Erry’s story part 8 : Memories


It’s been some days that she woke up there already. Erry was now in a new place that she didn’t knew. It was a shop, a giant shop where humans were buying some groceries. Erry was on a counter, ‘displayed’ with many other people trapped in some plastic cells. There was some holes so the micro people could breath but knowing how the humans were with some other people less tall than 3cm it wasn’t a good thing for them to be there. Erry could hear many screams around and people yelling at her, it was apparently because of her white hair, the very sign of a curse among the small people. The days passed and Erry was feeling weak, she hadn’t anything to feed on since she got trapped inside of this plastic item and her tired body didn’t allowed her to move much. She was now resting against the plastic texture, wearing the same old torn dress she found many years ago. Suddenly a ringing noise was heard, a human customer went inside of the shop and would probably pass in front of the small shelf soon. ‘Living tiny candies’ was written on the box where Erry was, she clenched her teeth but it was the sad truth for her and she couldn’t do anything about it. Erry looked a bit around and there wasn’t much of the small packages remaining, only 4 of them.

A human girl was getting closer and soon watched at the tiny display “Wow! At this price!”, she crouched and was now looking at all of the tiny ones, wondering which one she would buy before focusing her eyes on a tiny white haired girl “Hmmm?” Said the human girl while moving her hand closer and grabbed the tiny piece of plastic containing Erry. The small girl just gave a tired look to this human but didn’t said anything, there was nothing that Erry could now right now. Erry was now in front of this human’s face who was watching closely “Hey tiny miss, you could smile you know since from today you’ll be mine.” Said the human with a smile but Erry didn’t answered and just sat at the bottom of her cell. The human girl frowned but still kept the tiny inside of her hand before doing some other groceries. Soon Erry was being sold as the cashier read the price tag that was on her small box, the human girl from before now taking Erry again and placed her in her pocket “We’ll have to talk once I’ll be back home.” Said the giant girl. Erry was still inside of her plastic prison, her small belly hurting her. She hoped that this human would be different from the ones she saw before but now she would probably have some time to think before the girl would reach her house. “Aaaahhh…” moaned Erry in pain when she was trying to remember how she got there some days ago. Her memory was blurry and she couldn’t remember what happened to her before she woke up in this packaging, her head hurting her each time she was trying to think more. “I guess I’ll have to pass on trying to know what happened…” whispered Erry to herself while wrapping her legs with her arms, hoping that this human wouldn’t kill her before the end of the day.

The human girl was finally at home and opened the door with her keys, now inside she removed her shoes and went to her room where she put the small package containing Erry on a table before leaving the room. Erry was feeling a bit dizzy since the human girl was walking fast and the small girl couldn’t do anything about bumping into each side of the small plastic package. Putting her hand on her head she was looking a bit around and saw a strange device on the side but couldn’t see much more. Besides this it looked like a normal human room, so gigantic for the small Erry. Soon, she could hear some steps coming near and Erry witnessed the human that was now back in her room, holding a tray in her hands. The human girl placed the tray on the table and sat on a chair before taking Erry’s package. The small one saw some food on this tray… so she would probably be a part of it for the human girl, after all it was so ‘fun’ for the humans to eat some small helpless people…

The human girl ripped the top of the plastic bag easily before moving it on the side, making Erry scream while she started to slide until she landed onto the tray. The small one looked around and there was no escape for her, jumping off the table would be the end for her. Erry wanted to beg this human girl to spare her life but it would be probably useless, the human girl moved her head closer and watched the small Erry not far from the giant plate before opening her lips to talk “Eat.”. Erry had a shiver and looked all around, was this human girl talking to her? The human girl placed her finger in front of Erry “Yes, I’m talking to you. Eat something.” Erry was looking now confused, why a human girl would give her something to eat? The human filled a tiny lid with water and placed it near Erry “Aren’t you hungry? I doubt that you had much to feed on in this shop am I right?” Erry sat on the ground, looking at the lid “You’re right but… you plan to kill me right…?” The human girl frowned “Sorry but no. It’s the first time I see a tiny like you and I told you that I plan to keep you.” Erry was feeling less scared but still wasn’t trusting this human “You mean that… I’m free ?” The human girl giggled “Not quite… let’s say that you know belong to me… like a tiny pet. But I don’t plan to to kill you don’t worry.” Erry looked down, she would just be a small pet, but at least she would be safe for now. The human girl moved her head back above Erry and spoke again “I’m Eva. Now that you know that you should eat something, I don’t want you to die from this.” Erry looked on the side “My name is Erry…” the human smiled “Ho so you have a name, a cute one too. To be honest… I prefer you to call me by my name if I want to talk with you, some of my friends prefer their tinies to call them ‘master’ or whatever but I don’t really like this. Now eat.” Erry bowed her head down before standing up, and went near the plate where she grabbed some food and bite in it. “After all it’s better than to be killed…” thought Erry about her new condition, she just hoped that this human wouldn’t get bored of her soon.

Erry’s body was now feeling better and full, she was glad that somehow she got something to eat today even if she would become this human’s pet. Eva had a smile and picked up something that she placed not so far from Erry, it was the small thing Erry saw before but didn’t knew what it was used for. Eva removed what looked like a small lid and picked Erry with two fingers, now approaching Erry from it. “What is this…? You don’t plan to hurt me do you… ” asked Erry who wasn’t sure about what would happen next. Eva was about to put Erry in a tiny ‘container’ made of a sort of glass “No and don’t move.” Answered Eva while she dropped Erry inside and put back the small lid on it, there was some holes so Erry could breath easily. Eva then took a small necklace and attached the small thing on it before hanging it down in front of her face, her eyes looking at the tiny girl trapped inside “You’re now my jewel Erry, I’ll keep you safe as long as you obey me, understand?” Erry bowed her head, she didn’t wanted to ask what happened to the last tiny one that was inside of this pendant so she just nodded as an answer. “Good girl. ” finally said Eva while the moved the necklace to her neck and placed Erry atop of her chest.

The day went on just like another day for Eva, she was now walking outside, checking some shops and from time to time looking at her pendant containing the small one just to check if Erry was alright. Erry was feeling a bit weird, even if her fate was now to be Eva’s tiny pet, the human girl somehow cared for her, a feeling she lost many years ago when she lost her sister Aya. Suddenly Eva was walking faster that surprised Erry, Eva was now waving at some girls while she was getting closer to them. “Hello girls!” Said Eva happily while she was greeting her friends, and now talking about some random topics, one of the other human girls was now looking at something and pointed it with her finger “Is that a new one Eva? I never saw this tiny before.” Eva smiled and picked up her necklace to show the small girl to her friends “Yes, her name is Erry and I found her at the store this morning, isn’t she cute?” Another girl was now looking at Erry while winking at her “A white haired one? I wonder how she tastes like…~” Erry let out a small squeak… she was scared to be handed over to each of the girls just like a small item before Eva picked her back and placed the necklace back to its place “I don’t really plan to eat her since I never saw one like her before and she’s not really willing to disobey I guess, right Erry?” The small one bowed her head down, making another human girl ask a question “So you got bored of Sammy? Wasn’t she was one of your favorites ?” Eva frowned while putting her hand on her chest, covering most of Erry’s body with her fingers “Sammy wasn’t really nice at the end and since it was just to give her a chance to escape… I had no choice but to dispose of her when she tried to run away.” Erry had a shiver… now almost understanding what happened to the last girl that was where she was now.

The girls then went to a fast food, Erry’s pendant moving on Eva’s chest while she was walking. They were now at a table, each of the girls having a tray with their order until one of the girls opened a small box with a smile “Here you go girls take some.” Erry’s eyes opened wide, this box had a dozen small ones trapped inside and they were only a side dish for this girl. Eva winked at the girl, thanking her before picking a tiny woman up with her fingers, Erry saw this woman pass in front of her and heard her yell at her when this tiny woman saw Erry’s hair “It’s because of you cursed WITCH!!!” Erry looked on the side, not wanting to face this woman and soon no more screams could be heard when Eva tossed the small one inside of her mouth and swallowed her. Erry had a strong shiver when she heard this woman’s screams while she went down and passed behind of Eva’s chest. The humans were now enjoying their food, sometimes picking another tiny up just like some potato fries and Erry couldn’t do anything for this.

“Hey look at this!” Suddenly said a human girl while picking a small one up and tossed it in the air, the girl had now her mouth wide open and tried to catch this falling tiny one. But she missed… the small one bumped onto the human girl’s cheek before falling to the ground! “Ah…!” Let out the human girl while trying to catch it but it was too late, and the small one hit the hard ground. Eva let out a small giggle “Hehe you’re not really skilled today, let me show you.” Before picking up and tossing it above head, Eva opened her mouth and the small one fall directly into her throat, Erry let out a small scream while she heard this loud gulping sound not so far from her but also remembering how her own sister died some years ago. Eva looked down and saw Erry shiver, she picked up her pendant and looked at the tiny girl “Ah right you’re there Erry… but sorry we’re just enjoying our food, too bad that your kind is below us in the food chain…” Erry had another shiver, she bowed down her head but let out a squeak when Eva removed the lid of her pendant and dropped Erry in her hand. Erry was scared, this human girl in front of her just ate two tiny people mercilessly and if she wanted could also end Erry’s tiny’s life. But Eva just moved her hand down onto her tray and sat Erry on it before handing to her a small piece of her sandwich “Eat something.”

Erry was holding the small crumb with her hands but couldn’t resolve herself to eat while she could hear the other small people’s screams in the box that was nearby. One of the humans girls wanted to tease the white haired girl and picked up a small one before placing half of its body between her lips, moving her head closer to Erry, the human sucked the tiny inside and swallowed it almost immediately before winking at Erry. Erry let her food fall on the ground before putting her hands on her head “No… no more…!” Eva looked down and smiled “So you don’t want to eat anymore?” Erry had a shiver and fall on her butt, her whole body shivering from fear. “You’re not really fun… ” said Eva before picking up Erry and placed her back inside of her pendant.

The girls were now done and they would now come back to their houses, planning to meet again during the next week. Eva was now walking a bit in the city, reaching a small park she looked at the bright sun before searching a small bench where she could sit. Once settled on the bench, Eva took her phone and started to read the messages she got earlier. Eva then took her pendant again and looked at Erry before opening the small lid and let Erry fall onto her hand carefully. Eva moved her hand down to the bench and sat Erry on it while she put her phone right besides the small one. The gigantic device was now playing some music and Eva smiled while she looked down to the small Erry “Dance for me please?~” but Erry didn’t moved, Eva frowned a bit “you’re not planning to disobey already Erry? I don’t really like when my pets don’t listen what I tell them…” Erry didn’t moved again and Eva looked now a bit pissed “Hey… you’re my pet now tiny Erry even if you want it or not so you should better obey when I ask you something.” Erry sat on the ground and shook her head “I know Eva what I’m supposed to be now but do you really think that I would dance for you after watching you… kill some small ones like me? Will you kill me like them someday just because you’ll get bored of me? If that’s the case, please kill me now because I don’t really care for my life since I lost my…” Erry stopped, there was now two other humans passing by, a middle aged woman and her young daughter.

“Oh it’s a candy mom!” Said happily the young girl. While showing Erry with a finger to her mother, the woman pat the girl’s head “Yes honey but she’s already belonging to someone see?” The young girl pouted “Buuuut she looked so cute.” The woman put her hand on the girl’s head before bowing in front of Eva “Sorry about this miss.” Eva smiled and waved at the young girl who was now walking away with her mother, the young one turning her head just to say a last thing ” Be careful not to get lost tiny candy or I’ll be there to take care of you~” and with a wink towards Erry, the young one walked away again. Eva was still smiling while she looked at this girl before turning her head to watch Erry. The small white haired girl was sitting on the ground, her hands on her head, she was crying “Why does it always have to be like this…” before resuming to cry. Eva looked at her a bit before just picking up the girl and placed her back in her pendant without a word. Eva soon stood up after closing her lasts notifications on her phone and walked to the small park’s exit.

