ‘knights’ before but she stayed silent. Erelle could see many people already running away from the other house facing Sandra’s place. They weren’t really careful about hiding themselves but they hadn’t the time to think. “Looks like someone saw them…” said Sandra while getting closer to her house. Once they were in, Kat was in fear “Mo… Mom… the Leader came here earlier, is that true that there’s some human knights coming there?” Sandra took the young girl in her arms and told her so “Yes, we just came here to pick you up and take some things before moving, we can’t stay there while they’ll be in the village.”

A loud noise could soon be heard, Sandra had a shiver and took a safe peek through the crack in the wall before taking a step back “Horses… no… it’s them.” Sandra moved against the wall followed by Kat, Erelle doing the same on the other wall. “Don’t make a noise!” Whispered Sandra, they were still safe for now. Soon enough a loud metallic noise was heard, the sound of an armored boot landing on the ground. They were two human knights: a man and a woman and looked really focused on their mission. The man was looking at the wall from the other house and saw the crack in it “There might be some there.” Said the knight before taking a step back and with a fast move, kicked into the wall.

Some of the wall who had been there for many years collapsed easily and now in front of the two humans were the small ones who got surprised of this sudden attack. The ‘harvest’ started, each of the humans having a bag, they were now catching the small people that hadn’t any place to hide. The small hideout was almost empty and there were still some of the small ones that tried to run away, a small girl who was running fast moved under the human knight’s legs and was dashing towards something, the wall where Sandra was hiding in. The human woman saw the small girl run and took her sword before planting it in the ground right in front of the shivering girl who fall on her back “Don’t try to escape, I don’t want to cut you haha~” said the giant woman before picking up the small one and tossed her in her bag.

There weren’t any of the small ones remaining and the knights closed their bags before putting them on their horses. The woman took some steps to her sword and removed it from the ground before looking at the wall “I wonder why she was running there… ah!” Said the human as she noticed the crack on the wall. It was smaller than the one on the other wall but still. The human moved her sword on the side, still looking carefully at this wall then moved the guard of her sword which hit the wall. The ‘shock’ was strong and send the 3 small ones hiding inside ‘fly away’ from their hiding place. They fall heavily on the ground and Kat couldn’t resist to let out a scream…

“Heh…” said the human while she put back her sword on her side, she heard something and even if her bag was already filled with small people she would be sure to catch every remaining one. Standing in front of the wall she took a long breath… and kicked into the crack with her metallic boot. That was another intense shock but this time, a part of the wall collapsed. A small part of the stone fall on Sandra’s left arm that broke instantly while Kat and Erelle hit the back wall. “Hnnn…” moaned Erelle who was trying to move but her body was hurting everywhere, her vision was blurry but she could saw something incoming… and soon she could hear some screams while Kat got pinched between two armored fingers.

“Mommy! MOMMY!!!” Was screaming Kat while she tried to escape the human’s grasp but she was so young and couldn’t try anything. Sandra stood up while holding her broken arm and started to bet the human woman “Don’t hurt her please…! If you want to catch someone, take me but leave her!!” The human knight just sighed “I’ll have everyone of you… but my purse might be too big for 3 of you well…” Erelle had a shiver while she tried to stand up and walk behind Sandra who was now shivering from a deep fear. “Oh! I know… ” said the human woman while moving the small screaming girl in front of her face, licking her lips. Sandra knew what would happen but still yelled at the human again “Stop this !! She’s just a child ! Don’t kill her !!” But again the human didn’t listened and watched this tiny girl in her hand. Kat wasn’t moving but her eyes were filled with fear, looking at this gigantic face right in front of her.

The knight’s mouth opened wide and the small Kat let out a loud scream, she knew what would happen to her. Sandra was ‘frozen’, she couldn’t try anything because of her size but saw someone pass by her side; a really angry looking girl, younger than her but who wasn’t afraid of the human. “Release her.” Said Erelle with a cold voice, her eyes filled with anger, the human now looking down. “And what if I say no little one? Since when do we get orders from you?” Erelle’s fists closed “Release her now!”. The human knight laughed, she was looking down at this tiny defying her but resumed to open her mouth “Bah… I don’t have time for this.” Said the human girl while dropping Kat inside of her mouth and closed her lips behind, cutting a loud scream coming from the young girl. Erelle’s eyes glowed, she took some steps forwards and started to focus… she used ‘this’ power to grow once but this time she wouldn’t lose control of it. Erelle closed her eyes and a soft glow started to cost her body, the two wing shapes not on her back yet. The human woman was now surprised… she wasn’t expecting something like this but her eyes were now stuck onto Erelle’s tiny form… not thinking about the small Kat, still trapped within her mouth. Erelle’s body started to change and a sudden flash came out from her… making everyone around close their eyes because of the light but also caused the human woman to swallow instinctively in shock.

“Kat!!!” Screamed Sandra while looking at the human woman’s throat now containing her daughter, waking up the giant woman from her awe. The human woman made her feet move and kicked into Erelle’s who was about to unleash her power. Erelle screamed when her small self slammed against the wall and fall on the ground, not moving anymore. “Kat… NOOOO!!!” Screamed again Sandra who dashed outside, wanting to save her child. The knight smirked and with a fast move caught the small woman within her armored hand and tossed her in her purse while Sandra was still screaming her daughter’s name. She put a knee on the ground and poked Erelle’s body with a finger, hoping that she wasn’t dead. Picking up the small body with two fingers she looked at her closely, Erelle had some blood coming from her forehead but was still breathing really low. “You shouldn’t take her… I never saw a Tiny using magic before but… It looks like she can probably do bad things to us…” said the man besides, the human woman had now her other hand on her sword. “Do you really think I should kill her…? I mean, it’s the first time I see one with white hair and that can use magic too… don’t you think that the princess will love this? Besides she will probably reward us for this discover…” the man hesitated but indeed they needed some gold too “I guess you’re right.” Said the knight while the woman opened her purse and let Erelle fall in it.

