Erry’s story part 9 : Search

“Erry!!” Screamed the girl while she woke up in the middle of the night. She was sweating and tears were flowing out of her eyes but it happened again, she saw her very sister die in her dreams. Or maybe it wasn’t really dreams, much more a ‘vision’ of one of her sister’s lives… the girl coughed loudly and could now hear another voice nearby “Aya…? Are you alright?” Said another girl while turning on a lamp, a giant lamp…

Aya was in fact one of the ‘tinies’, a small creature looking just like a human but with a size of almost 3cm. She had long red hair and blue eyes but besides her size, she was looking like exactly like a regular human girl who was 18 years old. “I’m alright Saphyr… sorry if I woke you up.” Said Aya while pulling a small handkerchief that she was using as a cover who was moved on the side while Aya was dreaming. Aya was now looking into the deep blue eyes of the human girl who was looking at her, she was a regular human child with dark blue hair, her eyes being the reason of her name: Saphyr. The human girl was before one of the ‘Micro Hunters’, a club that had a very ‘interesting’ activity: hunt and reduce the number of the tinies in houses and other places. The humans were also interested about this because they could have some of their favorites ‘candies’ too, even if the candies themselves were the small people. Aya was trying to calm down but it wasn’t easy because of what she just saw.

Saphyr picked up the small handkerchief with Aya carefully and placed it on her hand while looking down at this small one “Was it one of those ‘visions’ again Aya…?” Asked the human girl while watching the small one nod. “I don’t understand why I’m able to see Erry die each time and I don’t know why we’re able to come back to life but… I know that Erry is somewhere outside… waiting for us to save her.”. Saphyr nodded, she met Erry some years ago before she became a micro hunter and she spent so much fun times with her tiny white haired ‘sister’ as Erry loved to call her. But Saphyr was younger back then and some other girls twisted her feelings… that made her eat her very own small sister!

Saphyr lived on after this, not feeling anymore for the small girl which life ended within her body until the day she met Aya. Saphyr learned that Aya was Erry’s sister who was supposed to be dead for years but she was back to life for an unknown reason, they started to talk but the dialog between them became soon violent, Saphyr realizing the error she did to kill Erry. Soon Saphyr let out a scream while something exited her body that was controlling her before and that was also ‘behind’ everything that happened: the girl made of darkness Enaelle. This girl who looked just like Erry wanted Saphyr to kill Aya but the blue haired girl had now something new: the will to see Erry’s smile again and to apologize to her. Saphyr broke Enaelle’s control and instead of smashing Aya below her feet, Saphyr made it fall on Enaelle who cursed the girls before vanishing into oblivion. Saphyr’s mind was now free and accepted to help Aya since this day, she tossed everything that was related to the ‘club’ in her trash and would never hunt any other small people anymore.

But for now, Saphyr was looking at this tiny one sitting on her hand who had tears in her eyes. Saphyr moved a finger closer and put it onto Aya’s head, also trying to give her a warm smile “Don’t worry Aya, I’m sure there’s a reason to those visions and I’ll do my best to help our sister!!” Said Saphyr while Aya was removing her tears from her eyes. “Yes. Thank you Saphyr.” Answered Aya who blushed a bit when Saphyr kissed her on he head, she was soon placed back onto Saphyr’s desk that was besides her bed. Saphyr checked a last time if Aya needed anything before turning off the light, wishing her a good night.

The morning finally came and Saphyr woke up early. Looking at her desk, Aya was still sleeping so she didn’t woke her up. Since it was a Saturday, Saphyr wouldn’t have to go to school, so instead she went to her chair and opened her laptop. She was reading her mails and saw one from an old friend of her, she was one of the ‘leaders’ of the micro hunters team in this part of the city. Saphyr asked some days ago to ‘retire’ from the club because of some family reason, of course it was a lie since Saphyr was now protecting Aya but she didn’t wanted to do anything that would hurt some small people. Closing one of her browser’s tab, Saphyr was feeling a bit hungry so she stood up and walked outside of her room. Once in the hall, she saw her mother’s room closed, because of her hard work she was probably sleeping. Saphyr went down the stairs and opened the door to the kitchen before opening the fridge. Saphyr filled a glass with some orange juice before taking some cookies her mother made on the previous day. Yawning a bit and stretching out her arms, the girl went outside of the kitchen before climbing the stairs and was now in front of her room. She opened the door carefully and noticed that Aya was still sleeping, probably exhausted by this vision she had this night again. No one would believe this since it was such a stupid idea, even more coming from a tiny but Saphyr actually lived this once with Aya. Their shared vision was what started everything between the girls even if in the end they both saw Erry die right in front of them. Saphyr took a sip from her glass before filling a tiny lid with some juice and placed it with a tiny cookie crumb besides the small sleeping girl.

Saphyr was soon done with her homework and yawned again. Looking on the side, Aya was still breathing slowly but would probably wake up soon. Saphyr changed herself and took her trash bin before exiting her room, walking carefully in the stairs not to wake up her mother, Saphyr went into the garage and emptied her trash into a taller one before looking at everything that was inside. Her eyes stopped onto a shiny thing that was within her papers: her hunter’s emblem, it was something that was important for her because it was showing to the ‘world’ around her who she was but now, she was feeling disgusted about keeping it. In fact the day when she got it was the next to the one when she made the wrong choice that would change her life for some years: the day when she ended Erry’s life. She took a last look to the emblem then turned her head away “Farewell… I won’t need it ever again.” Said Saphyr before going back to her room.

When she opened her door, Saphyr saw the small Aya sitting on her desk while eating a tiny crumb of the cookie. Saphyr pulled her chair and sat on it while looking at the small one “Hello Aya. Did you slept well?” Aya nodded before drinking a bit of the juice “Yes Saphyr. Sorry if I woke up this night.” Saphyr shook her head before putting a finger onto Aya’s head “It’s alright… you would probably worry about me if I was at your place.”. Aya finished her crumb and soon sat near Saphyr’s computer, the human girl opened a notebook app and was ready to write something but Aya bowed her head “She got eaten again… It was pretty dark so I couldn’t see everything but a human woman played with her and made her drink alcohol until Erry couldn’t think logically. Then she just drank my sister like a stupid appetizer!! I saw Erry… die again… helpless… alone… and this… this girl !!!” Aya’s lips where shivering from anger, Saphyr saw some tears form into Aya’s eyes and picked her up carefully before placing her onto her hand “It’s alright Aya… Please don’t think about this too much… I’m sure we’ll be able to find her.” Saphyr was worried about Aya but she didn’t really knew what she could do to calm her down, Aya noticed this on Saphyr’s face and finally managed to cool her mind. Saphyr was now reading some of the notes Aya and her wrote, trying to put on a map the different locations where Erry could have been but even with this they still didn’t knew how they could find her like this.