Eva was now walking back to her house, she was still looking a bit around the shops to see if there were some new things and after some more steps she was finally in front of her door. Putting her key in the doorknob, she turned it and went inside then removed her shoes in the entrance before looking in the living room. Her parents weren’t there yet, probably still at work but she didn’t minded that. Going inside of her room, she removed her pendant and placed it on her desk before walking away towards the kitchen. Erry was feeling tired, even if this small prison was safe for her, she wasn’t free and she would be probably the witness of more small ones’ deaths during the next days. Erry shook her head, thinking about her sister Aya who was still strong during those moments. Eva was now back, holding a tiny piece of bread with some ham and cheese inside, taking a few more steps she sat at her desk and opened the small pendant to put Erry on the ground. Eva then took a bite in her sandwich before looking at Erry, noticing that this tiny girl was still crying “Hey Erry. I know how hard is life for the tinies and to be honest I gave up on trying to save their small lives. I had a small girl some time ago that I choose to trust, until a day where she tried to escape. I understood that this ‘friendship’ was just a game for her and since that day I don’t really think that you small ones have real feelings. So I’m not really caring about your tears Erry, you’re just my pet and I don’t plan to become friend with you. I’ll just be your owner and nothing more.” Erry had still her tired eyes and didn’t even looked into this girl’s eyes “It won’t change much for me Eva. I’ve always been hated because of this white hair, the ‘witch’ as they all call me… but if you want a pet well… I’ll be that since I too gave up on trying to change our situation with humans.” Eva put her head on the side “A witch? Yes I heard those words before in the restaurant but why…? Do you have some magical power?” Erry stood up then looked up “Do you really think so? If I had a single ‘magical’ power it would be to be hated by everyone! I… don’t believe I can really live one more day to be honest with you. I lost my only sister some years ago and since then… I know that I don’t be happy ever again so yes, enjoy your tiny pet and if you get bored of it just end this tiny life of mine… because you’ll be helping me like this.” Eva moved her head back, listening closely to this tiny one, that was in fact opening her heart to her. “I… Why… why would I do something like that Erry ? I know that we humans are sometimes hard with the ones like you but we’re not all like this.” Erry then looked a bit angry “But you choose to become my ‘owner’ right ? I don’t really think I should tell you all of this too since you don’t care for anything. That’s right I’ll be your toy and nothing more, it’s better for the 2 of us. Mind if I go back in your pendant now…?” Erry was now taking some steps towards the small pendant but Eva put her hand in front of it. “Erry. I might sound rude but I’m not a monster. You’re in fact the first tiny that I heard telling those things and… I start to think that maybe that you’re different from Samantha… mind if… I ask more about you ? Your story with your hair is… strange because I didn’t knew that. But if you don’t want to it’s fine for me too.”

Erry looked into this girl’s eyes before bowing her head and took two steps forwards before joining her feet together. Erry then started to move smoothly her body, her legs tracing some invisible lines on the ground while her hands moved along. Every move was perfect and even if there wasn’t any music, Erry’s dance was beautiful. Her moves were now telling about her own story filled with joy but also a deep sadness, showing how her life was really. The human girl was in awe, watching closely Erry but not wanting to interrupt her. Erry’s eyes were now filling with tears, she was showing herself getting ripped off someone else that was so precious for her, her very sister. And soon Erry moved slower… her hands going back to her sides while her legs went back together until Erry was sitting on her knees. Erry then raised her head, looking deeply into Eva’s eyes while she extended her tiny arms open, not saying a word but showing how much she needed before she closed her eyes, staying into this position, begging ‘someone’ to be there for her, because it was what she needed the most now.

“Ah…” let out Eva when she noticed tears forming at the corner of her own eyes, she removed them with her finger until she heard a small voice in front of her “My name is Erry. I never knew my parents because I have a sort of amnesia when I try to remember anything. What I remember is that I had a sister Aya who gave me everything that I needed until she got killed in front of my eyes. I’m sure it’s something you can’t really picture since you don’t really care for our lives… but still she was my precious sister and I’ll never forget her.” Eva was still listening carefully, indeed it was the very first time she met a small one like Erry and this tiny girl smaller than her own thumb was so strong that Eva started to think again to what she said to Erry before. “If only… that ‘campaign’ to save the ones like you worked Erry, I might be thinking differently about you today. But protecting all of your tiny lives would be so hard for the humans, I mean… I could have walked on some tiny when I came back home and I wouldn’t had noticed that! But I understand what you said and… I’m not sure what to think about all of this now.” Erry walked back to the small pendant “As long as you understand what life is for us is already something Eva. I know that you’re a human and I can’t ask you to change your habits but I really hope that someday we could all be equal too, human and tinies.”

“I guess so… but until this day it would take some time knowing how humanity is really. Still Erry… I feel that I can put my trust in you but Sammy hurt me… so I can’t fully release you for now.” Said Eva while Erry nodded as an answer “I understand.” Finished the small white haired girl while crouching and going inside back inside the small pendant. Eva closed the small lid and put the pendant in front of her eyes “Even if humanity refuse to change for you Erry, I promise that I’ll never hurt you, not because I considered you as my small pet before but because you accepted to tell me all of this and I’ll respect this choice of yours.” Eva then put back her pendant but this time under her collar, Erry now between the two giant breasts, Eva placed her hand on her chest. “Maybe you’ll see less things like this Erry and I feel somehow closer to you like that..” Erry slowly bowed her head while Eva took some steps and exited her room.

Some weeks passed. Erry was now allowed to go outside of the pendant when Eva was at home so she could wander a bit around on the giant desk but still without a hope to fall safely on the ground. She also had a small plastic house where she could sleep in at night but only Eva could open it. Eva was coming back inside of her room while holding a cup of tea in one hand and her laptop on the other hand. Sitting at her desk, Eva gave a small smile to Erry before putting her computer on the desk, now slowly opening it. Erry moved by herself and climbed onto the keyboard part of the laptop before sitting near the screen, this part being warm because of the different computer parts below. Eva didn’t minded that and was happy that since she gave more ‘freedom’ to Erry, she could enjoy her tiny girl even more. Eva was now typing some text on the keyboard for her homework, Erry was looking at those giant fingers typing onto the different keys all around and was still wondering how this ‘computer’ was working. Eva took a sip of her tea and resumed to write, looking at Erry from time to time, the small one wasn’t really moving but was watching the words appearing on the screen “Do you know how to read Erry?” Suddenly asked Eva, not sure if the small ones knew that. Erry raised her head “My sister taught me a bit about this since we need to know what is food for us when we’re in a human house but besides this I don’t really think that we have much time to spend on something like this.” Eva put her head a bit on the side “So you’re also smarter than I though, I never knew that some tinies could read in fact.” Erry grabbed her legs “Yes… we can do a lot of things, just like the humans we can build things and learn new things, if only our lives weren’t mainly focused on surviving…” Eva moved her face a big closer “And what else can you do Erry? I loved your dance in fact… you’re really good at showing your feelings like this.” Erry brushed her white hair with her hand “I never really had anyone to show this you know… because of this hair I couldn’t get along with much people but I also know how to draw.” Eva smiled “So you’re an artist right? I’ll remember this.” Said the human girl while resuming her work. Taking another sip of her tea she was almost done. After some minutes, Eva was finally done, she yawned while stretching her arms back before looking down at the screen, the small Erry was lying on her side sleeping. Eva was now looking at her, Erry had the same body a human have but she was just smaller. Eva was feeling weird, this tiny one accepted to say a lot about her own life and she wasn’t hating her, in fact it was like if Erry wanted to get closer to her but Eva had still this ‘scar’ on her feelings. Moving her hand slowly, Eva picked up the small sleeping girl with her fingers and managed not to wake her. She took the small plastic house where Erry was now sleeping and placed the small one on the tiny bed before putting the small building back on her desk. Eva was now about to sleep too, she was removing her clothes to put on her pajama when she suddenly looked at this small house again. Erry told her about an ideal world where the humans and the small ones could live peacefully together before, at this time Eva couldn’t take this seriously but now it was different. Eva wasn’t talking much about Erry as her pet anymore even if she bought her some weeks ago and she was now thinking a big more seriously about Erry’s dream even if it would be impossible to change every human’s mind. Eva finally released her hair and went on her bed before switching the light off and put her head on the pillow… maybe she could do something during the next day.

Eva was back in her room after taking her shower, she put a small piece of a cookie inside of Erry’s house, noticing the tine one waking up “Hello Erry.” Said Eva while now choosing what she would wear today since it was a beautiful Saturday. Once she was ready to go, she went near her desk and picked up the small girl up before putting her in her pendant that she placed under her shirt. Erry didn’t minded to be there, it was always better not to see what was happening outside where all those other humans were looking at her with hungry eyes. Resting her head on the side, she was feeling Eva walking, she didn’t really knew where the human would be going today but she didn’t really cared too because of her current ‘status’. Still Eva was taking care of her small self and wasn’t the kind of human that would hurt her just because it was ‘fun’, Eva was much more acting as a caring owner for the small girl. Erry didn’t really liked the idea to be ‘owned’ by a human but it was the best solution for her to stay alive for now but soon she stopped to think while she was hearing Eva talk to someone. Erry didn’t really understood what the humans were talking about but soon Eva resumed to walk. There was now some promotional messages all around, Erry was wondering why Eva would be in a shop now but she wasn’t much interested into this. Erry yawned a bit, being a bit rocked by Eva’s walking, the human wouldn’t probably notice that her small one wanted to sleep. Slowly closing her eyes, Erry yawned a last time before falling asleep not so long after.

Eva was now walking back to her house while holding a bag on her side, she was smiling because she found exactly what she needed and turned in a street, she wasn’t far from her house and stopped to walk. Erry was silent and not much moving, pulling her shirt’s collar a bit, Eva moved her pendant with a finger and saw the small one sleeping within. Eva was still looking deeply at this tiny one, looking just like a human but could easily stand on her hand, she moved back her shirt and resumed to walk, not wanting to wake Erry yet.

Eva finally opened the door of her house and went inside before removing her shoes. “Hhmm?” Let out Eva while noticing another pair of shoes “Naomi are you there?”. Another girl’s voice came from a nearby room “Yes Eva I’m here for some days” said the voice before a girl exited the room and went near Eva. This girl was looking exactly like Eva but was older and a bit taller than her, Eva smiled to her “Heyyy I didn’t knew you were planning to come these days! It’s been some time that you didn’t passed by !” Naomi smiled back “It’s natural to visit my sister right ? Besides I came here because I have a surprise for you too !” Eva was now looking excited, her cheeks becoming red, Naomi resumed “Yes, it will be your 18’th birthday soon and to celebrate this I would like to give you a cruise ticket that I got from my job, and don’t worry we’ll be here with the parents too !” Said the girl, Eva now shivering a bit “Thank you Nao ! I never expected something that amazing ! But you’ll be taking some holidays right ? Don’t tell me that you’ll be working on the boat while we’ll be enjoying this !” Naomi giggled “Don’t worry. I plan to spend all of this time with my family and I want this to be memorable for you too ! Besides… you don’t wear Sammy today ?”

Eva put her arms on her chest “Well… Sammy is…” Naomi looked at her sister “I understand Eva, to tell you the truth I was feeling that this ‘friend’ wasn’t really serious but well… she was a Tiny after all.” Eva looked on the side to the bag filled with what she bought before then looked back at her sister “I shouldn’t think too much about her yes. But I would really be happy to travel with you sis… it’s been so long that we didn’t do anything like this.” Said Eva while giving a warm hug to her older sister. “I’ll be going back in my room Nao, I just need to clean some small things then I would be happy to spend the day with you.” Naomi smiled then hugged back her sister before smiling to her “I’ll be waiting you in the living room then.” Eva removed her jacket and walked to her room with her bag.