Erelle’s mind was blurry and her head was hurting her, she wanted to open her eyes but couldn’t right now. Not so far Erelle could hear another woman cry… her voice was filled with despair. “Hmmm…” moaned Erelle while opening her eyes slowly, she was surrounded by darkness but it wasn’t the same from when she was ‘between two lives’, Erelle was still alive. She managed to sit, feeling her head hurting, she knew that hitting this wall before could have killed her but she didn’t died this time, maybe because of an unknown reason yet. “Sandra…” said Erelle while looking at the crying woman but Sandra didn’t reacted. The whole ‘room’ moved and both of the girls fall on their side, the human outside wasn’t probably thinking much of their comfort inside. Erelle was looking at Sandra’s arm that got broken earlier and wanted to do something for it. Taking some steps to be near Sandra, Erelle was about to do something when Sandra moved her broken arm away. “Please stop Erelle.” Said Sandra, Erelle was a bit surprised “I don’t care about my arm… But knowing what you can do… I have to ask you this.” Erelle was still silent but listening to Sandra, wondering what the woman wanted to ask her.

“Please bring Kat back.” Finally asked Sandra, Erelle got a bit surprised by this but bowed her head “I’m sorry Sandra but I can’t…” Sandra raised her head, some tears forming in her eyes “What do you mean? You’re Erelle! The goddess from the old times that is Life itself ! You’re bot going to tell me that it’s not you right ?” Erelle bowed her head again but Sandra resumed “I saw it with my very own eyes, you healed me and removed this disease from Kat’s body… That’s something that no one can do ! You’re the only one that could use this magic… So why don’t you want to bring my daughter back ?” Erelle raised her head “It’s not that I don’t want to do it Sandra… I can’t do something like this.” Said Erelle while Sandra’s cheeks started to become red “So… you’re telling me that I should forget about my very own daughter ? That she’ll just become this human’s SHIT ?! I can’t believe this… ” Sandra punched into the leather wall then looked into Erelle’s eyes “Kat is my reason to live Erelle, I don’t have anything besides her so I can’t accept that this human right besides us is digesting her right now like a tiny piece of meat… She was too young !! She never deserved to be eaten and to die like this ! So please Erelle… tell me that you can do something…” but Erelle couldn’t answer, she bowed down her head and stayed silent. Sandra wanted to yell, but she knew hat it was useless. She stood up, still holding her broken arm then sat at the other side of the purse, just turning her head to say a single sentence while her eyes were now empty. “I thought that meeting you was a miracle but… You’ve also brought a curse with you. Leave me alone please.”

The purse moved again just like if it fall inside of something else then it stopped to move. Erelle could hear some voices outside but couldn’t know where she was now. Finally the purse got picked up again and turned upside-down, Erelle and Sandra were now falling and landed on a hard surface made of steel. Erelle could hear Sandra let out a cry of pain while holding her broken arm, thinking that Sandra probably fall on it, but there was something much more important happening now. Erelle stood up and watched around, this ‘box’ was filled with many kinds of candies but also some other small people like them. Looking behind her, Erelle knew what was there… but wasn’t afraid and turned around to face what she was scared of before: a human. This giant girl was ‘different’ since she was wearing clothes made of many expensive pieces of silk. She was also wearing in her deep blonde hair a crown made of gold. Erelle was still looking at her, wondering if it was the human princess she heard about.

“Ho… a different kind…?” Said the giant girl while picking Erelle up between two fingers and was now looking at her carefully, before taking a candy with her other hand and put it in her mouth. Erelle stayed silent for now, before the giant girl started to talk again “Hmmm… I think I read something in our kingdom’s book about a tiny like you… was it about Queen Adre… Anda…?” Erelle closed her eyes and opened her lips “Andrea.” The princess’ eyes popped open and she was now looking even more carefully “Yes it was her but how do you know this name? I remember this story now… that she was the Queen who decided to breed the tiny like you… and she had a white haired too but, would you mind telling me your name ?” Erelle sighed, she knew that this human would probably kill her in the end “my name is Erelle.” Again the princess looked really surprised “You’re kidding me right…? You’re supposed to be dead 500 hears ago. How do you know about my ancestor’s and this tiny’s name that is yours too? Is that… true ? That white haired like you can use magic ? My knights told me a strange tale like this when they found you but…” Erelle opened her eyes “So ? Do you plan to release me or the small other ones ?” The princess frowned “No. You’re all my candy after all and I still don’t really believe this. My knights might told you to tell me this after all…” Erelle sighed “I thought so, the humans are still that stupid even now… at least they stopped to create toys to keep us like your ancestor.” The princess moved Erelle closer to her eyes, now really curious “What do you mean…?” The small girl looked pissed now “She used a stupid pendant to trap me, it was soooo fun to keep me just like a small gem, but I don’t care anymore for this. If you plan to kill me, do it fast.”

