(Thanks to my dear friend Labba who created this cover !)

She was almost running when she came back home from school. The young girl named Emma was really happy today because it was a special day for her, her own 5th birthday. “Don’t run in the house sweetie.” Said her mother that closed the door behind them, she was also carrying a large bag on her side that contained something for her daughter.

“I can’t wait!” Said happily the young girl that turned one year older today, she was looking like just like every children of her age and had short brown hair with blue eyes. Emma was now removing her shoes and jacket in the entrance before she took some steps to her room, still wondering what her parents had bought her. Soon her mother went in Emma’s room “Please sit at your desk Emma.”, the young girl nodding before doing what she was told.

Emma’s mother opened the bag she was holding and put its content on her daughter’s desk, it was two boxes nicely packed in a cute paper wrap, displaying ‘happy birthday’ all around. There was a large box and another way smaller, Emma’s eyes blinking before looking at each of those, wondering their content. “You can open them Emma, but be careful honey because their content is breakable.”

Emma nodded slowly before taking the large box and ripped the wrap, she then slowly opened it and discovered its content. It was a glass sphere, it was a bit tall and was containing many tiny things. Inside of it was a small piece of grass and what looked like a tiny house without a roof. There was some tiny furniture too and a small trap on the top, the young girl now looking at her own reflection but still wondering what it was. Her mother was back in her room, holding a glass of water “Open it Emma, I want to show you something.”, the young one doing again what she was asked and with two fingers, opened the small trap carefully. Her mother gave her daughter a warm smile before she moved her hand with the glass inside and started to pour its content within, Emma was now looking at another side of the small sphere where was forming what looked like a small river.

“Waaaahhhh so pretty !” Giggled Emma while putting her nose against the glass surface, her breath making a small halo appear on the surface. Emma finally turned to face her mother “What is it mommy…? I’ve never seen anything like that.”. Her mother placed back the glass on the desk before patting her daughter’s head “It is called a vivarium sweetie, it’s basically to keep a small animal like a cage but… with more space for them to live.”. Emma was listening closely “Viva… rium…” said the young girl while looking back at the sphere “But hmmm… there’s nothing inside mommy…”. Her mother had a small giggle before patting the girl’s head “Look back at your desk honey. You had two boxes today don’t you remember?” Said the woman while picking the tiny box between two fingers since it was smaller then placed it atop of her daughter’s hand.

Emma giggled then blushed a bit, now looking at the box, she removed the wrap slowly before looking at a tiny white box. Emma moved a bit the box on the side and could feel something move within… she was now really curious and with her other hand, she placed it atop the lid and pulled it off.

“Hooooo !!” Said Emma while discovering what was inside: A girl… a tiny girl just 1.2cms tall but with a band on her mouth and both of her wrists and ankles were tied… preventing the small one to move. She had black hair and green eyes… opened wide in horror while discovering the giant girl who was holding her just like if she didn’t had any weight. “Can I eat her mommy?” Asked Emma while looking at her mother, still wondering why did she got a tiny in such a package like this. “Not this one honey… see what we got you with her ? She’ll be your pet but be sure to take care of her.”. Emma nodded before looking at the smaller girl “You looked delicious tiny one but… you’re lucky because you’ll be my pet from today~” said the girl while dropping the small one onto her hand.

Emma then started to pull onto the band that was onto the tiny girl’s mouth… who let out a scream of fear. Emma just giggled as an answer and pulled onto the small ropes that were preventing the tiny girl to move until nothing remained. “Aaaahhh…!!” Screamed the small girl while standing up fast and ran towards Emma’s hand edge. “No Tiny one.” said happily Emma while placing her other hand atop of the first, preventing the small girl to escape but could now feel the tiny one punching onto her fingers. “She’s not really nice mommy…” said Emma while pouting, her mother placed her face closer “Well she’s just an animal after all… she’s one of those tinies that are bred in some farms. It will be up to you to teach her how she would behave… maybe she can also learn some cute tricks what do you think of this ? But for now place her in her new house~”.

Emma nodded before moving her hands atop of the small glass sphere and opened the trap before dropping the small one inside. “Nhhh aaaah aaaahh !!” Screamed the tiny one while landing heavily onto the grass, she jumped onto her feet and started to run until she hit the glass surface and fall back onto her butt. The tiny one stood up again and walked until she could feel the invisible wall with her hands… trying to punch it again. Emma giggled and with her hand, turned the small sphere until her face was in front of it “It’s your new house Tiny one ! I hope that you’ll enjoy it!”.

The tiny girl took some steps back while looking at this giant face before she tried to run in another direction before hitting the same ‘wall’. “Aaaghh… ooohhh…” moaned the tiny who was a bit in pain, now pressing her arms onto the glass surface. Emma turned the small sphere to look at the smaller girl within “You shouldn’t try this Tiny one… you’re going to hurt yourself.” Emma’s eyes then focused onto a small thing that was ‘carved’ inside of the tiny girl’s right forearm.

“BZ-1802…?” Said Emma while reading what was actually a small tattoo printed in the tiny girl’s forearm skin. Emma’s mother went closer, also looking at the small scared girl who was sitting on the ground “It’s the name they gave her at the farm, since she’s just a small animal that could have been eaten by another customer they don’t need to have such a thing as a name.”. “How sad…” said Emma while looking at the small girl pressing herself again onto the transparent wall. Of course the young human girl already ate many ‘tinies’ before… they were one of her favorite candies but she didn’t really knew how they were raised.

Emma had a shy smile before putting the tip of her pointer finger against the glass just where was the tiny girl on the other side who was now wondering what the human had in mind. “Celia… I name you Celia tiny one.” Said Emma with a warm smile. “Eeeh Ia…?” Answered the smaller girl, now sitting on the ground with her head on the side, wondering what the human was saying. “No no… c-e-l-i-a, Celia tiny one.” Said Emma again, wanting to teach already to her tiny pet how she would call her. The small one in answer stood up then took a step forwards “Ce… lia…” said the girl while Emma let out a small giggle.

The day went on and it was the evening. Emma spent the whole day looking at the tiny girl wandering around what would now be her new house. Celia looked a bit lost and wasn’t understanding the meaning of the many items that were there but it was something enjoyable for Emma. Soon her mother called her for dinner so Emma stood up fast, Celia was now looking at the girl going away from the room while the tiny was wondering what would happen next to herself. After some time, Emma was back to her room while holding something in her hand, a small cookie.

Emma sat at her desk and moved her head closer to the sphere, Celia who was behind the small house came back to face the human girl before sitting on the ground. Emma had a small giggle and looked at the tiny girl “Mom told me that you’re as old as me so we’ll spend some time together…”. “Aaah?” Answered Celia while wondering what the human was saying before her eyes focused onto a small cookie crumb Emma was holding until she opened the sphere and placed the small piece of food in front of Celia. “Aaahhh !!!” Screamed Celia while putting her arms in front of her face to protect herself, wondering if the human was attacking her but soon removed her arms and looked at the small crumb curiously. “Eat some !” Said happily Emma but was wondering if the tiny one already ate something like this. “Celia, look !” Said Emma while the tiny girl raised her head when she heard her name. Emma took another crumb and placed it in her mouth, showing to the girl that she could eat it. Celia put her hand onto the cookie and removed a part before taking a bite then let out a small noise showing her happiness. Emma was now looking at the small one who was eating like if she hadn’t been fed for days… and it was probably the case.

Once she was done, Celia was sitting on the ground and let out a small burp… before Emma giggled happily “Looks like I’ll have to teach you everything Celia… but before this…” Emma pointed her finger at herself “Emma. E-m-m-a.”. Celia stood up and looked at the girl “Celia…?”. Emma shook her head before pointing the small girl with her finger “No no no… Celia… I’m Emma.”. “Emma…” said the small one while starting to understand before saying it again while pointing her finger towards the giant girl, understanding how to ‘show’ things “Emma !”

Emma giggled before looking at the small girl again “You’re really clever tiny Celia… but I guess you can’t just stay like this too.” Said Emma while looking at her tiny who wasn’t in fact wearing anything… another part of her ‘pet’ condition. Emma raised her hand and placed it upside down inside of the sphere “Walk on it please.”. Celia didn’t moved… looking at the giant hand nearby. “Hmmm… how can I show you stuff too…” was thinking Emma before she had an idea. Removing her hand from the sphere, she pointed Celia with her finger before doing a small imitation of her, making her hand ‘walk’ onto the other one. Emma sighed… she wasn’t sure if Celia understood but tried to put back her hand inside of the sphere.

Emma wasn’t really looking but soon could feel something tickle her skin. “Hmmm…?” Said Emma while looking down before letting out a small squeak… because Celia understood and was now sitting at the center of her hand. Emma moved her hand carefully to look at the small girl’s body that looked pitiful… Celia was probably starving at the shop and no one would probably take care of her. Emma picked up two small figures from a nearby shelf and placed one of them near Celia. The small girl raised her head a bit to look at this small figure before Emma placed another onto her hand. “Okay… I can show you how to do this now…” Said Emma while doing another ‘imitation’ before she removed the clothes from one of the tiny figures and placed them in front of Celia.

Celia was looking at herself… before she picked up a small piece of pink silk. She was pulling a bit on it before Emma made another move with her hand, showing Celia how to put it on and the tiny understood again. Emma didn’t had to show Celia how to put the small pink dress too since the small one discovered how to dress herself.

“You’re so cute Celia…” Suddenly said Emma while having a light blush on her cheeks. In fact she never had a tiny like this before but only some that were wrapped inside some plastic bags just like tiny candies… and Emma used to eat many of them, without even thinking about their small lives that ended deep inside of her young body. But today was different because she actually cared for Celia. “Cu…te.” Suddenly said a tiny voice that woke up Emma from her daydream. Emma looked down at the small girl that looked just like one of her small figures, the only detail being that the clothes were a bit too tall for her but she could still dress herself with them. “Celia.. cute…?” Asked again the tiny girl with a curious look… wondering if she said the right thing. Emma had a soft giggle before patting slowly the tiny girl’s head with a finger “Yes Celia… you’re cute…”

Some days passed and Emma was again back to school and once she removed her shoes in the entrance, she went in her room directly. Now sitting at her desk, she put her school bag on the side before looking at the small sphere. Celia who was inside of her ‘house’ started to walk outside and was looking at Emma from below. Emma was surprised that Celia accepted her ‘condition’ easily but Celia used to live like this until now. Still the tiny girl’s body didn’t looked as tired as before and she was also looking a bit more healthy than the day Emma got her small pet. “He… llo Emma.” Said the tiny one, still a bit hesitant to say some words but she was still focused when Emma was teaching her new things.

Of course Emma was still young and couldn’t teach as much as she wanted to her tiny one but as soon as she would learn new things she would teach them to Celia too. “Hello Celia.” Said Emma with a small giggle, looking at her tiny who was now sitting on the grass. Emma was remembering the very firsts days with Celia, the tiny one was sleeping on the ground of her sphere but Emma shown the tiny one a small bed she had in her house and when Celia understood that she could have better nights than sleeping just on the ground.

Emma took her notebook and was writing some stuff on it. In fact Emma was still learning how to read and write so it wasn’t easy for her “Hmm… Jenny had 2 tinies…” mumbled Emma while writing until she could hear a familiar voice. “Ti..ny… tiny…” said Celia while Emma raised her head to look at the smaller girl with a smile “Yes Celia… you’re a Tiny too.”. Celia narrowed her eyes while listening at Emma, still wondering what were most of those sounds Emma was ‘making’. “Celia… tiny…?” Asked the girl while Emma nodded happily “Yes Celia you’re right.” Before resuming her homework.

She was almost done, Emma stretched her arms while yawning loudly, making the smaller girl yawn too as an answer. Emma giggled before she put back her notebook in her school bag, now walking around in her room until she rested herself on her bed. Emma was now reading while Celia was walking a bit around her ‘place’, the tiny one accepted to live like this… now remembering the other ‘place’ she was living in before in the farm. Celia had a shiver… remembering all those cries around her and those giant humans that were just picking some other small ones from their cells so Celia would never see them again… the small one was now sitting on the ground in front of the small river and looked at her right arm. Those characters she didn’t knew were all that she had… a ‘number’ the humans gave her before she would be sold without even knowing anything but Celia was actually feeling different because Emma was taking care of her.

“Dinner’s ready honey and we have some tinies ! Wash your hands and come here please !” Said a voice from a nearby room. “Yes mommy !” Said happily Emma while going down her bed and walked outside happily, leaving Celia alone. But even if Celia was still learning how to talk… she was pretty skilled to understand some things her owner was saying now and those lasts sentences weren’t misunderstood…

Emma was now in the kitchen with her mother who sat in front of her at the table “Dad won’t be there tonight again… there’s a lot of work for him to do and he’ll probably come back when you’ll be sleeping. Did your day went well at school today?”. Emma nodded before putting her spoon on the side of her plate “Yes… writing is hard because I’m not used to use a pen yet but… I’ll learn.” Emma then hummed a soft tune before she resumed “Celia learned new words again, I didn’t knew she was so clever.”. Her mother giggled happily “Well it’s good. After all she’s different from the small ones you just ate but yes she’s a nice pet.”. Emma picked up her spoon and with a soft move, picked up some vegetables with her last tiny… tied and drugged nicely so it wouldn’t resist before putting her spoon in her mouth… “Well… yes, I hope that she’ll lean more words so maybe… we’ll be able to talk for real someday.”

The dinner was over and as usual, Emma picked a small piece of cheese so she could feed Celia. She was going back to her room and turned the light on before opening the small sphere and dropped the small cheese inside “There you go Celia, enjoy.” Said Emma while Celia went closer to the cheese, putting a hand on it, the small girl picked a small crumb and bite in it “Thank you.”. Emma smiled back to her small girl and was about to rest on her bed when she heard something unusual. “…ma… Emma…” said the tiny one, the human girl was a bit surprised and sat at her desk, wondering why the small one was calling her, in fact it was the first time Celia was asking the human something.

“Yes Celia?” Asked Emma while wondering what the tiny had in mind. Celia on her side had a small shiver, she was searching her words  and was making some strange signs with her hands until she looked back at Emma, a bit worried. “Emma… eat tiny…” said Celia while the human girl was still looking at her, now a bit surprised at this sentence “Emma… eat Celia…?” Finally said the tiny with a shiver. Emma gasped… she knew that Celia was also a tiny but it was the first time that actually… Celia was showing that she was worried about her condition. “No… no no! You got it wrong Celia…! Those are other tinies that are… supposed to be eaten, you’re different !” Said Emma while gasping again… and not sure what she could say to the smaller girl. “Emma eats tiny… no understand…” finally said Celia with a small shiver, the human girl now feeling a bit sad, she put her hand in the sphere and placed a finger in front of Celia “I won’t eat you Celia. You’ll be safe.”. The young human could suddenly feel a shiver onto her body, looking down, she saw that Celia placed her hands onto her finger, the tiny one still looking worried “Please Emma… please safe Celia…”

It was now some weeks later, Emma was back from school and looked a bit tired. After removing her shoes she was going in her room while dragging her bag that was on the ground. “Hmmmfff ‘Evening…” said Emma to her small one when she entered her room, tossing her bag in a corner. “Hello Emma.” Answered Celia who was inside of the small river, washing herself. Emma had a small smile when she saw that her tiny was now doing some things by herself after Emma taught her. Once she was done, Celia existed the river and brushed her hair before putting back her clothes, now looking at Emma getting closer until she sat at her desk, placing her head on the side onto the wooden surface, her eyes looking at the small one. “Emma…?” Said Celia while looking at the girl who was breathing against the glass surface, making a small halo appear on it.

“Hey…” Said Emma with a tired voice, in fact Emma started some sport activity after the school and it wasn’t the first time she came back home exhausted. Emma took a long breath before she talked again “Mind if I bring you to school tomorrow Celia…? Our teacher told us that we could bring our pets this week and… I was wondering if I could bring you there.”. “I no understand…” Said Celia while shaking her head, the small one still looking deeply at her ‘owner’. Emma put her hands on her desk and placed her chin atop them “School is a place where I learn how to talk and read among many things. It’s a nice place and maybe you want too see it?”. Celia had her head on the side, listening to the giant girl until she was done “School… fun ?”. Emma nodded “Well yes because I have many friends here and I’m sure they’ll love to meet you.” Then she pulled her books from her bag “Well… I’ll have to work on my homework now, I’ll talk with you later Celia.”. The smaller one just listened before she saw Emma starting to work, the smaller one put a hand onto her chest, whispering a single word to herself “Friend…?”

It was the morning. Emma woke up earlier and started to prepare herself for the day. Celia on her side was yawning while putting away the small cover she had on her bed, the small one soon stood up and stretched her arms and legs, still wondering what Emma told her about the previous day. After some minutes, Emma was back in her room and placed a small piece of a cookie inside the sphere before she picked up a blue ribbon she had on her desk and started to tie her hair. Once she was done she put her backpack on her back then went closer to the sphere, putting both of her hands near its support then started to raise it slowly. Celia on her side was a bit curious, wondering why her owner decided to move her small ‘house’ but when she saw Emma’s smile while holding her small place carefully, Celia knew she could trust her.

“I’m going now mommy !” Said Emma while she passed the door then closed it, still holding the sphere carefully. Within it, Celia was a bit scared but also really curious too, since she never left Emma’s house and knew only her room, she could now see many things that she didn’t knew and there was so many giant people around too… Celia didn’t wanted to see much of this ‘world’ because it was a bit too much for her to bear so she walked back into her small house then sat on the ground, her eyes still focused onto Emma.

“We’re nearly there.” Said Emma while turning at a corner, there was now many children running around and making loud noises that Celia placed her hands onto her ears. Soon Emma could see another blonde girl walking closer to her and took a few steps “Hello Liz!” Said Emma while the girl was now walking by her side. “Good morning Emma! Is… that the Tiny you told me about ?” Said the other girl while focusing her eyes onto Celia. “Yes it’s my Celia, she’s really clever !” answered Emma while the small one within the sphere was raising her head to look at this other girl, Liz waving to her. Emma had a small giggle when she saw Celia actually waving back to Liz even if the tiny one didn’t actually knew what it was meaning. “She’s also really cute… You’ve really took care of her Emma. Usually the ones that I see when I pass by the pet shop are just… too skinny or unhealthy.” Finished Liz while thinking a bit. “Yes… Celia was in a different condition but she’s looking way better than when I got her and I think she’s happy now, right Celia ?”. The tiny one was trying to understand what the girls were talking about but soon could listen some word she knew so she answered to Emma “Celia happy !” That made both of the human girls giggle as they were now getting into the school building.

Emma was now walking inside of a hall, some other children were looking at the sphere she was holding but some other children were more interested about the sphere’s content. Celia could feel many people looking at her and it wasn’t something she actually enjoyed so she went back to her small house even if it didn’t had a roof. After some minutes, Emma was in front of her classroom and went inside, followed by Liz. Once inside, many children went around Emma to see her Tiny, Emma was blushing because she didn’t expected many of her friends to be interested into Celia. But the small girl also didn’t expected to see many people too… there was so many unknown faces all around the sphere that Celia was feeling dizzy but soon a weird noise made Celia squeak when she heard the bell ring… telling that the class was starting.

It was now her ‘time’. After some classes, Emma was bringing the sphere to the teacher’s desk and placed it atop of it. “I would like to introduce you my tiny Celia, she’s really clever and even know how to talk a bit.” Said Emma while her cheeks were now bright red, in fact she wasn’t really used to talk in front of her classmates. “It’s really interesting ! Did she learned some tricks Emma?” Asked the teacher while Emma happily nodded “Yes, let me show you.”

Emma placed her hand upside-down in front of the small one inside of the sphere and Celia directly climbed on it before sitting at the middle. Emma smiled to her before raising Celia a bit, the small one had her eyes focused on her. “Tell me your name please ?” Asked Emma to the small one who answered her almost immediately “Celia.”. Some of the pupils were now in awe, they didn’t expected the tiny to talk since usually they were sold just like some disposable items. “Tell me what you are please ?” Asked Emma to her small one who again answered “Celia is Emma’s Tiny.”. This time even Liz was smiling, she knew that Emma was teaching her small girl to talk but it was indeed really impressive. After more sentences, the teacher thanked Emma and the young one put back Celia inside of her sphere before going back to her seat, many other children cheering her as she passed by.

