New pictures :D


It’s been a whiiiile I didn’t posted stuff there so let’s go for some really beautiful pictures I got during the lasts months but that I forgot to post there 😀

For the first one, a beautiful picture I commissioned from TheDaibijin featuring herself meeting my tiny Erry 😀

Then some other pictures I got from many different artists 😀

A ‘draw your OC with my style’ made by Saya Raider 😀

From Labba, one of my current phone wallpapers :3

Another picture that he did on Paint in less than 2 minutes and it’s so cute haha 😀

And a last picture Labba did for my birthday, I really love it ! 😀

A ‘pajama design’ of Erry I got from Ben Boston, she looks soooo cute like this 😀

Another picture he did for my birthday featuring his tiny Nova :3

And a ‘draw your OC with my style’ picture of Erry… soooo cute again 😀

And that’s all for now! I’ll try to post more stuff as soon as I can ! 😉


Erry’s ‘modern’ design


I decided to change Erry’s style from today. This tiny girl of mine was an abstract concept I had in mind for some time and well… since I really ‘love’ modern art, I decided to upgrade Erry with it. hope you’ll enjoy this new design ! 😉