“It’s impossible…” said the princess, not realizing that her fingers were now pressing harder onto the small one. She pulled her collar with her other hand and picked up that was inside. Erelle’s eyes opened wide when she saw it… a stupid memory from another time… A silver shape with a small ring at the middle, tall enough to trap a small one like her within “No way…” the princess was looking at Erelle “No one knows this jewel except in the royal family… how do… no. You’re telling me that you’re really ‘this’ Erelle?” Erelle closed her eyes, this human now knew about her real past but the small girl didn’t wanted to say more. “Erelle… you’re immortal ? And there’s a legend about you too… The Queen Andrea told in her book that the tinies like you makes the humans bodies beautiful and I really believe this. I wonder if you…” But the princess couldn’t finish her sentence and hid back the pendant in her dress while a guard came in the room. “Your majesty, your coach is here.” The princess nodded and put back Erelle in the box “We’ll talk later.” Before putting back the steel lid onto it.

The small people who were around gathered when the box stopped to move and looked at Erelle, not really wanting to ask questions about her but they hoped that she could save them. “You should stay away from her, she’s cursed.” Said a voice in the back, Erelle noticed Sandra sitting in a corner but didn’t answered. Sandra turned her head, not wanting to say more but the people around Erelle were now wondering why, she was still one of the ‘old gods’ for them. And after some time, the people scattered around and were searching where they could sleep, their hopes about escaping this place still low as long as they would be inside the candy box.

A loud noise woke up Erelle this morning and she opened her eyes slowly. It was the sound like if some horses were near but also if the whole place where they were was now moving. The whole place was moving too, some giant candies were rolling all around Erelle and soon the lid opened a bit while a giant hand came inside. The fingers closed and trapped two of the small ones among with many candy. The giant hand then moved away with the small ones still screaming and trying to escape this hand’s grasp but it was useless and the lid came back onto the box, leaving Erelle and some others in the darkness.

After some hours, the lid moved away again and the small ones could see the princess again from below, the girl looking carefully in the box “Show yourself Erelle.”. Erelle stepped out from below some candies and was looking at the giant girl “I’m here, what do you want?”. The princess frowned, Erelle wasn’t talking to her with respecting her ‘title’ but grabbed the small one between two fingers before closing her candy box again. Erelle was looking around, this place was small with two seats and doors on the sides, Erelle could hear horses nearby and the whole place was moving too, it was probably a human vehicle. “We need to talk Erelle.” Said the princess while sitting the small girl at the center of her hand. “I don’t know what to think about you… you told things that you’re not supposed to know and… it’s the first time I see someone like you.” Erelle put her head on the side “So…?” The princess frowned again “You should respect me when we’re talking Erelle, I should remind you that I have your tiny life within my hand…” Erelle sighed “And here we go again, humanity hadn’t changed I see, always wanting to be the ‘strong ones’ for us. I’m smaller than your thumb and you can kill me easily so what…? If you want to do it well, kill me! I’m not afraid of dying and the next time I’ll be back to life you’ll be probably be dead for years !”

The princess giggled “You told something like that before, but I really would like to see that… the ‘magic’ you have within you… that made Andrea the most beautiful woman 500 years ago. I’m pretty sure that it happened after she ate you.” Said the princess while Erelle was now not feeling really at ease anymore. She moved Erelle closer to her face “I don’t really like the way you talk to me tiny one, and I don’t really want to keep you around if you refuse to give me what I want. So I might just eat you up and see if this ‘magic’ happens by myself.” Erelle was listening then answered “Showing your true side finally…? You’re no different from any other human in the end.”. The princess laughed then moved Erelle closer to her giant pink lips “And you’re not different from any other candy Erelle, but well… let me enjoy this now.” Said the giant girl while opening her mouth and dropped Erelle inside.

Erelle had a shiver. She had been eaten many times already, felt the same pain when she would be digested alive but she never enjoyed it. The princess was sucking her tiny prey, tasting her everywhere and ripped her tiny dress with her sharp teeth. Erelle was feeling tired, her body was hurting from what the human was doing with her. Soon, Erelle’s body was tossed on the side and the small girl let out a cry when she hit a hard ground before realizing where she was. “No…!” Said Erelle when she noticed that she was onto the giant girl’s teeth but couldn’t move when a heavy weight ‘fall’ on her back. Erelle coughed hard, trying to turn her head, she saw that the princess closed her teeth on her and was pressing them harder onto the small body. Erelle let out a scream, she was about to be broken by this giant girl and was suffering from a horrible pain, soon her tiny bones would break…

But the princess stopped, before making Erelle fall at the center of her tongue. “You’re not really strong in the end Erelle. Even if your feelings are hard like stone we can’t really say the same about your tiny self right?” Said the princess with a loud laughter that echoed all around Erelle. “Sooo… finally wanting to show me your magic Erelle? Or should I just swallow you like any other tiny one ?” Asked the princess, still wondering how Erelle would answer. “Kill me if you want stupid girl. I’m not afraid to die but do it fast.” Answered Erelle with a cold voice, even if it was hard for her to breath because of the pain her body was still feeling. The princess frowned and looked now pissed off. “Well… I gave you a chance but you’re still acting like this ? It’s fine for me.” Finished the princess before tilting her head a bit back and swallowed the small girl easily, now feeling Erelle’s body going down her throat “But well… you were still delicious in the end, now be a good girl and try to resist as I’ll be digesting you alive…”