It was now the lunch break. Emma looked into her bag and picked up a wrapped sandwich and a bottle of juice that she placed on her table. There was some of her friends that were talking with Emma while she ripped the plastic bag and took a small piece of her sandwich that she gave to Celia, the small one taking the small crumb with her hands “Thank you.”. “Well it seems she’s a really good pet Emma!” Said Liz while getting closer to Emma’s desk then put her own sandwich onto Emma’s table. Celia who was eating some of the crumb Emma gave her before stopped to do so when Emma’s friend came closer and was now looking at something she didn’t expected.

It was at the middle of some salad and cheese but Celia was looking at a small arm hanging out from Liz’s sandwich. Celia was looking at a small writing that was ‘carved’ inside of this tiny arm’s skin before she looked at her own right arm, her eyes focused on the tattoo she had… and it was the same kind of writing. “Tiny…?” Said Celia but before she could do anything, a giant hand came down and grabbed the sandwich, Celia’s eyes still ‘glued’ on it. Liz was now bringing her sandwich to her mouth and took a large bite in it… making the small arm Celia saw before disappear within Liz’s mouth. The human was now chewing her food happily… and without a care for the tiny that was inside of her sandwich. Celia had a strong shiver and fall onto her knees… some shivers now traveling onto all of her body while her eyes were still focused onto Liz’s jaws coming up and down… probably destroying the tiny one’s body into nothing until she swallowed her food. “Phew… that hit the spot… Good thing that we can have as much tinies as we want right Emma ?”. The other girl nodded before taking a bite into her own sandwich “Well… yeah… I learned that they’re raised in some farms but they’re just like any other animal after all…”

“Emma…” suddenly said Celia, the human girl now looking at her with curious eyes “Yes Celia…? Do you want more food ?”. Celia could feel something deep within her… something she wanted to express “Celia… ! Celia no… !” But she let out a strange noise, not really looking like a word. Celia had both of her hands onto her chest and was shivering from this strange feeling but her lips where shivering… she could only say her name because she hadn’t any ‘words’ that could express what she was feeling. “Ce… Celia…!” Said the tiny girl again before Emma with a surprised look decided to pick up the small girl and sat her on her hand “What is it Celia…? I don’t understand…”. The small one started to cry, not being able to say anything “Hey Celia…! What’s happening…?” Asked Emma but the small one couldn’t stop. The human girl now looked really sad and with a careful move, placed Celia into her shirt pocket before she walked to the girl’s bathrooms.


Once she was in, she closed a toilet seat and sat on it, now picking up the girl from her pocket before placing her in her hand again. “Celia… what’s happening to you ? You never did anything like this.”. “Aaahh… whhaaaa…” was crying Celia before she started to sob, slowly calming down. Emma didn’t said a word but put her other hand atop of the other and brushed the tiny girl’s hair “There… there… “. Celia sobbed a last time before she stood up and walked to the side until she landed against Emma’s thumb, now hugging it with her small hands “Please… please no eat Celia…!”. Emma got surprised by this “What do you mean…?”. Celia poured more tears onto the girl’s thumb “Friends eat tinies…! Friends no fun…” said Celia with her own words “Liz eat tiny… Emma eat tiny… Celia scared…!”

“Celia, I told you that I wouldn’t hurt you. You have nothing to fear…” said Emma with a sad voice before Celia shook her head, now showing her arm with the tattoo to Emma “Celia food…! Celia Emma’s food !!  Celia no friend !!”. Emma shivered… it was the second time that Celia was talking about her situation but the human couldn’t really answer “Celia… I’ll NEVER do anything to you like this ! When I got you I was wondering why I should keep a tiny like you. But you were… so scared, so helpless that I decided to help you too. Please understand that outside you’ll be in danger even if some tinies lives outside. You could be crushed without even being noticed… so please don’t say such horrible things. I’m a human and… I enjoy eating tinies if you want to hear the truth but I will never do anything to you…”. Celia sobbed a last time “Emma is Celia friend… please safe Celia…”

The afternoon went on, Emma went back to her class, not telling anyone about what she talked with Celia then placed the small one back in her sphere. While she was working, Emma couldn’t resist to look at the small one from time to time while Celia was sitting in her direction, still looking at her owner. The bell rang again and Liz stood up before waving at Emma “I’m sorry but I have to leave now, my sister is waiting.”. Emma nodded “Alright, see you tomorrow.” Before she placed everything in her bag that she then placed on her back. Emma stood up and placed her hands under the sphere so she could raise it easily. Celia understood and went back to her small house before holding against a small wall, still looking back at Emma. “We’re going home Celia, it won’t be too long.” Said Emma while walking down the hall, there was again some other children and some of them waved at Celia before asking Emma to bring her again someday. She soon reached the school entrance and could see some unusual people there.

“Would you mind joining us ? It’s really fun !” Said a girl a bit older than Emma while handing her a paper. Emma’s eyes moved to look at a small badge the girl had pinned onto her chest and knew its meaning “You’re Micro Hunters right ?”. The older girl nodded before smiling back to Emma “Yes, we’re trying to create a new ‘club’ in this part of the city and we’re searching new members. I’ll leave you this paper if you want to know more about us. Have a nice day!” Said happily the girl while Emma started to walk again, wondering about this whole ‘club’. Emma knew that the Hunters were actually people who were hunting the ‘wild’ small ones, mostly the ones that were living outside or hidden inside some human’s houses and the hunters used all kind of trap for that. The Hunters were also offering their services to ‘remove’ sometimes some tiny hideouts just like some insect nest then sell them to some shops or to some ‘farms’. In fact there wasn’t a city where there wasn’t any hunter since it was something the young humans liked to do too. Emma looked down to her sphere and met Celia’s eyes, the young human also liked her tiny ‘candies’ but wouldn’t probably have time to hunt for some. “Besides I have to take care of you…” said Emma while taking a small look at her own Tiny before taking more steps to her house.

Some months later, Emma was now on holidays and had a whole week to spend at home. Emma woke up late this day and went to the kitchen to pick up something for her breakfast. She went back in her room while holding a glass of milk and a small cookie, looking at her sphere. Celia was still sleeping on her bed and would probably wake up in some time. Emma went closer to the sphere and looked down before she opened it and put a small piece of her cookie inside before she sat at her desk while yawning. She soon picked up her school bag and picked up some things from it “it’s better to do my homework now…” said Emma while taking a pen and started to write.

“Good morning Emma.” Said a small tired voice while Celia came outside of her house, stretching her arms and now brushing her tired eyes with her hands. “Hello Celia !” Said Emma while raising her head to smile at the small one who soon sat in front of the glass wall, now looking at what Emma was writing. “I wonder…” soon said Emma while thinking before picking another small notebook and a pen. “Celia, look at this please.” Said Emma while the small one nodded and stood up, now pressing herself against the transparent wall to see what Emma was doing. “A.” Said Emma while showing a letter she wrote on her notebook to Celia.

“A…?” Said Celia while looking a bit confused “What… is A?”. Emma then wrote another character on a sheet, making sure Celia could watch “This is A… and this is B. Try to remember them.”. Celia was now a bit confused but in fact saw those characters before, raising her head a bit she was looking at Emma “Emma teach Celia reading ?”. Emma nodded happily as an answer “Yes ! I thought you could use this maybe later. Is that fun…?”. The tiny one nodded “Yes… Celia like learn things.” Before she pointed the characters written “A…B.”. Emma giggled while writing more characters before telling Celia how to say them “Okay this one is C and there’s a lot more to learn !”

“C-E-L-I-A… Celia !” Said the small one after a few days, now being able to remember some words and read them. Emma was done with her homework already but was happy to teach her small girl many things. A sudden ring echoed from the entrance and Emma was a bit surprised by this. “Emma, come here please it’s your friend!” Said the girl’s mother that opened the door. Emma stood up then walked to the hall, leaving Celia in front of her notebook.

“Hello Emma !” Said a blonde girl who was standing in the entrance. “Heyyy Liz ! I thought that you were traveling with your family!” Said Emma while inviting her friend to follow her inside. “Well we were supposed to but we’ll be leaving next week in the end so I thought I could visit you !” Said Liz while following Emma in her room, Liz now looking at the sphere that was onto Emma’s desk “Hello Celia !”. Celia who finished to read a sentence raised her head when she heard the girls come nearby and raised her head “Hello.” Said the girl in a respectful way. Liz giggled before sitting onto Emma’s bed “She’s still really obedient… you’re great at training her Emma!” Said the blonde girl while Emma sat her desk. “Well… believe me or not but Celia now knows how to read some words.” Said Emma while having a light blush on her cheeks. “I can’t believe  it… it’s amazing !!” Said Liz while clapping her hands before she could see Emma looking at something displayed on her shirt “Ah yes. You’re probably wondering but yes I started to be a part of the Micro Hunters but don’t worry, I won’t do anything to your pet !”.

Celia was looking a bit curious because the girls were talking about things she couldn’t understand but soon the girls were both sitting on the ground while talking about random stuff. “What you’ve already done all of your homework ? In… fact I didn’t even started but well… holidays are made to rest right ? Besides…” said Liz while searching something in her bag until she picked up two small things, now giving one to Emma “Take it ! It’s some new ones with fruits flavor!”. It was a small candy in a cute pink wrap… Emma smiled and picked it up before opening the small wrap, knowing what was inside.

It was indeed a tiny… drugged and coated by a sugar paste, giving more ‘flavor’ to the small one. Emma just looked at it and without a second to waste, tossed it inside of her mouth, now sucking the sugar away from the small body. Liz did the same before she turned her head to look at the sphere where Celia was looking at them… then Liz winked to Celia before swallowing whole her own tiny. “Ah…!” Whispered Celia while now looking at Emma who was enjoying her Tiny… in fact she knew that it was a ‘law’ of the nature that the small ones were just edible toys for the humans but she was glad that she was Emma’s pet and that the human promised to keep her safe.

“Hey Liz, wanna see something ?” Asked Emma while going to her desk and wrote something on her notebook, Liz stood up and went at Emma’s side. “Celia, can you read this please ?” Asked Emma while showing her notebook to the small one inside of the sphere. “Li… Liz is Emma’s… fr-friend” said Celia while looking at the reading before she raised her head, looking at the girls while wondering if she did the right thing. “Ooooooh it’s adorable !!!” Said Liz while hugging Emma’s hands, the other girl blushing a bit. “You did right Celia.” Said Emma to her Tiny while giving her a wide smile, Celia now smiling too. “Hey Emma… mind if I try too ?” Asked Liz while taking Emma’s notebook and a pen before both of the girls started to play with Celia, also teaching her new words…

Some time passed since then and adolescence started for both of the girls who were now 14 years old. Emma grew a lot since she was a child but it was this time when young people had a lot of questions about themselves. Coming back from from school she tossed her shoes in the entrance while going to her room. Once inside she tossed her bag on the side and turned her TV on before she went to her desk. Celia also grew and her body changed too. She now had long black hair and learned many things since then. Still she was still living into the small sphere but had many new things like new clothes and even some tiny furniture so she wouldn’t be bored of her lonely days while Emma was at school.

Emma sat at her desk and moved some of her hair on the side, the girl had now some of her hair dyed with a deep black color, covering her natural brown. Emma pulled the small trap before putting her right hand inside, now looking at Celia “I’d like them black please.”. Celia understood and went to a small shelf where she took a bottle and a small brush that she could use. Now in front of Emma’s fingers she opened the bottle and placed the brush inside before she moved her hand to ‘paint’ one of Emma’s nails. Emma on her side placed her head on her other hand then sighed. “Was your day good Emma…?” Asked Celia while keeping to do her ‘job’, one of the giant girl’s nails was almost done. “Boring…” said Emma while sighing again “You have such a good life Cel… you can rest all day and don’t have to work…”. The tiny one just nodded as an answer before starting to apply some polish on another nail, deep within her Celia knew that some time ago, Emma got a bit distant with her and her parents. It was a part of this period the girls had to go through but Celia didn’t minded that. “And how went your exams?” Asked Celia, the other girl sighing again “Too easy again… I managed to complete them half a hour before the end but the teacher told me that I had to wait before going out of the school.”

Indeed, Emma got really smart too, maybe a bit too much because she hadn’t much friends. “I really miss Liz…” suddenly said the giant one, Celia didn’t said anything and moved to the next nail, but looked at some small shivers Emma had on her fingers. “If only her father didn’t got this job… they would still be there but at last I have her number…” Said Emma while picking up her phone and started to browse her messages. Soon Celia was done and Emma raised her hand to look at it “Thanks Cel. You’re really skilled at this, maybe you could work in a beauty shop like this…”. Emma took another bottle and after she removed the lid, started to apply some polish on her other hand “I’ll do the remaining one by myself thanks.” Said Emma while reading a message on her phone “Heh… so it’s like this now…” said the girl while forgetting about her tiny for some time.

It was some days later that Emma came back home a bit more happy than usual. She went to her room and sat immediately at her desk “Hey Cel, I had an idea…”. Celia exited the small house and went on the grass to face her owner “Good afternoon Emma, what is it ?”. Emma pulled her phone from her pocket and unlocked it to show a picture to Celia. It was a tiny girl trapped into a ring displayed around a human girl’s finger “Isn’t that cute ? I could wear you all the day like this.”. Celia bowed her head down “Well if you want…” since she hadn’t much choice after all. Emma moved her head on the side before picking up the small one and sat her on her hand “Cel. I know you… you don’t like this and you’re probably wondering that I’ll do that without your permission right…? But no. I can see that you don’t like that idea.”. Celia put her hands on her knees while looking up “I’m your pet Emma, I shouldn’t think about this.”

“You’re wrong.” Said Emma while shaking her head “If I wanted just a jewel on a ring… I should have probably bought another Tiny for this. But you’re different Cel. Looks at how you can talk now… you weren’t even able to say a single word when I got you.”. Celia wrapped her arms around her legs “And I don’t want to remember what happened to me before. Even if I’m your animal Emma… I really don’t have the words to thank you enough…”. Emma moved her hand closer to her face, until her lips ‘covered’ the small girl as she gave her a small kiss “And you’re important for me too Cel…”

Some days later, Emma was reading on her bed while having Celia sitting on her hair. The small girl didn’t had many occasions to go outside of her sphere but sometimes Emma just wanted to have her close. “Emma, come here please, I want to talk with you.” Echoed her mother’s voice while Emma raised her head a bit, wondering what her mother wanted. Picking up carefully Celia, Emma placed her back into her place before taking some steps in direction of the living room. Once she went inside, her mother was sitting on the couch and asked her daughter to come closer. Once Emma was sitting, her mother started to talk “Emma, you told me many times that you’re not happy at school… and that the classes were boring. Actually your principal teacher called me earlier and we would like to ask you if you would be interested to go to a superior school. The fact is that this school is a bit far but you would be able to study different things up to your level… so yes what do you think of this and would you be interested to go there ? If you need some time to think about this, take it because it’s not an easy decision.”

Emma suddenly stood up “I’ll go mom !!” The girl having some shivers on her arms “But… when you say that it’s far… I’ll have to live there ?”. Emma’s mother nodded “Yes honey, but you can take the train if you want to visit us, it’s not too far too but are you really sure about this?”. Emma turned to face her mother “Yes mom. I feel that I can do more… much more than what I actually study here.”. Emma’s mother sighed “Alright. It was a hard decision to tell you this, we’ve talked a lot with your father and after all… we want the best for our daughter too. If your mind is set then… I’ll call your teacher tomorrow and you’ll probably move there on the next month.”. Emma nodded happily “Thanks mom… I really needed a good news like this.” Then the girl walked fast into her room, now looking really happy. Celia stood up to look at the girl and was wondering what happened. Emma went closer to her desk and placed her hand inside of the sphere, Celia moving on it almost immediately. Emma placed her hand in front of her face and couldn’t resist to smile while her cheeks turned red, some tears of joy forming in her eye “Cel… I’ll be moving to a new school next month. A school where I’ll be able to study many new things…! It’s a bit far from there but… I can’t wait !!!”. Celia bowed her head “It’s fantastic Emma and congratulations for this !”, the tiny one looked a bit on the side, unsure about how she would ask a question that she had in mind. Emma saw that in Celia’s expression and gave a kiss atop the smaller one’s head “No I won’t leave you there Cel… because you’re coming with me !!” Said Emma happily while turning on herself in with a small dance move and still smiling to the smaller one.

The month went on easily and it was finally the day of the move. Emma was sitting in her parent’s car with some boxes on the seat at her right side, there was also the small sphere on the middle seat that Emma was holding with one of her arms. Emma was looking by the window, humming a soft song while Celia was resting in her small house, looking a bit around from time to time. “We should be there soon.” Said Emma’s father who was driving, the younger girl nodding happily until she had a shiver that made Celia’s sphere move a bit. Celia raised her eyes to look at Emma who was shivering but also smiling, the taller girl whispering to herself but loud enough that Celia could listen it “Finally… I’ll be able to enjoy studying…”

The car finally reached a small gate, Celia didn’t had the time to read what was written on it but could hear Emma giggle happily, it was the right place. The car finally stopped in front of a small house, Emma jumped off the car once it stopped to move and she went right in front of the small house. “I can’t believe it… we don’t have to share rooms like any other university ?” Asked Emma to her mother who was closing her door “Not here, it’s a very special school and you’ll be able to study in the best way possible.”. Emma giggled again before going back to the car and took a box containing some of her stuff. She didn’t needed everything from her parent’s house so she just picked what she needed the most, now moving inside the small house she was looking at each room she had. It wasn’t too big nor too small for a single student, still she had some space for herself. After one hour, Emma was done moving her boxes inside and was now in front of her house while holding her sphere in her arms in front of her parents. “Good luck Emma, if you need anything, please call us.” Said her father while Emma’s mother went a bit closer “Emma… I’m happy for you that you’ll be able to study here and Celia, take care of your owner please ?” Asked the woman to the smaller one who bowed as an answer “Yes madam.”. Emma couldn’t lie that she shed some tears when her parent’s car went away, leaving her there but she would able to visit them by train easily because the station wasn’t this far. “Okay, let me show you our new house Cel!” Said happily Emma while going inside, now moving to each room with her sphere, showing Celia their new place until she went to the room and placed Celia’s house atop of her desk, not too much in the sun. “And this is where we’ll live now Cel…” said Emma while sitting at her desk and placed her head onto the wooden surface, moving her hand a bit closer, she put one finger against the glass surface, the tiny one inside went closer and placed her hand against the transparent wall too “Yes…”

The next week, Emma was sitting at a table and introduced herself to her new class. She was a bit nervous because this school was what she dreamed about still she wasn’t used to it yet. During the morning she was focused onto her studies and indeed, Emma was enjoying this. Suddenly she could hear something on the side like a really soft whisper and Emma turned her head, now looking at a girl with short red hair. This girl was writing onto her notebook but Emma saw something else… just a bit going out of this girl’s shirt pocket was a tiny girl who seemed to read too. Emma was stunned because she didn’t knew why there was a tiny there but suddenly the red haired girl turned her head and was looking at Emma. “I… I…” said Emma while shivering, her face now turning a bit red, she didn’t expected the other girl to notice her. In answer the red haired girl closed her eyes and smiled before turning back to her notes, Emma looking a bit surprised before she resumed her work too.

The lunch break began and Emma was searching her lunch in her bag, when she picked up her box she raised her head and saw the girl from before facing her. “He…llo ?” Said Emma with a shiver, not sure how the girl would react. “Hello !” Said the red haired girl with a smile “My name’s Nicole. You’re the transferred student Emma right?” Emma nodded as an answer while putting her box on the table, the other girl also putting her box onto the table “Mind if we talk a bit ? In fact since you’re new you don’t know much people around I bet and it’s always fun to meet new people !”. Emma nodded again “Sure…” before opening her box and moved her fork to it, her eyes still somehow ‘glued’ onto Nicole’s pocket. The red haired girl saw this and smiled “I guess I could introduce you, please Suzuka…?” Said Nicole while putting her hand within her pocket and picked carefully the tiny girl whom before until she could stand atop of Nicole’s hand. “It’s Emma, she’s a new student in our school from today.”. The tiny girl turned to face Emma then bowed in a respectful way “Nice to meet you Emma, my name’s Suzuka.”. Emma was speechless… the two girls seemed to share a strange bond and the tiny one didn’t really looked like Nicole’s pet. “She’s my friend.” Suddenly said Nicole that woke up Emma from her thoughts, Emma now wondering why a human would be friend with a small creature like Suzuka. “You’re wondering why we’re friends right…? Let me guess you’re one of those ‘tiny eaters’ I bet.” Said Nicole before picking up a pea and handed it over to Suzuka, Emma still looking surprised “We don’t mind this Emma… but you probably never saw people like us too. We’re both a part of the league protecting smaller people. There’s not much of us but we’re doing our best.”. Emma in fact heard about this before but didn’t took it seriously. Still today one of those people was in front of her “I do… have my tiny Celia too… She learned how to read and she’s really smart but…”

“She’s your pet right ?” Said Nicole, Emma gasped again “How… how do you know ?”. Nicole took a sip from her bottle “Well… you’re not the only one who have a smaller one as a pet in this school… but you seems to care for her, I didn’t heard of many tinies being able to talk or read except the ones living outside. But do you think she’s happy like this ?”