“I could ask around maybe, but I doubt that people would answer to me if I start talking about Erry…” said Aya while Saphyr bowed her head down to watch Aya before answering “Because of her white hair right? She told me about that but I really didn’t understood why just her hair color would bring disasters…” Aya put her hand on her chin “Well… I’ve been thinking about that again these days but there was a child’s tale about that. I never believed it because Erry isn’t a monster! But the tale was about some old gods among our people, they had all white hair and could make miracles… until one
of them betrayed our people and it’s said that every time a ‘white hair’ appears it’s a symbol of disaster and death. That’s why Erry is hated among our people but my sister isn’t an evil creature. But… she have something I never saw before deep inside of her… this ‘power’ that allow us to be alive again…” Aya had a sudden shiver “In fact… I remember something that happened many years ago when she was maybe only 10, she started to have some weird ‘dreams’ where she saw myself and her die… just the way it really happened. We just escaped a human ‘raid’ onto one of our hideouts and I though she had these dreams because of this but I was mistaken… But well back then how could I believe that she actually knew that we were about to die, it was so unreal…” Finished Aya who bowed her head down. Saphyr pat the tiny girl’s head “When I met her she had some trouble remembering things from her own past and was just like a lost girl. But later she managed to remember some parts of her past… except that she couldn’t remember what happened after you died Aya. In fact… I think that she maybe had ‘lived’ some other of her lives before I actually met her…” Saphyr was thinking hard and gasped “Aya… it might be stupid but… I think we could probably ‘use’ one of the tools I used before when I was a Micro Hunter. I don’t know if it will work or what we’ll find but I could ask onto our network’s board.” Saphyr looked really serious now “I doubt we’ll find some useful information to find her but maybe… some of the other hunters saw her.”

Aya was listening carefully “Hmmm… I don’t really know how to use this ‘technology’ but if it could give us anything about Erry, please do it Saphyr. I know that we might find some… horrible stuff or maybe just nothing but we should use anything we can.” Saphyr was still looking at Aya “I see again why Erry trusts you so much Aya… You’re really as strong as she said.” The small one blushed a bit “Thanks. I’ll leave this up to you Saphyr please.”. Saphyr opened her browser and soon was on the ‘network’, she used it many times before and she was even really popular among the people using it but it was now over. Saphyr clicked on the forum tab and created a new thread, of course she hadn’t told to everyone that she leaved the ‘club’ except a few ones but she could still use the tools they had. Clicking on the title panel, she started to think about what she was about to write and started to type on her keyboard: “White haired tiny.”

Saphyr was now typing fast, but she knew what she would ask and hoped that her ‘fame’ would probably help her even if she would lie about her ‘real’ relation with Erry. “Dear members, I wanted to ask you something: I met once a tiny who had white hair, in fact it was the first time I saw one like this but also the last. Did anyone of you managed to find one like this too ? I would really be happy to know that I’m not the only one to have found one like this 🙂 Have a good day everyone and thanks in advance for your replies! Saphyr.” The girl then posted it and looked down at Aya who was reading the text “We just have to wait until someone replies now.” Said Saphyr while Aya answered with a nod, hoping that maybe her worst enemies would help her to find her sister.

Saphyr wanted to do something since just waiting in front of her computer wouldn’t help so she picked up phone and put her hand on her desk “I’ll be going out a bit Aya, wanna go with me? Or do you prefer to rest a bit?” Said the human girl while looking down at the small one. Aya climbed onto Saphyr’s hand and went to the middle of it “I prefer to be with you Saphyr if possible.” Saphyr nodded and carefully placed Aya inside the pocket of her shirt before exiting her room. When Saphyr went down the stairs she saw her mother in the kitchen and went a bit inside. “Hi mom, I’ll be going out a bit, do you need anything ?” Said Saphyr while the woman in front of her raised her head, she looked like Saphyr but was way older, still she had the same hair color and almost the same blue eyes “Good morning Saphyr, I’m sorry I went back a bit late yesterday again. But no I don’t think we need anything, just be safe outside please ?” Said the woman before taking a sip of her coffee cup. Saphyr smiled and nodded to her mother before answering “Okay! I’ll be back before noon mom, see you later !”. Saphyr was about to exit the kitchen but her mother started to talk again “Ah Saphyr, can you take your trash bin down before this evening since tomorrow will be the garbage day?” Saphyr smiled again “I already took care of this earlier mom don’t worry, enjoy your breakfast and see you later !” Saphyr’s mother smiled to her daughter while waving at her, Saphyr was now about to go once she put her shoes in the entrance.

She was now outside and walked a bit, she knew where she would be safe to talk a bit so she headed to the park that was nearby. Some kids were playing around but the park was almost empty so Saphyr just headed to a place she liked. It was a small kiosk selling some pastries and tea, Saphyr went to the counter and ordered a small cup of hot chocolate with a small cake before sitting on a chair. Once settled, Saphyr made sure that no one was around and carefully picked up Aya before placing her on the table besides her phone. “Okay… no one will bother us now and well… since I’m with you Aya I doubt that anyone would try to catch you.” Said Saphyr while taking a small piece of her cake and handing it to Aya. “I really wonder who was this girl… that Enaelle that tried to control my mind before…” Said Saphyr while remembering the day when she almost killed Aya but also met her. Aya was sitting on the ground and raised her head a bit “Yeah… she was looking like exactly like Erry but… she hated her? Did Erry met such a girl looking like exactly like her? Or is that a twin sister she had when I found her? Erry was just like two years old and she was alone when I found her, I doubt that there was someone else nearby… furthermore Erry wasn’t remembering anything.” Answered Aya while thinking a bit before Saphyr’s phone vibrated, the small girl was low looking at the bit device “What is this Saphyr ?”.

Saphyr picked up her phone and unlocked it before opening an app “I’ve got a mail, ho…! Some people answered!!” Said Saphyr while noticing Aya looking deeply at her “What did they said?” Asked the small one, shivering from the need to know. Saphyr squeaked and put a hand on her mouth while her lips started to shiver, Aya was getting worried “Saphyr? Did… did you learned something…?”. The human girl shivered and nodded before placing her phone on the table, letting Aya scroll down the different answers she got with her hand.

“A white haired one? I never saw one like that but I wonder how they taste…”, “Hmmm I think I saw one once when we raided a tiny’s hideout but I wasn’t the one who caught her”, “I think Cynthia from the east city got one, I’ll ask her to reply in a min.” Aya finished to read until she reached a post… “Hello Saphyr! This is Cynthia. Yes I met one once and she was really great ! But I couldn’t find any other one like this… still I took a picture of her before eating her, just watch it below ^_^” Aya had a shiver… then moved her hand until a picture was displayed onto Saphyr’s screen. It was a girl’s face taking a selfie with her phone, she had the mouth open wide and half inside of her throat, holding right under her uvula was a small girl with white hair… Aya let out a scream…

“ERRY!!!” Saphyr opened her eyes wide, she knew that she met Erry a few years ago, but this face she knew so well was really her… ready to be swallowed by one of her friends. Saphyr let out a tear roll on her cheek “So… it’s really her… she… she got eaten again…” Aya’s cheeks were getting bright red, she was breathing loudly and moved to the phone again before moving the page down, looking at the next posts “Hehe looks like you enjoyed her…”, “And down she goes <3”, “She reminds me of another white haired I saw on the internet before… in a ‘Tinies eating live’ show I watched on this link if you want to see.”, “Ah now that you mention it she looks quite the same…”. Aya yelled “Really…? Erry died and they just ENJOY talking about this?!” Aya who was always calm started to feel a deep anger grow inside of her small heart. Saphyr stayed silent but soon Aya was looking at her before resuming to talk “Show me Saphyr… this other girl talked about a… video showing Erry ? I want to watch it.” Saphyr blushed and shivered before answering “Bu… but…! I heard about this show and… I don’t want to see Erry in such a situation…” Saphyr tried to calm down but Aya’s eyes were still focused on hers, telling her what she really wanted. Saphyr sighed deeply before moving her hand to her phone and opened the video link, a video was starting on the screen.