Once she was in her room, Eva closed her door then sat at her desk. Once settled, she pulled her collar and removed the necklace while noticing that Erry was awaken, she might have heard what she said to her sister before though Eva. Removing the small lid, Eva made Erry exit the small pendant carefully and placed her on the desk, the small girl wondering what the human would do this time. Eva looked now serious and focused her eyes on the tiny girl sitting in front of her “Erry. I know that you might have heard what I talked about with my sister before but you’re different from Samantha… To tell you the truth after those weeks I feel closer to you rather than I was with her before. So I decided to try something, even if you can’t go down this place I would like you to have again more freedom with this.” Eva picked up the small plastic house where Erry was sleeping in and removed something that was preventing the door to open and placed the small house nearby “I allow you to walk around freely. I don’t want you to feel trapped even if I still plan to keep you but I think you would be much more safe within my house than outside. Besides…” Erry was now watching the girl taking her bag and placed it on the desk before removing what was within, a new notepad and many pencil mines of various colors. “I bought you all of this, you love to draw right?” Erry took some steps and watched all of this before looking at Eva who spoke again “Yes they’re all for you. You might think that I’ve became crazy to care that much for you but well…” Eva was now blushing, Erry took some steps towards the girl and sat on her knees “I can’t really believe it… you… really listened to me when I told you about me…? But why did you bought all of this? I can hardly thank you enough for this and I don’t deserve this.” Eva looked on the side, still blushing before facing Erry again “Yes I listened to you and I don’t want you to feel like an animal Erry… If possible, would you be okay if we become closer…? Like fr… f…” but Eva couldn’t finish her word, some of her feelings from the past coming back in her mind. Erry bowed her head down “I… understand Eva and I thank you again for this. You’re the very first human that do care for me like this and I won’t try to escape your house I promise. About becoming your friend you know it’s a bit hard for me because I never had any but I would like to try this with you if you’re okay about this.” Eva nodded and took some of the pencil mines to break them into small pieces so Erry could use them “Feel free to draw whatever you want on that Erry. I’ll be spending some time with my sister this afternoon and I won’t need my pendant. Feel free to draw or rest” Said Eva while standing up. She opened her drawer and took a small cookie that she broke to give a small piece to Erry. “See you later Erry.” Finally said Eva while going outside of her room and closed her door, Erry now alone in this giant room.

She was sitting on the desk looking around, Eva really allowed Erry to be a bit more free and even bought some things. Erry blushed while putting her head down “Why do a human care about me like this…” said the tiny girl before looking at the giant notebook placed not so far away. Taking a few steps to get closer, Erry picked a small mine and climbed onto the notebook before sitting on it. Erry closed her eyes to think then started to draw, a girl’s face from some years ago that she remembered perfectly, then she started to draw a full body, the proportions were exactly at this ‘girl’s’ size and soon the drawing was done. This girl looked happy and had her arms wide open, Erry then moved to the mines again and picked up some colors this time before resuming to draw. She was now adding a soft blue to this girl’s eyes then a dark red on the long hair of her drawing. Soon enough the picture was now done and Erry was looking at this girl on the paper before letting her small mine fall on her side, she had now some small tears in her eyes and sat on the paper sheet before lying herself on the side, right besides the drawing. Erry was now looking at the girl’s face and placed her hand on its cheek before letting out a single word “Aya…” the very name of her sister. Erry stayed a bit like this, some memories coming back to herself before closing her eyes and rested a bit.

After some time, Erry was now walking a bit around, looking at everything on the desk that monstrously tall for her, Eva’s closed computer, some of her pictures she took with her friends and some books she loved to read. Erry sat against one of the books and was trying to think again, she wanted to remember how she got trapped inside of the human shop but she got a strong headache as an answer again. “Why can’t I remember anything…” asked Erry to herself but she hadn’t the answer. Walking a bit again she went back to the notebook and climbed onto it before taking a small mine, she looked at Aya’s drawing then started to draw many other things around. Erry was focused on the tiny pictures, trying to find anything that could help her memories in her drawings. Erry yawned a bit then brushed her eyes, she was now feeling a bit sleepy, looking nearby the small plastic house was open and she could now rest whenever she wanted. Yawning again, Erry took some steps toward the house before she stopped to walk. Her small body had a shiver and she didn’t noticed what was happening to her. Onto Erry’s back started to glow a tiny shape, a small blue flame shaped like a wing but not burning her dress. Erry’s eyes were now half closed… her body not moving anymore while this tiny flame was burning on her back, until it just vanished. Erry’s body turned and holding her small mine she went back on the paper sheet.

Her hand was moving fast but she was making perfect lines too, Erry was drawing something unexpected but it was like her body was moving by itself. It was looking like a human girl’s face, the picture only showing her head and taller than the picture Erry did of Aya. She picked up another color, a deep blue that she was using to color this girl’s hair that was ending with two bangs. Erry was
Now focusing on this human’s face, not really understanding who was now this girl but she was feeling within her that she HAD to draw it and soon two eyes were added to the picture, deep blue eyes like some expensive gems. More line were appearing and the picture was now looking really beautiful, just like a piece of art but done only with pencils. Erry was now drawing the girl’s smile, it was a neutral smiling expression but it was still nicely done.

Erry’s arm was now hurting her a bit, she never really used to draw that level of detail but the picture was now done. Erry’s tired hand let the small mine fall near her feet while she was now facing this girl’s face way taller than her. Looking at every detail, Erry was now wondering why she did such a picture of someone she never met but soon a strong headache hit her again and Erry fall on her knees. She was breathing loudly, her head was like on fire but she was now ‘hearing’ something in her mind. “Aaaahhhh!!” Screamed the tiny one who fall forwards, her head hitting the ground while she was feeling a deep pain in all of her body, feeling something burn within her. Erry started to drool, her body filled with pain spasms… she was feeling something screaming in her mind again, was it her own voice…? Erry’s head suddenly raised, her body moving along and soon she was sitting on the ground, still having her blurry mind. Erry’s eyes moved to see this drawing in front of her, it was definitely what caused this pain and she had to know why. Erry’s back started to glow again, making her scream from pain again before she managed to stay in this sitting position. “I… I HAVE TO… KNOW!” Yelled Erry who tried to ignore this pain rising in her body, she was looking at every detail of the picture and soon she knew… she knew this girl’s name! Erry’s mouth opened… her eyes closing by themselves because of the pain, she knew that she had to say this name… a name she heard and knew before… “Sa… Saph…” but Erry couldn’t finish, her body was falling on the side and soon hit the ground while she passed out, the small flame on her back disappearing just like it appeared.

Eva was now back home with her sister, removing her shoes in the hall she was going to her room, hoping that Erry didn’t tried anything while she was away. Opening the door she went inside of the room happily “I’m back Erry!” Said the girl but didn’t heard any answer. Eva’s eyes started to open wide, she was now in front of her desk and saw Erry lying on the notebook. She picked up the small girl carefully and looked at her “Hey Erry, are you sleeping…?” Said Eva while feeling a bit worried, the small girl within her hand still not moving. Eva was about to place Erry inside of her small house when the tiny one started to shiver, Eva now looking carefully at her. “Ha…. HAAAA!!!” Suddenly screamed Erry while opening her eyes, she stood up but fall on her knees, her eyes looking at every direction “No… NOOO!!! Let me live !!!” Screamed the white haired girl. Eva was now even more worried “Erry, What’s happening ?” But the tiny one was still screaming in horror, until she raised her head and was now facing Eva. Tears started to roll on her cheeks, Erry’s hands moving above her head to ‘protect herself’ she was shivering even more “No… please don’t hurt me !! I beg you !!” Eva was confused and moved her face a bit back “Hey… It’s me Erry, do you feel alright ?” But the small one couldn’t really listen, her body still shivering while she started to cough from screaming too much “Aya… Aya !!!” Was now screaming Erry while Eva placed her other hand on her, wanting to calm this tiny one but nothing changed… until Eva couldn’t hear Erry anymore.

Moving her hand, Eva was surprised of this reaction, Erry didn’t seemed to remember her but now that she stopped to scream she wanted to know how was the small one. Eva gasped when she saw Erry lying on the side, some drool coming out of her tiny mouth. “No…” whispered Eva while she was putting her finger onto Erry’s body, she was scared that maybe the tiny one was dead from this. But Erry was still breathing, Eva let out a sigh while she sat at her desk and took a small tissue. She picked up Erry and placed her on this silky texture, maybe it would be different when Erry would wake up but for now she was sleeping with a weird expression on her face, like a mix of sadness and pain. Eva moved her head closer and let out a warm breath onto the small body before covering Erry with another part of the tissue, still looking at her until she noticed something.

Eva picked up the notebook and was now watching all the drawings Erry did before, noticing the small girl with her red hair and this other girl who looked so beautiful for a simple drawing. “I wonder who could that be…” asked Eva to herself but was now focusing on Erry again. The tiny one wasn’t moving but looked like she was in a deep sleep, Eva wanted to know if she was alright. A knock on her door echoed “Eva we’ll have dinner soon.” It was her sister Naomi but Eva wasn’t feeling to leave her tiny one yet “I’m sorry Nao but I’ll take something later. Don’t worry I’m alright, just feeling a little tired.” On the other side of the door, Eva’s sister answered “Alright we’ll keep you something in the fridge then, rest well Eva.” Before some steps were going away from Eva’s room. “I really do care that much for her…?” Asked Eva to herself, feeling weird to have such feelings towards the small one but she couldn’t do anything for her right now. Opening her laptop, she browsed her folder and started to work on some things, she also scanned the pictures Erry did before not wanting to lose them. Picking up the small tissue, she placed it where Erry was sitting so she could be at a warm place while sleeping. Eva was still looking worried even if she wasn’t really caring for the tiny one when she bought her, she had now different feelings and couldn’t lie to herself, Erry was now much more important for her that the tiny Samantha she had before. After a couple hours, Eva was done working and Erry didn’t moved in the end. Eva stretched her arms while yawning then picked up Erry to placed her on the tiny plastic bed she had in her ‘house’ before standing up. Eva then walked to the kitchen and turned the light on, her parents and sister were already sleeping probably so Eva just picked up from the fridge and started to eat while sitting at the kitchen’s table. Once she was done, Eva stood up and walked towards the kitchen’s exit once she placed everything in the dishwasher and was now looking at a metallic box. Of course there was some tinies inside, it was just like a candy box when she just picked up some of them sometimes but tonight she didn’t wanted. Turning the light off, Eva was walking back to her room, noticing that there was no light in Naomi’s room, her older sister probably sleeping since she had a hard work. Finally back to her room, Eva took a peek inside of Erry’s house and the small girl was still sleeping. Eva sighed and put on her pajama before going in her bed, wondering if Erry would be able to wake up again and maybe not in panic like she did before.

A dark place. Erry was walking forwards but was feeling lost, still she wanted to keep walking on this dark path. Erry was tired but even if her body was feeling heavy, she finally reached the end of the ‘road’ in this unknown place. Now right in front of her was a mirror but Erry couldn’t see herself on it, Erry’s eyes narrowed while she was now watching some blurry ‘memories’ but wasn’t understanding any of them since it wasn’t anything she lived before. Wanting to know, Erry extended her arm and placed her hand against the mirror surface that became just like a storm. Erry’s eyes were now witnessing something new… a girl was now in the mirror, looking just like her but maybe a bit older. Erry moved her head and this girl moved along, just like if it was Erry’s reflection but still was different from her. Suddenly a large crack appeared on the mirror and it was now breaking apart, Erry placed her hand on the mirror again, not wanting this girl to disappear without knowing who she was but it was too late already, the mirror made another noise and turned into dust that fall right in front of Erry’s feet. Erry was looking at this small mass on the ground that started to vanish while a strong light was now glowing in front of her. Erry narrowed her eyes and saw a girl’s silhouette inside of this light, the very girl from before! The girl made of light was now extending her arm, wanting Erry to take her hand but once Erry moved her own arm, she was feeling being pulled away from this girl. Erry let out a scream, she was now getting far from the girl, pulled by something she couldn’t see and soon there wasn’t any light anymore while Erry vanished in the darkness.