Emma had a shiver, in fact she never asked this to Celia, the smaller one being always alright with Emma’s decisions except when she asked her a few times “I… think she’s happy…” said Emma while looking on the side. Nicole now sighing “I see… but think that… your tiny one is alive too, she have feelings just like us and… even the same blood as we humans have. I won’t ask you to join us Emma but just give you this small lesson.”. Emma nodded slowly as the girls now started to talk about random things until another girl, maybe two years older with green dyed hair passed by their side, giving a disgusted look to Nicole “Peh… still carrying this tiny around… you should stop playing with dolls at your age Nicole and don’t waste your food…”. Nicole had a shiver while putting back Suzuka carefully inside of her pocket before she stood up and sat back at her desk, still looking at Emma “There’s too much people like Sammy that you just saw too… thinking that tinies are food for us… but it’s so wrong…” said Nicole with a shiver. The bell suddenly rang… Emma put back her box inside of her bag, now wondering what would be the next lesson about but also not thinking much about what happened.

The afternoon ended and Emma was going back to her room. Opening the door, she removed her shoes and went directly into her room before falling on her bed. Celia heard the taller girl coming back and just sat outside of her house, looking at the girl. Emma who sighed from this first day in this new school moved her head a bit on the side, she was thinking again about Nicole’s questions “Hey Cel… are you happy ?”. Celia who was surprised by this sudden question nodded “Yes.”. Emma sighed again before sitting on the side of her bed, looking at her small girl “You’re not telling me this because I’m your owner right ?”. Celia shook her head before answering again “No Emma, I’m really happy. What can I would want more than what I have now. You did so much for me after all.”. Emma sighed again before letting her body fall on the side, her head landing on her pillow “So it’s perfect then… I wonder why I would be so different from you Nicole…”

3 more years passed. Emma who was now 17 was one of the best if not the best in her class. She was studying really seriously and her grades were always giving her satisfaction. The only difference was that even if she had really good marks… her spirit was now a bit rebel, she was now wearing some scratched jeans and was still dying her hair a deep black. Emma also learned something new some weeks ago and gave Celia a new ‘work’ too. She put her bag on a nearby chair before going into her room and sat at her desk. “Good afternoon Emma.” Said Celia in the same polite way before Emma picked up the small girl and placed her onto her desk, near a small shelf. “Black please.” Said Emma while she put her face close to her desk, placing also her phone nearby so she could browse her notices. Celia was still the same obedient girl, the only difference being that she was now 2.7 cms tall, way taller than the single centimeter she had when Emma got her… 12 years ago.

Celia opened a small bottle and placed another kind of brush inside of it. It wasn’t nail polish this time but a deep black texture. Emma saw that and placed her face closer before pursing her lips “Hurry up please… I want to go outside with my friends soon.”. Celia nodded and placed the small brush onto Emma’s lips, applying this deep black gloss Emma now loved. Of course, Emma could do this by herself but it was different when it was the tiny one who was doing it , Emma letting out a small giggle because of the small brush tickling her lips. Celia was now doing her work the fastest she could since Emma became less patient during those 3 years. After some time, Celia was done but her small arm was hurting her a bit. Emma put her phone in camera mode and started to check Celia’s work until she smiled to herself “Good job, thanks Cel.” Said Emma while pinching the small one a bit below her chest but still carefully enough before she winced “Heh… your breasts grew again Cel… I wish it worked the same for me… but well considering your size… I still have the biggest ones ~” Ended Emma while placing back the girl in her sphere before giving her some food. “I’ll come back later. See ya!” Ended Emma while going back to the entrance and exited her house to spend the night outside.

On her side Celia was going back into her small house, she sat on the bed and rubbed her arm with her hand “Aaah…” let out the small girl while feeling her arm hurt her a bit. Her eyes then stopped onto the tattoo she was wearing, reminding her what her life was supposed to be, this human girl’s pet. Still Celia didn’t mind that again even 12 years later, she laid down onto her bed while looking at the ceiling so far away before closing her eyes. “I guess… I’ll never manage to forget this…” whispered the tiny girl to herself, she was again assaulted by memories of her youth… sad memories before she got ‘sold’. Of course she couldn’t remember most of them because she was so young at this time but she could remember the way she was living.

Cries all around while she was sitting into a small box, wide enough so she could only extend her arms. There wasn’t anything to do and she had to sleep on the same dirty ground. Once per day, there was a human that was dropping some food into each of the small box if Celia could call this ‘food’ too… There was another human that also passed each day to check the different boxes, sometimes Celia could see that human remove some small bodies from the nearby boxes who wouldn’t move anymore again. Celia could now feel a tear roll on her cheek, yes she survived until the day where a human picked up when she was only 5 years old. That human just looked at her while Celia was screaming then took a tool she never saw before. The young girl then let out a loud scream… something was piercing into her arm many times until she was placed into another box, her body shivering from pain. Her young eyes stopped onto her right arm that was bleeding and the middle of that was now a writing that she couldn’t read “BZ-1802” after all why a tiny needed to read if she was supposed to probably be eaten soon ?

Celia let out a small cough while her hand instinctively went onto her arm, now having another memory. The young Celia was now in a different ‘service’, the food was even worse and could see the humans put a powder in that… probably some medicine so the tiny one could stay healthy until she would be ‘used’. Celia wasn’t the only one screaming from fear every day but the humans didn’t cared, until one day her whole box moved and Celia was dropped with many other small people onto a strange machine. Some of them tried to stand but because they couldn’t move much in their ‘cells’, their bodies were numb and soon went inside this machine… to exit it by the other side into some small plastic bags with a tag on them while the small ones were also tied onto their arms and legs.

Celia couldn’t remember much what happened next… she was just tossed onto a display with many other small bags and during the next days, could see many of her neighbors being picked away… never to be seen again. One day, Celia was feeling tired because she hadn’t eaten anything for days, she could see a large shadow coming nearby and two giant fingers that were now ‘browsing’ the small box where she was. Celia could see sometimes her own reflection into the giant red nails at the tip of those fingers… but didn’t even knew how she looked too until the two fingers closed onto her own small bag. This giant woman was now turning her bag, looking at her from all sides until Celia could see a wide smile appear between this woman’s red lips “You’ll be perfect for her…”

Celia sat onto her bed before she stood up and went to the small ‘garden’ of her sphere before looking at her place. She could remember this day where the box where she was trapped within opened… to reveal this giant young human. Celia was scared back then, she didn’t knew anything from the ‘world’ but this human actually cared for her. And today, many years after all of this, Celia was still happy to help the human that saved her from a certain death. Taking a few steps and placing a hand onto the transparent wall, Celia was looking at her reflection. She had grown well and her body was now really healthy, she even got some nice curves but in the end she was still a slave. “But what else do I have” asked Celia to herself, she heard some times that small people like her were living on their own outside but that were almost every time captured by Micro Hunters and disposed of. Celia sat onto the grass, she didn’t regret this life she had until now… and would never change it because it was also what she choose too.

Emma was soon at the small park they decided to meet in with her friends but there was one more girl today. “Hey Emma.” Said a girl with green hair and of course Emma knew Sammy because she was in the same class. It was now 9PM, the girls were talking about many things and Sammy was in fact different from the ‘bad picture’ of herself she was giving at school, after all this school was for smart people. 11PM, some of the friends started to get back in their rooms and Emma was about to leave too before Sammy called her “Hey Emma, wanna have one ?” Said the girl while holding a bottle of beer towards Emma. “We’re not adults Sammy… we’re not supposed…” said Emma but got interrupted by Sammy who went closer and placed the bottle in her hands, winking at Emma “There’s always a first try don’t you think ? Stop being the ‘good girl’ and look carefully… there’s no adult around there so you don’t have anything to fear.”

Emma was standing there… she still had the bottle in her hands and didn’t knew what to do with it. Sammy giggled “Actually… it’s been some time I had my eyes on you Emma” while whispering into her ear, the girl moved in front of Emma and before Emma could do anything nor understanding what was happening… Sammy went closer and placed her green lips onto Emma’s. Emma had a strong shiver… feeling her whole body getting numb, her arm fall by her side and her fingers released the pressure on the bottle she had before it fall onto the ground. Emma had now her eyes closed, feeling a strange heat filling her body she was still being held by Sammy’s arms until the green haired girl removed her lips to look into Emma’s eyes who was bright red onto her face.

“I guess… it’s the best ‘declaration’ I could make I guess…” Said Sammy while feeling a bit shy “Yes Emma… I… actually love you… but… I doubt that you share those feelings…”. Emma was still at awe… her cheeks still bright red, she didn’t realized what happened yet but was looking at the other girl in front of her deeply. It was actually the very first time that Emma saw Sammy being this ‘vulnerable’ and she had another shiver… her arms almost moving by themselves, she placed them onto Sammy’s, the green haired girl a bit surprised by this “Emma… you…” but Sammy couldn’t her sentence… Emma’s face was in front of her again, breathing loudly. Emma couldn’t control herself, her feelings were now in charge… she was ‘diving’ into Sammy’s green eyes, not looking as ‘rebel’ as before. Sammy had shivers on her arms, something that Emma could feel with her hands. Sammy was indeed a girl too… with deep feelings towards the girl facing her and she wanted to share them with her, with a shiver, her lips opened to ‘call’ Emma “P… Please…” and Emma answered this call almost immediately by closing her eyes before kissing Sammy this time. Sammy blushed a bright red… she could feel their black and green lips meeting again but this time it was Emma’s feelings who were talking. Sammy who usually looked a bit cold and not so easy to talk with let out a tear pour out of her eye because after 3 years, she finally managed to express her feelings to Emma.

“Hey you two…! Are you done kissing yet ?” Laughed one of the girls behind them. Emma gasped and removed her lips from Sammy’s before blushing again, Sammy on her side had a wide smile before turning to answer “Yeah yeah we’re coming !”. Sammy then bowed to pick the bottle and gave it back to Emma “It’s better not to waste it too right ?” Said Sammy with a wink while taking Emma’s hand, interlocking her fingers with Emma’s before both of the girls went back where the other girls were.

She was sick. She had trouble while walking and fall in front of her door. Trying to put the key in the hole it took her 2 minutes before she managed to do it then she opened the door and walked on her knees inside. Not even removing her shoes, she tossed her jacket somewhere in her room and tried to stand back up. “Agh… aaahhh…” moaned Emma while holding her stomach, she was feeling really bad and knew what would happen next… she started to run towards her bathroom while putting her hand in front of her mouth already feeling something pour out of her mouth. Once inside her bathroom, she lifted her toilet seat and Emma fall onto the ground… while emptying her stomach directly inside of her toilet. “Hooo…” moaned Emma while her head fall on the side until it hit the wall, now looking at her clothes she just soiled… “What have I done…” whispered Emma to herself, now having memories of this night coming back to her.

It started with the first bottle but in fact Emma never drank alcohol before. The taste was weird but somehow incredible too and soon the bottle was empty. Emma was feeling a weird heat within her body, she was maybe wondering if it had something to do with Sammy’s declaration from before and soon she was given another bottle but this time with a tiny one. “Place it inside of the bottle then drink it, it will be better ~” Said Sammy while doing it to show Emma how to proceed. Emma nodded and did so before she started to drink, feeling the small one’s body soon travel down her throat with more beer. Emma sighed… she actually enjoyed this but was now feeling much more light-headed than before. Emma started to feel euphoric and was now giggling in a weird way “Well well… looks at this young drunkard ~ wanna have another ?” Said Sammy while handing another bottle that Emma took with another tiny. Soon Emma started to hiccup… her mind was blurry and she couldn’t really remember what happened after. Still she could remember kissing Sammy again after a few more drinks then nothing but Emma searching the way back to her house at the middle of the night.

“Ugh…” moaned Emma while feeling sick again, putting back her head into her toilet she spit again… before she could feel her head ‘spin’ fast. Flushing her toilet, she tried to stand up but fall a couple times before actually making it. She walked to her room while removing her clothes, dropping them on the ground until she was only wearing her underwear and fall heavily on her bed, not noticing her tiny Celia who was looking at her with a worried expression when she came back in her room.

“Hmmm…!” Moaned Emma while slowly waking up. Her head was in pain and she could hear a noise nearby… moving her hand she grabbed her phone that was ringing. Blinking a bit, she noticed her mother’s number on the screen. Letting out a small hiccup, Emma gasped, she thought about something that she actually forgot during the previous night. Pressing the screen, she answered the call, her mother was on the other side “Hello…?”. “Emma ! Thank god I’ve been calling you for a hour…! We’ve been waiting you with your father at the train station but we didn’t saw you…! Did anything happened to you ?? We’ve been really worried you know…”

Emma gasped “N… no… I’m sorry but I was feeling sick this night and I didn’t heard my alarm…”. Emma’s mother sighed “We were worried that anything happened to you honey… how do you feel?”. Emma couldn’t really lie that she wasn’t feeling good at all… looking at the side of her room was a backpack filled with clothes, indeed she wanted to spend the weekend with her parents but… couldn’t wake up this morning. “I’m feeling a bit better but my… stomach still hurts a bit. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t hear my phone before mom…” said Emma while feeling her fingers grip onto her phone, she couldn’t tell her parents that she spent the night drinking alcohol. “Yes… yes… I’ll try to come next week, really sorry about this again… yes. See you mom…” said Emma while ending the call then put back her phone onto her shelf.

Emma wanted to stand up but her legs were too numb and she fall onto the ground, now crawling to her bathroom. Once nearby she managed to sit on her toilets and pulled her pants. She was now thinking about the previous night while putting her fingers onto her lips. She could now feel something within her… feelings towards this girl she wasn’t really enjoying to see before. Emma shook her head, it wasn’t the right time to think about this and grabbed some toilet paper to clean herself. Once she was done, her head was still in pain but she finally managed to stand up and slowly removed her underwear to step inside of her shower.

The warm water started to flow onto Emma’s body. She took some soap to clean her body… but still thinking about the previous night. Emma moved her hands onto her body with soap on them… now thinking about Sammy’s embrace and their deep kiss. The green haired girl who wanted to look like a rebel to everyone’s eyes actually opened her heart to her and Emma accepted those feelings. The water was now flowing into her black hair… but Emma wasn’t moving… or maybe she didn’t to move more. Her mind still at haze, one of her hands was now onto her breasts, her fingers ‘digging’ into her skin while her other hand was moving slowly down… until it was between her thighs, her fingers now ‘exploring’ this place. “Aaah…!” Moaned Emma while pressing herself against the wall, her fingers now playing more with her body… Emma was now moaning louder… feeling her fingers ‘piercing’ their way into her sex, she started to bite her lip, her mind filling with pictures of Sammy. Emma wanted to hug her again… feel her lips against her owns and… to do much more with her. “Aaanhhh haaa… I… I… want you Sammy…!” Cried Emma while her fingers went deeper into her sexual depths… and soon her legs couldn’t hold any longer and Emma fall slowly onto her butt… her fingers now moving fast… until with a loud cry, Emma reached orgasm and started to cum into her shower while more water was pouring onto her body. After some minutes, Emma started to breath slowly, her heart that was racing into her chest calmed down too. Removing slowly her fingers from her vagina, Emma took some soap and cleaned them before she resumed her shower… her mind not so blurry as before. Soon she was done and wrapped herself in a towel before she exited her bathroom and went back into her room. Emma winced… because Celia was sitting in her sphere while looking at her “It’s not like you… never saw me masturbate before Cel… You shouldn’t be caring about this you know…” said Emma while gathering her clothes she dropped on the ground before putting them in a small basket.

“I was worried about you Emma.” Answered Celia while still looking at the human that was walking in her room “You… were so sick yesterday, I was worried that anything had happened to you…” ended Celia while Emma sat at her desk and placed one of her hand inside of the sphere, displaying her nails to the small one “Clean them.”. Celia didn’t got any answer to her question but knew that Emma wouldn’t talk more about this so she just took a small bottle and started to put some liquid onto Emma’s nails, removing the polish slowly. “Hurry up.” Said Emma while wincing, her other fingers tapping the grass nearby, Celia now trying to move faster until she let out a small cry of pain and dropped her small brush. Emma looked down at the small one with a furious stare “What now…? Don’t tell me that you don’t want to work again… “. Celia had a shiver, she didn’t really liked to see Emma looking angry “No… No… let me haaa…” moaned Celia while feeling her arm in pain again. She wanted to pick up the small brush again with her other hand but soon was ‘flying’ away from the ground, Emma moving up the small one until she placed her onto her other hand. Emma then looked at the small one with the same cold stare “You know Celia how much I hate losing time… I was supposed to meet my parents today but let’s say that I just couldn’t… isn’t that wonderful ? We now have some time to spend together…

Celia took one step back “What do you mean Emma… I… don’t like what you’re saying…” but Emma didn’t seemed to listen “I didn’t asked your point… You’re my pet Celia, never forget this. Now undress yourself.” Asked Emma with a cold voice. Celia took another step back “Emma… you’re scaring me…” but screamed when she got picked up again by the human girl who pressed her with her fingers a bit hard and placed her in front of her face “WHEN WILL YOU LEARN TO SHUT UP AND OBEY ?!” Yelled Emma, her voice ‘hitting’ Celia’s face while with her other hand she pinched onto Celia’s dress and ripped it away before pulling onto the tiny one’s shirt and ripped it too but without releasing her.

“P… Please Emma… stop…” said Celia while shivering from fear but the giant one was now having a wide grin “Heh… you were listening at me before am I right…? You perverted girl… but you know what ? Because you’re my pet you’ll probably never meet someone who’ll love you you know… and you’ll never have kids too… Still, I can ‘take care’ of you like this…” said Emma while moving her hand to hold Celia in a different position, her thumb poking the tiny one’s breasts “I’m still so jealous of you… how can a tiny could have such a body like this…”. Celia was still crying and placed her hands in front of her mouth, still begging Emma to stop but the human didn’t listened.

Putting a finger between Celia’s legs, Emma pressed even if Celia was resisting until she reached the ‘place’ she wanted to tease… Celia now crying even more loudly. Emma then started to ‘play’ while listening to the small one crying and moaning too. “No… no… please…! No…!!” Screamed Celia with fear in her voice but Emma wasn’t listening until she answered to her with the same cold voice “Shut up. You’re not supposed to talk.”. Celia couldn’t understand what was happening to Emma, the girl changed to the worse only during the last night, Celia wondering what happened to her last night but her mind was blurry… she tried to hit the giant thumb with her fists but her right arm was still hurting her badly and Emma still at ‘work’ against her sex…

“Aaahhh…!!!” Moaned Celia while crying even more… she didn’t wanted this… she never wanted this but the human she was trusting the most was playing with her body… and her intimacy. Still she tried to resist but her strength was no match compared to Emma’s… “Heh so you’re almost done…” said Emma while feeling something leak against her finger, she still kept playing with the tiny body before suddenly Celia gasped before letting out a loud cry… filled with sadness and despair while her sex  couldn’t endure more of this torture and started to cum. Emma winced while removing her finger while she dropped back Celia into her sphere. “You dare to cum on my skin… Filthy girl…” said Emma while placing her finger into her mouth to suck onto the small one’s juices before making a weird face and spit onto the small one who had a shiver while being covered by Emma’s saliva “Bleh… you’re disgusting… I guess I made the right choice not to eat you before because you…” Emma stopped while feeling weird “Bl.. ahh…” moaned the girl while feeling sick again. Rushing to her bathroom, Emma let her head fall in her toilet seat and started to puke again… her body shivering from this weird sensation again…

Once she was done washing her face again, Emma came back in her room and didn’t looked at Celia, she took some clothes and put them on before picking her phone and walked outside while slamming the door… leaving the tiny girl shivering from a deep fear… but now her eyes were empty of all life.