Aya’s eyes were focused on the screen now displaying a woman who was holding a small cage with Erry inside, the small girl was screaming but this human was just ‘playing’ with her until… she decided to ‘act’ and tossed Erry between her two red lips. Saphyr closed her eyes… hearing Erry’s screams was like feeling hundreds of needles going into her skin. Aya was still standing in front of the phone screen, watching the video, her eyes still focused onto the ‘show’ but Aya wasn’t moving even when she saw her sister being almost crushed between this woman’s teeth. And soon Erry screamed while the human girl swallowed her but it wasn’t the end yet… this human girl had a small device that she swallowed too and could use to record what was going on inside of her own stomach. Aya’s teeth clenched, this human was still doing her show while the small Erry was being digested alive! Soon enough Erry started to cough because of the lack of oxygen inside of the human’s stomach and was talking softly, just a bit louder than a whisper. It was a small prayer, Erry was about to join her sister in the afterlife and asked Aya to wait for her. Erry then turned to face the small camera, her body was wearing many scratches because of the giant stomach that was starting its ‘job’ by digesting this tiny girl alive. Aya had a single shiver… Erry was now about to die, her eyes started to look empty of any life but Aya said a single word “Stop.”

Saphyr had tears in her eyes and moved her finger to stop the video before taking a tissue from her pocket and put it on her eyes. The video stopped onto a small Erry extending her arm towards the camera while her eyes were half closed but filled with despair. Aya extended her arm too until her small hand met Erry’s own on the video, a small tear forming into Aya’s eye. Then some tears started to roll on her small cheeks until Aya opened her lips “Erry… my dear sister. Today I’m crying because… I wasn’t here to save you all those times but… I won’t be crying anymore from now. The only time when I’ll allow myself to spill tears from my eyes will be when I’ll find you and this day they will be tears of joy! I’m glad that I met Saphyr, that she accepted to change back to the ‘sister’ you met and I’m sure that we’ll be able to find you. I promise you that even if I have to walk to the other side of the world I’ll do it…  because I don’t want you to cry anymore Erry. All those years… those countless lives you have lived only to die in despair, I’ll be there to end this ‘curse’ and we’ll be happy together forever. Look at this Erry from wherever you are… those tears are for you and they’re the lasts ones I accept to spill… until the day when I’ll be holding you in my arms.” Aya turned back so she wasn’t facing her sister on the screen anymore and looked at Saphyr “I’ve seen enough Saphyr. I’m sorry that I made you cry…  but I needed this.” Aya moved her arm to her eyes and removed her tears before looking at Saphyr again but this time smiling “Okay… I’m supposed to be her older sister and I can’t just stay there complaining about the past, Will you follow me Saphyr?” The human girl had a shiver and looking down, she nodded to Aya before taking her tissue again. Saphyr was still young but watching Aya promising to be strong, Saphyr picked up the girl with her hand and talked to her “I have to be strong too Aya, just like you so nothing will stop us. Again I promise you that I’ll do my best for her because Erry gave me so much… that I have to be there for her too”

The girls decided to go back to Saphyr’s house, it was almost noon and Saphyr promised her mother to be back before. Once in front of her house, she opened the door and removed her shoes before climbing up the stairs. Once she opened her room’s door, she got surprised because her mother was here, waiting her. “Saphyr, I’m sorry but we need to talk.” Said the woman while Saphyr was a bit confused. In fact it wasn’t often that Saphyr saw her mother like this but it was always for some important matter. The young girl just stood up in front of her mother and was ready to listen what the woman wanted to say “Yes mom, what is it?”

“I went down to the garage earlier and I found this, can you explain me why?” Said the woman while holding Saphyr’s micro hunter emblem with two fingers before resuming to talk “It was something that got important for you right? Even if somehow it’s the opposite of the beliefs you had 3 years ago… I accepted this because your heart was probably hurt since Erry left you but now you’re just tossing this into trash too? Saphyr, I’m your mother and I would like to understand what’s gotten into your mind please.”. Saphyr grabbed her dress, her heart was beating fast and Aya could probably feel it nearby her pocket but now Saphyr had to say something. Aya knew that Saphyr’s mother accepted Erry onto their ‘family’ but she didn’t expected this woman to care this much about a girl smaller than her thumb. Saphyr took a long breath and looked down to Aya just to show her that it was her turn to become strong and that she had to say the truth… now.

“Mom… I… didn’t told you all of the details and I’m sorry but I lied to you.” Said Saphyr while her mother was now listening carefully, then the young girl resumed “In fact… this very day 3 years ago I got bullied at school. It wasn’t for money or anything like this but these girls started to break my feelings. I couldn’t ask for help because it was somehow… a strong ‘need’ buried deep inside of me too. Those girls… twisted my mind, making me believe that I needed only them as friends but it was wrong. When I got back home this day… I….” Saphyr gulped, she was really about to say it then closed her eyes “I went back home but you weren’t there so I climbed the stairs and went into my room. Erry was waiting me, with her beautiful smile she always had…  but I was different. I grabbed her with my hand and she started to scream, she probably saw what I was about to do… and after some time playing with her tiny body I… I… ate her…”

Saphyr’s mother’s eyes opened wide and she took a step ahead while moving her arm to slap Saphyr’s cheek with her hand “What did you said…? Saphyr, it was YOUR SISTER!! I’ve heard you talk happily so many times, she even gave you happiness and trust beyond limits and even if those girls hurt your feelings we could have talked about this! How… how could you kill your sister Saphyr…”. The young girl put a hand on her red cheek before standing in front of her mother again and started to talk “Yes mom, I was wrong and I realized that. If you want to slap me again a thousands times I’ll accept it, because this is what I deserve compared to what I did to Erry.” Saphyr put her hand in her pocked before closing it around Aya carefully and put her hand open in front of her mother, revealing the small Aya to the woman “Mom… let me introduce you to Erry’s sister: Aya. When I found her I… almost killed her but this girl even if she’s so small is way stronger than any human. She… helped me to get out of this hell I fall in and even forgave me for this error I did ! And now, believe me of not but… Erry is alive again somewhere in the world ! Don’t ask us how or why because we don’t know this but even Aya there was supposed to be dead!”. Saphyr’s mother took a step back, thinking “No… it can’t be…” but when she looked into Saphyr’s eyes again she saw something new in them: a determination that could move mountains ! Saphyr opened her lips again “Believe me or not but it’s true mom! And if I have go to a different country to find back my sister I’ll do it !”.