“Aaaah!!” Gasped Erry who opened her eyes almost immediately. She was breathing fast and her heart was racing inside of her chest, she put her hands on her head while she was trying to calm down. “Are you alright?” Suddenly said a loud voice nearby, Erry raised her head and had a shiver when she saw a human girl looking at her from above, Eva. Erry was now bowing her head down, some tears coming out of her eyes, Eva resumed “I don’t know what happened to you yesterday Erry and you scared me… But if you want to talk…” Eva placed her hand onto the ground in front of the small house, not wanting to pick Erry up this time. The small girl put her hands on her eyes, trying to remove her tears while she stood up and went to the small house’s door before stepping onto the giant hand. Eva moved carefully so Erry wouldn’t fall but the small one wasn’t talking yet, Eva not really wanting to ask much about the previous day too. Erry bowed her head down “Looks like I’m really crazy in the end…” Eva moved her hand closer to her face, now listening to the small one “I’m supposed to be amnesic but… I do remember things that I’m not supposed to know. Memories of myself dying many times…” Erry put her hands on her chest “I don’t know why, those memories are too blurry but there’s no way I died already… I’m still alive! But why do I feel that those memories feel so real…” Eva was looking curious and wanted to help the tiny one “Erry, I saw some pictures from you yesterday and maybe they’re related to what you’re saying? You’re pretty skilled by the way, I never expected you to draw such good pictures.” Erry looked on the side and saw the pictures “The one with the red hair was my sister Aya… and did I draw the other picture too ? I can’t remember…” Erry was now focused on this girl with blue hair and had a small shiver “I don’t remember her name but I’m pretty sure I saw her already… Aaahhh…” moaned the small one while putting her hands on her head, feeling a strong headache. “Don’t think too much Erry, I’m sure you need time for this but about those memories it’s pretty weird… I never heard of something like this, but you shouldn’t think too much about this too, you’re alive after all.” Erry nodded and looked back to Eva’s face “Yeah… I don’t need to remember this…”

Some days passed and Eva was sitting at the back of a car, her parents were driving while Naomi was on the other side. Some days ago, Eva told her sister about her new Tiny and it was better for Naomi to know that Erry was Eva’s possession or she might just have took her like any other ‘candy’. Eva was now watching a movie on her tablet while Erry was inside of her pendant, right on her shirt today. Naomi told where was the boat and the family would start their cruise today, everything needed was also packed inside of their baggage. Eva even took Erry’s house so she could sleep inside of her bed too. The car was now reaching a harbor and the sea smell was now stronger. Erry was just watching along Eva’s movie from time to time but also was looking at the deep blue sky, joining the blue of the sea far away. “We’re nearly there.” Suddenly said Naomi while looking at a giant boat getting closer to their car. Eva was now looking amazed, it was actually the first time she would be traveling on a boat like this but for now they would have to carry their bags. Naomi was looking around until she called a man who came closer, Eva was again amazed when the man gave Naomi a salute and called her ‘captain’, she must have worked with him before maybe but today Naomi wouldn’t be the one in command. The man nodded then called some other staff members to get Eva’s family bags and place them in their respective cabins.

After some time, it was finally the boarding, Eva was climbing some stairs carefully while some staff members where giving her sister a salute. Naomi was blushing a bit, explaining that she was on holidays and it was true since she wasn’t wearing her uniform but still she was a good captain and knew her job. The boat made a big sound and the departure would be soon enough, Eva and her parents were going near the too deck and watched the harbor from the boat. It wasn’t a giant boat but still could contain many people aboard, Eva was looking at different people from many countries and was wondering where they all came from. Soon a loud sound was heard and the boat started to move. “Whooaa…” let out Eva while she was now feeling the ground moving and saw the harbor getting far from them. She was holding onto a small fence but wasn’t looking below, thinking that maybe Erry would be scared of such a height. “Ho!” Said Eva while picking her pendant and looked at the tiny girl within, she almost forgot about the tiny one hanging between her breasts. Erry wasn’t moving much and just looked at Eva “Enjoying it too Erry?” Asked Eva while she was still holding tight onto her pendant, the small girl just raised her head a bit “I’ve never been that far so I could say yes maybe?” Just said the small one before moving her head down. Eva smiled then placed Erry back on her shirt before looking at her sister “I’ll be walking a bit around Nao, I’m not much used to the sea as you are yet ~” Naomi nodded “Yes but if you feel sick I have some pills in my cabin. I asked our places to be besides just in case.” Said Naomi while putting her hand on her sister’s head “I hope that you’ll enjoy this Eva and if you need to know anything about the cruise feel free to ask me too.” Eva nodded and started to walk around. The ship had many special places to spend some time during the cruise like a poll, a movie theater and even a small casino but Eva wasn’t old enough to get there yet. Looking at the different places she would go in some of them later but for now she was heading to her cabin. There was a lock on the door but Eva didn’t put it yet since she would spend some time around, she was now looking at this place. It was a cabin a bit tall so she could have a large bed and some places to put her clothes, Eva opened her bag and started to put everything around, placing on a small desk the tiny plastic house near her laptop. She also placed the small notebook besides if Erry wanted to draw later. Once everything was in place, Eva picked up a small bag and put some clothes in it before taking her phone out. Eva let out a small giggle when she looked at her background picture: a picture of Erry inside of her hand she took some time ago before composing a number.

“Heh sis! Wanna to the pool with me?” Asked Eva with a wide smile. Even if they were on the sea for bust some hours, Eva wanted to have fun with her family during all of this time. “Hmmm okay see you there then!” Said happily Eva while closing her bag. Now picking up a pair of summer shoes, Eva exited her room and user her card to lock it, she was now heading towards the swimming pool where her mother and sister would spend some time with her. Eva giggled when she was now remembering her call, Naomi told her that her father was tired because of the road and that he went to sleep almost immediately after Eva leaved them but he would be with her wife and daughters at night. Eva was now near the pool, she was hearing some kids laughing already and soon opened the door leading to it. The staff inside welcomed Eva once they checked her card and cave her a lock that she could use in the next room. It was a simple locker room just like Eva already saw in a regular swimming pool so she went on the woman’s side and put her bag on a bench while searching her number on the different lockers. Once she found it, she started to remove her clothes since she was wearing her swimsuit right below. But while she removed her shirt, Eva didn’t noticed that the small node of her necklace untied and the small pendant was now falling to the ground!

“Eeeeekkkk!!!” Screamed Erry, she never saw this coming but she was now falling fast to the ground! Putting her hands on her head she closed her eyes and soon could feel a hard shock on all of her body as the pendant hit the ground. There was some young girls in the locker room that were making some noise so Eva didn’t noticed the small noise when her pendant fall, on her side Erry was coughing hard, feeling her body hurting everywhere but not too much too because of the texture that was inside of the pendant. Erry was now trapped onto the ground and couldn’t exit this small cell made of glass, she wanted to scream so Eva would notice her but she couldn’t, her lungs still hurting her. Erry was now trying to catch her breath, the pendant being just behind Eva she would probably hear Erry if the tiny one could yell. The small girl’s eyes opened wide, she tried to scream but she just couldn’t… because one of the young humans was now walking towards the small pendant! Erry looked up and this human hadn’t noticed her but if she walked onto the small one’s body it would be probably the end for her. Erry tried to make the small pendant move maybe on the side but it was useless, it was too heavy for her to move. The human was getting closer, Erry was now looking at Eva with tears in her eyes, only her could save her now but when Erry tried to scream, she only managed to cough. A few steps left, Erry was moving in every direction, she didn’t wanted to die there, not like this! Finally Erry could see the human girl raise her feet right above the small pendant “N… Noooo…” coughed Erry while closing her eyes when the giant feet landed onto her.

Skin all around… It was what Erry was now looking while she was still trapped within the small pendant, she didn’t expected her small ‘prison’ to be so hard or maybe it was because the human girl was a young one and her weight wasn’t enough to break down the pendant. Erry had still tears in her eyes and her body was shivering… if the small pendant hadn’t been so hard, she would be dead by now. “Hmmm?” Said the young human girl while feeling something, she moved her feet and saw something stuck against her sole. Picking it up she was looking at the tiny pendant and at the small girl that was inside “Hoooo!” Said the girl with a smile. Eva was feeling now confused, she knew that something was missing but couldn’t find it until she heard a younger girl behind her and turned around. “Erry!” Let out Eva while looking at the small girl, noticing that her pendant had probably fall on the ground “Ho is she yours miss?” Asked the young girl while still holding Erry’s pendant in her hand, Eva was looking now really sad “Yes she’s mine, was she on the ground?” The young girl nodded before handing over the small pendant and resumed to walk towards the pool. Eva stayed there for a minute, turning the small pendant to see if Erry was hurt anywhere but the small one seemed OK. Eva then walked to a nearby restroom, her pendant still held tight inside of her closed hand. Once inside, Eva put the toilet seat down and sat on it before opening her pendant and picked Erry up. Even if she was between those giant fingers, Erry knew that Eva wouldn’t drop her, the human girl now looking at all of Erry’s small bruises made by the fall “Erry I’m sorry… are you alright ?”

Erry raised her head and looked at Eva before nodding slowly “Yes, I think I will be alright”. She couldn’t lie that her body was hurting all around but nothing of her body was broken nor damaged. Eva sighed and picked up Erry’s small arms to check them, the tiny one not resisting. Eva placed back Erry in her hand “I’m really sorry… I didn’t noticed that this knot was already that weak… but I’ll be sure to check it everyday now!” Erry was listening carefully while noticing some small tears inside of Eva’s eyes. Eva then moved back to the locker room, holding Erry in her hand, she went near her locker and opened it. “I’m sorry but I’ll have to leave you there for some time…” whispered Eva to the small girl she was sitting in the locker before taking her phone and placed it in the locker too. Plugging her earbuds she placed them near Erry and put a movie with the sound low enough not to be heard outside of the locker. Eva didn’t wanted to leave Erry just like this without nothing to do, she looked at the small one and pat her head with a finger “Don’t worry, I’ll let you draw tonight if you feel to.” Said the human girl before looking a last time at her small white haired girl while closing the locker and put the lock on it. Eva knew that Erry would now be safe so she started to walk to the pool, wondering if her family was already there.