Two days later, it was time to study again. Emma left her house on the morning while not thinking about Celia, the tiny one hadn’t anything to eat since two days and was staying in a corner behind her small house. Emma wasn’t really thinking about this because she wanted to see ‘her’ again. Sammy was in front of the school gate and Emma happily waved to her “Hey girl.” Answered Sammy while putting her hand onto Emma’s cheek to give her a small kiss on the lips. Emma had a shiver but she didn’t really minded Sammy to be the ‘dominant’ over her, both of the girls now walking in the school hall. When they reached their class, both of the girls sat at their desk, Emma having still her eyes ‘glued’ onto Sammy who was some rows in front of her.

“You look tired Emma… are you alright ?” Asked a voice on the side. Ella turned her head to face Nicole and the tiny Suzuka who was in her pocket “Well… I had a hard weekend and I guess Celia is a bit sick too…”. Nicole had a shiver while listening at Emma who was talking about this without a care, way different from how Emma was usually behaving “Ho… poor girl… if she’s sick, mind if I take a look at her ?”. Emma sighed “Ho yes if you want… I don’t really care…”. Nicole frowned while feeling her eyebrows twitch “I’ll come tonight if possible…”, Emma answering to her immediately again “Sure, do what you want.” Said Emma while picking her books and placed them onto her desk.

After some classes it was the lunch time, Emma picked her box and went to the roof where Sammy was waiting her. The girls sat against the wall and started their lunch, Sammy sighing a bit “I can’t really believe that you’re this skilled Emma… I mean we’re all working hard but your level is… so impressive.”. Emma had a giggle “In fact I always loved to study. It was so fun when I was younger when I was teaching…” but Emma stopped, now thinking about Celia that she left again this morning without anything to eat. “Are you alright Emma ?” Asked Sammy while looking at her a bit worried. “Yes don’t worry I’m alright… after all I’m still tired from this weekend.” Said Emma while looking at Sammy who was smiling. “For a first try at drinking you really surpassed yourself Emma… no doubt that you were this sick after all of this but maybe I shouldn’t have forced you to drink too after all.” Said Sammy with a caring voice, Emma wasn’t really used to listen Sammy this way before… but their situation changed now. “It’s alright Sammy… I’m not sick anymore… but I had a strong headache in the morning that I can’t really remember all of what I did back then.”

It was soon the time to get back in class, Sammy and Emma were walking while holding their hands, in fact they didn’t cared if people were looking at them in a weird way. Once she sat at her desk, Emma was thinking again about her childhood… about her tiny that didn’t knew how to talk back then and all the things she was teaching her. “Bah…” whispered Emma while now thinking about Sammy… the green haired girl being now more important in her feelings than her tiny Celia.

Nicole was following Emma in direction of her house until they reached it. Emma opened the door and removed her shoes once inside “Welcome…” said Emma to the girl, in fact it was the first time that someone else visited her house. “Thanks.” Said Nicole in a polite way before Emma shown her the sphere containing the tiny one “Well… she’s probably still grumpy…” said Emma while sitting on her bed, Nicole now sitting at Emma’s desk. “Hello?” Asked Nicole to Celia but the small one didn’t moved, still sitting in the same corner. “Hello Celia…?” Asked again Nicole but the tiny one didn’t moved again. “Celia, go to see Nicole now. She came all the way there to see you.” Said Emma with a cold voice but actually the small girl stood up then walked slowly towards the front of the sphere, her small body still wearing some bruises from what Emma did before. “Sorry.” Said Nicole while moving her hand slowly to pick the small girl and placed onto her other hand. Celia wasn’t moving and had her head bowed down, still Nicole was looking carefully at her before she picked the small Suzuka from her pocket then placed her nearby Celia. The other small girl was now looking at Celia who wasn’t wearing anything and after hesitating a bit, she went closer to her and started to check her body before Nicole picked her up and placed Suzuka near her ear.

“I see.” Said Nicole while placing back Suzuka in her pocket. She then took a small purse with some medicine inside and cut a small bandage. “Give me your arm Celia please.” Said Nicole while the small one obeyed. Nicole was skilled at this and soon Celia’s arm was wrapped inside the small bandage, Nicole then picked a small candy and gave it to Celia “You need to eat something Celia, and don’t worry… I’ll have a word with your owner right now.”. Celia raised her head, not saying a word but she had tears in her empty eyes. Nicole placed the small one back in the sphere before she looked into Emma’s eyes with a cold stare.

“You told me that you were taking care of her… so tell me why she’s naked… why she do have bruises onto all of her body and her arm almost… broken. And why she’s so different from the happy girl you described me… look at her…! It’s like if her mind was broken !” Said Nicole with a shiver in her voice. “I helped her to learn her place this weekend and now she’s what she’s supposed to be… just a pet.”. ” You’re Lying Emma !!!” Yelled Nicole who was usually looking cheerful “She couldn’t have made those bruises by herself… you… you hurt her ?”. Emma had a grin “Yes… she wasn’t obedient so I had to teach her this, too bad I broke her right…? But I could buy another tiny later”. Nicole shivered from anger “I’m taking her…! You don’t have the right to hurt your tiny like this !!”. Emma stepped out of her bed “No. And now that you’ve seen her you can leave Nicole.”. Nicole had another shiver while looking at Celia then turned in a fast move to slap Emma’s cheek before she took some steps towards the house’s exit “You disgust me… She grew with you Emma…! She’s not just a pet that you can dispose of easily ! You should apologize to her before I decide to come back and save her even from you !”

Nicole slammed the door, leaving Emma sitting on her bed while holding her cheek with her hand. Emma peeked into Celia’s sphere and saw that the girl went back to sit in the small house’s corner. “I’m the one who knows the best what’s good for her…” said Emma while putting her head on the pillow, grabbing her phone, she was now texting Sammy… telling her what just happened before she yawned and placed back her head on the pillow. Emma yawned a last time and closed her eyes… she needed a small nap and didn’t thought about what just happened with Nicole.

The week then moved on but it was now different. Nicole wasn’t talking to Emma anymore, just giving her the same cold look every morning. During one of their lunch break, Emma was talking about this to Sammy who slowly nodded “Yes… she doesn’t have to tell you what to do with your pet after all. And…” Sammy placed her hand onto Emma’s cheek “No one should touch my girl without assuming the consequences… Don’t worry Emma, I’ll be sure to take care of her.”

The next Friday. Emma went to school as usual, wondering about a letter they got on the previous day at school. Emma and the other ones would have to do a small 3-day internship during a next week and the companies the school chose for each student would be sent in another letter. Emma sat at her desk as usual and waved to Sammy who was looking at her then waved back. After some lessons, the bell rang and Emma stood up to go on the roof, Sammy waved at her and came a bit closer “I have something to do Emma but I’ll be there in 5 minutes, just wait for me please ? ~” said Sammy with a wink. “Sure, I’ll wait you at our place then.” Answered Emma with a smile while now walking in the hall, looking at Sammy who was going to the opposite direction.

“Damn…! They’ll never learn !” Said Nicole while getting into the woman’s bathroom. In fact when she was going there, she saw again some other girls enjoy some tiny ones as candies and without a care for them. Nicole was now looking carefully into the bathroom to see if there was anyone else but it seemed that she was alone with Suzuka. Nicole placed her small one near the sink “I’ll be there in two minutes… sorry.” Said Nicole while getting into a small cabin and pulled down her skirt then her pants before sitting onto the toilet seat. “You shouldn’t worry Nicole… the world is slowly changing, just give it time please…” Said Suzuka while Nicole slowly nodded “Yes… you’re right… Even for Emma, I’m pretty sure that something happened… she told me so much nice things about Celia that… I can’t believe it was really her…”. Nicole then heard the bathroom door slam and as usual said her ‘text’ to the girl who was coming inside “It’s me Nicole… please don’t touch my tiny.” But she couldn’t hear any steps. Nicole had a strange shiver “Suzuka…?” But she hadn’t any answer. Nicole suddenly stood up from her seat before opening the door in a fast move, not caring if someone else saw her like this “SUZUKA !!”. The silence again, Nicole tried to pull her now wet pants even if she noticed that she actually soiled them with her skirt when she stood up and looked into the woman’s bathroom… empty. “Shit…!” Yelled Nicole while understanding the door slamming before… someone was there BEFORE Nicole came in so it wasn’t someone that came in but… another girl that came out with Suzuka !

“Hey girl.” Said Sammy while getting closer to Emma until she sat at her side “Sorry I had to something but I’m here now.” Said Sammy while placing a small kiss onto her girlfriend’s cheek. “I hope it wasn’t anything serious…” said Emma while knowing that Sammy already had to go to the principal’s office sometimes because of her rebel behavior. The green haired girl just laughed as an answer “Don’t worry Emma I didn’t got scolded again… I just went to pick a little snack at the vending machine before coming back to my favorite girl…” and not to allow Emma to ask more, Sammy went closer to her and placed her lips onto Emma’s to give her a small kiss “After all I didn’t wanted you to wait too much…”. Sammy then opened her lunch box and started to eat while Emma was still blushing a bit… even if she was enjoying Sammy’s feelings.

“Hmm…?” Said Emma while listening to a muffled sound that was like a small cry. Sammy took another bite before looking at Emma “Is there something Cutie ?”. Emma shook her head “Hmmm… not really I’m pretty sure that I heard a small scream…”. Sammy sighed “Ho well… maybe it’s that Tiny I bought at the vending machine… maybe it wasn’t drugged enough…” before a loud growl echoed from Sammy’s belly that made her blush a bright red. Emma giggled “Looks like you were really hungry after all… ~” now looking at Sammy who was now looking less embarrassed since Emma didn’t minded what happened.

The lunch break was over and Sammy stood up to stretch her arms “Ho well… another week about to end. Say Emma… the holidays are getting closer, maybe we could spend some time together ?”. Emma nodded as an answer “I’ll visit my parents on the second week of holidays but I’ll have plenty of time during the first one if you want to pass by.”. Sammy nodded “Alright. Well we should go back to class soon since we have Ms. Spring now and you know how much she hates me when I’m late at her lessons…”. The girls were now in the hall, Emma got a bit surprised when she saw Nicole walk a bit fast around, asking something to people until she came in their direction.

“Emma, Sammy… did you saw Suzuka by chance ? Someone… kidnapped her and… I need to know of anyone saw her.”. Emma was looking a bit stressed because she wasn’t in good terms with Nicole now, but Sammy answered “Ew… what a dirty girl… look at your skirt, did you actually peed yourself Nicole…? I thought you were more serious than this, right Emma…?”. Nicole had a shiver “Please… it’s serious…! Did you saw her ??”. Sammy resumed to walk, followed by Emma “Oh well… I might have seen her and she wanted to tell you something by the way…” Said Sammy while Nicole had a strong shiver “Tell me… tell me where she is…!” Said Nicole while now looking really worried. “First let me deliver you her message… don’t you want to hear it…?” said Sammy while moving her head closer to Nicole’s ear who had another shiver, still waiting what Sammy wanted to say.

“Urp… oh well… looks like your Suzuka isn’t really polite Nicole… you should have trained her like the pet she was…” said Sammy while keeping on walking, hearing Nicole falling on her knees… the girl sobbing “Did… DID YOU FUCKING ATE HER…?” Screamed Nicole who wasn’t looking as steady as usual before Sammy and Emma went into the classroom, Emma still having a small thought… thinking if it was a good idea from Sammy. Soon they sat at their desk while the teacher went into the class too. Nicole coming into the class by the back door before she went at her desk but didn’t sat “Miss Spring. I have a request.”

The teacher raised her head to look at the girl “Yes Nicole, is there something you want to say ?”. Nicole squeezed her first before she took a breath and started to talk with a cold voice… filled with anger “Please expel Sammy from school immediately.”. Emma looked on the side at the girl who was standing “Excuse me …?” Said the teacher while Nicole tried to stay calm even if she was boiling inside. “She killed Suzuka… she just killed her without probably thinking about her…! She deserves prison for what she did ! Please listen to me and expel her now !”. Sammy turned to look at Nicole “And how are you going to prove this… besides she was just a tiny, you shouldn’t worry about that this much.”. The teacher stood up “Sammy… stealing others’ properties isn’t a good thing to do and you know that… now apologize to Nicole immediately.”. Nicole suddenly yelled “WAIT…! ARE YOU SERIOUS…?! SUZUKA GOT KILLED AND SAMMY WILL JUST BE FREE LIKE THIS, IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL JUSTICE ?!”. The teacher looked at Nicole “Well she was just a Tiny Nicole, if you wanted to keep her safe you should have left her at your house.”. Sammy stood up to face the red haired girl “Alright… alright ! I apologize Nicole, are you happy now ? Or should I buy you another tiny ?” Said Sammy before walking to her desk and placed 2 bills of 1 dollar on it “The vending machine is at the first floor, go there by yourself and buy a new one before yelling on us again !”

Nicole bowed her head, some tears falling on her desk “I can’t believe it… I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE IT…” yelled Nicole before grabbing her bag and exited the classroom while slamming the door… some loud desperate screams now echoing inside of the hall while Nicole was now running away from school. Emma now feeling really worried for her even if… she had now a bad relation with her because of what happened with Celia. “Well… I… I’ll call her parents later… Let’s start with today’s class…” said the teacher with hesitation in her voice, Emma now thinking about the girl again… and wondering if she could talk with Sammy by phone at night.

The afternoon went on and Emma went back to her house after walking a bit with Sammy before as usual she tossed her bag on a chair before going to her bathroom. On her side, Celia was in her sphere lying on the side while holding her small belly with her hands. In fact Emma didn’t fed her for some days and Celia’s stomach was growling loudly… asking desperately for food. Emma walked into her room like a zombie, she dropped a small piece of food into Celia’s sphere before falling on her bed. Emma then picked up her phone and started to type a text message to Sammy “Was it really you Sammy ? I mean it was just a tiny but… Nicole seemed so… sad.”. Emma put her head on her pillow and could hear her phone vibrate, showing a message from Sammy “No one slaps my girl… she got what she deserved.”

The weekend went on and during the next week at school, Nicole wasn’t there. After a few days, the principal came into the classroom, Emma had her eyes focused on him. He was a middle aged man but he was really clever and knew how to talk with his students well… still he wasn’t for this today. “I would like to talk to all of you about one of your friends… Nicole Smith attempted suicide yesterday and she’s at the hospital now. Her days aren’t in danger anymore but… I can’t allow such a thing to happen in our school.”. Sammy had her head resting on her hand when the principal was now looking at her “Samantha… you seems to be the cause of this. And don’t interrupt me, I’ve seen you already too much times in my office and today will be the last… Go back to your house, you don’t belong to this school’s students anymore.”. Sammy stood up and packed her stuff before heading to the class’ door “Peh… this fucking girl got what she wanted in the end… I did nothing wrong.” Said Sammy before going to the school’s exit, leaving Emma in awe… since she wasn’t expecting this to happen to Sammy today and… what happened to Nicole too ! “It’s… all my fault…” whispered Emma while feeling tears fill her eyes…

Emma was on her bed. From time to time she was looking at Celia’s sphere but the tiny one was still sitting onto the ground, not saying a word and still having the same empty eyes, just like if life itself leaved her small body. Emma’s phone suddenly rang, it was Sammy. Slowly picking the phone and placing it on her ear, Emma answered “Hey Sam… I’m sorry for today…”. The other girl was sighing deeply on the phone “It’s not really important Cutie… I planned to leave this school one day so… it’s better if I do it now. But before this… Emma… I don’t want to leave you like this… mind… if I come to see you tonight?”. Emma sighed while feeling another tear roll on her cheek “Yes Sammy. Even if you live not too far from my parent’s city I… want to see you before you leave.”

Once she hang up her call, Emma was looking at her phone’s screen, thinking about the night to come. “Okay…” whispered Emma to herself while standing up and going to her cupboard, now looking at her clothes while choosing some she would wear this night. Once she decided, she placed her clothes on her bed and went in direction of her bathroom to take a shower. Once inside of the shower, Emma was thinking about Sammy, it was in fact their last year of studies but Emma was wondering what would do Sammy after this. Shaking her head, she resumed to wash herself, thinking about the night to come… where she’ll try to talk seriously with Sammy. “Nicole…” suddenly said Emma, thinking about the girl who was at the hospital… of course Emma knew it was herself that created this ‘abyss’ between them, still Nicole was a friend before and she helped Emma to socialize with this class so Emma just couldn’t forget her. “I’ll visit her next week…” said Emma to herself, not trying to think about her for now.

The doorbell rang. “Yes… I’m coming !” Said Emma while she was finishing to apply her black nail polish that Sammy liked before she went to her door and opened it. “Hey…” said Sammy with a tired voice, she was holding a bag on her side containing many clothes and another bag with some bottles inside and a small package that contained many tiny ones. “I’ll have to leave tonight Emma… so I can’t really stay… still I wanted to see you… before I go.” Said the green haired girl before she gasped when Emma ‘fall’ into her arms… now breathing a bit fast. “Please stay there at last for the night Sam… I… I beg you…” said Emma while holding the other girl in her arms, now feeling Sammy’s hand passing into her black hair before Sammy’s hand stopped onto Emma’s chin, raising it a bit. “Emma… Sorry to leave you now… we’ve just started to discover each other… still… yeah I would be glad to stay for the night rather than to sleep on a bench at the station.” Said Sammy while narrowing her eyes, now looking at some tears that were into Emma’s eyes “I’ll miss you Cute girl…” before she took a step and kissed Emma on the lips.

“Hmmm…” moaned Emma while being kissed. She wanted more… and it was the only night she could offer her feelings to the girl she loved before quite some time. Hesitating a bit, Emma’s tongue moved a bit to ‘poke’ against Sammy’s green lips before she pierced between them… now visiting the girl’s mouth. Sammy had a giggle before she moved her tongue too to ‘guide’ Emma’s… the girls now sharing a deep kiss. Sammy was now moving her hand onto Emma’s cheek before ‘visiting’ her mouth with her tongue too until the girls broke the kiss. The two of them were now red on their cheeks while looking deeply at each other… a small saliva string that was linking their lips slowly broke and soon Emma went inside followed by Sammy.

Sammy then placed one bag on the table that contained some bottles, Emma now showing her the different parts of the house “Well mine looked pretty much the same… it was maybe a bit more dirtier…” said Sammy before stopping in front of Emma’s desk, looking at her sphere “So this is Celia.” Said Sammy before turning the small glass orb, looking at the tiny one “Well… looks like she’s almost dead…”said Sammy while turning away while Emma got in the room “Oh yeah… I guess her mind broke after our little game…” but Emma was now blushing. “Heh… I wonder what it was about if you’re acting like this Emma… ~”. But Emma shook her head while blushing “It… it was nothing really !”

The night went on and both of the girls were watching TV on the couch. From time to time, one of them put her hand into the small bag of tinies to eat some of them or just picked a beer. Emma had her head resting onto Sammy’s shoulder, hoping those instants would never end until it was almost 11PM. “Well… I guess we should sleep even if my train is a bit late tomorrow…” said Sammy while yawning but she soon noticed Emma’s hand closed onto her shirt… wanting to ‘keep her’ there. “Emma…” said Sammy but Emma raised her head “I guess… it’s my turn to say it Sam… even if I share your feelings… I would like to say that I love you Sam… and… fuck I’ll say it… I miss you already ! Last time when I was telling you about this ‘game’ I had with Celia… I was thinking about you Sammy… I… I want you to… touch me please…”

Emma then put back her head… she was blushing a bright red and placed her hands onto her mouth “What… What did I just said…” said Emma with a shivering voice while standing up, almost knocking over some bottles that were on the table and before Sammy could say a single word, Emma ran into her bathroom “Excuse me…!”. Once inside the bathroom, Emma used her sink to splash some cold water on her face, realizing what she had said… but would Sammy think about her as some perverted girl now ? Emma was shivering from fear… and would apologize to Sammy once she would exit the bathroom.