Erelle had her eyes closed. She already heard those noises so many times, the sounds of a human body claiming a tiny’s life. She was still going down and heard the princess ‘outside’ but she wouldn’t give her any pleasure from this. Soon Erelle’s body passed a tiny opening and fall… inside of the princess’ stomach. All around her were some candy melting slowly and some ripped clothes, probably from the giantess’ previous victims. Erelle squeezed her fists and sat in the digestive fluids, she knew that it would hurt soon, from a pain she never enjoyed since she started her ‘journey’ between hundred of lives. Erelle let out a small cry, the fluids were already burning her all around, but she would resist to the end and die without giving the princess anything that she would enjoy. “Peh… you’re so small Erelle, I can’t really say that you calmed down my hunger.” Said the princess while frowning. She opened her candy box again and grabbed a young girl before tossing her inside of her giant mouth. Then it happened not so long afterward, the princess swallowed the young girl while just giggling as an answer to the tiny one’s pleas. Erelle was stunned, she knew that the humans loved to be cruel with their small lives but right now it wasn’t anything but an execution. Erelle could see the small girl fall inside of the giant room. The girl was screaming from fear, this place wasn’t really friendly and soon the two girls knew that they would die to feed this princess. Erelle took the girl in her arms and tried to calm her down even if the young one was still screaming. The ‘place’ all around them was aware of the two small ones, some juices were pouring from the living walls and some loud noises echoed around the girls. Erelle was still holding the other girl who was like ‘frozen’, she was maybe just 14 years old but today would be her last day she would live.

“Save us…” suddenly heard Erelle, the girl was whispering but her eyes were now empty of any life. Erelle knew that it would be the end soon, the juices they were bathing in was now ‘biting’ their skin. The white haired girl was now remembering something that she heard many years ago, that her ‘power’ to give life could be used another way: to take someone’s life. Erelle was looking at this young girl slowly dying in her arms but couldn’t do anything to save them. Or rather Erelle would be the only one who would see the light of the sun again because of her power. Erelle closed her eyes, she was now hearing this girl cough from the lack of oxygen but also cry from this horrible pain, Erelle would help her in the most horrible way: by ending this girl’s suffering. Erelle was feeling something different within her body, now noticing one of her hands ‘burning’ her.

A black flame that was in fact burning Erelle’s hand, she knew that somehow… she could use this power too. Erelle was about to place her hand on the girl’s shivering body, once it would be done the girl would probably die, but it was the best for her. Suddenly Erelle heard a small moan from the girl who let out a single word… “Mommy…” that made Erelle realize what she was about to do. Erelle moved her hand and made this flame disappear, she was about to kill a girl and if she had done this she wouldn’t be different from a human towards a small one. Erelle wrapped her arms around the young girl who was still crying and started to sing a soft melody. Erelle knew that she would never become a mother because of her power but wanted to be there for this girl. The girl coughed and was breathing slowly, her small life was ending while the giant stomach was still doing its job on them, Erelle placed her hand on the girl’s forehead before kissing it, she would be the ‘mother’ for this girl that needed this so much. And after some minutes, the girl stopped to move, tears still flowing out of her closed eyes, Erelle hugged this girl tight… letting out some tears too, screaming in her head that this girl never deserved this. Erelle was coughing too, there wasn’t much oxygen left in the ‘room’ and she couldn’t feel her legs anymore too. Erelle had a shy smile… knowing that it was the end for her too, she hugged the girl’s body and would stay like this before falling on the side inside of this churning pool. The process went fast and Erelle soon drowned, she hoped at the end of her life that Sandra would be able to escape and maybe start her live over. Outside of this place, the human princess didn’t really cared about what just happened, she just pat her belly knowing that the 2 girls were now gone forever “Peh… at last you’re where you belong Erelle.” Said the princess while looking at the road outside.

The same white light was glowing, Erelle would be soon back to life again. The difference was that she didn’t traveled to the ‘void’ this time but came back almost immediately to life, maybe just a day later. The light flashed bright and Erelle’s body was now on the ground, probably at a different time and place. Erelle could hear many screams around her but the place was dark and hadn’t light. “I hope I didn’t scared anyone again…” was thinking Erelle while trying to sit. There was again some screams and another woman’s voice nearby but Erelle’s mind was too blurry to understand anything. Suddenly a loud noise could be heard nearby and a ‘line’ of light started to form before the ceiling went off, Erelle now facing a surprised human girl. “Erelle?!” Squeaked the human girl while looking at the small sitting girl. Erelle moved her head up, her vision was becoming clear but her eyes opened wide as she realized her situation “Y… you…?!” Said Erelle with a shivering voice while she discovered that the human girl who was facing her was the girl who killed her on the previous day… the human princess.

She got picked up carelessly while all of the small ones were also looking at her with scared expressions, the princess closed the box and tossed it on the side of her seat before putting Erelle in front of her face “HOW?”. Erelle turned her head when the giant one yelled at her face but the princess looked really angry and pressed her fingers harder onto the small girl “HOW CAN YOU BE ALIVE?! I ate you yesterday Erelle and you’re not supposed to exist anymore !!” Yelled the princess again before looking at Erelle’s face who didn’t answered. “You’re really immortal…” whispered the princess before shaking her hand that was holding onto the small one “Answer me !!” Yelled the princess again before moving her hand away. “Oh… I understand you’re not going to tell me again. I killed you once Erelle and I CAN still do it again you know.” Erelle raised her head “Here we go again… kill me if you want, I can’t resist your strength but… You won’t win against me even if you kill me 1000 times !” The princess frowned before letting out a groan and moved her hand above her head “Stop talking to me like a spoiled girl, I’M THE PRINCESS !!” Yelled the human while she tossed the small girl that fall heavily onto the ground.