Erry was watching the movie, Eva told her how to use her phone once if Erry wanted to watch something else or just look at some pictures. Erry wasn’t much used at all of this technology as a tiny one but she was learning fast, she was remembering one time when she accidentally took a picture of herself but it made Eva laugh because Erry’s expression on this one looked cute for her. Still it have been maybe one hour, Erry was wondering if Eva was having fun but she wouldn’t go near a pool, the tiny one too afraid to swim into such a big place. The movie was now almost over, Erry stood up and went near the screen before putting her hand on it and went back to the phone’s main menu. Erry then touched a small icon showing some pictures and indeed it was Eva’s pictures, some of them were showing Eva with some of her friends that Erry didn’t really liked but also some other ones with just a landscape or a special place. Erry saw some old pictures of her too, when Eva decided to buy her at the shop, she wasn’t feeling as healthy as she was now and wouldn’t have survived long if it wasn’t Eva who bought her. Turning some old pictures again, Erry stopped on one of them. It was a girl with long black hair and wearing just a simple piece of cloth to cover most of her body, this girl wasn’t really looking happy because in the end she wasn’t a human too. Erry was looking carefully at this girl, noticing every detail of this girl’s face that she would remember before opening her shivering lips… “Samantha…”

The locker opened, Erry wasn’t really focused on what was happening around so she didn’t heard Eva coming back. “I’m back Erry! I hope that you weren’t too bored when I was… ho…” said Eva while looking at Erry who was now looking at her. Eva extended her hand and grabbed her phone, looking at the picture before looking back at Erry “Yes… you probably guessed who is this girl and I won’t hide this from you, it was indeed Sammy. She was a good ‘friend’… it’s just too bad that it was just a small game for her in order to escape but it’s different for you Erry…” Eva moved her towel to dry her hair then picked up some clothes from the locker before looking at Erry again “How do you feel now? Do you think you need any medicine?” Asked Eva while looking at Erry’s body who was a bit surprised, she wasn’t feeling anything that was hurting her before, looking at her body, it wasn’t wearing as much bruises as before. “I… feel better yeah.” Answered Erry while noticing Eva’s curious expression, she was probably wondering too how Erry managed to heal this fast. After a couple of minutes, Eva tied her necklace tight again around her neck, checking that the lace wouldn’t get loose again, once she was dressed again, Eva placed her hand upside-down right in front of the locker, waiting the small one to climb onto it. Erry stood up and took some steps before moving to the center of Eva’s hand who picked the tiny one easily, Eva then put Erry back inside of her pendant before checking that Erry would be alright “Okay… let’s go back to my room.”

Some days passed and Erry didn’t wanted to talk about Samantha again, Eva was still enjoying the cruise with her family. Eva wanted to try everything that was on the boat so her days were really busy. Sometimes Eva leaved Erry in her room where she could draw or rest but some other times she wanted to ‘wear’ her tiny jewel. This night, Eva wanted to be pretty since it was a special day, choosing in some clothes she bought during the cruise, she picked up a blue dress and some assorted shoes. Standing in front of her desk, she picked up some blue nail polish and started to apply it on her hands. Erry was still watching all of this from her pendant and was wondering why Eva was doing that today. Once she was ready, Eva picked her pendant and kissed it before placing it inside of her dress, it was for her a sort of lucky charm when she was feeling a bit nervous. Eva was now heading out of her room and Naomi was waiting her at the entrance.

“Really cute dress Eva.” Said Naomi with a smile, before taking her sister’s arm “Should we go then? The parents have reserved a table for the 4 of us tonight.”. Eva was following her sister, she was looking how Naomi was dressed and it was a perfect dress too, fitting exactly Naomi’s body. Eva was now smiling while passing a hand in her hair, some people were looking at the two sisters but Eva wasn’t feeling shy about that and soon enough the two sisters were inside of the boat’s restaurant. Eva’s parents were sitting at a table in the back and were waving at the two girls, the place was really crowded but still there was enough space for everyone. Tonight the dinner was a bit different because people could take whatever hey wanted from a small buffet, Eva and Naomi took their plates and went near a big table where many different kinds of food were on display. Eva was now picking up some veggies, a small piece of meat and was almost done filling her plate when her eyes stopped onto something. It was some sushi displayed inside of a beautiful plate but atop of them wasn’t fish pieces… it was some tinies but weren’t moving. Eva looked at one of them and saw the small one drool, probably because of a new drug the humans created to keep them like this. The girl winced, she somehow accepted Erry’s ‘existence’ as a living being so eating a tiny one now wouldn’t be much enjoyable for her. Eva turned around and saw Naomi not far, her sister having a full plate of food and was heading towards the table where were her parents. Eva then sat at the table and her parents took their plates to fill them too, Naomi was sitting right besides her sister and looked at her. “Hey sis you didn’t took any sushi? I know that you loved them before. Maybe you didn’t saw them?” Eva was about to answer her sister when Naomi picked one of her own sushi with her chopsticks and placed atop of Eva’s food “Here try one, they’re really good!”

Eva was feeling weird, it had been some time she didn’t ate a small one that having one if front of her was making her think. Of course she loved this before but it was because they were her food back then. Eva took her chopsticks and picked up the tiny piece of rice with a small girl on it, she was probably younger than Erry but Eva wasn’t sure. “It’s not like she’s really alive…” though Eva while watching this tiny one with her eyes closed, her tiny mouth drooling from the drug. Eva shivered, looking down at her pendant, Erry wouldn’t be able to watch this. “Are you feeling alright Eva?” Suddenly asked Naomi, looking a bit worried for her sister. Eva had a strong shiver and closed her lips onto the small sushi before smiling to Naomi “Yes I feel good Nao, thanks!”. Eva was now biting in the rice carefully, not wanting to hurt the tiny girl who was now
Inside of her mouth. Eva couldn’t lie to herself, she was enjoying this and this tiny one was tasting like heaven, was it because of the drug the cook put on her? Eva was now sucking onto the small body all around… tasting every part of it just like how she used to do before and not much caring if the small one was alive, or not.

A small moan… Eva’s eyes popped open, was the small girl within her maw waking up? If it was the case she would scream soon and Erry would know what Eva was currently doing! Eva had not really a choice and raised her head before swallowing the small girl down… feeling her tiny body going down within her body gave her chills. She was a human and even if she wanted to think in a different way it would be hard for her not to do this from time to time… Naomi smiled and started to dig in her plate too. Soon everyone was at the table, Eva noticed some sushi inside of her mother’s plate but couldn’t say anything because she knew that within her own body was another tiny that would melt away with her food.

Eva was done with her plate, those foods were really different from what she used to eat and was wondering if she could learn to cook some of them. Suddenly all of the lights went black, Eva had a shiver… was this supposed to happen on the boat? Looking on the side she was looking at Naomi that was still smiling. Something was getting closer, Eva could see some lights at the other side of the room and could hear a song? It was getting closer and more people were now singing along, Eva had tests in her eyes… when the crowd came all around their table and placed a giant cake with many sparkling candles around right in front of Eva. The lights came back and Eva could now read what was written on the cake ‘happy 18th birthday Eva!’. Tears started to flow onto Eva’s cheeks while all of her family finished the song, everyone inside of the restaurant, even people she never met were wishing her the best birthday she never had before.

Under the girl’s dress, Erry could hear many voices around and indeed it was Eva’s birthday. The small one didn’t really cared about birthdays mainly because no one would wish her own and the small ones wouldn’t waste time to ‘celebrate’ them too. Eva was now enjoying some cake and she saw Naomi talking to some staff members of the boat, maybe she was the one who asked all of this. Soon she was given a small package by her father, Eva was wondering what could contain just a tiny box but her father was the best when it was to do a surprise to someone. Eva was untying the right red ribbons and soon she had the small closed box in her hand, putting her fingers around the lid, she pulled it and could now see the content: a small key.

“Don’t tell me… oh my god… is that…?” Shivered Eva while understanding what was this special gift from her family: a car. Eva looked stunned but some tears were forming at the corner of her eyes while a wide smile started to appear on her face. And she couldn’t hide it within her anymore, she literally jumped off her seat and started to hug her parents and her sister, not believing what was happening. “Happy 18′ birthday Eva, since you’re really serious with your studies and had excellent results we choose this with your mother for you. I hope that you’ll take care of it.” Said Eva’s father while winking to her daughter. “Yes… yes! Thank you so much!!” Said Eva while still crying out of joy. After some time she managed to calm down but was still happy beyond limits, Naomi asked the staff to bring a champagne bottle and some glasses to celebrate this.

She was walking slowly in the hall with her sister Naomi. It had been a long time ago that she didn’t spent all this time dancing at a party, she was also feeling a bit light headed because she drank a bit and Eva wasn’t really used to that. Naomi asked Eva to bring her back to her room and now the two sisters were almost there. Erry on her side was also feeling tired because Eva had been really active tonight and made the small one feel dizzy, still it was a special day for Eva so Erry wouldn’t say anything about this today. Naomi opened the door and helped Eva to go inside before joining her inside of her room. “Well looks like you enjoyed this.” Said Naomi while helping her sister to undress and put on her pajama, Eva wasn’t complaining much about this and soon removed her pendant to put it on the table with the key of the car she got but forgot to open it. Soon Eva was dressed for the night and went in her bed, Naomi was sitting on the side of the bed and was looking at her sister “You should now sleep Eva, there’s still some days to enjoy but for now let’s say that you had enough for today haha ~” Eva nodded and started to close her eyes, Naomi stood up and looked at her sister who was falling asleep “Have a good night sis.”. Naomi was about to exit the room when her eyes stopped onto something: Erry’s pendant. The small girl inside of it was almost sleeping too but she just saw a giant shadow while Naomi’s hand closed onto the pendant and soon Naomi exited the cabin with a wide smile on her face.

Back in her room, she put Erry’s pendant on her own table while dressing herself for the night too, Erry was now looking around, wondering why Naomi took her small self but was a bit scared too because she didn’t really knew Eva’s sister. Naomi was now back, she was wearing just a simple shirt and assorted shorts, Erry was looking up and had a shiver, the human girl had still her wide smile and soon picked up the small pendant before heading to her bed. Once sitting on it she opened her hand and let the small pendant hang in front of her face, now looking carefully at the small one that was inside. “So… you’re Erry right? Eva told me a lot about you and… it seems that you’re different from Sammy?” Erry couldn’t really answer but was starting to shiver even more, Naomi replied “You know, Eva told me that you were ‘different’ and I’m not just talking about your hair, she told me that you were the very first Tiny to resist her. And I wonder if you’re as strong as Sammy was…” Erry was now in front of Naomi’s face that was getting closer. “It would be sooooo easy to break you little Erry and you’re still think that you’re that strong…? If you really want to know, Samantha didn’t really wanted to leave my sister because of her, it might be because of the little moments we shared too…” Erry was now getting scared “Wh… what… what did you do to her…?”

Naomi smiled wide… “Let’s say that Sammy didn’t really loved to be intimate with me… she was so strong at the start, but what I really enjoyed was to break her will and to show her how helpless she was. Of course she tried to escape… but it wasn’t Eva who was scaring her…” Erry had now a strong shiver while she heard Naomi moan, looking below, she was watching the human girl rub the place between her legs until she removed her shorts, keeping only her pants. Erry let out a squeak while Naomi grabbed the top of the pendant and started to move it down until the bottom part was now rubbing a large slit that could be seen on the silky texture. Erry wanted to scream but now the human was pressing the pendant against her crotch, Erry feeling the human’s body heat getting closer. Erry suddenly screamed… Naomi was pressing the small pendant again and was now stuck between the girl’s lower lips, still covered by the human’s pants “Hehehe… see how helpless you are tiny girl…? Do you really think you can resist me? I’ll be enjoying to break you tiny one… and don’t expect anyone’s help, it’s just between you and me ~”. Erry started to cry, this human girl was so different from Eva and was slowly crushing her feelings, Erry who had been given many things from Eva almost forgot how vulnerable she was against the humans and Naomi wanted her to feel this again. Erry sobbed loudly, making Naomi giggle between two moans, she was now back to her old ‘condition’… a small edible toy that humans loved to kill just because it was fun.