It was dark. Emma took some steps outside the small room “Sammy…? Are you there…? Is that a power failure…?” But Emma could see a shadow near her bed. “Emma, come here please.” Said Sammy with a soft voice, Emma took again some steps closer until she was facing Sammy “Is… there something happening Sam…?”. Sammy sighed “Well look at yourself Emma… yes there’s something happening now… and now let me show you…” Said Sammy while moving her hands onto Emma’s body… until they got onto her shirt. Sammy was now undoing every button Emma had on her shirt, Emma now shivering from an incredible heat wave she was feeling rushing into her body. Still she was staying in front of Sammy while the other girl was now undressing her until with a soft move, she removed Emma’s shirt, leaving her only with her bra. Sammy smiled and her hands moved down, then she removed easily Emma’s skirt too. There was a small cloud in front of the moon that moved away, the moonlight now bathing the room so the two girls could see each other. Emma gasped… because Sammy was actually naked in front of her… Emma being able to see each curve composing Sammy’s body and it wasn’t a dream. Sammy had a wide smile, a beautiful smile before her hands moved again to untie Emma’s bra… leaving her breasts ‘shine’ in the moonlight. Emma had a small cry and placed her hands in front of her chest to ‘protect herself’ somehow. Sammy smiled again and moved her hands down, before she put a knee on the ground, now facing Emma’s pants. Sammy licked her fingers before putting them atop of Sammy’s pants… pressing a bit against her privates. “Hu… huuuuhhh…” cried Emma while feeling Sammy’s fingers and soon the green haired girl moved her hands onto the side of Emma’s pants to pull them down… now facing Emma’s slit between her thighs.

“Emma gasped… Sammy was still on her knees but soon moved fast to extend her tongue against Emma’s sex, now licking the small slit “Aaah…? Aaaahhhnnnn!!!” Moaned Emma while her hands moved instinctively onto Sammy’s head who was now nibbling onto another small bit of flesh that was Emma’s clit. Emma moaned loudly again and soon some juices started to leak from her sexual organ. Sammy smiled and stood back up, now placing her hands onto the shivering girl’s arms, she ‘opened’ them easily, Sammy now looking at Emma’s bare breasts with a small smile. Soon the green haired girl moved her lips to close them onto one of Emma’s nipples giving it some small nibbles and licks. And after some time… Sammy was facing Emma again. Taking a step, Sammy wrapped her arms around Emma’s back, now pressing the girl against her, Emma now breathing loudly “Say girl… I… wanted to do this with you too but… I wasn’t sure how to ask it. Mind if… I love you all the night Emma…?”. Emma had a shiver, feeling Sammy’s breasts press against hers… and even if Sammy was taller than her, she wanted this so bad. Emma had tears in her voice but she wanted this so badly “Sammy… love me… love me please…!”. Sammy smiled and moved a bit back to make Emma lay onto her bed. Sammy then climbed onto the bed too, now opening Emma’s legs with her hands, Sammy moved again between Emma’s legs a bit before she ‘fall’ onto Emma’s body, pressing the black haired girl into her mattress from all of her weight. Emma was now moaning… her body shivering, she started to move one of her hands until she was placed onto one of Sammy’s breasts while the other one went down… until it reached Sammy’s ‘special’ place. Sammy moaned too in a cute way… way different from the ‘rebel’ appearance she was giving herself.

Soon the girls were ‘discovering themselves’, their hands exploring more of the other girl’s body… their lips meeting more than once again… both of them moaning in answer to the other girl’s attentions… their bodies getting warmer each second until they were almost done for. Both of the girls had now some fingers into the other girl’s vagina. Emma wasn’t skilled at this but Sammy was a good teacher so she just followed what Sammy was doing to her and soon Emma could see the girl onto her bite her lip, she was now at the edge of her pleasure… if only Emma did just a little something…

So she did. Emma thrusted her fingers as far as she could… feeling the other girl’s vagina squeeze around them in answer, Sammy now doing the same while looking deeply into Emma’s eyes while some drool exited Sammy’s mouth to fall onto Emma’s chest… and with two loud cries… coming from both of the girl’s mouths… they went over the edge of pleasure and reached orgasm… feeling their bodies  ‘explode’ while they started to cum together… splashing their sexual juices onto each others body until Sammy fall back onto Emma’s body… pressing her deeper into her mattress, both of the girls breathing loudly… The night was still young… and the girls resumed soon… always wanting more of the other one’s body and love during all the night… until they were lying side to side, exhausted from many sexual releases that happened during this night. They were holding each other in their arms and their lips were pressing onto each others into a long kiss. And soon… Emma couldn’t resist but to close her eyes, until with a last sigh… she fall asleep into her lover’s warmth… the same happening not so long after to Sammy… while during all of this time, Celia was sitting in their direction, her empty eyes focused onto the girls… before she bowed her head down to sob… her small eyes closing too until she joined the two gigantic girls in their sleep.

The morning came and Emma opened her eyes slowly. In front of her was still Sammy but she already woke up some time ago “Hello Cutie ~” Said Sammy while moving a finger and traced its way onto Emma’s breast, Emma moving a bit closer to kiss the other girl “Good morning Sam… “. The morning then went on, Emma learned that Sammy’s train got delayed to the afternoon so they would have more time to talk. “Wait you’re seriously planning to visit Nicole this next week…?” Answered Sammy to Emma who was feeling bad “Yes. Sorry if… it sounds a bit weird but I’m the one that started this after all…”. Sammy picked a tiny from the bag and tossed it in her mouth before closing her teeth behind “Whatever. If you want to see a living zombie, I won’t stop you Emma… but from the last news I got she’s in a deep coma right now because of the blood she lost.”. Emma was listening closely “That stupid girl cut herself with a knife onto all of her arm… that’s all I know.” Ended Sammy while taking two other small ones, tossing another one inside of her mouth before she went closer to Emma and sat by her side on the bed. “You shouldn’t think too much of her Emma. After all I’m the one you love right…? Don’t tell me now that your feelings are for her…” said Sammy while moving her hand with the tiny towards Emma’s face until she pressed it against Emma’s lips. Emma sighed before opening her mouth to suck the tiny one inside, her lips closing onto Sammy’s fingers now sucking and nibbling on them. Emma had a giggle when Sammy removed her fingers, remembering that those fingers actually visited many of her intimate places on the previous night.

It soon was the time for Sammy to go, she exited the bathroom wrapped in a towel before she picked up some clothes while looking at Celia’s sphere again “In the end we couldn’t talk tiny girl… but after all I wouldn’t had a single care for this. You’re just a candy in the end… and I’m grown enough not to talk to food~”. Emma went in the room too and gave Sammy another tiny the same way Sammy did before to her. Sammy went closer to the small sphere “Hey you… look.” Said Sammy while noticing Celia raising a bit her head silently before with a giggle, Sammy swallowed her tiny, making sure that Celia could see that “See tiny Celia…? This is where you belong, never forget this. Besides Emma… mind if I eat her ? Since you don’t really care wouldn’t that be better to ‘dispose’ of her now ?”. Emma took some steps and sat on her desk to look at Celia from above “I wonder… after all it’s been some days she didn’t even talked… and she got really boring so y…” but Emma couldn’t end her sentence because her phone rang, telling the girls that it was now the time to go. Sammy put on her shoes while having a look at Celia’s sphere “Looks like Fate gave you luck today tiny Celia… but next time I’ll be sure to swallow you slowly so you’ll enjoy this body of mine all around yours as I’ll be claiming your life to fuel those cute breasts… after all Emma really loved those last night ~”. Emma nodded “Yes, it’s probably better for her now… I don’t need a tiny that doesn’t obey. I’ll keep her for the next time you’ll come.” Ended Emma while closing the door behind them… leaving Celia crying again but without saying a word, understanding what would be her fate from today.

The girls reached the train station and Emma was feeling a bit sad. “Hey I was thinking.” Suddenly said Sammy “After this week it will be the holidays… do you still want us to spend some time together ?”. Emma could feel her cheeks turn red while she nodded fast “Yes… yes !! Feel free to stay at home too…! Since you won’t have a place to sleep it would be better if we… were together.” Said Emma while the train came into the station. Sammy had a warm smile before she stepped inside one of the wagons, still looking at Emma “Kiss me now cute girl… because I won’t have the privilege to be with you for a week…”. Emma took some steps and obeyed… placing her lips against Sammy’s, the two girls stayed like this for a few minutes before they could hear a whistle, telling the girls the train was about to go. Emma shivered and couldn’t resist to yell “I love you !!” To Sammy right before the door close, Emma now reading onto Sammy’s lips because she couldn’t hear her anymore “I know…”. And soon the train started to move, Emma stayed there looking at the train going far away until it was gone… telling her that it was the time for her to go back home.

The weekend ended and Emma was now at her desk at school when the teacher gave them some letters. Emma knew what was inside but before opening the small letter, she looked on the right side where was Nicole’s desk. On it were some flowers that some students leaved there, Emma had a small shiver again but turned her head to look at the paper she had. It would be where she would have to go for 3 days from the next day because students needed to know what it was to work in a real company. Slowly ripping the top of the small envelope, Emma picked the paper and started to read “K&L… I know this brand…” said Emma while discovering where she’ll work for 3 days… in a farm breeding small ones. The day went on a bit fast after all of this, Emma was about to leave the school but her eyes stopped onto Nicole’s desk once again, looking at the flowers displayed on it “I’ll have to visit her this week…” said Emma while taking her bag and went back to her house, thinking about the place she would have to go on the next few days. Once in her house, Emma picked a small piece of food and went to her room before stopping in front of her sphere, looking at some other pieces of food that Celia didn’t touched, the girl sitting in the same corner. “You should eat Cel…” said Emma while dropping the small piece of food atop of the other ones “Hey… I’m talking to you.” Said Emma with an angry voice, before noticing the small one standing up and slowly walking towards Emma’s direction before she raised her head to look at Emma with empty eyes. Still Celia was somehow smiling and Emma couldn’t understand this “What do you have in mind Celia. Is that because I decided to give you to Sammy ?”. Celia didn’t moved and kept the same expression while looking at Emma “Celia… say something ! You’re going to die if Sammy decides to eat you, don’t you feel anything about this ?” But Celia didn’t answered. Emma slammed her hands on each side of the sphere now yelling at the small girl “Looks like in the end you’re just a fucking piece of food Celia ! I lost too much time with you and even if I decided to kill you NOW I wouldn’t be satisfied…! If you want to starve yourself to death do it… because it’s all YOUR fault !”. Celia again didn’t answered but extended arms to her sides before bowing in Emma’s direction. Emma slammed her hands again and went to her bed before lying on it “Fuck you Celia…! You’re just a useless toy in the end and I’ll be happy when Sammy will destroy you forever !”. Celia didn’t answered and moved back to the small corner before sitting against her house’s wall, closing her eyes slowly.

Emma was in front of a big building. There was a cute display of the brand and a staff member who was waiting for her. “Hello, my name is Emma.” Said Emma with a shy smile, the other woman bowing in respect “Welcome Emma, my name is Jane and I’ll be there to show you the different parts of our job during these 3 days. You might already know our products but I’ll be there to show you the different parts of the process.” Said Jane while inviting Emma to follow her. They were now in a small locker room, Jane gave a white uniform to Emma with some small earbuds, Emma now wondering what they were used for. “You’ll understand soon enough Emma… but I would also like you to be strong minded and… think about them like animals because that’s what they are… animals.” Said Jane while opening a door soon to be followed by Emma who placed the small things in her ears.

The building was going deep into the ground and it both of them were on the top floor, Emma went closer to a small barrier and soon she knew what were the things she had in her ears for. It was just like a real ‘farm’ with many thousands if not millions of small ones piled in boxes, each box containing a small one. Emma couldn’t see all of the rooms below but she knew that this building was going deep into the ground. But what Emma could now listen even with the small buds was a loud noise… made of the many screams of terror and cries. Of course she heard about such places but she never really imagined that too.

“Sorry for the surprise Emma, I guess you had a different idea in mind from this.” Said Jane while opening a door, Emma following her “Well… they’re animals after all, some places like this one have to exist to breed them.” Said the younger girl. There was some people working there, it was like a small production chain. Jane asked Emma to sit on a chair in front of the chain “For your first day I would like you to work there, on the right you’ll have some tinies that will slide down this tube. I want you to take them and use this device there onto their right arm before putting them there. If they resist or… if one of them is ‘broken’ anywhere, just put it in this hole right there. I’ll start this working station and will show you for the firsts ones, are you ready ?”. Emma nodded and Jane pressed a button with a smile, a small girl now sliding down the tube until she landed in front of Emma. Emma then picked up the small one who was screaming and moved her near the device that looked a small plier. “Ahhh… AAAAHHHH !!!!” Screamed the small one from pain when the device closed on her arm, making a small beep before it opened again… the small girl now having a tattoo carved into her skin while some blood poured a bit from her arm. Emma then moved the small girl to the first hole and soon the tiny one disappeared to another ‘station’. Emma then pressed a switch and soon another tiny fall… until she landed with a weird scream onto her head. Jane came closer and pinched the small one between her two red nails “Heh… so there’s already one lost… when one of them is hurt or dies during your work on them they’re useless for us so you just need to put them there.” Said Jane while dropping the small one inside of another hole… before a strange noise could be heard. “What was this…?” Said Emma while wondering what happened to the small body, Jane answering without discomfort “It’s a shredding machine so we can use them for other purposes. You probably buy some makeup right…? Some of them actually contains some tinies’ parts if you didn’t knew.” Ended Jane while pressing the switch again “Okay Emma. Now that you know what to do, please proceed. I’ll show you something else this afternoon and well… be sure to take some tinies too, after all we have many of them.” Said Jane with a smile before walking out of the room.

Emma was now doing her best, her job was pretty basic but her school wanted for its students to learn that even if they were really clever. From time to time, a small one had a broken member or fall too hard onto the desk… Emma was mostly disposing of them in the small hole or she just ‘took care’ of them by herself sometimes. Until a small girl fall in front of her with short black hair… Emma looked at this small one who was trying to stand up but fall each time… her ankle probably broken. Emma moved her hand and picked the small girl and was about to drop her in the small hole before the small one let out a loud scream. Emma froze for a second, now looking at this scared girl, she looked a bit like Celia when she was young and her face was filled with tears. Emma winced… she had already ‘disposed’ of many small ones today so why was she hesitating now. “Well… I hope that you’ll be able to hide this…” said Emma to the small one who was looking at her, not really understanding what Emma was saying. Emma moved the tiny one to the device and after the tool closed onto the tiny girl’s arm she was now wearing a tattoo… still crying a bit from the pain from what the machine did to her small self but she would live for a few days more. Emma then put the small one above the other hole and wished her good luck before dropping her inside.

Soon it was her lunch break. Emma went back to the locker room and picked up her lunch box, she also found atop of her locker a small bag with 5 packed tinies. Emma could see a small sheet of paper with a small word on it “Thanks for your good job. J-” probably given by Jane. Emma went outside of the building and sat on a bench before she took a bite in her sandwich. “Well… it’s just a job like another one.” Said Emma while thinking about what she had done during the morning “They’re just animals after all…” Sighed Emma while now resting on the bench. She had another hour to spend outside so she just closed her eyes while yawning.

Emma opened slowly her eyes after sleeping some time but could see something unexpected nearby. Emma stayed silent but could see a small girl with white hair run all around while gathering some crumbs that Emma probably dropped while eating. The small girl looked really skilled at running and gathering things this fast and she was wearing a torn blue dress, probably from some action figure. The small one was now done and suddenly dashed towards a small piece of high grass under some trees, Emma had still her eyes half closed but focused on her. Soon the small girl disappeared but took a last peek… noticing that Emma had awoken before disappearing again into this green ‘forest’.

Emma yawned while stretching her arms, she soon stood up and walked back towards the building. She ripped open one of the small bags and picked the tiny that was inside before tossing it in her mouth, now thinking about the other tiny she just saw “She was maybe one of those wild ones…” said Emma while getting back into the locker room. Once changed again, Emma saw Jane at the other side of the room “For this afternoon Emma I will tell you the ‘history’ of our company and which products we provide so you won’t be really working until tomorrow.”. Emma nodded and followed Jane into a control room. There Jane started to explain some things that Emma couldn’t even understand before and the different products they could do with tinies. Sometimes they were selling some of them still conscious if some humans wanted to have them as pets but most of the time they used a special drug that was preventing the tinies to move but this drug was also harmless on humans. “Tomorrow you’ll be trying two other jobs we have there. I hope you could understand more of our company today.” Said Jane while giving a small envelope to Emma “Your day is now over Emma, I’ll see you tomorrow in the locker room. Have a good evening.”. Emma was now going back to her house, she passed by different shops in the streets, she wasn’t used to go in this part of the city so it was pretty new for her. Looking into her bag, she still had her envelope but didn’t opened it yet and was wondering what was inside. Slowly opening the top of it, there was cash inside, probably what she earned with her work today. Putting back the envelope back in her bag, she didn’t had any use of this money right now but maybe she could find something for both Sammy and her later.

When she got back home, Emma put her bag on a chair before removing her jacket. Taking something from her fridge, she put a small piece into Celia’s sphere before falling on her bed a bit tired. Taking her phone, she texted Sammy about how her day went and that she would wait her in 4 days before turning on the side. Taking a peek into Celia’s sphere, the tiny one was probably resting somewhere. Emma sighed a bit while closing her eyes, now thinking about something unexpected; even if Celia could now talk and understand many things… she never talked about her past before Emma got her but now the human girl started to understand why. Slowly falling asleep, Emma was thinking about the next day… wondering if she would uncover more ‘secrets’ about what happened in Celia’s life.

Wednesday. Emma was walking towards the ‘farm’ again and soon was in front of the locker room. Getting inside, Emma removed her jacket and took her uniform before witnessing that Jane got into the room. “Well you’re really punctual Emma, that’s good.” Said Jane while inviting Emma to follow her in a new room. There was a small desk with a new tool and the same kind of tubes Emma saw in the other room the previous day, but no ‘space’ to dispose of a tiny this time. “Please sit Emma, I’ll show you what this room is about.” Said Jane while pressing a switch, a tiny one slid down it then fall on a small pillow. Emma thought that maybe they needed those ones alive but this small one seemed older and didn’t had a tattoo on her arm but on her back. “You probably noticed that she hadn’t the same numbers, in fact that’s because we use those to maintain a good stock of tinies.” Said Jane while picking the small one who wasn’t resisting, she was probably already ‘used’ to what was going to happen. “Actually we control the tinies reproduction. We use a special ‘fluid’ created with our best samples we got with many specimens… it will give perfect children that will grow fast so we could sell them as soon as they’re grown enough. But to ‘create’ life, we of course need a female tiny and this…” Said Jane while placing the small girl on a weird tool that locked her body. The small machine then moved the tiny one’s legs before another part moved closer before it got easily into the small one’s sex before with a clicking sound, a small cartridge got empty and exited the small machine before the tiny girl got unlocked too. “See ? It’s easy and she’ll give birth to a new tiny within only 5 months. We also select the best females from their birth and we condition them so as soon as they have a child, we put them back into this machine so we don’t lose time.”. Jane then picked up the small one and moved her into a small opening before the small one was sent back to a new cell “They don’t have any feelings, they’re conditioned to give life and that’s all we need from them. No pleasure, no pain, just being some good livestock until the day that they won’t be able to give more children… and when this day will come we’ll ‘thanks’ them by disposing of them like the ones you worked on yesterday. See even after being used for this purpose we always have a way to use them afterward.” Jane pressed a switch and another tiny came down, her mind also broken so she wouldn’t be able to escape. Emma picked her up and placed her in the small machine before placing a new ‘cartridge’ inside of it again. Emma then pressed a switch and the small device started to do its job and the small one wasn’t moving, it wasn’t probably the first time for her too. Emma removed the tiny then placed her in the small hole before she pressed the next switch again and another tiny fall onto the pillow. This one looked younger and was shivering from fear in front of the two human women. Emma grabbed her easily and tried to place her inside of the device but it wasn’t easy this time because the small one was screaming and moving to escape Emma’s grasp. A clicking sound came out when Emma finally managed to place her inside of the device. “Aaahhh… ahhhhh!!!” Was screaming the small one, scared from what was happening but Emma didn’t really cared from this tiny’s screams. Emma then put a small cartridge again before she pressed the switch on the device. The small girl was now screaming loudly… feeling her legs being ‘opened’ by the small machine, she was now looking at a small part that was getting closer to her… until she could feel it ‘enter’ her sex. “AAAAAHHHH !!!” Screamed again the tiny girl while more tears where pouring out of her eyes until the small device came back with a small drop of blood on it, the small one now shivering from pain. “You need to clean the device before using it again Emma” Said Jane before removing the small girl from the device and casually dropped her in the small hole “She was a virgin and it was her first time… it’s always hard for us when it happens because they try to escape but well… it’s ONLY her first time too… she’ll get used to this and let’s hope that she’ll produce many tinies for us too.”. Jane smiled before starting to walk to the door “Now that you know what to do for this morning, I’ll leave you there Emma since I have some appointments to take care of. I’ll show you something else after your lunch break so until then, have fun ~”.