“So that’s real…” said Saphyr’s mother who turned back and watched a notification onto Saphyr’s laptop screen showing the picture of the girl eating Erry from before “Saphyr, when I was waiting you I saw this… girl on your screen and this tiny… is that…?” Aya started to talk too “Yes, it’s my sister Erry. It’s not the first time she die but she can come back to life for an unknown reason.” Saphyr’s mother looked closely at this tiny one on the picture “Yes, even if it’s been 3 years I definitely remember her. It’s so unreal…”. Saphyr took a step forwards and resumed to talk “Mom. I want to find her again. She’s currently lost somewhere in this so giant world but I have started to search her with Aya. I also won’t hurt any other small one ever again because I… believe again that it’s possible to live with them peacefully.” Saphyr’s mother put her hand on her heart “But it might take you years Saphyr, do you really want to find her again this much?” Saphyr didn’t answered and her mother looked deeply at her face, noticing that Saphyr made her choice and that nothing would change her mind.

“Aya, I met your sister for just a small amount of time but from what I learned, she changed Saphyr’s life. And… when Erry accepted to climb on my hand to tell me that she was putting her trust in me she was… so tiny but also so strong… Even if it’s the first time I meet you, you can be proud of your sister because I was proud to have her as Saphyr’s sister too. And you Saphyr, I’m sorry for this but you showed me that you really care for Erry, and I too will do my best to help you.” Finished Saphyr’s mother while going back to the entrance of Saphyr’s room “You’re welcome to stay here Aya, this house will be safe for you and… if you feel to I would like to talk more about our small girl if possible.” Aya gave a respectful bow to this woman while Saphyr was now smiling even if her face was still a bit red. Saphyr then sat at her desk, placing Aya near her computer and was reading if more people answered onto the forum where she posted earlier.

Lana was another Micro Hunter leaving in a different city. She was 18 years old but had been hunting for some years already. She was wandering around on the portal and was now looking at all the connected members before putting her head on her left wrist, still looking at her computer screen “Ho…Saphyr’s connected, I wonder if she posted some new ways to catch some tinies hehe…~” Lana then looked at Saphyr’s new posts and found the one that Saphyr wrote earlier asking about the white haired small ones. Lana was now thinking “Ah yes… I saw one before but it was… ah yes
I remember now it was Eva’s new pet… but hmmm?” Said Lana while looking at the picture and the video, this tiny one looked really like the one that Eva bought before. But she still wanted to ask her because this coincidence wasn’t something usual. Lana picked her phone and typed a number before calling it…

Eva was sitting in her room, watching a random TV show. She was remembering what happened to her the previous month. Squeezing a bit a broken pendant made of glass with her hand, some memories were again assaulting her. Eva bought a tiny some time ago, she wanted to keep the small girl as a pet and as a living jewel but she didn’t expected to get along with the small girl so easily. Soon, she allowed the tiny one to have more freedom inside of her room and soon enough the small girl wasn’t her pet anymore but a real friend. “Erry…” said Eva while hugging her broken pendant with her hand again, remembering that she went on a cruise with her family… that the boat had an accident and sunk then that Eva found herself alone on a lost island, only with her tiny one. She was remembering her pain she had when she hit some rocks before getting stranded on the unknown island. She was badly hurt but someone healed her, an angelic silhouette she just saw before her eyes closed but couldn’t remember her. Finally, after a full week on this island, Eva was feeling really bad. She was starving and knew that she would have a painful death soon. Eva fall on the side on the white sand and passed out, no strength left inside of her body. Erry on her side was watching at the giant girl and decided to do something for her. While Eva was unconscious, Erry managed to crawl inside of the human girl’s mouth and made her swallow her small self, knowing that she would die to feed Eva’s body but it was Erry’s choice.

When Eva ‘woke up’ again, she couldn’t see Erry anymore but just her small torn dress on the ground while she could now feel something within her stomach. Eva started to cry, she couldn’t endure losing Erry but the small girl talked to her and tried to calm the human down. Erry explained her choice, she wouldn’t allow Eva to die on this island and maybe with some ‘fuel’ within her body someone would rescue her. Soon Erry stopped to move, Eva’s body was now starting to absorb the small girl but outside, the human girl was crying. Soon Eva got saved by a helicopter that was searching around any survivors and she would be able to resume her life she had before this accident. Now sitting in her room, she had a brand new laptop and managed to save her pictures so she still had some memories of Erry since she lost her old laptop during her accident. She was also looking at a small key she had on her desk, the present she got for her 18th birthday, her own car that she could use to go anywhere. Eva closed her laptop and took her bag, she wanted to spend some time outside but suddenly a small noise made her look inside of her bag, her phone was ringing.

“Ah hello Lana, how are you?” Answered Eva while putting her phone on her ear “Well, I’m fine thanks Eva. I wanted to call you because of something a bit weird… I saw a strange post on the hunter’s portal and I wanted to know if you still had your tiny white hair.” Asked Lana while Eva’s hand was now onto her small pendant. Since Erry’s disappearance, Eva stopped to cause any trouble to the small people so having a Micro hunter as a friend wasn’t something she really liked now. “Well no. I don’t have Erry anymore, why do you wanted to know that?” Asked Eva while the other girl seemed surprised. Lana replied “Well, what if I say that I saw your tiny on some pictures and even on a video? I saw her once but I kinda remember how she looked like when you showed her to us.” Eva gasped “You… you saw Erry ? It’s impossible because I… I…” but Lana just resumed “Believe it or not but I’m sure that it’s her. Mind if send you the link by Messenger ?”.

Eva was breathing loudly, wondering what was the meaning of this… She ate Erry herself so how could she be on some random website’s picture! Once she finished to talk with Lana, Eva hung up her call and went back to her laptop. Opening the link Lana sent her, she was now looking at the post Saphyr wrote before. Eva didn’t even started to read the post that her eyes were focused onto a small picture right besides Saphyr’s name. “This… girl…?” Gasped Eva while searching something in her drawer. She finally found two pictures that Erry draw. One of them was a picture of Erry’s sister Aya but he other one was way more detailed but also a picture of a girl that Erry didn’t remembered. But this girl on the forum was looking exactly like Erry’s drawing so with a shiver Eva looked onto Saphyr’s profile. She was indeed a skilled hunter but it’s been some time she didn’t posted anything. Furthermore this girl was online right now, Eva was wondering if she could talk to her even if she was way younger than herself so she just tried her luck and started to type on her keyboard “Hello Saphyr, my name is Eva and I learned about your ‘question’ by a friend named Lana.”

“Aya!” Said Saphyr while she noticed a small window open on her screen and picked up Aya to sit her on her computer, someone was sending her a message. “Eva…?” Said Saphyr and started to type back onto her keyboard, her heart beating fast “Hello Eva, indeed it’s Saphyr. Is that about this post I wrote before?” Saphyr was now waiting Eva’s answer that soon came back “Yes but it’s not only about this… in fact I met a small white haired girl that did a picture for me. She was really skilled at this and… she made a picture that looked exactly like you. I won’t tell you her name because I want to know if that’s really her that you met and I don’t really trust micro hunters too. I join a closer picture of her because those girls playing with her just… disgust me.”