Erelle wasn’t moving anymore, her small face had some blood coming from her head and one of her arms looked broken. The human girl stood up and moved her feet right above Erelle before letting it fall on her, feeling the tiny body break under her shoe. “Die Erelle… DIE AND DON’T COME BACK!!!” Screamed the princess while she slammed her feet many times onto the ground, wanting all of the small one’s bones to break. After a minute, the princess was breathing loudly but still looked angry “Stupid tiny, you should better know what you are! I’ll never consider you as a real living being, you’re just our toy !!”. A voice suddenly came from outside, probably from the driver “Are you alright Princess?” The human girl tried to calm and was now breathing slowly “Yes I’m fine. Can I ask you where we are now ?” The man was mumbling a bit while looking a his map “We should be there maybe tomorrow at night your Majesty, this city isn’t really near the capital after all.” The princess nodded and sat back on the seat “I see, thank you.” Before looking at the small body still on the ground. Moving her hand she picked it with a disgusted face and tossed it by the window, not really wishing to meet Erelle again but also hoping that she finally got rid of her too.

“What about them?” Was thinking Erelle in this dark landscape, she was thinking about Sandra and all of the other people still trapped. Of course if Erelle wanted, she could travel to another ‘life’ far away from this one but she was feeling something deep within her that wouldn’t allow just to give up the other small ones. Erelle could now see her body made of light slowly fade away, telling her that she would leave this place beyond death again and would start another life. She closed her eyes, telling just a word that was now her wish for her next life “Please, allow me to save them…”

It was the next day, the princess’ back was hurting her a bit because sleeping ‘on the road’ wasn’t really enjoyable, but soon she would reach the city and have a real bed to sleep in. She wasn’t thinking much about Erelle anymore and wanted to calm down a bit since this night would be important for her and her future kingdom too. Taking her candy box, she slowly opened the lid, ready to choose her next ‘victim’. “Hello Tinies!” Said the princess while moving her pointer finger around, until it stopped onto a small woman “You’ll be the first.” Said the princess with a giggle before catching up the small one with two fingers. The small woman was screaming but no one could help her. Sandra who was still in the box was watching this with the same fear… reminding her each time what happened to her own daughter some days ago. Sandra moved her head away and closed her eyes, she had a strong shiver when she heard this horrible sound, the sound of a loud scream cut by a gulping sound. Sandra knew that this woman wouldn’t escape this human’s body anymore and had a shiver, not wanting to think about this. The princess giggled “Resisting heh… but it’s useless ~” while she was feeling something within her, the small woman managed to stop her descent but was still inside of the human’s throat. The princess raised her head a bit and swallowed loudly, making the small woman lose her grip and fall again… Sandra witnessed in horror the small bulge containing the woman going down the human’s throat and soon disappear… the small woman got eaten. The princess giggled again and put her head right above the box, looking at all the small people trapped inside with many different candy, before resuming her ‘game’ with her finger, moving it from one of the small ones to another. “I wonder who’ll be the next one…~” and soon the princess stopped, Sandra let out a scream while she saw the finger right in front of her, she would be the next one.

“No… NO!!!” Screamed Sandra when she got picked up easily by the queen who placed the small woman in front of her face “Well well… You’re the next one… any last words before becoming this cute girl’s snack…?~” Sandra had a strong shiver, the princess was opening her mouth in front of her, ready to enjoy another of her candies but the small girl couldn’t escape the human girl’s grasp with her broken arm, she was at this giant girl’s mercy and would die today…

Until a bright glow appeared in front of the princess, who let fall Sandra back in the box, the small one ‘landing’ on a soft candy so she didn’t hurt herself. Sandra moved her head to see this now burning white flame flying right in front of the human girl. The princess was in fear, she never saw something like this and her eyes were ‘glued’ to it. The flame let out a bright flash and a small body was now ‘standing’ withing this fire: Erelle. The princess wanted to catch her but Erelle opened her eyes, filled with anger and the princess couldn’t move anymore, now fearing what was happening. Erelle’s body started to glow and soon two wings of light appeared behind her while her forehead was wearing a crown made of the same light. But something else was happening too, Erelle’s body started to grow taller and taller… until her feet ‘landed’ on the ground, still looking deeply into the princess’ eyes with a cold stare. “What… what’s this…!” Screamed the princess “It’s impossible !!!”

Erelle opened her wings wide, still looking at the terrified girl in front of them that fall on her seat, shivering from a deep fear “Don’t… don’t kill me!”. Erelle winced “You’re begging me really…? Do you remember how many people you killed when they were begging you? Probably not am I right? I wonder if… i could reduce you to our size so you would enjoy to be eaten like a small candy too…”. The princess started to shiver “No… no please ! I’ll do whatever you want ! But spare my life!”. Erelle took some steps forward and even if the princess was older than her, Erelle had still a strong presence compared to her. “I’ll be taking this, don’t even try to kill any other of my people human child… or I’ll be there again and I’ll take care of you… by myself.” Said Erelle while taking the box containing the small ones. Looking down at them, most of them looked scared, not understanding why Erelle was here again but she would save them. Erelle moved a hand and the side door opened by itself before looking a last time into the princess’ eyes “You should really listen to my advice or you’ll know what will happen to you.” The princess bowed her head down, some tears coming out of her eyes “Y… yes !! I’ll never kill any of them anymore, don’t hurt me please !!” Erelle looked a last time at the princess before her wings glowed while she jumped out of the coach.