After 2 hours, Emma yawned while stretching her arms. She had again two other small female tinies that were there for the first time and they were trying to escape but Emma now knew how to place them in the small device easily. Taking another look at this device it was nicely made, probably after many months of research about how to efficiently mate tinies… but for now, Emma stood up and went back to the locker room, feeling her stomach growl a bit. Once inside of the locker room, she had again another small pack with 5 drugged tinies inside probably left there by Jane. Emma was hungry so she ripped one of the small packages before tossing the tiny in her mouth, swallowing it almost immediately. Emma then picked up her lunchbox and walked outside to the small bench she was sitting on the previous day and started to unwrap her sandwich. Emma was now enjoying her lunch, feeling that she learned more things today again. Emma took a last bite of her sandwich and was feeling a bit tired again, resting on the bench she closed her eyes… wondering if today again she’ll meet the white haired tiny.

After half a hour, Emma opened her eyes and yawned loudly before she sat back on the bench. Looking at her phone it was almost time to go back to work so she stood up and packed what remained of her lunch before approaching her hand to her bag but stopped. Emma then took some steps near a tree and placed what remained of her sandwich onto the ground before she went back to the bench. With a smile, Emma started to talk “If you can understand me, I’m leaving you this since I won’t need it. Feel free to eat as much as you want.” Said Emma while taking a few steps away before turning her head slowly. Her eyes opened a bit wide, the tiny white haired girl was there, cutting a part of her sandwich before biting in it. The small one seemed happy but soon raised her head to focus her blue eyes on Emma, the human girl not making a move so she wouldn’t scare her. Emma then saw something unexpected, she was expecting this tiny to be just a wild animal but actually the small one stood up before bowing in a respectful way towards Emma before she cut another part of her sandwich then went back to the high grass, leaving the human girl there a bit lost in her thoughts.

“She understood me…?” Said Emma to herself while walking back to the farm, wondering if the small wild ones were actually smarter than what she had in mind, furthermore she never saw a tiny looking like the small girl before. Taking a few more step, Emma could now see Jane who was waiting for her in front of another room. “There’s 3 more things I want to show you Emma so you’ll understand most of our work there. For this afternoon I’ll show you one of those and you’ll see the 2 others tomorrow for your last day with us. Now if you can follow me please.” Said Jane while getting in a wide room. Emma followed her and this room was in fact really big and there was a lot of people working there. Some of them were bringing some cardboard and filled them with ‘packed’ tinies. But Jane and Emma were walking towards a small round table with many other people working here. “Excuse me for a minute everyone, let me introduce Emma to you and she will work here for this afternoon as a part of her internship, if she had any question, please answer them I’m counting on you.” Said Jane while some people waved at Emma and some others welcomed her.

On the table was a sink with many other things like a bottle with a strange liquid inside, a small pot with a lid nearby and a small switch. Emma sat at the desk while Jane pressed onto the switch, making many small ones fall in a box nearby. Jane picked the box and ‘poured’ the tiny ones into the small pot before taking the small bottle from before. She then poured some of its content in the pot, the small ones now trying to ‘swim’ in this weird water. “Then you do this.” Said Jane while taking the lid and placed it into the pot… pushing the small ones into the ‘water’. They were trying to push away the lid but it was useless… some of the small ones trying to find another exit but there was none. Emma was looking at the small ones… wondering if they were actually going to drown but soon Jane removed the lid and the small ones were now floating at the surface, not moving anymore. “Are… they dead..?” Asked Emma a bit unsure about what was happening there but Jane shook her head “Actually no. But they won’t cause much more trouble too. This is how we ‘drug’ them, this chemical isn’t harmful for humans but for the small ones… it’s like drowning them still they’re all still alive. Once you’re done with that, you pick them up like this then clean them into the sink before placing them on this towel, see ? Once you’ll have enough tinies ready, someone will pick them to pack them into the next working station. See there’s nothing hard again.” Said Jane with a smile between her red lips “You’ll have to work for 2 hours there then you’ll be able to leave. I just want to see how you do this a few times then I’ll leave you on your own.”

Emma slowly nodded before she pressed the switch and another bunch of tiny ones fall into the box. Most of them weren’t moving much even if they didn’t knew what would happen to them. Still one small girl started to climb onto some other small ones and managed to exit the box. She looked up and saw the two giant women who were looking at her. The small girl let out a scream of fear before she started to run away from them but Jane smirked and picked up the girl easily with two fingers then closed her hand onto her “Please continue Emma.” Said Jane while Emma took the box and ‘poured’ the small ones in the pot. Emma then picked up the bottle and poured some of the liquid drug into the pot, now looking at the small ones that were trying to swim before she took the small lid and placed it inside of the pot. Emma then was looking at the small ones, some of the tinies were trying to push back the lid or punch into the pot but none of this would work and soon, all of the tiny ones were now floating inside of the liquid drug. Emma removed the lid and started to pick some of them before placing them under the sink to wash the small bodies. Emma was looking at them, they weren’t drown but from the pain expression that was on their faces it seemed that they actually died even if they were still breathing slowly. Once she was done, Emma placed all of them onto the small towel, near the ones Jane worked on before, the woman now taking a step closer “Nice job Emma, this bunch is looking quite good. Please give me your hand.”. Emma gave her hand and Jane made fall the small girl she was holding inside of it “Feel free to enjoy this one. Since she wanted to escape… you could show her which kind of ‘fate’ we have in store for them… besides the ‘fresh ones’ are always the better.”

Emma closed her fingers onto the small girl. She was moving a lot and was trying to bite Emma’s fingers between two screams but it was useless, the human girl sighed before with a skilled move, she tossed the tiny one within her mouth and closed her teeth behind her. The tiny girl was now screaming loudly, she was trying to punch Emma’s teeth with her fists but Emma didn’t really cared and started to move the tiny one around with her tongue until she started to push her closer to her throat opening. The tiny one was now trying to hold onto anything but was screaming again from fear, her body already soaked by Emma’s saliva it was getting harder not to slip. The tiny one was now almost going into the ‘pit’… looking around she could see Emma’s uvula hanging in front of her so in a desperate move she jumped to grab it…

But because of Emma’s saliva coating her small body, her hands couldn’t get a firm hold on it and she fall down… soon hearing a loud sound around her when Emma swallowed the small girl. “Phew… she gave some resistance…” said Emma to Jane, now feeling the small one going deeper inside of her body “But you were right miss when you said that… ack…” coughed Emma while was now feeling the tiny one that managed to stop her fall. Emma pouted and extended her neck upwards before taking another loud swallow… making the small girl lose her grip and resume her ‘fall’. “That was great yes… it’s a bit different from the ‘packed’ ones but it’s also enjoyable.” Ended Emma while Jane smiled back to her “Right ? Well now that you know how to proceed with them, I’ll leave you in charge of the next ones. See you tomorrow Emma!” Jane now walking to another part of the room, checking some files before she exited the room.

Emma kept on working until she could hear the alarm, telling that the day was over. Emma placed the last bunch of tinies she was working on onto the small towel and went back to the locker room. She had now a strange thing in her mind… it’s been two days she had been working there and she had been actually ‘used’ to do this more easily as before but Emma soon had a shiver… she was remembering Celia who became so smart… and was now wondering what could have been done if the humans didn’t started to breed the smaller ones like animals. Emma’s phone vibrated and woke up from her daydream, now picking her phone she got a message from Sammy. Unlocking her phone, she opened her message application and was looking at a picture Sammy sent her, it was a picture of Sammy, the mouth opened wide with a tiny half of her throat. Emma gasped while her eyes started to shiver… looking at this tiny that was actually Celia ! Emma had a strong shiver and shook her head before looking at the picture again and in fact it was just another tiny girl. “She lives far away from there… there’s no way she…” Emma shook her head again. “Why do I care for Celia after all… in 3 days she will be…” whispered Emma to herself while looking at the picture again. Indeed she promised to Sammy that her girlfriend would be able to eat Celia when she’ll be there. Emma removed her uniform before she opened her locker, discovering another small letter containing some bills again. Emma smiled because this job was in fact well paid even for an internship, placing the small envelope inside of her bag, Emma started to walk back to her house.

Then it was finally her last day at this place. Emma couldn’t really sleep well last night because she had some weird nightmares… about the small ones she worked on during these two lasts days. Of course for her it was some animals but their screams… their cries… it was much more than an animal could do. Emma yawned before taking some steps towards the farm’s entrance, trying to erase those thoughts from her mind. Emma went into the locker room and put on her uniform before Jane went to meet her. “Good morning Emma… are you alright? You seems a bit tired today.” Said Jane while noticing Emma’s tired eyes. Emma tried to smile while putting her bag in her locker “Oh yes, I just went to sleep a bit too late yesterday but I’m fine !”. Jane smiled back to her “Good. Today I want to show you two lasts jobs we do there but for the first one, be sure to put on your earbuds because this place is noisier than the others.”

Emma then followed Jane to an elevator going a few floors down. They were now in front of a large room, Emma could already hear some noise behind the door. Jane then opened the door and Emma who was standing right besides her fall onto her knees… not expecting to see this. There was many boxes all around displayed into each sides of some halls and within each box was a tiny one. They hadn’t much space to move, they could barely stand within and couldn’t even extend their legs while sleeping. And there were those screams… many screams from millions of tiny ones trapped there… waiting their ‘day’ where they would be sold as candies. Emma had now tears in her eyes… she never imagined that it looked like this on the first day since she saw that from far away. Jane went closer and helped Emma to stand up, the young girl still had shivers in her legs “Emma are you alright…?”. Emma took one step before she tried to calm down “Y… yes…” but could still hear the many screams echo in her ears even if she had her earbuds preventing her to hear all of those. “You’re not the first one to feel this Emma… I know that it’s a bit too much to endure for some people but you’ll get used to that don’t worry.”. Emma then followed Jane inside of the room, looking on every side she saw many tinies looking back at her. Some of them were crying, some other looking back at her with fear in their eyes and even some that were trying to ‘move’ inside of their small cells. Jane then took a small bucket and started to put some pieces of food inside of the many boxes, inviting Emma to do the same. From time to time, Jane was removing some boxes and tossed them into a nearby trash… Emma noticing that some small ones didn’t actually survived this part of their ‘breeding’. “Ce… lia…” said Emma to herself, she was thinking about her small girl who actually NEVER talked about her past… now understanding most of that. Emma still didn’t really cared for Celia for now but she was feeling a bit sick from being in this room.

After some time, it was the time for Emma to take her lunch break. Going outside near the bench she used to rest, she was feeling sick but couldn’t understand why yet. Unwrapping her sandwich, Emma was about to take a bite but had a loud hiccup… before putting her hand in front of her mouth. Emma couldn’t eat anything… even any the small ones she had in a bag like the previous days. Emma had another hiccup and couldn’t resolve herself to eat… having a small flashback of the living tiny she ate alive on the previous day. Today this tiny was now a part of her body… because just like any other food Emma ate on the previous day, her body ‘processed’ her the same way… a last hiccup that made Emma spit onto the ground… she couldn’t think about anything else so she just stood up and placed her sandwich onto the ground before going back to the bench. “Take anything you want tiny one… and you don’t have to fear me… ” said Emma even if she didn’t knew if the tiny girl would be there today before placing her face into her hands. Emma gasped… she was feeling really sick again but she had one more afternoon to do before she would go to her house and sleep. She was too tired because of the previous night and also scared about the nightmares waiting for her in her sleep… one of the worst she had was about herself at a tiny’s size being eaten by Sammy without a care. Of course the tinies had the same body and blood the humans have so it could happen if Emma was actually born as a tiny. Letting out a small cry, Emma could feel some tears pour out of her eyes…

“You don’t really look fine…” said a voice nearby. Emma gasped and looked around to see who was talking to her but she couldn’t see anyone before her eyes went down and stopped onto the tiny white haired girl she saw during the previous days, actually cutting a small part of Emma’s sandwich with a tiny blade. “Ho… you can… talk…?” Said Emma a bit surprised, also noticing that this tiny hadn’t a tattoo… she was probably raised outside of a farm. “Well yes. I can do many things you know… even if most of my life wasn’t focused onto surviving.” said the small girl while taking a small crumb and took a bite in it. “You… don’t fear me…? I mean… don’t you live with some other of your kind ?”. The small girl sighed “No. My own people hate me because of this white hair of mine… they tell that I carry a sort of curse of whatever but it’s just a way from them to put me aside.” The small one now focusing her blue eyes onto Emma ” I do fear you. You could end my life so easily but… after all of those years I barely care if I could die… since I lost my sister some years ago… it would be the best if even you would end this daily suffering.”. Emma shook her head “It’s so wrong to think like this… it’s just like having the wish to die… and I almost lost a friend like this.” Said Emma while thinking about Nicole. “It’s not if I really have the choice too.” Answered the small girl “After all… it’s this or being captured to be sold to those ‘places’ right behind you or to be disposed of by a Hunter…”. Emma removed her tears from her eyes before looking at the small one that was now sitting on her sandwich… if she wanted, she could easily bite in it and swallow the small one easily… but Emma shook her head “If only… humans never started to do this… maybe…”. The small one sighed “Yes… if only humans decided not to be stupid because they’re the dominant species. Still I believed that all humans were evil before… but even if I met you only two days ago… You’ve changed my mind on that and I do believe that you’re not a bad girl and I thank you for helping me.”. Emma could feel her lips shiver “Well… if you want… I could… bring you to my house. I have a tiny there and she would probably have some friend…”. The small one jumped back onto the ground before placing her arm onto the sandwich “Sorry but no. I don’t want to be someone’s pet even if I would have safety in exchange. I would rather die now than being a slave to some human… besides I have to go back now… thank you miss…?”. “Emma… my name is Emma tiny one. Sorry about saying you all of this… I… feel really bad and I probably needed to let this out of my mind. It’s also my last day there and I probably won’t come back. Mind if I ask you your name before I leave…? To remember you if possible.”. The small one bowed with the same respectful way she did on the previous day “My name is Erry. Thank you again Emma…” finished the small white haired girl before she grabbed the cut parts of Emma’s sandwich and went back inside of the tall grass, leaving Emma a bit lost in her thoughts.

She was going back to the locker room to put back her uniform, Emma was thinking about this small girl she met and who seemed as clever as a regular human. Still she was living on her own and wouldn’t probably live as many years as a human would if she got caught someday… “Erry…” whispered Emma while now facing Jane who was waiting her. “I’ll show you a last thing today before we’ll talk about your internship Emma. Actually you saw many faces of our work here but not this one.” Said Jane while opening a door and went near a desk. Jane sat at it and pressed a switch before taking a small device. “You saw yesterday how to ‘create’ tinies but we also can’t allow any tiny to survive ‘outside’ or they would proliferate like insects if one of them managed to escape. We put a tattoo on them to ‘trace’ them but we also do something else. I won’t ask you to do this because some people get sick when they see that.”. A tiny one slid down a tube and landed into Jane’s hand before she placed her on the small device. Emma was looking carefully since the device was looking like the one to ‘inseminate’ the tinies she used on the previous day but the small one looked younger… way too young to carry a child. Jane pressed a small switch and the device ‘opened’ the tiny’s legs before another small part moved closer and went into the small girl’s sex. The tiny screamed from pain before the small device made another sound… that was covered by the tiny girl’s scream that was now as loud as if she was going to die.

The device soon released the small one that fall loudly on the table, shivering from pain before Jane picked up and moved the tiny’s legs on the side. “This tool is used to sterilize them… of course we can’t really do it painlessly and some tinies can’t endure this but… for this one it worked.” Said Jane while placing the small one in a hole where she disappeared. Emma was now looking really green… and couldn’t endure more. Moving to the room’s entrance, she picked up the trash and started to puke in it. Since she didn’t ate anything, Emma was soon done but she could now remember the words she said to Celia some days before “You won’t be a mother…” and it was now so true… because Celia actually lived this too. “Emma…? Are you feeling alright ?” Said Jane who placed a hand onto Emma’s back who had a strong shiver “Sorry… some people react like this when they see that tool… Maybe I shouldn’t have shown you this now…”.

After some time, Jane was in her office with Emma sitting in front of her. “Well. You’ve done a good job Emma. Even if today was a bit too much for you I guess you still did a great job.” Ended Jane while giving a small envelope to Emma “Actually your school calls us every year to show our jobs to their students, it’s not the most interesting ones but they’re needed just like any other job since many people buy our products… and when you’ll be done with your studies if you want to work there Emma you’ll be welcomed since we also need some engineers.” Emma slowly nodded “Thank you for letting me discover all of this too miss.” Before she was guided back to the locker room where she would take her bag and place this day’s cash inside. Emma was also given the uniform with her name on it so she didn’t removed it and after thanking Jane a last time, Emma was now walking back to her house.

On her way back, Emma didn’t stopped to the shop that was selling tinies as candy near her house but kept on walking. Her mind was blurry and couldn’t really think about anything else but those 3 days she lived. “They’re just animals… why should I care…” said Emma to herself while placing the key into her door. She would meet Sammy during the next day at night and they would spend a whole week of holidays together… then Emma would give her Celia too, just as planned. Once she was inside, Emma removed her shoes and went to her fridge just to take a small piece of food since she was still feeling sick. Emma was now getting nearby Celia’s sphere and dropped the food inside “Hey Cel…” called Emma with a tired voice. Celia who was sitting in the same corner slowly turned her head… her eyes still empty of life until they suddenly opened wide… Celia letting out a small cry. Emma got a bit surprised while she was looking at Celia a bit closer “So you finally want to talk now…?” But what she didn’t expected was that Celia stood up to take some steps back… until she was feeling the glass texture against her back “No… no…!” Started to scream Celia while placing her arms in front of her face… her small eyes still glued onto Emma but looking much more at the uniform she was still wearing. “Hey Cel… what’s happening…” said Emma with the same tired voice before she extended her arm and placed her hand into the sphere. “No… no… no more…!!” Screamed Celia while punching into Emma’s fingers who suddenly gasped… realizing what she was wearing. All of those 3 last days memories now hitting Emma into her heart… thinking about Celia who lived all of those ‘jobs’ some other humans did on her small self. Emma took a small breath before she slowly removed the uniform and tossed it on a nearby chair “See Cel I removed it… calm down please…” asked Emma but the small one was still shivering from fear before she fall on her knees, placing her face into her hands. Celia was sobbing loudly and Emma decided not to disturb her anymore, leaving the small one crying there “No… no more… I beg you…!”

Friday. Emma was going to school and she yawned a couple times before she went to sleep late so she could complete to write her internship report. Once she reached her class, Emma went to her desk after placing her report on her teacher’s desk. Emma looked a bit on the side and noticed more flowers onto Nicole’s desk, in fact when she was getting to her class she heard some students talk about Nicole and that her health condition wasn’t improving as the days passed. Emma sighed before thinking that she would visit her this afternoon since they had class during the morning only. Soon the teacher went inside of the classroom to start its lesson but Emma couldn’t really focus on it.