Naomi started to laugh, pulling with a hand her pants on the side, she was now showing Erry her dripping sex, waiting only to ‘swallow’ the small pendant with Erry within. Erry let out a scream, trying to push the small lid that was trapping her inside, she was now scared beyond limits of what would happen to her. The only thing that was in her mind was to get out from there before the human girl would kill her, but it wasn’t enough for Naomi yet. The human girl moved Erry to her face again and with a wide smile, opened her mouth to place the small pendant at the center. Erry was screaming again, she was really inside of this human’s mouth! She could see some drool pour onto the glass texture of the pendant while some fog was also appearing around her because of Naomi’s breath. “Let’s get started ~” whispered Naomi to the small one that was within her maw before moving Erry on the side. Erry’s body was now wearing some bruises again, Naomi being rough with her wasn’t helping much. Erry was now looking above her and let out a scream… she knew exactly where she was and trying to move the pendant on the side didn’t worked, she could now see Naomi’s upper row of teeth right above her and it was getting closer. “Nooooo!!” Screamed Erry who was now trapped between Naomi’s teeth, of course the pendant was hard enough to resist this but for Erry’s mind it was too much, the small one scared to be crushed just like a small candy between those powerful jaws. Naomi stayed a bit like this, just enjoying the small Erry’s cry while she was getting more and more excited, she soon put her hand inside of her pants and let out a loud moan all around Erry, scaring even more the tiny one. The small pendant was now soaked by Naomi’s saliva and the giant girl all around Erry was delighted by this… the small girl was at the complete mercy of the human and couldn’t do anything about that. Naomi soon had a shiver and let out a loud moan “Hooo… ~ Erry you’re gonna haaaa… make me feel so good~ scream more…”. Naomi then pulled on the small lace and looked at the pendant now in front of her face with a grin “Well… time to break you for real tiny one~” then moved the small jewel in front of her pants again that she removed in the process. “No… please…” cried Erry while she saw this girl’s sex getting closer, even if she was somehow safe within the pendant she was wearing more bruises on her body due to the rough moves of Naomi who was now about to ‘insert’ Erry inside of herself. Erry screamed, the tip of the pendant was now getting inside of this human’s vagina and Erry could feel a strong heat wave all around her legs, soon she would be completely inside while Naomi was moaning even more.

A sudden knock on the door. Naomi got surprised and pulled the small pendant that fall onto the bed “Who… ahhhh… who is it?” Asked the girl who was still light headed. “It’s me Nao… I don’t really feel good and I wanted to ask you some pills…” said Eva’s voice behind the door. The voice looked tired and a bit sick but Naomi was now feeling a bit stressed, looking at Erry’s pendant on the bed she had to hide her. “Yes… I’m coming, just wait a minute please.”
Said Naomi while putting back her pants and her shorts, not wanting to show her sister what she was really doing. Once she was ready, she picked up the small pendant and looked at Erry, the small one hit her head when Naomi pulled the pendant and she passed out while a small drip of blood was rolling from her forehead. Naomi winced and placed Erry’s pendant into her breast pocket before opening the door. “Ah Eva, I know how it is when you’re on the sea, let me see that.” Said Naomi while looking in a bag nearby and took some pills from it. Eva didn’t looked really good and her face was a bit green so Naomi accepted to follow her sister in her room. Once in her bed again, Eva took the small pills with a glass of water and rested her head against her pillow, putting one of her hands on her forehead. Eva was now looking a bit better so Naomi could go back to her room, Eva looked at her sister who was about to let her sleep “Thank you Nao, but could you give me Erry please? She’s on my desk and I feel that I’ll have a better night if I sleep with her.” Naomi had a shiver, what would happen if Erry revealed what happened tonight? Eva wouldn’t probably trust this like when it happened with Samantha but she pulled Erry from her pocked, not showing to Eva where she really was. Naomi was looking at Erry but the small one wasn’t moving again, she had now a small stain of blood in her white hair but Eva wouldn’t probably notice it during the night, furthermore if Erry stayed like this. “Maybe she died…” thought Naomi and it would somehow help her to hide what happened earlier but Erry was just a tiny after all so Naomi didn’t really cared and turned around to give the pendant to her sister. Eva was too tired so she just closed her hand on the pendant before putting her hand on her chest “Thanks Nao.” Said the girl while her eyes started to close, her body too tired to endure more. Naomi exited the room while giving a last look at her sister, once the door was closed she was still wondering why Eva was so attached to this tiny one.

5AM, a sudden noise was heard inside all of the boat followed by a strong shock that woke up almost everyone except Eva. Naomi fall from her bed and could hear some noises from the outside of the boat and jumped on her feet. Just putting a small jacket she picked up the phone and composed the number of the captain. “What’s happening?! What was this just now?” Yelled Naomi who wanted to know what was happening, the officer at the other side of the line was answering her “It’s a storm captain! Our tools didn’t saw it coming and we’re trapped within!” Naomi listened carefully before another shock hit the boat, making her fall on her knees. Once she picked up the phone again she could hear many people yell around, and she was now afraid to know the truth “Tell me what happened.”. This shock just now was different because only one thing could have done this. “We hit a rock captain… the boat is sinking.”

“Shit!!” Yelled Naomi while trying to stand up, she opened her door wide and dashed outside before hitting an alarm switch with her fist. Eva woke up, she was on the ground and was now hearing a loud noise. Standing up, she could hear some loud noises on her door and her sister’s voice “EVA OPEN UP!!! COME OUTSIDE QUICK!!!” Eva was almost standing when another shock hit the boat and she fall on her bed, she finally managed to stand and opened the door, and heard some officer yelling orders. “Follow me Eva we don’t have time!!” Yelled Naomi while grabbing her sister’s hand and started to run, followed by her confused sister. “Wha… what’s happening Nao…?” Asked Eva, now really worried about the situation and knowing that there was only one case where the alarm could ring…

“We’re sinking Eva.” Answered Naomi while still running towards another room where her parents were waiting “Follow me too! We have enough lifeboats for everyone but I want to have all of you under my eyes! ” Eva’s parents listened carefully and soon followed Naomi who was yelling to every one what to do “Leave this!! You don’t need it!” Said Naomi to someone who was trying to bring her bag along, they were near the boats where some officers were waiting. Eva couldn’t see much because of the wind but the noises all around were enough to understand how serious was the storm. Naomi knew how to deal with such a situation even if it was the first time, she was giving orders all around and no one was in panic. The lifeboats were filling up and soon it would be their turn. Eva was following everyone and even if her heart was beating fast she was trusting her sister. Another loud sound could be heard, the hull was damaged at the center of the boat and the water was rising fast within. Another lifeboat was on the sea, since they were smaller they wouldn’t sink easily even in this storm. It was finally their turn, Eva’s parents boarded the small boat while many sounds were echoing around, the giant boat would soon break but they had still some time to escape, Naomi went inside of the boat and stretched her arm to help her sister to come with them.

Eva took some steps but started to think, all of this lovely time was now over… of course it was an accident but she never imagined losing everything tonight, her laptop that she used to write with, all of her own parents belongings and… “Erry…!” Suddenly said Eva. “Come in, quick Eva!” Yelled Naomi but she saw her sister turn around “I’ll be there in no time, I have to save her too!” Naomi clenched her teeth “You don’t have time, we’re sinking Eva!! She’s just a tiny!!” Eva let out a tear roll on her cheek, of course she knew that Erry wasn’t human but still… something deep within her feelings was hitting her. “I’ll be back, I promise.” Said Eva as she started to run to the opposite direction, leaving her sister scream her name again. The lights on the boat were starting to fade since the generator might have been damaged but Eva didn’t stop to run. Some people she met asked her to go back to the lifeboats but Eva didn’t listened and kept running. There was now a loud noise around, the boat was breaking up and Eva might just have enough time to pick Erry before escaping the sinking boat.

Erry was slowly waking up, her head hurting her but it seemed that she wasn’t with Naomi anymore. She could hear a loud alarm sound nearby and many other loud noises, Erry shivered as she saw all of Eva’s belongings scattered around the floor where was the small pendant too. “What happened…?” Asked Erry to herself but her eyes suddenly stopped onto something getting near her… water. Erry was looking at a small puddle growing nearby, Erry had her eyes glued on this when she heard an officer running in the hall yelling that the boat was sinking and wanted to know if there was anyone remaining. “No way…” said Erry while her eyes opened wide, she now knew where his water and noises were coming from but she was trapped! The water suddenly started to rush against the small pendant, Erry forced to watch this from the inside was scared beyond limits. Suddenly Erry could feel something on her side and looked up. The small holes on the pendant lid that allowed her to breath were also allowing water to pour inside. “No… NOOOOO!!!” Screamed Erry who was now scared to drown here. “I DON’T WANT TO DIE!! Please someone !!!” Screamed Erry again who was now half of her body in the water. Another water wave came, and this time Erry’s pendant was now under the water level, more of it pouring inside the glass prison ! Erry’s eyes opened wide as she screamed of horror, not having much space to breath anymore. And soon the pendant was filled, Erry tried to retain her breath but even trying to push the pendant’s lid didn’t worked. Erry’s mind was in panic, she didn’t wanted to die here, not like this ! But soon she hadn’t much oxygen left in her lungs… and would drown soon. Erry’s fist moved slowly, her eyes closing, she wanted to break this stupid glass… but her fist just hit the transparent wall softly, her eyes now closed, ready to die in this stupid place.

“ERRY!!” Screamed a loud voice in the tiny girl’s ears when Eva rushed into her room. Eva was looking everywhere fast and soon saw the small pendant inside of the water “No!!!” Screamed Eva while scooping the tiny pendant with her hand and turned it upside down so the water could go out, she tried to remove the small lid but it looked like a bit broken and didn’t moved. “Erry!” Screamed Eva again while looking at the tiny one inside of the pendant cough loudly, her tiny lungs filling with oxygen again. Erry was still trying to catch her breath when Eva put the pendant around her neck and tied it twice so it wouldn’t move, she slammed the door open again and started to run fast, the small one hanging again between Eva’s breasts under her shirt. Erry coughed a last time and didn’t complained about how rough Eva was now running like this. Eva almost slipped on the ground but she had no time to lose, the boat was looking now empty and she didn’t met anyone this time, but she was sure that her sister was waiting her. Suddenly the lights turned off while an explosion was heard not that far, Eva stopped to run and started to shiver, feeling some strong emotions coming up while she started finally to realize her situation. There was no noise around excepted the breaking boat all around her and Erry’s tiny coughs, she started to feel scared but suddenly her eyes popped open. A strong shaking again that made Eva fall on her knees, the boat was now splitting in two not far from where she currently was, she was too scared to move and she started to feel the gravity of the boat sinking faster. She managed to stand up and she looked in front of her, she wouldn’t be able to reach her sister now, so instead Eva started to run in the opposite direction, even if there was some water, maybe there was still someone with a lifeboat on this side! Eva stopped at a corner again, the place where she was going was on fire caused probably by the explosion she heard earlier “Shit… where am I supposed to go…” said Eva while now looking at the water getting closer to her waist, she knew that there was no exit and staying there wouldn’t help her too. “No… I don’t want to die…” whispered Eva to herself while she looked over the edge and saw the water coming faster. Eva knew how to swim well but this situation was way different from anything she tried before, but still if she could swim far enough, she would probably be able to find her family. Eva grabbed her shirt to talk to the small one “Erry, I’m going to dive in the water and find my parents, please hold your breath.” The small one didn’t answered and just nodded to herself while getting ready for this, Eva then looked at the water and got ready too, taking a long breath, she put her hands onto the security fence and jumped above it.

The water was cold. Eva was swimming as fast as she could, still hearing the boat break behind her. She wanted to reach the surface to get some oxygen again but the boat was too close and something could fall on her so she changed her direction and went further away from the sinking structure. Erry was inside of the water again, she saw the water rise fast inside of the pendant but she trusted that Eva would get them out of there. Erry was still holding her breath and soon, Eva started to raise to the water surface. “Aaaarrrhhh!” Let out Eva who was trying to breath once her head was outside of the water, now floating at the surface, the sea was still moving fast because of the storm. Eva picked up the small pendant and let the water exit it, once the pendant was empty of water, Eva looked at Erry “I’m sorry about this, but I can’t swim with you there, you might drown so…” Eva cut her sentence while she saw the remaining part of the boat sink nearby, she opened her mouth and tossed the small pendant within before closing her mouth. Erry let out a squeak, not understanding why Eva did that but soon could hear Eva breath, allowing Erry to have some oxygen too while the human girl would now swim without thinking about Erry’s safety.