Saphyr had her eyes wide open, she couldn’t understand fully what the other girl was typing but she had to answer her because this picture had really Erry on it and because of another reason that would be brought at light soon too! On the picture Erry looked a bit surprised just like if she took a picture of herself while using Eva’s phone but Aya was now standing in front of the computer screen, trying to fully understand the situation too. Saphyr resumed to write, her fingers now shivering but also wanting to know more “Believe me or not but I decided to quit the ‘hunters’, I just posted on our forum because I… have my reason for this. But this girl you met, I know her well because I spent some time with her some years ago and if you don’t believe me… her name is Erry.”. Eva jumped off her chair in front of her computer, this girl at he other ‘side’ knew about Erry too! Saphyr was now typing another message that appeared onto Eva’s screen “Is she with you right now?”

Eva had a strong shiver. She didn’t knew what to answer to this… because she would have to say what she have done, she sat back at her desk and wanted to write something, whatever but she just couldn’t. At the other side Aya was talking to Saphyr. In fact Aya had seen this ‘vision’ before… and Saphyr heard it from the small girl’s lips: there was a single human that Erry accepted to die for because without this, the human girl would had probably died… and this girl was named Eva. Saphyr took a long breath and looked at Aya “Do you think it’s… ‘our’ Eva?” The small girl turned to face Saphyr “I… feel it’s her and look at this picture Saphyr. Even if Erry looks a bit uneasy on it I doubt she would approach any human device. Furthermore… the way this ‘Eva’ writes makes me feel that it’s her.” Eva was still sitting at her desk, her mind really confused now but she was still holding onto her pendant until something telling her that Saphyr was writing again appeared onto the small message window.

“If you’re really who I think about… I know that Erry accepted to die for you. Don’t ask me how I know about this yet because it would be  too long to explain but… You were dying from starvation on a lost island… I don’t know all of the details but Erry loved you and… she accepted to give herself to you so you could survive another day. She trusted you to the end, just like she did for me… And I feel that I could say it to you.” Eva was stunned when she read Saphyr’s message… her heart was beating so loudly that she started to answer on her keyboard, tears coming out of her eyes and rolling on her cheeks “Who… who are you Saphyr??? How can you know all of this ?! I never told anyone about that and it’s like you were besides us when it happened !? But… even if you say this to me now, it’s too late for her… because I won’t be able to see her again.”

Aya was now facing Saphyr, the two girls looking at each other seriously. They knew that this Eva was the right one and that they could have a new ally in their ‘quest’, but for now it was the time to say her something that no other one could tell her. Saphyr took a long breath before writing, choosing carefully each word because she didn’t wanted to hurt Eva’s feelings “Eva, we need to talk about something. But explaining it by this website would be dangerous if someone found out about this. Can I ask you where do you live? Maybe we could meet if you’re not too far.”. Eva looked at Saphyr’s location but she was in fact living far! By car it would require maybe 3 days to reach her but Eva had a strange feeling and knew that she had to meet this girl. Eva turned to her keyboard and resumed to write “I live far away from you but I really have to meet you Saphyr. I’ll be there by car in 3 days, here’s my number…” Saphyr wrote Eva’s number in her phone while she saw the girl go offline at the other ‘side’, now facing Aya, Saphyr opened her hand so the small one could climb on “Well, looks like we’re not alone anymore to search Erry.” Aya nodded and went onto Saphyr’s hand before starting to talk too “Yes, I can’t wait to meet her too because it’s one of the lasts who had seen Erry and we could maybe find a way to search her. But Saphyr if possible, could I talk with your mother too ? I don’t want her to feel confused about all of this situation and I trust her just like Erry put her trust in her.” Saphyr nodded before closing her laptop and go to the living room that was on the first floor.

Eva took a bag and tossed many things inside: some clothes, her laptop with Erry’s pictures and everything that she needed to travel. She also picked up her credit card, knowing that she had enough money to travel for some days. She saw briefly her parents and her sister in the house and explained them that she had to go somewhere but couldn’t give all of the details. Her sister Naomi just asked her to take care because she didn’t wanted to lose her sister again in another accident. Eva just smiled to all of them, telling them that she needed this to finally ‘move on’ from her current state. Eva finally hugged all of them before taking her key and went to her car, waving a last time to them. Putting the key in the hole and turning it, the car started and Eva was now exiting this small city to go to another one far away but something in her heart was ‘guiding’ her and she knew that it was the right choice. Eva was thinking again about all the things she saw and watched on Saphyr’s post, it was always Erry! Only her had this face and this voice… and somehow she died many times… Eva shook her head, she didn’t wanted to think about this now and focused on the long road, there would be a better time for all of those questions.

Saphyr’s heart was beating fast. She was in a small park where she agreed to meet with Eva later and had Aya inside of her shirt pocket. The small girl wanted to stay hidden for now until the time would be right. Saphyr went to the small kiosk she visited some days ago and after ordering a small cookie with a cup of hot chocolate she sat at a table, waiting. Eva parked her car and once outside stretched her tired arms. It’s been a long way and she never really slept in a car before but the travel went still well for her. It was the first time she was visiting this city and she was feeling a bit lost too. But still her gps made her ‘land’ near where she was supposed to go. She took her bag with everything needed and closed her car, now walking onto a small road. “I wonder where is… ah!” Said Eva while noticing a small kiosk in the mark with some tables and chairs around then noticed a single girl sitting at a table. This young girl was probably 4 or 5 years younger than Eva but she didn’t really cared about those details since the girl she talked with on the internet before looked really mature. Eva took some steps closer and her eyes were now focused onto this girl sitting at the table, she had dark blue hair and raised her head slowly to look at Eva. Eva gasped when she saw those deep blue eyes, she knew that it was the one she was looking for and started to walk towards the table while feeling her legs shiver.

“Hello.” Said Saphyr while looking at this woman now a few steps away from where she was. “Are you the one I talked with before?” Asked Saphyr while looking at this woman taller than her, the other woman bowing a bit “I guess so. My name is Eva, are you Saphyr?”. Saphyr nodded before answering “Yes it’s me, please take a seat, do you want anything to drink ?” Eva took a chair and placed her bag on the side “Ah no thanks, I already took something on the road.”. Saphyr then raised her head and looked at this woman “Well, you’re here to know more about our common friend right ?” Eva had a shiver before nodding “Yes…! Please tell me more about Erry ! I really don’t understand how she could have been on so many different pictures and videos, I mean… is that really Erry on all of them ?! But that would mean that she… died many times too ?”

Saphyr nodded her head slowly “Indeed. I didn’t really believed this but I’ll tell you more about the details later if possible. By the way… how did you found me? I mean I was a hunter before and I don’t really think you would believe me at first.” Eva took her bag and placed her laptop on the table before taking a small paper out of a notebook “Saphyr… is that you on this picture ?” Asked Eva while Saphyr was now looking really surprised “What… is this ? Who made this picture?” Said Saphyr with her eyes wide open, looking at every detail of this picture, she was now remembering something while Eva nodded before talking again “Yes it’s Erry who made this one, in fact I was really surprised that she was that skilled at drawing but when she finished this picture she couldn’t remember you at this time.”. Saphyr was looking a bit sad, but indeed she left a ‘bad’ memory to Erry so it would be natural if the small girl wasn’t remembering her. Eva then picked up another paper and placed it on the table “Erry made this other picture and she could remember this one. She told me that it was her sister but she lost her many years ago because of some human girl…”. Saphyr was now looking at this other picture and had a small smile before looking straight into Eva’s eyes “Alright Eva, I know that it will be maybe hard for you to understand this because to be honest it was hard for me too. I can’t really explain why but… Erry is still alive somewhere in the world and the one who helped me to believe all of this is right here.” Finished Saphyr while putting her fingers in her pocket and picked up carefully Aya before sitting her on her hand. “Let me introduce you to someone Erry probably told you about, her very sister Aya.”