After a few hours, Emma’s day was over and she packed her belongings into her bag before going outside of the building. Once in the small park in front of the school building, Emma looked a bit onto the ground and saw a cute white flower in the middle of the grass. Emma knelt in front of this tiny green space and moved her hand so she could pull the small flower easily before Emma’s eyes stopped onto something nearby. A small girl sitting onto her butt, not wearing anything and shivering from fear from being discovered. Emma’s eyes moved onto this girl’s arm, discovering a ‘number’ on it so she knew what happened to her. Emma looked carefully on the sides before she looked back at the small girl “Hey you… go to hide somewhere now… !”. The small one stayed there a bit, not really understanding but her eyes still focused onto Emma. “How did I used to do that with Cel…” said Emma to herself while remembering something… she started to do a small imitation of the tiny girl with her fingers and the other girl finally understood before she went to hide deeper inside of the small park. Emma stayed there for a moment before she went back to the classroom and placed the small white flower onto Nicole’s desk while whispering “I’ll be there soon…”

Emma was now walking in a district she didn’t knew well. She still had a few hours before meeting with Sammy so she wanted to visit Nicole first. Once she was in front of the hospital, she went inside and asked for Nicole’s room number. Now ‘traveling’ inside of a small elevator, Emma was now walking down a hall. She was feeling a strange smell that could only be found in such a place like a hospital but she was getting closer to Nicole’s room. Suddenly an older girl just passed by Emma’s side to the opposite direction, this girl was crying but Emma could understand that she was a relative of the girl she wanted to visit because there was only one room remaining in the hall. Emma stopped in front of the door and took a long breath… just in case, she knocked onto the door then went inside.

Emma stayed at the room entrance two minutes before taking some steps closer. There was some strange devices around Nicole and she had many needles going into her arms. She was also wearing an oxygen mask onto her face that looked really tired. Emma took a chair and sat by Nicole’s side, now looking really sad for her. Emma had her eyes traveling onto Nicole’s body, the sleeping girl looked in a really bad shape and Emma knew what happened to her… still her eyes didn’t wanted to go ‘there’ because Emma was now feeling scared of what she would see. Soon Emma couldn’t resist and moved her eyes towards Nicole’s right arm and gasped loudly… She knew that Nicole cut herself with a blade… but didn’t expected to see that ! “TC-3371…” said Emma while ‘reading’ what Nicole wrote on her arm while cutting herself. The scars were closed but they looked pretty deep, Emma gasped and knew what was this number referring to… understanding that her tiny Suzuka was for Nicole much more important than her own life. Suddenly Emma could feel her phone vibrate, taking it from her pocket, she got a message from Sammy that would be there soon. Emma then took a long breath before looking at Nicole again “I’ll come back to see you again soon Nicole.” Said Emma while putting her hand carefully onto Nicole’s scars, not wishing to hurt her more. After sending back a message to Sammy, Emma took a last look at the sleeping girl before she turned back to exit Nicole’s room while feeling tears pour out of her eyes…

“Hey girl.” Said Sammy when she met Emma who was waiting her at the train station, still having her bright green hair. Emma nodded as an answer “Hello Sam… I really missed you this week and… I’ll need to talk if possible…”. Sammy went closer and grabbed the girl’s arm while they were now both walking “Is that because of your internship…? You told me a bit about it with your messages but looks like it really troubled you.”. Emma nodded “Yes… I really wasn’t expecting all of this and… I don’t really know what to think anymore now…”. Sammy sighed “Well they’re just animals Emma… even if you saw things that you would label as cruel… it’s the same happening to any other animal you know… don’t tell me that you want to become just like Nicole now…”. Emma bowed her head “Actually… I went to see her earlier…” but she couldn’t say anything more, Sammy just looked on the side as an answer “Oh well okay…”

After a few minutes of walking, they were now inside of Emma’s house. Sammy placed her bag of clothes inside the room then went to the bathroom to take a shower. On her side, Emma was sitting at the corner or her bed, looking from time to time at Celia’s sphere. Soon she would be ‘enjoyed’ by Sammy and in Emma’s mind this decision was made so nothing would change that now. Bowing her head down, Emma let out a long sigh, not noticing the other girl that went to her side. “Are you alright Cute one…?” Said Sammy while sitting near Emma’s side. Emma who turned her head, noticed that Sammy wasn’t wearing anything but she didn’t minded that, Emma couldn’t answer because her lips were shivering and some tears started to form at the corner of her eyes. Sammy didn’t said a word and placed her hand onto Emma’s head before putting her head closer to Emma’s “Please let me take care of you…” ended the girl before giving a kiss onto Emma’s lips.

Emma’s eyes opened wide before she let out a scream… pushing Sammy away. Emma was now breathing loudly… her ‘nightmare’ coming back to hit her feelings… remembering herself as a tiny disappearing between Sammy’s lips… Emma gasped, of course it was a dream… just a stupid dream ! But it felt so real that Emma was now scared and shivering from fear, Sammy not understanding what was happening. Emma started to cry… she couldn’t keep her tears from flowing out of her eyes… and couldn’t understand why she was feeling this bad. What the two humans couldn’t notice was that Celia was standing against the wall made of glass, looking at Emma with sadness in her eyes. Sammy on her side didn’t understood and stayed there near Emma “Emma… why do you reject me…”

Emma let out a loud cry before she turned and wrapped her arms around Sammy “Sam… love me… please help me to feel good… I need this… ” cried Emma while giving a deep kiss to the other girl. Sammy nodded and made Emma stand so she could undress her until she wasn’t wearing anything. Sammy then made Emma lay on her bed before coming on it too… slowly ‘opening’ Emma’s legs. Emma on her side was still sobbing… her mind was a huge mess and all of those memories of the lasts days were hitting her hard on her feelings. “I have too much blood on my hands…” said Emma to herself… and it wasn’t the only lives she claimed too… now thinking at every tiny she ate since she was a child and without a care for any of them. Emma couldn’t remember their faces… so no one would ever remember them… many anonymous tinies that fed her body while Emma kept her daily life going. “Aaahhh…!” Moaned Emma while feeling Sammy at ‘work’ onto her body, it wasn’t a moan of pleasure… but of despair. Sammy placed a hand onto Emma’s breast, massaging it softly before she moved her head to close her lips onto Emma’s other nipple… hearing her lover crying…

It was hard for both of the girls… Emma was feeling ‘empty’ and needed anything to fill this ‘void’ inside of her heart. Sammy on her side was also feeling sad but kept on giving physical pleasure to her lover since it was the only thing she could do… but in her mind she still couldn’t understand why Emma was acting like this, because for Sammy she did nothing wrong. Sammy’s fingers slowly dive into Emma’s sex while she moved closer to her to ‘fall’ onto Emma’s body softly. Emma loved to feel this ‘pressure’ from her lover and even if she was still sobbing, Emma’s body wanted more of this pleasure. Emma was moaning loudly… having some hiccups, she wrapped her arms around Sammy’s back, bringing the girl closer until their lips met. They stayed like this while now Sammy was rubbing her fingers inside of Emma’s vagina, giving her more until she could feel Emma’s muscles squeeze around her fingers… she was almost reaching the top of her pleasure. Sammy placed her tongue into Emma’s mouth… giving her a deep kiss before she removed her fingers a bit then made them go all of the way inside… now feeling some juices coat them. Emma had a strong shiver… her arms ‘hugging’ Sammy’s body harder “Anhhh… aaahh… AAAAAHHH!!!” Screamed Emma while she started to cum… her mind now too blurry to think logically. Sammy heard this last cry and she couldn’t really do anything more for her lover. Slowly turning on the side, she pulled Emma’s body against herself then placed Emma’s head against her breasts, giving her some warmth before the two girls started to fall asleep… wishing for a better day once they’ll wake up.

A sun ray passed into the window before ‘landing’ on Sammy’s face. Letting out a small yawn, she slowly opened her eyes before looking at the other girl still sleeping by her side. Emma still looked sad… and Sammy hoped that somehow she could help her lover to feel better during the previous night. Sammy was feeling something within her body and she slowly exited the bed before going to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet seat, Sammy was wondering again what happened to Emma because the girl was looking way too different from the girl she used to know  and she wasn’t really enjoying to see her lover like this. Once she was done, Sammy washed her hands and went back to the room before getting closer to Celia’s sphere. Sammy was a bit hungry and thought that this tiny would be enough to ‘fill’ her empty stomach so she slowly put her hand inside of the sphere and picked Celia up, placing a finger onto the small one’s face so she wouldn’t be able to scream. Celia on her side was panicking… she didn’t expected to be awaken like this and wasn’t able to move, still she was remembering Emma’s promise and it was now her last ‘day if not her lasts seconds of being alive’… Sammy sat at the table in the kitchen and turned on the coffee pot before taking something in a nearby drawer. “Well… I might have an idea for you Emma… something that will make you feel better…” whispered Sammy while taking a peek into Emma’s room, looking at the sleeping girl. With a soft move, Sammy opened a small package and picked something from it before putting it onto Celia’s face who could just gasp from surprise, it was a small band that was now glued onto her mouth, preventing Celia from screaming.

After some time, the small house was filled with a fresh coffee perfume and Sammy poured herself a cup while looking at Celia who had both of her arms and ankles tied… trying to move away from the table. “It’s no use.” Said Sammy while taking a sip of coffee, now hearing the other girl slowly waking up. “Hey girl.” Said Sammy while finishing her cup, she looked into Emma’s room and could see Emma slowly sitting in her bed “Hello Sam…”. Emma had the same nightmare… and she was feeling bad again before she looked at Sammy “Sorry for yesterday… I really needed this…”. Sammy on her side shook her head before looking back at Emma “In fact I have a little something to give you more energy… do you want it now…?” Said Sammy with a giggle. Emma put her head a bit on the side “Oh sure… what is it…?”.

Sammy turned so Emma couldn’t see what she was about to do. She picked up Celia with two fingers before bringing her in front of her mouth, her lips opened to allow Celia to enter it… before she softly sucked the small one fully inside “It’s a surprise Emma… and you’ll have it now…~” said Sammy while taking some steps before she sat onto the bed again. Celia was scared on her side… she was inside of a human mouth… a giant mouth that could break her so easily and could hear Sammy’s voice echoing all around her while she was now bathing into her saliva. Celia was shivering from fear but… it was something Emma decided for her and she wouldn’t say no to her owner… even in such a situation. Sammy had a giggle while getting closer to Emma, already placing a hand onto her cheek. Emma had a small shiver and closed her eyes… she also wanted to ‘feel’ her lover and soon could feel Sammy’s lips ‘land’ onto hers. Sammy was now fully in charge of the kiss, moving her lips to give more pleasure to Emma before she moved her tongue a bit to lick a bit Emma’s lips. Emma understood and opened her mouth, allowing Sammy to ‘enter’. Sammy giggled… this sound echoing all around Celia who was stills safe for now but the tiny one was wondering what Sammy was waiting to eat her before she saw Sammy’s mouth open to have a full view of Emma’s own mouth that was on the other side. Sammy then started to wriggle her tongue inside of Emma’s mouth, caressing Emma’s tongue with hers before she moved a bit and made the tiny Celia ‘fall’ between their tongues. Emma was now moaning loudly into Celia’s ears… she was feeling something incredible and unexpected… it was the first time that both girls were sharing a kiss with a tiny ‘between’ them. Celia was feeling dizzy because of the continuous assaults caused by the two giant muscles that were pushing her into all sides but also poured more saliva onto her small self. Emma had a deep shiver of pleasure and started to suck onto Sammy’s tongue, now having Celia inside of her mouth but not being able to know that it was her.

“Aaaahhh…!!” Suddenly moaned Emma loudly because she could feel two of Sammy’s fingers enter her sexual depths. Emma threw her head all the way back and Celia slammed against the roof of Emma’s mouth before looking at Emma’s throat opening that was now in front of her but because of the pain from the previous shock, Celia could feel her mind getting blurry and her eyes closing by themselves before she passed out… Sammy had a giggle “Looks like you’re enjoying this~” before she started to move her fingers forth and back, now feeling Emma’s vagina ‘suck’ on them before Sammy started to move her fingers again… making sure she wouldn’t stop before Emma reached orgasm again. Emma was now moaning loudly while moving the small body around, tasting every side of it and it actually tasted amazingly good ! Now shivering more and more, Emma’s mind was getting more and more in haze before she started to arch her lower body… now starting to cum while letting out a long cry of pleasure… Sammy had a giggle while she was looking at the other girl shiver onto all of her body… having some spasms from reaching this level of pleasure. Emma’s tongue suddenly moved onto the side… feeling the tiny body before she closed her teeth on it… nibbling the small one’s body a bit before she would really take a ‘bite’ off it.

Celia was slowly waking up… she could hear a loud breath echo into her small ears before her eyes popped open. Celia knew this breath rhythm well because it was actually the girl that ‘raised’ her all around her small self ! Emma was drooling… her body shivering again, she didn’t realized that her teeth were ‘pressing’ even more of the tiny girl trapped between her jaws… “So this is how it ends… I would have preferred a better death for me but… humans won’t change in the end…” said Celia to herself while noticing that the small band she had onto her mouth was ripped away… slowly closing her eyes, Celia whispered a small prayer towards Emma “Please do it Emma… I had this fate that I would die from a human since I was born… it would be even better if you were the one that ends all of this…”

Emma suddenly gasped… her mouth slightly open in awe… she actually heard Celia talking to her ! Emma had a shiver in her voice… but she wanted to be sure about this “C… Cel… ia…?”. As an answer, Celia extended her hand and gave a small caress onto Emma’s tongue… now ready to accept her death “Yes Emma… please do it now…” but Emma was now stunned… she wasn’t moving and Sammy looked a bit worried “Well you told me that I could eat her Emma but… wouldn’t that be better if you were the one enjoying her ?”. Emma was breathing loudly… feeling the tiny body of Celia slowly slide towards her throat opening because of her saliva, Emma couldn’t believe what was happening ! She had now memories hitting her mind from all sides… The times they spent to learn how to talk and read… the many games they enjoyed together when they were both children… the time when Emma moved to this new place and… Celia who was telling the human girl about her deepest fear when she was still young but Emma couldn’t remember what she said right now. And this time not so long ago that started Emma’s fall to hell… this day when Celia was such a nuisance that Emma decided to ‘break’ her…

Emma gasped… She was wrong…! It was actually the day after the one Emma decided to drink alcohol and Celia just wanted to know if Emma was alright…! Celia’s silence after this day… The bond she broke with Nicole… the fact that the tiny Suzuka died after this day when Emma called Sammy… Nicole’s suicide attempt that would leave a scar into her heart to the day she would die if she managed to survive at the hospital… and Emma’s depression because all of this… “Oh my god… it’s… it wasn’t your fault… it was because I was weak and I didn’t listened to my heart… Celia… it was MY OWN FAULT from the start…! Please Celia forg… gah… ahhh… glk…!” Moaned Emma in pain while she stopped to move… feeling something small travel down her throat… realizing that she just swallowed Celia down !! Emma had a small cry while feeling Celia going deeper inside of her body… now being really worried about the tiny girl’s safety !

Emma was about to stand up when she saw Sammy place herself in front of herself “Sammy… please she will die…!”. Sammy had a grin “Yes… and that’s all I want from her… as I told you before Emma, no one can take my Cute one from me… not even a tiny. Now digest her  fully… shit her out later… and never think about her again.”. Emma tried to push Sammy but the other girl was stronger “Please Sammy…! I don’t want to lose her…! It was all my fault not hers !!!”. But Sammy moved forwards and placed her lips onto Emma’s, not wanting the girl to move…

“Please… please no eat Celia…!” Said the young Celia in Emma’s mind… Emma now remembering this tiny girl hugging her thumb while she promised that she would NEVER hurt her… but today she broke one more promise and would never be able to apologize to Celia ever again. Emma had now a cold stare and pushed back Sammy “Sammy… I’ll say it a last time… move away from me…!” But Sammy had a smile that appeared between her green lips “Poor girl… just look at yourself Emma… look at the mess you’ve become. Why don’t you just accept that your stupid Celia or whatever is just your FOOD and nothing more ? It’s just like the day where you decided to drink and to accept my feelings… You Emma have to decide what you’re going to do… I won’t accept her Emma and you know it… You have to choose between me and this fucking tiny…”. Emma bite her lip while hearing her stomach growl… ready to claim the tiny one’s life at any moment. She let out a loud scream and pushed Sammy back who fall onto the ground before Emma dashed to the bathroom, placing her face above the sink. “Fuck… fuck… FUCK…!!!” Screamed Emma while placing her fingers into her throat and started to gag herself, not feeling a gag reflex. “No… it can’t end like this… I DON’T WANT THIS… CELIAAAAAAA !!!!!” Screamed Emma while feeling her stomach finally react… before she could feel something going up fast until she started to puke onto her hands… keeping her eyes open so Celia’s body wouldn’t fall into the sink’s hole. “Please be safe !!” Thought Emma while spitting more and more… until a small body exited her mouth and landed onto her hands… right in the middle of her mess. Emma gasped before turning the sink and poured some water onto Celia’s body that wasn’t moving but also wearing some bruises caused by Emma’s digestive acids. “No…!” Yelled Emma again while placing her pointer finger atop of Celia’s lungs… now giving her a heart massage as fast as she could. Celia’s body didn’t reacted until she suddenly coughed some acids that filled her lungs when Emma ‘vomited’ her… now trying to catch back her breath. “Euuurrrhhh uuurrr….!” Moaned Celia while behind Emma was now standing another girl only dressed with her underwear…

“Give her to me Emma.” Said Sammy with a cold voice “You promised that I would dispose of her so I want to do it now.”. Emma closed her fingers onto Celia while turning to face the other girl “No Sammy.”. The green haired girl winced “So you just became like Nicole… tch… you’ll never learn when to stop heh… but I don’t care. Give me this tiny so I can crush her under my feet.”. Emma shook her head before she placed her hand near her heart “No Sammy… you have made enough damage today… I don’t want to see you again.”

“Ah…! Look who’s talking now ! Emma… YOU started all of this… because you were weak and couldn’t kill this stupid bug before… if only you decided to crush her when you were a child Emma nothing of this would have happened…” Sammy then bowed her head and talked with a really cold voice “I’ll ask it again a last time Emma. Give me this tiny now… or you’ll never see me again…!”. Emma moved her other hand atop of the first one before taking a long breath “If I love one girl there… her name is Celia ! Sammy I… was lured by those feelings that you wanted to give me but… I was so wrong. So yes… let’s end this now… Please leave us.”. Sammy bite her lip… her cheeks becoming red before she squeezed her fist and punched Emma in the face… the girl falling onto the ground before Sammy spit on her face “FUCK YOU and your stupid bug…! I HATE YOU… I HATE BOTH OF YOU !!” Yelled Sammy before she gave a strong kick into Emma’s face then dashed to the room. Sammy then picked her bag and exited the house before slamming the door… Yelling again while she ran away from Emma’s place.

It took a few minutes to Emma to finally sit on the ground. She then stood up and went back to her room before opening her hand. At the middle of it was Celia shivering from fear… The tiny girl had tears in her eyes but didn’t seemed really hurt. Emma moved her to her sphere and placed her within before checking a drawer. Emma then took something and put it near Celia inside of the sphere… it was some small clothes. “Emma you… You saved…” said Celia but Emma didn’t answered, putting on a simple wide hoodie and some shorts, she put on some sandals she had in her house’s entrance and went outside with her bag under her arm.

Emma couldn’t remember how much time she walked but soon was facing a place she never wanted to come again… it was the farm. Emma’s legs were now tired… approaching the small bench she used to rest on, she started to cry loudly… there was no one around so she could even sleep on the small bench if she wanted. Emma was feeling filthy… because she almost killed the girl who spent all of those years with her and Emma almost broke her for real…! Emma placed her hands onto her face before she resumed to cry.

“If I imagined to see you again…” said a small voice nearby. Emma opened her teary eyes to look at a small girl with white hair that was standing right besides some grass… Erry. “Heh… look how pitiful I am Erry… I’m just a monster that almost killed the girl she likes the most…” said Emma while onto the ground, Erry was now walking closer to the giant girl before she was right by her feet “Please pick me up Emma.”. The human girl looked down… before with a careful move she picked up the small Erry before placing her onto her hand, not really understanding what she had in mind. “Tell me what happened please.” Said Erry with a serious face, Emma now realizing that this tiny smaller than her thumb was actually way stronger in mind.