Eva’s vision was blurry, the waves of the black water hit her many times and she didn’t really knew where she was anymore. She tried to scream many times to tell where she was but never got an answer. Her whole body was tired and the waves were still hitting her hard until her arms started to get numb. “No…” cried Eva while trying to move her now so heavy body to carry, she started to feel tired but soon heard a strange noise. Under the moonlight, Eva could see the water splash against a hard structure, maybe it was some rocks but it looked tall enough so she could climb on them. Eva started to move her tired legs, gasping more because of the pain her body was giving her but she was getting closer. Suddenly, Eva let out a surprised scream, a tall wave formed below her and was bringing her closer to the rocks but too fast! The wave was now getting closer, Eva turned to swim to the opposite direction, maybe she could slow down her approach but soon the water covered her and was dragging her along. Eva’s tired body stopped to move and her eyes closed as she let out a long scream of pain while her body hit the hard rocks onto all of her back, making Eva pass out from this unbearable pain.

Erry was again in a dark place. She was remembering Eva who tried to protect her but her mouth filled with water fast. Erry wasn’t fast enough to take her breath and her tiny mouth filled with water too,
Erry’s body moved to try again to exit this pendant but it didn’t worked again. Erry let out a scream inside of the water, she suddenly got ‘spitted’ away from Eva’s mouth while she screamed, the pendant’s lace still holding her. Erry opened her eyes wide, she was outside of Eva’s mouth but a rock was getting closer fast and nothing could stop her fall! Erry gasped as the small pendant hit the hard ground and Erry’s head heavily, making Erry’s eyes witness a weird darkness surround her until she couldn’t fell her body anymore. Suddenly a path of light appeared in front of her, Erry a bit scared of this place again started to walk on it since she didn’t had anywhere else to go. The same mirror was now in front of Erry but the girl inside was different, she was turning back to Erry and her body looked like covered by darkness itself. Erry’s hand shivered and hesitated a bit before placing it on the mirror, the girl ‘inside’ noticing this, she started to turn her head. Erry had a really bad feeling about this, the girl’s head was moving slowly but Erry’s own body started to be covered by the same darkness, the only difference was that this black texture was now burning her. Erry screamed and tried to move but it was like she was now glued to the ground, inside of the mirror the girl was now almost facing Erry, she had the same looking face but had her eyes closed. Erry let out another scream of pain while she was feeling more of this ‘darkness’ onto her, wanting to open her eyes to see who was this girl in the mirror facing her but her eyelids were now too heavy and with a last scream, Erry vanished into the darkness again.

She gasped loudly and could feel a deep pain on all of her body, she was coughing water and took a long breath before coughing again. “Aaaah…” moaned Erry while she was trying to open her eyes, she was still alive! Her body was feeling numb everywhere but besides some small wounds she hadn’t anything serious. The light assaulted her small eyes immediately when she finally managed to open them and Erry coughed some water again before her lungs could fill with oxygen “Hooo…” moaned the small girl as she could feel the sun warming her skin. “What…?!” Suddenly gasped Erry, looking around her, she wasn’t inside of Eva’s pendant anymore but could see the top of it nearby… when she realized that she was sitting on the ground, just atop of Eva’s long hair. “Eva!” Yelled Erry, wanting to know if the human girl was still alive but the giant girl only answered with a moan. Erry run a bit far and looked at Eva’s head, some blood was pouring from her forehead and Erry gasped again when she saw Eva’s arm nearby with Eva’s wrist in a weird position, probably broken. “Hnnn… haaaa…!” Moaned Eva in pain, she coughed out some blood and was breathing in an irregular rhythm. Erry ran around Eva’s head, wanting to know what was causing so much pain to her and fall on her knees when she saw Eva’s back… wearing many deep wounds from when she hit the rocks before. Erry shivered “No… please…” while she tried to get up. She went back in front of Eva’s face and looked up at the gigantic face, only one of Eva’s eyes opened and looked in every direction slowly. The human girl wanted to speak but just couldn’t, Erry got closer of Eva’s face and looked up, until the giant eye focused on her “Eva. I’ll be searching for help, I’m not planning to leave you there alone so please wait for me!” Erry could see some tears roll onto Eva’s cheek “I think that we’re on an island, I’ll run as fast as I can to seek some humans to help you. You’ve done so much for me that I can’t just let you die there !!” Erry’s eyes filled with tears “Just wait for me and I’m sure we’ll be able to save you !”

Erry finished her sentence but Eva wasn’t moving anymore “No…” screamed Erry who was about to run to the giant face when she stopped to move, she couldn’t hear any noise anymore. Looking behind her, the sea wasn’t moving anymore too! “What’s… happening…” whispered Erry while taking some steps on the sand. There was now a deep mist all around her and she saw a shadow a bit far from where she was. Erry was still there, not understanding what was happening but also not noticing that the ‘symbol’ on her back was glowing a bit. The shadow came closer and Erry could now see a man standing in front of her right at her size, the only difference was that he had white hair too! Erry’s eyes opened wide when she saw him but immediately started to talk “Mister… please help us!” But the man stayed silent “Please help Eva, she’s dying!” Said again Erry when the man turned back and soon a ‘voice’ started to talk within Erry’s mind “I though you were back but you’re not ‘her’… but in that case follow me, and don’t worry for this girl she won’t die yet.”. The man started to walk towards some giant trees then waited Erry to follow him, Erry who was now deeply confused was looking at this man who had long white hair and clothes that looked really old, still wondering who he was since it was the very first time that she met someone with the same hair color. Erry looked back at Eva who looked ‘frozen’ a last time and started to follow the man, in hope that she would find something to heal her.

It was like any other forest that Erry hide in some time ago but the difference was that the trees were made of something like stone, she was also looking at this strange mist around her and the gray sky… Erry was still a bit scared because there wasn’t any noise around just like if everything around her was just dead. Soon the man stopped to walk and Erry went besides him, he was now looking forwards and Erry looked too, her mind still filled with questions. It was ruins, not human ruins but signs that some small people just like Erry lived there but maybe hundred or thousands of years before! Erry had a shiver and looked at the man “Who… who are you?” The man turned his head when he heard Erry’s question then answered back “And what about you? Who do you think you really are?”. Erry looked down, not really understanding what was happening and many questions started to fill her mind but she wanted to know more. Erry suddenly raised her head and looked at the man who wasn’t here anymore “Mister…! Where are you ?!” But Erry hadn’t got an answer. She suddenly gasped, there was something nearby and Erry started to run until she was in front of what looked like a small destroyed shrine. Inside of it was something like what looked like 5 different statues but all broken… except one. “What’s the meaning of this…!!” Said Erry while standing in front of a girl made of stone, taller than her but who had almost the same face as herself ! Erry wanted to know and started to look around this statue, she looked like exactly like the first girl she saw in her strange dreams ! Erry then sat right in front of the girl, looking at her stone eyes and was wondering who she was until she saw the man from before pass by her side.

“Erelle of the 5… she was the most powerful among us but her fate wasn’t easy at all.” Erry was a bit surprised to see the man again but listened carefully before looking back at the statue again who was wearing a cute smile and had long hair. “Er… Erelle.” Said Erry while she tried to remember if she heard this name before but nothing came to her mind. The man then walked a bit around before looking at Erry again “My name is Fyr. I never met you but I know about you… Erry. You’re holding in your hands a fate that I can’t predict but you’ll have to make some choices soon. Be sure to choose the right ones.” Erry was now surprised, her heart was now racing while this man was talking but she wanted to know, how this man could know all of this and even her name? “Who… who do you really are Fyr?” Suddenly asked the small one but a strong wind started to surround Erry who got caught in the same white mist until she managed to open her eyes again, to discover that she was back to the beach, with Eva in front of her.

But it wasn’t over yet, Erry was still walking and suddenly gasped, there was another human girl lying on the sand as badly wounded as Eva! Erry started to run towards this girl who looked really younger than Eva but when she was almost in front of her, Erry’s eyes focused onto something else. A girl of her size was standing in front of the giant human, she had long white hair and when Erry heard some words from an old time said by this girl, two wings of light appeared on her back. Erry fall back from surprise, there was actually an angel in front of her! This other girl started to tell some other words, her voice being like a soft music and soon the human girl that was on the ground started to feel better, all of her wounds closing by themselves until she looked better. Erry had a shiver in her voice, not believing what she was watching but when the human girl was healed she just vanished into the mist, leaving Erry face this unknown girl in front of her. So many questions in her mind but not a single answer… Erry saw this girl before in her dreams and she was now ‘real’ in front of her! She stood up, feeling her whole body shiver, she had to ask this girl, wanting to know if she was real “Are you… Er… Erelle?”

Another strong wind surrounded the small Erry, losing her in the mist again she had to close her eyes and once she opened them, she was still on the beach but could hear the sea again and Eva was moving too but was still in a great pain. Erry was lost in her thoughts, was all of this just a dream? Erry shook her head and went closer to Eva’s face who let out another moan of pain. Eva started to cough badly, Erry knew that the human girl wouldn’t last long and she hadn’t enough time to seek help. Erry sat in front of Eva’s face and started to hum a song, trying to calm down the human girl even if she was about to die. Suddenly Erry could feel something and put her hands on her cheeks where some tears were rolling on them “Looks like we really became friends… ” said Erry while clenching her teeth, hating the fact of being powerless for her human friend. Eva coughed again and some blood fall on the soft sand in front of Erry, the human girl breathing slowly, it was nearly the end for her.

Erry suddenly stood up and looking at the sky she started to yell with her eyes still crying “Why can’t I do anything for her?! She saved my life many times and I just have to watch her DIE JUST LIKE MY SISTER?!” Erry stayed like this, no one was around so who would hear her pleas. Erry fall on her knees, burying her face in her hands she started to sob loudly, not wanting to live this situation again. Erry screamed, hating not to be able to do anything she fall forwards until her fists hit the ground followed by her forehead. Erry let out a long cry… her voice teared by sadness and despair, she wasn’t thinking about this human girl in front of her like she did when she met her for the first time, this girl was now a real friend and nothing would change his fact in Erry’s mind.

Erry’s eyes closed suddenly. Her small body had a shiver then stopped to move. Her face still buried in the sand, she gasped while her eyes opened, without a spark of life within them. A glow appeared on Erry’s back, the small one was standing up and looking to Eva. Erry’s eyes blinked but she still looked lifeless from the outside until the glow that was on her back turned into a bright blue flame on her right side. Erry took a step forwards then another, the flame on her back was moving along. She was now in front of Eva’s face and stretched her arms towards the giant girl’s face. Erry then said a single word carrying so much power within… “Live.”. Onto Erry’s back, the blue flame turned into a single white wing and her body started to shine a deep light. Erry’s eyes opened wide and the light started to glow all around her, until it was surrounding Eva’s full body. Erry then closed her eyes, her body not supporting whatever she was ‘calling’ and soon the light disappeared along with Erry’s wing while the small girl fall unconscious on the ground in front of Eva… who wasn’t wounded anymore.

Eva opened her eyes, she was tired but wasn’t feeling her wounds anymore. She was wondering why she could now feel again her legs that she broke when she hit the rocks during the night. Was it a dream? She didn’t knew the answer but suddenly her eyes stopped on a tiny girl lying on the ground in front of her. “Erry?” Asked the human girl while managing to sit on the ground, her shivering fingers carefully picking the tiny girl up. Erry slowly opened her eyes and was looking at Eva’s face who wasn’t looking wounded like before “Eva…? What happened to you…?” Erry couldn’t really remember what happened but she knew that she saw Eva almost dead not so long ago. Eva moved her hand closer to her face “I feel alright but… my legs… were broken! How… how is that possible that I’m alright?! And Erry are you alright?” Erry was checking her body and her head but didn’t remembered that she was the one who saved Eva. Still she was remembering that something happened but her mind was too blurry “Yes I’m alright… I’m glad we’re both alive you know… I didn’t wanted to lose you…” said the tiny girl that made Eva blush a bright red. Eva now knew what was this feeling in her heart towards the small girl but got interrupted by a loud growl, her body remembering her that she was in fact hungry.