“Oh my god…!!” Let out Eva while her eyes filled with tears, she was looking at the small one then at the picture that looked almost exactly the same “Ho… how… is that possible?!” Said Eva while Aya started to talk “I don’t really know why in fact but I came back to life for some reason, Saphyr there told me about a sort of ‘power’ within my body and Erry have something like this too. Since I came back I’m also now able to… ‘watch’ every of Erry’s deaths when it happens. I don’t know why but I think Erry is trying to call me for help, even if I’m already ‘gone’ for her.” Saphyr wanted to add more
“Eva, maybe you saw or heard about Erry’s hairband? In fact it was Aya’s before but Erry keeps it as a memento of her sister, hoping to be as strong as her.” Eva sighed “And indeed she’s strong… I didn’t knew a small one would go this far for me… a human.”

Saphyr then put Aya back on the table and put her smartphone besides that was low displaying a map “Based on every testimony I got on the forum and from what Aya saw in her ‘visions’ I used all of this to try to locate every place Erry was found and… I think she’s getting closer each time but we still don’t know where she’ll appear next time.”. Eva smiled “If needed I have a car so we could go anywhere! And it would help to have you since you know this city well Saphyr.” Saphyr nodded and took another sip of her cup before looking at Eva again “I’m glad I met someone like you Eva. But I really want to be honest with you too. Mind if… I tell you my own story to you?” Asked Saphyr while Eva was looking st her pendant… she wanted to tell her story too but the girls had the time for this. Saphyr started to talk, it took the time it needed but she was telling everything that she wanted to ‘bring to the light’. Sometimes a tear was shed but Saphyr was telling every detail, even the dark ones… Until she was done with it. Eva had a shiver, this girl in front of her was younger than her but her story was deep. Eva couldn’t resist to stand up and crouch near Saphyr’s seat, putting her hand onto her head “I’ll do my best to find her with both of you Saphyr, I now understand how important she is for you and… I would like to share something with you too.” Finished Eva while it was now her turn to tell everything about the small one she found in a shop… that she wanted as a pet at first but who became much more than a close friend for her…

A small street where some garbage was scattered around, there was a small hole in a wall and some small people were living inside. It was a regular day for them, still hiding from the humans but their place was safe enough… except that today would be different. A blue flame appeared onto the ground, some people moved away from it, wondering what was this sudden fire but it wasn’t burning anything around. The flame started to grow, some small people were now screaming from fear and ran away while some other people stayed there, wanting to know what was happening. A sudden white glow was now coating the flame who took the shape of a wing while something was appearing within this fire… a girl’s body with short hair. The flame then emitted a strong light and everyone had to close her eyes, when they could see again, the flame had vanished into the void but there was now a girl lying on the ground, her body covered by a small figure’s torn dress but that also deep white hair, Erry was back to life.

“What is this!!” Yelled a woman who was pointing Erry “She’s a monster!!” Yelled another people and soon many other ones were yelling around. “Huuuuh…” moaned Erry while her heavy eyelids opened but the first thing she saw was a shoe… that kicked right into her lungs “Hueeerrrr…!” Let out Erry while another one punched her face yelling at her “Die witch !!!”. Erry was just back to life but already her body was hurting her, she was confused because she was remembering something… that she actually died ! Erry was trying to move but people where hitting her on her back and her face hit the ground. Erry’s body was now covered by many wounds and she could feel some of her bones break. “Why…?” Moaned Erry while she was feeling her mine wanting to ‘leave’ her body. “Why?” Asked Erry to herself again, was she in hell where she would have to endure more suffering ? It was different because Erry could really feel her body but she wouldn’t be able to endure more… Another woman came in front of Erry and spit onto her face “Die bitch !!!” Yelled this woman while she kicked into Erry’s face who let out some blood come out of her mouth. The woman then just sat onto Erry’s bleeding back and pulled her head by the hair, the woman then took a blade and placed it right under Erry’s neck “Ready to die witch… ?” Asked the woman while her blade was getting closer. Erry’s eyes were now filling with tears… her mind started to fill with memories… from some old times. She saw herself die many times… in many ways and couldn’t understand the meaning of this. “Please…!” Moaned Erry in pain while she was trying to breath even with the pressure the woman was putting on her back. “Kill her !!” Yelled some other people around until another man came nearby “Stop ! What are you doing ?” The woman sitting on Erry looked up at this man and put her hand on her forehead “Leader… I was about to kill this witch, even if she’s just a child she’s powerful enough to kill all of us.”. The man looked at Erry’s broken body “Well… even like this she won’t really be a source of trouble but I don’t want any blood to be spilled there ! Bring her outside, maybe a cat or some other human will find her.” Finished the man before turning back, leaving the woman there with some other people around. Erry’s tired eyes closed and she passed out because of the pain but maybe it was better for her too. 3 small people were walking outside, carrying Erry’s numb body outside and just tossed her onto the ground, her leg breaking on the impact.

“Aaah…”. Moaned Erry while her eyes opened, seeing the light of the sun again. She was breathing loudly and couldn’t move, her body hurting her badly where it wasn’t just broken. Erry tried to stand but it was useless, she couldn’t move. “So looks… like I’m… back…” coughed Erry, not understanding how she managed to come back to life but soon another name came back to her “Eva…?” Said Erry while now remembering how she ‘leaved’ her previous life.  No answer, Erry was still alone in this giant street and would probably found and killed by any wandering creature or in the worst case by a human. Erry coughed again, feeling her right arm being broken she closed her eyes, trying to think about anything else that could help her to forget this pain…

Erry was sleeping but she was still moaning from pain during her sleep. A single tear rolled on her cheek, more memories from her own past coming into her dreams. Many humans that she met, her own sister that disappeared many years ago and Eva… who choose to became different from the other humans. Erry wasn’t noticing that something was actually happening to her… her back was glowing a small blue light and soon this glow became a bright blue flame but not burning the small girl. Erry’s body was now coated by this light and started to raise into the air while the flame on her back started to burn deeply before changing its shape… into a bright white wing onto Erry’s right part of her back. Erry’s body that was badly damaged started to heal. Her wounds were closing and her broken bones were getting back to their original shapes until the small one was fully back to health. As soon as the last wound of Erry’s body closed, the glow onto her body vanished and her body moved down until her face landed softly on the ground, her wing of light vanishing into the void…