The human vehicle didn’t stopped and went right into a nearby city. Erelle’s body was floating but came down slowly, her foot now reaching the ground. Using one of her hands she broke of the box’s sides and placed it on the ground before putting a knee on the ground “We’re not that far from a city, you should be able to find a place to hide.”. Many of the small ones were still scared of Erelle but picked some of the candies before running outside of the box to hide in the tall grass that was besides the road. Erelle was feeling suddenly something within her body and she started to shrink to her usual size, her wings of light disappearing like a small flame in the wind. Erelle was now in front of the box and faced a small woman coming out, still holding her broken arm: Sandra.

“So you saved me again.” Said Sandra while taking some steps on the side, Erelle bowed her head “I’m sorry Sandra…” but the woman turned her head away “I… can’t trust you Erelle. I lost already too much to give you my trust again. Kat was the one who was giving me hope everyday, and when this human was about to kill me I… almost accepted this so I would have been with my daughter again even if I had to die in the process.” A small couple was exiting the box and passed near Erelle and Sandra, they had fear in their eyes when they saw Erelle’s hair. “When I told you that you’re cursed Erelle… Even your own people fear you now. I’ll be living on my own now and I don’t need your help anymore… farewell.” Finished Sandra while disappearing in the tall grass, still holding her arm. Erelle could have stopped her, she could have tried to say anything but how could she reach Sandra’s broken heart? Erelle didn’t knew and stayed silent. She took a look at her hair, showing to the world who she was really and she bowed her head down, understanding that in the end there’s some things that she couldn’t heal.

Erelle was tired. This world was already too much for her and she couldn’t think about anything else to do. She didn’t really wanted to spend more time in this life too so she took some steps and went inside of the candy box. Once in it she looked at all of the giant candy around her and sat on the ground, putting her head on a candy like a sugar ‘pillow’ she closed her eyes, waiting for a human to find her.

She was a poor girl living in the city. She had just a torn piece of cloth covering her but it wasn’t warm and some ‘private’ parts of her body couldn’t be hidden too. She was sitting in the main road, asking people to give her some coins but hadn’t much to buy anything. She was thinking about her family that she lost in a fire some years ago, leaving her alone without a proper place to live but a burnt house. It was almost the night, standing up, she moved her hands to cover the small holes that were on her ‘dress’ and started to walk outside of the city. She was feeling tired because her latest real ‘meal’ was more than a week ago and she hadn’t much coins to buy even a small piece of bread. Her stomach growled and she put her hand on it, she was in pain. Taking a small road, she would see her house soon but had still to walk for some time. She suddenly sat on the ground and took her feet with her hands, since she hadn’t shoes it was hurting her when she was walking on some sharp stones but if only she was as rich as the ‘princess’ she heard about earlier in the streets, she wouldn’t have to care about anything like this. While she was about to stand up and walk again, she turned her head and noticed something a bit far on the road. Standing up, she started to walk closer and soon saw that it was a small box made of metal, taking the last few steps she finally saw it from above and discovered what was inside. “What’s this…?” Said this girl while focusing her eyes on what was at the center… a small girl.

“What are you doing there?” Said the human to the small girl who was inside what looked like a candy box. The small one opened her eyes and looked at this giant girl from below, looking at her dirty face and torn clothes before closing her eyes again. The human girl was a bit confused and picked up the tiny girl with her fingers before placing her in front of her eyes “You’re really one of those tiny ones… should I report you to the guards or…?” The small white haired girl opened her tired eyes and answered “You can eat me if you want… by how tired you look, you hadn’t ate anything for some days right?” The human girl moved her head a bit back “It’s true… but why a tiny one would want to die so badly ? You know what will happen to you if I eat you right ? Besides… can I take some of those candies ?” The small one put her head on the side “Well… those aren’t mine so yeah feel free to eat as many as you want and if you want to add a tiny piece of ‘meat’ to that well… I won’t resist. I’m just tired of this life already…”.

The human girl took a candy and started to bite in it, even if it wasn’t much food, it still was some sugar and her body wouldn’t say no to this. Still looking at the tiny one she was wondering “You’re weird. It’s the first time I see a white haired one like you but… if that’s okay for you I… could eat you too. Mind if I ask you your name before please…?” The small one sighed “Erelle… but it doesn’t really matters now. If I could be useful to your body well… that’s fine for me in the end.” The human girl finished the candy and placed Erelle a bit down from where she was “You know… I’m a poor girl, I’m living on my own so I can’t eat much every day so… don’t say that you’re useless Erelle. Unlike you I… didn’t gave up on living and… I would gladly accept you since you’re alright with it.”. Erelle finally saw the giant mouth in front of her open and she knew what would happen next, closing her eyes she could soon feel the moist texture of the girl’s tongue and hear her breath all around. Erelle had still her eyes closed when she could feel the gravity change when the giant tongue started to raise and soon Erelle was falling inside of the human’s throat when she got swallowed easily.