Eva was now walking carefully, holding Erry in her hand until they found some clear water that they could drink. But the forest that was near the beach where were the two girls was really strange, the trees were almost all looking the same and made of a strange stone texture. Eva couldn’t hear anything in this forest and took some steps away until they were back on the beach. Eva’s belly growled again, Erry looked sad because they couldn’t find anything to feed on in this strange forest. Eva had the idea to take some rocks and move them to the beach where she wrote a simple message on the ground “SOS”. The night came and Eva decided to sleep on the beach, near where she ‘wrote’ the message and the sand was still warm enough so she could rest on it. Erry sat near Eva’s face, both of the girls knew that their relation changed and Erry wasn’t Eva’s ‘possession’ anymore. Erry was looking at the stars, remembering an old tale of her sister where every star was a tiny that leaved the world, Erry removed a tear while looking at those stars so far from her “Maybe you’re there too Aya, watching me from the sky…”

The next morning, Eva wanted to explore more of the island because of what Erry told her but the girls couldn’t find anything about a small city. Eva’s belly was now growling more often but they still couldn’t find anything to eat. Erry was in fact used to survive without anything to feed on for days but it wasn’t the case for the human girl who started to show that she was getting tired faster. Eva was now resting on the ground, feeling the warm sand against her skin and the small Erry was sitting besides “If only we could find something but…” Erry got interrupted by Eva’s stomach that growled again loudly. Another day without anyone coming to help them, Eva was now feeling really sick, sleeping outside with this weather and without anything to feed on was getting harder for both of the girls. Erry was getting really tired too and the girls decided to rest. Eva was holding her belly with her hand, trying to hide this but she couldn’t really think about anything else too. “I wonder if they’re alright…” said Eva, thinking about her family. “I’m sure they’re all fine.” said Erry, wanting to help Eva to feel better but she wouldn’t tell her about what Naomi did to her yet. Eva was looking at the sky, hoping that a plane would come and save them, maybe with all of her family inside but it was just a silly idea… because who would find them on this sea?

Eva stretched her arms, looking at Erry she started to stand up “Okay… let’s see again if we could find someth-” but Eva couldn’t finish and fall onto the ground. Erry was surprised and with a gasp, jumped on her feet, now running towards Eva’s body. “Eva!!” Screamed the small girl when she was getting closer to Eva’s face who had now a deep pain expression but was also unconscious. The only noise that could be heard was Eva’s body… asking in despair for food. Erry was crying, looking at Eva who didn’t looked really fine now “I didn’t knew it was so serious…” said Erry while putting her hands on her chest. Erry closed her eyes and started to think, if Eva or herself wouldn’t find anything… they would both die from starvation and Erry didn’t wanted to see Eva suffer again. Of course there was a solution… something that Erry couldn’t ever think about before but now the situation was different between the girls. “I’m just too stupid… but well… maybe I could be useful for once…” Said Erry to herself while standing up. Erry was now taking some steps towards Eva’s face and soon was right in front of it. The human girl looked even more exhausted when Erry got closer but the small girl was making a hard decision… not wanting to lose another ‘sister’.

Eva’s face was against the sand, her mouth slightly open, Erry was now in front of the girl’s giant lips making a decision for her small life. “After all… I gave up on living already for some years when my sister got teared away from me. We spent some fun time together Eva but… I don’t want to lose you so… I think it’s better like this. Maybe you’ll be able to live another day and to see your family again.” Finished the small girl while removing her small torn blue dress, now getting closer to Eva’s mouth fully naked. She put her hands onto the two giant ‘pillows’ and with some strength managed to open them enough. Erry had a shiver when Eva’s warm breath hit her small self but the tiny one was resolved to do it even if in the end, she was giving her life away. Her hands still on the giant soft lips, Erry moved closed and managed to crawl inside of Eva’s mouth.

She had been there once already, when Eva put her pendant there so Erry wouldn’t drown but being inside of a human’s mouth for real was way different from what she expected. Looking at those giant teeth all around that could crush her tiny body easily made Erry shiver but Erry didn’t wanted to move there. She was now lying onto Eva’s tongue, hearing her breath all around, this place was a bit scary but it was what she wanted to do. Erry let out a squeak when she got drooled upon, even not conscious Eva would still be able to taste her tiny self. Erry suddenly heard a loud growl behind, coming out of a fleshy pit that was at the back of Eva’s mouth. The tiny one had another shiver and closed her eyes “Yes I know Aya… it’s a waste of my life but… I’ll be joining you soon.”. Erry then moved at the center of Eva’s tongue, still hearing the girl’s breathing all around her, warming her small body and soon she was facing an opening in front of her, leading to Eva’s throat. If she fall inside of it, Erry wouldn’t probably be able to come back… but it was what she wanted to do to help the giant girl, to feed herself to her. Erry then sat in front of this opening and put her small legs inside, looking down she could see only darkness and could also hear all of Eva’s body’s noises. Erry closed her eyes, she wanted the human girl to do it because just putting herself inside would probably suffocate the human girl. Extending her small arms, Erry moved her tiny chest onto Eva’s tongue, allowing the human girl to taste more of her small ‘victim’ and soon Erry could see the tip of the giant tongue raise. The small girl was blushing and had a shiver “Yes Eva… do it.” Said Erry before giving a tiny kiss onto the giant muscle below her.

And it happened… Eva still in a sleeping state finally swallowed the tiny girl, not knowing what Erry was really doing. Inside of the human’s body the tiny Erry was traveling deeper, now hearing Eva’s heart bumping nearby. Erry had her eyes closed, even if she accepted to do it, it was still one of her worse nightmares because it was how she lost her own sister many years ago. Soon Erry could feel a small muscle all around her until she was now ‘falling’ to land in a pool below. Erry moved to the surface and knew that she was now inside of Eva’s stomach. The living place all around Erry was hungry, really hungry… and some digestive juices were already all around Erry, making her feel a ticking sensation almost immediately. Erry was soon in pain, she had juices up to her shoulders and they were now ‘biting’ into her skin, Erry knew that because Eva was hungry for days, she would digest the small girl fully in no time. Erry let out a small moan of pain, feeling more and more burning onto her tiny body, but the pain was slowly disappearing too, probably because of some of her small nerves that were already being digested away by the giant stomach. Erry closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around her chest, ready to vanish into oblivion, where she would be with her sister again.

“Erry…?” Suddenly said Eva who woke up, feeling something weird within her. “Where are you Erry?” Asked Eva again, now noticing the small clothes on the ground in front of her “No… ERRY!! Where are you?!” The small one could feel Eva move, she was now probably sitting and decided to answer “I’m here Eva.” Eva opened her eyes wide, looking at her belly where she heard the small voice “No Erry!! What have you done ?! You… you made me eat you ??” The small girl nodded and coughed a first time, her vision getting a bit blurry “Yes… I couldn’t let you die from starvation Eva. I know that I’m just a tiny snack for your giant body but it will help you to live a bit more until someone finds you.” Eva started to cry when she heard Erry talk “But… BUT !! You’ll be dying in the process Erry !! My body will break you just like my food ! I don’t want you to die Erry… we’ve done so much together !! Please…”

Erry raised her tiny head and coughed again “It’s already too late for me Eva. Your body is already ‘eating’ into mine and I won’t last long… It might be a selfish wish from me but please understand… I couldn’t let my new sister die…” Eva closed her eyes, letting more tears flow out while she let out a long cry… “Erry please… don’t leave me… I… I… love you…”. Erry smiled, coughing again she started to talk again “I’m glad that you accepted me like this Eva, besides my sister no one loved me like this and… I’ll remember you even if I have to go so far away from you. If someday we meet again, I would love to be this close to you again… I guess… I have now to say goodbye…”. Eva closed her eyes, not hearing Erry anymore but some loud noises from her stomach, the small girl was probably almost digested, she started to cry again “Why this world have to be like this… I know that I used to just eat tinies because it was what my friends did but… now I realize that I was wrong… SO WRONG!! Erry… I don’t know if you can still hear me but, I’ll do my best from today to be there for any other small people I meet. And if I have to die someday, I would love to be a tiny too in my next life, as long as I’m with you Erry… My Erry…”

A sudden noise echoed around and Eva raised her head, it was a helicopter! Eva had tears in her eyes but she suddenly stood up, now raising her hands to wave at the pilot “Help…! I’m here!!” Yelled Eva, noticing that the pilot saw her. Her heart was racing, now looking at the helicopter landing a bit far from where she was. Eva wanted to run but her legs were tired, she suddenly gasped “Erry!! They’re here to save us! I think I can still spit you out!” But no one was answering, Eva let out some tears roll on her cheeks “Erry… is… is that true ?” Eva realized, not feeling the tiny body within her anymore, probably going deeper of her digestive system. She fall on her knees, looking at the tiny ripped dress, she picked it up and placed it inside of her pocket before putting a hand on her belly “Thank you for saving me… I’ll never forget you… Erry.”

The door of the helicopter slammed and a girl dashed outside yelling “EVA!!”. Eva raised her head and was now watching this girl running towards her “Nao…” until Naomi reached Eva and wrapped her arms around her, crying loudly “Eva… Eva!! I thought I would never see you again!!!” Eva didn’t saw her older sister cry often but she was happy beyond limits to see that she was okay. “What about our parents? Are they alright?” Asked Eva while her sister was now helping her to walk “Yes they’re safe too ! We’ve been found by a nearby boat and they had a helicopter on board so we could search you, it’s been a full week ! To tell you the truth I… doubted at a point that we would find you but I’m glad that you’re there !” Said Naomi with tears in her eyes, still not believing that Eva looked that fine. Eva was now near the helicopter and Naomi helped her to climb inside, Eva almost fall because her body was weak but Naomi caught her safely in her arms. Once Eva was settled, Naomi sat besides her and grabbed her hands, not wanting to lose her sister again, even for a minute.

“Hmm…?” Let out Naomi while looking at something, Eva looked back at her sister “What is it Nao…?”. Naomi was looking at Eva’s pendant that was now broken but still hanging onto Eva’s ripped shirt, Eva looked at it and picked up with her hand. Naomi was thinking a bit and decided that bringing the topic of Erry now wouldn’t be a good idea so she wouldn’t talk about her. Finally Naomi looked again at the pendant and asked her sister “Are you going to keep it? I mean it’s broken and you might want a new one. Yeah, when we’ll be back home I’ll buy you a new pendant!”. Eva listened and realized that her hand was now closed onto it, holding firmly the small broken piece of glass… she bowed her head and just answered with a whisper “I prefer to keep this one Nao I’m sorry, even if it’s broken.” Eva yawned, her exhausted body now reminding her how much she was tired “I’m sorry Nao but my body won’t allow me to stay awaken for much more. Can you wake me up when we’ll be back on the ship?” Naomi put her hand onto her sister’s head and smiled to her before giving her a pillow she found earlier. Eva was now getting asleep, her mind was blurry but she could hear her sister talk with the pilot, the island where she had been found didn’t existed on any map they had ! Eva was wondering what was really but would ask this later. Eva’s eyes finally closed and she let out a sigh while she fall asleep almost immediately, now traveling inside of the land of the dreams. Eva was walking peacefully in her dream but soon gasped, there was a girl standing in front of her. This girl was younger than Eva but she couldn’t resist to just wrap her arms around her and give her a long hug. This girl wasn’t supposed to be at this size nor in the world of the living anymore but Eva would never forget her. This Tiny that taught and gave her so much : Erry. While she was sleeping peacefully in the helicopter, Eva’s eye let out a small tear that rolled on her cheek to fall onto the small pendant she was still holding carefully in her hand, hoping that maybe someday… in this world or in another one they would meet again and they would be happy together.

End of part 8.