Erry was dreaming, she was in fact ‘traveling’ between many memories she couldn’t remember before and soon she saw a girl standing in front of her inside of her dream. This girl had long white hair and looked just like Erry but was also older, this girl’s eyes betraying the fact that she lives for thousands of years. Erry took a step closer and wanted to ask this girl something, something she learned on this strange island where she stranded with Eva some time ago… Erry’s lips opened and she finally asked this question to this girl “Are… are you… Erelle…?” But as soon as Erry finished her question, the whole dream around her shattered and Erry could only see darkness around her before waking up with a gasp. Erry was sitting on the ground and she wasn’t feeling any of her wounds from before! Erry put her left hand on her right shoulder that was broken before but no signs of any wound “What’s happening…?” Said Erry while trying to stand up before falling against a wall, she was feeling weak and her mind was now full of many memories she lost… “Why… why do I remember those things…? Are they all real? So that means… that I REALLY DIED all of those times ?!” Yelled Erry while coughing, her memory now focused on a far away memory that was getting closer… “Saph… Saphyr ?” Said Erry while now looking at her hands, remembering the evil girl that ended her life but that she had forgiven in the end “Did you… changed ? I wonder…” said Erry while now walking to another street. Erry then had a strong headache, more memories coming back… she was remembering herself getting killed in many cruel ways that humans loved to do to the small ones. Then another memory… a human girl almost drowned her into her glass of alcohol and forced Erry to drink or she would be killed… but it didn’t really changed the human’s mind when Erry obeyed and she got killed again. Erry could feel something building up within her, a strong anger about all of those humans who toyed her just to kill her in the end but gasped when she heard a loud noise getting closer.

A human was now getting closer to the street and Erry looked around fast, searching a place to hide before being seen! Erry jumped below a nearby newspaper and crouched under of it. Her small eyes were now focused onto the human that was walking into the street. Erry couldn’t see a Micro Hunter’s emblem on this human’s clothes so she would be probably safe. Soon the human walked outside of the street and Erry was safe, the small one got out of the newspaper and started to walk carefully outside of the street. Erry knew that her own people wouldn’t help her so she would have to find another way to survive. Another memory came back to her and Erry placed her hand against her head, it was more memories of herself getting bullied and hurt by some small people, all of them calling her by mean names. Erry looked at her hand and squeezed her fist “maybe I’m a real witch after all…” before walking away in another street.

“Erelle…” was thinking Erry, she learned this name from a strange man she met on the desert island… she saw a stone statue looking like her and this man had also white hair! But when she ‘woke up’ from this she was back in front of Eva on the beach. Was it a dream? Erry couldn’t really remember this because her memory of this day was still blurry. Still walking, Erry put this memory back to its place before thinking again. There was actually no way that someone would come back from death… Erry suddenly raised her head and grabbed her white hair “Is that because of this…? Because I am just like those ‘5’ old ones I heard about? But I don’t want this ! If I have to endure so much deaths why do I have to keep fighting ?!” Yelled Erry while falling on her knees “If… if I could give this ‘immortality’ I would have given it to Aya before she died so she would be there today!!!” Erry grabbed her small ponytail until she reached a small hairband… that was given by her sister before she died “I don’t need to live for eternity if you’re not by my side Aya… I… don’t want to suffer more again so…” Erry stood up and pressed herself against the nearby wall “I give up. It’s the only thing a tiny could do in this world after all… live until being killed by a human because it’s sooooo fun… but what about us ? What about out feelings ? It’s not that I really care now… I’m just the stupid witch… I only deserve to die alone… and I won’t need another ‘life’ after this one.” Finally said Erry, her eyes half closed. She kept on walking without a real ‘destination’ until she was facing something on the ground.

Erry knew this or rather she was remembering what was this because she had been trapped before in the same kind of place… it was a micro hunter’s trap. Erry was facing this small thing on the ground, looking just like a single piece of paper but that was indeed a real trap where she would be stuck on if she walked on it. Erry looked at this thing with disgust then sat in front of it, in her mind she didn’t wanted to fight anymore so she would surrender to the next hunter she would meet. It was later during the day that Erry could hear someone walking closer until it stopped nearby in front of Erry who raised her head. “You’re not planning to escape?” Said a girl’s voice that was indeed a human. Erry looked at this gigantic girl standing in front of her with tired eyes “Not really… I was waiting you in fact. Now if you could take me…”. The human girl laughed loudly before moving her head closer, still looking at Erry from above “Hehehe you’re a funny Tiny ! That’s the first time I find one like you and… don’t worry I’ll be taking care of you…” said the human girl before moving her hand to pick Erry. The human was rough onto the small body but Erry didn’t wanted to resist. Soon, Erry was tossed inside of a small bag where were many other small ones. Erry had a shiver when she saw the other people turn around to face her, knowing that she would be hated again for something she never did. Erry just sat in a corner, hearing the other people talk, probably about her. The human girl was walking back to her destination while holding the small bag on her side, not really caring about the small ones that were inside. Erry could soon hear a voice outside and the whole bag moved to another ‘hand’ while the micro hunter said a price. “Looks like we were sold…” thought Erry before putting her head in her hands, wanting this day and her life to end… forever.

The small bag opened and was turned upside down above a box where were some other small ones, Erry let out a scream of surprise when she found herself falling and landing heavily onto the metallic ground surrounded by many other small ones. Some of them were deeply looking at Erry’s hair and even some other took a step, ready to hurt the small one when a human woman came and picked the box with her hands, making all of the small ones fall “Hey all of you don’t fight, or maybe should I dispose of you first?” Said the human woman before giggling and moved the box away. Erry was shivering while looking outside of the box, she could hear many noises and some kids playing around… just like a party?

“Here’s the Tinies!” Said the woman while placing the box on the table, some of the people started to shiver of fear and they were right… because some human children were now getting around the small table and all looked down at their future ‘victims’… Suddenly a giant hand came inside of the box and grabbed a small one that screamed while being pulled away, then another… some of the small people were now trying to escape the box but it was too high for them. Erry was now looking up and a giant shadow was coming down above her until a giant hand closed onto her, trapping with her another small woman. Erry was now in front of this woman that was screaming and trying to escape the giant fingers all around them but it was useless and soon the hand ‘opened’ and the two small ones were now facing a giant girl’s face. This human had deep green eyes, long blonde hair and was maybe just 10 years old but was still very dangerous for the small ones. This human smiled… and without a warning opened her mouth wide to let the two small girls fall inside…

Erry wasn’t moving much even if this place was  still scary for her. She was remembering that she’d been into this situation many times that she wasn’t really caring about this now, she just hoped to leave this world fast. But the human child wasn’t done playing with the two small ones trapped within her mouth and started to move them around, making the small woman scream out of fear while Erry wasn’t really moving. And soon the giant tongue started to raise… the woman had another scream while she kicked into Erry, not wanting to go ‘down’ with her. Erry closed her eyes and saw exactly where she was before closing them, sliding right under the human child’s uvula while she got swallowed down. Again, Erry was feeling those giant muscles all around her pulling her down, deeper inside of this human’s body. Erry didn’t wanted to open her eyes since she already saw this many times and could now remember those sounds all around her… Until the small girl landed inside of a wide place, the human girl’s stomach.