Erelle had still a disgusted expression on her face when she heard this loud gulping sound all around her and was now sinking deeper inside of this girl’s body. “In the end it’s no different from when it happens…” was thinking Erelle while she landed inside of this girl’s stomach. She sat at the middle, waiting for her life to end. But something unexpected happened, that made Erelle listen closely, the human girl was actually talking to her from the outside. “Thank… thank you little one. You may think that I’m just a heartless monster but let me tell you that it’s not true. Since I’m poor I don’t have anything much to live on and… I might die on starvation, but you are giving me maybe one more day to live. I know that you’ll be dying in the process but I’m sorry for this, if only I had a better choice I wouldn’t hurt you because I know that it’s harder at your size. So yes… thank you for giving yourself to me, be sure that I’ll remember your name for the rest of my life… Erelle.”. The small girl started to have tears in her eyes, this human was actually ‘teaching’ her something important, that she wouldn’t have to give up. Of course she already died hundreds of times and Erelle was always alone when it happened, but this time was different because she was saving a human, something she never expected to do again during all of those years. Erelle was already feeling a burning sensation onto her skin, this human hadn’t eaten anything for a week so claiming this tiny one’s life would happen soon. Erelle closed her eyes and whispered, loud enough so the girl could hear her “I would also like to thank you too, to show me that you’re so strong even in a situation like this… I’ll be sure to remember it next time…” Finished Erelle who with a last cough fall and splashed into the acids. Her tiny self was already wearing many wounds because of the human’s digestive fluids biting her body at many places but now Erelle wouldn’t suffer more from this life.

The human girl heard what Erelle said but couldn’t understand the end, she took many more candies and bite in them before noticing something behind her, it was the tiny box’s lid but it was a bit different. “What…” said the human girl who picked it up and noticed many jewels on it, if she could sell it she would probably have enough to buy many things and maybe repair her house. The girl let her arms fall on her sides, tears now flowing out of her eyes, her life would probably change today and Erelle was a part of this. The human girl couldn’t feel the small one within her but put a hand on her stomach, giving her a small prayer to thank her. Standing up, she started to walk back to her house, looking at all of the gems, her poor life was about to begin again.

Erelle was back in the ‘void’ space. Opening her eyes she was thinking about this last life and didn’t expected a human to be like this. Maybe not all of them were heartless monsters she was thinking. Her body glowed, it was time to go back to life again. Erelle was thinking about Sandra again, she was hoping that the small woman could live her life fully and maybe that she could have moved on from her loss. Erelle didn’t knew Kat for many days but she never deserved this, she was just a child. Closing her eyes, Erelle was vanishing from this place, life calling her back, she hoped that someday… humans could realize their error and would change towards the small ones.

Many years later, Erelle was still doing her best but it wasn’t enough yet. Humans just loved to torture their small toys and Erelle’s fight was almost impossible. There was now a strange rumor she heard around : that her white hair was a sign of a curse and that disasters were following her whenever she was going. Erelle was sad about that, she used to be one of the 5 people helping the small ones as far as they could but now no one wanted to be cured by her powers anymore. Erelle started to feel a stronger sadness while she was now traveling inside of these many lives, not being able to help anyone anymore. But also because of this, she was feeling lonely even more, even the small children were afraid of her. She knew that she would never become a mother because of this power a during one of her ‘breaks’ in the void she almost wished that everything would stop.

It was almost true in the end, Erelle was now in despair that no one would remember her and she was about to die alone, forgotten by everyone. As a last wish, Erelle sacrificed her own power, her essence of life to create a young girl, looking like her when she was a child. This girl had white hair so life wouldn’t be easy for her but Erelle was giving her more than she would need, her own power of life. Erelle’s wings and crown of light disappeared from her body that started to vanish into oblivion to move onto the young girl’s back. The young one started to breath… hearing the name her mother gave her : ‘Erry’. Erelle smiled but was feeling sad, she would never see her daughter grow nor know her, so as an ultimate gift, she wrapped her in a soft embrace, wishing her the best with her new existence but also wouldn’t remember what happened to Erelle during all of her lives. Erelle closed her eyes and with a last breath that warmed her daughter, she vanished into the void, leaving Erry ready to start her own journey into this world.

Erry’s life started, she met another girl who accepted her as her sister : Aya. This girl wasn’t afraid of those rumors about the people with white hair and living with Erry was the best thing that happened in her life… until a fateful day. Erry and her sister got caught by two humans that decided to kill them almost immediately but with playing with their small feelings before. Erry didn’t really died, she woke up in a new place but without remembering anything that happened to her, except watching her sister being killed in front of her eyes. Erry was now living the same fate as her mother but without knowing it and not remembering anything from her many lives. Every time, Erry tried her best to survive but only failed because of some twist of the fate. But because of all of those sad ends, a new feeling was building within her every time she was traveling between two lived : a deep hatred.

Erry’s power was unknown to her but she couldn’t really ‘control’ it yet too. Because of this, her hatred started to grow fast and became a ‘real’ girl too, only made of Erry’s pain and despair. This entity detached itself from Erry and started to grow on its own, giving itself a new name but also a goal… to destroy the girl who created her : Erry. This girl now named ‘Enaelle’ looked exactly like Erry but was wearing ‘darkness’ like a living dress. Because of the power within her, Enaelle managed to trap Erry in a different ‘world’ where she wanted Erry to accept this ‘dark’ part of her and destroy everything with her power. Enaelle didn’t really cared about Erry’s sanity and after exiting Erry’s body she was now showing her ‘living pictures’ of every single of Erry’s deaths.