It was a long talk… Emma cried many times when telling all that she lived with Celia until she was finally done, the small Erry still having the same serious expression “I see. What are you going to do now ?” Asked Erry while Emma had a shiver “I don’t know… I can’t face Celia ever again… nor Nicole… if… if only she could wake up… I would rush to her bed and bury my face into the ground before apologize to her…! I’m sorry Erry but… I don’t really have a solution now…”. The small one nodded “Okay. If you want to rest I’m sorry but my own hiding place would be too small for you… still let me stay with you tonight… to watch over your sleep please.” Ended Erry before Emma nodded “You’re so tiny but so strong Erry… I’m sorry to have different beliefs than yours right now but… let me find you a safe place to stay too… I promise that I’ll find it so you would never have to fear for the next day ever again…”. Emma then placed her head onto the bench… placing Erry just in front of it. Emma slowly started to close her eyes while in front of her face, Erry was sitting on the wooden surface, humming a soft song she learned many years ago to help Emma to get asleep…

It was now the morning and Emma was in pain. The night had been warm thanks to the summer season but sleeping on a wooden bench wasn’t really comfy too for Emma. Slowly opening her eyes, she had a shiver “Where am I…” before understanding where she was now. Emma gasped before she looked a bit in front of her, Erry wasn’t here anymore, Emma hoped that she didn’t crushed the tiny one while moving in her sleep before she heard a small yawn. Looking a bit down, she was looking at a small white haired girl that was exiting Emma’s pocket “Hello Emma… sorry I didn’t wanted to stay outside during this night…” said Erry while walking onto the bench until she was in front of Emma’s face “I won’t really ask you if you slept well there because I doubt it’s the best place to sleep for a human but did you managed to calm down ?”. Emma shook her head “Well… I still don’t know what to do now… I wish I could face Celia… but in my current state I just can’t…”. Erry went a bit on the side while Emma raised her body to sit on the bench, now stretching her arms and legs that were still in pain “Sorry I don’t have much food with me today…” said Emma to Erry, the small one just sat on her butt “Don’t worry about me Emma… I’m used not to eat for days if needed.”. Emma looked down before whispering loud enough so Erry could hear her “But this is so unfair…”

Emma suddenly gasped while feeling her phone vibrate in her pocket. Picking it up, it was one of the girls from her class “He… hello?”. Erry was now looking at Emma who had a strong shiver while talking… before Emma hung up the call “I can’t believe it… Nicole woke up during this night…” said the  human girl to Erry while putting back her phone into her pocket. Erry stood up “Looks like you have a solution now Emma… if I were you I would probably go to visit her and tell her the whole truth… as painful as it could be.”. Emma nodded before placing her hand upside down in front of the bench “Erry… I really feel bad about leaving you there too… please come with me.” But the small girl didn’t moved yet, now looking deeply into Emma’s eyes “Emma. From what you told me yesterday and… that you didn’t do anything to me during this night when I was sleeping I… would never imagined to say this to a human but you have now my trust. I agree that we have different beliefs but… as you told me yesterday… I would like to follow you if you really had a safe place for me to stay…” said Erry while taking some steps before she sat at the middle of Emma’s hand. The human girl had a shy smile before she carefully placed Erry into her breast pocket then started to walk towards the hospital.

After half a hour of walking, Emma was in front of the building. Getting inside, she took the small elevator and walked down the hall before she stopped in front of Nicole’s room. Knocking on the door she could hear two voices talking until one of them answered to her “Come in.”. Emma placed her shivering hand onto the door before pushing it… now looking at Nicole and her sister that was there, her face wearing many tears marks…

“Please Sophie can you leave us a bit…?” Asked Nicole to her sister who nodded before exiting the room, Nicole now looking deeply at Emma who looked pathetic “I hope you have a good reason to come here Emma…” said Nicole while placing her left hand onto her scars. Emma took a step before she put both of her knees onto the ground… now bowing on front of Nicole “I won’t have enough words to say how sorry I am… but I’m here today in front if you to ask your forgiveness… I know that you’ll probably never forgive me and… I’ll accept this choice if you decide so Nicole but… I now understand what you lived.” Nicole was now looking at the bruises Emma had on her face “Ho those…? Well to say it shortly… We had some words with Sammy after I told you what I really think about Celia… and even myself couldn’t understand all the things she did for me during all of those years before yesterday…”. Emma then stood up and picked Erry up carefully before placing her into her hand “I would like to introduce you to Erry. She doesn’t have a place to stay and… she accepted to listen to my story yesterday. I know that… I won’t be able to bring back Suzuka and I’m not begging you to take Erry to ‘replace’ her… it’s just that I don’t know if I’ll be able to take care of her as good as you would do.”. Erry bowed in front of Nicole before she took some steps forwards until she walked onto Nicole’s shelf “Good morning Nicole. You might wonder why Emma decided to come here… but let me told you what she did for me… even if she was actually ‘working’ to a nearby farm…” said Erry while she started to tell all of her own story and how she met Emma.

“If you want to punch me in the face Nicole… I’ll accept it even if you want to punch me a thousands times… because it probably wouldn’t calm down your anger and I’m ready to accept it.” Said Emma while sitting on her knees again, looking at Nicole who moved her hand closer to her. Emma closed her eyes… she was ready to accept whatever Nicole wanted to do but soon couldn’t feel a hit onto her face but Nicole’s fingers onto her cheek. Emma opened her eyes and could see Nicole smile while having tears in her eyes “How could I hate you Emma now… I also feel pathetic too… I chose the easy way to attempt to kill myself rather than to move on… and I made all of my family and even some friends suffer because of this… but Emma… what you just told to me is something you should tell to Celia too… because I’m pretty sure that she’s waiting you now. Emma I… still need some time to ‘recover’ from all of this but… I would like to talk with you and Celia again when I’ll be able to exit the hospital.”. Nicole turned her head and placed her hand near her shelf “Erry right…? Would you… like to stay with me maybe for some days ? I won’t keep you like a pet and if you want to leave, feel free to do so when you want.” Erry slowly nodded before she walked to Nicole’s hand, now smiling to her “Nice to meet you Nicole. And Emma… someone is probably worried about you now… you should run and tell her everything as soon as you can… because she needs that too.”. Emma nodded slowly before she stood up, now taking some steps towards the door “I’ll call you later Nicole… I have now much more to ask you but… you should rest first and Erry… feel free to stay with her for some time because it will be the best people for you to stay with.” Emma then waved to the girls before walking in direction of the hospital’s exit.

Emma was now walking fast in the street but she suddenly tripped and fall onto the ground, her handbag falling right in front of her. “Huuhhh…” moaned Emma while now looking at the inside of her bag, her eyes stopping onto the 3 small envelopes containing cash she got with her ‘work’. Emma was feeling disgusted about this money that she got while making many small people suffer. She picked the small envelopes and was ready to put them in a nearby trash when her eyes stopped onto a nearby store. Emma started to walk into it and there was a girl with blue hair and a piercing in her lower lip “Hello young miss… what I could do for you ?”. Emma had the 3 envelopes into her hand and placed them on the counter in front of the girl while pulling her right sleeve and placed her arm on the counter “I want a tattoo that will remember my friend every day… and that would help me not to forget everything she had done for me”. The blue haired girl looked a bit confused “Sure… but what kind of tattoo do you want ? And are you ready for this ? Because a tattoo onto all of the forearm hurts a lot.”. Emma had a smile “I’m ready to endure everything for her now… write this… ‘BZ-1802’ please.”. The blue haired girl nodded slowly “Alright… we don’t have anyone right now so… if you’re decided about this, please follow me in the next room…”

Emma was now walking home fast. It was still hurting a lot but it was the right decision for her. Now reaching the entrance of her house, she looked around and saw that no one came during the last night like Sammy… pulling the door, Emma went inside and directly went to her desk, sitting at it. “Emma…! You’re safe…!” Squeaked Celia while running to the glass wall, looking at the girl who was looking really tired. Emma nodded before she picked up the uniform she wore during her internship and ripped it in front of Celia’s sphere “Now that I’ve learned everything that you lived Celia….I would like to apologize for everything… I’m actually not feeling worth to have such a friend like you…” said Emma while bowing her head and pulled off her hoodie… before placing her tattooed arm in front of Celia’s sphere who gasped… “Emma… why… why did you do that…”. The human girl had a tired smile “Because I feel now closer to you Cel… and even if I’m not worth to be your friend anymore, I’ll never forget all of the stupid things I did to you…”. Celia shook her head “But I never forgot you Emma. Since this day… I never forgot my precious friend… even if she lost her way for some time…”. Emma couldn’t resist anymore… feeling a heat wave filling her body she started to cry loudly… tears of sadness that turned into tears of joy… she had many more things to tell to Celia… and even something that she didn’t expected to say before.

“Say Cel. I… always thought about you as my pet but it’s also so wrong to think like this…” Emma moved her hand slowly to pick the small girl and placed her onto her desk. “I don’t want to have a pet anymore Celia… I want to have a friend. It will be maybe a bit hard for you to get used to this at first but… let me try this for you and… for us.” Emma then moved her hand again into the sphere and with some strength, pulled the small house away before she placed it on her desk “Celia… until I get you a better house I don’t want you to feel like my pet anymore… so yes feel free to live there from now.”. Celia was feeling a bit lost “But… but…! I never lived in another way Emma…! How… how can you tell that I will get used to this…?”. Emma had a now a wide smile “I promise I’ll be there for you Celia… my Celia… I talked with Nicole and I’m now ready to follow her in her fight to protect the ones like you. I even met another tiny girl and I’m sure that both of you will get along well.”. Celia blinked a bit “I… understand Emma and I’ll do my best too even if takes time.” Finished the small one before getting a bit away from the sphere she lived in until this day. Emma had still a wide smile before she stood up “Let’s seal this promise then… from today I Emma won’t see you nor any other tiny one as an animal but as a living being. I also will follow Nicole in her fight and fight by her side for your rights and so… until the day I die!”. Celia had joy tears in her eyes… Emma was actually serious about this… before the human girl resumed to talk “And well… looks like we won’t need this ‘memory of the past’ anymore too… because you’ve never been my pet Celia but my precious sister…” said Emma while placing her hands onto the sphere… pulling it to hold it in front of her face… before she let it fall onto the ground where it smashed into pieces… sealing forever this promise Emma made to Celia this day.

The time moved on and so Emma was now at her graduation day with Nicole, both of the girls talked a lot since then and they became close friends, the same happened to Celia and Erry who accepted to live at Nicole’s place. Emma who got some nice grades again was asked a sentence to be written in her promotion’s book : “For Celia, a tiny girl with a giant heart who gave me everything.” Asked the girl. Once this day passed, Emma found a job in politics “Because if there’s a job that would allow us to change people’s mind there’s only this solution.” Said Emma. Then Emma and Celia moved to a new house but not too tall because Emma didn’t needed a huge place like some people having the same job loved to own. In this place, Emma asked another smaller house to be built for Celia because the smaller girl needed privacy sometimes. Emma then came back from work one night and was feeling a bit tired, still there was something she wanted to do this night and no one would prevent her to do so. Tossing her high heels in the entrance of the house, Emma was walking carefully in the house before she sat at her desk where she placed her handbag before resting her head onto the wooden surface. “Looks like you had another hard day at work Emma… you look exhausted.” Said Celia while coming out of the small doll’s house she was living in before but that the girls decided to keep. “Ah you were there Cel…? Sorry I didn’t noticed you.” Said Emma while Celia took some steps towards her, the small one had grown as a beautiful woman and was wearing some high quality clothes that Emma asked to be made for her. “I was visiting this place again to… remember what we lived until now Emma… time sure flies…”

“Actually Celia… there was something serious I… wanted to ask you tonight.” Said Emma while placing her hand near the edge of the desk, the small one just walked onto it before she sat a the middle of Emma’s hand “What is it Emma…?” Asked the small girl while looking at Emma’s face that turned a bit red because she was about to make a big decision. Emma raised her hand near her face and took a deep breath before she started to talk “To be honest Cel I now feel really closer to you nowadays and you also became much more independent than the firsts days we decided to live like this. Look at ourselves… we’re now 20 years old and it’s been 15 years that we met… this very day so as a celebration for this special ‘birthday’ of us I… wanted to ask you something special.”. Celia was blushing a bit too but didn’t wanted to interrupt Emma who resumed “Life isn’t easy for us since the day I decided to say in public that I would protect the small people but I don’t care… it’s a wish I want to fulfill for you and… for us. I know that people will again look at us with disgusted expression but I don’t care ! Look at what we managed to do with Nicole, one of those stupid farms finally closed… and it wouldn’t had been possible without you too Celia… because you’re the one who give me strength… and… you know how much I love you… all those times we’ve spent together… and all of those times coming ahead us us.”. Emma raised her head to take a long breath before bowing her head down to face her tiny girl again “Celia… would you… would you like to become my wife…?”

Celia placed both of her hands onto her mouth… feeling some tears forming into her eyes that she couldn’t resist but to shed some… now shivering onto all of her body “Oh my… I… I… YES…! From the bottom of my heart YES EMMA !  I already accepted to be by your side when you needed me but I also really want to get closer to you… even if with my body I won’t be able to be a mother I… want to be with you Emma forever !”. Emma had a shiver… while moving closer her face to her hand “Tha… thank you Celia…” while she couldn’t resist to cry from joy too, Emma now noticing the small girl who stood up the started to walk towards her face. Emma knew that Celia was now able to make decisions by herself so she didn’t stop her. Celia on her side was blushing a bright red and was walking closer to Emma’s giant red lips… in fact she didn’t minded to do this… and she also wanted to do so. So with a final step, she started to bow a bit down… until Celia’s lips met Emma’s lower lip. It was just a tiny kiss but Emma could still feel it… and also could feel how intense it was too. Emma had a shiver and pursed her lips to kiss back the small girl… her lips ‘covering’ Celia’s body from the waist. Emma then moved back her hand in front of her face and they both stayed like this looking at each other… just sharing this beautiful feeling that was love and without a care about how different were the two girls.

It went pretty fast. The rumors about that Emma was about to marry a small one started to run in every direction and when Emma got interviewed by a journalist about her job she didn’t deny that. “But they’re not human you know… still you want to do this…?” Asked one journalist to Emma during a meeting, Emma on her side took a small breath before answering “I wonder sometimes if it isn’t us who stopped to be ‘humans’… to forget all those beautiful feelings we can give to anyone else… as different as they can be.”. Once she went back home, Emma found Celia sitting onto the couch, the small one had been watching TV and knew that Emma confirmed about her future wedding. “You shouldn’t watch this Cel… those journalists are only telling what they want people to listen… I’m even pretty sure they cut what I answered to them… that our love isn’t just about our size… but they won’t understand this.” Said Emma while sitting onto the couch, putting her hand down so the smaller girl could walk on it. Emma then placed Celia onto her shoulder, still talking a bit “Even some people don’t understand what this… tattoo I asked to wear into my skin means. I didn’t made it because I just wanted to look ‘cool’… no… I wanted to wear it to show to everyone how important you are for me Cel and that I will NEVER forget what I saw during this stupid internship…”. Celia walked closer until she sat against Emma’s neck “I know… but don’t worry Emma, even if there was only the two of us I would still support you because your cause that you work on with Nicole is just so important for both us.”. A knock echoed onto the door and Emma stood up slowly while holding Celia onto her shoulder, she walked to the door and slowly opening it while discovering a smiling Nicole that was waiting behind.

“Hey cute ones ! Already spending some time together ?” Said Nicole while getting inside of the house with two boxes. “Let’s try those shall we ?” Said Nicole while placing the small box in front of Celia’s ‘house’ before she picked something slowly and placed her hand onto the ground… with Erry inside. The small white haired girl now looked much more healthy than when Emma found her and the girl was now wearing some cute clothes too “Hello Erry !” Said happily Emma while picking up Celia and placed her onto the ground near her house “Thanks for helping Cel today… after all I’m not supposed to see the future bride in her dress before our big day right…?”. Erry nodded with a smile before she pulled the small box with Celia and soon the two tiny girls went inside of the house. Emma then walked with the other box into her room, followed by Nicole.

“You look beautiful Emma…” said Nicole while looking at Emma in her wedding dress, the other girl turned “And I would like to thank you again Nicole… because we wouldn’t be there today if you didn’t came into our lives.” Said Emma while hugging her friend before she looked at her in the mirror… being barely able to wait this amazing day where both of the girls would fuse their lives together. “Thanks for your help Erry.” Said Celia while she put the last part of her dress, the white haired girl helping her the best she could do “It’s nothing Celia… it will be the most beautiful day of your life after all.”. Erry was in fact younger than Celia but because she learned to live outside by herself she was pretty mature, still she became a good friend with Celia and she loved to live with Nicole now. “Emma is so lucky to have such a beautiful girl like you Celia… and I would like to thank you again to be such an amazing friend too even if we come from such different ‘worlds’”. Celia went closer and wrapped her arms around Erry before giving a small kiss onto the white haired girl’s head “Thank you for being there for us too.”

The big day finally came… some journalists were in front of the small place the girls choose to celebrate this day but they wanted to have only people they trusted around. Emma had her parents and some friends while Celia had Erry and some other small people their organism protected. Soon the girls saw each other in their dresses and shared a warm smile towards each other. Emma was now walking onto the small path between their guests while holding Celia into her hands in front of her. The ceremony was really sober and casual because it was what both of the girls wanted and soon they were asked their wishes towards each other… they would respect and love the other bride until the end of their lives while striving for equality between the people of the two sizes. “You may now kiss the bride.” Said the clerk before Emma and Celia had tears in their eyes… Emma getting her hands closer to her face before their lips met. Everyone started to cheer them loudly… it was the first wedding like this and now… it wouldn’t be the last. Emma was walking down the small path again while holding Celia carefully in her hands until they exited the small place. The journalists jumped onto the occasion to take pictures but couldn’t get closer because Emma didn’t allowed them to interview the girls on this special day. Emma got into a limousine and sat Celia on the seat next to her… ready to enjoy this new life that started for both of the girls and it was just the beginning of something new for humanity as well.

One year after this event. The girls were now both 21 and Emma was coming back home. She opened the door while she was holding a small bag on her side “I’m home honey!”. Emma then went to her desk where was waiting her Celia and sat on a chair. Both of the girls shared so much more since their wedding and many people were now talking about them. Celia shared something with Emma some days ago… a fear she had and also a need she was feeling in her life that no one would actually answer. Emma promised that she would do her best to fulfill this wish and Celia was now really curious about this. “Hey Celia… I would like to wish you a happy birthday because today is the day when we met 16 years ago… and Today again… we managed to close one more ‘farm’.” Emma then placed the small box onto the table before ripping the paper that was around “Celia… I would like to give you this present because it’s something important for you and for me too. You told me that… because of this stupid farm’s rules they destroyed this part of your body that was allowing you to feel like a real woman… so to answer this need you shared with me… let me give you this present please… it’s the ‘last’ one they had and no one will suffer again at this place.”

Celia had a shiver. Deep in her mind she remembered this kind of box she saw… and probably guessed what was inside. Slowly opening the box, Celia had a warm smile before looking at Emma, discovering that inside of the box was a girl… a small blonde girl that was crying of fear before she raised her face to look at Celia with curious eyes. This girl wasn’t wearing a tattoo and would never know this pain too… Celia opened her arms “Come here please…” said The small girl before the young girl stood up to run into Celia’s arms now crying against her chest “Aaahhh…!! Waaaahhh !”. Of course this tiny one didn’t knew how to talk… she was just like Celia when Emma got her as a child… and she would have all the time to learn. Celia raised her arms and hugged the young girl… trying to calm her down “There there…” said Celia with a soft voice while the small girl slowly fall asleep from exhaustion inside of her arms. Celia then raised her head to look deeply at Emma “How can I ever thank you Emma… you… answered this wish of me to be a mother even if my body won’t allow it… “. Emma had a wide smile “Why don’t you choose the name for our child…? After all I’ll be sure to take care of her too… and not as a pet but as a real person… just like I do with my wife.”. Celia smiled and hugged the small sleeping girl, feeling her young arms hug her in return, Celia placed a kiss onto this girl’s head before she whispered into her ear, loud enough so Emma could also hear it “Time for you to have a better life young girl and… we’ll be there to take care of you as your mothers. You’ll also be able to grow in a world that started to change and no one will be able to hurt you as long as we’ll be there for you. Therefore I’m giving you this name… carrying so much hope for both of our kinds… days won’t be always easy but we’ll go through those because we have you… our little ‘Faith’ that will grow into a beautiful and smart woman someday but for now… sleep tiny girl… because you have all of your new life waiting ahead of you.” Said Celia while rocking slowly the young child who was now sleeping peacefully.


The End.