Erry could feel the heat and the moisture of this place, she was now standing and could feel something all around her to her chest, the human girl’s digestive juices. The human girl was probably a bit hungry so Erry could already feel a small burning feeling onto her skin. “After all it’s how I was supposed to die the first time…” Said Erry while sitting on the squishy ground, letting more acids cover her small body. Erry closed her eyes, trying not to listen to all of those horrible sounds around her, the sounds of a human’s body wanting to take a small one’s life but it was far from over. “Aaaaahhhh!!!” Suddenly screamed another voice while the other small woman was now falling into the human’s stomach too and splashed not so far from where Erry was. This woman was crying and screaming from fear; for her it would be the end while Erry wasn’t really sure about herself. The woman was now trying to climb onto the living ‘wall’ but only to fall again. “No… Noooo!!!” Now screamed the small woman while she was now feeling the burning sensation on her skin and knew that she would die there soon.

Saphyr was still at the park with Eva while her phone started to vibrate, another notification appearing on her screen. “Another one…?” Said Saphyr a bit surprised before unlocking her phone and read a mail, it was indeed a new answer on her post “I’ve seen a small one and well… she told me that she didn’t cared about getting caught so well… I did my job ~ I just sold her to a woman in the east city, she wanted some tinies for her daughter’s birthday and let me give you her contact if you want to sell more tinies to them. Now that you mention it… She looked like a bit like the one I saw before on this post…” Saphyr stood up immediately, making her chair fall on the ground “No…!” Saphyr raised her head and looked into Eva’s eyes “Erry is near us!! We need to get there !!!” Yelled Saphyr while putting the address in her phone’s GPS. Saphyr picked up Aya fast and Eva moved away from the table along “My car is right here, let’s go !” As the two girls ran towards a car. Saphyr sat at the passenger seat while Eva put the key in the keyhole and started her car, now looking at the GPS. Aya was shivering… her sister was so close and they could save her ! She was now listening at Saphyr’s heart beating loudly near her while she closed her eyes and started to pray “Please Erry… be safe…!”

“You.” Suddenly said the small woman while looking at Erry who was sitting a bit away from her, she moved closer and grabbed Erry by the hair “Hey you stupid girl…! What have you done?!” Erry let out a tear of pain while trying to get free, the woman pulled harder and slapped Erry “Yes I’m talking to you monster! Why did you do that ? We’re going to die because of this !” Erry didn’t said a word, she knew that this woman wouldn’t believe her but soon coughed, the small woman’s hands were now onto Erry’s neck. Erry was trying to remove the woman’s hands but her grasp was too strong, Erry coughed again while looking at this woman’s eyes that resumed to talk “I… will die too but I’ll live as long as I can… so stop breathing my oxygen and DIE !!!” Yelled the woman who was now trying to suffocate Erry.

“Aaaahhh!!!” Suddenly screamed Aya while Saphyr looked down inside of her pocket, looking at the tiny red haired girl that was on her side, shivering onto all of her body. Saphyr was about to ask her what was happening but Aya screamed again “Hu… hurry!! Erry is… ERRY IS DYING!!!” Eva looked just into Saphyr’s eyes before turning her steering wheel, they were getting so close !

Erry coughed, her tired arms fall on her sides, she was looking into this woman’s eyes while tears were rolling onto the young girl’s cheeks and soon the woman smirked “Peh… you curse people and made probably many of them die but you don’t know when to die yourself? I’ll be sure to fix this…” before moving Erry down and made her splash into the human’s acids while still holding onto her neck. Erry’s body was moving, she was suffering a great pain onto all of her body but the acids from before made her getting weaker. Erry coughed some bubbles out of her mouth while her eyes closed, her eyelids shivering. The woman then moved two fingers and placed them so she could open Erry’s mouth, making her ‘drink’ some acids that were now burning her from within. And with  a last cough of bubbles, Erry’s body stopped to move, now covered by many wounds onto all of her body caused by the acids. The woman let her go before laughing madly “Sooo? Do you like this witch?! I… I just avenged all of your victims !” Finished the woman while falling on her knees in front of Erry’s floating body, feeling now weak because of the acids biting into her own skin.

“No… nooooo!!!” Suddenly screamed Aya while Eva stopped her car in front of a big house. Saphyr looked down again and Aya was just sitting inside of her pocket, sobbing. Saphyr couldn’t say it but Eva knew what happened… Aya opened her small lips… “She’s… she’s gone…”. Eva let her keys fall while Saphyr bowed her head down before yelling “Damn…! We were so close…!” Eva came back in the car and sat at the driver’s seat, buckling her belt “Saphyr and you too Aya, we were close I know but… Next time we’ll definitely get OUR SISTER back!! And I won’t allow any other human to kill her in front of us !” Saphyr heard Eva’s determination and removed the small tear that formed at the corner of her eye before taking Aya in her hand and pat her head with a finger “Don’t worry Aya… Eva is right and I won’t cry again until we find her. She’s getting closer and I’m sure we’ll be able to reach her next time.”

A dark place between life and death. Erry was standing into this darkness with her eyes closed. A voice was talking inside of her mind, a voice sounding almost like her own but that was also different “Erry Erry… looks like we meet again… You probably don’t remember me but I’m your friend.” Erry stayed silent, listening to this voice “I told you that all of the humans couldn’t be trusted and even your own people hate you… remember when you got abandoned when you were only 2 years old? Your own parents
Probably hated to have you too Erry.” The voice was now getting friendly “I finally found what lies inside of you Erry and… you’re way more important, way more powerful than any of the old ‘5 gods’ you learned about. Just think about what you could do if humans themselves were at your mercy!!”

“Aya wouldn’t want that.” answered Erry to this voice that replied immediately “AYA IS DEAD ERRY! BECAUSE OF THOSE HUMANS!! Nothing will bring her back and you know it! And you still pretend that you can change something at your size ? You’re now able to remember them… every single of your deaths. See how much you suffered ? How much you begged those humans to spare your life ?” Erry stayed silent again, this voice was filled with anger but she was actually right and started to talk again “Erry. I’m your friend and only me can understand you because I was by your side each time… I saw you cry and beg for your life each time too but… You couldn’t see nor hear me. I now know what is the best for you Erry but I’m not able to decide this alone, you’ll have to trust me.” Erry listened to all of this then replied “I’m tired… I saw so much, lived so much that I can’t really believe it but… deep inside of me I know that I can’t believe humanity or my people even if there was a few exceptions. I… accepted to die because I’m powerless so… if you have something that could bring me happiness then… I’ll gladly accept it.” The other girl had a giggle then resumed to talk “Well alright Erry. I’ll be taking care of you during your next life since you can remember this now, if I could do anything for you let me know.” Erry was now feeling a bit weird… this girl’s voice that was almost the same as hers was sounding ‘honest’ but there was something else… like a deep anger waiting to be released. But in the end Erry gave up on living, so she didn’t really cared about what was this other girl feeling, she just needed to know who was this girl who would ‘travel’ with her the next time she would be back to life “Mind if I ask your name please? I don’t think we met already… but… maybe you’re this girl I heard about ? Was her name Erelle ?” asked Erry while the other voice calmed down and answered “No I’m not her, I’m not such a girl who gave up on saving her people. But I’ll be there for you Erry believe me… and about my name… you can call me Enaelle.” Said the voice as Erry was feeling her soul about to sleep until the next time she would be alive. Erry heard a small cry far away but didn’t really listened to it because a new Fate had been given to her.

End of part 9.