Erry’s mind was breaking down, watching herself die in despair every single time was too much for her and she couldn’t resist anymore… she wanted to disappear. Both of the girls were still in the dark place when Enaelle suddenly grew up and caught Erry before tossing the tiny broken girl inside of her mouth. Enaelle was laughing in a crazy way… she finally managed to make Erry believe that the only part of this tiny girl in that world was to die forever. Erry closed her eyes, she was tired and was about to vanish from existence into her own darkness. Soon, Enaelle’s head raised a bit and with a single move of her tongue swallowed Erry who was now traveling deeper inside of Enaelle’s body made of darkness.

“Aya.” Echoed into Erry’s mind who suddenly woke up from this state, Erry was remembering how strong was her sister and she couldn’t give up now! But Erry’s body was already too deep inside of Enaelle who was still laughing at her, the small girl wanted to ask help but who could she call ? She was in an unknown place and they were alone. Erry didn’t noticed that her back started to glow, showing this ‘wing’ symbol she received many years ago “Someone… please… save me !!” Screamed Erry in her mind.

Another voice was echoing far away from this place. She was the only who could hear this name but she wasn’t supposed to be there anymore. “Erry” said this voice again while in font of her eyes started to form two arms of light… she was now ‘tearing’ into the darkness in front of her. She wasn’t understanding how or why she was back but that wasn’t important because someone was in danger. “ERRY !” Screamed this voice again, the two arms now tearing the darkness of the void itself, she saw a girl made of darkness who was about to kill a tiny one. With a fast move, the two hands grabbed onto the neck of the girl, surprised that She was back too. “Spit her out.” Suddenly said a voice that came from a face that was appearing, then more appeared behind the arms, until a full body was pulled from the void, Erelle was back. “I said spit her out NOW !” Yelled Erelle while her crown of light was also back on her forehead. Enaelle was coughing, Erelle’s hands were squeezing her neck even more and Erry wasn’t going down anymore. Erry could soon feel a dark liquid coming up that dragged her outside of Enaelle’s mouth, she was outside again but now facing someone she didn’t knew. Erelle was different from Erry because of her longer hair but also her wings and crown made of light but they still had almost the same face.

Erelle and Enaelle were now talking, the girl of darkness wanted to know how she got back to life but Erelle hadn’t the answer. While looking at Erry she was wondering if her daughter managed to do that somehow. Erry was just listening to the two giant ones, she was learning many things and the most important… that Erelle was her mother, but her mind was still almost broken from before and couldn’t understand most of the details. Enaelle now knew that she wouldn’t be able to kill her ‘sister’ but still tried to taunt Erelle about that. But it wasn’t a good idea to anger the girl who just came back from the void. “Begone !!” Yelled Erelle while putting her hand in front of Enaelle, making the girl made of darkness scream from pain and vanish in the darkness. Enaelle would be back someday probably but Erelle would now be there. Erry was shivering, she had too much questions in her mind but let Erelle pick her within her warm hand while she removed all of the dark drops remaining onto Erry. It was the only thing Erry wanted to know, a question she knew that she would never have the answer but now… she would know “Are… are you my…-” but Erelle stopped her by moving her hand, making Erry fall asleep on her hand immediately.

“I’m sorry Erry…” said Erelle while placing her hand onto the small body, now reading all of her memories… she learned about the tiny one who became her sister: Aya, another human girl who became friend with Erry even if it didn’t ended well and much more things. Erelle kissed the small body, “Erry… how can I thank you… you brought me back to life… That’s something I never expected to happen. But I can’t allow you to remember all of this yet… you need to become stronger before and maybe someday…” Finished Erelle while removing all of the memories about herself and what happened to Erry today. Erelle started to shrink, she was now at her tiny size and was facing the sleeping Erry, getting closer she wrapped her arms around her and let out a tear out “I thought I would never see you again Erry… you’ve grown so much and lived so much things already. I’m sad that I couldn’t be there when you needed but now I’ll be there to watch over you.” Erelle kissed her daughter on the forehead then just stayed like this until Erry’s back glowed, showing the ‘symbol’ of her power before vanishing from this place. Erelle knew that she had to give up her own power to ‘create’ Erry… but when she was called back to life by the young girl, she was given back her ‘gift’. Erelle giggled, remembering that the girl she was holding in her arms not so long ago was almost as tall as her. They had so many years of difference but Erry looked just like Erelle’s younger sister, still Erelle leaned many things from her different lives and knew how to take care of Erry.

Erelle could now ‘watch’ Erry’s life from this place so far from her but wasn’t able to join her in the world of the living. Each time that Erry died, Erelle was here to comfort this girl even if Erry was always in a sleeping state when she was in that dark place. Erelle was also watching 2 other souls : Aya who was given the ability to come back to life too and Saphyr, the human girl that became Erry’s sister. Aya and Saphyr met and it wasn’t be easy for them because Saphyr was the one who ended Erry’s life but Aya forgave her and they were now searching for Erry together. Erelle was hugging her daughter again, giving her all of the love a mother could give to her child before talking again “Erry. I’m sorry for this fate I gave you but I couldn’t keep on living after many thousands of years. But you have this power within you too. You don’t know how to control it yet but I’m sure that someday you’ll be able to do it and find your sister again. I’m also really sorry about what happened with Enaelle, I never thought that something like this could happen but… if you have to face her again I’ll be there to protect you.” Erelle rested her forehead against Erry’s and heard her breath “Erry my child, you deserve to be happy too… and I’m sure this day will come. But for now, you should rest.” Finished Erelle while humming a soft song from and old time, her two wings of light ‘covering’ Erry who was sleeping peacefully until the next time she would be called to the world of the living.

End of part 7.